The Summer Project Part 15

by T S Fesseln

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Part 15

Jeff found it a bit strange to be going through his stepmother's lingerie, but he had little choice in the matter. Stephanie, his stepsister, had little in the way of sexy outfits other that some lacy thongs and bright red teddy that would not do for what Jeff wanted. What he wanted was some sort of corset for Stephanie to wear when Michelle came over tonight.

His stepmother, Janice, was about Stephanie's height and build. In fact, they looked more like sisters than mother and daughter. Both had that long-legged, blue-eyes, tanned and blonde California look. Janice and Jeff used to jog together a couple of mornings a week and he could see why Dad was attracted to her.

What mother and daughter did not share was their taste in lingerie. His stepmothers taste was more to his liking: Corsets, garters and leather. Perfect for what he had in mind tonight.

Jeff heard Stephanie moan in back of him.

Jeff had hogtied her onto his parent's bed still dressed in only her bindings. A white latex hood covered most of her head; her long, blonde hair pulled through in back in a ponytail. A red ballgag had replaced the tape he had over her lips earlier and a white leather collar was locked around her throat. Her arms were still sheathed in a leather armbinder which he had locked her ankle cuffs to it's ringed end. Another pair of leather straps welded her legs shut so that she could hold the buzzing vibrator inside of her. Jeff had let her know through a couple of touches of the riding crop that it was okay to cum and from the sounds that Stephanie was making through her gag, she was trying her best to do just that.

Jeff had let Stephanie sleep for a while before training her some more. He wanted to make sure that she remembered the commands. She had, with only a few mistakes that brought a quick snap of the riding crop across the offending area. He was sure she was sore in a couple of spots, but not overly so. They had a chef salad as a late lunch/early dinner and afterward, a little more training. Stephanie proved herself well and now she was enjoying the fruits of her labors, grinding her hips and making a fair amount of noise through her gag.

Jeff laid out his choice on the bed next to her. He had found a lacy, white leather corset and white nylon stockings. He imagined that the corset would emphasize much and hide little. Stephanie had a white lace thong in her stuff that would match beautifully. He couldn't wait to see her in them.

Stephanie moaned again and this time, Jeff decided to help her. He eased her over onto her side and began to gently pinch her nipples. He had seen his sister climax several times now and he knew she was close. He climbed into bed with her and straddled her, kneading her breast firmly.

The bound girl bucked underneath him, huffing and moaning into her gag. Jeff knew she was cumming and cumming hard. He climbed off of her. As much as he wanted to take her right then and there, he wanted to save his efforts for tonight when Michelle arrived.

Stephanie had stopped writhing and lay there, panting. Soon he would get her into the shower and get her ready for tonight.


Michelle re-read the note again for the fourth or fifth time before she started to pack what few things she would need. Since she was going to be helpless for better part of two days, she knew that she wouldn't need much other than her pills and personal hygiene stuff.

The oriental girl jumped into the shower to clean up and get ready. The hot shower helped her to relax and focus. Again, she asked herself if this is something she wanted to do and the warm feeling inside her kept saying yes. There were a million reasons not to do it, but she was afraid if she didn't, she would always regret it.

Michelle slipped on a pair of blue jeans and a red t-shirt after she showered. There were no panties or bra and the shirt and jeans would go as soon as she was in the parking lot and safely behind the wheel of her car. Jeff had asked her to be naked underneath her coat but going past Eric at the counter like that was not an option. She would carry her coat and bag with her stuff out to the car and get prepared in there.

Even though the parking lot was brightly lit, she didn't think she would have a problem of being seen stripping down to bare skin. Michelle was not ashamed of her body. She knew she looked hot; all five foot nothing of her. She had a slender figure complemented by a pair on nice-sized breasts and well-rounded rear end. Her face was beautiful in the traditional oriental way with alluring almond-shaped eyes and small mouth. Her long hair was raven black and she kept in flowing curls. Michelle needed very little make-up in order to look spectacular.

The walk past Eric and out to the car was uneventful. As soon as she climbed in, she shimmied out of her jeans and pulled off her shirt, wrapping her leather coat around her.

"I can't believe I am doing this," she said out-loud to herself.

The drive through town was almost boring. It was nearly one in the morning and there were very few cars out. Jeff's parent's house was not that far away and she got there in about twenty minutes.

"This is it."

The front porch light was off and everything was painted in dark blues and shadows. There was lights on inside, cloaked by the closed window curtains. After she parked her car in the driveway and turned it off, all seemed very quiet.

Michelle grabbed her bag and pulled out the black leather gag. The smell of the leather alone was a turn-on for her. She forced it between her lips and buckled it tightly behind her neck. She then fastened the leather cuffs around her ankles, locking them tightly together with a small padlock. There were no keys. Jeff would have them inside.

Next came the black leather collar. It was a beautiful thing really, with many chrome rings and studs fastened all around. Again, she locked it in place around her throat knowing the keys lay beyond the door. Michelle quickly clipped the leash onto it, as the letter had instructed. Now all that was left was her wrist cuffs. She grabbed her small bag, put her car keys inside and locked her car door.

Even at one o'clock in the morning, the air was still warm and fragrant with summer. Her long leather coat made her more conspicuous and she hoped no one was watching her. Carefully, as her coat hung over her shoulder, she locked both wrist cuffs around her wrists and behind her back.

Michelle was now helpless.

Slowly she shuffled her way to the door. Even though her coat was buttoned, she did not want it to fall off, exposing herself. In her fantasies, it was never this hard to move about being bound. In reality, it was painfully slow.

It took her what seemed forever the reach the front porch. Only when she reached the first step did she realize she had a problem. The ankle cuffs did not allow her to make a step up.

Michelle froze, not knowing what to do.

The young girl was pondering the problem when the door opened and the Jeff stood.

'Having a problem?" he asked.

Michelle nodded, moaning into her gag.

Jeff turned a bit and turned on the porch light, bathing Michelle in a pool of light.

"I am glad you came, Michelle. I am sure you won't be disappointed," Jeff smiled, "Do you want to come inside?"

Again, Michelle nodded. She did not want to be seen out here like this.

"Okay, I will help you over the steps, but you first have to take your coat off."

The words both mortified and thrilled the bound girl. The warm wanton feelings inside of her started to boil again, a little hotter.

Jeff reached out and began to unbutton her coat. Michelle uummphed into her gag, looking around in apprehension at the neighborhood houses. Jeff gently turned her head to face him.

"Look at me," Jeff said calmly.

Michelle looked at him.

"Look into my eyes, Michelle. No one is watching. It is just you and I, here on the porch. You have trusted me this far, haven't you? There are only a few more steps until you are inside. Are you ready?"

The girl looked into his blue eyes and slowly nodded.

Quickly, Jeff undid all the buttons on her coat and let it slide from her shoulders. Even though she was slight in stature, her figure was as well sculpted as any playmates. Her breasts, though not huge, were ample and were crowned with large, dark nipples. Her stomach was flat and her hips flared out nicely. A small strip of dark, soft fur barely covered her sex. All in all, Michelle was a picture of beauty standing in the porch light.

Jeff gently grabbed her and lifted her up the stairs and into the doorway. Once there, he took a hold of her leash and gave it a subtle pull. Michelle hoped as best she could to follow him, thankful to be out of the doorway.

Jeff took her bag out of her cuffed hands and laid it with her coat by the stairs.

"Michelle, I am going to ask you one more time. Are you sure you want to do this? From this point forward you will be a slave to my every whim. If you fail to, you will be punished. But you will be rewarded to. So, Michelle, do you want to be my slave for these next few days?"

Michelle looked Jeff straight into his eyes and nodded. She was to afraid of loosing this opportunity to see if this is what she really wanted in her sex life; a man to take control of her and use her for their mutual pleasure.

Grabbing her leash, Jeff led his new slave to the living room where she had first seen the bound blonde writhing in her bonds. Stephanie was there again, standing in front of the couch with her legs wide open. Her head was encased in a white latex hood and a red ballgag was forced between her lips. A white corset molded itself to her body, holding out her breasts and her clamped nipples. Her arms were sheathed in an arm binder and her white stocking clad legs were held open by a spreader bar locked around her ankles. Michelle also noticed the end of a small vibrator peeking out of her sex. Michelle wondered if she looked as delicious as the bound blonde.

The oriental girl felt Jeff unbuckle her gag and ease it out of her mouth.

"Not one word, slave," Jeff told Michelle.

Jeff leaned down to kiss her and Michelle kissed back hungrily. The tongues entwined in a passionate dance as she tried to press herself closer to him. She could feel his erection against her hip even behind his jeans.

Warm jolts of bliss shot through Michelle as he began to roll her stiffened nipples in his hands. He pinched them to near pain. Causing her to gasp. His hand trailed down to caress the soft curls of her bush and touching the edges of her puss.

Michelle felt his finger slide into her slit, slowly caressing up and down as he continued to kiss her. She ground her hips into him, trying to force herself onto him.

Jeff pulled away.

"Do you want to cum?" Jeff whispered in her ear.

Michelle almost said yes, but caught herself and nodded her head, remembering not to utter a single word.

"And so you will, but first I need to gag you again."

From on top of the couch, Jeff pulled the ring gag that he had bought for her. Michelle opened her mouth willingly as he put the ring behind her teeth and buckled it tight behind her head.

"Slave, if you want to cum, you need to make the other slave cum first. If you don't, I will hogtie you and leave you in the bathroom tub. Do you understand, slave?"

Michelle nodded her head slowly.

The oriental girl had pushed the thought to the back of her mind when she had met with Jeff. She knew they would be bound together but she really didn't think that they would be servicing each other.

"She cums, slave, then you can cum."

Slowly Michelle hopped toward Stephanie. The bound delivery girl could hear the moans of the blonde from behind her gag as the vibrator worked it's magic. Before Michelle reached her, however, she watched Jeff give the bound blonde a couple of pats of his riding crop above her shaven puss.

Stephanie felt relieved that she was finally given permission to cum. She had been standing for quite some time and the vibrator kept adding fuel to her fire. However, she still had to concentrate on balancing and she was afraid if she climaxed she would lose her footing and fall to the floor.

Jeff helped Michelle closer to Stephanie, easing the bound girl down onto her knees. Michelle had never been with another woman before. Her past boyfriends had some videos showing some lesbian scenes but she never thought she could ever go through with such a thing. Michelle liked men too much. However, she was now locked into her fantasy with no way of getting out other than obeying Jeff.

With great trepidation, Michelle leaned forward and began sliding her tongue into Stephanie's slit.

Michelle's tongue found the bound blonde's swollen clit, causing her to moan more deeply. The pleasure was almost unbearable as Stephanie felt the strangers tongue licking her. She could feel her orgasm rising like a volcano about to explode. . .

Stephanie screamed in shock as she felt someone grab her from in back and pull on her clamped nipples. She thrashed a bit, but the other stranger held her tight and the first one continued to tongue her sex. Stephanie's climax engulfed her and she collapsed, letting the stranger hold her as she was filled with her lustful rapture.

Jeff let his stepsister down to the floor slowly. Quickly, he grabbed a couple of leather straps from the couch and laid them beside her. Stephanie felt the spreader bar being unclipped from her ankle cuffs. Jeff eased her ankles back together and locked them. He then wrapped the leather straps above and below her knees, sealing her legs together. Stephanie really didn't care much; the vibrator was still humming inside of her, continuing to feed her orgasm.

It wasn't as bad as Michelle had imagined and seeing how Stephanie reacted made her wonder how it felt. However, she had little time to think about it as Jeff helped the oriental girl up.

Without a word, Jeff led Michelle by her leash to the nearby sofa before picking her up and laying her down on it. The bound girl watched as Jeff stripped out of his t-shirt, jeans and boxers. Michelle saw that he was a bit larger than she had imagined; not so much length wise but much more wider than she had seen before.

Kneeling on the couch, Jeff lifted Michelle's cuffed ankles over her head, exposing her glistening sex. She parted her legs as much as she could as he slipped between them so her ankles were locked behind his back. A rush of pleasure went through her as he eased into her.

Michelle and Jeff were both hungry for each other as he thrust himself into her rapidly. Faster and faster he pumped and she thrust back to meet him. With every push, a new wave of white-hot joy roared through her until she was engulfed in it.

Then she felt Jeff thrust deeply into her, filling her with his cum.

Jeff held himself in Michelle as she continued to grind herself onto him. That to slowly ended as he rolled over beside her, her legs still lock around him.

In all her years, she had never had a lover that stayed inside of her after the fact. They all wanted to climb off of her almost as fast as they wanted to climb onto her. Jeff cradled her. Michelle could feel him as his panting slowed. It was a warmness completely alien to her.

Michelle felt him kiss her forehead.

"Did you enjoy that, slave?"

The bound girl nodded.

"It has been a busy day for all of us, so I going to get each of you ready for bed so we can have a full day of play ahead of us."

Michelle smiled around her gag. Tomorrow was going to be a wonderful day.


End Chapter 15

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