The Summer Project Part 12

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2008 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; captive; oral; bdsm; nc/reluct; X

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Part 12

There was a whirlwind of thoughts racing through Michelle's head as she climbed into the shower and let the hot water drench her in its warm embrace. 'Is 10 o'clock at the Bennigan's on 7th Street okay?' the man had asked over the phone and she had responded in an enthusiastic 'yes'. The whole of her being felt as taut as a bowstring with all of the wanton feelings that coursed through her. Everything else he had said was nonsensical hum.

The Asian girl soaped herself thoroughly with her loofah sponge, enjoying its coarseness against her skin. Every bit of her seemed awake and alive. She was starting on a new and forbidden adventure and she wanted to look as sexy as she felt.

After drying herself off, she pranced naked to her closet and began to pick through her dresses. Michelle was a girly-girl at heart and most of her wardrobe was made up of slinky dresses, revealing tops and very short skirts. She settled on a little wine colored dress with a plunging neckline and a pair of thigh-high black stockings. A pair of black high-heels finished her look as well as a small leather handbag. As she turned and locked the door to her apartment, a warm, lustful glow filled her knowing that she wasn't wearing any panties and one of the few contents of her bag was her favorite vibrator. In a few minutes, she would be seated across from the man that would tie-up all her fantasies with lots and lots of black nylon rope.


Jeffery's morning was a bit more hectic than Michelle's. His Stepsister's training was to start today, beginning with a training tape he had made for her to listen to. He wanted to be there when she listened to it, but he decided watching the video would be just as good. Stephanie's breakfast would have to wait until he got back from his meeting with Michelle.

Stephanie looked so beautiful, sleeping there bound with a white latex hood encasing most of her head. Both her ankles and wrists were bound together with leather cuffs and she had a white leather collar locked around her slender neck. For a moment, Jeff hated to wake her, but he needed to get her ready before he went off to the restaurant to meet with Michelle.

Stephanie awoke as she felt the stranger climbing into bed with her and unfastening the leash from her collar. She had prayed that she would awaken from her night's sleep and all of this would have been an arousing nightmare, but now she knew it was as cold and harsh of a reality as the metal locks on her handcuffs.

Tenderly, he sat her up and scooted her to the edge of the bed. Steph squirmed a bit as if to resist, but soon she gave into his prodding. She felt him lift her up over his shoulder and carry her for a short distance to the foot of her parent's wrought-iron canopy bed. Her captor leaned her gently against the foot rail and let her stand on her own, teetering. The blonde then felt the leash being locked back onto her collar and tied to the canopy railing above.

There was some rustling around the bedroom as Stephanie stood there listened, wondering what the stranger had in store for her. The waiting and wondering about what was about to happen put Stephanie more on edge than the actual experience. Her imagination was a much more horrendous tormentor then the one in reality. Her thought were cut off when she felt her ankle cuffs unlocked from each other. A brief notion about kicking the stranger hard passed briefly through her mind, but she realized that would help her situation little as she then felt something being fastened to one of the ankle cuffs.

Without a word, Jeff eased his stepsister's legs open. Again, she resisted at first but soon spread her legs wide enough for him to attach the other cuff. He loved the smell of her as he knelt down to lock the cuffs in place. Her cleanly shaven puss was so inviting and he was tempted to take her right then and there, but he knew he really didn't have time to do it right now. He would have plenty of that after his meeting, however.

After the spreader bar was in place, he adjusted it to make sure that Stephanie spread her legs as far as she could without loosing her balance. He tied a small length of rope around her waist, he paused and kissed her cheek briefly through the hood, before kneeling down and attaching another spreader bar to her ankle and running it up the side of her left leg. Tightly, he tied the other end of the bar to the rope encircling her waist. He repeated the process on her other leg before adding several straps around each limb until she had become an 'A' frame and unable to bend her legs in the slightest.

Jeff stepped back and admired his handiwork. Already she was fighting to balance and her little struggles made Jeff's cock ache just that much more.

The blonde felt the stranger's fingertips slowly caressing her sex, sending little shivers of pleasure through her. God, he is doing it to me again, she thought to herself. Despite being bound and helpless, she was being sexually abused and she was enjoying it. Stephanie wanted to thrust herself out a little more, but she was very unsure of her balance and didn't want to hang herself on her parent's canopy bed. As soon as his caresses began, they stopped and caused her to whine into her gag in frustration.

Jeff laughed a bit, seeing her need. But there was more work to be done and not a lot of time to do it in. Kneeling down, he tied each of her ankles to a foot of the bed. He watched her tremble as she tried to keep balanced.

Stephanie screamed as her stepbrother pinched each one of her now erect nipples. The pain soon ebbed away as he began to massage them tenderly. Slowly, his touch got rougher, kneading her breasts and gently pinching her nipples to near pain. The blonde soon felt the stirrings of another orgasm lurking within her and Jeff could hear her little moans through the gag.

Her captor then draped a length of rope over the back of Stephanie's neck and over both of her shoulders. He then eased both ends under her arms and tied it tight, making a harness of sorts. Jeff then took both long ends of the rope and tied them to the canopy, leaving quite a bit of slack.

The captive girl felt the man's fingertips tracing her now swollen lips again and began to slide his finger up and down her sex slowly, easing himself into her but careful not to touch her clit. Her body began to thrust with the rhythm as the whorls of pleasure began to dance heatedly through her.

Jeff loved to see her body react to his touch, wanting so much more than what it could get. He slowly withdrew his finger and she thrust herself out to follow. . .

Stephanie screamed into her gag as she lost her balance and fell forward, and screamed again at the sharp pain when the rope harness jerked taught, arresting her fall.

It was perfect, Jeff smiled, better than he had dreamed.

His stepsister's head was nearly level with his waist and, if he stepped in back of her, so was her nicely rounded ass. He gave her a couple of playful swats on the rear before finishing up what he needed to do.

The idea for this came to him when he sat in the living room and looked at his father's old upright piano. It had been in the family for several generations and several generations were put through the torture of trying to learn to play it. Jeff remembered many a grueling piano lesson with the incessant ticking of the antique metronome. It was like a Chinese water torture to the ear: tick. . .tick. . .tick. Now, he was going to torture his sister with it, but in a much more cruel fashion.

Jeff placed the metronome on the carpet between his captive's legs and made sure the tip of the feather attached to its arm barely touched her passion-slicked lips.

Stephanie wriggled as she felt something tickle at her. It was slight and oh-so very arousing, taking her mind briefly off of her aching shoulders. She let out another small moan as he stepped in front of her and gently pinched each of her nipples. Inside, the heated winds swirled within her, fanning her desire. . her need.

The cold pinch of steel onto her left nipple, then right, shot rushes of near pain down into her very heart. Her scream was more from the pleasure than from the bite. It was clear by their weight on her sore nipples that a chain was attached to each clamp and that with every little movement she made, there would be a slight tug that would send little puffs of bliss through her.

Jeff then clamped a pair of headphones over where Stephanie's ears would be. He would have to crank the CD player on high volume so she could hear it underneath the white latex hood.

Everything was set. The video camera would be recording everything while he was gone. Jeff wound the old metronome and placed it back where it was; the feather barely bushing between the blonde's lips with every tick. Jeff then turned on the CD player and left the room, wondering just how horny his captive would be once he returned.


This early in the morning, Bennigan's was quiet and very few customers were sprinkled throughout the booths and tables. Michelle looked around and didn't see the man she had delivered dinner to the night before. She obviously had got here before he had.

The Chinese girl felt as if she was a fiery dragonfly; so delicate, beautiful and searing. She barely acknowledged the hostess and set the menu off to one side, unread. Beneath the table, she opened her purse and felt the cool sleekness of her vibrator and she toyed with the idea of easing it into herself now. No, she decided. Perhaps when he arrived; while they talked, she would indulge this part of her fantasy, but not now.

The man arrived not much later, wearing a faded black t-shirt and a pair of tight-fitting black jeans. He filled his clothes as well as Michelle had remembered. A mop of dark hair crowned a square face filled with as much charm as his blue eyes and lop-sided smile could bring. He immediately recognized her and scooted into the seat across from her.

"You look stunning, Michelle," he said.

"Thank you," she smiled.

As Jeff looked at her, he realized what he had said was the simple truth. She was stunning. Even though she was slight in height, her curves fit her form perfectly. Michelle was not the delivery girl he had remembered.

"I really mean that. You are breathtaking. . .ah"

"Michelle, and you?"

"My name is Jeff."

"It's nice to meet you again Jeff," she grinned, "So. . .ah. . .how do we begin?"

"I think we should get to know each other a little bit and explain about what was happening last night," Jeff said.

"I have a pretty good idea of what was happening last night, Jeff."

Jeff blushed a bit. Even with his good looks and being in college, he still felt awkward talking to anyone of the opposite sex. In fact, he knew of several instances that some thought he was gay because he went on few dates. Michelle's directness was making him a bit uneasy.

"Ah, that," he said, "Well, me and my girlfriend have always dreamed of acting out a fantasy and this week, an opportunity arose to act out that fantasy."

"And what fantasy would that be?" Michelle smiled, "doing in front of a Chinese Delivery girl?"

Jeff paused, "A home intrusion."

Michelle had a puzzled look on her face.

"Stephanie and I wanted to act out a burglary gone bad. She is my victim. I am house-sitting for my parents while they are on vacation so that allows us to live out this rape fantasy."

"You mean she is always tied-up. Twenty-four Seven?" Michelle asked in disbelief.

Jeff smiled, "Yes."

"And she is tied-up right now?"

Jeff nodded his head.

"Yes," he whispered, "Right now she tightly tied to the foot of the bed, her legs tied wide open while a feather tickles her pussy."

"Oh my god," Michelle breathed.

A million visions whirled through Michelle's mind, all involved her, Jeff and several feet of rope. She had forgot about the vibrator in her purse. All she wanted was to be bound and fucked. Right now.

"I have discussed this before with my girlfriend; about having a third person join us. We had always thought it would be another guy helping with her 'abuse'. But I know she would be fine with you being there as well."

The lies spilled from his lips like a well-played instrument. He wanted to bind her so bad he ached, but he also could see that having a willing partner in this could have many advantages as well. . . at least, in the short term.

"However. I need to know a few things about you and I am sure you have a few questions to ask about me," Jeff continued.

The conversation continued in a hushed fashion over fries and a couple of cokes. Intimate questions were asked and answered until both were satisfied about the others wants and desires.

It was decided that while Michelle was at work, Jeff would drop off a box at her apartment's office. In it she would find some items and instructions on how to present herself tonight. Tomorrow was Sunday and Michelle would have both Sunday and Monday off, not having to show up for work until Tuesday evening for deliveries. Michelle didn't know how she was going to make it through her shift tonight but she knew she had to. Hopefully it would be busy and time would fly by fast.


Stephanie wanted to die. At least then the torture would stop. The CD had ended a few minutes ago and now all she had to concentrate on was the feather lightly tickling her pussy.

There was no way for her to wiggle or squirm her way closer to the slowly ticking feather, waving back and forth, brushing through her slit only briefly, before leaving again. Time after time, sending little breaths of pleasure through her but never enough to cascade her over the edge.

The captive girl tried to remember all of the instructions given to her on the recording. Even though they were repeated again and again by the same metallic voice, she still had a hard time remembering. What wasn't hard to remember was the punishment for getting it wrong: 10 cuts of the riding crop across any part of her body he desired. The thought of that made her cringe.

All the instructions were about touches of the riding crop and what she was to do when she felt them. For instance, if she felt a tap of the riding crop on her thigh, she was to spread her legs as wide as possible. A tap on her ass, she would present it to him, showing off her sex. The list contained some twenty commands and she believed she had remembered them all, but the blonde wasn't sure.

Stephanie didn't know how much time had gone by, but a slight tap to the top of her head let her know that the stranger was there now and that she was to lift her head to him.

The feather was still teasing her, but now she had something else to focus on. As she lifted her head, she could feel her ballgag being unbuckled and then he took it from her lips. The relief was brief, however. She felt the steel ring of the other gag being forced behind her teeth, forcing her mouth open again and soon it was fastened tightly behind her neck.

Jeff undressed quickly. His cock had been aching with lust ever since this morning. Grabbing his stepsister's head, he eased himself into her mouth and began to thrust. She matched his movements as much as she could, knowing what punishments might await her if she didn't.

Though Stephanie hadn't been with him long, she could feel the signs when he was going to cum. She worked her lips over his shaft and did what she could. Suddenly, just when she thought he was about to cum, he pulled himself out and quickly put a small pill on her tongue, before thrusting himself back in. It only took a few more strokes before she felt her mouth filled with the saltiness of his semen. She did not want to swallow the unknown pill but instead of withdrawing, he kept himself inside he mouth: forcing her to swallow both the pill and his cum. Only when she did, did he pull back.

As Stephanie hung there, drool and semen dripping from her lips, she realized just what pill she had forced her to take. It was her birth control pill.

Jeff grinned as he watched his blonde captive revulsion to what he had forced her to do. He couldn't wait to get his second wind. They had a whole day ahead of them before Michelle would arrive and he wanted to see just how many of the commands she had learned.

End of Part 12


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