Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Continues from

Part 5. Fallout

Miss Keys had Emma strip naked before cuffing her hands to a suspension bar over the bathtub she ended up standing in, within the middle of the room. Her chastity belt was removed before Emma was required to step each leg on either side of the tub, one at a time. A winch lowered her hands about a foot to allow her legs to be more than three feet apart from each as her knees bent in a slight squat where the upper part of her calves rested against the tub. Miss Keys put ankle cuffs on Emma and the locked chains from the ankle cuffs and the eye bolts just under the lip of the tub. Miss Keys used the winch again to raise Emma's hands forcing Emma's legs and feet to readjust until she was standing on her toes with little movement allowed and her legs barely touching the sides of the tub. This position left her in a small squat that was straining her arms, legs and toes. 

Hot water filled the tub as Miss Keys left and one of her servants entered, bringing a few items. An object was dropped into the tub that created a bubbly foam and was clearly scented like cinnamon. The servant put two covered trays, one on the small tables on each side of the head of the tub. Emma had no idea what was in them and currently was not allowed to talk to anyone other than answer Miss Keys or use her safeword.

Eventually the tub was full and the servant left, never looking nor interacting with Emma. The steam from the water was pretty intense. Her skin was turning red especially around her knees, thighs, ass and pussy. It moved up her body even to her face but not nearly as bad as her lower parts. It wasn't painful as much as it added more discomfort to her current position. 

Emma felt the soft caress of a hand running down her back. She was trying to look over but her position made it difficult to even move her head as her arms interfered. But Miss Keys stepped into view a moment later. Trailing a hand around Emma’s waist before moving up to cup one of her breasts. While holding Emma's breast, Miss Keys stepped into the still mostly steaming tub. Her legs disappeared below the bubbles but after she got in, she turned and faced Emma. 

Emma finally got her first good look at the naked Miss Keys, at least the front of her body. Emma thought she looked amazing and had a little jealousy. Her own self esteem issues pop up every now and again, but she tried to focus on the stunning woman in front of her. Miss Keys at this point was fondling Emma's bigger breasts but had yet to say a word. 

Miss Keys eventually sunk into the tub until only her head was above water and proceeded to soak. Emma watched as Missy Keys closed her eyes while trying to shift and find small bits of comfort in this aching position. After a few minutes, Miss Keys uncovered one of the trays which contained a bowl of fruit. She plucked a strawberry from it and seductively played with it before biting in and eating it. Emma could only groan in frustration with minimal movement and a desperation to touch Miss Keys. 

Once Miss Keys was done eating as well as washing her body, she moved to the next tray. Emma watched as she uncovered it to show a few items. When Miss Keys grabbed the can of shaving cream and filled her hand with foam, Emma thought she would get to see more of Miss Keys legs. That thought was quickly dispelled when Miss Keys rubbed the cream around Emma’s bush. As Miss Keys finished covering Emma's nether regions with the white cream she spoke for the first time, "I definitely prefer those I am with to be smooth and hairless down there. So when you are out of chastity, this will be one of our rituals."

Emma had been in chastity for awhile so she definitely needed to be cleaned up. Miss Keys cleaned her hand in the water and grabbed the razor on the tray. As Miss Keys leaned forward with the razor …

Emma woke with a jolt of pain in both nipples. A bit of panic ensued as she couldn't see or move. The pain on her nipples quickly receded as she felt the hot air of someone's breath as they pulled away on one side. The other side was more subtle before tweaking her nipple before letting go. The panic didn't last long even though it felt forever. Emma finally remembered she was bound to the bed before going to sleep.

She was just beginning to relax when her right big toe was covered by something warm and wet. She tried to jerk her leg away but it was still bound. A mouth enclosed her toe and began sucking it. It invariably moved and sucked her other toes but it was the light caresses on the bottom of her feet that were torturing here. She was extremely ticklish there and she couldn't escape.

The restraints holding her arms and upper body finally released but the pleasure of the toe sucking with the tickle torment was in full effect. Her legs hadn't been released yet as she tried to sit up but without her legs it was a bit of a struggle. A hand helped push her up but still in the sensory deprivation hood, she didn't know who was actually there. She had guesses of who but she waited patiently while she felt the buckles on her hood being released.

Emma, finished with the bathroom, entered her room again. Miss Keys sat off to one side in a chair with a new person she had never met on the other. Kit was on the floor, kneeling on her makeshift bed, still naked except for her collar, wrist and ankle cuffs. The towel Emma was wearing wasn't covering much as Kit exploded from her position and latched onto Emma's waist. Emma looked down, not sure what to do as she looked at Miss Keys for help.

Miss Keys and the other woman stood up as Miss Keys introduced the new woman as Lucia. Lucia was here to take Emma's measurements for Sir Jerry. Miss Keys took Kit for a walk while Emma was measured. Emma was unsure how much actual time it took but it seemed forever. I mean some of the measurements she took; the place of the measurements; like seriously, what the hell were they making her. Emma had had sexual relationships less intimate than what she was getting while being measured by Lucia. It's not like Lucia wasn't attractive but she was clearly a professional there to do her job. There was some mild flirting and chatter but it seemed Lucia did it more to distract from some of the less appropriate measurements. After her measurements were finished, she took a number of photos from more angles than Emma ever thought about, including the bottom of her feet.

Miss Keys and Kit were back by the time Lucia left. Kit immediately went to a prostrate position and began begging for forgiveness for her earlier actions. It took time to calm Kit down and try to talk to her. She remained on the floor, refusing to sit on furniture. Emma finally asked, "Kit, I know your former master kicked you out, but what do you want going forward?"

"You." She responded.

"Why me?"

Kit looked up at Emma, "Because you are my Goddess and I worship you."

Emma was going to need to get to the heart of the issue but first, "There are hundreds of people on this ship. I am betting many would happily want you. Why do you want me?"

Kit trembled, "I don't know why initially. I was lost and hurt and people were following you and I just wanted to feel safe. Then you were kind and sort of took charge in the fluffy cat pit. I felt good and happy and safe. I felt if I tried hard, you would want me. I don't want to be alone."

Emma smiled, "While I am glad to help you feel better, I don't know that I can give you what you want, especially all the time. I am not a full time dominant. I am submissive just as much if not more often. Hell, I want to submit to Miss Keys so bad that thinking about it nearly brings me to an orgasm. You two interrupted my dream of submitting to her when you woke me up." Emma grinned.

Kit cried out, "Please don't kick me out. I will do anything. Please."

Emma got down on her knees in front of Kit and hugged her. As she held the crying Kit there was a ring from the door letting know someone was outside. Miss Keys went to check on it as Emma consoled Kit. "I am not going to kick you out. I want to help you. What is it you truly want, sweetie?"

Miss Keys returned with our guests when Kit responded, "I want to serve. Deep down I always have. I like not having to make choices. But I would like someone nicer, if possible. I am used to the humiliation and suffering that I need more. I practically crave it. But I would like some tenderness too."

"Are you looking for a male, female, maybe multiple partners, or something else?"

Kit sniffled, "I have only ever served my former master besides you. He was never happy or pleased with me. I was so ugly, he did all this to try and make me less horrifying to his friends. I will never match your beauty, Goddess or Miss Keys." She turned her head and spotted two maids. "Unworthy! She is also incredibly beautiful."

Victoria was still in her maid uniform and locked in heavy chains connected to her wrists, ankles and collar. Kit looked at the other maid in the room, who was smiling back at her, "You're the Maid. From The Maid and The Unicorn."

Ophelia did a quick curtsy and smiled, "Yes Ma'am, that would be me."

Kit looked back up at Emma, "Wait. I know you were mentioned as the Unicorn, but you were that Unicorn?"

There was some laughter from the others as Kit squeezed Emma tighter. Emma responded, "She recognizes Ophelia right away and she has been with me since last night and not like anyone kept it a secret. Hell, Zell straight up introduced me as the Unicorn… Must be losing my magic... Thankfully."

Miss Keys chimed in, "You're not that lucky. Pretty sure your first worshiper awaits, smitten as the moment you whammied her with your powers."

Victoria groaned, but her eyes immediately dropped to the floor.

Emma lifted Kit's chin and spoke, "Look, you are not ugly. And while I find your piercings sexy, you would be beautiful without them. Everyone likes different things. I don't see myself as beautiful but one person here has already disagreed with me and then made me a unicorn... Now I need to talk with my guests. Take some time to think about what you really want. I would like to talk to them in private but I assume you still don't want to leave." Kit shook her head no. "Fine but back in your hood and into my bed. I am strapping you in until I am done."

Kit smiled, "Yes Goddess. Thank you for letting me stay."

Emma got Kit situated in bed with as much privacy as she could get without her leaving. She took a moment to caress Kit's body before giving one of Kit's inner thighs a playful slap. Ophelia had started cleaning the room with Miss Keys back in a chair and Unworthy massaging Miss Keys' feet. Emma called Ophelia over and kissed her in front of the other two.

Then Emma started with, "I am aware I am not supposed to interact with her. So if it is a problem take it up with me as I didn't give her a choice." No one said anything so Emma continued looking at Ophelia, "I assume she helped you and completed the tasks required to get the keys?"

Ophelia nodded.

"Any issues while she was with you that I should know about as it is time for her punishment."

Ophelia handed Emma a list and whispered into her ear. Emma told Ophelia to hold onto them for now.

Emma had Unworthy crawl to her on all fours and kiss her feet just as she did in the beginning. As Miss Keys and Ophelia watched, Emma announced, "Unworthy, I still find you unworthy of me as your Goddess. Do you think you are worthy of me?"

Victoria started crying as she stared at the ground on all fours still, "No Goddess. I am aware I didn't do enough to satisfy or make myself worthy of your divine grace. I would beg for mercy but you claim to not be merciful nor do I deserve it."

"Stand up and look me in the eyes." Victoria stood and looked at Emma who continued, "This is quite the list. I could read out every single infraction and the cumulative punishments required for each. But I have another idea. A far greater punishment in my opinion. Accept this and I will remove your other punishments and give you the two role-play scenarios we agreed to in the beginning. If you don't accept this one punishment then we will go through the list and you will endure them all or forfeit your role-play. Would you like to hear my offer?"

Victoria nodded, as Emma continued, "I know it is too much to ask you to permanently switch places with Ophelia and become a permanent maid and brothel whore while she runs your former company. So instead I offer you to cancel Ophelia’s debt and free her from your services starting now. She will finish her duties on the ship but as a free woman from now on. I will even throw in the keys to your chastity, though I do enjoy you in chastity more knowing you are locked away by me."

Emma had three shocked faces looking at her. There was dead silence for at least a minute though it felt like hours. She could see a whole host of thoughts going through their heads based on their facial expressions. Emma eventually looked at the list and started to go over it.

Victoria finally spoke, "I agree," she turned to Ophelia, "All your debts are canceled and you will no longer be my slave."

Emma responded, "I would like that in writing and legalized."

Miss Keys jumped in, "I can help with that."

As Emma looked over to Ophelia, she was crying. Emma went over and hugged her and held her for a bit. Eventually whispering, "You are free to be you from now on, Miss."

Ophelia took a moment to use the bathroom as Emma turned back to Victoria and Miss Keys, "We have a few more things to discuss, Victoria. Let me start with, I didn't have the best impression of you just based on what you did to Ophelia. I know I haven't heard your side but even if ten percent was true, there is no reason you couldn't have been a better person. But I am willing to give you a chance to prove it to me, if you want, that you are more than that. To be better than that. I will be honest in my desire to be with Miss Keys and I still want to get to know her too.

I would be lying if I said I didn't find you both attractive in different ways. I want to submit to and serve Miss Keys. But you Victoria, I adore the meek, humble, willing to humiliate herself for me submissive. A person that was Unworthy. I found it attractive and want to go further. I like the submissive you and I like the idea of role-play. The question is how much of Unworthy was just role-play and how much of it is the real you?"

Victoria just looked at Emma. She seemed afraid to speak but eventually did, "I will admit I got a bit of a crush on you when you put your foot down and turned the tables on my role-play. It turned me on so much I couldn't think straight. Then you had me do things I never would have done. But you kept your promise and I enjoyed it far more than I should have. Yet I want to continue. At the same time I don't want to have to serve Miss Keys or anyone else other than you if this goes further."

Miss Keys responded quickly, "You know I am a busy person without much extra time. I'm not looking to add servants or servants of servants. Emma is intriguing and yes I have interest in her. She will have more than enough time to do as she wishes with others including you. I am not looking to gain those who wish to follow her. They are hers to enjoy as she chooses. My focus is solely on her and our potential future. So don't make a choice based on me controlling you or her narrative outside our personal time. At least until we get to know each other and figure out if we have a future much like I expect you two will need to."

Emma added in, "I need to sit with each of you and learn more, that includes Ophelia and maybe others. And I will try to. But as far as our role-play, Miss Keys is helping me schedule and I will fit it in. The question is do you want what was discussed in some power exchange or would you rather be straight submissive to me? Also, how much more am I allowed to push you? You don't have to answer now but consider it. One last thing, you look sexy in that maid uniform. I really like it, but can I get one as well?"

Miss Keys and Victoria laughed. Ophelia came out of the bathroom and joined the group. She gave Emma Victoria's chastity keys. Emma teased Victoria about keeping them and maybe even destroying them. Victoria didn't have the same reaction as Emma the day before. Hers was much more panicked. Though she agreed to let Emma keep them until at least the next role-play.

Rustling from the bed reminded Emma of her other situation. Since she had the three of them there, she went through some ideas. Emma felt they had enough to work with and gave Kit another playful slap on her inner thigh. Emma also got another idea.

Emma turned to Victoria, "Would you like to continue as Unworthy for a bit longer to try to prove your worth to me?"

Victoria initially froze as Emma saw the struggle in her with her decision in her head before she responded, "Yes Goddess."

"Then it is time to serve your betters. Even the lovely Kit is your better as you are the lowest of the low despite both being my worshipers. Now get up on the bed and lick her until I tell you to stop. Better make sure she has an orgasm or two."

Victoria whimpered and crawled up onto the bed. The chains rattled and Emma couldn't help but admire Victoria's body. The maid uniform left Emma in a bit of envy but Emma couldn't allow herself to play with Victoria until she earned it. Eventually Victoria's head dipped down between Kit's legs and she started to work.

Emma took this time to go to Ophelia and said, "I am sure you have lots of feelings flowing through you right now. You are a free woman now," Emma looked at Victoria's ass partially covered by the maid uniform and pointed at it, "I think Unworthy not only needs more motivation but deserves a little more punishment than she has had. Do you want to give your former owner a taste of the life she has earned?"

Emma looked at Ophelia who was staring back at her, a sly smile eventually caught the crook of her mouth, "Yes. There are many emotions and many things I want to do, including training my Unicorn some more. But I will gladly brighten Unworthy's backside."

Ophelia grabbed a paddle before returning to the bed. She lifted Victoria's skirt and swung solidly. Victoria lifted her head to squeal but Ophelia pushed her head down telling her to focus on pleasuring Kit. Ophelia kept warming Victoria's backside. Miss Keys was standing next to Emma as they watched the sight in front of them a few moments.

Emma looked at Miss Keys and asked, "How may I serve you?"

Miss Keys continued looking at the action, "You will get your chance this evening. I prefer not to wear your body out yet."

"Anything less strenuous that I can do for you?"

Miss Keys was still watching the action before she turned to Emma, "Yes, I want to test a theory."

Emma noticed Kit thrashing in her bonds out of the corner of her eye. The smirk on Miss Keys face also didn't go unnoticed. Miss Keys made her way to a chair and sat down. Emma watched as Miss Keys pointed to the spot in front of her. Emma moved forward but was told to get down and soon she crawled to Miss Keys.

Miss Keys lifted her heeled foot and had Emma kiss the bottom. Emma was then required to remove the heel and massage it her foot. Soon enough Miss Keys' stocking covered foot was in Emma’s mouth with her hands massaging what wasn't. Between the sounds of the paddle hitting Victoria's butt and Victoria's cries of pain, Emma started hearing moans from Miss Keys. She tried looking up at Miss Keys but the foot went deeper nearly causing her to gag.

Emma was broken out of her daydream when she heard, "You should change up what is going on over there before you take care of my other foot."

With Miss Keys' foot retracted, Emma was up and working to change the scene. Emma helped Victoria off the bed after rubbing her red swollen ass. She then removed the bindings that held Kit down before removing her hood. She then talked the three of them into the next scene.

Emma watched Victoria, back as Unworthy, crawl on the bed on all fours. Both Kit and Ophelia had put on strap-on harnesses. As Ophelia lubed up her strap-on, Kit came to Emma's side and knelt, hugging Emma's leg. Emma continued watching as Ophelia whispered in Victoria's ear, causing her to whimper. Soon after, Ophelia was lathering Victoria's tight backdoor with lube before climbing up behind her.

"Time to experience your proper place finally," Ophelia said as she entered Victoria in one forceful thrust. Victoria screamed in both shock and pain as Ophelia continued, "Serve your betters as you were always meant to. You will…"

Emma stroked Kit's hair while she watched before leaning down and told Kit, "Go fill her throat like a good girl. It will please me much as this is her reward for the orgasms she gave you. Now go show her her place and have fun."

Emma swatted Kit's ass as she stood up and climbed on the bed. Ophelia was giving Victoria a verbal lashing between moments of the rough fucking and spanking her red ass more. Victoria's cries and screams were soon subdued when Kit impaled Victoria's mouth. Emma watched a few more moments before turning back to Miss Keys.

Miss Keys was pointing to the ground again. Emma quickly dropped to her knees and crawled over to her. Miss Keys raised her other heel which Emma kissed the bottom and restarted the process on the second foot. Emma settled into the bliss of worshiping Miss Keys' foot as Miss Keys softly moaned.

Emma was blocking out the noise behind her, but Miss Keys' foot suddenly pushed further inside Emma's mouth nearly making her gag. As her foot was pulled out, Miss Keys said, "My test is done. We shall proceed with more tonight."

Emma looked up at Miss Keys and asked, "What are the results?"

Miss Keys looked down at her and leaned forward saying, "The fire is raging and the moth is dangerously close. Now go finish with the other lovely women here. They deserve your attention just as much if not more than me."

Emma knew she was right and responded, "As you command, Dictator Keys."

Emma stood up and gave a mock salute. She turned and wiggled her butt which earned her a kick in the ass. Emma heard the soft chuckle from Miss Keys. She wanted more from her. At least there was tonight. That was the future, back to the now.

" the grout with your tongue," Ophelia was still berating Victoria as Emma refocused on the others. "I should also have you buff the floors with your battered and bruised ass."

Emma moved to the bed and had Kit pull out of Victoria's mouth. Victoria at first coughed between gagging, then started wailing and begging to stop. Ophelia seemed to be lost in her own revenge. It took a moment for Emma to get to Ophelia and try to get her attention.

"Enough Ophelia. I know you are still angry, frustrated, and a million other things but she has had enough for now."

Ophelia looked into Emma's eyes as she gave one final thrust deep into Victoria's abused rectum. Confusion spread across her face as she looked back down and heard the sobbing wail from Victoria. She looked back up at Emma, tears already forming as she screamed, "No!"

Emma grabbed and hugged her while whispering, "Let it out. It will be alright."

Ophelia was crying with her face buried in Emma’s chest. Victoria was also still crying while partially collapsed on the bed as her ass was still impaled by Ophelia. Kit was trying to soothe Victoria and Miss Keys had stepped up to the bed. Emma continued hugging Ophelia while also rubbing Victoria's lower back.

Eventually Emma got Ophelia to pull out of Victoria and with Miss Keys' help, Ophelia was taken to the bathroom to calm down. This left Emma with Kit and Victoria. She asked Kit to get some ice as Emma climbed into the twin bed with Victoria by rolling her on her side. She held the crying Victoria and apologized for letting it get that far. Emma also tried to remove the chains but Victoria wouldn't let her.

After some time with everyone calming down, Emma apologized to everyone as it was supposed to be a pleasant experience. She should have waited with some of the fresh emotions involved. She also should not have been selfish to focus on Miss Keys. It was an eye opening reminder to Emma that she needed to be careful with others.

Looking at both Ophelia and Victoria, Emma said, "You two should sit down and talk things out at some point. If you need someone there, I will do my best to be available for it."

Emma then looked at Kit and said, "Kit, as I said earlier, I can't be your full time domme. I and others want to help you, but we need to know what you honestly want. So tell me, well all of us, so we can work together. We want you to be happy long term. I am just a temporary comfort."

Kit trembled as her eyes watered before she spoke, "I mentioned it earlier, I have a deep desire to serve. I am very submissive and have been my whole life. I just want to be wanted and do whatever it takes to please someone. I am not truly picky as to gender or even multiple owners. I just doubt I am pretty enough or have enough for someone to want me."

Ophelia stepped in this time, "Kit. May I call you Kit?" Kit nodded, "Do you think I am ugly?"

Kit shook her head no as Ophelia continued, "Up until a little while ago, I was a slave since my early childhood. Most of the time I felt unwanted. In a weird but good way, Victoria never got rid of me and took care of me despite keeping me as her slave. Emma gave me a brief and beautiful experience that showed me more. That I was someone beyond a nobody slave, especially since she gave me my freedom. She is giving you a gift of helping you as well, on her vacation, during her time. If she didn't think you were worth it, she wouldn't have done the things she has done. On top of that, from what I understand, Miss Keys has gone out of her way to help you and Emma even though she is a very busy lady. We are both similar in body types and size. And you are definitely not ugly. But both of us are being treated better than we ever have since meeting Emma. Trust her to help you and respect that she can't be what you want from her."

Kit was in tears, "I don't mean to be a burden. I-I…"

Ophelia hugged Kit tightly as Emma spoke, "We have a few ideas to get things started. First you can help Ophelia with her maid duties and either take over for her or switch off after she trains you. You have also met a couple other people who could help you on the ship at the very least. Nathan could have room on his ranch and we have seen that you like being a pet sometimes. Master Zell, for all his bluster, apparently takes care of his submissives and employees. No doubt you could work at the club if you prefer. And you may not have noticed but he was checking you out last night."

Kit sniffled, "He did?"

Emma, Miss Keys, and Victoria all nodded before Emma continued, "Plus how many men and women chose to give you their cum over Victoria. Not saying they want a relationship with you or would be good for you. But they chose you. There are other options as well including meeting Master Robert later this week with me, if you want. He is also looking for more submissives much like the assistant you saw in 'The Maid and The Unicorn'. Nix is a lovely lady that speaks highly of him. You also have many more options to explore."

Kit was no longer crying and a little more upbeat as Ophelia continued hugging her. She eventually responded, "Thank you. All of you."

Miss Keys, hoping to finish this soon, responded, "You're welcome and not alone. Remember that. While on this ship you have people to help when you need. Your former master should not bother you again. If he does, notify security immediately and they will contact me. We can probably get rid of those tattoos while you are here."

"No, the tattoos stay for now. The pain of everything may be fresh but it is a reminder of what I came from. I don't want that again. Maybe in the future depending on where my life is then I may consider it. But I still need the humiliation for now. What happens after the trip?"

Emma responded, "You have two weeks to figure it out. Look, live, and enjoy your time here. You might find what you want at least in the short term. If not, we will meet with you at the end and work something out. Now, much like Unworthy, Kit was a temporary name. What would you like to be called since you don't want your original name?"

"Can't I keep Kit? At least until my new master or mistress renames me. It was given by you and makes me happy. At least until I find a new one, I still consider you my Goddess. I am trying to be good and accepting. Please let me keep the name."

Emma smiled, "It is your choice. I can't and won't take it away. Now have you given any thought about working as a maid?"

A small smile crept up on Kit's face, "Do I get a uniform? I have no clothes, besides the boots Miss Keys bought me. I haven't owned clothes in over two years and only for the trip here to get to the ship have I actually worn anything."

Miss Keys explained she would get a uniform if she worked as a maid and was setting up an account with money to get clothes, necessities and other items. Kit was quite excited as Ophelia offered to help her shop in her free time. Emma wondered if there was a potential for something between the two of them.

"One more thing before you guys head out. Don't worry about cleaning the room yet, one of you or the one not on maid duty will be taking this room. That includes using beds whether you are in the maids quarters or here, Kit," Emma admonished her before looking at Miss Keys.

Miss Keys looked back at Emma, "We have an unused VIP suite available."

Emma shook her head no and replied, "I want to stay in your room, with you."

Miss Keys raised an eyebrow, "You think you deserve to stay with me?"

Emma dropped to her knees in front of Miss Keys and began kissing her shoes. She took a break long enough to say, "I doubt I will ever be worthy of you. As I said last night, I will take all I can get to be with you. I don't need to sleep in your bed. I will sleep on the floor like Kit did here last night or whatever else you desire."

Miss Keys used her foot to lift Emma's chin up to look in her eyes. With a serious expression and tone, while she stuck the heel of the shoe into Emma's mouth, she spoke, "They say you should be careful what you wish for. You, much admittedly, don't know me or what I am capable of. Kit's experience should be a warning and a lesson to everyone, but especially you, Emma.

But we will discuss all that and your sleeping arrangements after everyone is on their way. Though I should give the two of them the VIP suite and make you live in the maid quarters. I will admit it was nice of you to consider their sleeping arrangements, though. Now get up and show your guests the respect they deserve before they leave."

As Emma stood up, feeling a bit ashamed, Ophelia looked to Victoria, "I wonder if I should change my slave name."

Victoria stepped up to Ophelia, who was still hugging Kit. She lifted her hand but Ophelia flinched, so she retracted it immediately as she spoke, "I am very sorry for most of what I did. In many ways I have always looked at you like a daughter, minus me pimping you out at times. Yes, I ensured you stayed in debt to keep you with me. To protect you in my own way as well as care for you in my own messed up way. I owe you more than you know, but I will still take care of you even as a free woman. I know in many ways I did not do things right by you. But I very much love you more than you know. You can decide your own name. I understand it holds negative meanings for you. We will discuss things further but I will also set up an account for you with money of your own."

Ophelia, with tears in her eyes, opened one arm to invite Victoria in for a hug. Soon the three were in their own group hug with Ophelia whispering in Victoria's ear. Emma and Miss Keys smiled as they watched before the three ladies came up and gave their individual goodbyes. Miss Keys informed them Emma's stuff will be moved out by later this afternoon. They would then be free to clean and set up their own living arrangements as they saw fit based on what they decided.

With Emma finally alone with Miss Keys, Emma was still naked since she finished getting measured. Miss Keys, whose back had been turned, whipped around with a riding crop that reached Emma just touching her chin despite flinching. With a smirk on her face, Miss Keys spoke, "Yes moth, you are definitely playing with fire. Only you haven't realized the danger of getting burned nor the webs you are entangling yourself in at the same time."

Miss Keys slowly dragged the crop down between Emma’s breasts until it rested over her chastity belt as she continued, "You don't know me enough to fear me yet. Here is another warning. Tread very carefully before committing to my world. I have broken the spirits and hearts of those who thought they were ready for me. And you should fear me more than anyone you have known so far."

Miss Keys started walking around to Emma’s backside slowly dragging the crop around Emma’s chastity belt as she went on, "I was very much like you when I was younger. So I am pretty sure based on my own personal predilection, I could push your buttons to bring you incredible pleasure and joy."

Miss Keys started lightly teasing the crop up Emma’s spine and she leaned in to whisper, "I can also crush my moth under the weight of my heels without causing any physical pain. By then the webs you haven't seen will have been fully spun and your escape from the suffering and despair will cease to exist. Your torment would be a blessing and a curse. Even when I am gone, it will remain burning through your soul. Choose my world and there would be no escape. No mercy. Your suffering will truly be endless as I break you over and over in different ways each time. And more importantly, you will beg me to do this the rest of your life."

Emma shuddered at the words as well as the touch up her spine. She was both excited and quite scared at the potential ramifications of going forward with Miss Keys. With her heart racing, Emma’s adrenaline made her feel like she was in a state of 'fight or flight'. As she watched Miss Keys circle back to the front of her, Emma was truly struck in awe with the power and command Miss Keys exuded. Emma for her part was speechless at the moment.

Miss Keys turned away from Emma and started looking at Emma’s closet as she spoke more, "You must choose before we leave here so you can join Janice soon. You can take the VIP suite or continue with the lodgings of my choice. Understand that you will not be sleeping in my bedroom, much less my bed. No, your accommodations will be a special room I had built for short term play when I had the ship interior redesigned. Let's just say the room is a significant downgrade from pretty much any room on this ship that I can think of. It will be uncomfortable and unpleasant. Your stuff will be stored with me and only accessed by my permission. So think carefully on this until we leave. Now let's get started."

Miss Keys and Emma started going over the types of things Emma liked and potentially wanted to do. As they went through, they started filling in Emma’s schedule on the main things she wanted to do that were time sensitive. Then Miss Keys had Emma go through some of the filtered messages sent to Emma asking for her time. Most really wouldn't fit in her limited time but a few had potential including a couple public ones. The two of them at least worked out the plans for the next couple days. Miss Keys also brought up that the VIP dinners with her were steadily filling up and she would likely need more dates. So they added the extra seven days now to give people more options to choose from.

"No corset?" asked Emma.

Miss Keys responded, "No, better to wear less as you will likely be removing clothes or in positions where you will want your flexibility. Don't fret, after the demo you will see your new accommodations and we will get you properly dressed."

Emma held the green with white lace teddy. After a quick inspection, she quickly put it on. Miss Keys handed her a pair of white five inch wedge heels which Emma quickly put on. No corset or stockings. Not even a bra. I may as well be naked. I'm on my way to be an exhibitionist if the last day and a half were a clue, Emma thought.

As Emma left her former cabin, she asked Miss Keys, "Can I finally ask about you since I have taken another step in wanting to commit to you?"

Miss Keys smirked, "I guess you earned some of my story as I promised last night. What do you want to know first?"

Emma thought for a moment and answered, "You said I am a lot like you used to be. How so and what changed."

Miss Keys' face scrunched up as she contemplated her reply, "It's a much longer story than the time on our trip to see Janice will allow, so I will give a short version for now. I once considered myself to be a switch just like you. My masochistic tendencies and my first Master, led me to the only actual relationship I ever had. Needless to say, in the beginning things were great. He fed my pain slut need. Early on in our relationship he also locked me in a chastity. In the beginning he would take it off long enough to have his way with me as I was always bound. This was mutual, as I definitely enjoyed bondage as well.

As time went on and things progressed, he started changing. He never removed my chastity. He brought in other women. Then he kept trying to see if he could get me to give up. Much like you I have a high pain tolerance and once in a drunken rage he went too far. Needless to say after multiple surgeries, a couple months in the hospital, and plenty of therapy, he still hadn't managed to get me to quit. Now do you see why I fear for you."

Emma's face was filled with horror as she asked, "What happened after that between you two?"

Miss Keys smiled, "Oh, short version again. Basically I got him to give everything he owned after I made him quit in under 30 seconds. Then I started my first business, in which he was my first client, as I locked him in chastity."

"First business?"

Miss Keys smirked, "My original name wasn't Keys. I changed it to help promote keyholding service. As I said, my ex was my first client and I made him promote it. He is still technically my client though beyond a medical emergency, it will never be removed again. He still is required to pay for the service. And he also has helped in some of my other business ventures, mostly not by choice."

Emma asked, "What other business ventures?"

"We don't have time to go through them all or in any detail. I started and ran a feminization and sissy training school for a while. At the same time I also trained prospective dommes there. I basically retired from that and sold that business. A large part of that money helped lead to this business venture of a cruise ship. I also have other businesses and more planned."

"I am sorry if I overstepped your boundaries or if I have been too personal so far," Emma said in a submissive tone.

Before Emma realized, she was on her knees with Miss Keys yanking her head back, staring deep into each other's eyes. The look on Miss Keys' face sent a feeling of panic, fear, and dread into Emma. Emma gulped as Miss Keys spoke, "I am glad you know fear and that you finally have a bit of fear of me. I have been giving you mostly known knowledge of me as we are in public and recorded. Though I will likely set it to private when we finish. After tonight, I guarantee we will know more about each other."

Miss Keys leaned down her lips an inch from Emma’s lips. Emma's hair was still being held tight as she felt Miss Keys' breath. Emma wanted to kiss those lips so badly. She may as well have been a puppet as she couldn't move on her own with Miss Keys' control.

Miss Keys moved to the side and whispered in Emma’s ear, "I hope you are worthy of my legacy. Tonight will be your first test."

As Emma went to respond, Miss Keys yanked her head back further and spoke, "We will finish this in private later. Have fun with Janice, she wanted a couple hours and I have stuff I need to take care of. You have me learning to be better about delegating if I want time with you, but some things still require me. Besides dinner, the rest of your night is with me after the demonstration."

As the area set aside for Janice's demonstration came into view, Miss Keys gave Emma a quick kiss on her cheek. As Miss Keys walked away, Emma admired the view while looking forward to serving her, hopefully soon. Emma also couldn't get out of her mind the brief history of Miss Keys. So far it made Emma admire her more. Her chilling words of warning did scare Emma a bit, but truth was she was closer to an orgasm just thinking about the words and their possible meanings. Emma was still left pondering Miss Keys' legacy, it is not the first time she mentioned it but offered no details.


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