The Summer Project Part 11

by T S Fesseln

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© Copyright 2006 - T S Fesseln - Used by permission

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Part 11

After setting the video camera up in his parent's bedroom, Jeff left to clean up the kitchen and the rest of the house a bit.  He hadn't realized just how tired he was, even though the thoughts of his bound stepsister still kept him hard and aching. The rest of him felt as if he had just been through the Super bowl.

Jeff was glad that there wasn't much in the kitchen to clean up.  As he put the leftover Chinese dinners into the refrigerator, his mind wandered a bit to the poor delivery girl and what she made of watching Stephanie struggles on the television.  He was sure that the girl had a lot to talk about to her co-workers when she got back.  At least Jeff had tipped her well.

Turning the light off in the kitchen, his attention was focused in picking up a few things in the living room.   Though he was not a neat freak, he still liked to leave things nice.  Who knows who might pop by, like Stephanie's Hispanic friend Kim? He imagined that she would be a handful and better not entertain such thoughts until he had his stepsister well trained.  Still. . .

Glancing over at the entryway, Jeff once again noticed the pile of mail to sort through.  Even though he was feeling bushed, at least he could do is sort them out so he could take care of them in the morning.  Grabbing the pile, he sat down at his dad's antique rolltop desk and began his chore.

The third envelope Jeff came to was a violet one with 'I Saw What You Did Last Night' written in a florid script of purple ink.  There was no postage stamp nor any indication whom might of sent it. 

At first, Jeff thought it might be some vengeance letter to his dad.  But, everybody liked his dad at the office and if the was a disgruntled homeowner, he was sure dad would have brought it up in conversation.

No.  Jeff was sure that the letter was addressed to him and the thought sent a cold chill up his back.  Were they going to blackmail him?  Or worse, turn him over to the cops.  Jeff steeled himself and opened the envelope, reading to folded note inside:

Dear Jeffery,

I saw what you were doing to your wife and I found it to be a heavy turn-on.  When I got home, I kept seeing her and the way she was tied and the way she was REALLY getting off on it.  I couldn't stop thinking of her and what it felt like.  So, before I chicken out, I was wondering if you could tie me up like that, if your wife doesn't mind. 

You can call me at ###-###-#### or email me at [email protected]

I REALLY want to hear from you.

Michelle, your delivery girl

Jeff was so taken aback that he read and re-read the letter again several times.  The ache in his cock got even stronger in the whirlpool of fantasies and scenarios that he thought would only be a dream.  Quickly, he opened his dad's laptop and got online.

Certainly he wouldn't have to convince this Michelle about being bound and helpless in his company.  What worried him is how to present his sister/slave as his wife.  Once he had the Asian girl bound, Jeff figured he could pretty much force her to do things as he wanted.  But it was getting her to trust him was an issue. 

Perhaps having a willing slave would be more practical in breaking his stepsister down than another captive.  Certainly he wouldn't want to have two unwilling captives to watch over, at least for now.  No, it would be better if Michelle was a willing participant.

Of course, Jeff told himself, all this was moot until he met with the girl and found out what she wanted to do.

Hastily, Jeff wrote a quick email, telling Michelle he would call her in the morning to arrange a place for them to meet and talk, assuring her that his 'wife' was all for having another join them in their game.

After shutting down the computer and the lights downstairs, Jeff raced up the stairs to look in on his captive stepsister.

Stephanie was still there, her head enclosed in a white latex hood, her blonde hair made up into a long ponytail.  Her wrists were locked behind her in a pair of leather cuffs.  Steph's ankles were cuffed as well.  The stark white of the cuffs contrasted wonderfully from her warm California tan.  As she lay on her side, Jeff noticed a slight rocking of her hips, as if she was dreaming of some sexual encounter.

The captive girl was far from dreaming.  The stranger attentions to her in the shower and, in particular, the shaving of her puss, left Stephanie wanting more than just to be put to bed.  She tried to strain her fingers down to stroke herself, but she was afraid of choking herself with her tethered collar.  The pleasure of an orgasm seemed the only escape from the horrors that were happening to her.

Stephanie felt the stranger climb into bed beside her and scoot closer to her. His skin was warm against hers as he nestled beside her, his hard cock hot against her stomach.  His fingers began to trace over her flesh, feeling each and every curve and shadow of her form.  Stephanie moaned at his touch as his hands found her breasts and began to softly knead her nipples.

Gradually the captive blonde began to move herself against her captor, her body pressing against his.  It was if her libido was shoved into automatic and she was nothing but an animal to her desires even though she knew that the stranger was raping her; taking her without her having a say.

Like steam in a well-oiled machine, Stephanie's orgasm began to build.  The stranger eased her legs open with his own and slipped between them; her cuffed ankles forcing her legs to embrace the intruder.  The wrist cuffs bit into her back as he laid down upon her.  He pinched he nipples lightly to near pain, stoking the fires within her even more.  She could feel his hardness against her cleanly shaven mons and she squirmed to try to get him inside her.

With a gentle push, he eased himself inside her.  It wasn't like the rush of the first time the stranger took her.  This was slow and almost loving.  Soon, she matched his rhythm.  The slowly building pressure of her orgasm soon started to fill her very soul as she thrashed in her bonds wanting release.

He felt her need too and began to thrust faster into her.  Her moans through her gag became near screams as he felt her quiver.  Pure bliss raced through Stephanie as she felt him cum within her.  Wave after steaming-hot wave coursed through her as he slowed his pace and collapsed on top of her and rolled off to her side.

Sometime in the deep radiance of the moment, Stephanie drifted off to sleep, exhausted from what had transpired.  Her stepbrother was soon behind, embracing her helpless form as dreams of another captive filled his mind.


Jeffery was a morning person and as the day's first sunshine began to creep through the window, he stretched and took time to watch his captive sleeping beauty.  The sunshine made her reclined form look like a brightly polished bronze statue.  All this wasn't a dream after all as he lay there and watched her breathe.  He didn't want to disturb her.  Not quite yet.  He had other things to attend to before waking her up for her morning shower and breakfast.

Save for having his stepsister a prisoner upstairs, Jeffery morning routine didn't change.  A quick cold shower first followed up by brisk shave and grooming before dressing for his morning jog.  There was no way that she could get away bound as she was and he felt confident that she wouldn't wake for another few hours.  

As he jogged around the neighborhood, his thoughts drifted back to the delivery girl Michelle.  What he remembered of her, he found attractive.  She had to be only a little over five foot in height and a hundred pounds dripping wet.  She had a beautiful Asian face with smiling dark eyes and a chaste smile.  Her breasts weren't huge, but nicely proportioned for her small frame and he remembered that she had a long, black ponytail pulled back underneath her baseball cap.  And, most importantly, he could picture her tied-up.

He wondered if she had replied to his e-mail yet.

Normally, after getting home, it was straight to another cold shower and dress for the day, but Jeffery was really eager to see her reply.  It seemed like an eternity for the computer to get to his mail, but it finally chimed 'You've Got Mail'.

Jeff's heart seemed to stop as he saw that Michelle had written him back.


It is so awesome that you answered me.  I can't tell how much I have fantasized about what you and your wife do.  And YES, I do want to meet with you.  Mornings are better for me since I work nights.  Give me a call, I will be waiting to hear from you.


Jeff carefully reread the e-mail again before picking up the phone and dialing the number the Asian girl gave him. 


Sleep hadn't come easy for Michelle.  After driving home from the couple's house, she went upstairs to her apartment to a quick shower and then curled up in bed.  Michelle had always slept in just panties and tonight was no exception.  However, she felt particularly sexy and her whole body seemed to hum with an sexual electricity.  Thoughts of rope and leather and chrome chain lashed through her mind until she couldn't take it any more.

Hoping onto the computer, the Chinese-American girl she typed in a few of her favorite erotic story websites and began to find something to do with a tied up girl or girls and being raped again and again.  She had a few favorite authors that she enjoyed reading and re-reading so she searched until she found something new by one of them.

Michelle could tell that the author was a woman that had enjoyed being bound and teased in real life.  Michelle knew that there was no way she could fake that.  As the tale spun out about an unlucky (or lucky) camper and an escaped convict, the heat in Michelle's womb began to grow.  The batteries in her vibrator were very low but she stripped her panties off and began to massage herself with it anyway.  It was one of those gel ones that was supposed to feel like a real penis and in some ways it did, but without much of a hum, it seemed dead and lifeless.

Nearly screaming in frustration, she quickly went into her kitchen and stripped a flashlight of its batteries.  Just as quickly, she threw out the vibe's old batteries and replaced them with the flashlights.

Throwing herself into bed, Michelle soon lost herself in her fantasies of being tied to her bed and being used and abused by a masked stranger.  The erotic fires it stoked in her were getting hotter but still there was something missing.  She put her hands behind her back and pretended they were tied, but it just wasn't the same.

Michelle was a well-read girl and she consumed everything on bondage that she could, including self-bondage.  Up until this point, she was afraid to try it but she knew that if she could tie herself up, a mind-blowing orgasm was just around the corner.

The list of things she could tie herself up with was a short list: a robe belt, some leather dress belts and pantyhose & stockings.  She opted for the later, pulling several from the drawer and throwing them onto the bed.  Next was a clean pair of panties and a pair of scissors to cut herself free after all was said and done.

Opening her legs wide, Michelle eased the vibrator inside her.  As small as she was, it filled her completely.  Luckily it was the kind with the controls on a cord so she could turn it on or up with her hands bound behind her back.  The Asian girl then took a black stocking and tied it around her ankles, cinching them tight enough to hold her but not enough to cut off circulation.  She repeated the process just above her knees, binding her legs shut.

Even though she had read many times about having a girl gagged with her own panties, Michelle wasn't about to do it with the ones she was just wearing.  However, the clean black pair she had just laid out for herself would work wonderfully.  Carefully folding it, she stuck the wad into her small mouth and wrapped another stocking over the mouth, knotting it into place.   Michelle tried a few muffled grunts and squeals and found the gag effective if not a little uncomfortable.

Picking up another one of her black nylons, she tied a slip-knot out of it and tied it ends to the one binding her ankles together.  She tested it to see if she could easily slip her wrists into it before going on.  Satisfied that she could, she took one other black nylon stocking and cut it in half.  Feeding both arms into the opening, she managed to slowly work the nylon up until it bound her elbows together behind her back.

Carefully, Michelle placed the scissors on her nightstand and looped the slip-knot around her wrists.  Pulling it tight Michelle found she had placed herself into a wonderful hogtie and not a minute too soon.  The erotic embers burning inside of her were quickly racing through her as her fingers found the vibrators controls and turned it on high.

It was like dosing a campfire with gasoline.  White-hot pleasure ripped through Michelle, causing her to buck uncontrollably in her bonds.  Wave after fiery wave of pleasure rushed through the Asian girl, exhausting her as she struggled and writhed on her bed.  Finally, as the batteries ebbed yet again in her vibe, she slowly drifted off to sleep still a self-made captive.

She didn't know how long she slept but she awoke with the sun just starting to shine through her bedroom window and a dire need to pee.  She was momentarily confused by her bondage, but soon realized she had nodded off still bound.  Thankfully, she still had feeling in her fingers as she squirmed to her nightstand and towards the scissors that would free her.  Twice she thought she had almost lost them but with a little effort and a little good luck, she snipped her wrist bindings away soon followed by the others.  Dashing off the bed, she would undo her gag after she relieved herself.

As she thought about last night and the note she left for that one couple, she could not wait to check her e-mail.

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