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by bentbliss

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Part 2. The Maid and The Unicorn

Catching her breath for the past ten minutes after the attendant left, Emma still found herself bound and locked to the baggage trolley. It had been a long walk from the registration area on to the ship and finally to her room. While tired and feeling a little drained, there was not much she could do but stand there like an object. This trip has already been eventful and the cruise hasn't officially started. She was still frustrated and horny. She could tell the tops of her stockings were thoroughly soaked as wetness was permeating down the insides of her stockings. She had no idea how she would make it through this trip without many orgasms and she wasn't planning to remove the belt. As it was, she couldn't stop thinking about Nix and what happened. More importantly was what she hoped would happen. She was so close to orgasm with Nix binding her but it turned out to be a cruel tease, which excited Emma even more. A knock on Emma's room door snapped her drifting mind back to reality. 

Emma was unable to answer it in her current state, but the door opened a few seconds later. Emma was treated to the sight of a small petite woman in a classic French maid uniform. Her black hair had a few gold highlights in straight shoulder length cut with bangs. Her dark eyes and makeup helped accent her Asian features while her darker nearly caramel colored skin and nose suggested she had a mixed heritage. As the maid stepped forward and curtsied, she disappeared from view temporarily. Emma had to look down with just her eyes and over her breasts that were being pulled up by a chain to her collar and down by the weights attached. That still didn't allow her to see the diminutive maid much, who was wearing her own six inch platform heels, until she stood up fully and backed up a step or two.

"Greetings, my name is Ophelia. I will be your maid for the duration of your trip," with a wide smile plastering her face.

Ophelia had to reach up to remove the gag from Emma. Emma drooling as it came out and had to take a moment to get her jaw moving, before replying, "Thank you, Miss. I would curtsy you back but I am not in a good position to do so."

"Thank you my Unicorn. Or would you prefer Statuesque Goddess? There is no need to curtsy me," Ophelia smirked as she looked back at Emma. 

"What do you mean?" Emma blushed, Ophelia unhooked the leash from her collar as the other end was still locked to the trolley and helped Emma lay on the bed mostly sideways with how she was still bound. Ophelia also removed the weights hanging from one of the sets of nipple clamps but did not undo any other bindings as most were locked on.

"Well, for the latter, I watched your registration game. She is right, you do look like a Goddess. There are many who claim to be one on this ship but only a few could match your beauty and assets. In that outfit you move slightly better than a statue. I would say I was a little jealous to not be part of your earlier performance. But you are early and my Unicorn, I figured I would take a chance and make a proposition."

Emma was surprised that the maid had seen her performance. She asked her, "How?"

Ophelia responded, "Any of us on the ship can access videos from public areas but not private rooms. Registration area is monitored and considered public as well. So when I got the message from the lovely Nix that I would need to help unbind you when I had time, I looked up and watched the event. It is why it took so long. Sorry. Needless to say it got me worked up, though likely not as much as you. Now I still have a proposition for you. Is it OK if I put away your stuff while looking for your keys and explain what it is I am hoping for?"

Emma wasn't really going anywhere until the maid got the keys and Ophelia was in no hurry to let her out. Emma wasn't in any sort of discomfort that she needed out of yet. She figured she may as well hear her out and get her stuff unpacked and put away. Could lead to another adventure, so she responded, "Of course."

"Good. I have read your file like I do for all those who's rooms I service. You did not pay extra for me to interact with you on your trip. I’m definitely disappointed, as you are an anomaly or a Unicorn as I call you. My desire and wish is to play with you before we can't. Simply I am a slave in my every day life but I am curious to see what it is like to dominate another woman even if it is for a few hours. There is a loophole that I can interact with you until dinner as long as I perform the rest of my duties. Even if you don’t agree to temporarily submit to me, I would really like a chance to at least spend time with you. Even if it is to submit to you, if necessary. I know it is a lot to ask but as I said, my time with you would be very limited. Would you kindly allow me this opportunity, please?" Ophelia looked over to Emma lying on the bed as she was putting various items away that needed to be.

Emma could understand where Ophelia was coming from. She too was looking to explore with other women. This sounded like it would last six to eight hours. She figured why not let the maid live out her dream just like she did and was going to. It is kind of a fantasy of hers as well. Plus Ophelia was nice and considerate enough. Emma answered, "Please allow me to serve you as a slave for a Goddess."

Ophelia snorted, "I'm no Goddess nor Mistress. I am just a maid, you are not worthy of serving better yet. You will have to earn serving your betters, potentially by serving a lowly slave maid, first. You will call me Miss from now on. Since I am the first you will serve, I think by rights I should own your chastity, at minimum, for the duration of your cruise. Is it a condition you are willing to accept serving one so low as me to give up the freedom you took from yourself and hand it over unconditionally to me so that I ensure you cannot renege on your denial for a minimum length of this trip?"

Emma was already ready to hand over anything. It is clear she was in slave mode. Maybe it was the excitement of serving a woman finally. Maybe it was the month of denial and sexual frustration. Maybe it was the idea of giving up the choice to unlock herself to someone else. She just knew giving up her key while terrifying, at the same time left her vulnerable and needy for denial at the hands of someone else. This, she felt, was what she needed and she was not going to be allowed to interact with the maid much even though she would be around the whole trip. No longer self denial. Hell, maybe she would keep the key longer. That thought just made Emma want to do it more. With a huge smile, despite being on the verge of an orgasm, stated, "The key is yours to do as you please, Miss."

Emma saw Ophelia smiling as she continued putting stuff away and told her that the chastity key was the one hanging from a necklace unlike the others on a key ring. Ophelia was talking and asked questions throughout when she pulled out a pair of towering black thigh high ballet boots. Ophelia was silent as she pulled one measuring it up against her as its top went to her waist

With a mischievous grin as she turned to Emma, "How much experience do you have wearing these?"

From the bed Emma had to look up for a change at the diminutive maid she was currently serving. Smiling as she replied, "I have never worn ballet boots before. I had brought them with the hopes of being made to wear them for someone like you, my sexy Miss."

“Unicorn! Most definitely Unicorn. Now let’s get ready for fun,”

Emma confusingly asks, “You keep mentioning Unicorn, Miss. What are you talking about?”

“I will explain as we get you ready for the first part of our day.” Ophelia grabbed Emma’s keys and began unlocking her as she explained, “You are a unicorn and at the moment specifically my Unicorn. There are a number of reasons that when put together, it fits you. For starters, This is my 20th time serving as a maid on this cruise. The fetish cruise is 4 times a year, so for the last 5 years I have been here experiencing different people and things. Others have been around longer and seen other things. This is solely based on my experiences and observations so far. In none of my previous trips have I had a solo female guest. There have been single women but they were always with friends, never alone. You have no one here to watch your back with your best interests in mind. On top of that, the solo women I have heard of so far have requested male maids or sissies. Making you the first solo female to request a female maid and I am that lucky maid to serve you.

“Next, and clearly not obvious to you, is your strength, grace, and beauty. Your registrar was correct in that you are a Goddess. Since you have gotten here, you have had an aura about you that is calling attention to you, whether you know it or not. Also I hope you want the attention, because it is not just this lowly slave maid who has noticed or heard about you. You will draw attention from most on this ship especially later tonight after dinner. I also read your file and seen you in minor actions so far. You are a contradiction of extremes who can slip into roles seamlessly and possibly unconsciously, as you have shown in your short time with both Nix and I. There is so much more. More I would like to know but we must finish up these last touches as we have work to do, my Unicorn." 

Emma listened to Ophelia talk and ask questions as she was stripped of everything but her corset, chastity belt, and arm and wrist cuffs. She was wiped down, especially her legs, new stockings put on before the maid put her in and laced up her ballet boots. Ophelia added leather cuffs back to Emma's ankles over her boots. Emma was commanded to stand and walk a bit to get used to being en pointe in the ballet boots. Ophelia also recommended using the bathroom. As Emma came out of the bathroom, Ophelia was there with earplugs and a full hood that left only holes for Emma’s nose and mouth to breathe, along fogged lenses, limiting her sight. The stiff posture collar was quickly readded after and the faint sound of a click led her to believe it was now locked on. Her breasts once again had clover clamps attached and locked to her collar like they were previously. Emma didn’t hold back as she shuddered and moaned in pleasure. She began begging for more only to get a sharp slap across her breasts, causing them to pull and create more pain thus leading to more moans of pleasure. Ophelia helped the mostly blinded Emma into bed and strapped her spread eagle with some of the restraints that came with the bed in each room. 

Emma was in heaven and wanted nothing more than to orgasm as her mind finely registered Ophelia speaking, “.....n you hear me?”

Emma grunted a yes, as Ophelia continued, “The earplugs are connected by bluetooth allowing me to communicate when I wish or I leave you in silence. I know this is asking much but I would like to get a few more items to finish your outfit. But I am a lowly maid that you have submitted to with no money. Would you trust me to purchase a few items to finish your outfit from your room account?”

“Yes Miss. I had expected a few extra expenses and to get potential souvenirs this trip as long as you don’t go crazy.”

“I expect this to be under three hundred dollars if not considerably less depending on what I find, my Unicorn.”

“That is perfectly fine though Miss can spend up to a thousand. Especially if she finds something for yourself that you would like.”

“Oh my precious Unicorn, that is very kind of you but any possessions this slave owns outside of ship will belong to my Mistress. That would include your key if I don’t return before we leave the ship.”

Emma was a bit shocked at first by the last comment but remembered she told her Miss to do what she pleased with it. Then she started moaning at the realization she was no longer in control of her chastity fate.

She could hear Ophelia giggle through the earphones, “You're so precious. First your face of shock; quickly followed by your whorish moans. I think my Unicorn will get off if I decide to leave her in permanent chastity. Think I might just toss your key overboard at some point.”

With that, Emma screamed out as she had an orgasm for the first time in a month. As she rode her post orgasm bliss, Ophelia got up on the bed and straddled Emma’s head. Emma didn't mind but Ophelia's voice cut through, "That was very, very bad, my Unicorn. Sexy and amazing but very bad for you. First, you had an orgasm without permission. Second, you had an orgasm before satisfying me in any way. That was awfully selfish of you and you had better start your atonement by licking me to multiple orgasms now.”

With that, Ophelia dropped her warm, moist pussy onto Emma’s lips. Emma’s orgasmic bliss was definitely over and the maid was correct. She was selfish and Ophelia deserved better from her. She worked hard servicing Ophelia’s lovely slit and love button. This, in of itself, was a new experience as she had never pleasured another woman before in any capacity, including oral. She was roiled with emotions in her slave mode between her failure and excitement. She needed to focus on Miss and put all her effort into pleasing her as she asked. Miss definitely turned off the earplug bluetooth as she had no sounds to gauge whether she was doing well or not. Ophelia did adjust positions to suit her own pleasure but Emma had little more than the control of her mouth and tongue to finish Ophelia. 

After Ophelia recovered from her second orgasm, she turned on the bluetooth, “Satisfactory at best. You have a lot more to prove and atone for. Get some rest while I get some work done and the rest of your costume. I suggest you up your performance. I know I can’t threaten you with getting rid of the key, so if you don’t up your game I will remove your belt and get rid of it since you would be undeserving of it. You are still my precious Unicorn, but I want and expect more from you. So rest and be prepared as we will have much to do when I get back.”

Emma, partially blinded, bound, and exhausted just laid there thinking, This has been crazy so far. Even though I have fifteen full days, I had my first minor experience with a woman when I registered. I gave away my chastity key, to a stranger within an hour of arriving. And I had a pretty powerful orgasm at the thought of being permanently locked in chastity with no touch or sexual stimulus. I should be terrified and frightened but instead I am excited and horny. 

She is right. I'm a contradiction of extremes. I really need to be careful because not everyone has my best interest in mind. I still feel confident in my choice with Ophelia but she was right that I have no one to watch my back."

Emma must have drifted off to sleep, as she woke to the stinging sensation of what she assumed was a riding crop. She moaned in pleasure of the pain realizing there were probably a dozen or so areas she felt mild stinging. She did try to lift her head and look but the posture collar along with the fogged lenses of her hood negated her ability to really do either.

Emma then heard Ophelia ask, “How are you feeling? Besides being horny when I whip you to wake you up. I have the rest of your costume and it's time for you to get ready. If you need to use the restroom now is the time, my Unicorn. We have work to do."

Ophelia released Emma from her spread eagle position and took her to the restroom. Emma was brought back to the bed and seated on the end, before Ophelia worked on attaching something over her head. She felt the weight of something long extending from her head. It definitely felt awkward but there was little Emma could do about it. 

Ophelia removed the clover clamps from Emma’s nipples and slowly began rubbing them. Emma was moaning in pleasure but Ophelia quickly told her, "No more orgasms without permission." 

Ophelia continued massaging Emma’s nipples for a few minutes allowing the blood to flow back. Then she had Emma bend over the bed, as she spoke, "I am sure my Unicorn can guess that she has a proper horn now. But a proper Unicorn also needs a tail. You rarely want things the easy way so I offer a choice: oral lube, vaginal lube, no lube, or Miss's choice?"

"Mmmm, Miss's choice. Definitely Miss's choice. I am here to serve the lowly slave maid I call Miss. Please use me as you wish." As Emma finished with begging while trying to suppress her moans.

As Emma bent over hands on the bed, she felt a sharp slap across her left butt cheek. Then the pressure of the plug hit her sphincter. Definitely no lube. Another slap across her right cheek this time with Miss telling her to relax. As she slowly added and removed pressure essentially fucking her with the tail plug until its largest girth crested her anal ring and greedily sucked in the plug giving her a tail that she felt swishing across her ass as she shifted her hips to enjoy the the sensation. 

Ophelia took a long chain and first bound Emma's breasts to create a tight chain bra. Emma’s arm cuffs were locked to the back of the chain bra while leaving her elbows nearly touching. Another chain was used to create essentially a chain thong over her chastity belt. Her wrists were also locked to her new thong. Her arms bound tightly behind her back made her bound breasts jut out further due to the arching of her back. Her legs were bound at the start by what chain connecting her ankle cuffs to the bottom of her chain thong. One end of the chain looped down from the thong and connected the middle of the chain between her ankle cuffs pulling it up a few inches. This meant she couldn't spread her legs as far as before. It still allowed enough movement as needed and no potential dragging on the ground, considering she was also still wearing the thigh high ballet boots. Ophelia allowed Emma some water to drink and asked Emma if she wanted to wear the nipple clamps again. 

As Emma responded with a begging "Please," she was gagged with a ball-bit gag. Soon after the clover clamps were back in place on her nipples, working their own form of magic on the Unicorn's body. A second set of clamps were added with weights attached and hanging down. Ophelia had Emma grunt to let her know if she was okay and if she wanted more. In the end Emma ended up with four sets of weights pulling down on her breasts that were already being pulled up by the other set of clamps connected to her collar. Emma was in a good place living out one of her fantasies and it wasn’t over yet.

Emma felt a tug on her leash and a slap from a crop on her left thigh as Ophelia announced, “Time to go. We have a few stops before the main event of our time together. That includes visiting my other clients ensuring they have their needs met before we can finish our fun.”

With that, Emma was slowly led out of her room. It was quite difficult between her boots, the bondage limiting her mobility, the weights swinging under her breasts changing her balance, and her vision severely reduced through the lenses of the mask. Ophelia was careful in guiding her through the corridors. It felt like she walked miles and it took hours but that was more of her mind adjusting to her lack of sensory input. She could see larger shapes and objects, as well as people shapes but no details on anything through the lenses. Ophelia kept switching the bluetooth earplugs on and off leaving her in complete silence at times and catching partial conversations and other sounds at other times. It was mostly a blur for Emma. Her predicament took up all her focus and energy. Being en pointe and walking this much, for this long, was unexpected. At the same time she was hornier than ever craving more. She vaguely remembered some of the comments from other guests they visited or those who stopped the two of them to ask questions. Emma heard Ophelia announce to the others that her Unicorn is available for pictures and to not miss the pre-dinner show tonight. A few of the questions and comments that stood out enough for Emma to remember so far were.

"Are you auctioning her off tonight?"

"Is she joining you when you clean our room?"

"Can I breed her?"

"The hucow market will pay well for her stock."

"Can I trade you my wife for her?"

"Are you both looking to serve a well hung Master."

As Ophelia led Emma to their next destination, there were more announcements that Emma struggled all afternoon trying to understand but couldn't ever get more than pieces. It seemed like a slow progression as we were stopped by a number of people asking questions. Ophelia suggested they go to the pre-dinner show. Emma wasn't sure why she kept suggesting that. She didn't even know the current time though it must be before dinner since she was still serving Miss. More than that, her bondage and her horniness kept her mind unfocused on other things except the tail. The tail was a new experience and as her hips swayed the swish of her tail sent jolts of pleasure further edging the sexually frustrated Unicorn. 

Arriving at the destination, Emma could feel openness as she entered a big room. While she could see the vague size, she couldn't spot details. The bluetooth was sending muffled sounds as well but she knew people were there and seemed more were coming. There was enough of a cool breeze or air conditioning as goosebumps had begun to form on Emma’s skin.

Ophelia walked them towards the center which had a raised platform that served as an exhibition stage. She carefully helped Emma up with the help of a volunteer. 

Once on top, Ophelia commented on how she was like a leaky faucet while wiping her inner thighs and tops of her stockings. Emma's arms, wrists, and legs were unbound and allowed her a moment to stretch before locking her into a contraption on all fours like the pet she was for now. Her neck was held solidly in place between the posture collar and the collar of the contraption leaving her head height of Ophelia's crotch. Emma could do little but wait in this position while Ophelia worked on some last minute details as the crowd filled in. 

There was plenty of garbled chatter when Ophelia’s booming voice spoke, “Greetings and welcome to this pre-dinner show. This lowly maid would like to apologize for the late notice but it was a last second opportunity that I am hopeful you will all enjoy. Welcome to the one-time ever performance of, The Maid And The Unicorn.”

With that Ophelia slapped the back of Emma’s left thigh with a riding crop. It didn’t bother Emma much, so she didn’t react. Ophelia hit her again a bit harder and a moan of pleasure slipped past her gag. What shocked Emma the most was she heard a garbled version of her moan through the speaker system. Clearly a microphone was installed near her mouth. There were a few claps from the crowd.

Ophelia’s voice boomed again through the speaker system, “Today was a very special day, I met my first ever unicorn. These mythological creatures are incredibly rare in our world. Dare say most believe that they are non-existent or even extinct. But here we have one who freely bound herself to me for the afternoon until dinner. Now you might ask why I have physically bound and inflicted pain on such a majestic creature. The answer is simple. One of her many majestic and amazing traits is that she craves pain and restriction. Soft caresses and love don’t have the same impact. Doesn’t mean she doesn’t like or need those things but if want her sopping wet and begging for more, well you will find out soon. Unless you prefer reverse roles, she is special in that she will give just as well as she will take. This complex mystical creature has many layers that I and maybe some of you will get to experience during the course of this magical cruise.”

With a couple of well placed crops, Emma moans again. Ophelia standing in front of her takes a moment to remove Emma’s gag. Emma drools as the gag slides out of her mouth. She tries moving her jaw and it slowly begins working.

Ophelia chimes in, “My majestic Unicorn, did freely submit to this lowly worthless maid and has she given you what you desired?”

Emma croaks, “Yes.”

“What was it that I asked for in return and what did you do and say?”

“My chastity key and I told you to do what you please with it, Miss.”

Ophelia straightened up looking out to the crowd before saying, “Yes you did my amazing Unicorn and that is why we are here this afternoon. You see, my Unicorn will fully satisfy me before this show is over or the key will be destroyed right here on stage in front of all of you.”

There was a small eruption of gasps, cries and yelling from the crowd. Emma was frozen in shock but being locked in place left her nowhere to go. Once again her emotions were a mix of excitement, fear, frustration, and sheer pleasure. Mostly Emma was speechless at this point. One person even shouted out to destroy it.

With a smile, Ophelia started again, “Now I am not truly mean and horrible enough to not allow this majestic creature a chance to change her mind. Would you like to change your mind, my Unicorn?”

Emma looked at Ophelia who stared back at her with a huge smile. Not that Emma could actually see the details on Ophelia’s face but she imagined the big smile nonetheless. She had put this in Emma’s hands. Now Emma needed to figure out if this was what she wanted. If she could trust Ophelia. The nagging issue deep down was that part of her wanted to take a chance. It’s what she was here for. 

Just as Ophelia went to say something, Emma shouted, “I will serve you as promised and the key is yours to do as you wish. I stand by my words. Okay, maybe I will stand on all fours, like a unicorn, by my words at the moment.”

There was a brief moment of shock on Ophelia’s face. She quickly grinned before she stepped forward and asked, “Is my Unicorn thirsty?”

Emma quietly responded affirmative. Ophelia dropped her panties and shoved her pussy into Emma’s lips. Then continued, “Better getting working cause I am not wound up nearly as much as you. That is if you want your drink quickly.”

Emma wasn’t given much chance to respond. She immediately started serving her Miss. It took roughly ten minutes, Emma would guess, before she got to taste the love juices of Ophelia. Ophelia’s juices were much better than Emma expected but also not very thirst quenching.

 As Ophelia stubbled out of her orgasmic bliss, she finally said, "Am I the only woman you have ever tasted before?”

Emma quietly answered, “Yes, Miss.”

Ophelia nods at her and speaks, “You did give me an orgasm which was quite pleasant but that isn’t enough to save your key yet. I want to see if you reciprocate my love with an orgasm of your own with me loving you. You will have as long as it took you to give me mine. Have you ever had and orgasm from anal?”

“No Miss, been close but never finished.” 

“Well you got your first taste of another woman today, now let’s try for another first. Sounds fair, my pet?”

Emma agreed as Ophelia asked for a volunteer from the crowd. After a minute, the volunteer helped Ophelia get ready. Emma could hear the crowd somewhat with mentions of strap-ons and lube and plenty of giggling. She was sure she was going to get fucked but didn’t know what to think of the volunteer. She hadn’t seen who was picked and even without the limited sight the volunteer had not passed in front of her. One of them removed her tail plug leaving her feeling a bit empty and relieved at the same time. 

Emma waited quietly until Ophelia started talking again, “Now I will passionately and lovingly make love to my Unicorn for the next ten minutes and three seconds as that is how long she pleasured me unless she has her orgasm before the time limit expires. I have brought a volunteer to help her if she wishes her mouth filled to help her out. If she opens her mouth or tries to speak, that is an invitation to fill it. Just do it lovingly, no need for roughness.”

Emma groaned at that last comment and then Ophelia gently lubed Emma’s back side. The moment Ophelia put pressure on Emma’s sphincter, she announced time starts. Ophelia slowly penetrated her. There was no chance, no matter how horny she would get, there would be no orgasm in days much less ten minutes. Ophelia did pick up the pace some but it never reached any level close to being considered rough. She opened her mouth to ask for more when a strap-on filled her mouth. Shocked, she began to gag but then relaxed soon after. Satisfied, at least, it was a fake dick instead of a real one. It’s not like she hadn’t had many real ones but she had no idea who the volunteer was. As she looked through the lenses and even the bit of smell she was getting, she was pretty sure it was a female.

The crowd counted down Ophelia’s loving anal fuck until the timer expired. Emma had started crying half way through knowing she had no chance and her mouth was filled the whole time. She was more emotionally drained by this than she wanted. She very much wanted to orgasm. More to that, she also felt failure for not doing so. It might have worked for some people but this was not what gets her going. She needed the roughness at the very least. Even the oral she received was just a strap-on with light thrusts that never led to her gagging once.

Ophelia removed herself from Emma’s backside and spoke again, “That was a bit disappointing. I thought she would love my affection and care not to hurt her. Maybe she just doesn’t want her key. I have done significantly less and nearly seen her orgasm with just words yet my touch didn’t even arouse her. Guess it would be better to destroy the key.” 

With that let out a loud pleasurable moan. Not enough to get her over the edge but Ophelia was pushing Emma's buttons when she wanted to.

“See what I mean!” she pandered to the crowd before continuing. “I said this unicorn was special. Love isn’t for her, at least sexually. She claims to be a certified pain slut. How about we test that claim. Give my Unicorn one final chance to prove she wants me to keep the key.”

While she was talking the assistant started putting straps around Emma’s thighs. Extra clamps and pads were added to her breasts. Emma wasn’t sure what was happening but this felt good to her.

Ophelia continued, “What my lovely Unicorn can not see is that I bought multiple keys similar to the one she gave me. There are currently ten on this necklace and one is for a lock. While I am unsure which one it is, to make it fair our lovely assistant will hold it and choose the keys to be destroyed when time comes at the end. The rules for this are as follows. I will ride her lovely horn and she will get increasing shocks to her body until it reaches max. There are twelve settings and the assistant will increase the intensity every minute. It stops either when I orgasm first or she quits due to pain. If she makes it through with either no orgasms or has ten orgasms before I finish, no keys will be destroyed. She is required to ask for an orgasm and I will remind her, she has a chance to lose a key for each. If she has an orgasm and less than ten, she loses a key for each. If she quits, she loses five on top of her orgasms. After I finish, I drop the keys given to me by the assistant into the beaker of acid. Are you good with that, my Unicorn?”

“Yes Miss.”

“I already had one orgasm and it should take me longer for a second and I think you will likely want to orgasm instantly by the time you reach half way up the settings. Are you still good with that?”

Gasps from the crowd and a slight hesitation from Emma before she answered affirmative.

Ophelia mounted Emma’s horn with some cheers from the crowd. 

The volunteer was in charge of both the Tens unit and monitoring the orgasms of both participants. The volunteer had the crowd countdown to start. Ophelia was off to the races bobbing up and down on Emma’s horned head. She was also using the crop at various times all over Emma’s body. Level 1 of the Tens Unit barely registered as a tickle. Emma begged the volunteer to go higher. She did end up increasing about every 30 seconds instead of every minute after she asked. Ophelia was working hard and Emma was thankful her neck was secure.

It wasn’t until level 5 that Emma finally screamed out as her body trembled, shuddered and begged to orgasm. Ophelia gave her a warning about losing a key but Emma needed to finish. The volunteer announced Emma’s first orgasm and the crowd cheered and chanted for whichever favorite they wanted to win. 

Emma was less concerned about the noise then when level12 hit. It hurt but at the same time she knew could handle it for a while. She had had two orgasms up to that point. Emma ended up with her third by the time Ophelia’s breathing and movements suggested she was close. Emma knew she was going to lose. She wasn’t close to ten orgasms but she very much wanted one more before it ended. 

Emma made a decision and shouted, “Drop all the keys, Miss.”

Ophelia grunted a response, “Are you quitting because of the pain because I have not orgasmed yet?”

“No Miss. I can tolerate the pain for a while longer but I need to orgasm again. If you orgasm first I won’t be allowed to. Please drop them now, Miss?”

Ophelia was on edge to her own orgasmic bliss while slapping Emma’s ass with the crop, “Is that what you want, my Unicorn?”

Emma screamed, “Yes! More than anything. Destroy them now.” 

“As you wish,” as Ophelia screamed out in her own orgasm as she shuddered violently.

“No!” Screamed Emma as she began crying.

The Tens unit was still active and Emma felt the pressure remove from her head. Moments later, Ophelia asked, “Do you still want your last orgasm at the cost of all the keys, my Unicorn? You will lose at least 3 in either case. The keys will be destroyed, is that what you truly want?”

“Yes Miss, can you use the crop throughout it? I need to feel it. Please, Miss?”

“Our lovely assistant has agreed to crop the Unicorn as a countdown to me dropping the keys. She will continue after until my Unicorn's orgasm is complete. The crowd can help count to 10 if they wish. Then the keys will be forever gone.”

Emma felt the crop strike her ass. The intensity and pressure of everything ramped up further. The Tens unit while working effectively on her thighs and breasts, just wasn’t enough on its own. At the same time it was incredibly draining on her. The previous orgasms as well had drained her on top of the whole day so far. But as each stroke and the crowds count continued, her anticipation spiked. Her want, desire and need peeked at new heights within her.

The tenth stroke hit and “10” was shouted by the crowd, Emma’s world froze and then she heard the plop of something landing in liquid. 

There was an immediate uproar as well as cheers from the crowd. Emma really didn’t care cause in that moment all the tension exploded as she violently shook through the most powerful orgasm she ever experienced. Barely conscious, she enjoyed the cropping along with the electricity that ran through parts of her body as pleasure rippled throughout. Emma thought she could die happy right there. This was everything she wanted, desired, and needed in that moment. 

Lost in her own subspace, she felt the sudden lack of electricity and no longer felt the strikes from the crop. She did feel a pair of hands stroking her lovingly as reality came back and a soft moan left her lips. 

With the clamp on her tongue removed, Ophelia asked, “How is my amazing unicorn feeling?”

Emma laughed, “Exhausted and maybe a little cliche-ish, but divine. That was the most intense orgasm I have ever experienced and it took everything not to pass out when it hit. I didn’t want to miss the feeling.”

“Was it worth it?”

“Mmm. Most definitely. I would do it again just to feel that again. Though it looks like that isn’t an option anymore. Thank you, Miss, for this experience.”

“Don’t worry my unicorn, someday someone will help you experience something greater than what I could give you. You are just too damn special for this to be the best you had.”

Emma smiled at that while Ophelia stepped away and continued talking, “As you could see, this majestic creature is a true pain slut and masochist. She thrived off of pain and the words that fueled her imagination. She is indeed a Unicorn, my Unicorn. She is also quite sadistic and enjoys being on top as well. She is looking to explore both ends and maybe some in between and outside the normal purview. Any of you who may get to experience this divine creature, should relish her for there are few and far between the likes of her. Now let's thank our lovely assistant for her help in this performance. Also let’s give a round of thanks to my amazing Unicorn”

Emma could hear the applause but frankly was too tired and unable to do anything anyways.

“That concludes our show, The Maid And The Unicorn. Thank ….” 

At that point, Emma closed her eyes and drifted contently to sleep.

Emma moaned eventually at the massaging of her sore nipples. She was still on all fours in the device she was in for the show. Her ass was filled again and she could feel her tail hanging down her backside. Her breasts had been cleared of the clamps and pads. As the top of the cage came off she regained a little movement. But with the hood and posture collar still on, she was still limited in what she could see and do with her head. 

A voice crackled through the bluetooth earplugs, "How are you feeling, Goddess?"

Emma hadn't expected to hear that voice but while still a bit groggy, asked, "Nix?"

With a giggle, she responded, "Yes. Though I guess you technically are a majestic Unicorn still with your amazing tail and tempting horn. Seriously though, how are you?"

"I'm fine, just exhausted. That was very intense and quite satisfying. Maybe a bit thirsty."

"Even though you will be stuck in chastity for the rest of your life?"

"I assume you were the assistant so you got an up close and personal view of my orgasms, especially the last one. As long as I can get orgasms like those the rest of my life, I will gladly endure this. Even if I don't, I enjoy the frustration and denial. I will just have to see what happens. Not like there is much choice anymore."

"You are amazing, Goddess. And so fucking intense. Don't think I could handle permanent chastity. I love getting filled by my Master's cock, when I earn it, way too much." 

"Aw, my darling little Nix. I had hoped to steal you away from your Master and make you my sister of permanent chastity. Oh well, guess that plan is out the door."

Emma felt the massaging of her nipples stop and eventually the hands on her shook before Nix removed them. Emma felt the end of a water bottle touch her lips as Nix spoke up, "Drink up. Also, you turned me on so hard, I need to cum. But Master isn't letting me out anytime soon. You are definitely affecting me in ways no one else has. Whether it is because you are a unicorn, a Goddess, both or something else, I would love to have you in my life more."

With some water dribbling down from her mouth, Emma smiled, "Truly I am no one special. But I wouldn't mind some more Nix in my life too."

Ophelia chimed in, "As much as I enjoy looking at the two of you down there, we should get my Unicorn up and back to her room so I can get her ready for tonight. Also quit lying. You are way too fucking special, my Unicorn. I have lived nearly all my life in slavery and never once met a person like you. Now let's get her up."

With two sets of hands and arms grabbing and holding various places, Emma was removed from her temporary prison. It felt good to stand and stretch even if her toes were aching more than she liked. Well worth the price of the experience so far.

With a bit of rattling, in which Emma assumed that it was the chains and other items she came bound in and whatever else was part of the show, she was helped off the platform seeing as the hood affecting her vision was still attached. 

As they walked towards the exit, Emma asked, "Not going to bind me, Miss?"

"No, we are getting short on time and we need to get you ready for your appearance tonight. I believe you will be one of the main attractions and I plan to help you look the part, my Unicorn."

An unknown voice called out, "Slave Ophelia. I would like to speak with you for a moment."

"Yes Mistress," Ophelia responded before she quickly asked Nix to take Emma back to her room and she would catch up.

Back in Emma’s room, Nix was removing Emma’s boots as they talked, when a knock came and Ophelia with security, who entered shortly after. 

"Hello my Unicorn. Hello Nix. It's the lock under her chin that needs to be removed."

Things were quiet for a minute or so before Emma felt pressure under her jaw and heard the snipping of metal. With a slight tug and then buckles being removed, the weight of her horn fell off.

After a quick thanks to the security guy, the collar and hood were removed. Emma could fully move and see for the first time in hours. She looked at the lovely faces of her company and smiled while offering a thank you. 

As they undressed Emma, Nix with Ophelia’s permission licked Emma’s juices from her legs. When Nix finished, she kissed Emma on the lips, giving her another taste of herself. Nix stood up and Ophelia handed her the unicorn horn. Nix kissed Ophelia then Emma again. As she walked out, "Hope to see you later tonight, though not sure we will have much chance to talk as I will be pseudo working."

Ophelia chirped, "In the shower. You have dinner and fun to get to. I need to check on my other guests while you are in there but don't get ready until I get back. You need more super tight corset action before the rest covers your gorgeous curvy body."

The shower felt amazing and helped Emma relax and recover a bit more from her day so far. She had dozed off in bed wrapped in a towel when a knock and Ophelia entered a few seconds later. As Emma looked up and saw Ophelia, she noticed a necklace with a key hanging around her neck. Emma stared at Ophelia with her mouth open, unable to speak. 

Ophelia grinned at her and stated, "Let's get you dressed and I will explain, my Unicorn. Get up corset first."

As Emma got up she asked, "How?"

Ophelia was already grabbing one of Emma’s corsets as she began, "How was pretty easy. You had a hood and your vision was compromised. Then I bought some extra items for our adventure including a necklace and locks with keys. Then I conditioned you and the crowd with careful questions that led you and the crowd to believe it was your chastity key. I never stated it, I just played on the belief that you believed it. Therefore the crowd did as well. I had us do the performance for a number of reasons. Starting with, I thought it would be fun and amazing to do. To me, it exceeded my expectations. Was it fun and amazing for you?"

Emma nodded affirmatively. 

"Second, this was an experiment as I have never been in charge of another person. You gave me a pretty blank slate and I enjoyed testing to see how far and willing you would go. You blew that out of the water. My only regret is I didn't have more time as well as you returning the favor to me. I know you enjoy both sides. I doubt I could handle the pain like you but seeing as I have been a slave almost my whole life, I am use to suffering for my superiors." 

Ignoring Emma’s attempts to speak while continuing to tighten Emma's corset, Ophelia continued, "This was a new experience for both of us and as I said an experiment. We both experienced new things in this short time. I publicly showed those who watched or will watch a side of you that is incredibly rare to most people. Though I warn you that it will leave you vulnerable to certain types of people who will try to exploit and take advantage of it. That is why I made everyone, including you, believe the key was destroyed. It removes some, not much, but some of the dangers they could exploit from you. I will only wear the key when I am alone with you in the room to remind you that it is still mine. I can still talk to you when I am here but can do nothing else beyond my normal chores as a maid."

Emma caught Ophelia pausing and quickly asked, "What happened when you were called away as we were leaving? Did you get in trouble?"

Ophelia laughed a bit before responding, "No. At least not yet. I still might after I tell you what happened…."

"That was my Mistress. I thought when she called me over that I was in serious trouble as she has paid nearly no attention to me lately. But she wanted basically to know more about you and if I truly destroyed your chastity. I could not lie to her without serious repercussions. So she is the only one, other than the two of us who know about the key, not even Nix. Though it led to my Mistress expecting me to get you to join her at her table for dinner tonight. I told her I couldn't make promises but that I would see what I could do."

Ophelia sighed, "Before I go further into that, would you like to be dressed like a domineering Goddess? Bound and collared like a slave? A more neutral but really fucking sexy Queen? Maybe something more unique? The cat is kind of out of the bag and there will be expectations of your new found celebrity, at least for tonight. Even with the hood, your body is a pretty major give away and people will likely figure it out or hear all the gossip that will point to you. You will be the center of this ocean and the sharks will be doing what they can to get a piece of you. I don't know whether to envy you or pity you, but I aim to help you be more unforgettable. So which will it be?"

Emma took a few minutes to think about it. She was here to have multiple experiences exploring her fantasies that had a wide spectrum to cover. Going in any direction probably will put off some people. This is usually the biggest get together of the trip and she wanted to attract a variety of people to see as many options before potentially planning and moving forward with her trip. She smiled to herself while thinking.


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