Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Part 9. An Unworthy Development

Emma woke up in a panic. She tried to move but she was face down with her breasts smashed underneath her making it harder to breathe. Her neck seemed immobile with her face in a cushioned ring that opened up and let her see the ground below. Her arms were strapped straight out from the sides of her body. Her legs had a little play as her ankles were strapped down about a foot apart. Her knees and hips were not and she had some wiggle room to move.

Emma struggled a bit as she called out, "Hello! Anyone here?"

She heard a rustle and footsteps and soon had a nurse help her. She found she had been in the infirmary for about eight hours. Her physical injuries had mostly healed now. She was bound to prevent her from rolling over as her back healed. They were still concerned about the mental effects from last night. They also wished she would stay and rest more just from how exhausted she was. Emma had also asked about Miss Keys, who was on her way and would explain everything else after she finished some cognitive tests.

Miss Keys entered while Emma was still being tested and checked out. When she finally got to look at her, the woman looked terrible. It was doubtful she got much if any sleep. Her typical serious face didn't hide the sadness in her eyes. Miss Keys talked to the nurse as Emma watched on before she finally came over to Emma. 

"How are you feeling?"

"I think I am fine at least physically other than I don't much care for the object trapped inside of me behind my belt."

Miss Keys nodded knowingly, "Not much I can do about that unless it is causing you serious enough damage. Though I am glad you feel well physically. At least on this ship, we have never used those experimental medications on anything as severe as what I did to you. So that leaves me with the greater concern of your mental health. How do you feel in that regard?"

Emma frowned and stared at the floor, "I quit… I failed… I'm sure I lost all credibility or any chance to be with you. I want another shot at proving I am worthy of serving. To have you do it again but you will ensure the results are the same."

Emma finished off with a sigh. 

Miss Keys stood up and had Emma stand up. She soon found her hands cuffed behind her back and ankles cuffed in standard metal cuffs. Other than her chastity belt Emma once again had nothing else on. As she was turned back around, a leash was clipped to her septum ring. Miss Keys turned and started walking out, forcing Emma to follow. 

"Where are we going?"

"To your suite."

"I don't have a suite unless you mean my cell."

Miss Keys didn't respond and kept walking. Emma realized they were not going to her cell and stopped. She winced as the leash yanked on her septum ring. Miss Keys stopped and turned to Emma. 

The two stared at each other a bit before Emma demanded, "Take me to my cell, Warden."

"I wish you would stop acting like a spoiled child and stop your pity party," Miss Keys responded as the attention of those passing by was now on them.

"In your dreams, Dommy Mommy," Emma blurted out loudly as she rolled her eyes at Miss Keys. 

Miss Keys froze up at that comment though Emma didn't realize it right away. Emma knew she was pouting and in the midst of her own pity party but she wasn't willing to end it until she saw Miss Keys face. Moments later Miss Keys closed her eyes and took deep breaths. When Miss Keys opened her eyes, the frown on her face told Emma she went too far.

"Are you still planning to continue the rest of your day as planned?"

Emma stared back unsure whether to answer verbally now and ended up nodding. Miss Keys kept a stone faced expression and dug through her purse pulling out a case. She opened the case and pulled out a syringe. She asked one of the spectators from the crowd that was gathering, that Emma just realized was there, to hold the case. 

Miss Keys quickly stuck Emma with the syringe in one breast and depressed the plunger. Emma barely noticed the needle when it stuck her and the contents that drained into her breast were cool. She expected it to burn or something else considering the other things Miss Keys had done to them. The same thing was repeated to her other breast before the case was put back in the purse.

Authoritatively Miss Keys commanded as she held up a ball gag, "Open up."

Little else was initially said as Miss Keys buckled the gag in place. After she moved Emma to a pole like support beam and locked her hands behind it with the handcuffs. Miss Keys removed the leash from Emma’s septum ring. Emma wasn't exactly sure what was going to happen but she knew she messed up.

Miss Keys gave a light caress on Emma’s cheek as she leaned and whispered, "I didn't want a public spectacle but you already know that and made your choice. You need to rest though. It is clear you don't value my opinion right now so you will have your freedom soon. If you don't wish to do the things that were planned already, please notify someone as early as possible. I understand if you change your mind about these things but I do want you to enjoy your vacation. 

You have plenty to think about. But understand, I was both impressed and proud of your performance last night. Seeing as you are now, I realized that I failed you. And I am sorry for what I did. I knew better. But you will be fine soon, so enjoy the rest of this wonderful experience." 

Emma could see the sadness in Miss Keys and tried to speak through the gag. Miss Keys did her best to show a happier face as she turned from Emma to the crowd. That didn't deter Emma from struggling against the cuffs as she tried shouting and pleading with Miss Keys. This is not what she wanted. They were supposed to talk this morning and go over a new contract. She blew it and started to cry.

Miss Keys' voice boomed over the muffled discussion going on around them, "This lost, desperate, and lonely child is in need of some attention and TLC. Who better to give it to her than the lovely guests of Subspace. Please don't leave any marks as she cannot use her safeword at the moment. So treat her well. Her friend will come pick her up in…" Miss Keys looked at her watch, "likely fifteen to thirty minutes. Show her the love she needs at this time and enjoy your time on the cruise."

Emma watched through her teary eyes as Miss Keys answered a few questions before walking off. Her heart sank despite the groping and fondling she was receiving. Her mind started racing. She began to question herself and her choice. What terrified her the most was if that would be the last she would see of Miss Keys. 

She didn't want to enjoy what was happening to her and she didn't for a bit. But a few of these people seemed really good at pleasing others and finding just the right spots to let a few moans slip. She quickly learned that whatever chemical was injected into her breasts, made them quite sensitive, especially her nipples. She may have let out squeals and moans of joy and pleasure from the amazing feelings others gave her as they played with her. Those were often followed by groans of frustration as her vaginal walls tightened causing her discomfort and detracting from wanting to attempt to orgasm. 

Emma was torn between her thoughts and the pleasure and frustration she was enduring when a new voice spoke and caught her attention, "Didn't think I would be walking in on some pseudo public orgy."

Emma really had been out of it as parts of her were covered in semen and other fluids. Some of it was being licked off. One person was rubbing some of it into Emma's skin. Emma wasn't the only one covered or receiving attention either. It must have been quite the scene to walk into the hallway of a ship.

Emma did finally look at the person who spoke to see Victoria. Her beauty showed itself in a different style from the previous times she saw her, whether it was in the Victorian dress or the maid uniform. Today she appeared to be wearing a blue catsuit. The outlines of a corset were visible underneath. She also wore a loose fitting black skirt, gloves, and heels. Emma’s guess was that the skirt was to hide the chastity belt she was still wearing.

Victoria announced, "While I hate to break this up, I need to get this soon-to-be-heifer ready as she is due at the ranch in a couple hours. Those who wish, can pay to see her in the VIP section and play with her as she is milked. Her milk is also being auctioned off and the bidding for it is already quite intense I hear. 

Also as a heads up, anyone can register for a chance to win a date tonight with her at a show. There will be more announcements for both events soon. Registration for the date is free, just fill out the form. You will find most answers to your questions on the registration plus contact information if you have more questions. You're free to keep having your fun here as long as I have room to remove her."

Victoria released Emma from the pole but relocked her hands behind her. She never attempted to remove the gag but did clip a leash to her septum ring. As she pulled Emma along, she swayed her hips in an exaggerated way to draw Emma’s attention to her backside. She really didn't need to for Emma, her frame and body type were similar to Miss Keys. The main thing that kept Emma from having as much interest in Victoria was based on her owning Ophelia and what she did to her. That had changed drastically less than twenty four hours ago and this will be the first opportunity for the two of them to converse alone. At least once her gag was removed Emma thought to herself.

They reached a door and Victoria fed the leash between her legs. She leaned forward with the leash in hand held against the door. This not only forced Emma closer but also forced her to her knees. Victoria had flipped up her skirt with Emma now staring at Victoria's latex clad ass.

"So would you say my ass is also a tractor beam? I did pull you in, right to it."

Emma couldn't intelligently respond with the gag. She was getting a close personal view of the blue latex that molded a very fit looking ass. She could smell the latex. She was drooling out her gag but was it more from just wearing the gag or the sight in front of her?

"Don't worry ensign, you have the captain's permission to explore the strange new world in front of you. Though I can't boldly claim that no man has gone there before."

Emma wasn't really sure what to do. She just got Star Trek referenced by another person a day and a half later after her own towards Miss Keys the first night. Emma remembered Victoria being there to witness it, so it made sense.

Emma hadn't moved yet leading to Victoria speaking again, "Aw, I really hope she didn't break you that much."

"Here. Maybe you prefer this view from a different orbital position," Victoria dropped the leash and slowly spun around.

Emma could see the chastity belt's outline through the tight catsuit before she felt Victoria's skirt drop on her head and eventually cover it.

"Oops. Don't worry my Goddess has me properly locked away. You won't get any 'Unworthy' cooties. That reminds me, she hasn't put me in my place or made me serve my betters today. I wonder if that will happen."

Emma knelt there for a moment before leaning her head forward. Her forehead hit the front plate of the chastity belt. She didn't care as her emotions erupted and she once again started crying. She felt Victoria's hands wrap around the back of her head in an effort to sooth her. Emma didn't hear the words as she just let it out.

Emma eventually found herself in the shower. She was still in a bit of a daze. The hot water felt like it was melting her skin. Her breasts were insanely sensitive as she could see little dribbles of watery milk leak from her breasts periodically. She vaguely remembered being let in and released before being placed into the shower. Emma noticed the bathroom door open out of the corner of her eye.

Victoria walked in the door and asked, "Are you feeling any better?"

Emma grunted in response as she stood there soaking in the shower. The door to the shower slipped open and Victoria slid her way in. The hot water hitting Emma’s back disappeared from the double sided shower as she slid her way in behind Emma. She felt Victoria's breasts press against her back while Victoria's arms snaked around Emma to fondle her breasts. 

"I know based on who she likely contacted that I am probably your bottom choice to be here. After all, you placed me as low as any being could be as Unworthy. But I am here to help as best I can, whether it is as Victoria or Unworthy, my Goddess."

"Then why did you come?" It felt a little heartless to Emma after she said it. She was going to offend the second person of the day. She was clearly on a roll. 

"I know we didn't get off on the best foot and much of that has to do with our Princess. Believe me, I know I have much to prove. She made it clear she is far from over it but at least more rational than yesterday. It is because of her I was going to be here soon anyways. As you are scheduled to be in the VIP section of the ranch soon, she decided your two followers would join you. That is why my breasts are filling up with milk like yours for the third time. I'm starting to think it is some conspiracy to stretch them out until I have saggy tits."

Emma snorted at that. As it was, her body was already betraying her the more Victoria played with her breasts.

"I also came here because it is my job to help the guests of the ship when I am available. Though that was at the bottom of my reasoning. This was a chance for me to be alone with you and get to know you. Also allow you to see a different side of me and get to know me. Though while we are in the shower alone together, we are not alone in the suite."

"What do you mean?"

Victoria squeezed Emma's nipples causing her to moan and curse under her breath at her lower discomfort as Victoria answered, "Oh my sexy Goddess, each VIP suite gets a personal servant for the length of the cruise. And you got Dolly."

Emma turned around and looked at Victoria finally as she responded, "Dolly?"

"You will meet her soon, she is making your breakfast? Lunch? Brunch? Either way Miss Keys says you're still being punished and are required to drink it. But back to Dolly, she is like you. You are supposedly a unicorn goddess, unique here. Dolly is the only living doll and usually highly sought after. Before you ask what I mean, it will be better for you to see. 

Now may I get a taste of your milk. You probably have no idea that the bidding for the milk you produce today is already outrageous. Mine had been putting up top numbers so far because of who I am and you still make me further unworthy of you. And I don't understand how you handle this belt. I am so fucking horny. It is starting to drive me crazy and it hasn't been two days yet."

Emma agreed to let Victoria taste her. When Victoria's mouth encased her nipple and squeezed Emma's breast as she sucked, Emma gasped. Emma closed her eyes and threw her head back as she enjoyed the feeling way more than expected. She wondered if her breasts would feel similar if she was pregnant. She also remembered Victoria also should be lactating and started wondering how Victoria would taste.

Emma opened her eyes as she was still staring at the ceiling, noticed a pair of manacles hanging down and stated, "Those look like fun."

Victoria peeled her lips off of Emma’s breast long enough to respond, "I actually expected you to have locked yourself in them when I first walked in. Took away some of my plans to play with you. But it seems like you are starting to feel better. I am glad to see that."

Emma was starting to feel better and an idea popped in her head. She grabbed Victoria's wrists pulling them up over her head. This forced Victoria's mouth to pull on Emma’s breasts before the suction released wet soft pop. Emma felt the breast milk give a quick squirt as she let go of one wrist and quickly locked Victoria's first wrist with the manacles.

"What are you doing?"

Emma grabbed her other wrist and proceeded to do the same thing as she did to the other while she responded, "Putting you back in your place where you belong, Unworthy. While I am starting to feel better, I still don't trust you and it is my turn to taste you."

Victoria whimpered as Emma asked, "These look like they adjust up and down. How do I make that happen?" 

"Please don't hurt me," as she turned her head towards a computerized display on the side of the shower stall. "The buttons on the right. The top one raises them. The middle one unlocks them. And the bottom lowers them."

Emma went over and pressed the upper button which caused the chains to the manacles to pull up into the ceiling and lifted Victoria off the ground. Victoria gave a grunt followed by a whimper.

"I know you are not a pain slut and I promised not to hurt you the first night. I want to taste your milk and this way I don't have to bend down to get to you. Though you can use your safeword to end this at any point."

"I am not looking to end this. I will endure if I must but I don't want this to stop yet."

Emma was standing in front of Victoria now who was just hanging there by her wrists. She had to look up over the breasts in front of her as she talked to her. Emma ran her hands up the sides of Victoria as she felt her shiver at her touch. The water from the shower was still steaming hot as the water vapor was thick enough to make breathing slightly harder.

"Tell me why you don't want to stop and want to do this in the first place. You have yet to give me a clear answer and it could help me start to trust you," Emma said before she cupped Victoria's breast and her mouth encased Victoria's nipple.

Victoria moaned out a long exaggerated, "fuck," before she could respond to Emma with, "Not only does this shit make my breasts and nipples sensitive but I swear there is some aphrodisiac in there cause it makes me so horny. This belt is so cruel especially since every day so far I have had to endure this with no relief. I am not used to that as I usually get my way."

Emma gave Victoria's nipple a bit of teeth but not actually biting. This was her way to show her displeasure at the lack of answer to her question that Victoria quickly picked up on.

Victoria changed her tone quickly with the subject matter, "Okay fine. Despite this being quite distracting, I want to continue because I get to be free to live outside my normal. You don't know me other than our Princess has told you. You wouldn't likely be anywhere but near me if you did. So I can let down my walls a bit and be free to enjoy myself as well as you. It has been rare for me to get these opportunities."

Emma pulled off Victoria's nipple and asked, "This isn't role-play. Why should I believe or trust you?"

Emma latched onto the other nipple as Victoria responded, "You… mmm… No one should ever trust me, especially you. I am aware this isn't role-play and I don't have a way to prove it to you. This privacy is my chance to open up in ways I usually can't and there is still only so much I can share at this point. That is for your safety. For many of the same reasons Miss Keys demands privacy, so do I. You are lucky in that you have freedom to be open in public, but many of us who own part of or work on this ship don't have that luxury."

Emma was surprised the breast milk tasted better than expected. It was odd in its warmth along with the general steamy heat of the shower. She could see why some people would want to drink it. Though it sounded like people were willing to pay quite a bit for it from certain people. 

Emma lowered Victoria until they would be face to face. With Victoria still a couple inches shorter, the tips of her toes barely touched the surface of the shower floor. With the water still running and the general wetness, she couldn't gain any real traction leading to her still being hung by her wrists. Emma took her place in front of Victoria with her arms crossed just under her breasts as she stared her in the eyes.

"You're not really selling yourself for us to continue. Other than admitting that I can never trust you, you still haven't said much. Who and what are you?"

Victoria sighed, "Reality sounds like fantasy far more than fantasy does for me. You were wise to make me Unworthy and untrusted with it being nearly impossible to gain your trust. I still need to protect both of us whether you believe me or not. Let me finish bathing you so we can get ready and tour the suite before the others arrive. I will promise to tell you more about me but it is still going to be limited for now."

Emma, not really satisfied with the answer, went over to the console and lowered Victoria the rest of the way until she was solidly on the floor then released the manacles. She handed Victoria the soap and turned her back.

"You are right, we should finish up quickly. You can wash my back or stab it since you are not trustworthy," Emma tensely said.

"Touchè," Victoria said with a grimace even though she understood. 

Victoria traced some of the larger scar lines on Emma’s back. They were getting smaller and fewer of them from when she initially joined her in the shower. The experimental meds were crazy good at healing certain things. She was amazed just how well and quickly Emma healed from what she saw early this morning. 

Emma felt Victoria trace what she assumed were some of the scars left when she heard Victoria ask, "Do they still hurt?"

Emma was cleaning her breasts as she answered, "Not really. There is some mild burning and tingling but I am told that is mostly my nerves reattaching and that could take days or weeks to finish. The skin and tissue just beneath supposedly heals much faster."

"What happened inside of there? Some of us saw what you looked like once she brought you to the infirmary. None of us know what transpired, if you don't mind telling me, Goddess."

"You are still avoiding my questions but fine," Emma huffed, "to be as vague as you, I asked her to go all on me and she refused and still made me quit. So I blew my chance with her. Even though I want her to do it again to prove myself, she said no when I asked."

Victoria laughed as she spoke, "Oh my, I didn't get the full context of what happened from the video. You really did start to throw a fit like a spoiled child who didn't get what she wanted. But I imagine your mind wasn't fully coherent after last night's events and you failed to properly read the room. 

You may not have been aware but she spent the whole night caring for you. It wasn't until the nurses finally forced her out to get some sleep that she left your side from the time you two exited the prison. I assume it was the same even before you left. And from the looks of her, I doubt she has slept yet. 

That doesn't even count the concern she had for you that was evident from the video while you were unconscious bloody mess. That was with some healing already started. She terrifies me already but I imagine your back was in significantly worse shape than what we saw. It looked like some wild animal shredded you and I am not sure how it hasn't affected you.

As I said some of us can't afford public outbursts or be made to look weak. We work hard on our images to keep those who are looking to take advantage of us from doing so. As it was I let a moment of vulnerability with you show others a weakness that some are currently trying to exploit. I am not blaming you and I wouldn't give it up at least for now. As you see I am still willing to play despite the long term cost that could potentially arise. My role-play is well known so it offers some leeway. 

But I would be remiss to say I am genuinely curious to see how this unfolds despite my competition and your lack of trust in me. I am no saint and neither are the others. Though I imagine my past is darker than all of them combined. So I am aware of my handicap but I will take what time I do get to enjoy being with you while you are here."

Emma’s insecurities were flaring up again as she turned towards facing Victoria and hugged her. She slouched slightly as she dug her face into Victoria's shoulder and cried some more. She hated herself for showing this, especially so with the person who she least trusts so far. Victoria had at least been kind to her and her words sifted through her head. So did Miss Keys' final words to her.

They left the shower soon after. Emma and Victoria moved to the bedroom and Emma noticed it was like a luxurious BDSM playroom as well. Victoria explained that there was even more to the room and the rest of the suite than was visible to the eye. This apparently included more toys and furniture as well as places to store her submissives. 

The two of them were soon putting the corsets laid out on the bed on each other as they chatted a bit. Emma was more focused than earlier and getting a good look at the various curves and features of Victoria's body. Emma's sadistic side couldn't help but want to tighten Victoria's as much as she could. Victoria already had a tiny waist that Emma was jealous of and she wanted to make it even smaller. Grunts and whimpers expelled through Victoria's mouth during the process. Emma did check the comfort level and her ability to breathe. But she offered little else, much like Miss Keys would do to her. It was clear Victoria was used to this from years of corset training anyways. What Emma soon found out was that Victoria didn't mind returning the favor as she cinched Emma’s corset.

At Victoria's suggestion they put each other's hair in a high ponytail and foregone makeup as they were soon to be cattle anyways. Emma asked if they needed anything else to prepare. In response she found out that Victoria eventually needed to be locked in her worshiper gear and shoes were optional. This led to a discussion of whether Victoria had ballet heels of her own and that it was now a requirement for her main followers to wear around her. Which led to Victoria ordering a pair to be delivered to the room.

"I don't think I can walk in them though."

"You are so far beneath me Unworthy, it isn't surprising. But you will still wear them anyway and crawl if necessary."

Victoria whimpered but Emma added, "If you are serious about wanting more with me, then you can start by learning to walk in them. I know it's not easy. They are painful. And the balance can be a nightmare. But I had never worn them before my time on the ship, though I wanted to. So I brought them with me in hopes of getting some time wearing and training in them."

Emma grabbed Victoria's collar and put it on her, leaving the rest for now. They both were only wearing corsets and chastity belts besides the collar for Victoria. Attaching a leash to Victoria's collar, she led her out into the rest of the suite. May as well see the rest, Emma thought to herself. 

There was plenty more to see from a cursory glance but Emma’s focus was fully on one thing when she saw it. The tall imposing black statue-like being that stood next to a table surrounded by four chairs and a tall glass filled with some greenish liquefied mass. She imagined she would be more than a head shorter if she was standing next to the rubber clad doll. She was barefoot now but it was doubtful she would still match its height even wearing equal sized heels by at least a few inches. 

As Emma got closer, she could see that the rubber seemed quite thick and likely rigid in many areas.The rubber covered every inch of its body. The joints seemed to have thinner rubber allowing movement but Emma was unsure of the amount of restriction. Its face was painted like an artificial doll mask. It was clear the doll could track her movements despite her eyes painted over the mask. Lips were painted around a large ring gag and two small holes under the protrusion in the rubber that was likely its nose. Emma could see the rubber extending to the back of its throat and unsure how it worked. 

Its chest ballooned out into massive balls for breasts. Its waist seemed to be exaggeratedly small to go with the flaring hips and ass giving a truly wicked hourglass shape. Two more holes existed in the suit in the forms of a rubber pussy and anus. The platform heels seemed to be the only part that was not part of the rubber suit.

Victoria's voice broke the silence, "Goddess, this is Dolly. Dolly, this is Emma, the current resident of this suite."

Dolly nodded slightly as Emma responded with, "Hello Dolly."

Victoria let out a small chortle before relaying, "As a living doll, Dolly is considered a toy, an object, a personal possession. She is literally incapable of talking while in the suit. You may have lots of questions but there is usually a book that answers most as it is easier."

Dolly moved her right arm as she looked to the table pointing at what Emma assumed was the book with information sitting next to her food she was supposed to eat.

"Thank you Dolly. May I touch you first?"

Dolly nodded her head vigorously causing Emma to smile. Emma stepped up closer and touched Dolly's arm first. The rubber was definitely tougher and didn’t offer as much give as she thought. It was also cooler than expected so body heat was not coming through this section. Emma ran her hands over various parts of Dolly's body. She got no reaction from Dolly, wondering if she even felt it. A large black nipple stood erect in front of her face. Not being able to help herself Emma licked, sucked and bit the nipple. Still no reaction but she was less surprised as the massive globe it was attached to couldn't be real.

Emma finished playing with Dolly for the moment and took a seat. As she picked up the book to look at she heard the chair across from her begin to pull out.

"Don't even think about sitting at the table with me. I may have not been in my right mind and way too relaxed with you so far. It is time you are put truly back in your proper place, Unworthy… On your knees in a submissive pose next to me for now."

Emma took a few minutes going over the basics and necessary needs for Dolly. She would need to go through things more thoroughly later. She at least knew 'yes and no' questions easiest for Dolly to respond to outside of commands. She wanted to check on Dolly before dealing with Unworthy and her food.

Emma stood up with the book in hand and turned to Dolly, "Is there anything you need right now?"

Dolly shook her head.

Anything you want to do that is on your list right now? You can signal the number if possible or point."

Dolly held up one finger. 

Emma nodded and responded, "I figured you wanted to be treated like a doll but that will have to wait a little longer. But I am willing to put you away in your box for now if you prefer. Or you can choose something else off your list that I can do quickly."

Dolly took a moment and held up more fingers. Emma looked at the corresponding selection and smiled to herself. 

"Are you sure you want this?" Dolly nodded and Emma responded, "You probably like not having a choice but I am still not fully used to the place yet. So go get what you need and stand next to where you want it done."

Emma turned to Victoria as Dolly left, "You have two choices that I will give you for now. You can wait here and prepare to tell me about you while I eat or you can leave while I am taking care of Dolly."

Victoria stared at the floor in front of her and didn't answer or acknowledge Emma. Emma figured she was contemplating her options and let her be. She put the book down and went to where Dolly was congregating the items she wanted to use. Part of her was glad to be away from the glass, it smelled terrible. 

Dolly had put two fucking machines next to a padded horse bench. Emma didn't think Dolly needed the padding as much as it was the only furniture like it she could see here. She watched Dolly put on a belt with multiple 'D' rings and a head harness with a 'D' ring on top. Dolly also put on leather wrist and ankle cuffs. Then Dolly came over and stood by the bench when she was ready.

Emma helped Dolly to lay belly first on the bench. Dolly handed Emma the cord it had in its hand pointing to its head and the belt at its waist. Eventually Emma figured out it wanted her to tie its head back towards its waist as she found the rubber of Dolly's neck was still pretty thick and stiff. It needed help bending to take the machine fully despite having its gag reflex removed. 

Emma squatted as she couldn't bend well in her corset to attach the chains at the bottom of the horse to Dolly's wrists and ankles. She was pretty impressed with the sizes of the dildo attachments as there were two dildoes to lube in the back. Emma thought there was a faint sound when she worked in the back two. Then she inserted the front one, filling the third hole. Starting the machines slowly, Dolly tapped for more speed until both machines maxed out and Dolly was taking a pounding in all three holes.

After checking to make sure Dolly was good Emma whispered into one of Dolly's ear microphones, "I am a bit jealous of you. Though I am not sure I could have my orgasms permanently taken away while forced to be aroused nonstop. The crazy masochistic part of me wants it even though that is kind of what I am experiencing now just not to your level. I can likely still have an orgasm untouched but it would be painful.

You are also lucky your senses are robbed from you. While you get sight and sound, you don't get the true senses but distort versions. You are lucky at the lack of smell and taste. The food you made me smells terrible but it is part of my punishment. I'm sure you know who Miss Keys is."

Dolly tapped letting Emma know she did.

"It is she who punishes me. Worse is I upset her earlier on the way here. If she does decide to talk to me or do more with me, I am owed far more punishment than I will likely receive. It very well could be you who has to administer some of it. I would be lying if I didn't find it sexy for a doll to punish me. I know it's not your thing and you will do it, if commanded. I like to think I am a pain slut but that was proven wrong last night but I do love bondage much like you. Maybe we can play that way if you would put me in some cruel positions I can't escape from. I will thank Miss Keys for the incredible gift in you after I get a chance to apologize... Enjoy your fun Dolly, you will be let out to return to your box before we leave."

Emma was stroking the rubber corset back of Dolly as she spoke, not that Dolly could feel it she figured. It made Emma feel better despite the gloomy mood and funk she had been in most the day creeping back. She then turned off the microphones and cameras to reduce Dolly's senses further. Dolls don't need to see or hear to get fucked. Emma sighed to herself and headed back to the table. Victoria was still where she left her. 

Emma sat and said, "Since you are here I expect you to talk. You are running out of time for us to be alone today. And I want to know about you. So if you have any hopes of things moving forward, tell me the truth."

Victoria grumbled then sighed as she seemed to sag a little bit despite the corset being rigid, "I doubt you will believe me but here it goes. For starters I am not from your country nor am I a citizen. I'm only ever here for my duties for this cruise. But if I am to answer as to who I am, I am a survivor first and foremost."

Emma knew she needed to eat while she listened. It didn't help that the smell of what was in the cup was nauseating her, especially as she pulled it up to her mouth. She took a sip and it took everything not to spit it back out.

"What the hell is this shit?" Emma exasperatedly exclaimed after swallowing it. 

Victoria didn't look up as she answered the rhetorical question, "I don't know but it smells terrible from here. If it makes you feel better, Miss Keys drinks that stuff all the time. Some of us have to put in lots of work and money to keep up our appearances. Not all of us are quite as young or gifted as you. And I know you are not nearly as young as others but you still have been gifted plenty of assets whether you acknowledge them or not."

"Ugh," Emma expressed as she took another sip. "Sorry. Please continue."

Victoria sighed as she continued her story, "Besides being a survivor, I am many things depending who you talk to. I am a criminal, a savior, a murderer, a shield for the desperate, a drug dealer, an informant, a brothel Madame, a mother without my child among other things. Some say I am a mob boss but that isn't truly accurate. There is plenty of bad that paints me as evil. There is much more I do to help others that go unseen. But I don't care if others see it. I can live with what I've done because the alternative is worse and I don't mean death. That would be easy and was robbed from me many years ago. As it is, my time for that is drawing nearer, far quicker than I want."

Emma was in the midst of drinking the disgusting smoothie-like concoction with her face twisted at both the taste and smell when Victoria paused and looked up at her.

"Whether you believe me or not so far, there is only so much more I am willing to say. As it is this likely has already soured any chances of some fun role-play and my chance to enjoy a bit of this experience with you. That was what I was truly after. Some time to be someone other than me without preconceived notions of who I am."

Emma sat there staring at Victoria as though she was trying to read her. She really didn't know what to think. She had conflicted feelings and emotions all day so far and this was adding to it. What she was told was crazy enough in the vague sense but she was warned it would be. Part of her wanted to trust her a bit but she was also advised by said person not to. Victoria seemed to make it clear she wanted her fun with Emma. But could Emma not allow what knowledge she got, truth or not, to affect her. 

As she thought to herself, "It's not like she painted some super rosy great picture of herself. She put out quite a few things that require more questions. She wasn't sure she would get the answers. Truth is if this was just about play, did she need to know them. I still need to ask some of them."

"You make it sound like you are dangerous and could be out to hurt me. Why should I let you continue being near me?" Emma asked before taking a big drink which she quickly regretted. 

"You trust Miss Keys, correct?" 

Emma nodded.

"I was there when you first met her. I was there while you worshiped her while I was used by the other two, yesterday. Do you think if she thought I was a threat to you that I would still have access to you much less specifically sent in a time you have been mentally most vulnerable so far?"

Emma shook her head.

"I doubt I was at the top of the list but I was the first available. What is important is that she trusts me enough with you to be on that list. So if you trust her and her judgment, and it is reasonable that you might have been questioning her after this morning, but while you are on this ship you will not be harmed by me. As a part owner, my goal is to help ensure you and the other guests have an amazing experience."

Emma nodded at the explanation as she continued drinking her anything but delicious meal. Her mind was rapidly going through what she had heard and what she wanted to know next. She knew she was likely running out of time for this private conversation. The noises coming from the machines using Dolly brought Emma back to the fact they were not alone. 

"Since you see yourself as a savior of sorts, is that your excuse for what you did to Ophelia?"

Victoria sighed, shaking her head, "It's far more complicated than you know. I am also pretty sure she wants us to address her as Princess or Princess O."

"Then explain it to me."

"As I haven't been able to explain it to her yet, it wouldn't be fair to tell you first. Before you ask, yes I plan to tell her but this has been about 24 hours and we both have duties. It will take time as she has lots going on with her new freedom as well. She is a bit smitten and covets her unicorn, not that I blame her."

"Fair enough," Emma responded. 

She didn't get to ask another question as there was a knock on the door. Both Emma and Victoria looked to the door, realizing the conversation was likely over for now. It left Emma plenty to think about. She needed to finish eating anyway. 

"Would you please get the door Unworthy while I try to finish this?" Emma asked as she held her glass up ready to take another drink.

"As you wish, Goddess," Victoria responded as she got up and headed to the door.

Emma was trying to choke down the rest of her meal as she heard a familiar voice at the door.

"You know better than to stand in my presence Unworthy."

"I am sorry Princess, I didn't know it was you," as Victoria stepped to the side and sank to her knees.

Ophelia stepped in the door carrying a box and a large bag hung over her shoulder. She was dressed in her usual maid outfit. She held a leash in her offhand with someone behind her. She handed the box to Victoria before speaking again, "I will make an exception about standing in my presence if you are wearing these. Though I didn't know you wanted your own pair. It was delivered just as we got here."

Victoria let out a small whimper, "My Goddess has made it a requirement for her main worshipers to wear them in her presence."

Ophelia smiled, "That is so lovely. And 'it' has been ahead of the curve. She even argued that she needed to wear hers when in her worshiper gear." 

The door closed as 'it' finished crawling in. She was dressed in her expected worshiper gear with a few extras. The wrist and ankle cuffs were connected by a heavy chain that also was attached to her collar. She had on her ballet boots which now is required though she had worn them every chance she got since Miss Keys bought them for her. She was wearing a corset for the first time Emma could remember. Then again, it is the most dressed she had seen her with just that addition.

The other additions came in the form of making her look more like a cow. There was a bell attached to her collar. A leather belt circled her waist with a tail hanging from it. A headband giving her furry cow ears. The last piece that made Emma silently groan was the head harness with the dildo attached to look like a horn.

Ophelia set her bag down on the floor and unleashed 'it' before commanding her to help Victoria finish getting dressed. Ophelia looked around and started inspecting the suite when she saw it. She squealed and ran towards Dolly. She immediately started hugging the bound form that was still being pounded by two fucking machines in its three holes while it was still chained to the bench. 

"No way. I always wanted another dolly."

Emma smiled at the scene as she found it quite cute. Emma watched Ophelia continue to hug Dolly for a bit. Then Ophelia started inspecting and running her hands all over its body. Eventually she inspected the bondage and fucking machines. The maid had an enormous smile the whole time she was near Dolly. There was nothing but pure joy like she received a new gift that she always wanted.

Emma heard her say to Dolly, "You're so beautiful. I want to keep you forever."

"I turned off its hearing and sight. I imagine the only thing it senses is the feeling of those three dildoes penetrating the lovely sexdoll. Though you can turn back on the hearing to talk to it."

"Dolly is a she. Yes I am aware she likes to be treated like a doll. But I am sure when you were young and playing with dolls, they had names and gender, whether you made up your own or they came with them."

Emma didn't have much of a response as she knew Ophelia had a point. Emma had moved closer to Dolly and Ophelia while Ophelia was having her Dolly moment. Before anything was said Ophelia moved towards Emma and gave her a tight hug. As Ophelia broke the hug, she reached up and grabbed Emma's septum ring and pulled her down into a kiss. Emma was glad she had used the mint that was left on the table before she left it.

Ophelia broke the kiss and spoke to Emma while still holding the ring, "I am sorry I couldn't make it earlier to come help. We had our maid duties and I was training 'it'. How are you feeling?"

Emma was slouched as she was held face to face with the shorter woman.

She responded, "I understand you were busy and I did this to myself. I will be fine, eventually. I still messed up and ruined my chances."

"Stop it. We all make mistakes and have personal issues. Just know there are people here who will be there to help, including professionals. Though if you really are broken, we can have you committed to the ship's asylum."

Emma perked up at that. There were still things and places she didn't know existed on the ship. Her internal list of this to try kept growing as her time to do it continued to shrink. That was her dilemma, so much to do and not enough time. Meaning she had to make tough choices as to what she would and wouldn't do on the trip. She also knew this is why she kept pushing to do things when others wanted her to relax. And more importantly she didn't have time to sulk at her failures.

"I see that twinkle in your eye, my unicorn. While it makes me feel better about you, we still need to talk. I am sure your ego is bruised from last night. The mighty unicorn goddess found out even she has limits. Pretty sure that was the whole point from what I was told. You were never walking out without having to say your safeword and truly wishing to stop. 

Think about how things went yesterday. Your morning was pretty mild but still plenty going on to mentally drain you some. And I still can't thank you enough for how much you changed my life. On top of that, I am unsure what happened after we left until you met up with Janice. Your time with her was also physically and mentally draining wearing you down more. After that I assume that was your introduction to the prison. No idea what happened before dinner but I assume it was emotionally and mentally draining as well. 

Then there was dinner, I threw a wrench into it with dessert. I know the new fame and the craziness with so many wanting your attention as well, even at those dinners. Which also should tell you, you have lots of options even if option number one doesn't work out. You made it pretty clear everyone but her is in a distant race for the second option."

Emma could see Ophelia frown when she said it. Truth was, she was right. Emma had mostly ignored everyone when Miss Keys was around unless forced to otherwise interact with others. Yet her mind still trended towards that woman and she didn't know why truthfully. 

"After dinner I assume you went right back to the prison and maybe to the torture room. By the time I showed up you had this lovely piercing, which I think you should have more as they would be fun to play with on you. I find the ones on 'it' quite entertaining. She makes such beautiful noises. But you were also tattooed and hanging by your arms with multiple high pressure nozzles pelting your sexy body. Despite how blissful you looked at the time, I imagine more was done than I know, once again wearing you down. 

Then you had to deal with me while suspended still. I even left you with a lovely present as both punishment and a reminder that your orgasms no longer belong to you. You hopefully are still paying a price for trying to have them. Have you managed an orgasm since I left?"

Emma wanted to shake her head but Ophelia was still holding on. She finally croaked out a "No."

"Good. I watched what happened after I finished my duties. Needless to say I had to apologize to 'it' for nearly killing her as I rode her face so hard watching what transpired. It's good to know you were the only one denied an orgasm. I don't know how much you reflected on the actual events, but you really had no chance at that point. You had been worked up emotionally and drained physically and mentally. You were so vulnerable you didn't see it. Then again you were blinded by your own need and desire for the situation. 

You were enjoying the first part when you were allowed to go to your happy place and experience it in all its glory. She pulled you out and had you focus on your suffering with the second whip. And oh my, that was scary and so fucking hot when it landed and split you open. The noises you made…mmm…please more."

Emma wasn't sure how to react but it was clear there was a sadist in the making still holding her by her septum ring. That scared Emma a bit and turned her on even more. The maid had many qualities that Emma had to admit made her an attractive and appealing option different from the others. Despite how young and how recently they met, this former indentured servant seemed to have far too much insight on how to manipulate and keep Emma’s interest. She supposed that being raised in a brothel and around all kinds of people could help with that.

Ophelia started again after a brief pause, "But what happened to you was not the only fascinating thing. You didn't see how relaxed she looked. You didn't see the grace and beauty of the woman with each swing. You didn't see her amazing smile and genuine happiness. She was in her element basically giving you a private show. 

What was it you guys said, you were creating a divine masterpiece. You were the work of art which was fucking hot. But the artist in many ways trumped even you. Her form. Each stroke of the whip. It was so beautiful. I am privileged to have gotten to witness even through video. The two of you together were immaculate. I am a bit jealous but also understand your attraction to her."

Emma found herself wiping tears from her eyes. Her emotions were jumbled again. There were bits of sadness mixed with joy as she tried to merge the picture Ophelia painted with the feelings and sensations she felt during it. She wanted to see it and experience it again especially with the new details she was getting. 

"I also respect you for admitting you should stop when she asked after the second whip had flayed your back pretty bad. It was definitely a work of art. But when she pulled out the third whip, what did she call it? Insult. No, Insalt. It was dripping some fluid off the ends. When she hit you with the first strike, the sound you made again. I nearly killed 'it' grinding her face so hard. I would be lying if my pussy wasn't a little sore.

“She had a couple orgasms before we got to the third whip. It was the last strike and your struggle to yell out your safeword along with her face as she climaxed so hard as she screamed out. I think you passed out sometime around then but she collapsed to the ground in what looked like a massive orgasm. That set me off on my own which unfortunately left my pet unable to breathe beneath my legs that squeezed her head as I smothered her face.

“I saw the video after it all happened so there wasn't much I could do for you. I also created my own mess in that I hurt Kit and needed to take care of her. It was an embarrassing and humbling experience for me doing that."

Ophelia finally let go of the septum ring allowing Emma to stand back up.

"If it isn't obvious, you were set up to scream and call out your safeword. You may not have wanted to but she wanted you to. You didn't get to see the pure joy you gave the woman who you have been fawning over since you first saw her. Tell me, did she do what she said she would do?"

Emma responded with a "Yes."

"Did she do what was agreed to in the contract you negotiated?"

Emma nodded.

"Did you enjoy the experience overall even with the ending?"

Emma nodded again but Ophelia grabbed both of her sensitive nipples and squeezed as she demanded, "Say it!"

Emma was moaning. Her sensitive nipples were leaking and becoming erect. There was a small bit of pain but that just made Emma’s groin twitch causing discomfort under her belt. She was horny as it was but this drove her need to cum. Not that she would get that satisfaction. 

Emma smiled as she looked down at Ophelia, "Yes I enjoyed the experience including the part of the manipulative little she-devil."

Ophelia twisted Emma’s nipples until she brought her down to her knees as she responded while smirking, "You need to learn your place, you wannabe goddess. That is Princess She-Devil to you, at least in private, and Princess in public. Though if you wish to negotiate a change in the dynamic of our relationship or start defining it finally, I am open to it but not right now.

To finish off, what you also missed was the horror and concern Miss Keys had when she recovered from her final orgasm. That was a woman who cared deeply. She was not disappointed. If anything she looked scared that you wouldn't want her after that. So the fastest way to lose her is to be selfish and think about only you. A relationship requires at least two people caring enough to commit to trying to understand and work together to enjoy and better each other. Mind you this advice comes from a whore who has never had a relationship."

Emma gave a snort but Ophelia just twisted her nipples more and added, "I doubt you have lost her yet but you were a naughty ungrateful unicorn and deserve the punishment you get for acting out. But just as you are crushing on her. Others and I have been crushing on you. But after last night, I also developed a crush on her. I don't mind sharing though. Growing up in a brothel has sort of developed my views of relationships and gender a bit differently than most."

Ophelia let go of Emma’s nipples and in a demanding tone, "Show your deference and kiss my heels so that we can get you ready to be a uni-cow."

Emma was mouthing 'uni-cow' when Ophelia further commanded, "Kiss. Heels. Now."

The other two women had been back in the room awhile on all fours not far away. Emma decided to play along and gave a mock salute before getting on all fours and kissed Ophelia's heels. 

As Emma kissed the tops of the black heels of the maid princess, she heard Ophelia speak again, "To take a page out from my greedy unicorn, I want your suite and Dolly. And I also want you and your worshiper harem to serve me in this suite when you all are available. That is my latest decree as your Princess."


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