The Summer Project Part 13

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2008 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; captive; oral; bdsm; nc/reluct; X

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Part 13

Jeff eased himself down onto the carpet and drank in the picture of his stepsister Stephanie. Her lithe body was glistening with the efforts of the last hour or so: the effort of being hung forward as she was; the effort of trying to cum and not being able to and the effort of giving Jeff a wonderful blowjob. Her head was still encased in a white latex hood with her long, blonde hair pulled through the back in a ponytail. Little strings of drool dripped off of the steel ring gag fastened in her mouth. The nipple clamps, chain running between them, still pinched her nipples firmly. Stephanie's wrists were locked behind her with a pair of leather handcuffs and her fingers would flutter and clinch as she hung there.

The metronome finally gave its last tick as the feather attached to it gave her clit one last tickle; it's tendril drooping and damp. The captive girl's desire was still churning ball of flame within her and she had no way of quenching it.

Seeing his sister like that, Jeff felt a bit sorry for her. He felt his cock start to grow hard again and decided that it might be time to let her have a little pleasure before going on with her training.

His blonde captive gave a sharp moan of pleasure as Jeff gave her clamps a slight tug. Even though he enjoyed the sounds she made, it was louder than he liked. After giggling on her chain a bit more, Jeff went in search of a toy he had seen earlier.

Digging in his parent's armoire, he found amongst the myriad of vibrators and dildos. It was a large blue-colored gel dildo, perfect for what he had in mind.

Gently, he eased the phallus into her mouth. It took a little effort as Stephanie squirmed and it was larger than the ring in her gag. But soon, her moans of protest were muffled and he was now sure she wouldn't rouse the neighbors.

Stephanie felt the stranger step in back of her and gently caress her ass. She tried to thrust back to him, but tied as she was, she could really do little. The spreader bar that held her ankles wide and the 2 bars holding her legs in place gave her very little slack to show her want.

A bolt of pure bliss shot through her whole being as he slid his finger inside her. Lightly, he began to caress her lips; gently stroking her swollen lips. Stephanie strained to get him to push deeper and harder into her, but the more she tried, the more he pulled back.

The bound woman felt his hard, hot shaft against her as he leaned into her. The smell of her own need filled her nostrils as he wiped his finger on her upper lip of the hood.

His fingers began caressing her again, this time a little harder. Stephanie was so close to the edge. She could feel the hot rage about to engulf her but the stranger just wouldn't let her get there. Every time she was close, his finger slid away from her, causing her to scream into her gag in frustration.

Stephanie moaned loudly as he spread her lips and plunged into her. She churned back, gripping him as much as possible. With every thrust, she could feel her orgasm rising; clawing its way over the edge. Faster and faster she bucked and squirmed and moaned as a blur of rapture swarmed inside until it burst through.

It was a blast furnace of pure bliss that seared her to her core. Wave after heated wave erupted through her without seeming to end as she thrashed in her bonds.

Then the blonde felt him cum inside her, sending another white-hot storm of joy through her. She thrashed in her bindings as a continuous orgasm raged in her.

Jeff thrust into her another few strokes then withdrew. He stumbled over into the bed and collapsed. His captive was still twitching in the aftermath, sagging in her ropes, spent.

To Stephanie, it seemed like hours before she felt his touch again. Her whole body seemed to quiver as he eased her up into a standing position. She felt the cuffs unlock from her ankles and the buckles along her legs unfastened until she could weakly stand on her own. Her rope harness came off next, then the clamps on her now sore nipples. A slight tug on her leash being pulled and Stephanie reluctantly followed.

She had never felt as drained after sex as she did right now. She had had very strenuous bedroom activities before, but nothing that made her want to just collapse and do nothing. Stephanie supposed it was a perfect storm of stress and pent-up desires that pushed her to exhaustion. Now she had to concentrate just putting one bare foot in front of the other.

The cool tile of the bathroom floor woke her up a bit as the stranger guided her to the bidet and sat her down. Just how helpless she was had never been so clear to Stephanie. Yesterday was a kaleidoscope of emotions and sensations, but now, everything was as real as a concrete wall. Stephanie was his prisoner in her own home for the long term and there was little she could do about it other than praying that Jeff might rescue her.

After finishing using the toilet, Stephanie felt another slight tug on her lead. Unsteadily, she eased herself up and let herself be guided into the shower. Her leash grew taught as he tied it up above her then the stranger unlocked her wrists from behind her back and handed her a bar of soap and a washcloth.

The warm water felt refreshing as it sprayed over her. Her head was still covered in the latex hood, a collar was still locked around her throat and her mouth was still filled with a rubbery dildo, but the rest of her was unfettered as she began to wash herself. He was watching. She was sure of that. Her fantasy of freedom was just an illusion. So she washed herself as best as she could since she could not bend down at all. When she was done, the stranger handed her a bottle after opening the cap. One whiff of lavender told her that it was her own shampoo. Stephanie washed her ponytail as best she could before the stranger turned off the water. The stranger eased her arms in back of her and she felt the leather sleeve encase her hands and arms, slowly tightening as he laced it up.

The soft roughness of the towel felt wonderful as he dried her off. He dried her thoroughly, starting from her head and working his way down. A hot blast of air from a hairdryer engulfed her as he dried and combed out her hair. He was gentle in everything that he did; almost loving. Stephanie could find herself believing that this man actually cared about her on some level.

A tug on her leash pulled her out of her thoughts. Stephanie found herself being guided out of her parent's bedroom and down the hallway. Having lived in the house for quite some time, she could picture where he was leading her. The stairs were next, him easing her down one step at a time.

The dining room was their destination, she realized, as she felt the cool, tile floor. The stranger sat her down in one of the wooden chairs, lifting her sheathed arms over the back.

It was hard for Stephanie to hear much underneath her latex hood. She assumed that he was making breakfast for her. She could smell bacon cooking. It wasn't long before she hear the metallic voice.

"Do you want to eat?"

Stephanie nodded her head. She didn't realize just how hungry she was until she smelled breakfast cooking.

"I will remove your gag. If you try to scream, I will make sure that the punishment will make you want to be dead. Do you understand, slave."

Again, the blonde nodded.

"Good. After you have eaten, we will begin your training."

Training. The word sent chills through Stephanie. Oh my god, he is turning her into his personal sex slave, she thought. There is no way! Not in her own home! Her parents would be calling and when neither her or her brother Jeff answered, then they would come home and find out what was wrong. . .or call the police. . .or something.

The bound girl felt the gag being unfastened and both it and the dildo pushed through the ring pull away from her lips.

"Please. . ." Stephanie whimpered.


Stephanie clamped her mouth shut, whimpering.

Jeff let her sit there, tears running out from underneath her white latex hood. He quickly finished breakfast and sat it down beside her. He had sat his captive sister beside the dining room table so that he could feed her easily. He sat down in front of her with riding crop in hand. He gently tapped her inner thigh.

Slowly Stephanie opened her legs until they were as wide as she could comfortably hold them, exposing herself again to the stranger. Another slight tape above her sex and she thrust herself up to him and held there.

Taking her spoon, he started to slowly rub her between her legs with its bowl. Soon, he heard a little moan from her. Then, he used the spoon to scoop up some scramble eggs with cut-up bacon bits and eased it to her lips.

Stephanie felt a new wave of revulsion as felt the spoon against her lips. Not wanting to feel any more pain, she opened her mouth to let him feed her.

"Lick it clean," commanded the stranger.

The bound woman did as she was told.

The bound blonde soon felt the spoon between her legs and rubbing up and down her slit. The effects of this morning hadn't faded and she was still very sensitive. The tip of the spoon gently prodded at her clit, soliciting another moan from her. She soon found herself responding to his touches.

Then he stopped and another spoonful of scrambled eggs touched her lips. She did the same with this spoonful, licking it clean.

The ritual continued for some time, interrupted by sips of orange juice while he still played with her. Another orgasm was building within her from the embers of this morning. Finally her plate was empty but she had grown hungry with another want.

"Do you want to cum, slave?"

Stephanie nodded her head, turning red with the shame of it.

"After training, I will grant you an orgasm."

Stephanie then heard a strip of tape tearing. She squirmed a bit as he plastered it over her lips, sealing them shut. Five other pieces followed, making sure the tape wouldn't work loose. In some ways, this was better than the other gags she had been subjected to. There was no aching of her jaw being forced open. However, she imagined the pain being much worse when the tape was finally tore off; if it was torn off.

A slight tap of the riding crop on her knee signaled to Stephanie to close her legs and she did so knowing there was little she could do but to obey.

Stephanie waited.

'Training'. The word echoed in her mind like the knell of an ancient church bell. She had listened to the recording but being distracted as she was, she really didn't comprehend what was happening. He was caring for her as if she was a beloved pet. . .perhaps like a show dog bitch, learning signals from her master so she could show herself off.

The feel of the leather cuffs being fastened around her ankles brought Stephanie out of her thoughts. Her ankles were now locked together. With a little pull on her collar and some assistance from her captor, the blonde stood up unsteadily.

The man's fingers began to lightly pinch her nipples, making little licks of pleasure. There was still a wanton warmness between her legs, a feeling that she half-wanted to go away, reminding her of the ravages of the morning. She half screamed when he placed the clamp back onto one nipple, then the other. The half pain, half delight now familiar to her, had become harbinger of things to come.

Pulling on Stephanie's lead, she struggled to follow, hopping the best she could. Jeff loved seeing her this way, helpless and naked, all her curves accentuated by her bondage. He could watch her all day like this.

Fastened her leash to the stair railing, he was sure she wouldn't get herself into any trouble. He quickly jumped into the shower to clean himself up and pulled on a clean pair of jeans and a t-shirt before going back down to do some chores around the house. Jeff liked order, unlike his stepsister. He was always clearing up her path of clutter.

Cleaning up the kitchen was his first priority, taking his time to make sure it was done right. He was one of those who liked to clean as he cooked so there was little in the way of mess to take care of.

Jeff's parent's bedroom was another matter. He quickly changed the sheets and picked-up all the toys, putting them back where he had discovered them, making sure he cleaned them first. The bathroom was next, gathering up the towels and taking them and the bedclothes down to the laundry room and into the washer.

Stephanie was where he had left her, standing still, occasionally turning her head trying to sense him. The arm sheath did wonders for her figure, making her breasts jut out as if begging for attention.

Jeff smiled, now for her training.


Michelle went to work early. She couldn't stick around her apartment any more without getting herself into some kind of trouble. She had rope and nylons and a host of other things she could tie herself up with but she was afraid she would find herself calling into work sick or worse; not being able to call at all. If Jeff found her at home when he delivered her package, he might have second thoughts. So it was safer for Michelle to go to work and try to get thoughts of bondage off her mind.

Fortunately, Saturdays were busy at her uncle's restaurant. She helped set up dinner service and did a few late lunch deliveries. By four o'clock, the early dinner goers were starting to arrive to try to cram a dinner and a movie into their evening. Delivery orders started to flood in, which sent Michelle all over town. One delivery took her past Jeff's house and she fought the urge to stop in.

Several times during her shift, she wondered what Jeff as doing with his girlfriend Stephanie. Michelle knew that the blonde was bound up tightly and that Jeff was doing many forbidden things to her. Michelle hoped that he would not forget about her.


Stephanie's training was going very well. She had listened to the recording well and only once did he have to stripe her ass with his riding crop.
Jeff hoped that he could do away with verbal commands completely and just use touches and taps of his riding crop to get Stephanie to do what he wanted of her.

That would be critical this evening. He was going to make sure his stepsister would not be able to hear anything at all. It was part of her presentation to Michelle when the oriental girl arrived. There was a host of other things to do as well, but there was plenty of time for that. Now, he was going to keep his word to his slave sister. He was going to give her her orgasm.

She was now standing in the center of the living room, still bound in her white latex hood, white leather arm sheath, white leather collar and a black pair of leather cuffs around her ankles. Broad strips of white tape sealed her lips shut and a pair of chrome clamps still pinched her nipples. The chain lead hung from her collar, gently swaying with her slight moves.

Carefully, Jeff unlaced his sister's hood and rolled it over her ears, making sure Stephanie couldn't see him. He placed a small foam earplug inside each of her ears. Stephanie was deaf and well as mute and blind. He pulled the hood back down and pulled its laces as taut as he could.

The stranger was taking away her senses, one at a time. Smell and touch were the only one's left in her encased world. Now, his touches were even more electric on her skin.

Two slight taps on her rear told her it was time to move.

The blonde felt herself being guided by her leash and she hopped to keep up. With all of her training this morning, she had gotten really pretty good at it. In fact, she was now moving quite comfortably in her bondage; a skill that she had earned at the tip of a riding crop.

There was a single tap on her ass from the crop, signaling her to stop.

Stephanie could feel him unlock the lock holding her ankle cuffs together, but he did not remove them. Another slight touch of the crop on her inner thigh indicated her to open her legs as wide as possible. She responded slowly, not sure where she was in the living room, but knowing she was there by the feel of the carpet on her bare feet.

With his warm hands on her hips, he turned her around slowly and backed her up, stopping when she felt the back of the loveseat against her well rounded butt. Again he tapped her inner thigh and she spread her legs wider, leaning on the loveseat for help.

The captive girl giggled a bit as she felt something being wound around her big toe. Her feet were always ticklish and always victim to her boyfriends once they found out just how ticklish they were. She hoped the stranger didn't pick up on that to add another torture to his repertoire. She fought her giggles down as he did the same to her other big toe. Then she felt them go taut as he tied the other ends to the loveseat's rear legs.

Stephanie felt another tap just above her sex. The bound blonde thrust herself out to the stranger, offering herself to him. Even as she did so, she felt herself flush red with embarrassment.

The man's fingers slowly began to caress her, tracing out her curves. He massaged her slowly, exploring her thoroughly. Soon. Stephanie found herself moaning through the gag as the hot stirrings of this morning began to awake again.

Then he kissed her.

It was a light kiss on the exposed part of her neck above her collar. Then there was another, just below the collar. Slowly his kisses trailed down her front, his tongue flicking at her clamped nipples. With each flick, a shot of pleasure rushed through her causing her to moan again.

Jeff felt her body responding and continued to use his lips and tongue, working over his stepsister's breasts and nipples and down over the flat of her stomach.

Stephanie giggled again when the stranger's tongue reamed her bellybutton, another one of her ticklish spots. Then his kisses moved lower, over her freshly-shaven mons to her desire-swollen lips. He paused as he tapped three times over her puss, letting her know that she had permission to cum.

The man's fingers parted her lips and his tongue licked up and down her slit. He tickled at her clit before continuing again. Her passion continued to rise within her; the pressure building, making her feel as if she was about to explode. . .

Then she came.

A torrent of white-hot bliss crashed through as she bucked in her bonds. Wave after wave until she didn't think she could cum any more. Yet he continued to nibble at her clit, causing another heated wave engulfing her until he finally stopped.

Stephanie was still panting through her gag when she felt a tap on her outer thigh and she closed her legs. She didn't even feel him untie her toes. She did feel him lock her ankle cuffs together again then re-tie her big toes, this time lashing them together.

The shock of being picked-up made Stephanie scream as the man put her over his shoulder. He carried her upstairs where he eased her onto the bed. But the respite was brief. She felt a tug on her collar and she struggled to stand. With little hops, she followed his lead to the center of the room.

Jeff picked her up again and began spinning around, disorienting her. Gently, he stood her back down and backed away.

This is where he would leave her; standing with no idea where she was in the room. It was time to do some shopping for tonight. Michelle needed some restraints of her own and there was a place downtown that would have the right things.

As a precaution, he shut the door to his parent's room and locked it. It was something he noticed just recently, that his parents could lock their door from either side. Jeff didn't care why. He was just glad that they had so that he could keep his prize safe.

End Chapter 13


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