Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Continues from

Part 8. The Apprentice And The Three Lovers

Miss Keys was back in the room in front of Emma. She asked, "How are you doing?"

Emma responded, "I am fine. Breasts still burn. Nose feels odd and achy. Foot is fine. My pussy is wet with anticipation. Yet I am, in ways, terrified of what you have planned."

With a smirk, Miss Keys responded, "Do you regret meeting me and signing the contract yet?"

Emma looked at Miss Keys as best she could and answered, "No. Why would I?"

"Fair enough," Miss Keys grabbed both of Emma’s nipples and twisted them as she squeezed.

Initially Emma gasped before she taunted Miss Keys, "I thought you were going to make me suffer. To push my limits and break me. Do your worst. I want to see the 'Bitch Breaker'. You like to chase people away. Make me desperate to get away from you."

As Emma paused, Miss Keys asked if she was done but Emma added, "You seem to think you will get rid of me or that I will not want to be with you. Have you asked yourself what happens if I stick around begging for more from you daily and wanting a real relationship with you? I bet you're more scared of that."

Miss Keys looked at Emma, "I know better than to get my hopes up. And I am scared of many things, epsilon. I don’t deny that. Only you don't know what it is that scares me. But a defiant inmate such as yourself, getting the 'Bitch Breaker' treatment may be too lenient for you. Then again those who called me it couldn't handle most of these little things I have done to you and definitely not what I'm going to do to you. So the title is a bit overrated in my eyes cause I have never fully let go on anyone but beta."

Miss Keys worked on releasing Emma from the chair as Emma demanded, "Go full out on me. I want you to…"

Emma's body short circuited as the electricity pulsed through her from her abdomen. She hadn't noticed that Miss Keys had anything or where she got it from. She didn't scream or say anything, not that she felt she could with her jaw muscles locked at the moment. Then again her whole body was locked up, her muscles contracted. It felt like an eternity but probably lasted five to ten seconds. After the electrical currents finished running their course, Emma finally gasped out a breath. She was solely focused on breathing as Miss Keys continued to release her from the chair.

"I suggest you save your breath as much as possible, inmate."

Silence dominated the room as Emma was put into her next position. After being stripped naked, her hands and elbows were tied together in a reverse prayer. Ropes were tied around the base of her breasts. A cable from a winch overhead connected to the excess rope from her breasts. Her other ballet boot was removed earlier and she was forced to stand on her toes with no support to keep from hanging from her breasts. A collar was also placed around her neck.

"Nothing to say? No more demands? Did you like my little shock?" asked Miss Keys. As Emma went to answer, Miss Keys cut her off and continued, "It doesn't actually matter, inmate. You gave up all your rights to me. You belong to me inside here. You do as I say or what I tell you to do. Defying me or making demands of me are at your peril."

Miss Keys walked around Emma as she talked. While she was behind her, Miss Keys reached around Emma’s waist and started shocking her with the object in her hand as she whispered in Emma’s ear, "Normally I wouldn't mind the defiance. It makes me more sadistic and horny among other things. But as I am here to test your limits, I can't really be too much of either of those things right now. I need a mostly clear mind."

The electricity once again stopped flowing as Miss Keys pulled away and walked back in front of Emma. Emma was trying to regain her balance and composure as she was hanging by her breasts as she lost control of her body again.

Miss Keys caressed Emma's red bulging breasts before reaching up to the collar. Emma heard a couple beeps as Miss Keys spoke again, "You should be careful to make any noise. The shock collar around your neck is set to its highest setting. Whether you talk, scream, whimper or anything else, you will receive a gift you seem to crave. So talk away. It's why you are not gagged.

I know you have handled punishment to your breasts well so far. They will be tested further. But have you ever been hung by your lovely breasts before, not counting a minute ago?"

Emma shook her head no and Miss Keys walked away. Emma watched as Miss Keys reached the controls of the winch. Soon Emma's toes no longer were touching the floor and all her weight now was on the base of her breasts as she hung there. With a small whimper, Emma received her first shock from the collar. It wasn't as bad as the other device but it was still quite intense on top of the rest of her situation.

"Remember if there is an issue or it is too much to use your safeword. That doesn't make it a hard stop. I will evaluate each and go from there. The lovely collar around your neck will hopefully prevent you from using your safeword much. Though I have no doubts you don't plan to use it," Miss Keys said before heading away to grab something else, "but I have other plans as well as desires to hear you scream and beg. Who will get their wish?"

The pressure on Emma’s breasts was really uncomfortable and hurt more than she wanted to admit it. As she tried holding still to not add pressure, Miss Keys returned and spoke again, "While I didn't expect gymnast style flexibility, I did get your elbows closer together than expected. You still have plenty of room to go. Now spread your legs out as wide as you can."

Emma did her best to spread her legs and soon felt a riding crop smack her inner thighs. Miss Keys demanded she spread them wider. More smacks of the riding crop along with the strain of holding her legs open spread while suspended by her breasts kept causing her to grunt. The shocks caused by the grunts didn't help and caused her to move and shake more. Physically this was very intense and it was mentally seeping away slowly at her. Emma knew this was early and she was likely in a bit of trouble as time went on.

"Legs down," as Miss Keys headed to the winch. She lowered the cable until Emma was just on her toes again.

"Don't get too comfortable," Miss Keys said as she made her way back to Emma after grabbing some rope.

Miss Keys bent down and tied rope around each ankle. She then pulled her left leg straight back and tied it off at around forty-five degrees. Emma was trying to balance on her right toes when Miss Keys pulled the rope connected to her right ankle forward. Once again Emma found herself hanging by her breasts but with her legs pulled towards the start of front splits.

With the serious expression she has worn since releasing her from the chair, Miss Keys asked, "You haven't said or made any sounds or given any impression this is too much. I plan to slowly stretch you as much as I can. You will have to give me indication when to stop. I don't want any torn muscles. So when you feel it starting let me know then we will adjust things slowly over time. Your legs tied the way they are will allow some side movement but stay as straight as possible."

Miss Keys went to the winch and lowered Emma slowly until she grunted while vigorously shaking her head. The winch pulled up a notch relieving a tiny bit of tension on Emma’s leg muscles. Emma was focused on her position and debating on what extra comfort she could find. She knew she was completely helpless without many options.

"From what I have seen and heard was that your feet are ticklish and more sensitive than most of the rest of you. The ticklish was exposed by Kit sucking your toes this morning. I only have word from your experience with Janice as I have not been able to watch much of it yet. You took the tattoo pretty well on top of your foot which suggests you are mostly sensitive on the toes and bottoms of your feet. Is that an accurate assessment?"

Emma looked at Miss Keys as she nodded.

"Since it sounded like the bottoms of your feet took a good caning this afternoon, it would not give me an accurate assessment of how sensitive they truly are so that will wait for a different day. But the rest of your legs are ripe to explore and test."

Miss Keys let the winch down a notch causing Emma's muscles to stretch further. Hanging from her breasts was truly no joke and she had no idea how long she could handle it. The less she moved and focused on other things, the more she could handle the pressure and the burning. The burning had magnified over time from whatever Miss Keys rubbed on her earlier.

Miss Keys worked over various parts of Emma’s legs with various instruments. She stayed away from the joints and area without much muscle or fatty tissue. She explained how she could cause more pain in those areas but could also cause damage that could be significant. Emma's thighs all around the quad, hamstring, inner and outer portions along with her calves received most of the attention. As expected, her inner thighs caused her to react the most. That of course meant Miss Keys focused a bit harder and eventually got a squeak from Emma thus giving her a shock from her collar.

Miss Keys lowered Emma a bit more but it was more than she could take. She endured the shock as she shouted out her safeword. Miss Keys raised her up a bit and untied her ankles allowing Emma to stand again. A sense of relief filled Emma as most of the pain on her body became dull aches except her burning breasts.

"Which part caused you to use your safeword?" asked Miss Keys.

Emma grimaced as she answered while shocked by her collar more, "It was kind of all of it together. Though the splits were getting scary close to something bad happening and I heeded your warning.

“Though I should be better as I did various forms of dance including ballet. Even did a bit of cheerleading so I had good flexibility and could do the splits when I was younger. Seems I let myself go even though I privately dance at home sometimes.

“Hanging from my breasts was also excruciating. I think I am too fat for it as I don't know how much damage is or can be done honestly. The burning is also throwing me off."

Miss Keys listened intently before nodding then asked, "But you are not seriously injured and you seem to still have feeling in your breasts?"

Emma nodded.

"Guess your background explains why you handle your boots better than most even though you need much more training. Why did you stop dancing?"

"Injuries and the extra weight on my chest as I developed made things more difficult. But I do miss it at times and find myself trying certain things. I am still too out of shape still despite a couple months of working on getting back into some semblance of shape. That was a pretty pathetic showing compared to what I used to be able to do."

When Emma stopped talking, it was Miss Keys' cue to start unbinding Emma and prepare her for what was next. Soon Emma's hands were cuffed to a suspension bar above her and she was back on her tiptoes in a separate part of the room. Miss Keys massaged Emma's breasts ensuring she had full feeling. Miss Keys removed the shock collar. When she finished she stepped out of the area which kind of gave Emma the impression of a shower as she saw multiple nozzles and what appeared to be a drain not far away.

Emma looked over at Miss Keys who had one of her smirks as she spoke to Emma, "I don't want you to get bored while I get your next surprise."

Emma soon found herself lifted a few inches and now suspended by her wrists. That was expected by Emma. It was the extra structure that moved into place and water from high pressure nozzles hitting her from almost every direction, at different angles, hitting different parts of her. There seemed to be at least a dozen if not more. The sting from each hitting her only lent to the belief that the pressure was awfully high. As she was suspended, it also forced her to turn in circles so her whole body was getting thoroughly peppered by streams of water. Thankfully it avoided her head cause she felt she might lose an eye if one of the streams hit it.

Many things were running through Emma’s mind. Foremost was her sense of joy at this new experience. The day brought many new things just as she had hoped for on the cruise. Despite the welts forming all over her body, she had never thought about nor experienced the feeling of high pressure water hitting her body. It was quite intense in a good way for her. Yes it hurt but it was at the intensity that was making her more horny. She felt it would eventually bring her an orgasm. Then she got a thought of how it would feel if she didn't have a chastity belt. She screamed out as an orgasm hit while thinking what it would feel like to have one aimed at her clit and being unable to dodge it.

The water was ice cold but the impacted areas of her skin were much warmer. It left a dichotomy of sensations over her skin between warm welted flesh and the cold water. She shivered from the cold and her post orgasmic bliss. She hung from her wrists as her mind had entered another place during her orgasm in which she failed to notice when the water had turned off.

Emma came back to the real world catching part of a conversation concerning her, "... find a deterrent to her having orgasms without permission, even when she is untouched in chastity. She presents a conundrum."

The voice of Miss Keys had come from behind her. When Emma opened her eyes and saw that someone was standing in front of her was the first shock. The fact she was smiling at her wasn't unusual, it was that Ophelia was holding Emma’s chastity belt in hand. Emma let out a surprised gasp.

Ophelia spoke up, "You have been a very naughty unicorn, inmate epsilon."

Ophelia reached forward and pinched Emma’s clit with her thumb and forefinger. This verified to Emma she was out of her belt. The pinching also caused her to moan. A scream soon followed after a swish in the air behind her ended in a searing lash from a whip across her back. The scream was more from surprise than pain but there was definitely pain. Emma had started bucking and kicking on instinct.

Ophelia let go of her clit and announced she would be back. That wasn't much of a reprieve for Emma as Miss Keys continued marking Emma’s back. Emma hadn't screamed out again after the first dozen. If anything she was building to another orgasm before it stopped. Needless to say her back was no longer cold. The welts were thick and crossed her back.

Miss Keys came around to face Emma, "Don't forget your safeword if it is too much or something is seriously wrong or close to it, epsilon."

"Pfft. You surprised me with the first one. The rest were just foreplay building towards my next orgasm. I am still waiting to actually get tested. Maybe we should switch places and I…"

Emma felt the electricity coarse through her body starting at her pussy. Once again her body locked up and her ability to talk was once again negated. She doubted she could scream if she wanted to. Though she did seem to involuntarily make a few interesting sounds.

Miss Keys wore her serious face as she spoke while the electricity flowed through Emma, "I told you I will not tolerate insubordination, epsilon. I am still trying to figure out if you actually enjoy this and are getting off on it."

Emma felt the current of electricity dissipate, though her body still wasn't functioning yet.

Miss Keys continued, "I wonder which would happen first if I kept it there long enough to find out. Would your heart stop? Would your brain short circuit? Would you have one of your famous orgasms? Probably something else or with you all three at once and more."

Miss Keys lifted her hand as though she was going to strike Emma again. The smirk on her face moments later as she spoke told a different story, "I should commend you to a certain degree for forcing me to manage my emotions. I really do have a hard time around you. You have definitely earned further punishment."

At that point Ophelia returned with a few items.

Miss Keys finished up with, "Though that punishment will come later. Our night is still young and we only stopped to secure you so you wouldn't flop around and potentially kick one of us. Plus we need to take care of some of your hygiene issues that you have been slacking on for over a month while we have the opportunity."

A spreader bar was attached to Emma's ankles. A small chain was connected to the center of the bar and a ring on the floor they had just added. It was mentioned by Miss Keys that the room was set up to add and remove attachments and anchor points as needed. Emma was still suspended by her wrists with her feet more than six inches off the ground now that the spreader bar forced them apart.

There was a knock on the door of the torture room. Miss Keys left to answer it leaving Emma with Ophelia. Ophelia began slowly walking around Emma, touching and inspecting her more thoroughly. She even traced some of the fresh welts on Emma’s back. This sent the mixture of pain and pleasure that Emma was accustomed to as she let out a small moan.

Ophelia finally spoke, "The look on your face when you first saw me was priceless. Though probably not as surprising as being beltless for the first time in over a month. You will soon find out why."

Emma felt the discharge of electricity enter her clit before it emanated throughout her body. Emma’s scream quickly turned into a gurgling whimper as her body once again locked up. What she felt when Miss Keys did it lower on her pussy the last time felt like child's play. The nerve endings of Emma’s clit were overloaded and this was pain which she hadn't felt before. She couldn't speak her safeword even if her mind functioned enough to even think about using it. It felt like an eternity and Emma couldn't see the sadistic grinning Ophelia.

The electricity flow dissipated again. Emma’s body was screaming at her from the tension in her muscles and joints. Tears flowed freely as she had no control over her body as she sobbed quietly. For all she knew she probably lost control of her bodily functions and left a mess. Her toes and fingers were still curled as she still hung there completely helpless.

Emma felt hands rubbing her tender thighs from her earlier action as Ophelia asked, "Are you ok?"

With Ophelia's shorter height and being suspended off the ground, Emma couldn't see Ophelia when she was that close. She was still trying to regain control of her motor skills as she grunted between sobs. That was the extent she could communicate in that moment. It might have been easier on Emma if she could see Ophelia to give a non-verbal response.

Eventually Emma was able to relax and gain control again and properly respond. Ophelia was apologetic and asking questions. Emma let her know things were fine and she would be alright. To try and prove so, she asked Ophelia to do it again.

Miss Keys walked in moments later. She pushed a tray full of covered items that Emma couldn't see. She spoke up as she entered, "It is good you are checking up on her after that experience. I am a bit jealous that you made her properly scream first but I was still warming her up."

Miss Keys paused for a moment as she finished pushing the cart and began inspecting Emma as she continued, "I take it she found a new sensitive area for me to exploit. If I guess correctly I only get to do it while you are out of chastity."

Emma’s eyes went wide while Miss Keys turned to Ophelia, "I assume you gave her unused love button a jolt."

Ophelia nodded.

Miss Keys turned back to Emma, "All those lovely nerves. While I planned to, I am still going to test them out more. You were lucky to hide them from me initially. As you can see, I will be testing all of you physically, tonight."

Miss Keys took a step back and shifted so she could see both Emma and Ophelia before she sighed and spoke more, "There is a bit of an emergency that I must attend to. I don’t expect it to take long. Epsilon, you will get to live out a bit of your dream from this morning. Though there will be no bathtub or you seeing me naked. That would definitely have to be earned and you still have to survive the night with me. And yes, I am aware you plan to stick around. It just makes me more curious and excited.

But your keyholder, my new apprentice, was going to do the next part as it was her right when you gave her your key. Mind you, your dream wasn't far off with it being a ritual of sorts that I would expect done routinely but that isn't my choice currently. If she uses her safeword while I am gone, lower her so her feet are on the ground and I will deal with her. I should be back before you are done, Princess O."

With that, Miss Keys turned on her heel and left Emma and Ophelia alone.

"Your earlier shower was a bit unsatisfactory. Since you can't seem to properly take care of yourself, I guess it is up to me at the moment," Ophelia said as she went to the cart and pushed it closer to Emma.

"Why didn't you tell me you would be here tonight at dinner?"

Ophelia had grabbed something from the cart as she walked up to Emma while she answered, "For starters, I am still on maid duty and didn't know if I'd have time."

Emma felt the steaming hot cloth against her flesh as Ophelia started wiping in and around the areas covered by her chastity belt while she continued answering, "Second, some wannabe unicorn goddess signed a contract and became an inmate of Subspace Prison. Any details about the prison and what happens within these walls are controlled by the Warden. Do you think for one instant that she wanted you to know ahead of time? Truthfully, I wouldn't have told you anyways. The surprise was much more worth it."

Emma really had nothing to add so she asked, "I didn't know you and Miss Keys were talking. How did this all come about?"

Ophelia slapped Emma's pussy, causing her to jerk but she had nowhere to go and limited movement. Ophelia lathered up Emma before she got to shaving her as she responded, "While you were playing with Janice, Miss Keys sent me a message asking about a number of things from my well-being to possible future plans to what it would take to get your belt off tonight so she could test you fully. She was quite thorough in her reasoning of why she needed to test you even if your belt is never removed again."

"And you decided to come, clean, and shave me as your deal to get in to see me?"

Ophelia laughed, forcing her to stop shaving Emma. As she got herself under control she responded, "Oh epsilon, you are amusing but you still fall short of the big picture. I am not just here to do this even though it is my choice. Miss Keys offered to train me to do what she does. Well some of it. She is going to teach me how to be a domme and specifically how to handle a pain slut like you without doing serious harm. There may have been some mentions of letting me try out some of the other positions to see if I was interested as well as capable. There may be an opening for a warden position during the ship's downtime to take care of a special inmate."

Emma looked down at Ophelia as best she could but just got another slap as Ophelia scolded her, "Quit moving. I don't want to cut you."

Ophelia stood up and went to the cart and came back with an object Emma couldn't see. Soon she felt Ophelia grab around her clit and pull it out. Shortly after she felt the object pinch her clit as Ophelia released her. Emma hissed but Ophelia just smiled back at her before going back to shaving her.

"Enjoy the attention while you are free from the belt. It will be back on sooner than you expect and might never come off again. But we both know you don't mind that. Though your lack of self control in holding back on your orgasms is a problem. You have them without any penetration and sometimes without being touched. I think I have an idea to help you.

But that is for later. Now that I have cleaned this region, it's time to get your unnecessary sex organ warmed up for the rest of the Warden's testing."

Ophelia ended up grabbing clamps from the cart. Another eight, four down the length of each side of Emma’s labia to go with the one already on her clit. After Ophelia finished her decorating, she went back to hygiene management. This meant Ophelia focused on removing any hair below Emma’s neck, starting with her legs.

The two of them continued chatting as Emma's hair removal went on before Miss Keys returned. Miss Keys took time to inspect Emma and ensure she was still fine in her current predicament. Then it switched to questions and answers between Miss Keys and Ophelia with occasional input from Emma. Soon enough Ophelia finished and Miss Keys announced Ophelia's training was to begin.

Miss Keys handed Ophelia an electric toothbrush and had her remove the clamp on Emma’s clit. Emma gasped only for the now rotating toothbrush head to immediately replace the clamp on her clit. Emma couldn't help but shriek and thrash despite being suspended by her arms and a spreader between her legs chained to the floor. It was the sadistic grinning on Miss Keys' face when Emma finally gained control of herself, that she realized she gave away more information than she wanted to.

Miss Keys and Ophelia worked various devices and objects inside and outside Emma’s pussy. The clamps on her labia were removed at some point. Miss Keys had been coaching Ophelia on certain techniques and how to draw certain reactions from Emma. Most of those came from certain sensations on her clit as well as her inner vaginal walls.

Miss Keys was cycling through different impact devices on Emma’s pussy continuing her evaluation. This part was at least easier for Emma to handle. Her real stress was on her arms as she had been suspended for awhile. It was during the flogging that Ophelia received a message and announced she had to get back to her maid duties soon. Miss Keys finished up her latest tests as she stepped back next to Ophelia.

"Thank you for allowing me to test her without the belt. While it is likely I will never get to fully torture her down there, I feel better at getting the full incite all her limits as well as some her quirks and such. Too bad locking it away doesn't stop her from having orgasms especially when she knows she isn't supposed to," Miss Keys was saying to Ophelia as Emma blushed.

Ophelia took a moment then whispered into Miss Keys' ear. Miss Keys took a minute to consider before that sadistic smirk caught Emma’s attention. Emma watched as they walked away having a brief discussion as Emma just hung there. Miss Keys left soon after they came to an agreement and Ophelia headed back to Emma.

Ophelia stroked Emma’s pussy causing Emma to moan as she began to speak, "My naughty, selfish unicorn, you realize since yesterday that I own this now."

She patted Emma’s pussy, she wasn't trying to inflict pain as she knew Emma would enjoy it too much, as she continued, "Whether we have a relationship moving forward especially after the cruise is over, I won't allow anyone to touch what is mine without permission. It wasn't just a key you gave me as my first possession since I was a little girl but also access to part of you many truly want."

Ophelia dropped to her knees as she asked, "Have you ever had anyone go down on you?" Emma nodded. "How about from a woman?" Emma shook her head. "Then you are in for a treat despite this being a punishment. Miss Keys may have agreed not to punish you more tonight but I didn't. Your lack of self control and ability to orgasm despite your chastity goes against the spirit of it. Do you want to prove you can control yourself?"

Emma nodded.

Ophelia authoritatively demanded, "Beg!"

"Please Ophel..." started to say before starting to convulse as the electricity flowed through her body momentarily.

Emma let out a soft whine as she regained control of her body before hearing Ophelia say, "That is Princess O or just Princess to you, my unicorn. And beg properly or we will skip the whole finding out how a woman who has been trained satisfies another."

Taking a deep breath as she gathered her thoughts on how to proceed, Emma then responded, "Oh gracious, sexy and beautiful maid…" Emma felt the electricity start on her inner thigh, but it didn't last as long as others or shut her down long.

"or was that princess. This goddess…" As her other thigh got the next shock.

"OK, this majestic unicorn demands…"

Gritting her teeth from the latest shock, continued, "I would supplicate for you but I am in no position. So I beg of thee, a true professional, to allow this selfish wench to experience the wonders of your tongue and mouth in my most forbidden area that only you have access to. Please I beg of thee to enjoy the forbidden fruit so that I may feel the true power of the one who tempts me inside my personal Eden. I promise to hold my pleasure back and be denied true bliss if your forked tongue is removed upon request."

"Did you just imply I was a snake or the Devil?"


Emma was smirking to herself as she couldn't see Ophelia below her between her legs. She did feel the kiss on her clit followed by teeth. Emma let out a blood curdling scream as her clit was harshly bit. At least it felt harsh; the intensity and overall sensation was not only overwhelming but beyond the type of pain Emma had experienced before and more often than not enjoyed. This was not enjoyable at all and she knew she was in deep trouble as they found a true weakness in her they could exploit if they wanted.

The pressure and pain on her clit let up, Ophelia spoke, "While I love your sass, disrespectful unicorns must be punished. That scream indicated I did punish you physically for once. Better be mindful of your control and not orgasm without permission."

Emma’s head hung down just above her chest. Tears flowed down her face as she whimpered. Soon enough Ophelia's tongue got to work and moans started creeping out of Emma’s mouth. There was a weird mix of tenderness and ferocity as Ophelia worked. Despite the throbbing that still persisted throughout Emma’s clit, the heavenly bliss Ophelia was giving her left her moaning and panting.

After some more time, Emma first pleaded and begged to cum. After being denied, she quickly turned to pleading and begging Ophelia to stop. Finally as a last resort, Emma screamed her safeword and all the torturous pleasure stopped. She was emotionally exhausted and physically the toll of everything was straining her more than she was used to. She knew this was far from over and started sobbing at the pure frustration of everything including how horny she was as she truly wanted an orgasm.

Emma was currently out of it mentally. She knew two people were standing in front of her talking. She knew who they were but she struggled with the overwhelming emotions even when they appeared to be checking her clit. It was still sore but nothing she couldn't handle at the moment. The sexual frustration receded but not the general fatigue but she did manage to focus enough to catch part of the current conversation.

"... seems like she has shut down and is done," a concerned sounding Ophelia stated.

Emma initially started with a mutter before shouting out, "No! This isn't over."

"That isn't your decision to make, epsilon," stated Miss Keys.

"The hell it isn't," retorted as she growled out to continue, "just because the little devil maid overwhelmed me with multiple sensations. I still remain denied experiencing an orgasm. Not even her biting my clit was as cruel and sadistic as making me force myself to deny myself of experiencing an epic orgasm under her talented forked tongue. Don't get me wrong, she made me scream and feel real punishment. There were no sexual feelings to enjoy that. I see no point in hiding it as you will figure it out if you haven't already. If I wasn't suspended here, I would likely be mounting her on the floor, forcing her to finish me off."

Emma felt the electricity pulsate through her body again. As she regained control of her body, she saw Miss Keys up in her face as Miss Keys spoke, "I warned you about insubordination. Need I remind you you have no rights and I am within my rights to stop this when I decide. Not you."

"You said you…" Emma tried responding before she felt something pressed under her chin as she looked Miss Keys in the eyes.

"I never said I was stopping it. She was expressing her concern which you only caught part of. I understand your emotions are high and your body is wearing down. That is the point of all of this. Now your princess needs to finish punishing you and locking you back up so she may get to more important matters than some selfish inmate."

Ophelia stepped forward as Miss Keys stepped aside. She quickly disappeared between Emma’s legs. Emma felt Ophelia spread open the folds of Emma’s pussy as she felt the rubber spikes initially clash against her flesh. Emma let out a gasp and Ophelia worked in a rubber ball with rubber spikes. To Emma it felt massive and filled her up. She grunted and groaned as it went in as she was super sensitive inside. It was uncomfortable and while not painful, provided enough irritation and discomfort to keep her from enjoying it.

Once the spiked rubber ball was fully inserted, Ophelia patted Emma’s pussy causing her to jerk. Then her pussy was licked the entire length causing Emma to cry out as her muscles tightened around the ball. Ophelia then bit Emma’s clit again, not as hard as before, causing Emma to shriek. Ophelia finished by sucking on the clit, igniting a few moments of intense pleasure and pain that left Emma whimpering and undecided if she wanted more or it to stop.

It soon dawned on Emma that they were not removing it anytime soon as Miss Keys handed Ophelia Emma’s chastity belt. Emma debated resisting but there wasn't much she could do. The thought of this being left inside of her, possibly permanently, mortified her. She wasn't sure she would be able to orgasm with this. At the very least it would be very uncomfortable if not painful. Then again that was the point they were making to her.

The short, dark skinned maid flashed her smile as she made a show of putting on the necklace with Emma's key before she spoke, "I am disappointed I won't be able to witness the rest. But I will watch the rest later probably while sitting on the face of 'it' having multiple orgasms. I would tell you to be good and good luck, but we all know that is not why you are here. So do your best to incur her wrath that you desire and hopefully you both find what it is you are looking for."

Emma had been lowered back to her feet on the ground though her arms were still stretched overhead and her ankles connected to a spreader bar. She still wasn't going anywhere as Ophelia left. When Ophelia completely out of sight she turned to Miss Keys who had been standing off to the side. Miss Keys gave Emma a quick inspection and made sure she was alright before continuing to test Emma’s limits again after putting back on the shock collar.

Emma was dealing with the thin red marks on her abdomen that slowly started to welt as they overlapped when Miss Keys spoke again.

"While I warned you about playing with fire or getting caught in my webs, it seems we are both getting caught in another's web."

Miss Keys shook her head and continued working the abdomen before moving to Emma's arms.

"It is too bad that she had to go back to work, I was hoping to get to work over your cunt a bit more. I am disappointed in that I didn't make you scream and beg first but she did exceedingly well of exposing your limits without any help from me. She will exceed me in knowledge and creativity before I finish training her. I don't think she is fully aware of the role she wants to play in life yet. If she becomes a true sadist and sets her sights on you as she seems to have, then I do hope you are the masochist you believe yourself to be. She will challenge you as she sees more than most and reacts quickly. You unearthed that gem and gave her a chance to shine once she gets a bit of polish. I am just curious if you will be cursed in the end for finding her."

Miss Keys finished up testing the rest of what she wanted as she told Emma, "I have tested the majority of what I wanted. I may test you later some more but I have a good gauge of where you are at. I considered giving you a full body zipper but I am guessing you want the main event."

Emma heard the beep from her collar, assumed the shock box was disengaged and asked, "What's a full body zipper?"

"Maybe you will find out another day. I am also not as young as I used to be and must pace myself. I would ask if you are ready but let's be honest, it doesn't matter. You have no rights and your little speech earned you a little extra. Just know that I can't go full out because I will not punish the other guests who are expecting and looking forward to seeing you the rest of the trip. Even with the experimental meds I can't guarantee your mind will be intact even after tonight. This is your last and only chance I will offer to end this now."

Emma scoffed, "Not a chance. I have been so worked up for this all day. If you won't do your worst then maybe we should switch places so I can make you scream and beg instead."

Emma heard the beep on her collar and knew any noise would shock her again. She waited as Miss Keys was preparing behind her. The anticipation was building when she heard the air displace and the crack at the end. It didn't touch her flesh yet but after a few more times Emma knew she was truly going to be whipped.

Emma smiled to herself even after the first lash struck. Oh it hurt as she expected. She thought the first one may have split her skin already. This was one of her versions of heaven. She knew she would enter her own subspace soon but first she tried to focus on Miss Keys words.


Yes, Emma thought as the next hit came. Emma moaned at the thought of being whipped to the edge of death causing her collar to shock her. Soon Emma was lost in her own subspace despite the pain on her back and between her legs. She had no idea many lashes from the whip she took but her only shocks came from her moans of pleasure so far. She hardly noticed the lack of being whipped until fingers gently caressed her battered, welted back. Emma gasped, causing another shock as she left her subspace.

"Something wrong, epsilon?" Miss Keys asked while tracing various welts across Emma’s back.

"No warden beyond being incredibly horny. Whatever is inside my pussy is incredibly painful and is keeping me from cumming," causing her to be repeatedly shocked as she spoke.

"I am impressed and disappointed at the same time. Not much reaction from you. Other than a couple moans it was like tenderizing meat. You definitely weren't given permission to have an orgasm and epsilon isn't ever getting permission to do so inside of the prison. So at least the devious maid's idea is working out so far.

I was impressed that you could slip into subspace so well but that will not do anymore. While you are not allowed to orgasm, I aim to whip you until I have at least one. You felt the tender kisses of 'Flesh Kisser' but he is just meant for priming the canvas. It's time for me to move on to making my masterpiece."

Emma heard the beep on her collar to deactivate it.

Miss Keys was stirring in the back when she continued talking, "I expect you to be more interactive for this part. You will beg between each stroke. Whether it is for more, to stop, or something else, well I might care but probably not other than for you to keep me aroused. Are you ready for 'Splitter' to create my newest masterpiece? She does have quite the bite."

"Yes, Warden."

"Beg for it."

Emma smiled to herself mischievously, "My beautiful, sexy, tender loving, and caring artist. I need to feel your most tender strokes so that this already divine work of art may transcend all others by your hand. I'll be your eternal muse should you complete me. For your gentle touch makes my loins yearn for more. I beg of thee to show your true creativity to the world and me through your passion and desire as you mold me into yours."

Miss Keys snorted before commanding, "Scream."

Emma heard the whip coming and the explosion of pain across her back was worse than expected. She felt her skin tear and split open. Miss Keys wasn't lying when she said 'Splitter' had a bite. Emma also had no choice but to scream. The pain on her clit earlier, while wholly different, still temporarily exceeded this. Though this was only the first strike.

As the scream from the pain died out, Emma screamed, "Shit!"

The second lash struck her soon after and the scream started again. This time tears started at that time. She could also hear Miss Keys moan behind her. Emma found herself mildly turned on between the pain which was overwhelming her and the moans from behind.

She babbled out something even she didn't really understand and the third lash struck. Her back opened up for a third time. She screamed again and openly cried. She could feel the blood trickling down her back. She was now a bit confused with her feelings. Part of her wanted more. Part of her feared the damage she had already sustained. The core of her demanded more.

As she slowly composed herself just enough, she blurted out, "More!"

Only more didn't come immediately. She tried turning her head but it was restricted so she tried listening. Miss Keys was breathing heavily and moans followed by gasps permeated the room. Oh, Emma thought to herself as she realized Miss Keys did truly get off from being a sadist.

Emma continued to feel the blood trickle down her back and begin to pool just above her chastity belt a bit. She was beginning to get lost in her own thoughts as well as wonder if it was over when she heard before she felt the next strike. The repetition began again with screaming then asking, demanding, and eventually pleading for more. It seemed to end when Miss Keys had her third orgasm.

She was in considerable pain with her back feeling like it was literally destroyed. Her pussy added to it with her twitchy muscles impaling the rubber spikes adding to Emma's tormented pleasure. It was everything Emma wanted and this supposedly wasn't her going full out. It likely came at the cost of the flesh on her back being completely obliterated. It was no longer a trickle of blood. Yet at the moment she was content.

Emma eventually noticed Miss Keys back in front of her. The steely gray eyes pierced Emma while the smirk on Miss Keys' face disappeared as she spoke, "Are you done? Ready to quit?"

Emma sighed with a bit of frustration as she was torn between wanting to continue or stop. Her masochistic side wanted to prove she could take more. Logically she knew her back alone was in bad shape. So many thoughts and emotions scrambled through her exhausted mind and body.

Emma couldn't look at Miss Keys as she felt like a quitter as she responded, "I don't but it is probably smart if I did."

Miss Keys held Emma’s chin up as she smirked again, "At least you are starting to learn to protect yourself. Though part of you wants to go on." Emma nodded. "Fortunately or unfortunately your choice is irrelevant beyond my curiosity of what you would say. My masterpiece needs to be completed. There are details and the need to preserve it for eternity since it is supposed to transcend divine art."

Emma’s eyes went wide as Miss Keys cackled.

"That face is so adorable, my sassy little inmate. I commend you for making it this far and still be coherent enough. But it would be an insult to not introduce you to 'Insalt'. She was made specifically for you, the third of your new lovers. She's the lover you never knew you needed, yet fear and hope to see as little as possible. You don't want to disappoint her because you will regret it… forever."

Miss Keys cackled some more as she disappeared from Emma’s sight.

It was the calm before the storm before Miss Keys announced, "Survive."

The whip cracked against her bloody flayed back. It hurt quite a bit. But a second or two later it was the burning that set Emma screaming in the most horrific pain she had felt yet. Her throat was already hoarse as the screams came out with a bit of a gurgle. For the first time in her life, Emma felt true terror. She was in over her head and she had no control to get out.

Panic didn't get to fully set in as the next lash hit. The next line of burning almost immediately rocked her. She thrashed as much as she could do while still bound. Through her gurgle scream she tried saying her safeword but it came out muttered garble.

"What was that? Speak up."

Emma felt the next lash before she could respond. By now her screams barely squeaked as small amounts of bile and blood came up her damaged throat. She fought to escape and was truly helpless. Her only hope was the woman who was inflicting the damage she had begged for and now no longer wanted. She had signed away her right to use her safeword to stop it but it didn't stop her from trying.

"Buttercup," Emma managed to squeak out.

"Louder," as Emma felt another stinging blow followed by burning.

She fought to control herself as she tried shouting it out again, but she barely got it out louder than the before. Which ended up leading to another lash of the whip. She couldn't even cry out. She was ready to quit. Her mind started quitting first. She could tell she was still crying. Words were impossible.

It seemed like all senses were hazy as the pain overwhelmed her but the moans followed by Miss Keys screaming, "Oh fuck." She started hearing the heavy panting but Emma’s body screamed at her more. She could tell her body was going into shock and it felt like a brick was crushing her brain. She struggled to fight it but her consciousness faded.


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