Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Continues from

Part 3. Sharks and Fire

"I have never really been an exhibitionist. It feels a little weird to be this exposed heading to a group of people." Emma spoke with a slight bit of concern.

Ophelia walked next to her, bursting out laughing. As she calmed down she spoke, "You realize my Unicorn that you wore much less than you currently are to our performance. Sure the latex is see-through to a degree but still opaque. But you have a dress on this time. Earlier you just had a corset, chastity belt, stockings, and boots. Oh and a sexy fucking tail. Too bad you couldn't wear it with this. But people could still see more flesh clearly earlier and a whole lot more when my Unicorn was on display. Maybe you feel more exposed as your head is uncovered."

Emma looked down and rubbed her hands over the sides of her nude skin tight latex mini dress. The dress stretched from a couple inches above her neckline while covering her solidly down to a couple inches below her hips along the upper edges of her thighs. The short sleeves ended just above her biceps. Her black corset was visible underneath. Ophelia thankfully had plenty of practice and showed no mercy when tightening it. Ophelia took her breath away in many ways metaphorically and literally. This time was definitely literal. Her breasts were pushed up by the corset while being compressed and spread out by the latex dress. It gave her a much different shape than her normal but helped accent all the other curves of her body. Her hands and arms were encased in matching latex elbow length gloves. Black garter held her dress down while holding up the latex stockings that matched the rest of the outfit. Her eight inch heeled black strappy sandals had what amounted to a three quarter inch platform. Needless to say she was not en pointe again but definitely on her sore toes again. But she loved heels and the discomfort was both a blessing and a curse that she wanted pretty much at all times. The entirety of the outfit along with her hair and makeup definitely changed and enhanced her look. Her curves were on full maximum display and truly little was left to the imagination. Everyone who wanted to would get to see her physical attributes, even if they were mildly covered.

Emma smirked, "Yeah that tail felt incredibly sexy. So it probably looked sexy as well. But you are right, people have seen me already. But I have always been a bit low on self esteem, especially when it comes to my body."

"I think most of us have some issue with our bodies. Understand my Unicorn, I think you have an amazing body and am quite jealous of it. Most of the time I think I am stuck in some pre-puberty time loop. But let's look at the fun ahead, at least for you."

"Maybe we should have you wear the sexy tail and turn you into a unicorn when you are around me."

Ophelia smiled, "That would have been lovely but that opportunity has passed I am afraid."

"I'm sorry Miss. I should have…"

Ophelia cut Emma off, "No need to be sorry. This is your vacation to do as you wish. Within the rules at least. And you gave me more in our short time than anyone else. You have no idea the kindness and blessing you gave me. I get to cherish this the rest of my life. And I own a possession, in your chastity key, that would buy me out of my debt, but reality is that it is priceless to me."

Emma grabbed Ophelia’s hand and stopped while pulling her in. She leaned down as best as she could to the petite maid and kissed her.

"It's your key to do as you wish. If you want to use it to give to your Mistress for your freedom then do so."

"No." Ophelia looked up at Emma with tears in her eyes. "I will not give her the key even for my freedom. I did not ask for it for that purpose. If I gave it to her, your debt would be significantly more than mine to get it back. So no. I would hand it back to you before giving it to her. I told you that you are walking to the sharks. She probably isn't the biggest but she is the one I know the best. If you wish to do anything with her, that is your choice. But I will hand the key to you, not her. Thankfully I have a little over two weeks to figure out what I want to do with it and enjoy knowing I control your lack of touch down there. But my Unicorn doesn't need to be touched if used properly, as we have proven. Every reaction so far suggests I should get rid of it and leave you in it permanently."

Emma started moaning as Ophelia on her toes pulled Emma's lips to hers for another kiss.

"Let's go you permanent chastity whore before I decide to ensure it is reality."

As Ophelia cracked a smile, she pulled Emma along to the dining hall.

As they reached the doors outside the dining hall, Ophelia stopped and looked up to Emma, "Remember, many sharks and you are alone. But also remember to get what you want and have fun. I don't want to sway your opinions anymore than I have. I am not trying to throw my Mistress under the bus. Some people get very good deals from her. But like many people, she will use leverage to get what she wants. I'm afraid both me and the chastity key could come into play. Don't let them matter in any choice you make. I told you I will not give her the key for my freedom. That is my choice. Please respect that. Plus you said it is my key to do as I wish. So don't use it to negotiate with someone else. If I don't see you before the end of the trip, stick around your room. I will come to you after the rest of my clients leave and give my decision. I will allow you to bring one person to negotiate for the key at that time but remember I will do what I want with it. It may be gone before then, over the side of the boat, but you won't know until then. You are not required to stick around to learn the key's fate but I am hoping to see you one last time. Also, thank you for meeting my Mistress for dinner. It will, hopefully, make her happy enough with me that you are coming. So give me one last kiss from those sexy Unicorn lips and I will take you in and introduce you."

After an extended kiss, Emma spoke, "You are an amazing woman in a shitty situation. I hope things work out. Do what you need with the key. I will be there at the end to see you if I don't see you during other parts of the trip. The key is irrelevant, as we have proven and for all intents and purposes, it has been destroyed. Video shows it."

"I am quite amazing, for such a lowly maid. My Korean-Brazilian pussy will see more action than yours but you will get the real action of living out your fantasies." Ophelia giggled at Emma as they walked in.

Inside the dining hall, hundreds of people were sitting at mostly filled up tables. Ophelia led Emma towards the front which also had a small stage and a large screen covering the wall. Emma guessed other activities between meals happened here. There were multiple dining halls around the ship but this one was her assigned one though she was a special guest at the VIP table tonight.

As they got closer, two servants helped an average height and sized woman stand up. She happened to be dressed in an old style Victorian red with gold dress. Her brunette hair and makeup were done in a fashion similar to portraits of that era of time. She appeared to be about similar age as Emma. The other four people at the table stayed seated. All eyes on Emma, including the Victorian woman who had deep blue eyes. They met each other about half way.

Ophelia curtsied the woman and began introductions, "Mistress this is Emma. Emma, this is my Mistress."

Reaching out her gloved hand, "Pleasure to meet you, Emma, the majestic Unicorn. You may call me Queen Victoria or your majesty. At least for the evening as I do enjoy a bit of role-play. On most days I am Miss Victoria or Mistress to my servants and those who wish they were my servants."

Emma, playing it up, gently held the Queen's hand and gave it a soft kiss. As she let go of her hand, she took a step back and curtsied.

"Pleasure to meet you as well, your majesty."

"Those words do sound delicious from a Unicorn's mouth and with manners. You could very well succeed in my kingdom with the performances you have already put on today. Speaking of performances, the Subspace Ship Museum is going to induct your work of the Maid and the Unicorn in our permanent collection. That is how highly we thought of that wonderfully majestic performance that is not even a couple hours old. While we have your lovely horn, we were hoping both of you would do some PR and maybe a small event or two over the course of the trip. It will be a benefit to us and we will listen to compensation for your time. The Maid will be promoting it. The hope is to get you as well, if we work out some available times. I am aware you don't know your plans yet but I am curious if you will at least entertain the idea of making time and participating. We have a few days before an answer is likely needed but I wanted you to know before any plans are made in case you would like to participate. There will be an introduction video after dinner and clips of the performance will be shown, as a heads up. If it pleases you, let's have dinner." Turning to Ophelia, "We will talk more about it later, Ophelia. Time to get back to your duties."

Ophelia curtsied her Mistress and then smiled while she curtsied Emma before she walked out leaving Emma to follow Queen Victoria to their seats. She was quickly introduced to the other four guests, three men and a woman. Nathan, Master Zell, Sir Jerry, and Janice. It was clear that this group knew each other and they were the first group she would have to deal with. They all were hoping to get something from her. They quickly spent time asking questions mostly about Emma.

Eventually Nathan asked in his jovial manner, "If you don't mind, what are your plans and or goals for this cruise?"

Emma smiled knowing the question was coming, "My basic answer to that is simple and probably gets some of you salivating. I am here to explore, try new things, and hopefully fulfill some of my long running fantasies. But…" Emma looks at the five of them in turn with a smirk. "It is clear I was asked here so you guys could get first crack at me. That is fine in that it had to start with someone. Realize though I am not some pushover. Since all of you are business people to some degree, I will listen to your proposals. If they are acceptable and I want to do it then we will work out further details. We all have limited time, including me, as I am guessing this trip will go by quickly. There are other people, for me as well as you, to meet and discuss terms for the rest of the trip. Since I seem to be one of the first you guys are interested in, I expect to come out ahead in our transactions, if I am the catch you are hoping to make above all else. Don't let my earlier performance suggest I'm a one trick Unicorn."

The last line got most of the table laughing and everyone at least smiling.

Emma continued, "First, since this was asked of me to consider when I got here, I am willing to help promote The Maid and The Unicorn if Ophelia gets the day off to spend with me the day or days we promote it. I understand that it is unfair to other clients to have her the whole trip, so those one or two days will do. I will try to include the assistant from the show if the days line up and if I can work out something with her Master much like you. You don't have to answer immediately but that is what I counter your earlier proposal with. You can think on it while someone else offers theirs."

Victoria quietly sat there as Nathan immediately jumped in, "Miss Emma, I run a ranch with my partner on the mainland that specializes in pet play and training as well as some other niche areas. We get many volunteers who want to try out various things. We also have a VIP section in our display area that we pay our guests who are in there per hour depending on the type of activities. I am hoping you would come participate at least once in that area for a few hours at least on one day. Being able to promote the Unicorn will be a great boon for me. There are other options as well including various pet trainings which I would waive fees if it was open to the public and filmed to help promote my business. There is the highly popular hucow milking and breeding area. We have a specialized injection that can get you temporarily lactating so you can be milked. Most women who come to us enjoy the feeling of it and the temporary larger breasts for a bit. The breeding portion is optional and usually free but we can negotiate if that interests you. There are plenty of other options but I don't want to take up all our dinner. I have a booth after dinner if you care to stop by. I will even pay you to participate for an hour. You will still be able to meet and talk with people who come up. And I don't want to use all your time. It is up to you and I am more than willing to give you more information later, when you are ready."

Emma smiled, "I admit I find many of the options intriguing so I am willing to look into it. Though I didn't come here to become popular or even be noticed by many. Clearly this Unicorn business isn't going away."

Everyone else laughed again as Sir Jerry spoke up next, "No Miss Emma, your Unicorn persona has caught our attention as well as others. Hopefully many more after tonight and if we can help it, throughout the entire length of this cruise if possible. It will enhance the legacy you came up with, intentionally or not."

Emma interrupted quickly, "Sorry to interrupt but this unicorn thing is not mine. While I ended up portraying the part, I will not take credit for it other than playing my part. If you guys want to credit someone, then credit the actual mastermind of this. The lovely Ophelia came up with it and ran with it. She was right that I was already catching attention just from registration. And it seems she suckered me in to ensure as many eyes on me as possible. So either she is a great actress for her Mistress or you undervalue that incredible woman who could be a much bigger asset than just your maid slave who you also pimp out at your brothel."

"How dare you, you lowly peasant!"

Emma instantly had an evil smirk at that.

"Ah, but I do dare, Queen Victoria. You see lowly peasants, as you say, have overthrown their tyrannical leaders for much less." Emma stood up and walked behind Victoria. "If I were merely a lowly peasant, I might just do that. But I am so much more." As Emma from behind Victoria caresses her neck as she leans in towards her ear. "You see no mortal, not even a queen, can stand up to Goddess. No, your place is at my feet, groveling and begging to worship me. To be stripped of your power, chained, punished, locked up, and left to be a worthless public sex toy, just to please me." Emma finishes whispering in Victoria's ear, "That is what I will give you Queen Victoria. With you ending up mine, babbling and begging for more, just for the pleasure to worship divinity."

Victoria shuddered and shook at the words Emma spoke. Emma stood back up and returned to her seat.

"Outside of giving me Ophelia, my offer to you is to role-play, specifically some power exchange role-play. I am sure you are used to and comfortable with the top position and control. Maybe you have role-played and allowed men to top you. I doubt you have let another woman do it. I have no problems letting you start on top but I want a power exchange with it finishing with you on the bottom. That is my current offer. If you have something else to offer, I am willing to listen. Take your time and think about it. And sorry again for interrupting you Sir Jerry and please everyone call me Emma. Except for Queen Victoria, she may call me Goddess, instead." Emma finished with the biggest devilish grin possible.

Victoria had dropped her eyes and looked down at her food. Anything to avoid Emma's gaze as a hoarse laugh that led to a bit of coughing came from Sir Jerry.

Sir Jerry finally finished coughing and started speaking again, "Yes. Yes. You are right that Ophelia not only deserves credit for naming you a Unicorn but also for properly presenting you to everyone as well. It is far more true than some may wish but it’s a breath of fresh air. Especially for someone, like me, who is always looking for inspiration. I am a fashion designer in the niche market of our alternative culture. I run several fashion shows throughout the cruise. I have four planned for this particular one but you have given me inspiration on something new. I would like to make it for you and have you model it for the show as well as the after party. It likely wouldn't be ready until one of the later shows. Though I am not against it if you wish to model at more of my shows. What I offer is that you will get to keep the outfit I design for you. Anyone here can attest that they usually sell for quite a bit of money. You could sell it or do what you like with it. As a bonus if you participate in other shows and dress for the after party, I would allow you to select, from some of my collection, another outfit for each show."

Emma contemplated for a minute before asking, "What type of outfit are you looking to make me?"

"A unicorn outfit, of course, with a bit of removable bondage flair and other accessories to make play time in it easier. I would like to get exact measurements of you so I can make this work of art if you are willing to display it at the show and after party. I guarantee it will be an original one of a kind, even if other unicorn outfits are made. I want this to be unique and fit properly for you. I have shows on the third, seventh, tenth, and fourteenth days of the cruise. It most likely wouldn't be finished before the tenth one but if I get the measurements early as in by tomorrow and everything goes well, maybe the seventh one is an option. Though you are welcome to participate in any of them for me. Just give me a heads up as early as possible so I can make you shine as best possible."

Emma nodded, "Sounds reasonable. I will work on figuring out my plans and try to get the measurements done soon."

Sir Jerry smiled, "Send a message and I will send an assistant to get your measurements."

He pulled out a large pad of paper and a pencil and started sketching. Seemed he was done talking for the moment.

After a brief pause, Janice spoke up, "I will admit, Emma, you have exceeded my expectations of what I expected. With that, I run an online store catering to the BDSM society that includes mass produced and customized gear and furniture. Many of the stores here sell my items including the lovely horn from your performance. So from the sounds of it I should be thanking Ophelia for the idea as well as buying it. Must say it wasn't designed to be a horn but I may need to consider a new customized head harness for that purpose. I will even name it after you. But as a businesswoman, I would also like to take advantage of your popularity here to help sell more of my product. With compensation of course. I, like Nathan, have a booth later and if I can get you to visit for a bit I would compensate you for that. I also have demonstrations throughout the entirety of the cruise and would love to get you as one of the guests to come try out and test some of my products in front of others. I am willing to offer some of the items for free or a very discounted rate for the time you put in."

Emma thoughtfully nodded, "I am interested but I want to ask Victoria a few questions first and then I will likely come back with some questions."

"By all means," Janice responded.

Victoria was looking up at Emma again at this point. Clearly she was nervous and shaking. The normally arrogant and powerful woman sat there subdued. Emma thought to herself, maybe I do have some weird aura that affects some people. 

Emma smiled and asked Victoria, "Would you like to finish role-playing as a fallen Queen to her almighty Goddess? This will not count as your role-play opportunity if you decide to take that opportunity. But beware, this will be public and I fully expect you to give it your all. You can quit it but you would forfeit any other opportunities if you agree to this and don't follow through. You are not required and don't need to agree to this as it has no effect on later offers. It only does if you do accept and fail to live up to expectations of one with your standing. Be warned, while I will not physically hurt you, I will demand much of you until we are finished or you quit. Unless, of course, you have thoughts about a counter offer for me? If you want to finish this role-play get down on all fours and kiss my shoes and beg to serve your Goddess properly. If you don't want your dress ruined, take it off, otherwise it is fair game if we continue. Also if you don't want to continue, but have something else to discuss first before I move on, then do so."

Victoria sat there visibly shaking and contemplating. She stood up gesturing to the two earlier servants, before turning back to Emma, "Goddess, I would like to continue but also preserve my dress. It will take some time to remove. If you will excuse me I will be back to worship your shoes properly when I get back."

"No. They will undress you here if you wish to continue." Victoria froze as the words were spoken. "Someone of your ilk is far beneath me to be concerned for her modesty. I only offered to spare your clothes, not your pride. So you undress here in front of everyone while your betters finish their discussion. Leave on your heels, gloves, and hosiery and you are given the choice to keep wearing any lingerie underneath or remove it. If you have none underneath, that is not my concern, you will have to go without. If you are wearing heels that are less than six inches, have one of the servants bring back a pair of your highest heels for you, then you will dismiss them until they are called to retrieve you. Understood?"

"Yes Goddess." As everyone started watching Victoria be undressed in the dining hall by her two servants.

Master Zell spoke up first this time, "I'm impressed and oddly a little jealous. You have only just met the queen tyrant herself and have her already submitting to you. How did I not figure this out before and bend her to my will?"

Emma shrugged, "Lack of Unicorn magic? Maybe Estrogen-based Goddess powers? Would you like me to try them on you?"

Master Zell laughed, "You may certainly try but I fear while you seemly have some power, I am not as easily affected. But I should at least give my opening offer to you. I own a number of clubs and host many parties, including here on this ship. The party after this is hosted by me. There will be a much more private exclusive party after it as well as most other nights on this cruise. My gift to you, with nothing asked in return, is that you are welcome to join any of the parties freely as a guest or entertainment. Now my hope is to entice you to be entertainment for at least one of those parties. There are a number of forms including serving drinks in bondage, cage dancing, poses in various restraints, being an objectified cum dump receptacle, and many other things. There is a main stage with many competitions throughout the night. I would like to get you in one of those competitions. There are cash rewards for competing as well as bigger rewards for winning. And last but not least, completely optional, but what would it take to spend the night with you?"

"Only if you bound tightly while licking my ass before I plow yours with a massive strap-on."

Janice giggled and Master Zell grinned while responding, "While that is a fantasy you dream about, and I don't blame you; I will counter with, you and I work together to dominate another willing submissive with me finishing off having anal sex with you while you peg them. I doubt you have experienced working with a man to dominate another person. I would even let you choose who the willing participant is. I most certainly wouldn't mind if it was Victoria, if that is an option."

"So you have a thing for Victoria?"

"Not really but I will say I prefer the submissive woman over a dominant one. I wouldn't mind testing her out after all these years of her playing Queen Bee. Speak of the devil."

At that point, Victoria returned. She was in red six inch heeled calf boots, nude stockings held up by a red garter belt, red ruffled brief panties, and a gorgeous red corset bound tightly around her frame giving the quintessential hourglass figure. She looked far more beautiful than Emma expected. Her body was well taken care of and it turned Emma on more than she expected.

Victoria dropped slowly to her knees before getting on all fours and began kissing Emma's shoes. After about thirty seconds, stopped kissing Emma's shoes and started begging to be allowed to worship her Goddess more.

Emma glared down at Victoria, "Do you think your kind is worthy of worshiping me?"

Victoria's head sagged, meekly responding, "No, Goddess."

"You're right. You not only are not worthy. You are not worthy of being queen. You are not worthy of being a woman. You are not worthy enough to be a servant. You are not even worthy of being a human being. I find you unworthy. That is what you are and shall be called from now on. You only answer to being called Unworthy."

Emma could hear her sobbing as she replied, "Yes, Goddess."

"Look up at me Unworthy, while you have a chance. I am a cruel, sadistic goddess who will show you little mercy and push your limits beyond your imagination. I have ended your reign of tyranny. Now you will spend the rest of your existence suffering for your misdeeds and your failure to be of any consequence other than Unworthy. Of course you are free to quit serving me and forfeit your future time with me. Now stand up and slowly turn so I may better inspect you."

Victoria stood up still slightly sobbing and sniffling.

As she slowly turned, Emma admired her well toned and maintained body. Emma smacked her taut ass as she continued turning. Admiring the incredible work on her cinched waist, Emma couldn't help but admire Victoria's body and tiny waist. Emma's frame would never allow her to be that small without damage. As Victoria finished her turn and faced Emma, Emma noticed a large wet spot on the front of Victoria's panties.

"I see Unworthy is a little slut, turned on by my treatment of her. I guess that is to be expected when something of your stature is in my presence. Now, to continue trying to improve your standing with me this is what you will do….."

While Unworthy was off making a few quick preparations, Emma discussed plans with the other three as Sir Jerry was occupied with designing Emma's Unicorn outfit. Just as their discussion finished up for what will happen later this evening, the mic turned on on-stage and Victoria got everyone's attention. Victoria slipped a hand down the front of her panties and began playing with herself in front of the audience as she spoke.

"Greetings ladies, gentlemen, and all others. I am Unworthy. Unworthy of my previous title. Unworthy of my previous name. Unworthy of human designation. I sit on the precipice of Oblivion and teetering on the edge of the void. It is my last chance to properly exist. While saddened to have sunk low enough to become Unworthy, I also find myself aroused at my new position in life. Though I shed tears initially at being Unworthy, I found myself wanting more to be Unworthy. Though I have much to atone for as Unworthy, I feel my need to be Unworthy. My punishment shall be harsh and cruel as Unworthy, yet I desire to exist as Unworthy. My sins will never be forgiven by my Goddess, but I crave to be her Unworthy. My presence and proclamation right now is meant to continue to strip away more of my tainted pride. As I show all of you, as well as my Goddess, I am happy and pleased to be her Unworthy.”

Victoria ripped off her panties with her outer hand, showing her fingers of her other hand buried deep in her pussy. She removed her juice cover fingers as she showed them off to the crowd.

“This part of my tainted pride, laid bare before you. As my last allowed words for now finish, stripping my pride and punishing me. To rebuild me to be better. I am to be Unworthy for I am Unworthy.”

Victoria shoved her fingers in her mouth licking them clean before using her torn panties to wipe off her juices between her legs. She held up the wetter torn panties and then inserted them, fully into her mouth, before exiting the stage.

Applause from all around the dining hall, when Master Zell spoke, “Holy hell. Emma is going to need her own wing in the museum, if not a separate museum at the pace she is going.”

While there was plenty of chatter, Emma just watched Unworthy make her way back and kneel before her.

“Dinner is nearly done. You will remove my shoes and massage my aching toes. Your friends and I have set up the next part of your tainted pride removal as we shall call it now. I am pleased enough with your speech but don’t get too confident. It only gets harder.”

The other members of the table got up and said their goodbyes so that they could make their own preparations for the evening. Emma sat there enjoying her foot massage while it lasted. In a few minutes they will be moving on and Unworthy would be in for a surprise or three.

As Emma walked into the room hosting the party, the lights were dim as three of the walls had screens showing the introduction video. The PA system was loud enough for everyone to hear as suddenly, Ophelia’s voice echoed through the room welcoming them to the pre-dinner show. While Emma experienced it, she actually had not seen what the audience had seen before. Needless to say Emma ended up a little weak kneed and incredibly horny. While there were some mentions of the performance as well as some question panels and meet and greets possibly coming in the future that might affect her, Emma ignored the rest. She slowly made her way towards Janice's booth before the lights went back on. When the lights came back on they were within view of the booth and could see a small crowd already gathered. As other people browsed, Janice noticed we were there and placed a pile of objects on the counter.

"Here you go. If you need help with any of it let me know. Hopefully people will be busy watching you two so I can enjoy watching as well."

Shifting along packages and boxes, Emma found the first item to use. Unwrapping the steel contraption that was different than the one she was currently wearing but best they could do on short notice. Emma turned to face Unworthy who had her head bowed facing the floor, cheeks red with a hint of shame. Her eyes flitted towards the belt and began to bulge. Her mouth was still full of her torn panties so the mumbled words and groans were distorted.

Emma gently stroked Unworthy's hair, "I said it would get tougher and we need to remove more of your tainted pride. You are truly not worthy of the gifts I am giving you yet you will wear them cause I desire it. You will repay lady Janice back tomorrow as part of your potential release from this belt. Now let’s get this on and the rest of it as well."

The chastity belt took a little work adjusting the sizes to properly fit her. Next came a set of heavy chains with five steel bands. Once placed around her wrists, ankles and neck, the heavy chains sagged slightly while also limiting her movement and gave her the appearance of a slave or prisoner. Emma then attached a set of bovine shaped ears to her head and inserted a butt plug tail with similar features. To degrade her more, she added a collar with multiple D-rings and a heavy bell in front. She removed the panties from Unworthy's mouth and a ring gag with a detachable penis plug, which Emma put in and secured. Making sure all the locks were secured, Emma finished inspecting Unworthy.

Unworthy had tears in her eyes and was visibly unhappy but Emma assured her she looked amazing. She procured a leash and attached it to Unworthy’s collar and posed for pictures that many people wished for while chatting with a few others. It was clear many figured out she was the Unicorn and others were interested in what she was doing now or her availability or willingness to do something with them. There were plenty of questions about Miss Victoria/Unworthy. Emma kept it simple in that it was their role-play, which only got even more questions.

Eventually things settled down enough for Emma and Unworthy to make it to Nathan's booth. As Nathan and Emma greeted each other, Emma asked, "How long before it takes effect?"

"Usually a few minutes before milk production starts. Depending on the dose, her breasts could fill completely within hours. What I will give her will have her pretty full in about two to three hours usually. There will likely be leakage throughout until the effects wear off."

"Will the corset be an issue?"

"Hmm. I imagine with how tight it is she won't have a lot of natural space inside so I expect as her breasts fill, the excess will spill out over the top of the corset. Probably won't do damage but will likely be very uncomfortable."

Looking back at Unworthy, Emma saw her shaking her head no. Emma pulled the leash until their faces were inches apart.

"Are you ready to quit? Cause I am requiring you to serve those you find lesser than me. My will is undeniable and you are expected to obey all my commands immediately. If you don't quit, I will need to add more punishment for proving you are less than Unworthy. After all, effort was made to turn you into a lovely cow. I want to fill your udders and watch them get milked. Don't you want to make your Goddess happy? Remove your tainted pride? To be Unworthy?"

Emma and Unworthy stared at each other for a bit before Unworthy shook her head yes when asked if she wanted to continue.

With Unworthy injections complete and her breasts filling with milk, it was time to explore. There was so much to see. So many people, all into different things. Booths for things spanning from the more mundane to mind-blowing that Emma couldn't believe it existed or was real. There were prototypes for sexbots. There was one that had collars designed to do some basic mind control. Places with unique and specialty items. One area was a voluntary slave auction. Emma was blown away by the things she was seeing and curious about some of the people she met and saw.

As they came up towards a waterfall-fountain area that a number of people were relaxing by, a figure caught Emma's attention. It looked like it was a semi-private area, fenced off from the rest. Looking at the back of what looked like a woman, can't truly make assumptions especially on this boat, Emma stopped to admire the view. The person was leaning against the rail facing the water, her hair started out deep red and changed as it cascaded down to orange and eventually flickering to yellowish-orange tips. Literally looked like her hair was a flame. Same for the dress she was wearing. It had a similar effect of looking like it was a flame. On top of that, this person's curves had Emma drooling. She may lack confidence in her own curves and Unworthy had some pretty good curves, this person had what Emma wished she did. Emma had seen plenty of people today. She would even give props to Unworthy's beauty. But this is the first person that Emma felt the need to meet and get to know.

As Emma walked forward, the person turned around and Emma froze when she looked into the gray eyes that stared back at her. Her soft features allowed Emma to believe she was female or at least likely expecting to be treated as one. Her make-up was mostly subtle besides her fiery red lips. Her mouth curved in a sexy smile. It was clear she was a bit older but Emma couldn't discern her age yet. Her breasts were modest but her corset helped enhance them along with her insanely small hourglass figure. Emma thought she was absolutely gorgeous and even more so wanted to meet this woman. Emma though was speechless and unmoving at this point.

Saved by the other woman who spoke up first, "Hello Miss Emma, Emma, Goddess, Unicorn, Goddess Unicorn, Unicorn Goddess, or maybe you have another name that I have not heard yet. You may call me Miss Keys. Come in."

She opened the gate and Emma finally snapped out of her stupor, "While you can call me whatever you like, I usually just go with Emma. I'm pretty sure you are fire, and more than just Miss Keys. You may as well call me, Moth."

Miss Keys let out a loud belly laugh, while Emma blushed, just realizing what she just said. Miss Keys quickly regained her composure and briefly inspected herself.

"Moth, that would be such a wonderful name and well played. You don't disappoint Emma. Your outfit suits you well. I love getting a tease at seeing your body but I do get to see those well placed curves. I figured you would make your way to the rest of us. You even brought a delicious treat in, hmm…, Unworthy was it not?"

"Yes, it is Unworthy. Also, I do like this bit of privacy here. What do you mean ‘the rest of us’?"

"You met most of the true power players who have a stake in the success of this ship. One other and I are the only other ones here for this cruise. While I am aware they came to you, I figured you would look for the rest of us. If I may, can I inspect my former colleague, Unworthy. I'm a bit intrigued and possibly a bit jealous as it is looking like a rather fine specimen. I should have done this to her years ago."

Unworthy's eyes bulged out and she looked like she was ready to panic. Emma had to hold the leash tighter at the sudden jerk.

Emma snickered, "Former seems a bit final for this is a bit of role-play that she agreed to. Don't get me wrong I am pushing her hard, curious if she will quit and give up her future opportunity for more role-play. Honestly I am surprised she is still continuing, especially since the night will only get harder for her."

Miss Keys perked up and smacked Unworthy's ass leaving a nice handprint.

"Oh do tell. I am sure much of it will be available to be seen but you continue to peek at my curiosity. It is so rare for me these days. I am far too focused on my work and my plans for the future. This is a pleasant distraction."

"Unworthy here, is supposed to be spending some time worshiping those she saw as lesser than her former self, with the caveat that she may earn enough respite to worship me more. So how about we sit and talk about it as Unworthy has not heard about her plans for this evening yet. If you would allow her to serve you. She seems to enjoy kissing and licking one's shoes. She also is capable of a reasonable foot massage. If you have other ideas, they would likely be fine."

Emma and Miss Keys took a seat on the bench and Emma handed over the leash. Unworthy was quickly on her knees, with the penis plug removed, licking Miss Keys' heels and sucking the end of the spikes to ensure they were getting properly cleaned.

Then Emma continued on with how Unworthy would be milked in a little while before being injected again with a slower one; so that she can be milked again tomorrow morning to earn one of the three keys to her chastity belt back. Unworthy didn't know there were three separate locks with only one key for each lock and they were handed out to others who were at the table. After the milking, she will attend Master Zell's VIP party tonight as the primary cum receptacle for the evening. Emma heard Unworthy will likely be quite full by the time the party's over. After that she will be picked up by her servants and allowed to rest a few hours. She will then dress as a ship's maid and bind herself as she is now minus the cow ears, tail and bell. She will keep the rest of the collar. Then she will report to Ophelia’s room and help her during the morning with chores between retrieving the three keys before returning to me in my room with Ophelia. Emma will send a message to Ophelia about what is expected. Ophelia will be Unworthy's mistress until returned to Emma. Unworthy is expected to treat Ophelia better than she would Emma and play the part of a proper maid, including a curtsy to everyone. The key retrieval will happen during the maids downtime, so it will be Unworthy's best interest to help with the chores to get them finished quickly. Getting milked in the morning can earn her one key. Milking Master Zell with her mouth can earn another. Paying Janice for the items she is currently wearing is the other. The keys will only be given to Ophelia, if the requirements are met. Her performance in all tasks will be monitored and relayed to Emma for her final punishment when they return to her room.

Emma finished by telling Unworthy, "That is unless you wish to quit, now that you know mostly what is ahead of you. Is this too much and you forfeit your future time with me?"

Though Unworthy was in tears she just shook her head no before dropping her head in a defeated look.

Miss Keys clapped her hands in a brief applause. She had Unworthy licking her stocking encased toes just before Unworthy's response. Now she was continuing with the other foot before saying, "Oh this is grand, I am pretty sure she is crushing hard on you. This might go beyond your current role play. She is willing to be humiliated and lower herself to have more time with you. This is absolutely precious and sounds like so much fun. I have decided to go with you and experience more of this, if you don't mind. But explain to me, why did you seek me out?"

"I didn’t seek you out. Other than your name that I just learned as well as the tidbits you have mentioned, I don't know who you are. I was exploring and taking in things and people, looking for future ideas and opportunities. I happened to spot you looking out at the water and I froze and just felt a pull towards you. Even Unworthy can verify that I froze upon seeing you."

"So what you're saying is you took one look at my ass and immediately started lusting over it?"

It was Emma's turn to belly laugh. With tears in her eyes, she answered, "More like your ass is a tractor-beam. Soon as I saw it, resistance was futile. Though it could be with your last name Keys and mine Locke, maybe you were meant to unlock me then bind me to you and keep me forever. In all seriousness, what I am feeling towards you right now may be the same as Unworthy feels towards me. I am hoping it is something more solid because my gut says we have plenty in common. I don't proclaim to understand attraction except maybe the basics of polarity in magnets. But no one else, here or in my life, has given me this feeling. And since I am trying to be clear and honest, I am quite a bit jealous that Unworthy is servicing you right now. I want that to be me, in her position figuratively and literally."

"Then take her place. Unworthy can kneel beside you and finish cleaning my shoes with her tongue while watching you hopefully do a proper and better job. Your mouth will be filled with my toes except to answer questions or when switching feet when I bring the other up. Your hands should be massaging my feet at all times. Any lapses will accumulate punishment at the end of our time together tonight. Understood?"

"Yes Goddess." Emma said as she got on her knees in front of Miss Keys.

Miss Keys leaned forward and slapped Emma across the face. Emma was stunned but then Miss Key's right foot was in her face so she quickly inserted toes into her mouth and began massaging the foot.

"I never gave you permission to call me that or any other title. I am Miss or Miss Keys to you. Not even you have earned the right to my proper title. No one has in years. The next person who does will be my legacy. And we shall see if you are interesting enough to even sniff that path. Now let's move forward with my questioning before Unworthy needs milking. What plans have you currently made?"

Emma quickly explained the various offers and timetables given by Master Zell, Sir Jerry, Nathan, Janice, and the potential role-play with Victoria. Emma also added in her request that she wanted if they wanted her to do PR for her earlier performance. She also added in her desire to talk with Master Robert about spending time with Nix on her days off.

"Anything or anyone else that caught your attention?"

"Yes Miss, besides you, not so much with people but there were things I saw. Some I can't put into proper words. It might be easier to show you on our way back to get Unworthy milked."

"Excellent idea, Emma. You will point out things and people that interest you and I will ask questions to better understand why and how much you would like something or someone. Later we will go over and rate them. But understand a few things first. I am concerned for you much like Ophelia was before bringing you into the dining hall. Yes I have seen your public displays already including your conversation with Ophelia outside the dining hall. She should have known better than to discuss some of that in public. I have since changed it to a private video. My concern is more that no one is watching your back. It is also that you don't know when to quit when you bottom for others. You give things your all and won't stop until the other person does. My concern, and this comes from experience, is that you will eventually get seriously hurt or killed. I would like to be your advocate in ensuring your safety. I expect nothing in return as I have a genuine concern. With that I would like to be allowed to schedule your trip events with your input so that I or those that work for me can ensure your safety as well as adjust things to make your trip more pleasurable."

"What about you and I?"

"It's a valid question. I am genuinely interested in you. Something I can say I have not experienced in years. But I would like to get to know you more. I am sure you would like to as well. But we are going to explore others some more and you point out things of interest. We will meet with Master Robert, as I know him well, so we can discuss Nix and his wants in return. Then we will take Unworthy to get milked and finish things here before moving to Zell's party. Where you will help your receptacle get filled by helping pleasure those who ask for help, if they are reasonable. I am not forcing this and some people will not deserve your help. I will explain more when we get there. Just know it will bring pleasure and torment to Unworthy with you directly helping to fill her up. Call it a bonding experience. Then you will be taken back to your room and bound in bed to sleep tonight. Then I will personally come in the morning to release you so you can get ready for your measuring and we can discuss your future on the trip while waiting for your other guests to show up. Oh and your punishments accrued for this evening will be taken care of or begin tomorrow as well. Maybe another tractor-beam ass will pull you away from me by then."

"I admit, I would like to worship and kiss your beautiful ass, though I very much want to do that to your whole body."

"I don't think it is my ass that is the tractor-beam. I think it is your slippery tongue that is and it victimized my elegant rear end."

"May I kiss you elegant rear end as an apology and offer my own ass whenever you want to victimize something?"

Miss Keys stood up and turned around and leaned slightly over the bench.

"I suggest you enjoy this, as this is all you get from me tonight since clearly sucking my toes while massaging my feet was not enough."

"Sorry Miss, I don't think I can get enough of you but I am willing to try to get all that I can, if allowed to."

While Emma had been elated to suck Miss Keys' toes while massaging her feet, she was equally elated to get an up-close look at Miss Keys' backside again as she leaned in to kiss it. Her mind melted in pleasure as it tried racing through thousands of fantasies. It may have been a simple kiss on the ass of Miss Keys' dress, but Emma was moaning at the thoughts and desires flowing through her. Miss Keys straightened up and broke the kiss. As Emma looked up she slapped her again. This time Emma moaned in pleasure, as Miss Keys spoke.

"I figured you wouldn't mind that as a reward for making an old lady feel special again. I will test some of your limits tomorrow after things are situated and we see where things go. But we have places to go and people to see. And I expect you to be open and honest about what and who interests you."

Emma, Miss Keys, and Unworthy walked through the room looking at various things and people. They were stopped as they met and chatted with numerous people. Eventually they found Master Robert who happened to be near where Nix was working. Miss Keys helped work out a deal with Master Robert that allowed Nix days off to be with Emma. Emma, in return, would spend two nights with Master Robert. Nix was incredibly excited that she would get to spend time serving Emma later.

Emma was aware of the discomfort Unworthy was dealing with. Her breasts were trying their best to escape the top of her corset as the cups couldn't handle her current size. It was time to head to Nathan's booth. Her time with Miss Keys was worth every second. The woman was everything and more than Emma thought she would be. Yeah, crushing on her felt like an injustice to how she really felt. Emma's desire was to fully submit to this lovely lady who's intellect and personality exceeded her incredible beauty.


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