Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Part 6. Dam(sel) Consequences

Janice was still setting up her display with what Emma assumed were employees or volunteers at the least. She had basically brought her own store and set it up off to the side of the area they would be using for demonstration. The demonstration area was a large stage with a large number of tables with various objects, unique furniture, and some interesting looking devices. Seeing them left Emma curious about how many of these things she would experience today. Out front of the main demonstration area was a couple hundred seats spread out front for guests to watch from. Some of those seats were already filled with more people coming. Though Emma knew it was a public event, people could watch live from other areas or later at their convenience.

As Emma walked closer, some of the audience members noticed her and tried talking to her. Emma, still adjusting to this attention, stopped and chatted with them. It was much the same as usual, including one guy pleading to allow him to worship his Goddess. Beyond offering her usual responses, Janice made the save.

Janice interrupted, "Excuse me for breaking up the fun but I need to get Emma ready for the demonstration. It is starting soon and we have some things to go over."

Janice grabbed Emma’s hand as the conversation ended. She walked Emma up to the stage as Emma thanked her for coming to her aid back there. As Janice brought Emma over to the tables she said, "You'll get used to it or you won't, but it will likely be like this the rest of the trip."

Emma groaned and Janice smirked, "Suck it up young lady and take a look and see if anything pops out that you absolutely want to try."

"Young lady? If you are not my age you can't be much older"

It was at that point, Emma stopped and really took a good look at Janice. She was a couple inches shorter. Her medium length hair was dyed pink and in a loose braid. Her brown eyes and lips were emphasized by her modest makeup. She had shoulders and chest that were roughly the same size as Emma. Her nipples were erect, pushing out her white crop top that left ample under boob showing. Her arms and legs were toned and her thighs and ass put Emma's to shame. It didn't hurt that her extremely tight cut off jean shorts barely covered more than bikini bottoms would have. Emma didn't get much exercise. If she did, she'd imagine she would look a lot like Janice in that they had similar body frames. Her low wedge sandals finished off the casual look.

Emma looked back up at Janice's eyes, who then asked in a flirty tone, "Like what you see?"

Emma smiled, "Of course. Though I think you would look amazing properly bound and paraded around."

"Yes please!" Janice exclaimed, "Maybe like Victoria but more bondage."

Emma smiled, shaking her head as she started laughing.

Janice, still a little exuberant, stated, "We all have our kinks on this ship and you really don't know mine. Mini version is, I love the restriction of bondage. Most of my time in bondage is solo but not everything I want to do can be done solo, so far. Besides basic self bondage and the devices I designed to help me with, I do have my masochistic moments but nothing like you. Two of my favorite things are predicament and damsel-in-distress bondage which I usually find better with a partner."

As Emma searched over items, she asked, "No long term relationships then?"

Janice giggled, "Trying to add me to your harem? I am just kidding. No, I very much enjoy my independence and freedom to do what I like. Do I like help with some fantasies? Yes. But do I want to live in a D/s relationship? Not really. Maybe I will find the right person who just wants to help feed by bondage desires without trying to be controlling. I know they exist and some day I will settle down. Maybe they will have good enough AI by then and I can be…"

Janice shuddered and moaned in her own fantasy. Emma smiled and let her enjoy it as she continued looking. There were plenty of interesting items and devices. They were all intriguing and Emma didn’t mind trying them all out. There was one thing that did jump out as Emma picked up a chastity belt. Besides the two rather large intruders inside the belt, it had a number of extra features. Some of the features left Emma unsure of exactly what they did as she looked at Janice.

"Pretty sure I am incapable of trying this on. I would be lying if I wasn't curious about all the additions on it."

Janice giggled again, "You very much are a chastity whore it seems as this is what got your attention. But this is my personal belt. Actually all the items over here are my personal items that I do and will wear if you put me in them later. But explanations of this can wait for the audience. Anything else catches your attention or any limits or conditions on what I can try on you?"

Emma laughed, "I want to try it all. Of course I don't have limits beyond anything illegal. I know out here there are not many laws so I will stick to what is legal in the U.S. I don't really want to put conditions but I hope you let me put you in some of these lovely items. Also I would like to…"

Janice, breathing heavily and in a husky voice responded, "Yes. Let's do that. Though we won't be able to try out everything today. You are more than welcome to help with more demos. And I wasn't joking about you parading me around in bondage at some point. And you can put me in anything you see here. While I don't typically want to serve someone else, I will make an exception for you if you will do more than this one demo."

Emma smiled, "I will come back for more. But no you won't be serving me unless you beg for it on your own. I am more than happy to bind you tightly and watch you struggle. Hell I may want to join you and… Well we can discuss this stuff later before we get carried away."

Two stools had been set up for Janice and Emma. But they stood in front of them as Emma introduced the two of them to the audience. Most of the seats were filled and Emma imagined more people were watching privately. Emma waited with a smile as Janice filled in information about her store and where to buy as well as going on about her background and her desire to make custom gear.

After starting with a few simple restraints to test on Emma, Janice asked the audience if they would like to see Emma in something more extreme. With the loud cheers and calls to make her feel various types of pain, Janice smiled saying the audience will get their wish. Emma for her part smiled and was giddy with anticipation.

The two of them rolled out one of Janice's custom benches. Janice explained the various features and settings. Emma was intrigued by the number of positions one could be placed or attached to. Janice eventually looked over at Emma and asked her to undress if she wanted to try it.

Emma was still a bit subconscious about her own looks and getting naked in front of people. It didn't matter that people saw most of her yesterday at various points, she was still not used to it. Emma was only wearing a small teddy and heels that didn't exactly cover much. Janice came up from behind and asked if Emma wanted help, while slowly running her hands around Emma’s waist.

As Emma was starting to nod, Janice was already pulling up the teddy and exposing Emma's midsection. Despite the terror Emma felt, as Janice's hands slowly rubbed up Emma’s sides, she let out a soft moan of pleasure. Emma's arms were over her head to allow Janice to finish pulling it off but Janice stopped as her teddy covered her face. The crowd had already been making comments. But a roar erupted as Janice, from behind Emma, reached around and grabbed both of Emma’s breasts squeezing them.

Emma gasped and stiffened as Janice whispered to her, "These do feel lovely and they love looking at you. I bet at least half the audience wants to fuck you."

Emma trembled, mostly in excitement, as she whispered back, "You know you’re next?"

Janice in a sultry voice responded as she pinched Emma's nipples, "Mmm, yeah. I am terrified of what you will do to me. I am also dripping wet at the thought of being publically displayed helplessly in my own devices. But if you trust me to do what I want with you, I will return the favor and trust you."

"Careful old lady, you might be too fragile for the likes of me."

Janice pulled off the rest of the teddy and snorted, "I will show you fragile when I bend you over my knee and break you in half with just my hand, you sassy bitch. It turns out this is no longer a demo and now a show."

Janice smacked Emma's ass leaving a bright red handprint. Yep that lady is strong, Emma thought as she took a seat on the bench and removed her shoes. Janice put Emma's clothes off to the side as Emma got into position on the bench. She was naked except for her chastity belt and currently giving the audience a clear view of her ass.

After a few adjustments, Janice had Emma kneel on the bench in the two padded areas for it. Before Emma leaned forward, Janice slid the larger padded portion into two pieces. She pulled out an insert and explained that when Emma leaned forward there would be two holes now for her breasts. Once Emma leaned forward and Janice positioned her breasts, Janice slid the pieces together, effectively locking Emma's chest to the bench by her breasts. Janice took the time and strapped just below Emma's knees and her ankles to the bench. With Emma's head hanging over the bench, Janice put a collar around Emma’s neck that was attached to a metal pole below. Leather cuffs were placed on Emma’s wrists and locked together behind her back. Bands were placed around her breasts that were sticking out of the bottom of the bench. A nylon cord was attached to each band on her breast and pulled around the sides and up to pulleys attached to the upper frame before looping over and back down to Emma's wrists. The cords were short and forced Emma's arms up behind her back. The more she brought them down, the more she pulled on her breasts.

Emma was bound effectively and not going anywhere but Janice asked the audience if they thought it was enough. A resounding 'no' let Janice announce that she didn't think so either. As Janice talked with the audience, Emma learned what else she was doing since Janice was behind her now. Soon enough Emma heard the swish as a cane impacted the bottom of her feet. Emma grunted a bit but kept silent. Her feet were still periodically caned as she felt something cold slide between her butt cheeks. She felt the cold lube as Janice coated her backside with it. Moments later she felt something larger which turned out to be a dildo attached to a fucking machine.

Janice holding her microphone asked Emma if she was fine and able to continue. Emma between moans and panting acknowledged she was. This left Janice to stand up and face the audience again before she spoke.

"How long should we allow the lovely Emma to suffer her torment and enjoy her pleasure while she tries to escape? Twenty? Thirty minutes?"

There were plenty of responses as Janice continued, "The cane will continue to increase how hard it impacts her feet as well as decrease the time in between impacts over time. The fucking machine will also increase intensity over time. And no we are not leaving her there forever, she has other fun things to try out for you. As well as if she doesn't escape, she will get a surprise to earn her release. Now since my special guest is busy, how about we get some volunteers to try some items themselves…"

Emma started tuning out everything else as she had too many sensations in her body to focus on at the moment. Her first struggle was balancing the pressure and pain between her shoulders and arms versus her chest. Even slight movements such as inhaling and exhaling caused each breast to shift just enough to change the stress. The caning of her feet was also an issue. While Emma liked impact play, her feet actually were one of her most sensitive areas and Janice found one of her weaknesses early, unknowingly. The fucking machine was the best of both worlds, pleasurable and cruel. Emma had been in a constant state of horniness. Each thrust also shifted her, changing the pressure on her arms and breasts. Emma managed a couple orgasms and not much in the way of escaping before Janice was back in front of her.

After Janice asked Emma if she was okay, she spoke to the crowd, "Looks like Emma is in no hurry to get out. I mean she is still moaning despite multiple orgasms and increased pain. It's time she earns her release and she may not like it. I need another volunteer. One who has a usable penis, who doesn't mind being naked and locked to my lovely display while Emma works magic with her unused mouth."

While there were quite a few volunteers, one mistress offered up her chaste sissy who had been deserving of a reward. Emma watched as the sissy was stripped and his chastity cage removed. After a quick wipe down, he was brought in front of Emma. Janice attached a new piece in front of Emma’s face. Not being able to do much besides endure her current predicament, she watched the sissy's cock get locked into the device and grew erect. As it grew, Emma had to open her mouth to let it in as they were locked less than a couple inches away from each other. The sissy's wrists and ankles were also bound to the bench.

The mistress gave her sissy final instructions, warning him to make Emma work for it and not to cum early. Emma herself didn't get any reprieve as the fucking machine and cane had ramped up their intensity suddenly. The cock in front of her was filling her mouth some but he couldn't move with his cock and balls locked in a metal stock. This meant Emma needed to do all the work and it would get very uncomfortable for her arms, shoulders, and breasts.

While Emma was enjoying many aspects of her current bondage situation, she was still struggling with her feet being caned. Not to mention she was a bit agitated but still incredibly turned on by having a cock in her mouth and being required to suck it. As her ass was getting pounded at this point, the momentum was slowly rocking her, much to her shoulders and breasts chagrin.

Emma ended up working furiously to give the unexpected blowjob. She was in a frenzy. At times she wanted out. At times she wanted little more than to continue, usually when she was close or during the couple of orgasms she had. Her ability to think or focus was scrambled from the different sensations she endured.

Reality snapped back when she heard a grunt, followed by the extra swelling and jerking as she felt the hot stream hit the back of her throat. Doing her best not to gag, Emma kept sucking the cock as her mouth filled up with the white creamy fluid. More and more kept filling her mouth that it started dribbling out as she hadn't had a chance to swallow. She heard a whimper from above and didn't feel like much more was filling her, so she decided to swallow as best she could with her mouth still full of a cock.

After being released, Emma slowly got up off the bench and stretched. Emma took a moment to assess how she was holding up. Her ass was still gaping and a bit tender. Her feet hurt but were moving towards a dull ache. Her breasts, despite the mild irritation and redness from the straps that were around them, didn’t really bother her. Her arms and shoulders were relieved of the stress and slowly getting back to normal feeling. The scene was intense but nowhere near what Emma has gone through before but it still took a bit out of her.

Janice was busy with the audience and thanking the participants who volunteered. Before they left the stage, the mistress and sissy came up to Emma. She had him on a leash behind her, naked, arms bound behind him, and back in chastity. As they reached Emma, the sissy stepped forward and dropped to his knees in front of Emma.

"Miss Emma, I want to thank you for the gift you gave me. Is there anything I can do to repay you?"

Emma smiled as she responded, "I'm pretty sure your involvement was my punishment for not escaping. And not sure if you noticed, I ended up having a couple orgasms from the whole situation. I am glad you enjoyed it as that was a terrible effort from me due to the limitations of that scenario. So you owe me nothing."

His mistress finally spoke, "A pleasure to meet you, Unicorn. I am Madame Zee. Another impressive performance from you. I have a few more sissies who are deserving of rewards should you want to expand your horizons. Now you may feel he owes you nothing but you can help decide the length of his imprisonment before his potential next release. How long since your previous release?"

He whimpered in response, "Two and a half years, Madame."

"And was that previous experience as pleasant as or with a woman like this one?"

"No Madame. I had never had a woman touch me sexually before. All my experiences have been with Master or the other sissies."

Madame Zee had an evil grin on her face, "Then you realize this was likely a once in a lifetime experience for you. Do you want this memory to last forever for you and never be released for pleasure again or let the Unicorn decide your fate?"

He quietly knelt there with his eyes closed and slowly shaking his head before he opened them and looked at Emma.

Madame Zee continued as she looked at Emma, "Looks like you get to decide. His minimum duration must be at least five years."

There was a mixture of responses from the audience that was listening in that drowned out the whimpering of the sissy. Emma herself had mixed emotions. She really was unsure what to decide as she didn't really know this person.

Eventually she decided to ask him, "Be honest with me. I think my popularity here is a little overrated and my performance was terrible. But do you prefer having the other sissies pleasure you or me?"

He took a moment and meekly replied, "The other sissies."

"Thank you for your honesty," Emma responded, "as I feel like a judge sentencing a convicted criminal. I deem that you shall indefinitely not be allowed to orally or anally pleasure another sissy or a man with your dick until you have experienced another woman. If your mistress allows, she may allow you to pleasure her no sooner than five years. No other female within ten."

The sissy's eyes teared as his head sagged at her announcement. The audience itself chattered loudly with many comments and questions. Janice was mostly silent as she watched the exchange. It was the smug look on Madame Zee's face that had Emma's attention.

"You realize what you just did?" Madame Zee asked Emma. Emma nodded, to which Madame Zee continued, "I love it. You surprised me with that but it leaves me incredibly tingly inside. You are definitely more than welcome to visit and experience our other sissies. Maybe more of them will be locked away long term when you are done… Not to be too crass, we will be leaving now so I can find my husband and have him rail me."

Things quickly moved forward and Emma whispered to Janice, "You clearly want the stakes raised to escape. I hope you are prepared for what is to come."

Janice smiled as she whispered back, "The whole thing scares the hell out of me and I started it. I am trusting you not to go too far. I want to be that damsel but rarely suffer the consequences set by someone else if I fail to get out. Just remember extreme pain isn't my kink. I don't mind a proper punishment but I couldn't handle what you just experienced, to the level I tested on you."

Emma softly moaned, "Yes consequences. Not all consequences require pain but you will still experience a mixture should you fail. Secretly I think you want to be stuck and see what I do to you in front of everyone."

Emma watched Janice shiver as she announced the next part of the demonstration. Janice was describing some of its uses and functionality as Emma looked closer at it. The wooden structure had a solid base and had a seven foot long and three foot wide and an inch thick sheet of wood. Emma guessed it was about thirty to forty-five degrees from vertical. It had two four inch long pieces of 2x4 mounted at the bottom edges on each side. Multiple leather straps, some with buckles, came through thin slit holes. The slits allowed a bit of adjustability for different heights.

As Emma finished looking over this piece of bondage furniture, wishing she could try it, she tuned into Janice's voice, "... is just the base model with a couple of accessories here. I have been working on a remote controlled one for self bondage or controlled by someone else remotely if one wanted to. I guess it is time for me to show instead of tell."

Janice removed her shoes before leaning back against the board and stepping up. As Janice settled in on her toes, Emma came up and started at the bottom of buckling the straps. Emma buckled each of Janice's ankles before running her hands up Janice's lower legs to the next straps just above her knees. With the straps above the knees buckled tightly, Emma once again ran her hands up both the outer and inner side of Janice's thighs. Emma rubbed Janice's slit through her jean shorts causing Janice to moan.

Emma playfully taunted her, "I bet you have fantasized about being helpless to my dastardly evil ways. Even hoping I use you as you vainly attempt to escape."

Emma saw Janice biting her lip trying to suppress her moans. Emma continued, "Maybe I will leave you to escape on your own. I may touch you. Maybe I will torture and have you beg to serve me for life. I could just let the audience use you instead."

Janice had been moaning until the last sentence in which gasped with a look of fear on her face. Emma with an evil grin said, "Yeah that would drive me wild watching them take advantage of your lovely helpless body. We shall see how hard you try to escape," Janice whimpered while Emma spoke, "I bet, secretly, that my lovely damsel wants to be a used sex toy for everyone here. I mean the wetness of your shorts is a bit of a give away."

Emma finished up the straps around Janice's waist and just above and below her breasts. Taking a few moments Emma fondled Janice's breasts through her shirt that was covering her breasts even less now. Emma strapped down Janice's wrists and finished with one over her forehead. Emma gave Janice a quick kiss on her cheek before stepping back to address the audience.

"As our lovely damsel attempts to escape, I will be taking volunteers. Before everyone gets too excited to volunteer, know that this is a challenge in which I will be flogging, paddling, caning, or whipping the volunteer's ass. If they survive ten they can kiss a part of my body for up to ten seconds. If they survive twenty, they can choose to kiss multiple parts of my body up to twenty seconds total or I will kiss a part of their body, of their choosing, for up to ten seconds. Mind you, I will not be holding back… much. So volunteer wisely. It's your ass on the line," Emma snickered.

Janice had made no progress towards escaping. Many questions were asked from the audience about Emma which she summed up in one response, "Not today."

The first volunteer was an arrogant man who thought this would be an easy challenge. Emma had him bend over a chair with his pants pulled down. She made sure he announced his safeword to the audience as she selected the tool of her choice. As his ass was on display to the audience, the swoosh came in and he screamed as Emma laid in the first stroke of the cane. The red welt instantly appeared and Emma made five more, before he screamed out his safeword. Emma looked pleased with herself as he walked off stage.

Her focus turned back to Janice, who struggled harder as Emma walked towards her with the cane. The fear in Janice's eyes made Emma significantly wetter as she walked closer. Janice struggled more and shook her head no as Emma smirked. Emma reached Janice, holding the tip of the cane under Janice's chin.

Emma spoke as the audience watched on, "My, my. I don't think my lovely damsel actually wants to get out. I think she looks forward to the consequences of remaining helpless to my whim… This cane is itching for a new target."

Emma stroked Janice's belly as she stated, "I could start here and give your abdomen some lovely red color."

As Janice shook her head whimpering no, Emma moved the cane down to her thighs and spoke, "I would be remiss to avoid your powerful sexy thighs. They should hold up well to the might of the cane."

Janice struggled more and still whimpered, as Emma moved the cane to the wet spot in Janice's shorts. Emma with a cruel smile asked, "Would you prefer me to give your soaking wet pussy some tough love?"

"Please don't," Janice cried.

Emma brought the cane up again, before stating, "You have been taunting us with your breasts. Maybe you want them to get attention first."

Janice was trying not to panic as she didn't want to be caned similar to the previous guy. Emma's cruel smile as she leaned in and spoke, "Yes, I think your breasts deserve proper attention first."

Emma started fondling Janice's breasts as she added, "But not with the cane."

Emma grabbed Janice's crop top shirt and ripped the front off, exposing Janice's breasts. Janice shrieked and found she was unable to cover up. Emma dropped the ripped portion of the shirt and started playing with Janice's breasts. She fondled, squeezed, tweaked her nipples, licked them, and sucked on them. By the time Emma finished, both women were moaning in front of a mostly cheering crowd.

"I'll be back for my lovely damsel. I hope you are still here for what I plan to do next. Now shake those breasts and give your fans a show," Emma whispered as she gave one last kiss to Janice's breasts.

The next volunteer was a woman, who was probably about 5'8". She was wearing a modest yellow sundress and brown flat sandals. Her brunette was in a long ponytail. She was carrying something black and folded, so Emma couldn't quite tell what it was. As she reached Emma, she whispered asking for a favor and explained. They briefly discussed their plan privately.

While the woman stripped down, Emma moved a stand to another area of the stage. Emma then took the black item the woman carried, which turned out to be a monoglove. Emma was explaining to the audience what was happening as she put the monoglove on the women before tightening the laces and buckling the straps. Emma placed one of the collars Janice had around the woman's neck before adding leather ankle cuffs.

Positioning the woman under the stand, Emma grabbed a spreader bar and attached it to the woman's ankle cuffs. She then grabbed rope and tied it to the ring at the end of the monoglove. Looping the rope to the ring on the stand, Emma pulled forcing the naked woman to bend over until her arms pulled high enough to leave her on her toes. Tying off the rope, she left the woman in a strappado. Emma grabbed more rope and tied off one end to the collar and the other end to the eye bolt in the middle of the spreader bar. This forced the woman to bend further and have Emma readjust the rope connecting to the stand. Emma grabbed one final item in a pair of nipple clamps. On her knees, Emma gave each erect nipple on the woman's modest sized chest a little twist before placing each clamp on.

Emma, with a flogger in hand, asked the woman if she was okay. When she got an affirmative answer, the tails of the flogger kissed the woman's flesh of her derriere. She screamed in a mixture of shock and pain as she tried to straighten only for the rope to hold her neck down. Emma offered little in the way of respite as she flogged the woman's backside. After twenty strokes, the woman was sobbing but never said her safeword. Emma rubbed her tender backside and asked if she wanted to continue.

With an affirmative, Emma told her, "You did well but what you asked for next will be much harder. Since you want to continue, you might want to find a way to relax in this position or find your subspace."

Emma returned her focus to Janice after making a brief trip to the sales stand. Emma kept the item she procured behind her back so Janice couldn't see. When she reached Janice, she fondled her breasts again with her empty hand. She smiled teasingly at Janice as she asked, "Are you ready for your next consequence my lovely damsel?"

Janice was breathing heavy but frozen in fear of what Emma might do next. A pair of safety scissors flashed from behind Emma's back as she tried pulling the tight shorts away from Janice's body. This only dug the thin strip deeper into Janice's pussy as Emma slowly cut the shorts. The tension gave way as Emma fully cut through the small section between Janice's legs. Emma moved towards Janice's hip and cut down the side of the jean shorts. When she finished she removed the now ruined shorts and left Janice blushing as she was fully naked and on display.

Janice was quietly begging Emma to cover her up, but Emma responded, "Why would I cover up your amazing body? Your soft breasts and your leaking slit are screaming to be seen by your audience. Flaunt it. You have nothing to be ashamed of. Not that my damsel has much choice. I'll be back in a bit. Don't go too far."

Emma was scanning the audience for volunteers when she spotted a group of younger guys. There were five of them, all wearing shirts from a university with Greek symbols. Since the last volunteer had created a different scenario than originally planned, she figured she would change it up again. She chose the frat boys to all come up and join her.

"You guys are used to friendly competitions and a bit of hazing?" There were nodding and affirmative responses as Emma continued, "As all of you can see, those on stage so far have no clothes, so if you wish to continue as I explain the rules, then strip… Now!"

Most of them stood there frozen but one of them immediately went into action as he began removing his clothes. The others eventually looked at each other and started. Emma was amused at how she startled them. She decided to help them by stroking their egos a bit.

"Don't you want the audience and me to see what fine specimen your fraternity has. Some of the lovely women and men might become enamored with a strong showing," Emma encouraged which got them stripping much more quickly.

"As for this competition, all of you will get at least twenty strokes from a crop. Your score will be determined by the number of strokes you take before you make a sound. You will have your ears plugged to mute all sound so you don't know how well each other does. Each of you who makes it to twenty will get to enjoy kissing some part of my body for up to thirty seconds. I will continue up to fifty if you don't make any noise before twenty. Your reward for no sound through fifty will be a blowjob from me or a volunteer from the crowd of your choosing."

One of the guys arrogantly asked, "How many to fuck your ass?"

Emma with a wicked smirk replied, "If you can survive two hundred without a sound, I will let you fuck my ass, here on stage in front of everyone."

Another one asked, "What about whipping you in return?"

Bringing the crop near his erect cock, Emma responded, "Sorry stud, that isn't an option today. I am sure there will be at least one opportunity for seeing and maybe participating in me getting publicly whipped. But for today I am saving my body for my private session tonight."

While more questions were asked, it was the when they asked what happens to those who fail to get to twenty, that Emma finished her rules, "As I said you each of you will get twenty minimum but the count for your score stops at first sound. Anyone failing to make it to five will give the winner or one of the winners a blowjob in front of everyone. Failure to make it to ten results in the loss of your clothes. I won't destroy them but you won't get them back until later tonight. Between ten and twenty doesn't get you anything or cost you anything unless you are the lowest person or tied for last. The lowest person or persons will be locked in chastity by me for the difference in the number of days from twenty. So if you survive nine before making noise, that is eleven days of chastity and loss of your clothes until later this evening. Granted you would be released before leaving the ship if you fail real early."

There was a bit of protesting about the chastity but Emma taunted them, "Afraid you will lose to your buddies and be locked away most if not the rest of the trip? Even more concerned you are not strong enough and may have to suck cock today in front of everyone? Where is your fraternity pride? All of you make it to twenty and it is a moot point. Then you all get to kiss wherever you want on me. And if you really want to show how tough you are, aim for the blowjob or go crazy and earn anal sex from me."

After some more chatter and eventually getting the earplugs in them all, Emma finally was ready with her crop. She started with the first in line and he lasted until eighteen. The second guy acted like the alpha of the group. She gave it a little extra 'oomph' as she blistered his ass. He barely managed to get to six. The third guy proved to be resilient as he made it to twenty-three. The fourth guy struggled but got to ten.

As Emma went over to the fifth guy, he said, "I forfeit. I know I must still take my twenty from you but understand I am losing by choice. I am aware of the consequences." He looked to the crowd and announced, "I am hoping this will get the attention of Mistress Naomi Cox. I have been considering your proposal and am willing to prove I am serious by…"

The fifth guy easily would have won as he took thirty-eight strokes from Emma without a sound. Emma had the rest remove their ear plugs as she announced the winner. He took the thirty seconds he earned and focused on Emma’s breasts as everyone watched on. As Emma moved to give back the clothes to the three who succeeded in the challenge, a tall African American woman came up to the stage. Emma had a brief discussion with the woman as they sorted out what happened next.

Mistress Naomi took over and had her new slave recruit sucking the winners cock on stage. Emma went and checked on the two women in bondage while this was happening. After the blowjob was over, Emma let them know they could return to their seats. As four of the five guys left the stage, including the naked alpha one, Mistress Naomi pulled up her red leather dress and out plopped a massive cock. Emma watched the second blowjob while fondling Janice's breasts.

After the chastity cage was put on, Mistress Naomi attached a leash to the cage and walked off the stage. Emma went to continue as she grabbed a pair of nipple clamps. She played with and sucked each nipple before letting the clamps squeeze Janice's erect nipples tightly. Janice whimpered until Emma dropped her hand stroking Janice's wet pussy. Plunging two fingers inside, caused Janice to gasp only for Emma to feed Janice her own juices.

After a few words of Emma playfully teasing Janice, she moved towards the front of the stage to get her last volunteer. As she scanned the audience, she spotted a woman with her hand raised but was looking down avoiding eye contact with Emma. Emma called the woman, who was dressed like a schoolgirl in her uniform with Mary Janes, onto stage. Another brief discussion took place before Emma shifted a stool and put it center stage.

With the young woman standing with her head bowed, Emma announced, "Little Brenda, here, has been a very naughty girl. She is failing her classes at school. She has not been doing her chores at home. She has been sneaking out of the house and has taken to talking back to everyone including her parents and teachers. Worse is that Brenda has been messing around with many boys and girls. 'Slut', not Brenda, is what her peers know her as. Isn't that all true?"

Brenda nodded before Emma continued, "She is here to begin her reform. And that starts with now."

Emma sits in the chair and pulls Brenda across her lap. Emma grabbed her skirt, lifting it up and exposing Brenda's thong wearing ass. Pulling the thong up tight, Emma squeezed Brenda's ass while further announcing, "Her punishment today offers no rewards beyond less punishment for doing well. I will attempt to leave her sexy bottom scorching red with my handprints. The more she takes up to 50, the less humiliation she receives after."

"Unless she secretly wants to be humiliated," Emma at that point was rubbing Brenda's pussy causing her to moan.

Emma's hand came down on Brenda's ass and she felt a little tingle between her legs. The bright red handprint ignited the feeling when Emma looked at it. She continued spanking Brenda and the tingling increased. She found herself breathing heavily and each successive strike hit harder. The tingling moved on to a burning throb. Brenda squirmed and yelped, crying out after each impact.

Emma was in a zone as her hand crashed down and Brenda screamed. A massive wave of pleasure took over Emma. Emma screamed out her own cry in chorus with Brenda's. Shuddering in her post orgasmic bliss, Emma finally noticed the sounds around her. Drowning out the audience, she listened to Brenda sobbing.

"Are you okay?" She asked Brenda, who nodded, "Would you like to continue?"

Brenda sniffled her response and Emma resumed spanking the naughty schoolgirl. As she tried to focus on finishing Brenda's punishment, the back of her mind was contemplating her orgasm. Her masochistic needs definitely allowed for orgasms, but that was the first from her sadistic side with no sexual stimulus. Was it because of Brenda? Maybe the power of the scenario or the over the knee spankings themselves? It could have been the build up from the various spankings and whipping she gave today. Something to contemplate later as she hit fifty leaving Brenda's ass red and swollen.

"You have a mess to clean up," she said to Brenda, "get on your knees and lick my juices from my legs."

While Emma enjoyed Brenda's tongue, she needed to move on. They stood in front of the audience, as Emma asked, "While she did well with the first part of her punishment, what shall we do next?"

Brenda hid her face behind her hair looking down as the audience shouted their thoughts. Emma smiled but really most of the suggestions couldn't be done on stage or would take too much time. Emma also didn't want the next part to be too bad. She thought about it for a minute.

"I like the idea of piercing her," Emma said as Brenda's head shot up, "but we don't have the proper equipment here and that assumes she isn't already. No this shy little slut doesn't deserve that quite yet anyways. Are you an exhibitionist?"

Brenda shook her head no and got a smiling Emma to respond with, "Take off your uniform while I grab a couple things."

Emma returned and commanded Brenda to remove her bra as well. Despite a few whimpers, Brenda removed it before Emma took it from her. Standing behind Brenda, Emma wrapped a belt just above Brenda's elbows and buckled it snugly. She then took a smaller belt and bound her wrists well. She smacked Brenda's already red ass as she moved to the front.

Emma's hand moved Brenda's hair allowing her to see her face fully for the first time and whispered to her, "I do like the mystery of your hidden face even though you have a beautiful face. What would you like me to do to you to finish this?"

"I… I really want to get fucked. I am so horny despite how much my ass still hurts. And thank you by the way. It was humiliating and sexy. It left me incredibly turned on even though I tend to prefer men more often and really not into pain usually. The scenario was hot and well worth it."

Emma rubbed Brenda's slit through her panties causing her to moan as she said, "Well slut, we are not done yet. I am going to mark you with this permanent marker to humiliate you further, if you don’t object. I also want to remove your sopping wet panties and gag you with them. Then you will be one of the prizes in which someone and I can't guarantee it will be a guy can fuck you up until dinner. Though you will be allowed to work out details with the winner. Are you ok with any of this?"

Still moaning as Emma continued rubbing her, Brenda breathlessly answered, "Fucking yes… Yes to all of it. Don't give me a choice. It feels so much better if you just do it."

"Very well, slut," as Emma started slapping Brenda's breasts.

Brenda tried moving away but Emma held by her hair. Emma decided to match Brenda's breasts with the color of her ass. Brenda's screams turned Emma on though she needed to stop as she got to her knees. After a quick rub to Brenda's swollen love button, she pulled down Brenda's panties and had her step out of them.

Back on her feet, Emma gently pushed aside Brenda's hair and whispered, "Your screams are a huge turn on. I would love to hear more of them."

As Brenda went to speak, Emma stuffed Brenda's panties into her mouth and commanded, "Don't you dare spit them out or I will do worse."

Emma had removed the lid of the marker and reached for Brenda's head. Brenda tried to move as Emma grabbed her hair and demanded she stand still. On Brenda's forehead, the word 'SLUT' soon appeared. She moved to her right breast then left and wrote 'SQUEEZE' and 'HARDER'. Above Brenda's bush and below her navel, 'PRESS MY BUTTON' was written out in black letters. Emma went back behind Brenda and finished writing out the last message on her lower back, 'PLEASE USE REAR ENTRANCE' and put an arrow pointing down below it.

Then Emma walked Brenda off stage naked except her knee high socks and her Mary Janes. Her arms were still bound by the belts as she took her to the display stand that was acting as the store for this event. She had her turn towards the audience and told her to stay until the winner that chooses her was ready for her. Emma then made her way back to the stage.

She reached the woman in the strappado and asked so the audience could hear, "What is your name?"


"Why did you volunteer for this?"

"Because today is my birthday and I wanted it to be memorable."

Emma looked to the crowd and said, "How about we all wish her a nice happy birthday."

The crowd sang 'Happy Birthday' for her after which Emma gave hers, "Happy Birthday, Lisette. Are you enjoying your birthday party and presents so far?"

"Mmm. This is great so far. My ass is still sore and this position is really pushing my limits right now. Any way you can let me out now?"

Emma grinned, "I thought you wanted your cake too?"

"I do. Please may I have my cake?"

"Only if the birthday girl can handle her birthday spankings."

Lisette groaned, "I want my cake. So fine."

Emma asked her her age and grabbed a paddle. She left Lisette in the strappado and paddled her ass twenty-five times. Lisette was sobbing by the time Emma finished. Emma whispered encouragement as she released Lisette from the strappado and spreader bar but left her arms bound. Emma stroked her hair as she hugged her to help calm her down and support her after the strain of the position.

Emma smiled as she asked, "Are you ready for your cake?"

Lisette looked up at Emma before looking over at Janice and emphatically answered, "Yes!"

Emma, while looking at Janice, gave an evil grin as she asked, "And what kind of cake would you like?"

Lisette blushed as she answered, "Um… It's not cake that I actually want. It is pussy that I wish to eat," she pointed to Janice, "specifically hers."

Janice was in shock as Lisette's face only turned redder. Emma asked Janice, "Even though you are still a helpless damsel at the moment, will you deny the birthday girl her cake voluntarily?"

Janice snapped out of her state of shock and said she wouldn't deny her. That led to Emma giving Lisette some advice, "Remember she is your cake. Enjoy it. Her orgasms are inconsequential unless you want to give her one or more. Also don't let her rush you. You go at your speed. Deny her if you want. Keep her on edge longer if it pleases you. Most of all enjoy your cake."

Lisette looked up at Emma smiling, "I wanted to try Unicorn cake too but it seems out of stock."

Emma laughed, "Yeah, pretty sure permanently out of stock. So no traditional Unicorn cake. Though Brenda got what you could say was a bit of cake mix."

Lisette looked at Emma confused for a second, then her eyes went wide as she said, "Oh."

Lisette was on her knees, hands still bound behind her back, and face buried deep in her cake. Emma enjoyed the view and stepped to the side next to Janice so the crowd could watch. Emma teased Janice and played with her breasts. Despite being naked and usually insecure about her body, Emma forgot about the audience watching as she enjoyed her damsel.

At one point Emma pulled and twisted one of the nipple clamps as Janice was close to an orgasm and whispered, "I think you're a closet pain slut, my pretty damsel. Your self bondage devices kind of make me believe that is the case. I wouldn't mind helping you push your limits by removing your control. I bet you would love it."

Emma licked Janice's ear which caused Janice to immediately orgasm. Lisette started choking while Janice screamed out her orgasm. Emma apologized to Lisette saying it was likely her fault. Though Janice got three orgasms and Lisette enjoyed her cake. Emma released Lisette's arms and hands and gave her her clothes back before thanking her and letting her back into the audience.

After Lisette was gone, Emma released Janice. Janice took a moment to compose herself. She went over to the table and grabbed a black bag and removed the item from within it. Emma was curious as to what it was though it seemed to be a metal bra of sorts.

Janice came to front center stage holding the metal bra as she spoke, "This is one of my personal custom devices. It is a chastity bra. I haven't marketed nor thought of selling it yet as it is not fully tested. I never sell anything without testing it. While I made it a couple years ago, I tested the main part of the bra. It is this custom insert that I have been afraid to test. My hope is that the lovely Emma will try it and publically give some feedback."

Janice looked at Emma and smiled before looking back at the audience and continued, "I am sure everyone is asking why I haven't tested it."

She turned the bra inside out so the inner cups were showing. The cups were lined with needles as Janice explained more, "As those of you close can see, each cup is lined with a hundred needles. The needles are of varying length between a quarter of an inch to an inch and a half. For this one there is a concentration around thirty to forty needles around where the nipples and areolas are. It is truly meant to be custom made for the customer. I am pretty sure Emma and I are similar though she is likely a bit bigger but I think it will line up fine."

Turning to Emma, she asked, "Think the pain slut Unicorn is up to the challenge?"

Emma was staring at it. She had a sense of nervousness and excitement that she usually gets in these situations. She hadn't really done much with needles and that was a lot of them that would be locked on her breasts. As she considered, deep down inside her she knew she would try it. Her mind wouldn't allow her not to. She needed to know not only how it felt but if she could handle it.

Emma looked at Janice and responded, "Only if you wear it yourself if I can make it for at least a half hour."

Janice walked forward and lined the chastity bra up by setting the concentrated area of needles over Emma’s nipples. She then stated, "It probably isn't a good idea to share this with others once used, so this is my first gift to you. I will have to make a new one for myself when I get back home if you can handle it."

As she finished talking, Janice pushed hard on the bra cups and impaled Emma’s breasts. Emma let out a shriek and started panting at the overwhelming sensation of a hundred needles piercing each breast. Despite Emma’s lack of focus, Janice made Emma hold the cups in place. Janice then worked on buckling the back of the bra and not long after Emma heard a click.

Janice whispered, "Sorry sweetie. Looks like I will have to make one for myself as I can no longer take it off."

Emma went to speak but cut her off asking loud enough for the audience to hear, "How does it feel?"

Emma was a little frustrated but responded, "Initially it was overwhelming as the sheer number, especially in and around my nipples. Now, the initial shock is gone and feels rather normal at the moment."

"Try moving, especially your arms and chest," Janet requested.

Emma tried various movements. Some of the movements added pressure from the needles wanting to shift. A few created minor pain. Mostly it didn't affect much if the movements were small. That was until Janice put direct pressure on the cups of the bra. That ramped up the intensity of the needles not straight or nearly straight at the pressure point as it put substantial pressure that felt like if her breast slipped it would tear the skin. Definitely not the worst pain but there was concern for ripping her skin or damaging her breasts especially the nipple area.

With Emma's feedback, Janice took notes and explained to the audience that this chastity bra insert was not meant for long term use and mentioned the dangers and concerns of wearing something like this. She would likely need to modify and further test things before considering marketing and selling something like this. After her explanation, she started her next explanation as she shackled Emma’s wrists, ankles, and neck. She told the audience this is the same setup that Emma’s worshipers wore the night before. She finished by adding the heavy chains, locks, and a leash.

After a brief discussion with the audience about Emma’s apparent worshiper bondage gear and Emma’s opinions, Janice asked the audience if they would like another show with Emma as a guest. There was an overwhelming positive response and Emma agreed to come back at a later date. It seemed like the show was winding down and Janice had one more announcement.

"Not only did she destroy my outfit earlier but this slave will be leaving in the state she is in unless she finds a way to escape her bonds. We will be giving away her teddy and shoes to the top two buyers from my store from the start of this show and for the next hour and a half now. I will even have her autograph them. Anything you want to add, Emma?"

Emma smirked at Janice, "Actually we have another prize and the potential for a fourth prize."

Pointing to Brenda, Emma said, "Our schoolgirl slut is far from being reformed and is desperate to be fucked. So she will be an option as well."

Despite the heavy chains, Emma grabbed Janice and added, "Our lovely damsel is not done for the day yet."

Janice looked at Emma in shock and half heartedly tried to get away as Emma continued, "She will play her role and attempt to escape one last time. Failure means she will receive twenty spankings plus one for every ten dollars spent with any of the devices I used on others today. So if she escapes there will be three prizes for the top three buyers. Four if she doesn't escape. That means the top buyer gets a choice from all the prizes and the rest choose from what is left as it goes down the ranks. And the hour and a half starts when I finish binding her. As a bonus, I will stick around for at least an hour and sign an item for those who buy from the store. It doesn't have to be what you bought but you need a receipt from the store from either yesterday or today."

Some of the audience asked more questions that Emma and Janice answered before Emma took Janice to the table to get her ready. Janice said, "I didn't ask for this."

Emma responded, "Neither did I but here I am locked up with no keys. And this will likely help your sales. Plus don't act like you don't like being a damsel and your devices subconsciously say you desire at least painful consequences for not escaping but I think it is more."

Janice huffed, "Fine. I am just glad I am not spending the evening with the 'Tormentrix'."

Emma just looked at her confused, and Janice spoke up again, "Oh, you really don't know much about her do you? I don't want to spoil the surprise then. Think I will take your worst and avoid what she will do to those who want to test her. I both envy and fear for you."

Emma responded, "I don't know what you mean."

Janice shook her head and said, "I am not going to spoil it. It is her place to tell you if and when she wants."

Emma decided the conversation was at an end and grabbed a straitjacket and put it securely on Janice. She tightened all the straps with a little extra and locked them on. She then used a leg binder and buckled Janice's legs together. She placed ankle suspension cuffs on Janice and prepared a hood.

Before putting on the hood, Janice said, "I wish you had put me in my personal chastity belt today."

Emma responded, "Sorry Janice we got caught up in the other stuff. I thought we would get to more. I promise to make you wear it next time unless you want to do a private showing while being my damsel as I push her limits."

Janice laughed, "You tease. Trying to tempt me despite being heavily sought after by others who can offer better."

With a serious expression Emma looked at Janice as she spoke, "It's no tease. I have not fully scheduled out my trip and even if I did, if you ask I would find time for you. You have been kind and I love your damsel-like mentality and desire for predicament bondage. I would be lying if I also didn't want to experience those thighs around my head."

Janice laughed and said, "Oh so you want my cake?"

Emma also laughed as she responded, "Only if it comes with thighs. Speaking of cake, I wouldn't be surprised if you and Lisette saw more of each other. Maybe we should invite her over for the private session."

Janice blushed and wanted to respond but Emma put the penis gag from the hood in her mouth. She strapped the leather hood on leaving holes for her nose and nothing else. Emma carried Janice over to one of the stands with a winch. She laid her down and brought down the bar to connect her suspension cuffs. Slowly lifting her, Janice eventually ended up upside-down about a foot off the ground.

Emma left the struggling Janice and made a quick stop to check on Brenda. She allowed her to remove her panties from her mouth to answer people's questions. Then Emma took a seat behind a small table and signed her soon to be former clothes. Then she spent the rest of her time signing various items for people and answering some questions until Miss Keys' return.


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