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by bentbliss

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Part 21. Demo With Janice 2 - Emma Tops

“I better not hear any bad reviews. You will please all the paying customers beyond your best ability. You have multiple people keeping an eye on you for safety. Is there anything you need before I go, slut?”

“No Miss Emma,” Brenda answered from her position restrained to a pillory.

Emma swept Brenda's hair aside, “It's a shame you hide your beautiful face. But enjoy your afternoon before you are back in chastity.”

“Yes Miss Emma.”

Emma took a minute to watch her schoolgirl whore shift and adjust to try and get comfortable. Emma knew from experience how it felt. It would be more difficult to handle over time, especially when she is used by others. The push and pulling against the wooden frame. The stress on her back and legs. Then there was the helplessness of stopping others from doing anything to her. These thoughts only increased Emma’s arousal. If she wasn’t going to be put through plenty herself shortly, she would even be a bit jealous.

Emma turned to leave and almost walked into a brunette a few inches shorter than her. It surprised Emma a moment as she hadn't expected her back yet. Unlike Emma at the moment, Lisette was naked as Emma gave her the key to her belt when she first arrived. This allowed her minion to remove it and clean herself much like Brenda, though Emma did the removing and cleaning to ensure Brenda didn’t touch herself.

“I didn’t expect you back so soon, Tramp. I have another task for my faithful minion,” Emma said.

“I am here to help you take over the world, Lady Chastity. Command me, fearless leader.”

Emma smiled and responded, “I am sure you are quite aroused and have gone a couple days without any release. As you have been good and served well so far, I am rewarding you. At the same time, you will help further train this uneducated slut. She needs more practice and to further learn how to pleasure another woman.”

There was a small whimper from Brenda, but Lisette nodded to Emma that she was willing.

“As the cake eater, I am sure you can give her some tips. I want her to work for it though. The first will probably come too quickly, so she will give you two orgasms and edge you to a third. I don’t want you too spent before the fun on stage, but I still want you aroused and desperate for the damsel. Can I count on you, Tramp?”

“Yes Lady Chastity. I will not fail you,” Lisette said as she ducked around Emma and shoved her previously denied pussy into slut’s face.

Another whimper and possibly a groan escaped her restrained whore. Emma walked around behind Brenda and lifted the pleated skirt that didn’t cover much and swatted the bare ass. A squeal muffled by the pussy in her mouth barely escaped as her ass wiggled from the shock of the strike. Emma didn’t hesitate and gave her another when she stopped moving.

“Behave and perform to my standards as you represent me now. I will not tolerate a subpar whore,” Emma said before giving another swat and heading towards the stage.

Emma was still in the yellow bikini and heels from just before her workout. She had attracted plenty of attention since she had arrived but tried focusing on getting ready. She was still getting plenty of offers to do various things as well as offers if she was calling for volunteers during the demonstration. Emma didn’t want the attention, but it was part of the deal now. She needed to suck it up, but eventually made it to the stage for a bit of a respite.

“That's a bit of a different look from you today. Though that position is ideal to take advantage of your lovely ass,” Emma said as she came from behind upon a distracted Janice.

Her lovely damsel had been bent over a table reaching for something. Her short denim skirt crept up until it was partially flashing her voluminous backside. Emma got a peak at the pink thong she was wearing. The back of her thick thighs was also on display much to Emma’s delight.

The pink haired damsels head whipped around. A smile spread across her face with a bit of a blush. She wiggled her ass for Emma offering a “Promise?”

Emma took the still wiggling butt as consent and smacked it. Janice yelped and quickly straightened up as she turned towards Emma as her hands dropped to cover her ass.

“I take it you have a thing for denim,” Emma said as she observed the strapless denim top that barely covered her breasts as usual and held closed by a zipper running down the front between her breasts.

“I wear other things, including some of the items I have in stock. But around here, denim is less common compared to other materials as I am sure you are aware. This helps me stand out a bit more. And I do like denim.”

Emma’s fingers brushed Janice's exposed under boob, getting a moan from her.

“And yes, I changed up so you wouldn't need to cut off my clothes this time. Also, it is why I won't wear many things around you now. No more cutting my clothes off, Emma.”

“I will let that slide since we are at the demo. Once it's over my damsel, it is back to Lady Chastity. If you don’t want things cut off, then you should just show up naked other than heels. But I get what you are saying. The thong will likely need to go if you don’t want them ruined.”

“You just want me naked.”

“I'm not against it though I actually prefer you in clothes until they get in the way of fun. But you seem to like me naked as well. Don’t worry, you will be leaving here naked except for your restraints today as I owe you a walk.”

Emma smiled as she watched Janice's mouth drop.

“I even have a special surprise for you at the end of it,” Janice went to speak but Emma cut her off, “You will have to wait to find out. Now what are the plans for today?”

Janice's mind seemed to be stuck on the surprise for a bit before answering, “As much as I want to put you through the ringer, quite literally. There has been a huge number of requests from people wanting to be volunteers and you putting them in whatever or using things on them. I figured we could give it a shot. You can always do more demonstrations if you wish to try out more or we can discuss something private later.”

“Does that include my damsel being on display today?”

“Your minion is expecting one if not both of us to be displayed and used, preferably together. Her comment not mine”

“You don’t want the lovely cake eater to get her cake?”

There was lots of blushing as she responded, “No. I mean she is lovely, and I do enjoy her. She's quite enthusiastic and wants to impress Lady Chastity as well. I just get nervous as to what you and she will do.”

Emma shrugged, “We will have to see. Let’s look at some options for today.”

As the demonstration began, Emma with the help of Lisette brought out a partially bound Janice. Her clothes hadn't been removed yet and she teetered slightly in her heels as she walked blindly with help. She wore a thick leather hood that was zipped closed at her mouth. There was enough of an opening at her nose to let her breath. There were also no openings for her eyes or ears. Janice was blind, partially deaf, and mute as it was obvious her mouth was filled under the hood.

A thick collar was around her neck. Her large breasts, only marginally smaller than Emma’s, thrust forward as they tried to burst out of the denim top. The zipper precariously holding it together.

With Lisette's help they turned Janice around for the audience so her back was facing them. The audience got to see Janice's arms bound behind her at the wrists and just above the elbows. The leather cuffs were held by another thicker leather strap that ran from the collar down the length of her back.

Lisette helped Janice bend at the waist causing Janice's lower arms and hands to hang over the cliff of her large ass. The denim skirt rode up allowing the audience a peak at what was underneath. Her mound and puckered hole were further on display as Emma shimmied the skirt up. They didn’t realize that her thong had been removed and served as a gag behind the hood.

“She has such a wonderful ass. So many amazing ideas come to mind and there is so much to use,” Emma slapped the exposed ass in front of her.

“Welcome and sorry for my distraction,” as she spanked Janice's ass again.

“I have been told that many of you were hoping to be more involved in the demonstration with me. So, it was decided that instead of me being locked in devices for part of the time, I would be taking volunteers to enjoy them as well as use other things on people. Maybe even have a little competition later,” Emma spanked Janice's ass again.

“I also felt our lovely host should have a break this time. Well from talking at least. She will be on display for all of you. Later she will be performing on one of her own devices,” Emma’s finger ran through Janice's wet slit.

“For now, we will finish her display and see if she can get out. Much like last time, she will lose her clothes over time… what little there is,” Emma continued to rub the wet pussy in front of everyone.

“If you have seen my previous time here, you may remember this lovely lady and the birthday present she received. She will be my assistant for most of our little show until she once again earns her cake,” Emma was still rubbing Janice's pussy as she added, “and it is quite a lovely cake. Definitely moist.”

Lisette was still holding on to Janice but baring all. No clothes, no chastity, no restraints to hide the young woman's gorgeous body. She stood about three inches shorter than Emma and Janice if they were all flat footed and shoeless. But both Emma and Janice were in heels making the height discrepancy seem more. Her perky modest chest couldn’t match the size of Emma or Janice, but they didn’t detract from her beauty as they matched her frame well. There was a dark patch of hair above her pussy. Her arousal was also on full display between her erect nipples and glistening wet lips that were still slightly swollen from earlier use.

Emma gave Janice's ample backside a final slap for now as she announced, “Let’s put her on display and get this officially started.”

Display was a very appropriate word. Janice found herself on a stand that slowly turned allowing people to see all of her as she rotated. The D-ring at the top of her hood was connected to a chain above her that ensured she stayed standing. Belts were added to her ankles and above and below her knees. Emma even added an extra belt around the thighs she adored, further smashing them together. Janice was right where she belonged and desired in Emma’s mind.

“Let me reiterate a couple things. Short of using your safe word, some of you will remain up here in whatever I put you in until I decide to release you and that may be the rest of this demonstration. Think about that before you volunteer…”

The first volunteers Emma picked appeared to be an average couple. Nothing really stood out about either. The male was usually the one in charge as the female was deeply submissive. Emma gave them the option to decide who went in the first device without knowing what the second would be.

The device itself was a variation of the one Emma was in for her coming out as the unicorn. The pre-dinner show seemed so distant at times even though it was a few days ago. Emma didn’t know how much that one little show would change everything. While she has struggled in moments since just as she has all her life, she didn’t regret what happened to this point. It opened many opportunities she hadn't had before that.

The male chose to experience the pet stocks as Emma internally called them. He was on all fours with his wrists and ankles bound to the metal frame with steel cuffs. He was collared and attached to the T-bar portion of the frame coming up perpendicular to the rest of the horizontal frame. This kept his head from moving too much as well as a place to rest his chin should he wish, though it likely wouldn't be very comfortable.

With him set, Emma moved to the female. She pulled out an item called ‘the Fiddle.’ The metal contraption opened up opposite of the hinged end. Her wrists slid into the smaller openings leaving her arms partially stretched out in front of her. Her neck fit into the larger hole as it closed around her. With her hands bound about a foot, maybe more from her face as the thick steel was unwavering and unrelenting. Emma added some fetters to her ankles along with a small chain that she attached to the Fiddle preventing her from being able to stand up.

Emma then added a cord around the man's cock and testicles and attached it to the end of the Fiddle. The now squatting woman's face was buried into her partner's exposed ass. She had to be careful how she moved in order to not hurt him. That didn’t stop Emma from giving his ass a slap causing him to jump despite his predicament and at the very least making himself more uncomfortable.

“Alright. Who's up for a game of musical chairs? Though there is a twist.” Emma asked and further explained as Lisette set it up.

There was no lack of volunteers. Emma picked out three women and three men. Each was required to remove their clothes for this game. The six of them came in all shapes and sizes and Emma was curious as to how it would play out. They didn’t know exactly what the winner would receive but they knew what would happen when they were eliminated.

Five chairs in a circular formation with the seats facing out. Six adults circled the chairs as the music played. Lisette was in the back controlling the music so they couldn't guess. This child's game with an adult spin was just getting started.

They were being lulled into a sense of false anticipation as the first round dragged on. The music suddenly stopped, and six naked adults scrambled to get their bottoms into a seat. The smallest of the women was essentially hip checked a couple feet across the stage. There was a squeal as she went skidding across the floor before crying out as she came to a stop. Thankfully she was okay.

Emma helped her up and asked the crowd, “Are you ready to witness her punishment?”

The answer was quite obvious, and the woman turned around and stuck out her ass to the crowd. Without warning, Emma laid into the petite woman.


The red mark from the paddle showed immediately. The imprint left behind spelled out the word LOSER across her ass. Emma didn’t stop as she gave her nine more to finish. The rest who didn’t win would receive more. An extra ten each round.

Before Emma could move on, the woman asked, “Can I get one across my chest as well?”

Emma smiled and responded, “Sure.”

“Harder as I want this one to last longer.”

She really didn’t have much in the way of breasts. Definitely more than Kit, but many men had more than Kit. Emma still aimed for the upper chest so there was better contact to spell it out. She swung harder than her previous ones, earning a scream from her target. But she was promptly thanked and sent to the side of the stage as they couldn't leave yet.

Eliminations continued until they were down to two. Emma had left her mark on each of ‘losers’ with one more to go. She also had to reward the winner.

She watched the contestants circle the final chair. The music stopped and the scramble was on. The final male competitor jumped over the back of the chair as the female competitor sat down. A little push held her up as his bare ass hit the seat and her in his lap. Emma imagined it would have been unpleasant for both if he had an erection.

Allowing the woman to use the chair to brace, Emma swung the paddle. The woman moaned loudly. Emma couldn’t help but smile and get excited. It emboldened her to ensure the fifty would be from moaning to scream worthy.

Her next dozen or so swings elicited more moans before the volume started catching up. A combination of moans and squeals with a wiggling butt was quite the show and a turn on. Emma could see the arousal from the naked woman as she laid into her. She was suffering from her own arousal.

Emma found herself running her hand over the red, welted ass. She relished her handiwork as a part of her wanted a good spanking herself.

“More,” the woman wiggled as she begged.

“Don't worry, I still owe you more. The question is whether you would like me to go harder?”

Her voice was husky in her response, “Yes.”

“Good,” Emma said, swinging the paddle as the woman immediately screamed.

Emma didn’t let her recover and kept her screaming. She stopped with two left helping the woman stand.

“You are Deanna, correct?” Emma asked and got a nod. “I was rooting for you at the end. But after that performance, I'm glad it turned out this way. We are not done. You have two left and while the imprint suggests otherwise, I think we are all winners right now. Are you ready?”

With the acknowledgement, Emma had Deanna face the crowd. Emma lined it up and swung. Deanna nearly doubled over as it impacted her stomach. By the time she stood straight, the redness outlined the paler and less impacted flesh in which LOSER was spelled out. Then Emma did the same below the neck and at the top of her breasts.

It was time to move on to the winner.

“Let’s give a round of applause to Ryan. He has earned himself a hand job done by me here on stage. You can pick out from your competitors or the audience who you want to receive your load.”

“What about you? I want to cover your chest.”

Emma should have expected it even if she hoped to avoid it. Many were there to see her, and she would do her best to reasonably placate them. Thankfully she didn’t have to suck him off as she will be doing that later during dinner. Plus, she wasn’t sure what she would be doing when she spent the night with Master Robert for the first time this evening. In any case, she is making the rules for now. Ryan will get what he wants, but so will she.

“We can do that, but you need to choose someone to lick it off.”

An African American woman walked up on stage. She appeared to be graced with ample assets and curves that rivaled Emma’s. Her outfit left no doubt about her role that she wished to portray. She looked like the quintessential dominatrix. Her bustier emphasized her large breasts. Her ass jiggled with the sway of her hips underneath her tight leather skirt. She was well practiced walking in her thigh high boots as she climbed the steps.

“Mistress,” Ryan said, a bit frozen at what to do or act.

Emma quizzically looked at the newcomer and asked, “Is there a problem?”

“No Emma. He had my permission to be here and did a good job in winning. He is quite infatuated with you as I suppose many here are,” she winked at Emma, “including me. But I wanted to ensure he remembers the rules. He will be licking his mess off of you. It is his job, isn't that right, bootlicker?”

“Yes Mistress.”

“I even brought a gift for the two of you, but we shall get to it when he is finished with his reward and performing his duty. I am Monique by the way,” she said as she held out her hand to shake towards Emma.

Emma put on disposable latex gloves after the handshake and lubed up her hands. She was on her knees in front of Ryan, reaching out to grab his erect member.

“Hands behind your back, bootlicker. Neither she nor I have given you permission to touch her.”


Ryan's pelvis shot forward as Emma’s hands had just encased his shaft. Monique had hit him with the paddle she had used on the other contestants. It was part of his reward for winning and she was giving it to him already.

“Just imagine if it was Mistress Joyce instead of me here.”

While his body shuddered, Emma felt his cock throb as more blood rushed in. He was excited despite his face showing fear. Emma wasn’t sure who she was as she continued stroking him.


“Is she doing a good job?”

“Yes Mistress.”


“Thank you, Unicorn Goddess, for touching and rewarding me. This feels amazing, and I hope to return the favor one day.”

There was a giggle from Monique and Emma just smiled to herself. There was pretty much no chance he could return the favor if he was thinking of getting her off with his hands.

Emma decided to ask as she stroked, “Who is Mistress Joyce and is she here?”

“No, unfortunately she couldn’t get the necessary time off of work, though I imagine she has a couple of toys at home that she is breaking in. Hopefully they are not completely broken so I can play with them myself. As to who she is besides a mischievous firecracker who claims she is part kitsune, she is my best friend, lover, fellow Mistress, bratty slave, whirlwind of excitement, and one of my soul mates. You two have many similarities, which is why you are intriguing Emma”


Emma could hear his breathing intensify as Monique spoke more, “While you should enjoy this while it lasts, bootlicker, don’t let the audience get too bored. Which of us is your favorite? Be honest.”

There was some silence as Emma’s slick gloved hands worked his shaft as stroked, changing up the pressure like she was currently doing as she squeezed it a little more.

“Mistress Joyce,” he eventually responded.

“The little thief. If I didn’t love her so much, I would be upset that she has taken you even though you were mine long before she came along. Well, I will make sure you are both thoroughly punished when we get home. I imagine she will love it and you won’t.”

He let out a whimper but didn’t do anything else as his dick was literally in Emma’s hands.


He yelped at the impact and soon asked, “Mistress, may I cum?”

Monique looked at Emma with a look that let her know it was her choice.

Emma picked up her pace as she responded, “You may.”

She felt him engorged further in her hands as he grunted momentarily before the first stream shot out. It hit her lip and lower chin more than her chest. She tried to adjust the aim as she continued stroking. The warm, sticky, white mess covered more of her chest as she worked to milk every drop out.

Satisfied she was done; she removed her hands to hear the immediate Thwack!

“Get down and clean her,” Monique commanded, offering Ryan no reprieve from his post orgasmic bliss.

Ryan cleaned her chest and chin. He even took advantage of giving her a small kiss when cleaning her lower lip. Emma had been heavily aroused for a while if you don’t count all the days since her last orgasms. A small moan escaped as her own torment was in full effect.

Emma smiled when Monique handed her the gift she mentioned earlier. Having Ryan stand, she placed the ring around the base of his cock before encasing the rest of his flaccid cock in metal. The click of the lock finalized his predicament as he was locked in chastity much like her. That actually made her wetter than she already was.

Emma had stood back up.


“You missed a spot.”

Monique stepped in and licked Emma’s bikini clad breast. She stood up face to face only being an inch or two shorter than Emma. Leaning into Emma until their lips met, Monique snuck her tongue into Emma’s mouth. Emma noticed the slightly salty taste.

As the kiss broke, Monique said, “I'll see you soon.”

Emma was confused at the statement.

Monique, seeing her confusion, added, “At dinner at the very least, one night.”

Emma understood and wished her a farewell and good luck. The competitors were getting dressed and Monique joined them. Soon she was chatting with Deanna and the two were giggling.

Emma turned her focus back towards her damsel. She had made no headway in escaping, leaving Emma to subject her to a form of punishment. Stopping the platform from rotating, Emma unzipped the denim skirt. The zipper went from the top of her waist to half down her ass. Tugging the tight skirt over her hips and ass, Emma let them drop to pool around the damsel's heels and ankles. Her pussy and ass fully exposed with her thong still entrenched in her mouth beneath the hood.

Emma restarted the rotation and moved to the next bit of fun. Then she checked on the couple still in their bondage on stage in the pet stocks and Fiddle.

She brought out what appeared to be a box. Though it wasn’t truly a box as multiple sides were open. The bottom was open with a number of straps hanging down. The front is also open allowing more visibility to the straps and the wooden frame. The top was covered with cushioned leather with a large hole in the center. A queening seat.

“The first volunteer I am looking for will be on the bottom servicing who is on top. No, it won’t be me as I am hoping to keep what I have on throughout the whole demonstration even if it's not much. Plus, the chastity belt makes it more awkward even though there is an opening, but I prefer to give others a chance to try it out. Plus, I like the mystery the volunteer will endure not knowing who they will be pleasuring.”

The volunteer’s head and hands were under the seat strapped in securely. He was at least a decade older than Emma. The gray in his hair was prominent enough to give it a salt and pepper look. She had him strip down before she got him secured. His erection was on full display, not that she could blame him.

Emma, feeling more of her sadistic nature flowing decided to place the sole of her heel on his testicles and lower scrotum without much pressure as she said, “Your position is begging me to do so many delicious things to your manhood. Most would be uncomfortable at best.”

She applied a bit more pressure with her foot causing him to grunt as she continued to speak, “I have far less experience in cbt than I like. So, if you fail to please those in the seat, expect me to get some practice. That is if you don’t beg me to do it anyway, because it is what you want.”

Emma eyed Lisette and received a nod from her assistant who made her way over.

“This is a test right now to ensure things are good and you can reach your target. Since I don’t hear you begging me, I will assume you want me to go easy on you. That doesn't mean I won’t give you attention. Now be a good boy and perform to your best.”

The irony of calling the man, who was her senior, a boy was not lost on her nor some of the crowd as there were snickers and some laughter.

Lisette lowered herself over the seat. Her exposed pussy disappeared from view as it entered the hole. Further cast into darkness as her ass molded into the cushioned seat. A gasp with a shudder from Lisette led Emma to believe his tongue was already at work.

Emma stroked her minion's hair as she spoke, “How is it?”

“Good, Lady Chastity.”

“He's going to do his best to make you cum, but you won’t unless you want to miss out on your cake later.”

Lisette looked up at Emma, a soft moan escaped her lips, “I understand, Lady Chastity.”

Emma smiled and turned back to the crowd. A few asked about Lady Chastity, but Emma told them that she would answer that another time as she didn’t want to distract from the demonstration and getting her next volunteers. She scanned the audience for volunteers and chose three for now. She grinned to herself and set them to disrobing as she turned her attention to her victim or bottom feeder as she viewed him. The sole of her heel was pressed against his crotch again. A muffled grunt came from under her minion. The look on her minion’s face suggested he was doing a good job even if she didn’t hear her mewls.

“I'm now really curious as to what I can do with just my foot,” Emma said as she readjusted her foot so that her thinner heel cap was now on his scrotum as she gently applied pressure. “I think before the end of the trip, I may need to find someone willing to let me practice some more types of cbt.”

There was a muffled grunt again as she applied a bit more pressure.

“Are you desperate to cum, minion?” Emma asked after she noticed the first volunteer was ready.

“Please Lady Chastity. I'm so close and barely holding it in. May I cum?” Tramp managed to get out between mewls.

“You would miss out on cake and likely disappoint our damsel as well.”

Her eyes shot up towards Emma in a bit of fear and frustration followed by a whimper. Emma stroked her hair and told her she could get up now before letting her answer. Emma took the time to ensure things were good under the seat and that he was ready for more. She asked him if he wanted her to go further with what she was doing to his cock and balls intermittently. He wasn’t one into pain, so he didn’t want Emma to go far, but was willing to let her go a little further.

The first volunteer was an elderly woman. Emma had been surprised to see someone her age here, but even more surprised that she was volunteering. She remembered seeing her dressed rather modestly and exuded an aura of authority. It reminded Emma of various pictures and artwork of some women back in the day. Though what Emma truly imagined was that strict librarian vibe. It was enough to get lost in potential fantasies.

Now with her undressed, she looked like she took good care of herself even with age working against her. Her movements were a bit stiff at times, but not really surprising. With Lisette's and Emma’s help, they helped her down and positioned her in the seat.

With the woman in position, Emma put her heel back on the erect cock beneath her as she asked the woman, “If you don’t mind, I ask you a couple questions while this bottom feeder works on pleasing you.”

She smiled at Emma as she responded, “I am going to assume that you want to know more about me and why I am here.”

Emma nodded, allowing her to continue, “Most people these days know me as Mrs. Brown despite being widowed for years now. My late husband was my submissive, and we lived what you call a female led relationship. Back then it was a taboo thing and not openly talked about or looked at in a positive light. But I was lucky to find someone who not only I, but he also lived a life that we wanted. I won't bore you with all the details because what we did was incredibly tame compared to what I see here even if it is not likely the norm. But I am here to enjoy my life while it lasts and maybe, if I am lucky, to find a slightly younger man to serve me once again. At the very least, I am getting properly served for the first time in years. I don't mean to be rude, but I am really hoping to enjoy this right now, and I am not used to an audience and get easily distracted.”

“No, it's me who should have been more empathetic. Please enjoy this and I will see about helping you while you enjoy yourself,” Emma said before turning back to the audience. “How about we help the lovely Mrs. Brown find a new submissive man to please and take care of her…”

Emma worked with the crowd until Mrs. Brown was done.

“Give it up for Mrs. Brown,” Emma said as she sent Lisette to help her and make sure she was alright.

The next volunteer was probably not what bottom feeder, or the audience expected. The naked man was locked in chastity which brought a smile to Emma.

Before the man sat down, Emma told bottom feeder, “This one is a bit of a surprise. You will be trying to get off a chaste man. You should work his ass and his balls if you don’t want yours crushed.”

Bottom feeder wasn’t happy, but there was no safe word either, so it continued.

The chaste man sat and said, “Thank you, Goddess.”

“So, are you short term or long term?”

“Long term, Goddess. Hopefully quite a while. I had hoped you personally held the keys, but I understand that this was unexpected, and you are quite busy.”

Emma smiled, “Sorry. This has all been a whirlwind. I am still trying to catch my breath. But I can try to help you get aroused while we are up here.”

Emma stepped over bottom feeder with her ass facing the chaste man. She wiggled her butt in front of him, even bending over to get more of her bikini bottom over her chastity belt. She then went down to her knees until she was sitting on the chest of bottom feeder.

Emma spoke to the audience, “Let's see if I can entice both of them.”

Emma leaned forward gripping the erect cock in one hand. She leaned her head over his cock while scooting back as much as she could. She looked over her shoulder and said, “You can touch my ass and if you make a mess on it, you will be licking it off.”

She turned her focus back to the meat in her hand. She gave it a few strokes teasing it. Then she licked the tip while squeezing his balls lightly. She couldn’t help but wiggle her ass in amusement. Squeezing a little tighter she licked the length of his inner shaft.

She was enjoying the touch on her ass and the noises coming from behind. She explored the cock and balls in front of her. Smacking, squeezing, and licking while doing other things to them periodically. Every time he seemed close to any orgasm, she squeezed his balls or the base of his cock. She may have ruined his orgasms, but her little chastity worshiper was dribbling on her backside.

Emma decided to try one last thing before ending this particular experience for now. The angle of her body made it more difficult as she took the cock in her mouth. She couldn’t get all the way, but she had more than enough to try what she wanted. She bobbed her head up and down a few times before pulling off, dragging her top teeth along the underside of his penis and frenulum. While she was only lightly grazing with her teeth, he was shifting beneath. As she reached his glands, she gave him a little extra tooth causing him to nearly buck if her mouth wasn't around the sensitive area. Wrapping her lips fully are his glands, she immediately began to suck the tip of his cock hard. She stroked his cock feeling him twitch as he was ready to burst. She pulled her mouth off and squeezed the base of his glands hard. It twitched and fought as she held on denying him.

Once he was calmed down and not a threat to ejaculate, she ordered her chaste worshiper to clean her backside of his mess. As she waited for the back of her bikini bottoms to be licked clean, she took the time to further toy with the cock in hand. Though it quickly changed to her playfully slapping his balls much to the guy's dismay from the jerking of his body and the sounds behind her.

The third volunteer came over as the last one left. She was naked as the rest with her spiked collar around her neck. The woman was larger than Emma, not in height but overall mass. She likely outweighed Emma by at least fifty pounds. Though she carried plenty of extra weight, she was not top heavy, having pretty small breasts. But she was quite bottom heavy, making Emma’s backside look tiny in comparison.

“Miss Emma, the Unicorn Goddess or is it Lady Chastity now?” she had nodded to Emma before asking.

“Miss Emma is my preference from most people or just Emma. I will have my assistant come and explain Lady Chastity to everyone in a moment once things are going again. I assume you have a question.”

“Yes Miss Emma. I was wondering if I could suck his cock as well.”

Emma looked into the hole and asked, “Well would you like to earn an orgasm?”

He responded affirmatively.

“Then you will lick her to two orgasms as well as clean her asshole in between them if you wish to finally get off,” Emma announced. Turning towards the woman, she added, “You will need to agree to my conditions as well. Starting with you will need to be careful with that collar when it is time.”

“Yes, Miss Emma. I have plenty of experience performing my duties in this collar. It is basically a part of me for years now. Only coming off when I bathe or am at work and on a few rare occasions.”

Emma added some more conditions before letting the large woman enjoy her time in the queening seat. This allowed Emma to check on the others on stage while Lisette explained the story behind Lady Chastity to the audience.

Emma started with the damsel who still had not made any leeway towards escaping. Stopping the rotating platform again, Emma grabbed the denim covered breasts. Muted moans came from under the hood as she briefly fondled them. Taking the zipper of the damsel's top in hand, slowly pulled down. The tight denim was stretched beneath the ample chest and bits of flesh continued to escape as teeth of the zipper split as the slider passed over them. Before Emma even got to the bottom, Janice's breasts popped out from their former prison. She finished with the zipper, letting the strip of denim tumble to the floor before engorging herself on the soft, pillowy melons. She could feel her damsel struggle as moans continued trying to escape. Emma teased her relentlessly for a few moments with her mouth, finishing as she bit her nipple and pulled. The muffled scream as she stretched the nipple only excited Emma more before she relented and let it go.

Emma was grinning as she walked away and caught off guard when she heard Lisette say, “I feel like I missed an opportunity as I didn’t know her last name when I first came up with it. Lady Locke not only works as well, but if I was a betting woman, I would see if she knew or has connections to Lady Luck. If she did, I'd try to hit up the ship’s casino with her. And she probably would hate it if I also called her Master Locke.”

Emma lost her smile and nearly groaned knowing this would bite her in the ass. The last thing she needed was more names to be called. She would be taking care of her minion soon. Hopefully the damage wouldn't be too bad.

Emma went to the other guests on stage. She removed the chain connecting the woman's face to her partner's ass. She considered changing her position but didn’t want to push too hard and decided to remove the rest of the restraints. She followed up removing the man from his and helped them back to get dressed.

Emma grabbed a slapper and headed towards Lisette.

“You and I are going to have a little talk, minion,” Emma whispered to Lisette, who blushed and submissively nodded.

Emma went back towards the supposed main entertainment at the moment. The sole of her heel back against the groin of the man on the ground. She was sure he had given the woman one orgasm but was still waiting on the second. The larger woman was breathing heavily between moans as she tried smiling when she noticed Emma was back.

“I'd have thought you would be more desperate for an orgasm now. Maybe we should forgo it or ruin another before we lock you in chastity,” Emma said with a smirk on her face.

He tried to struggle a bit, but Emma applied more pressure until he stopped. Though something or maybe everything got the other woman excited as she screamed out moments later.

She was in the throes of an orgasm when Emma took her by the hair, holding her up. With the slapper, she took aim at the smaller breasts. That got the reaction Emma wanted by the reaction of the woman. Her body intensified with its shuddering and moan enhanced squeals. Emma turned her chest red as she let her ride out the rest.

Emma had the woman's large ass facing the crowd as she was between the man's legs with his cock in her hand. Depending on where one sat, they got most if not the full view of the woman's most private bits. If Emma hadn't been in a chastity belt since before she came to her vacation, she would have been fully exposed many times over in a position like this in front of others already.

“This is what you wanted. Get to work and swallow every drop,” Emma stated as she brought the slapper over one of the large ass cheeks, leaving the first of what would be numerous red marks.

Emma figured the man wouldn’t last long as he had been kept aroused constantly. She still had much of the large ass to turn red when he shot his load. She didn’t stop her swings in any case.

“I don't care if he finished. I didn’t tell you to quit sucking,” Emma stated as she delivered another stroke. This continued as Emma worked to paint the backside a solid color. She knew it was likely cruel to the man especially as the longer it went the more agitated he was as he begged to stop. She did offer some mercy once she was satisfied with her own art and let the woman go and get dressed.

Emma wasn’t quite done yet as she sat down on the seat. It wasn’t for her to receive any pleasure as it would have been difficult even from the opening for her asshole which was still tender from the day before. Her current position on the seat would only allow him to taste the fabric of her bikini bottoms against her metal prison. No this was about messing with him further.

“I wonder if we should bring up some more volunteers,” she said as she lightly slapped his flaccid cock with the slapper. He didn’t seem to care for that too much. But since he hadn't said his safe word yet, Emma continued as she asked the audience what they thought. He seemed to have frozen up awaiting his fate. But Emma was mainly teasing as she herself was ready to move on. She was giving the last volunteer time to get dressed and head down because Emma thought it was entertaining at the mystery of having him not see who he had serviced. Maybe he would find out later, the video would be up for him to see. For now, though, he would be left with the unknown. Emma enjoyed the little bit of a mindfuck despite the punishment of her own arousal throughout all of this so far.

She helped him up after releasing him from the box. They spoke briefly with Emma telling him she hoped he had a good time and him thanking her. With him getting dressed to leave, Emma and Tramp brought out the next device.

The contraption was made up of many metal bars. A number of points along various bars could be used to bind someone to. The horizontal and vertical frame brought up images of a more complex jungle gym one would find in playgrounds when she was younger. This one would be used for far less innocent things.

Emma looked over to her minion, “It's your turn.”

She just smiled at Emma and responded, “As you wish, Master Locke.”

“I have more than enough names. You don’t need to add more.”

She grinned and replied, “Would you prefer Lady Locke? Or…”

“I think you want to be punished.”

“All minions step out of line periodically and need to be put back in place. This one is no different. Maybe a step up over my birthday present.”

“Getting a little bold.”

“My master is rubbing off on me.”

“I most definitely not rubbing off at all,” Emma rapped her knuckles against her chastity belt, “but it seems my minion is due for some retraining.”

Emma helped Lisette by bending her over one bar at the waist. Her legs wrapped under another bar further away and slightly lower. After some adjustment, the back of her knees was flush against the bar with her ass and lower legs in the air. With some more adjustments, Emma secured Lisette's ankles to other bars forcing her legs spread and still in the air. She looked like she was sitting upside down on a short chair based on her body's posture. Her arms were manipulated and secured behind her forcing her upper body slightly forward.

With her minion set for the moment, Emma made her way to the damsel. Stopping the platform from rotating, Emma went to work removing the straps and the rest of her bondage. She saved the hood for last which was still chained above her, keeping her still on the platform.

Peeling the undone hood from Janice's head, Emma saw her matted hair and red face. She licked a bit of sweat off the side of Janice's face that started to trickle down. Handing her a bottle of water and holding on to her as she readjusted, Emma’s hand snuck between Janice's legs. She slowly stroked her as the damsel stared at her as she hydrated herself.

Emma whispered to her, “You are not done yet and we still have so much to do today.”

Emma watched as Janice inspected what was going on. She only gave her a minute at most before taking her over to her minion. Then Emma wasted little time getting Janice set up and bound again, this time to Lisette. They were both bound with their bodies restrained to the bars in a vertical sixty-nine position. Each of them had their faces in each other's muffs.

“You two behave and give the audience a show with each orgasm you give each other. Don’t even think of stopping until I tell you too.”

By the time Emma turned back to the audience, a pair of people were making their way on stage. Or more technically a mistress and her sissy. One hand was holding a leash and the other carried a massive strap on, Emma watched as Madame Zee made her way over to her. She was in a white catsuit with a red neckerchief tied off center around her neck.

Emma raised her brow and questioned, “Another reward?”

Madame Zee smiled back, answering, “Not this time. This one has been misbehaving and earned punishment and extra humiliation.”

Wearing the harness with such a monstrous dildo attached was a bit awkward. It made balance much more difficult, but Emma ended up on her knees soon after. Ample lube was slathered over it. Emma was concerned for the sissy and the size she was going to be inserting in him. She had been taken by their Master once and he was quite large, maybe the largest she had taken so far. This was on a whole nother level. The length was ridiculous, but the girth was downright terrifying. A horse cock looked small in comparison. It was greenish blue with red veins extending the length. The circumference changed throughout as it looked engorged in parts and increased its size as it got closer to the base compared to the tip. This was definitely going to stretch, and Emma was pretty thankful her chastity belt would prevent anything this size from entering her. While a small part of her was tempted, she had already taken plenty back there that pushed her comfort.

The sissy was on all fours as Emma applied pressure to his backside. He grunted as he sucked the long thin heel of Madame Zee's red thigh high boots. She was currently sitting on a chair in front of him with her leg stretched forward.

“You should at least give me a heads up as I may not be able to or willing to accommodate,” Emma announced so only the three of them could hear. Madame Zee ignored her as she filed her manicured nails with a look of disinterest. Emma didn’t like being ignored at this point, and based on the squealing probably pushed a little harder than she intended.

Emma had slowly worked in about halfway probably more, meaning he had close to a foot of rubber invading his ass. The peak of the circumference of the massive dildo was getting closer as he was still being stretched open. His sobbing had grown with the many noises he made. Emma was holding back her sadistic feelings of inserting it faster and harder. Penetrating him with this monster along with his cries felt empowering. She occasionally slapped his ass and demanded he push back to further impale himself.

Madame Zee sat on the back of the sissy facing Emma. She added her own slap to the sissy's ass, “You're embarrassing me and your Master. You should be all the way in and begging her to fuck you deeper and harder already. If you didn’t want this, you shouldn't have acted out. Since you did multiple times, you clearly wanted this. So, get to work taking it all or suffer the ultimate penalty.”

“What's the ultimate penalty?” Emma asked.

Madame Zee was leaning forward a bit, now only inches away from Emma, “You are right in that I should give you a heads up. It's unfortunate that this is the only way I get to spend time with you. I would still love to have some private time with you. I know you want to be rougher and use this piece of trash fully. He is being lazy and still defying me. If you wish, you can use him like the garbage he is. He has earned this punishment and desires it more than you know.”

“You still didn’t answer my other question.”

“It's not something I will discuss in public. I will in private. What will it take to get you there?”

Emma smiled as she pushed harder as the widest section of the dildo sunk in past his dilated anal ring causing him to scream. Emma pushed even further as she leaned closer to Madame Zee.

“For now, it would take you stripping and showing your body off to the audience while I finish dealing with your problem. The you will beg me to fuck your ass while whip your ass. Then you will end up like your sissy with me taking yours as the audience watches.”

She frowned at Emma, “I don’t like things in my backside, even if I was willing to do the rest.”

“You took my horn up it the other day.”

“That was different.”

“Was it?”

“I had control until my husband decided to exert some of his control. I only submit to him on occasion. Is there no other option?”

“Sure, but not right now. I'm not much in a submissive mood at the moment, and it is something that I have been still considering for the future. But doing this would have guaranteed I would have before the end of the trip. Also, there are many others who are more likely to give you what you want.”

“Yes, but you were the one who caught my attention and my first choice.”

Madame Zee leaned in to kiss Emma as Emma further impaled the sissy as she ignored his noises to focus on the woman's lips currently attached to hers.

“I am pretty positive I won’t be able to give you what you want long term. But if we do end up doing something in private, there is one non-negotiable thing. I will fuck your ass. Hell, I am in the mood to own it. Your husband may own your wrecked cunt, but I want to own your ass for the rest of the cruise.

Think about it. Show your commitment and wear a plug whenever you see me at minimum. If it makes you feel better, my ass will be available as well, just you don’t get to own it like I will yours,” Emma smirked by the end.

Madame Zee visibly gulped, and Emma’s confidence skyrocketed. Emma reached for Madame Zee's breasts and fondled them. But Emma didn’t want to get too full of herself, added, “Think on it. Especially if you want to further explore some of your submissive tendencies you seem to be suppressing and your husband isn't catering to. Also there will be no physical interactions tomorrow at the Q and A. I have put off plenty of questions for this time frame to get it out of the way. So, I won’t be accommodating anything else during it.”

Madame Zee regained some semblance of her normal self-asked, “What about after?”

“I have plans after dinner. I don’t know how long the Q and A will last so I made no other plans before dinner as that is pretty much the cut off time for now though I hope it isn't that long.”

Emma and Zee kissed a few more times as she finished up fucking the sissy. She fully penetrated to her enjoyment and not likely his. But she really fucked him once he had taken it all. She was encouraged by his owner to ‘go-to-town’ so to speak. With the encouragement, Emma let out her sadistic feelings open up more as she punished the sissy's ass, relishing in his screams and cries.

With Madame Zee and her sissy leaving the stage, Emma checked on her damsel and minion. Seeing as things appeared to be well as both of them had orgasmed multiple times. Emma encouraged them to keep at it while she finished up. Finishing up entailed addressing the audience again. She gave a few announcements and spent some time signing autographs much like she did at the end of the last show she did. She was looking forward to her plans with Janice immediately following. Well after she released the two cake eaters who seemed in no hurry to finish. Emma thought to herself, "They better enjoy it while it lasts."


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