Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Part 4. Pet Play and Cum Receptacles

Emma continued holding Unworthy's leash as they navigated through the large hall for the first "meet and greet" of the cruise. As they headed towards the N & M ranch and pet play booth, they began picking up a small crowd following them. Many were looking to talk to Emma and the elusive Miss Keys as well as their interest in Unworthy, also known to most as Miss Victoria, the brothel owner and part owner of the Subspace cruise ship.

Unworthy whimpered, causing Emma to look back. Emma could tell the discomfort of Unworthy's breasts trying to spill out of the cups of her tight corset. She had been lactating enough that the cups of her corset had large wet spots.

Emma stopped and looked back at Unworthy before saying, "We should be there soon. You will be temporarily upgraded from unworthy to a pet to get milked. That is unless you want to endure more for your Goddess and take another lap or two around here before we take care of some of your discomfort."

Unworthy's eyes widened as she vehemently shook her head no as she was still gagged with the penis plug inserted.

"Aw. You don't like much pain or discomfort. That is too bad. I really want to be more sadistic with you but I promised not to hurt you. I can try to offer a bit of comfort by letting your udders out now. You can show everyone more of you and try to show that you have some worth. Would you like your Goddess to show kindness and remove your corset now? Remove more of your tainted pride?"

Unworthy whimpered. She finally nodded yes. Emma quickly got to work loosening Unworthy's corset and removing it. This left her wearing nothing but stockings, heels, and her bondage accessories. Milk began lactating quickly as Emma gave Unworthy's breasts a quick squeeze. Emma quickly lapped up the milk, getting her first taste of Unworthy.

Miss Keys seemed entertained by Emma so far. Emma even offered her a taste which she declined while hinting at maybe later. Emma, holding both Unworthy's leash and corset, continued on their journey with the crowd following, getting larger as they went.

Emma could only imagine what this experience has been like for someone like Victoria who was used to being in control and getting her way. While Emma was a switch at heart, she fully devoted herself to every role she took in her personal life. Her professional life was as a secretary of a senior partner at a large law firm. In many ways it was the same as her personal life. She devoted herself to the various roles she needed to fulfill, just not sexually at work. But Emma had never thought or done anything like this at her work place. For Victoria this type of stuff was normal but doubt she had been in this position of both submission and humiliation in public, including in front of her peers. There was still plenty more to go this evening and Emma was getting increasingly worked up again and excited again.

Nathan quickly greeted Emma with a polite kiss to her cheek. He quickly spoke, "I'm happy to see you again Miss Emma. I see the lovely Unworthy has lost more clothes. Maybe some more dignity or her tainted pride." He chuckled as he moved to inspect Unworthy. "Her udders filled quite nicely." He gently squeezed her left breast causing a stream of milk to stream out.

Emma chimed in, "Her corset was getting uncomfortable after her lovely udders filled. I gave her the option of relief with a bit more humility or to endure the discomfort. You can guess what she chose."

Nathan squeezed Unworthy's right breast and spoke, "Yes. She is quite ready for her milking. But before we start, it's a pleasure to have you visit my humble booth, Miss Keys. I take it that the Unicorn has brought you out of seclusion and is the reason for your visit?"

Miss Keys held out her gloved hand and Nathan kissed it as she spoke with a sly grin, "Careful, don't want Marshall to get jealous that I am trying to steal you away now with the unexpected visit. And yes I am here because of Emma, due to an ass tractor-beam. I think it still might be pulling her in."

Nathan and some of the surrounding crowd started laughing. Emma blushed but didn't deny it, it was still pulling her in.

Miss Keys continued, "Though really I have been following her because you are aware of what she is and I do find her interesting. Well, the more I get to know her, the more that I find her fascinating."

Nathan nodded, "I am not surprised you took notice and found her."

Miss Keys grinned, "No, she found me. While I had taken notice of her and others, I did not seek her or anyone out. I've enjoyed, as you put it "my seclusion". If not for the tractor-beam and fire, she came up to me. I merely gave her a chance to talk as she wanted."

Miss Keys nodded to Emma. Emma finally gathered herself to speak, "I did happen to find her by chance while exploring and still not fully sure who she is, as the focus has been on me so far. More importantly at the moment Miss Keys offered to be my advocate as well as help me plan my trip. But we should get this Unworthy cow milked and see what I might do while I'm here. There will be plenty of time to talk."

Nathan took Unworthy's leash and took her over to what looked like a stall. Inside the stall had a metal bar in the shape of a 'T' with rings attached to the ends of the 'T' and a collar mounted on the middle of the top part. The top of the 'T' was about two and a half feet off the ground but looked to be adjustable. Another metal bar was attached to the bottom of the 'T', which also looked adjustable, running back to a spreader bar of about 18 inches in length with cuffs attached to the ends. A pad with a pillow mostly covered the bar on the ground after adjustments were made, allowing the Hucow some comfort when they were kneeling. A machine with tubes and a container to collect the milk was off to the side.

As Nathan began to fit Unworthy into the Hucow stall, Emma and Miss Keys turned to the crowd. Emma started with announcing, "I know many of you are curious as to what is going on and will be going on with myself and some of the others here. We will answer questions after we clarify a few things first. First, Unworthy here is going to be milked and you are free to watch. Second, no I will not be milked today but I will be in the VIP section later this week. The date hasn't been set yet but I am sure if it is not announced over the speakers, it will be added to the ship schedule." Emma looked at Miss Keys who nodded.

Miss Keys briefly added, "All public events for Emma will be added to the ship's schedule. That includes her appearance later tonight at the VIP club for any of those going or looking to go. I will let her explain what she will be doing there before adding further details on her schedule."

Emma blushed, still not comfortable with all the attention, before continuing, "Yes as the Goddess of the fallen queen that I turned into Unworthy, she will end her night as the cum receptacle for the club. I will be there to help breed her orally with as much cum as I can get in her belly. I am hoping to get enough to make her look quite pregnant." A groan from behind from Unworthy allowed Emma to smile. "Though before that we will be here for the next hour or two. I will see what options are available to participate in and will answer questions. As far as other questions about Unworthy, I can't really answer much as this is currently a temporary state. As for me, I don’t know my definitive plans beyond tonight. Any other questions about my future are only vague answers for now and Miss Keys might be able to better answer."

Miss Keys chimed in, "I have no doubt people want to know more about her schedule. We will sit down and discuss that tomorrow to get at least the next few days planned. I will only verify that tomorrow morning she will be busy in private with our discussions as well as her measurements be taken for a new outfit for one of the fashion shows later during the cruise. She may end up doing more than one but she agreed to have a unique costume made for her to wear for one show. The early afternoon tomorrow, she will be helping Janice who owns many of the BDSM shops here on the ship as well as her online store. She will help demonstrate some of the items available and will also be demonstrating, at least, one of Janice's custom pieces. Some of you won't want to miss that one."

Emma looked at Miss Keys in surprise, but Miss Keys only smirked back. Emma quickly said, "Excuse me a moment while I check on Unworthy before looking at some options."

Emma heard the crowd start asking various questions including chances to have private time with Emma and questions about Miss Keys and her availability. Emma, though, quickly focused on the sight of Unworthy on her knees, neck locked in the collar atop the 'T'. and wrists cuffed to the end with little braces to support the weight of her arms. Her ankles are cuffed to the spreader bar. Nathan was attaching the tubes to her nipples.

As Nathan finished up, he asked Unworthy if she was comfortable. She grunted an affirmative before he asked Emma if she wanted to start the pump. Emma grinned, more than happy to do so. Emma flipped the switch and the machine came to life. Unworthy gasped followed by a few whimpers before she began moaning.

Emma slapped Unworthy's ass before leaning next to her ear as she whispered, "I see you quickly enjoyed becoming a Hucow. Your whorish moans are quite sexy and make your Goddess wet. Bet you want to be bred, don't you?"

Unworthy grunted as she was still gagged with the penis plug inserted.

Emma continued, "Your betters would love to breed you and start your cum receptacle duties early."

Unworthy immediately fought her bonds, trying to get out. Clearly she didn't want anyone other than Emma inside of her.

"Shh, it's okay. I won't make you but you won't get any satisfaction from me without pleasing your betters. So instead, you enjoy your milking and continue your whorish moans. I really want you turned on and frustrated like me. I'm gonna go play a bit and when you are finished we will move on to the highlight of your night."

Unworthy groaned but Emma just stroked her hair helping her relax. If Emma had worn something more reasonable to get on and off she would be in Unworthy's spot. It looked like so much fun and the moans confirmed it. She definitely looked forward to it in the future.

Emma looked back at Miss Keys and the crowd of people. With a quick goodbye she left Unworthy behind and joined Miss Keys' side. Miss Keys was getting a barrage of questions but some of them turned towards Emma. Miss Keys smiled at Emma but they both wanted to be elsewhere but they needed to be here.

A question was shouted out for Emma, "Miss Keys said you may have a few available openings for private or public functions. She said we should send requests to you. What kind of requests give us a better chance?"

Emma thought for a moment, "Look, I am here on vacation like most of the rest of you. I didn't plan to draw all this attention and definitely wouldn't mind going back to unnoticed. I realize that isn’t happening. It makes me more grateful that Miss Keys offered to help as this is a bit overwhelming. But to answer the question, I don't have a good answer that would truly take away people's creativity. I came to explore and try new things. That is the first and foremost thing to draw my attention. Maid Ophelia offered and gave me a new epic experience. It was all her idea and she ran with it. I offered no input and played along though she was quite attentive and asked questions and looked after my needs and health. So that was just me in my submissive mode. Unworthy, here, has allowed me to do something new as well. I took a leap and made a move that she agreed to, which led to this. Part of that was her interaction at dinner, but mostly that was just me being spontaneous in the moment and I set the conditions and she is free to stop at any point. So that is probably less helpful."

Emma took a moment to think some more before continuing, "I can tell you just sending me a picture of your genitals isn't really going to cut it for me. If you send a picture, at least let me see all of you and if anything I would prefer some unique looks, whether clothes, bondage gear or whatever your mind can create. The only genital picks that might interest me are those in chastity much like myself. Maybe we should just start a chastity movement on this cruise."

 There were groans and cheers and plenty of confused faces.

"Pictures alone won't likely cut it. What is wanted and expected during our potential time is more important. My time is filling fast. If you want a good shot. Come up with a public idea that I and others can participate in, allowing more opportunities not just to be around me but to be exposed and maybe find others to do things on the trip. I will even consider spending up to a couple hours of private time for those whom I pick for their public idea. That doesn't mean I won't pick any straight private times but you will need to wow me and likely keep it short within two to three hours at most. An hour or less probably has a good chance if I'm wowed as I said. Beyond that I don't really know what else. Other than that, you guys can help me choose to do something here for the next hour to interact with me."

After plenty of suggestions, debate, and rules set, the crowd decided to use the pet play area filled with pillows. Emma and four volunteers would be cats that were confined to that area for the next hour or so. The cats got 10 minutes alone together before visitors could come play with them. They couldn't spend more than 5 minutes with a cat if someone else was waiting. The cats were allowed to answer questions asked of them but mostly they were expected to act the part. Emma knew it would likely be a never-ending conversation for her but at least she could have fun at the same time.

Miss Keys looked quite amused with Emma and her handling of things so far. She talked with Nathan and a few other people with varied interests and questions. She also took a moment to check on Unworthy with Nathan though her moaning suggested she was still having a good time.

Five sets of kitten ears, five thin collars with little bells, and three cat tail plugs with a bottle of lube were delivered. Emma removed her shoes for other people's safety. With her cat ears in place and her garters temporarily unmatched from her stockings, she allowed someone from the crowd to lube her backside and insert the tail. Emma took a moment to enjoy the feeling of being filled. She thanked the guy who helped her and rolled down her latex dress as best she could.

Emma crawled into the play area waiting for the others. The first cats to come in were the male and female who opted out of the tail plugs.

The man was probably in his early 40s, seemed reasonably attractive, reasonably fit, and seemed well endowed. Emma figured he might get decent attention as he came in naked and being the only male volunteer didn't hurt. Emma, horny as she was, kept staring at his cock. When she looked up, he was smiling at her knowing he had her attention.

His attention was quickly distracted by the tailless female. Her blonde hair, likely in her mid twenties, tone body, long legs, still in her lingerie which covered her 'b' cup breasts. She rubbed up against the male cat and swung her head close to his cock. It was clear her interest and Emma let them get started in their play while waiting on the others.

The next woman to enter the play area had dark skin and carried some extra weight under her green latex catsuit. A zipper in her crotch area extended far enough to allow her tail plug to be worn. She wore an open faced latex hood with medium length pink pigtails sticking out. The most notable feature on her was her massive breasts, maybe GG's Emma thought. The cutout on the front of the catsuit squeezed her breasts out and they were clearly lactating. She seductively crawled towards Emma, giving her a meow.

Emma grinned to herself crawling towards the green catsuit cat. The other cat kissed Emma on the lips, in which Emma playfully licked the tip of her nose. They rubbed and rolled around playfully with each other. It didn't take long for Emma to be on top sucking on one of the nipples while playing with the large breast. The woman underneath moaned away as Emma tried to get her fill of milk like a good kitten.

While focused on drinking her milk, Emma heard a quiet, "Excuse me, may I join in?"

As Emma looked up, the final volunteer was in front of her looking to join. Emma's first thought was did they let a child in here. But the young woman blushed as Emma looked into her eyes. Emma pointed to the other unused breast and continued on the one she had been feeding on.

As she enjoyed sucking and drinking her milk, she stroked the black hair of the newcomer. Emma eventually took more notice of the last volunteer. She was naked as far as actual clothes but was covered in piercings with her tongue, nose, lip, breasts, belly, clit, and at least half a dozen along her outer labia. She also had leather cuffs on her wrists and ankles. She had various tattoos, some quite humiliating. Emma wasn't just surprised by how young she looked but also how small she was. It is why she initially thought she was a child. She looked like she was under 5 feet tall, maybe closer to 4 and a half feet, and weighed less than 100 pounds. Her tiny breasts would be lucky to fit an 'a' cup.

As the five cats played, they were soon interrupted as members of the crowd joined in to play with them. Thankfully people mingled with all the other volunteers, so no one was left out and she wasn't the sole focus. Her time was spent mostly with men and a few women. There was plenty of petting and light play. She spent time with her head in numerous laps even though she wasn't offering any sexual favors as a couple others did. There were many conversations and questions, yet nothing really stood out. It was those moments she caught sight of Miss Keys that left her yearning and wanting to be with her. Even the brief glimpses of Unworthy gave more, much more to smile about. It wasn't that playing a kitty cat wasn't entertaining, just some of the guests killed the mood. Others were interesting but Miss Keys was on her mind whenever she had a moment to think. Emma felt like a teenager when she lasted over the first attractive guy she saw when her hormones kicked in.

As the play session ended along with Unworthy's milking, Emma took a moment to bring up one person's suggestion to Miss Keys. After a brief discussion some of the crowd gathered again.

Emma announced, "A suggestion was brought up during our play time that I can confirm I can do. It was asked if I could be a VIP for meals here and have volunteers sign up to eat with me. So likely in a couple hours there will be a listing to eat dinner with me for the first 7 days. There will be a waiting list added and if enough people sign up, more days will be added. If all the dinners fill, I will consider adding a few lunches. Breakfast for me is part of my private time so that isn't an option I am considering. We will limit each meal to between 5 to 7 people otherwise it is not only crowded but less time to interact with people. A more official announcement about this will be made tomorrow morning to all but you are getting advanced notice here. And the person who suggested gets first pick of dinner and she will be rewarded some time with me for the suggestion. So as I said earlier, my unplanned time was limited but if you come up with something good, I will try to make it happen. All other suggestions should be sent to my room as it is time for me to move to the club."

Some of the crowd left while others hung around. Unworthy had received her overnight injections for tomorrow. Miss Keys and Nathan were making their way over with Unworthy when a familiar voice spoke, "Excuse me Miss Emma, can I ask you a favor?"

It was the dark haired, small woman with the piercings and tattoos who volunteered to play kitty. She was still naked with the cat accessories, wrists and ankle cuffs. She was the one who came up with the VIP dinner idea so Emma was willing to hear her out right now. Emma nervously smiled, while the woman was pleasant and nice, she had a feeling this favor would be more than Emma could handle.

Emma nodded and asked, "First, what is your name?"

"I have no name, so call me whatever you like, Miss."

"You had to have ID to get on this ship, so you have a name."

"My Ma– former master had stripped me from ever using it and quite frankly I wouldn't want my old name back."

"What did he call you then?"

The woman frowned, "Anything he wanted. It was usually condescending and derogatory. So pick any. I will answer to anything."

Emma sighed, "What is the favor you wanted?"

The woman dropped to her knees, hands behind her back, and started begging, "Please let me worship you as a Goddess tonight and at least keep me until tomorrow. I wanted to be treated similarly to Unworthy but hopefully more humiliating if possible."

She prostrated herself on the floor in front of Emma. Emma could only blush and be slightly frustrated as all attention was on her again.

"Please stand up."

"Only if you agree to my request. I will accept any punishment as a result if you accept."

"For now I only agree to bring you to the club with me. We can discuss this further on the way. Do you have any shoes?"

The woman's head slowly rose from the floor, "No Goddess, what you see is all I have."

"So you don't have anything to wear including shoes?"

"No Goddess, my Master kicked me out and told me not to come back."

Miss Keys stepped in, "What size shoes do you wear?"

As the woman gave her shoe size and other information Miss Keys asked for, Emma thanked Nathan and promised to be back at his main display area on another day. Emma waited for Miss Keys to finish as she held Unworthy's leash.

Miss Keys turned to Emma, "You need to name her. She is your second worshiper and she won't accept any other name except what you give her. She is barely holding on so please do it and we will talk about it later."

Emma sighed. The day had been long as she was clearly getting tired but the night wasn't over. She looked at the woman with a soft smile, "You shall be temporarily known as Kit, short for kitten. You still look the part. That is my decree as your Goddess."

With a squeal, Kit dropped to her knees before going prostrate and thanking her Goddess. Emma had her get back up and stroked her hair for a minute or two as she hugged the tiny woman. Kit was crying into Emma's midsection as she towered over the woman with her heels.

"Thank you Goddess and thank you Miss Keys." Kit sniffled.

Emma, with everyone who wanted, followed Miss Keys back to Janice's booth.

Janice was waiting with a number of items in a pile in front of her. With a smile on her face, she asked, "Should I make sure I keep a stock of these on hand?"

A shout from the crowd, "Yes, she needs a set for me." A few more say the same.

Emma groaned, "No, I am not planning for more as I didn't expect this latest one either."

There were groans from the crowd but Janice smirked, "I will keep plenty on hand. You keep attracting them and my business will continue to grow."

Emma leaned forward towards Janice, "The next set will be for you."

Janice leaned in and whispered into Emma’s ear, "Tomorrow I will bring out some of my personal favorites for you to use on me during the demonstration, after you play my fetish model first. Most of what I custom make are things I made initially for me and enjoy. Think on that when you see what is in store for the demo."

Emma had a shiver down her spine as her mind went into overdrive. She was grinning to herself when she felt Janice's cheek brush hers and soon they were staring into each other's eyes oblivious to everyone else. Yeah we got all fetishists on this ship together looking for a good time. I am in heaven and looking forward to hell, thought Emma.

Emma was sifting through the items in front of her when another person came up to Miss Keys delivering a box. Miss Keys had the person deliver it to Emma instead saying they were Kit's new shoes. Emma smiled as she looked in. Either Miss Keys was being cruel or Kit was a glutton for punishment.

Emma started by handing Kit a black garter belt and seamed stockings. She had Unworthy help Kit put them on to ensure they were straight while Emma interacted with Miss Keys and the crowd. Next came what would normally be black calf length ballet boots, on Kit's shorter legs, they were closer to knee length. Kit clearly was not shocked at the sight of the boots and just smiled the whole time. After Unworthy laced both up tight, Emma removed Kit's leather cuffs to put on new ones similar to Unworthy, including the collar with a set of heavy chains to match Unworthy.

Emma reached down to the labia rings on Kit and asked, "Are these solid enough and are you fine with me padlocking them together?"

"Yes Goddess, my body is yours to do as you please. I don't get a proper chastity belt like her?" Pointing at Unworthy.

Emma responded, "No Kit. I want to take advantage of your sexy jewelry down there and allow others to see you. I like your piercings and don't want them hidden yet."

Kit excitedly smiled, "Yes Goddess."

After locking Kit's labia ring together, Emma continued, "Now are you okay and comfortable enough? Do you think you can manage walking the rest of the night in those? Speaking from experience, it won't be easy."

Kit replied, "I am good, Goddess. I will endure the boots for you. I chose them to show my commitment and gratitude."

Emma asked if she had any last questions or comments, which Kit shook her head no. Then she had Kit verify her safeword and let her know that she is free to leave whenever she wants. Beyond Kit exclaiming she didn't want to be freed from Emma, Emma put the ring gag with the penis plug into Kit's mouth. Attaching the leash to Kit, Emma slowly walked her leashed worshipers to the club.

As they reached the entrance to the main club on the cruise ship, the music was bumping and booming every time the door opened, well before they got there. There were lights strobing and flashes of people and cages could be seen just inside the entrance. It definitely looked like a busy place with a few others ahead of them making their way to the entrance.

A few people ahead of us were heading in when Master Zell stepped out. He saw Emma and made his way over. He quickly noticed another member whom he had been communicating with but didn't expect to see.

"Ah the illustrious Miss Keys graces my club after… How many years have we been doing this? I was sure you would never visit. Now what was the secret to get you here? Let me guess, unicorn magic. She said it was a thing earlier." He pointed at Emma.

Master Zell kisses Miss Keys's hand as she speaks, "You mainly want me performing on your main stage and then in your bed."

Master Zell smirked, "Guilty. Though I will take your presence any day. Plus the party goers would love to mingle more with the esteemed Miss Keys. Please, you are always welcome, milady. Should I prepare a place for you?"

"No, I unfortunately can't stay long. I have responsibilities to take care of as this was unplanned for me. I am here to help them get here safely and under your care until I return." Miss Keys reached out and stroked Zell's cheek, continuing, "Be a good little boy and take care of them properly and I will see that Emma comes back again."

Moving to Emma, Zell kissed her hand as well. Peering at the group behind Emma, he spoke, "Did you really need an entourage? I mean I know your fame is exploding between your goddess and unicorn powers."

Emma shrugged, "You are just jealous of my feminine wiles. Afterall I have done multiple things you couldn't do in less than a day without trying. Janice is keeping a supply of restraints and leashes for me if you want to take your proper place."

Emma and Zell smiled at each other before he looked over Emma’s shoulder at the two on the ends of the leashes.

He spoke again, "I didn’t think she would make it this long. I am impressed, you have brought two people who have turned me down for years on your first night. But rather than be jealous, I will enjoy the publicity if I can get a picture of the four of us before we enter. Are they both here both here to be cum receptacles?" He pointed to Unworthy and Kit.

"Do you want more than one?"

"I like to give options if available."

Emma turned to Kit, "You are free to do what you want but I will be staying with Unworthy. What would you like to do?"

Kit frowned then pleaded, "I want to be with you, Goddess. I am not used to making decisions anymore. It was hard to choose you. Tell me what to do. I am here to serve you and hopefully remain close."

Zell had been looking over Kit with interest. He looked at Emma, "I have Unworthy and you set up on one of my stages. I can add a cage or another cum receptacle box if you wish. Or you can just keep her up there with you. Either way she will be fine to be up there as people will be going up to unload their loads."

One person from the group asked if they could get a place on stage as well. But Zell took the moment to talk to the rest of the crowd and invited them in and offered those who wanted to volunteer various positions he could use extra help with. While Zell kept the others occupied, Emma discussed with Kit what she wanted and Emma involved Unworthy in the decision. After the picture, Emma handed the leashes over to Zell so the two of them could be prepared. Emma and Miss Keys walked in together to take a look around.

While the music was louder in the first room which seemed to be more of the main dance floor. Emma couldn't call it necessarily typical as there were cages on the ground and hanging from the ceiling. Most were filled with people. There were a few small stages, many with poles and dancers using them. There were at least two bars and a small section with tables and chairs. While some people were in more vanilla attire doing normal club things. There were plenty in untraditional attire and performing acts usually illegal at least in the U.S.

Emma passed through another door into a quieter but much more exotic area. It looked like a large orgy dominated the middle of the room with plenty of bondage furniture and toys along the edge. Most of them were in use. As they continued to walk by, it was quiet enough for Emma to talk.

"Miss Keys, I really appreciate your help and your willingness to put up with all this. I know you are busy and while others know you, I still don't know much about you."

Miss Keys smiled as she responded, "It is I who appreciates that you allowed me to witness this. As I stated before you made me curious and you helped me feel a bit younger and less stressed. I have not let myself relax enough over the years."

Emma was happy to hear she made her feel a bit better and decided to ask, "Do I get to know you more? I mean I really would give up everything on this trip to spend time with you. You have seen me meet people but you are the one on my mind."

Miss Keys grabbed Emma’s hand and stopped. "First, my Moth, tonight is about you and exploring. Tomorrow morning between the measurements and dealing with Unworthy, we will discuss your future plans and I will answer questions about myself though they will probably take longer than the length of this trip to get all your answers. You have also stirred up feelings I haven't had in years and I need the night to process some anyways. Just know for now I am a workaholic and can't dedicate all my time to you. I have far too many responsibilities. But I imagine we will make some time together but that is a discussion for later. You have a job tonight. And you have your growing harem to juggle."

Emma groaned, "I don't have a harem and even if I did, I would give it up to devote to you."

Miss Keys laughed, "You have no idea what you have started. Most of that crowd would join your other worshipers and praise their Goddess. I have no doubts some are thinking about you the way you are thinking about me, including Unworthy to a degree. And Kit I am afraid might be more difficult."

Emma sighed, "What am I supposed to do with Kit?"

Miss Keys frowned, "She will likely need to stay with you tonight. I am working on her situation as we speak and part of why I will be leaving soon after you get settled in here. I will be back to pick the three of you up in a few hours."

Emma sighed but Miss Keys added, "Time to remove me from your thoughts for now. You have two beautiful women who are humiliating themselves for you. Don't underestimate the gift Victoria is giving you. Role-play or not, this is well beyond her normal. No one has done anything like this to her publicly and she is desperate to please you. I also know full well you appreciate her body as well. Kit is something we will have to figure out later but she is vulnerable and has attached herself to you. Be careful with her. Now I will give you the pleasure of holding my hand until we get to the stage even though you are the star of the night here."

Emma looked into Miss Keys's eyes, "I am greedy and want more of you. But you are my star, I pale in comparison."

Miss Keys stroked Emma's cheek with her free hand, answering, "They don't put cum receptacles on stage as the main attraction. You are the star tonight. Now be what I know you can be and give everyone else all of you. If I am worth it to you, then the wait will make it sweeter. As I said I will be back in a few hours."

The two of them continued hand in hand. There were other sections of the club off in directions they weren't going. Despite everything going on around them, things Emma was curious about or would like to try, Emma was just happy to be near Miss Keys. She really felt like a lovestruck teenager.

Emma and Miss Keys finally made it to the stage. The stage was about four feet above the main floor. Steps led up to what looked like a white marble surface. A throne sat between two transparent boxes which held Unworthy and Kit in each. Only their heads and necks were exposed outside the boxes. It appeared each had a pillow to kneel on if they chose but appeared to be squatting with their hands against the front portion of the boxes, at the moment. Kit smiled at the sight of Emma, while Unworthy gave off a sense of longing when looking at Emma. This brought Miss Keys's words back to Emma.

Master Zell offered his hands to both women and walked them up. As they turned towards the audience and the main area of the room, the music cut and Master Zell spoke, "Greetings my guests and welcome to the VIP portion of the club. As this is the first night and first time for many, let me introduce myself. I am Master Zell, owner of this club and likely Master to many of the beautiful women out there in the near future. But that is for the future. Now I would like to introduce a couple of important guests. First is the lovely and amazing Miss Keys. Without her, none of us would likely be here to experience this amazing adventure. It was her idea and with the support of others, we were able to bring this specialty cruise to all of you. She is still the backbone of all that happens here and graces my club for the very first time. But as she is a very busy woman, she will not be staying long but it is my honor to introduce and offer her the recognition she has earned."

The audience applauded and Miss Keys quickly thanked everyone, before Master Zell continued, "We have a special guest for those who saw the welcoming video or watched the pre-dinner show of the Maid and the Unicorn. For those unfamiliar, the unicorn herself, Miss Emma, is here with a couple of lovely ladies you see behind us. These two lovely ladies are competing for your love juices. You are free to bring used condoms, glasses filled, or even give it directly from the source. You may ask them to orally pleasure or verbally stimulate you but they are not required to. Miss Emma is potentially willing to perform handjobs or verbally stimulate you in order to help you fill up her lovely worshipers. She will not perform any oral or anal acts, so don't be rude and ask. It is in your best interest to be polite and courteous to them if you want their attention. Let me reiterate they are here for your cum and no other fluids or things to eat. The one who eats the most cum will be rewarded in just about three hours. Now let the best cum receptacle win."

After quickly checking on the two in the boxes, Emma took her seat on the throne. A few people that followed her to the club came up and initiated conversation. Emma had quickly given a couple of hand jobs as Unworthy, to this point, turned down all requests for blowjobs including Zell's. Kit, for her part, had no problem taking every cock offered as it had only been men so far. Though part of Emma was itching to do more herself.

Both Unworthy and Kit were getting pretty consistent attention. Then Emma got a request from one man who asked to kiss her shoes and be allowed to massage her feet after. Her feet had been aching and sore with all the walking she did in shoes that weren't designed for it today. It felt so heavenly to have her feet taken care of. This suddenly became its own event. A line formed to kiss and massage her feet while others, including some women, used the cum receptacles.

Emma noticed a number of people still bringing used condoms and feeding them to the receptacle of choice. It was nearing the end of the three hours as Master Zell gave a last call for those wanting to use the receptacles. Emma still had a line though many had been repeating as she put a five minute limit on the foot massaging. Emma had many hopefuls looking for private time later on the cruise. She gave them the same spiel as she did at Nathan's booth about sending their requests to her room, but warned her time was limited and seeing her during public events like this was most likely to happen.

Both women looked tired and maybe a little sick from all the cum they had ingested. It was soon to be over when a woman with half a dozen collared men behind her carrying large glasses mostly filled with a white fluid that Emma would guess was cum.

She was tall, probably an inch or two taller than Emma, putting her around six plus feet. Her dyed blonde hair was in a tight ponytail. Her black, leather, short sleeved top was tight with the neck plunging low, allowing ample view of her cleavage. Her black leather skirt was also tight as it made its way to her mid thigh. Her black five inch heel thigh high boots disappeared under the edge of her skirt. She had an aura of superiority which was enhanced by the leashes she held of the six men behind her.

Unworthy for her part was whimpering and saying no over and over. Emma could guess this woman was here for Victoria in some way. As she made eye contact with Emma she gave a slight nod and walked onto the stage.

As the woman reached Emma she held out her hand, while saying, "Greetings I am Mistress Cal."

Emma shook her hand and introduced herself as Emma.

Mistress Cal smiled and started again, "I have a bit of a dilemma. I have one hundred loads of cum that need to be properly dispensed. I assume the competition is close and if I give all of it to one person they will win."

Emma nodded as Mistress Cal walked over to Kit. She stroked Kit's hair as she spoke to her, "I am sorry honey. If the options were different, I would prefer you to win over her most every time. But I can't pass up this opportunity."

She kissed the top of Kit's head before moving towards Unworthy. Emma was so focused on Mistress Cal that she didn't notice Miss Keys return to stand next to her. Emma watched the fear in Unworthy's eyes as Mistress Cal approached her.

Mistress Cal grabbed the first cup on her way and spoke again, "Normally I would not be trying to help you win but I feel you really deserve this. I worked hard to get all of this just for you. Now open up."

Unworthy resigned to her fate as she began crying and opened up her mouth and drank all the glasses of cum. Multiple times through Unworthy began gagging but kept it down and continued. Mistress Cal made sure to get every bit out and had Unworthy lick her fingers clean.

When Mistress Cal was finished she turned to Emma, "Thank you for sharing with us these wonderful cum receptacles. If you and Unworthy are doing any more public events let me know. I also wouldn't mind a private meeting either."

Mistress Cal winked at Unworthy and smiled at Emma before leaving the stage. A few men came and helped remove Unworthy and Kit from their boxes soon after. Their stomachs were distended, Unworthy's much more so.

Emma whispered to Unworthy while rubbing her belly, "I guess I was not the only one wishing to impregnate you orally with cum. I will say you look sexy, pregnant with your cum baby."

Unworthy whimpered. Emma continued rubbing her Unworthy's belly. Kit was down on her knees hugging Emma’s leg. Miss Keys for her part stood off to the side taking in the scene.

As things were cleared except the throne, Emma announced Unworthy the winner to the audience to much applause. Her prize was to worship Emma's ass while Kit worshiped Unworthy's. So Emma leaned over the throne and let the other two position themselves as they started. Emma's eyes focused on Miss Keys who just smiled back waiting. While Emma enjoyed the pleasure of Unworthy's tongue in her ass, she fantasized about the many parts of Miss Keys she wanted to worship.

With the leashes reconnected, they left the stage followed by the club all together. They first took Unworthy to her room and reminded her to report to Ophelia in a maid uniform later in the morning since it was past midnight. Then the rest returned to Emma's room.

Once inside, Emma had Kit go clean up in the bathroom. Emma took the opportunity to talk to Miss Keys some more and eventually said,

"I don't have room on my bed for both of us. What am I supposed to do?"

Kit came out at that moment and responded, "Tie me up on the floor, preferably a tight hogtie, gag and hood me then chain my collar to the bed. That is how I have slept most nights for the past couple years."

Both Emma and Miss Keys frowned at the last sentence but knew it would just be easier to give in to her for the night. Miss Keys left Emma to bind Kit. After placing some blankets on the floor despite Kit's protests, Emma undid the chains connecting Kit's cuffs and collar. Emma then found her X-strap designed for hogties. Emma secured each cuff to a ring at the end of each strap with a lock. Ensuring Kit was comfortable she put a sensory deprivation hood on Kit and made sure she was able to breathe and comfortable. She finished off connecting a three foot chain to Kit's collar and gave her feet a quick tickle.

With Kit settled in for the night, it was Emma's turn. Miss Keys helped Emma get undressed and put a sensory deprivation hood on her this time. She then helped Emma into bed and used the restraints that were part of the bed and strapped Emma down. Emma felt Miss Keys fondled her breasts briefly before there were no more touches. Emma was deaf, blind and unable to move. More importantly she was exhausted and didn't stay conscious long. This was not even the first official day and to Emma it was already amazing. If the rest of the cruise was half as fun, it would exceed Emma's expectations as she already felt the cost of the cruise was well worth it already.


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