Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Continues from

Part 7. Warden and Inmate Epsilon

Emma was still basically naked except for her chastity belt and needle filled chastity bra. The four cuffs on her wrists and ankles as well as her collar were still shackled together by heavy chains. Her leash was pulled taut as she followed Miss Keys through the corridors of the ship barefoot. Emma at least got an amazing view of Miss Keys' backside as she gracefully walked ahead of her.

It had been a pretty quiet walk as they were still in public. They had some idle chit chat here and there. It was also in the opposite direction of her old room and Emma had no idea where Miss Keys stayed. Emma finally decided to mention her earlier conversation with Janice.

"Earlier Janice referred to you as 'The Tormentrix'."

Miss Keys was smiling to herself not that Emma could see as she responded, "Did she say anything else?"

"No, when she realized I didn't know much about you. She said she didn't want to ruin the surprise and wouldn't speak about it anymore."

"That means next time she is stuck in self bondage, I won't go Tormentrix on her," she turned to Emma winking.

"Is that your title?"

Miss Keys laughed, "Not one I gave to myself nor has anyone called me by it to my face. I have collected many names from others over the years."

"Do you have a favorite or any you thought were good?"

"Many of them are amusing. Most paint a picture that suits what I wish to be seen as. The range covers many stereotypical ones often with qualifiers attached. Things like The Goddess of Punishment, The Sadist Queen, The Whiptress, The Princess of Pain, The Bitch Breaker, The Empress of Misery. I have even been called Satan by some. I also often get called the Key Mistress, mostly by those using my keyholding service."

"So no one calls you The Loving Angel? The Cuddling Care Bear? The Hopeless Romantic? The Kind Dominatrix?"

Miss Keys snorted, "Hoping I have a soft side. I thought all you wanted was the pain, suffering, and helplessness. And you're still fishing to get my title."

"Sorry, I selfishly want to serve you and call you something different from everyone else. Something that defines our relationship in stronger terms. Miss Keys is your name and what most everyone calls you. I guess I am hoping to be special enough to call you something else so that it feels more intimate."

Miss Keys tugged on Emma’s leash pulling her forward a bit faster as Miss Keys spoke, "Survive the night and see if you want to continue in the morning. I know I have been warning you, that is because I am serious. The names and titles that people have for me exist for a reason. No one has willingly survived more than two hours of me. And no one has ever come back asking to try again. And yes everyone has survived, though more often than not they wish they didn’t during it. Most of that is my own doing as I wanted some unattached fun. Relationships have never been a real interest since my first. You seem to hope there will be some long term attachment of sorts. I can't and won't promise anything. You, and hopefully I, will have some direction as to where things will go by morning."

They stopped in front of a door that Miss Keys opened. Emma was pulled into the door and as it closed, Miss Keys turned and stared into Emma’s eyes as she continued, "This will be your entrance to your new home if you sign the contract. As you will soon find out, you will receive no key. If you reach the door without an escort that has a key, you will hit the button just outside the door. Someone will then come and escort you to where you belong."

Emma watched as they walked down a narrow hallway. A couple closed doors that Miss Keys mentioned were changing rooms and visitation or meeting rooms. As they walked further, Emma could see some of the white walls disappear and replaced bars in some sections. As they got to an area with bars, Miss Keys stopped.

Emma stopped and looked at the room through the bars. She realized it was a cell. It had better amenities and was larger than Emma expected. The cell had what looked like a curtained off shower and toilet. A sink was attached to the wall nearby. There was a desk and a chair near the back of the cell. The last major feature was the queen sized bed with a rather young attractive woman sleeping on it.

In an authoritative voice, Miss Keys called out, "'Inmate one'!"

The woman's eyes shot open and saw Miss Keys and jumped out of bed standing straight up looking forward as she responded, "Yes Warden."

"Back in your proper home where you belong as usual," Miss Keys said to the prisoner before looking at Emma, "'inmate one' is our longest resident inmate. Her late husband invested in this business endeavor with a desire to create a fantasy prison in which he was the warden of. His widow that you see here was his first inmate to help keep her out of trouble. As it was his project, she ended up in this special cell for her as long as she behaved for him. You will see as we go, the cells are far less glamorous and eventually get to not much more than a room with a hole for a toilet. Misbehaving gets her moved to worse cells."

Miss Keys looked back at 'one', "Since his passing, I have taken over responsibilities as warden. 'one', here, is required to continue her stay as an inmate in order to get her portions of the inheritance. We have modified some details of the agreement but she doesn't get to leave her permanent home on this ship while the cruise is happening, at least without the warden's permission."

'one' whimpered a bit at that last part of the comment and Emma asked, "I assume that changed when you became warden?"

Miss Keys smiled as she responded, "No that has always been part of her deal. The difference is I am not her husband and I am far less lenient. I have offered her a chance to get some exercise in the torture chamber room with me. She has vehemently declined my invitation."

'one' shuddered while Emma excitedly asked, "Will you exercise me in the torture chamber room?"

Miss Keys turned back to Emma and responded, "You are quite desperate to experience what everyone else fears. But yes if you sign the contract in a bit, you will likely experience it. It may not be willingly once you agree to terms of your place here."

'one' still struck with a sense of fear, "You are a crazy bitch if you not only want but think you can handle the warden in the torture chamber."

"The offer still stands, 'one'," with that Miss Keys pulled Emma's leash and started down the hallway.

As they passed more cells, some were empty while others were occupied. Miss Keys explained that not all are occupied or occupied full time. Each cell was a specialty room guests paid for like the regular quarters Emma once had on the cruise ship. Some of the inmates paid for the full time experience of being a prisoner. Some were slaves, submissives, spouses, or any number of things that were assigned here by those in charge of them. Some guests paid for a night or two for the experience. It varied which was why each inmate had a contract.

They reached the end of the hall that opened up into what looked like a hub. It was mostly circular with a couple cells and more rooms with doors. Some of the rooms were labeled, like the torture chamber and the recreation room. There was one labeled kitchen, one labeled guard area and another labeled showers and hygiene. There were more doors but Emma didn't see a label from where she was.

It was when they stopped at a metal box in the middle of the room that Emma's focus switched. The box was three and a half feet long, two and a half wide, and two and a half feet tall. There were a number of small holes. The locks on top were currently unlatched as Miss Keys opened the lid. Emma looked in to see if anything was in there and saw it was empty.

Miss Keys smiled at Emma as she spoke again, "If this wasn't reserved for special inmate beta, I would have considered this as your new accommodations for the rest of the trip."

The shocked look on Emma’s face only helped Miss Keys' grin turn more sadistic as she continued, "As you see, beta is out at the moment hopefully working as that is the only time she usually gets out of her home. Much like 'one', this was designed specifically for beta when she is on the cruise, which is most of the time but not all. I am sure you have many questions but those can wait until I show you your new home. If you are good and beg properly I may let you spend a night or two inside here. Though I will say it is incredibly uncomfortable and quite claustrophobic when locked in there even for short periods."

Moving to the otherside of the room, they stood in front of a small cell. By small, the dimensions were roughly five feet cubed. Emma barefoot was nearly a foot taller than the length of any of the dimensions. Inside was pretty sparse. There was a hole in the center of the room maybe four inches in diameter. And not much else Emma could see from the low light and angle she was looking from.

Miss Keys spoke up, "It's not my bed or bedroom as you hope but I think it is appropriate for you. Especially as you gave away your room and turned down my other offers. I expect with your height, it will be a bit cramped but less so than the box. I had a cot installed that is attached to the wall and folds up. The hole in the floor is your toilet, there is a hole in the ceiling that I will explain later to flush your mess and shower with. There is a small little cubby in the back for soap, shampoo and any other items I may allow. We will discuss the rest of the arrangements in the next room."

The two of them entered one of the doors off to the side of Emma’s cell. Inside was a plain room with a table and four chairs. Sitting in one of the chairs was a man dressed in a suit. He had a briefcase on the table and a number of documents in front of him that he was going over when they came in. As he saw Miss Keys, he stood up.

Miss Keys introduced him, "This is Mister Lomer. He is one of the lawyers we keep on retainer and our lead contract writer. Though these contracts are different from more common ones average people do, they are similar in spirit."

Emma and Mister Lomer shook hands as Miss Keys introduced Emma. They all took their seats as Miss Keys announced, "The first contract pertains to the accommodations that will be provided, your rights, rules and stipulations among other things. This particular contract is non negotiable. I have already signed it, so take your time to look it over. This is your last chance to back out of this arrangement. I am willing to…"

Emma was a little impatient, excited, and figured she was going all in anyways; she immediately signed. She looked up in time just before Miss Keys slapped Emma right out of her chair. Miss Keys was around the table and had Emma by the hair as she was coming to her senses. She was pulled up and walked to the corner of the room still bound in the heavy chains.

In a commanding voice, Miss Keys spoke, "You will face that corner. Don't you dare move, talk or even respond until I give you permission."

Emma could hear Miss Keys pacing around behind her. She is not fully sure what happened but she clearly upset Miss Keys. She stood staring at the corner like a child being punished. Eventually she heard Miss Keys sit and start talking to Mister Lomer. Emma herself was stuck standing there contemplating things.

Eventually Miss Keys spoke to her again, "Turn around and come stand in front of the table."

Emma approached the table slowly as Miss Keys asked, "Are you okay?"

"Yes Miss Keys, just a little confused," Emma meekly replied.

"Well inmate, since you were too excited and impatient or whatever the hell that was that you didn't read what you signed, you would have known that in here I am Warden or Warden Keys to you. Do I have your full and undivided attention now?" asked Miss Keys.

"Yes, Warden," she responded meekly.

Miss Keys smiled as she said, "Good. Seeing as you didn't read I will highlight the major points. If you are lucky you may get to read it later. As I am your warden now, it makes you my inmate for the duration of the cruise. Emma no longer exists inside here, you are now known as special inmate epsilon or epsilon for short.

As such you have lost nearly all your rights beyond the requirement of me to maintain your health and feed you. That also means I don't have to let you leave here. I could very well cancel all your other engagements on this cruise. Now be a good inmate and you will be allowed to continue the activities that are scheduled with my consent. Misbehave or earn enough punishments, I will cancel or restrict your activities outside of here.

All your possessions will remain with me. You will be dressed and groomed as I see fit. While inside here you will eat what I plan for you. I will be putting you on a special diet so enjoy your dinners and occasional lunches while you can. I will be ramping up your corset training as we go. I expect to take in four to six inches minimum before you leave.

Just know I control your life and time for the rest of this trip and you have no say unless I allow it. Any questions while you have the opportunity?"

"Yes Warden," Emma replied, "what's the difference between a special inmate and a normal inmate?"

"There are a number of things though it boils down to two main things. First is a special inmate is here at the behest of the warden and given unique accommodations outside our twenty normal cell rooms that guests may reserve. Second, special inmates don't earn any intimacy from the guards. That is solely reserved for the warden at her discretion. Though I do allow beta to periodically experience a prison guard shower rape scene."

"Am I also experiencing that?" Emma responded with a shocked look.

Miss Keys slyly smiled, "Guess you will find out. You no longer get a choice in that matter."

Emma had a confused look as she was still debating the idea of the rape scene as it sounds very much like actual rape with no choice. She eventually asked, "Who is beta?"

"You will meet her eventually, but I don't wish to discuss her now. So I will make your curiosity worse as it slowly torments you. Beta is my ex. Anything else?"

"I want to apologize for earlier. I don’t wish to displease you," Emma said submissively.

Miss Keys stood up and came over to Emma as she responded, "I am aware of the excitement but I will not allow insubordination or failure to follow my instructions. You interrupted me speaking while ignoring my warnings and instructions to read it. I know I said it was non-negotiable but I expect you to learn. Let this be another lesson. Don't sign anything without understanding what it actually says."

Miss Keys caressed the red cheek of Emma as she continued, "I am also sorry for my response. Since I met you last night, I have been dealing with thoughts and emotions that have been suppressed for years. Around you my emotions are a bit unstable at this time as my expectations for you are fueling it. I need to curb those expectations and see where things go. Now let's move to the contract for tonight's interaction."

Miss Keys looked down and saw trickles of blood coming from under the chastity bra. Looking back up at Emma with her piercing gray eyes, she growled out, "Why didn't you tell me you were injured? Your welfare is my main responsibility despite my actions."

Emma shrank as she responded, "Sorry Warden, while it hurt some initially, I didn't think much of it with everything going on and being commanded not to talk or move. Really hadn't noticed it since I was allowed to speak again."

Miss Keys nodded as she growled more. She sent Mister Lomer to get something from the guards. Then she went to the table and grabbed a set of keys and quickly was behind Emma working on removing the chastity bra. The bra was slowly removed as Emma hissed as some of the needles tore at her flesh some more. After a quick inspection, none of the wounds were bad and the bleeding was quite minor.

"While this is part of the next contract, I need to warn and get your agreement on it now. We have been helping test some new medical creams and other things that allow for faster healing. We have been doing this for a few years and I have tried it myself. But like all trials and studies there are waivers and NDAs and stuff to sign. As these wounds are not bad, it should heal up quickly. I think even the worst ones will likely be gone in under an hour."

Emma raised her eyebrow at Miss Keys and asked, "That quickly?" Miss Keys nodded as Emma asked another question, "What sort of dangers or side effects?"

Miss Keys went through the potential side effects and potential risks. She explained that so far only a few have had mild reactions over the past few years and that she would be monitored. She mentioned that it was great for helping heal open wounds including piercings, many of which healed in a day or two. Mister Lomer returned during the explanation and with Emma's permission, the cream was applied to her breasts.

The three of them sat down to negotiate the contract for tonight. Though Miss Keys started off by demanding that Emma let her know immediately if she has any injuries or suffers one during a session, no matter what other instructions were in place. The contract negotiations focused around Miss Keys wanting to modify Emma's usage of her safeword. It boiled down to only Miss Keys could stop the session as she was testing and pushing Emma's limits. Her safeword would pause things to ensure no injuries and Miss Keys could start again, whether continuing what she was doing or focusing on something else. It was put in there that both her physical and mental stress would likely be tested. Emma signed after all agreed followed by Miss Keys. Mister Lomer finished signing as the witness and collected his stuff and left the room.

"Inmate epsilon, stand up and go face the wall with your hands on it," commanded Miss Keys.

Emma got up and moved to the nearest wall and did as she was told. She tried turning her head to see what was happening and caught a glimpse of Miss Keys, or at this moment Warden Keys, putting on latex gloves. She was promptly scolded and told to look straight forward and not move.

As she waited, she felt the warden's gloved hands touch the back of her heels. Slowly and somewhat sensually she was being patted down. Her ass was squeezed and her sore breasts were heavily fondled. The rest of her outer body was checked meticulously.

Warden Keys spoke as she continued searching Emma’s body, "You will be searched upon entering the premises before being allowed in your cell. We don't tolerate contraband of any sorts."

Without warning, Emma felt a finger slide into her rear hole as the warden continued speaking, "Anything found on you would reflect poorly on me."

She gasped and before she adjusted to the intrusion, a second finger entered.

"And you wouldn't like the consequences of reflecting poorly on me."

She felt the movement of the fingers and the exploring of the entrance of her rectal cavity.

"I am not a nice person. One of my biggest flaws is how vindictive I am towards those I feel have properly slighted me."

Eventually soft moans emanated from Emma’s lips before a third finger entered.

"While you may be enjoying this and still think it is a game, I will remind you that you signed away pretty much all your rights."

Lost in her own hazy bliss, Emma discovered the warden's hand was fully inserted inside of her.

"While I can make this and many other things quite pleasurable…"

Emma let out a squeal as the warden's hand balled into a fist inside of her.

"I will make it significantly…tortuous if you fail to be a model inmate. And not in a way that you want."

The fist unclenched and the hand retracted from inside Emma.

"Be a good inmate and we can live out a few prison fantasies."

Emma could hear her remove the gloves and she commanded Emma to turn and face her. Looking into Miss Keys' gray eyes, she was told to open her mouth. Her mouth was thoroughly searched with fingers gagging her, nearly causing her to vomit. Emma closed her mouth and watched as Miss Keys wiped her hand clean.

Miss Keys smirked and said while caressing Emma's face, "Welcome to Subspace Prison, your new home, epsilon. Your fate inside is fully under my control. There is no turning back. And if you're lucky or maybe you will consider it unlucky, I will release you at the end of the cruise."

Emma's eyes went wide and Miss Keys leaned in close enough that their lips were nearly touching as she spoke further, "You didn't read your contract inmate. Your stay here is indefinite. I wasn't joking that this is your new home. Your minimum stay is the length of this cruise. Since you signed away your rights to the warden of this prison, you are little more than my property, epsilon.

The bigger question is will you be more than that. Tonight is your first opportunity to prove differently. You will find this isn't role-play with Victoria. You are no goddess to me. You are in fact even lesser than Unworthy, currently. Is this a mere crush you have? Are you capable of and truly willing to suffer and completely submit to a cruel sadistic domme? Are you prepared to suffer my vengeance if I think you are trifling with my emotions?

You have many questions to ask yourself. As well as a need to get to know me better and that part is on me. I've admitted you intrigue me, but that is a danger to both of us. Especially in how I react should things not go well. Know that I am far more scared than you can ever imagine at this point."

Emma tried to lean forward to kiss Miss Keys but Miss Keys was faster. She moved her head back and her hand was around Emma’s throat. The back of Emma's head hit the wall but thankfully not very hard. Emma tried to fight back the fear after looking at Miss Keys face.

"Don't you dare try that again without my permission. Need I remind you of your place?" snarled Miss Keys.

"I just wanted to comfort you," Emma replied with disappointment.

Without another word, the warden grabbed her leash and dragged her out of the room. Despite the heavy chains and somewhat limited mobility, her warden didn't slow down. They made it to the front of her cell and she waited for it to be opened. Emma had to duck as she was guided from behind into her cell.

"Step on the two plates around the hole," her warden commanded.

Emma looked at her warden before stepping on the plates. Emma was unable to stand up straight, so she was moving in her crouched position. As her second foot stepped on the plate, cold water dropped from another hole in the ceiling over body. She shrieked and stepped off immediately.

"Get back on the plates and don't move until you are told to."

Emma stared at her cruel warden before stepping on the plates again. The cold water poured over Emma’s body as she watched the sadistic smirk on Miss Keys' face. Emma was definitely unhappy, not only with the cold water but also holding the uncomfortable crouched position. She needed to remind herself that this was her new life for the time being as she signed up for it.

Only guessing, but she was allowed to get off the plates after a minute or two. She started shivering as she had nothing to dry off with nor clothes to put on. Not that her current bonds would allow for normal clothing. She did her best to shake off as much water as she could, causing her chains to jingle.

Emma eventually looked back up at Warden Keys. The previous smirk on the warden's face was replaced by a serious expression. Emma watched as she turned on her heel and walked out leaving Emma to her own thoughts. Before she delved too deeply into them, she had a look around in her cell. There wasn't much of anything and it seemed her cot was currently locked to the wall so she couldn't use it. That meant Emma was going to have to sit on the floor which was mostly wet. Not much else to do, she took a seat with the help of the bars before putting her back against the wall. She closed her eyes and let her mind wander as she dozed off.

The limousine finally stopped but Emma had no clue where they were at. Her position negated her ability to see anything but the floor and Miss Keys heels though her feet were not in them. The sturdy posture collar around her neck was locked by a short chain to the floor of the limo. She was still cleaning the bottom of the second heel with her tongue sticking through the ring gag harness that currently encased her head.

It had already been a weird morning as Emma thought as she reflected on how she got here. Everything was removed from her including her chastity belt which almost never happened, by one of the other servants. She was then sent for cleaning and had all her hair removed, even from the top of her head and eyebrows. Once she was showered and dried, the servant rubbed a cream over Emma’s body, including her head, which caused quite a bit of burning.

No one had said anything nor did she have permission to speak. She was brought to Miss Keys, unbound and fully naked, which had never happened before. She had a few occasions of being without the belt and naked but always some form of bondage. Completely hairless, naked, and unbound as she stood in front of Miss Keys, her mind screamed that this was wrong. The lack of movement and silence of everything around her made her shiver.

Miss Keys held up a new belt that Emma had never seen before. There were two intruders attached to it. As it was handed to her, she couldn't help but look at their size as well as the lack of lube. It had been years since she had been penetrated in her front hole and far less penetration over recent years in her rear hole. She was going to be tight and the girth of the intruders was far more concerning than their length.

She inspected the belt further before looking up at Miss Keys. Miss Keys' face was expressionless. Emma sighed as she could guess at the lack of locking mechanism that this was her giving away freedom permanently for real this time. It explained part of the hairlessness and the cream used after. She realized she was given the choice to lock herself away again to never be released again. 

Emma sighed internally knowing she committed to Miss Keys. She positioned the belt and slowly worked both dildo shaped intruders into herself. Her tightness and the lack of lube not only made it difficult but also painful. Plenty of gasps and groans escaped her until they sunk to the hilt. She had to adjust her breathing at how full they made her feel inside of her. The rest of the belt wrapped into position tight to her body but it was not closed yet. 

She looked back up at Miss Keys expressionless face. Her age had been showing more over the years but Emma still found her attractive and beautiful. She had also felt the change in their relationship for some time now. Doubt at pleasing Miss Keys entered her mind.

"I am aware I am not supposed to speak and will be punished."

Emma noticed no change in movement or expression so she continued, "While it has felt that things have been changing for quite awhile, I still serve your will. This looks to be truly permanent, but I assume my hair removal is meant to be as well."

There was still no change from Miss Keys as they stared at each other, leading Emma to defiantly state, "Command me or do it yourself."

Emma found herself staring at Miss Keys back inside the limo. She was no longer chained to the floor licking her high heels. She was still on her knees sitting on the backs of her ballet boots. Her boots along with her corset, chastity belt, and chastity bra seemed to meld into her flesh becoming a second skin of sorts. She felt a sense of panic as the tears also flowed from Miss Keys' eyes.

Despite her gag, which seemed to be changing shapes, she squeaked out a "why" that came out more like "aye?"

Miss Keys tried to smile as she answered, "Because you failed. You didn't live up to expectations. You are far less than you believe."

Emma found herself in a straight jacket struggling to get out.

"Believing you could be part of my legacy is laughable now. You never had what it took."

The dual intruders inside Emma activated. She tried to scream at the many painful sensations from the stabbing, burning, freezing, throbbing, and so much more. But her new gag filled her mouth completely and barely a sound escaped. She felt the helplessness of her current predicament. 

"These are my final gifts to you as your new master awaits."

Emma had a last moment to see Miss Keys as everything went dark as a tight hood encased her head.

"You will never know pleasure again. Only true pain and suffering is what you have to look forward to."

Emma felt something attach to her collar. It began pulling and dragging her away.

"The chains of self doubt and internal strife pull you towards your new master in the pits of despair. Should you reach them you will likely never return."

Emma felt a pressure on her forehead which she thought was a kiss. She struggled as she was pulled forth, her bonds hampering her. She wanted to cry out for help but the gag suppressed all sound. Panic really set in as the final words were spoken.

"This is what you deserve. The fate you set yourself upon. You've enslaved yourself. Soon I will no longer exist. Enjoy your new existence, slave. I hope it is what you truly desire."

Emma felt the chain yank her away faster.

Emma woke up startled at struggling to breathe as she started hyperventilating. She worked to calm herself down and take deeper breaths. She took in the sight to see she was still in her cell. The emotions from the dream, more like a nightmare, were fading as well as some of the details of it.

Her subconscious was warning her about some of her many flaws. Things had been going well so far on the trip as she was busy and had plenty of attention towards her. She still needed to be careful not to slip into some of her old habits. She desperately wanted this trip to be a success and not let her doubts and negative sense of self worth take over. Before she could dwell on it too much, she saw Miss Keys heading her way.

Emma was covered neck down except her hands in a black fishnet bodystocking. The top of her black open cup corset was partially covered by her breasts as her waist was cinched tighter than Emma was used to. Warden Keys offered little in the way of mercy in tightening it to the point even shallow breaths were tough. The leather pencil skirt was tighter and a bit more restrictive than she had expected. She was also locked into her ballet boots. It both excited her and caused her dread. She definitely wanted more training in them which she was getting but they definitely hurt her toes quickly when she stood or walked. To finish the outfit she wore to dinner was a black leather collar with multiple D-rings. There was a little metal tag attached to one but Emma had not seen what was on it.

Miss Keys walked Emma on a leash to the dining area but no other restraints this time. As they stopped outside the door, Miss Keys unclipped the leash and spoke, "Enjoy your dinner and give your guests the attention they deserve. I know you want to focus on me and what I will do to you tonight. But they came to dine with you, so give them all of you as I will take all of you later after I pick you up."

Emma understood what she was saying and smiled as she answered, "Yes Warden."

Miss Keys smiled and responded with, "I am glad you respect my authority even out in public. In public though you may still call me Miss Keys for now. That dynamic may change in time especially if you misbehave."

"You say the sweetest things, my Soft Seductress."

Miss Keys grabbed one of Emma’s nipples through the bodystocking and twisted and squeezed. Despite how much it hurt, Emma smiled and leaned into Miss Keys getting close to her lips again. Miss Keys grabbed Emma's other nipple and squeezed and twisted both until Emma was on her knees.

Miss Keys was standing over Emma still tightly gripping the tender nipples, "I warned you not to play with my emotions, epsilon."

"I am not playing. It is you rejecting my emotions. Maybe I will take the hint but not yet without giving it an honest try. Punish me if you must, Warden."

Miss Keys looked over Emma and responded, "One of your guests is arriving. They are your focus now."

Emma grumbled and Miss Keys let her go so she could stand again. It was a pain to do so without help in her ballet boots. She turned to greet her guest. Ophelia walked up with Kit on a leash behind her on all fours. Kit was naked in her worshiper bondage gear and ballet boots of her own from yesterday. Ophelia herself was dressed in her usual maid uniform. The four of them greeted each other with Miss Keys excusing herself soon after.

"I wasn't expecting both of you to stop by," Emma said. "What do I owe the pleasure of your presence as you are both still dressed as you were when you left my former room earlier?"

Ophelia smiled as she responded, "I am still technically on maid duty and your worshiper is dressed in her proper attire in your presence. She also has a question to ask of you first. Isn't that right, 'it'?"

"Yes Princess," Kit answered before looking up to Emma and asked, "May I serve as your slave pet for every other dinner, starting tonight? I don't expect much attention other than to be at your feet and be served whatever you wish for me to eat in a pet dish. I know you can't be my full time domme but it makes me feel good to serve you even as just a pet some days during dinner.

Emma thought for a moment before she replied, "I know others do it and I am not against it if you want to but this is your choice. I am not requiring you to continue serving me."

"It is very much my desire to serve both my Goddess and my Princess at dinner and any other time. If you allow me to serve as your pet tonight, Princess will take my place at the table."

Emma looked at Ophelia with a raised eyebrow, "Princess?"

The lovely maid looked up at the adorable unicorn and replied, "I think a monster may have been created when a certain unicorn came into my life yesterday. You deposed the queen and made her Unworthy to a goddess. But you are no goddess to me, Unicorn. I am an upstart Princess filling the void. Question is, what will I do with the Unicorn before she can try to topple my reign?"

Ophelia finished with an evil laugh but continued before Emma could respond, "I am already leaving my mark on you and 'it'.

Ophelia tapped the tag on the collar but Emma asked, "You call her 'it'?"

Ophelia beamed as she spoke, "Yes. We have been talking and trying to figure things out. We are both in new situations and she wants to submit and be objectified. I want to try out and discover my dominant side. So we have 'it' instead of Kit."

She tapped the tag again on Emma’s collar as she continued smiling. Emma finally asked, "What does the tag say and why are you so interested in it?"

"Oh Miss Keys didn't tell you?"

Emma shook her head.

"I said I was leaving a mark on you and I didn't mean a certain key. The lovely little tag was a gift from me. It allows your dinner guests free oral from you for dessert if they want it. Seems the lovely Miss Keys agrees. I plan to get my dessert tonight, Unicorn."

"Wait, I have to pleasure my guests if they want me to and it was your idea?"

Ophelia laughed, "Yes Unicorn. You sparked my interest and I spent my life around manipulative people. I continue to see and have access to new things I never did before. So who knows what I will come up with. 'it' has already gotten a few surprises as well as Unworthy, as I am far from finished with her. Though thank you for stopping me earlier. I think I have my emotions under control now."

"And if I refuse to orally service the dinner guests, what happens?"

Ophelia shrugged, "Think that is up to the one you desire the most. Just don't forget the rest of us. A certain princess wouldn't mind staking her claim for a chance to woo a unicorn as well as one if not both your worshipers."

Emma looked down to Kit who was quietly looking back up at her while still on all fours. Emma looked back to Ophelia who grinned saying 'it' wasn't allowed to talk without permission in her presence since neither objects nor pets talk now that she completed her task of asking her questions to you. Ophelia handed the leash over to Emma and they walked into the dining room.

Dinner included four male guests, three females, including Ophelia, and a pet. Two of the males and one female were naked except the worshiper bondage gear including chastity. Though Emma said there was a good chance that they would never get released from chastity when they begged her to take the keys, she ended up with them anyway. In return they got to serve their Goddess' ballet boots instead.

With dinner over, for dessert she sucked the cocks of the two non-worshipers and licked her way to please the other female who didn't worship her besides Ophelia. As she got to Ophelia's turn, Emma stated, "I will get you back for this idea."

Ophelia laughed as she sat on Emma’s face before stating, "We shall see Unicorn. For now I have decided you will also give me all your followers orgasms for the night including the one you owed me as your guest. Better get started so you finish before Miss Keys gets here."

Six orgasms later as Ophelia counted 'it' and Unworthy along with the three she just got at dinner. Emma also handed the chastity keys to Ophelia as she had the others already as she was starting a real collection. Ophelia allowed 'it' to lick all the juices off of Emma’s face and what she could from her chest. Soon they said their goodbyes as Miss Keys returned for Emma and dinner was officially over.

Trailing behind Warden Keys, Emma finally reached the door to the torture chamber room. Entering the room felt like a disappointment to Emma. It was pretty sparse though it did have a number of implements, a couple chairs and tables. Chains hung from the ceiling and walls as well as some attached to the floor. Emma was led to a padded chair with restraints. There seemed to be a couple of sectioned off parts to the room but most everything about them was not visible to Emma.

Her warden finally spoke, "Take a seat while you have a chance to rest your aching toes."

After Emma took her seat, her wrists and ankles were strapped to the chair. Her warden noticed her disappointment as she spoke more, "I see this is not what you expected. Truthfully the torture chamber room name is a misnomer. Technically it is rooms, not just one. This is considered the entry way or the first room of torture. Most never see past this. Though we have a wide range of rooms and devices further along ranging from medieval to modern to our experimental futuristic style rooms and devices."

Emma perked up and asked if she was going to be tortured in the other rooms. Warden Keys smirked, "Don't get too confident that you will survive this room. Will you see the other rooms? Yes, but not tonight. Though if you do survive and then beg me, I might let you endure another room tonight. Don't let this room deceive you. It is all I need for breaking you tonight."

Emma watched as her warden leaned in and in an authoritative yet sultry voice she said, "The sadist in me is making me cream myself knowing what I am going to do to you. I am going to verify just how much of a pain slut you are. I want to hear you scream and beg while I give no mercy. When I am done with you, your skin will be flayed in places and your mind will be fucked. If you are what you believe you are, you will beg me for more. You may think you know intimacy but after tonight you will experience a whole new level of it. We will both know you in more ways than you ever considered."

Emma was breathing heavily as much as she could in the extremely tight corset. She was close to an orgasm with excitement and anticipation. As she felt the peak nearing, Miss Keys grabbed her by the throat and warned her, "Don't you dare cum without my permission."

Despite her warden's best intentions to curb her orgasm, the hand around her throat choking her set her off. Enduring the blissful spasms of her orgasm, her asphyxiation heightened it further, causing her to thrash at the intensity despite being bound. The pressure of the blood in her head threatened her consciousness. As both her consciousness and orgasm began to fade, the pressure around her throat faded. Emma gasped for air trying to regain her senses as she barely noticed Miss Keys walk out of the room leaving her alone, strapped to the chair.

Emma watched as Miss Keys came back holding the door open. Another woman pushed a cart through the door. Despite wanting to know what was on the cart, it was the woman pushing it that had Emma's attention. Half of her head was shaved and the other half had green shoulder length hair. In the lighting of the room, her hair glowed giving Emma the impression it looked radioactive. The black corset reshaped her body changing the distribution of her extra weight. The bright orange mini skirt and tennis shoes finished the clothing she was wearing.

That didn't mean her skin wasn't covered. Every exposed area of skin was covered in tattoos. This included the shaved half of her head as well as her face. The tattoos were not the only art on her body, she had more piercings than she had ever seen on a person before and that was just her head and face. Her nipples had multiple piercings as well as more throughout her breasts. Emma assumed she had more as hints of metal gleamed periodically from the lights of the room depending on her movement.

Her lips were covered in different piercings with tattoos covering the exposed parts. As she went to speak, Emma could see a mouthful of metal, "Hello epthilon, everyone callth me Glut."

Her eyes scanned Emma's body thoroughly, "I think you will make a fine canvath to work on." She looked over at Miss Keys and asked, "Are you thure you don't want more work done? I will make her beautiful, even more tho than me."

"Considering your waist size in your corset is above our agreed amount, you are lucky that I am still willing to let you work on her. As it is, I now have to punish you for breaking your contracted agreement."

"Thit!" as Glut stared at Miss Keys wide eyed in terror.

"Stop acting like you fear me. If you truly did you wouldn't break our contract and continually put your health at risk. So maybe it's time I increased your punishment so that the glutton fears me more than overindulgence of your vices," admonished Miss Keys.

"Pleath don't punith me."

"Follow me Glut," as Miss Keys went to the door and both left Emma still strapped to the chair.

Miss Keys reentered alone a short time later. Emma asked her what happened to Glut, but Miss Keys ignored her as she went to the cart and put on latex gloves. She then opened a large container and dipped her hands in before rubbing them together. Miss Keys turned towards Emma with a bit of a smirk and walked towards her.

"Glut isn't the only one in need of punishment. I haven't forgotten about your orgasm you had without my permission. This is merely the beginning of your punishment," Miss Keys rubbed her hands over Emma’s breasts, covering them with whatever substance was on the gloves, "it probably won't have as much effect on you as other people. This is another test of sorts. As for the foreseeable future, I will control all your meals. I will not punish your fans and guests at dinner. You will be present but you will be served what I have picked out for you ahead of time. You will also eat everything you are served or you will be punished further, epsilon."

Miss Keys finished rubbing the substance into Emma's breasts and went back to the cart. Emma watched her remove the gloves and toss them in the garbage as she put the lid back on the container. Emma suddenly felt the heat rise all over her breasts.

As Emma sucked in a breath, Miss Keys with an evil smirk asked, "Something wrong epsilon?"

Emma, doing her best not to whimper as she was sure the intensity was only going to get worse, answered, "I'm sorry Warden."

Miss Keys walked back over to Emma as she spoke, "I used considerably more than recommended on you. What you feel is only the beginning. I am curious if it will get you to scream before I lay a hand or whip on you."

Standing in front of Emma she continued, "I am sure you're sorry but for all the wrong reasons. As I said this is the beginning of your punishment but the last of it for the night. Everything else you will endure from me was already planned."

Miss Keys tapped her chin, "Well except for Glut. I figured she likely wouldn't have kept up her end. I also likely should have let it go until she was finished with you."

"What did you do to her?" Emma asked.

"She is in a cell thinking over her options right now. Hopefully she will be in a clear enough state to finish but it might have to wait until another time," Miss Keys replied.

"What is she going to do to me?"

"Help you towards your first steps as my prison bitch. You will get to experience me using my power and control over your body to mark and change you how I see fit."

Emma's eyes widened as her jaw dropped in shock. Miss Keys gave the most evil and sinister laugh Emma had heard from her.

"That look on your face is beautiful," as Miss Keys squeezed Emma's cheek, "too bad when I am done with you, you will be unrecognizable. Even if you could prove who you are, getting on a plane will be difficult and do you think your employer will want to keep you?"

Tears started forming in Emma’s eyes, she meekly answered, "No."

Miss Keys grabbed two leather straps attached to the sides of the chair and buckled them together chest above Emma's breasts. "I will make sure no one wants you ever again. You will be my prison… no the warden's personal bitch for the rest of your life. Locked away and used at my discretion. How does that sound epsilon? Is it the life you want to live for the rest of your life?"

Emma sniffled as she looked at Miss Keys' face, "I-I… I-I…. Will it make you happy?"

Miss Keys stared back with a serious face as she replied, "Yes."

"If you will be happy then yes," as Emma cried.

Miss Keys leaned forward and strapped Emma's head to the chair as she responded, "I don't believe you."

Miss Keys stood up and turned. While heading back to the cart, "It's too late for that. You clearly need more proof that I am serious."

Emma could feel the intensity of the burning feeling throughout her breasts. She wasn't near screaming out in pain but it was definitely uncomfortable. Moreover, she felt like she might be in over her head. Deep down she was back to contemplating her decisions. She thought to herself, Is this what I want? Can I trust her? Is it too late to change my mind? Will I give up everything to see this through to find out if we can be together? The answer to those and many other questions was yes. The question of whether Miss Keys was just playing her part in helping Emma's fantasies or if this was truly real, she was unsure.

Emma was broken out of her thoughts as something cold touched her nose. She focused enough to see Miss Keys prepping her nose area as she spoke to Emma, "I have done this one time before. So you are not my first guinea pig. But you will soon find out this isn't going to be a standard septum piercing. I had thought about which piercings to do first. Truthfully, the ones I want done, I don't have access to that area of your body."

Miss Keys still continued prepping as she went on, "I thought about both your nipples and tongue but with you playing a cow tomorrow, I didn't want to taint the full experience or the quality of milk you will produce. And your tongue might have been fine by then with the experimental meds but it was better to play it safe. As far as other facial piercings or any others, they may happen later but giving you a nice ring in your nose for your farm life tomorrow will make me happier for now. It will also give me a new anchor point to control you by."

By the time Miss Keys was done piercing Emma’s septum, she explained, "As I said it is not your standard piercing which is why there were multiple piercings. I put in small plates on each side and riveted them together. As far as I know with those rivets the way that they are, the plates will be impossible to remove without causing serious damage to your nose. The ring is attached to those plates with a special tool that I have. There is no way for you to remove your new jewelry without it."

Miss Keys cleaned up things before leaving the room again. Emma had nowhere to go and could only contemplate things further. Didn't help that her breasts were on fire and her nose was a bit sore to distract her. Her emotions were mixed with fear and excitement and so much more.

Emma could only look with her eyes, since her head was still strapped to the chair, as the door opened. Miss Keys entered, followed by Glut. The two walked over to Emma and Glut inspected the new piercing. Glut then stood up and whispered to Miss Keys who nodded in return.

Miss Keys stepped up in front of Emma and knelt down and explained, "She says your piercing looks good and no negative reactions so far."

Emma's right ballet boot was being unlaced as Miss Keys continued, "If it isn't obvious of my control over you now, you have your first piercing and now for your first tattoo. We will keep it simple as I have other things to do to you tonight. Just know I am not asking your permission or giving you a choice. I am using you as I please, as it is my right in your contract."

The boot was pulled off and Glut was cleaning the top of Emma’s foot before working on the tattoo. Emma was still dealing with the pain and discomfort but remained quiet. Miss Keys stood next to Emma stroking her hair quietly talking about various things. By the time the tattoo was finished, Emma was told she now had the Greek symbol for epsilon on the top of her foot.

As Glut cleaned up she explained to them, "With the medth you uthed, her tattoo thould be fine in a couple hours. Her nothe will take three to thix dayth to fully heal. But give around thix hourth before pulling or doing anything with lotth of prethure."

There was a bit more conversation before the two left with the cart. Once again Emma was alone in the first room of the torture chamber with nowhere to go. She was left to endure her physical and mental stress. For the moment, her anxiety and anticipation were winning out as she wanted to experience what was coming.


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