The Summer Project Part 14

by T S Fesseln

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; captive; solo-f; mast; nc/cons; X

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Part 14


Stephanie knew she was alone, standing there bound, gagged, blind and bare-assed. She was somewhere in her parent's room, but she wasn't sure exactly where. But she knew the stranger had left her here in her own little one-girl prison. Alone.

Her head was enclosed in some latex mask that covered most of her head and face and her lips were sealed behind several swatches of tape. A collar, not unlike a dog's collar, encircled her throat and she could feel the chain leash dangling down between her breasts. Her wrists and arms were sheathed in some sort of lace-up glove behind her back that, try as she might, she could not get even a little slack out of. Lastly, her ankles were cuffed together and her big toes were lashed together with twine.

So she stood there, alone.

The stranger hadn't left her with any instructions. Stephanie had no idea how long she was going to have to stand there or if she would be punished for moving. What he had left her with was the warm afterglow of an orgasm. It lingered in her like a red-coal, wanting to ignite again. And there was nothing she could do about it.

It all had happened so quickly that she really hadn't had a chance to reflect what had happened to her until now. She was being turned into a sex slave, Stephanie was sure of that. The training CD was probably going to be the first of many and she knew was going to be abused again and again until the stranger had had his fill of her bound charms.

This morning's shower did give Stephanie a little hope, however. Being able to wash herself was wonderful. She could finally use her hands for the first time in nearly a day to do something. It was a freedom, though a supervised one. But it was a small freedom none-the-less.

Perhaps taking care of Stephanie was more trying than the stranger thought. She imagined that it was just as tiring shepherding her as it was being herded.

Then there was this morning. THE orgasm. Stephanie wasn't a nun and she enjoyed sex quite a bit, but she had never had an orgasm for that long and that intense. The frustration of her pussy being tickled over a long time and not being able to get herself off was probably one of the reasons for it. But that couldn't be the sole reason.

Perhaps she liked being dominated.

The thought sent a chill through her. No. She was being forced to have sex with this stranger. She was being raped. Yet, she was enjoying the sex, even craving it on most levels. The pleasure she was experiencing now was far more intense than she had ever felt before. It was impossible to ignore. She could never feel that way again without ropes and leather, she was sure of it.

The fact was Stephanie enjoyed being tied-up and dominated. As hard as it was to come to that conclusion, it was a fact that was impossible for Stephanie to escape.

If Stephanie did enjoy being dominated, it didn't change the fact that she was being raped and tortured. She kept telling herself that but the wanton warmness in her stomach told her otherwise.

Then Stephanie realized something else. She needed to go. Her captor hadn't let her use the restroom since before breakfast. It wasn't to the point of peeing all over herself, but she would need to get to the toilet soon. Any punishment for moving wouldn't be a bad as one for soiling herself and her parent's carpet. She was sure of that.

The ankle cuffs were locked together tightly and the string around her toes was taut. An inch was about all she could manage to shuffle. She took a few more hobbled steps, trying to go in one direction. Stephanie figured once she hit a wall or a piece of furniture, she could figure out where in the room she was as navigate from there. She knew the room well enough that she believed she could do it.

It was slow going and the blonde tried to concentrate on the task at hand. But her mind kept wondering back to this morning and she could feel her libido kick-starting her desire again and there was no way to satisfy it.


Then her toe hit something. She shuffled a bit more, trying to feel it out with her body and her encased arms. It was cold and tubular and made of metal. . .mom's exercise bike! Stephanie now knew where she was. She was in the corner of the bedroom near the window. . .

The window! That's it. She could stand in front of the window and someone would see her and call the cops.

The captive girl started to shuffle to the window when she felt her foot get tangled in something. . .a piece of cloth. She tried to back up a bit but began to lose her balance.

Stephanie screamed a muffled scream as she fell down, taking part of the curtain with her. Luckily, she landed on her butt and didn't hurt her self. She had forgot about the large pillows her mother had strewn in front of the windows 'to lounge on'. Those pillows saved Steph from getting injured more seriously.

Now that she was on the ground, Stephanie found she could scoot around a bit faster. She still needed to go. After that she would try for the window again after kicking the pillows out of the way.

Slowly she used her legs and scooted her butt across the carpet, using her bound arms to guide herself. Eventually she found the bed. All she had to do is follow around it to the other side and wriggle her way to the bathroom door on the opposite wall.

The journey seemed to take forever but finally she was on the other side of the bed. She figured she was about in the center when she wriggled towards where the bathroom doorway was, praying that the door was left open. It didn't take long for her to feel the cool tile on her rear. She had made it to the bathroom.

Pushing herself along, she felt the bidet against her back. Now came the hard part. Stephanie curled her legs under herself and pushed herself into a kneeling position. Using her bound arms, she leveraged herself up and onto the toilet seat. She wiggled a little bit until she was in a better position before relieving herself.

Moving around bound as she was was harder than she had imagined it would be. Stephanie suddenly realized how tired she really was.

Stephanie found the foot pedal flush on the floor and pushed it. The warm water cleaned her as it flushed. It also re-awakened her lust. Stephanie was horny and she could do nothing about it.

She could do something about getting some rest. Slowly, she stood up. A very tricky balancing act but she did it. Now she shuffled across the bathroom into the bedroom again.

Again, it seemed liked it took forever but finally she felt her leg hit the mattress. She wriggled around to seat herself when her arm hit something. . . the pole to the canopy over the bed.

The blonde hobbled closer to it, pressing its length along her body to stabilize herself.

Then she wondered. . .

Stephanie knew what her parent's wrought-iron canopy bed looked like. She knew that there was an old-fashioned footboard with bars running across it. The blonde was pretty sure that she could straddle the bar, even tied the way she was. She would have to be careful not to fall over onto the other side.

The bound girl seated herself on the bed and struggled until she was well onto the mattress. She eased herself down until she was laying against the foot posts and bars. Wriggling into position, she rolled over until she could get her knee up over the bar. It took some effort, but she finally managed to get herself straddling the bar using her cuffed feet for support. Her weight was now fully on her sex, where she wanted it.

Even though Steph was tired, she was also horny and relieving that took precedence over sleep.

Slowly, Stephanie began to rock her hips, rubbing herself on the bar. With each thrust, a new ripple of pleasure shuddered through her. She could feel the climax building within her like a wave about to burst through a dam. Faster and faster she bucked until she was swallowed by a crashing wave of bliss. Stephanie let it engulf her until should could take no more and let herself slip over onto the bed, where she laid panting through her gag.


Jeff had been to this store several times before, mainly for bondage DVD's. However, he had on more than one occasion browsed through their leather section. He had about $300.00 he could spend on Michelle's toys, so he had to be very selective. First, he selected a small black-leather gag. Michelle had a small mouth and he didn't want to strain her jaws. Jeff also got her a chrome and leather ring gag that he thought would fit her as well.

The set of black leather wrist and ankle cuffs were the most expensive, but they had small padlocks so that he could lock them and keep the keys himself. He also selected several black leather straps, a black leather collar with lead and finally, a leather head-harness with blindfold. He ended up paying a little more than he wanted to, but for what was to come, those items would be priceless.

He stopped off at Target to get a nice red gift box and crepe paper and sat in his car getting the package ready. The ring gag, head harnes and straps he kept for later, but the rest he unpackaged and set into the box along with the instructions for her he had written out before leaving the house. After taping the lid down, he placed a card with Michelle's name and address written on it along with a red rose he had clipped from the garden.

Never in his wildest imagination could Jeff believe that he was going to have two women tied and available to his every whim. But that what was happening. All sorts of scenes played out in his mind as he drove to her apartment building. His cocked ached with the thoughts of what he could do with them.

The office was open and there was an older woman behind the desk. She looked up and smiled as he brought in the box.

"This is for Michelle Chang," Jeff said, handing her the package.

"Lucky girl," the woman smiled.

"I guess you could say that," Jeff smiled back and left, hoping his sister hadn't got into a lot of trouble while he was gone.

Jeff arrived home, unlocked the door and sorted out the mail. No cops. No parents. In fact he didn't hear anything upstairs. He placed the mail on a small display table and went upstairs and carefully unlocked his parent's door.

Stephanie was curled up asleep on his parent's bed. However, one of the curtains had been torn down and lay in a pile in front of the window. On closer inspection, Jeff saw that it was only the clips that had given away and he quickly re-hung them. He made a mental note to himself to chain her to the bed next time.

After making sure she was secure, Jeff locked the door again to get ready for tonight.


It was a long shift but Michelle was not tired in the least. In fact, her whole body felt as if it was filled with electricity. Her adventure was about to begin and she was filled with an odd mix of dread, excitement and wantonness.

After parking her car, the slight oriental girl practically ran to the office. There, behind the desk was Eric, the night office person. That is one thing that made her feel safe was the fact that there was someone at the front desk 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.

"Did someone drop off a package?" Michelle asked.

Eric looked around. He was cute in a dumb brute sort of way, but definitely not her type.

"I don't see one, Michelle."

Her heart sank like an express elevator down to the basement.

"Are you sure?"

"Unless this one with a rose on it is for you," Eric grinned as he pulled out the bright red box and handed it to her.

"You bastard!" Michelle said, seeing that it was meant to be a joke.

"Must be some kind of guy," Eric said.

"You have no idea. Thank you Eric."

Quickly she took the elevator up to her apartment and rushed inside, almost leaving her keys in the lock. There was a rose taped to the lid as well as an envelope addressed to her. She quickly opened the envelope. Inside, there was a card with a single rose pictured on the front. Inside, there was a simple message, handwritten.

'I hope to see you tonight'

Setting aside the card, she opened the box. As soon as she opened the lid, the smell of leather enveloped her. Inside, wrapped in red crepe paper, was two pairs of black leather cuffs, a black leather ballgag, and a black leather collar decorated with chrome rings and studs. There was also a leather leash curled up inside.

And there was another envelope. It had the word 'instructions' written on it. Quickly she opened it up and read.

End Of Chapter 14

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