Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Part 20. Conjugal Visits


Emma felt the impact across her cheek knocking her out of her slumber.


Emma felt the sting on her cheek again becoming more aware. She tried to lift her hands to protect herself, but they only moved a couple of inches as the chain clattered. She felt them pull taut with the metal bracelets encircling her wrists leaving her exposed. She barely realized her head was being held up by her hair.


Emma’s eyes continued to focus, and her head got clearer. This was not how she was usually woken up. She was a bit confused at what was happening. Not that it mattered at the moment as a hand swung and connected with her face again. The sting was quite real, and each slap seemed harder than the previous. Maybe it was just her waking up or the accumulation of trauma to the side of her face. She figured the side of her face was red at least.

That wasn’t what bothered Emma. It was the angry face of Miss Keys. Or was it Warden Keys? Emma couldn’t remember where she was or what happened yet. She hadn't figured out any of it, not that she had been given time yet.

The gray eyes seemed to be trying to pierce Emma’s soul. Hell, maybe she was trying to rip it out. 

Emma went to speak, but was quickly cut off, “You would be wise to keep your mouth shut. I am likely to break your jaw then have it wired shut whether you need it or not. I have done far worse for far less to others.”

Emma wisely, at least she hoped it was, kept her mouth shut. Her hair was let go of allowing her head to drop. She was trying to get a further sense of what was going on. She didn’t notice the warden was no longer in front of her. 

The chair she was sitting on violently slid out from under her. She dropped down and back at least until her bonds resisted her moving further away.

Emma’s wrists burned as the metal cuffs dug in as they pulled against her slightly suspended body. She couldn’t get her feet under as she hadn't realized her ankles were locked on the opposite side of the table from her. Her legs were longer but not enough to make up the width as it forced her legs wider. Her legs burned from the strain. Her ass was still more than a foot off the ground.

It felt like forever and no time at all before Emma felt the electricity from the taser course through her body. Her head flopped back with her body seizing in the weird suspension off the side of the table.

The warden’s face appeared over her. Her head being held by her hair again forcing her to look up towards the ceiling. The taser was pressed against her neck, but not activated. The snarl on the woman's face was a fair indication this wasn’t a game.

“Seems I have your attention now. I'm trying hard to control myself as I have done much worse to people for much less than what I am going to do to you. I was willing to ignore the contraband as I figured that was likely part of yours and Mel’s play. I did give you permission to come and finish in here especially as you did me a favor for watching over her.

But you decided to escalate things, and if you are lucky to survive, things will definitely escalate inside here, epsilon. Assaulting and raping a guard cannot be overlooked even if it was her fantasy and desire. You defied my authority and if it gets out, you not only hurt my reputation, but bring safety concerns as well as I didn’t give anyone permission for it tonight.”

The warden stood up and stepped away. Emma did her best to track her but was shocked when the warden screamed out. Doubly shocked when she watched the warden tase her own self. What further caught Emma’s attention was the warden was still standing after holding the active taser against herself for multiple seconds. She had been leaning hand against the table, but she was still up which Emma found impressive and a bit scary.

Faster than Emma expected, the warden slammed the taser against the edge of the table. This caused Emma to turn her head as pieces shattered in most directions. Bound as she was, that was the best she could do to protect herself. Thankfully other than a few minor pieces bouncing off of her, she was fine if not pretty terrified. 

After taking a few minutes to regain her composure, the warden came over to check on Emma. She did warn Emma not to talk unless she was asked a question and to obey her commands. Emma could see the tiredness and weariness behind the anger in her face. She had called someone in to clean up the mess before starting to release Emma.

“Take off the rest of your clothes,” the warden ordered Emma.

She only had the maid dress to remove. She had removed her shoes and stockings earlier. Her belt was basically metal underwear, and they rarely had her wear panties. Unless the corset covered her or she was in the chastity bra, her breasts were pretty free. She essentially had wasted the time and space of packing bras and panties for the trip. 

Emma was turned towards the wall for the strip search. The warden was silent and much rougher than usual. Even the rectal cavity search was both sterile and uncaring in her aching rectum.

With the body search over, the side of Emma’s head was pushed up against the wall as the warden spoke, “You had better hope I cool off, or you will see the real monster.”

A chill ran down Emma’s spine. She had little doubt that the warden was being serious. There was plenty going through Emma’s mind including how she fucked up again. She knew her actions would get her in trouble but hadn't expected this reaction. Yet a part of her wanted to meet the monster, but not because she was angry with her.

Emma had been put in transportation shackles. They were similar to her worshiper ones except these had an extra chain that wrapped around her waist and her wrists cuffed to the sides. 

A panel gag was fitted over the lower part of her face, including her mouth. Talking was definitely out of the question.

She was unclothed and barefoot as the warden finished getting her ready. A leash was added to her septum ring just before Emma was nearly dragged out of the room. The warden was moving quickly despite knowing Emma was hobbled. The best Emma could do was shuffle her feet as quickly as she could while hearing the click of the warden’s heels.

They soon left Subspace Prison much to Emma’s surprise. Emma was a bit uncomfortable being exposed not to just the cold breeze, but also to anyone they may come in contact with along the way. That was another concern, where were they going?

Emma was taken through numerous corridors and down many flights of stairs. They bypassed multiple elevators which the warden never glanced at. They seemed to be heading towards the bowels of the ship. They had even gone through several closed hatches. The smell of the air was getting more stale. Whiffs of oil, fuel, or something burning were things Emma tried to decipher. It was also getting louder. 

Emma stood in front of a wall with Miss Keys. She wasn’t sure what to think as she really didn’t see anything special. At least until the wall moved and the noise was infinitely louder. Talking truly was no longer an option. Miss Keys entered, forcing Emma to follow.

The room, if you call it that, wasn't big. The lighting was poor, but if you didn’t count the machines and metal walls, it was rather plain. Though towards the middle there were things to focus on, including a bound woman. She was on top of a crate or something similar. From her current position Emma could only see the ass in the air and the hands and feet sticking out from underneath. It seemed her wrists were locked between her ankles with them all connected by a metal bar. It was likely a variation of wrist and ankle stocks.

Emma didn’t get a chance to keep inspecting the woman in front of her. She was turned around and her restraints removed, but not her gag. Miss Keys wasted little time getting Emma to the ground. Emma resisted slightly due to the lack of communication, but she found herself on her butt. 

Emma found her own wrist and ankle stocks in front of her. Though hers were thicker and wooden. Extra padding was inside the circumference of the holes. With it opened up, her ankles lined the outer holes. Her wrists followed into the two inner holes as she leaned forward. After it closed, she could see just enough for the lock to be inserted and closed. 

Emma took a moment to struggle and pull to see if she was stuck. She found the padding was soft yet sturdy enough to hold against her skin and not cut off circulation. It was quite evident that she couldn’t escape and didn’t put any more effort towards it. 

Emma, not having any choice, watched on as Miss Keys connected chains to some sort of anchor points, she couldn’t see on the other side of the stocks. Before long the chains rose up towards the ceiling. This first sent Emma from her butt to her back before she was fully suspended and hanging upside-down less than a foot from the ground. There was pressure on her arms and legs, especially around her wrists and ankles, but she didn’t seem to lose feeling in her fingers or toes as time went on.

She was quite helpless with little in the way of options now. She was surprised when Miss Keys fiddled with the front of Emma’s gag. She vaguely noticed the clear tube now attached and only watched as Miss Keys took the other end and went towards the bound woman above and in front of her.

Emma had guesses at what was coming and tried screaming out. It really didn’t matter that she was gagged as the noises around her drowned out everything. She was nearly panicking from her earlier experience. 

It wasn’t long before confirmation trickled initially into her mouth. She was trying to shake the tubing or gag off even before the urine reached her mouth. She most definitely didn’t want the taste but had no idea how much was coming or when. Another thing that caught her attention was drinking upside-down. Once she stopped panicking and with a bit of focus, she could do it. It was another thing for her to deal with.

Emma had been so focused on dealing with the urine and drinking upside-down with addition to the low light, she missed what happened for a bit. It was when the sting across her ass as a thin line of pain formed that brought her focus back to her current issue. Another quickly followed. She was torn by the feeling. The impacts kept coming quickly. She had no doubts that there would be welts and bruising as these weren't love taps. Normally a caning would be exciting, but this experience was meant to be punishment. Her own mind was affecting her mood especially in regard to pleasure. It didn’t help that more urine kept trickling into her mouth from time to time.

Emma was distracted and didn’t notice until the lights went out, and she was left suspended in the dark. Someone else was in there with her also bound. The noises around drown out all noises from either prisoner inside. Emma assumed the door or whatever they entered was now closed as well. She had little hope of doing much and exhaustion was still prevalent.

Emma woke up yawning and trying to stretch. Her limbs hit hard surfaces as she tried to hold on to the memories of her dream. She wondered if her subconscious showed how truly messed up that she was. Pissing off Miss Keys was the last thing she wanted, but feeling her wrath was still something deep down she was at least curious about. 

As she continued waking up, she realized the ground beneath her was hard. The blanket was light but kept her warm enough as it wasn’t particularly cold. Her head lay on something thin, but slightly padded. Definitely not a traditional pillow.

She finally opened her eyes to find herself in a small cell– her cell. That explained why she couldn’t fully stretch out unless she shifted to get her limbs between the bars. The cot was still bolted to the wall, and she didn’t remember how she got in here.


Cold water shot out from the ceiling onto Emma. She shrieked and tried to move but was tangled up in the now wet blanket. She did manage to roll off at least one of the plates and the water stopped coming. She was confused as she realized she had been sleeping on the plates throughout the night, but they hadn't gone off.

Before Emma could debate it much, a figure walked in front of her cell. Her bright smile stood out from her caramel-colored skin. She looked different in that she wasn’t in her usual maid uniform, but those duties were over as well. She was starting her new job today.

Her suit looked professional in a dark, gray-colored suit. Though it seemed off to Emma. She continued to inspect her further and nothing stood out as even the six-inch heels were normal. Then it dawned on her.

“You're wearing pants!”

A smirk crept onto her face as she responded, “Yes epsilon. I am. It's something I haven’t had the option to wear until now. You will also find that I will be the one wearing them in our relationship.”

Emma frowned. 

“You know what I mean. A pervert like you will get your chances to look up under my skirts again. Now you have a busy day ahead of you as usual. We'll start with getting you cleaned up.”

“Yes Ass. Warden,” Emma said from the wet cell she was still on the ground in.

Apparently, the new associate warden didn’t take kindly to the title Emma gave her. Her extra-long cold shower was just the start.

They were back in Emma’s usual room in the prison when she wasn’t in her cell. She remembered being in there last night, but not how she left and ended up in her cell. Things definitely went on, because she was still in the dress portion of her uniform and her breasts weren't producing milk before she passed out. She looked down at the milkers currently draining out the milk as she waited for what came next.

She took a sip of her breakfast before she decided to ask, “What happened last night? I don’t remember how things ended or even leaving here.”

Her current warden responded, “From the looks of it you were a bit delirious from how tired you were. Thankfully your fun with Unworthy was basically done and Officer Hannah was there to make sure things were fine. Though you did worry her a bit.”

Emma frowned again, “How so?”

“Oh, you started mumbling some things about tasing her pussy while shoving her nightstick in her ass,” the warden said with a sense of amusement. 

Emma was a bit horrified, “I didn’t?”

“That among some other graphic images and nonsense. I enjoyed that one the most. Don’t feel too bad. She was quite turned on at the prospect as well. Maybe another one hoping for a piece of you. Hmm. Actually, you would be taking all of her, doubt she minds considering what I have heard. So, was she part of your dream I heard before you woke up?”

Emma blushed, “Maybe.”

Emma went on to explain what she remembered of the dream. The associate warden explained more of what happened after Emma passed out.

“How is she?”

“She's back at work this morning. No rest for the wicked, especially you. Well not too much in any case.”

“Are things resolved with her?”

“I don’t know any details other than that certain parties have left the ship. Along with the fact that she, I, and the others are still here. I assume that I will find out more, but it was a long night for my new boss as well. That's why you are graced by my perfection,” the associate warden finished with a grin, but Emma just snorted.

As they had time, they talked further about what they each experienced the previous night.

Soon enough they moved on to the prison gym for Emma’s exercise. She was put in a yellow bikini which was different from what they usually had her wear. Wearing the bottoms over her chastity belt looked and felt awkward. The top was small in Emma’s opinion as she expected her breasts to spill out. She was not in ballet boots today as they went with more normal heels. She was kept shackled as she was led through the prison with a leash connected to her septum ring. 

Emma was initially thankful they weren't focusing on her legs today. That didn’t mean she didn’t get another twist on her workout. 

“Down!” The associate warden commanded.

Emma’s elbows bent as her body moved towards the floor. Her breasts touched the ice underneath them causing her nipples to become erect from the cold. Her mouth reached the associate warden’s shoe as she kissed it. She held it for roughly three seconds waiting for the command.


Emma pushed back up as her arms were getting tired and shaking a bit. Her nipples were still feeling the effects of the ice, but thankful not to be currently pressed against it. There was definitely nothing boring about the way they made her exercise. They also didn’t take it easy on her either, but she would expect nothing less.

“Twenty-four. Thank you, warden, for letting me kiss your shoes. You are beautiful and perfect. This is where I belong, serving you.”

“Why thank you epsilon. In time you will start to believe what you are saying, but it's a lovely start. Down!”

This among other exercises went on for a bit.

“How was it?”

Emma was sucking down some water before replying, “A+ for creativity and making it interesting. Maybe you should make a career as a fitness instructor. I have no doubts plenty of men and women would enjoy worshiping and praising you during your nontraditional takes on some of those exercises.”

“You didn’t like it? Not enough near-death experiences like yesterday?”

Emma groaned, “Both experiences were unique, and I enjoyed them in my own way. Being out of shape isn't helpful, but this is more fun than normal. It never dawned on me to put clamps on my nipples and tongue then bungee cord them to the row machine.”

Grinning, the associate warden replied, “It was a good way to work those muscles at the same time as the others.”

“My nipples and breasts are not muscles.”

“True, but I imagine Kit would be doing those if she thought it would make hers bigger.”

They both laughed because it was likely true, and it was funny.

“But your tongue needs more exercise. You will have plenty of pussy to lick so it needs to strengthen up and gain stamina. You have visitors coming soon. Due to your current ineptitude, you will thank me for the workout during your conjugal visits.”

Emma looked over at the associate warden, who just smiled back at her.

Emma was restrained again and led back to the room inside the prison. On the way the associate warden asked, “Do you not like my slacks?”

“There is nothing wrong with them. I'm just used to you in your maid uniform and being able to see your legs.”

“So, you like my legs?”

Emma smirked to herself, “I don’t dislike them.”

“You just want me in a skirt or dress to look up under them. No wonder you are locked up in here, pervert.”


Emma sat in the room waiting as the associate warden went to get her first visitor. Emma was locked to the table on top of her other restraints meaning she wasn’t going anywhere anyway. She wasn’t exactly sure who was visiting but had expected one. The associate warden made it sound like she had multiple.

Angie was the first to walk in the door with the associate warden following right behind. Emma had not been expecting her and considering she was dressed in a suit with a skirt instead of naked or at least in shackles, this was business. She was carrying her briefcase making Emma’s assumption more likely. 

She sat down on the other side of the table and asked Emma how she was doing. After a brief exchange she explained she was stopping by for a quick check-in before she went to her other appointments. After Emma explained she was fine, she asked Angie how she was doing.

“I'm still processing it. The intensity was more than expected. It's why I wanted to check-in. I got to see a bit of what you went through. I don’t think I could have done it. And after the video we saw of your other day, I am still unsure how you are doing. It's… a lot.”

Emma shrugged, “You probably think I am crazy and for all I know I am. I asked for what happened to me. Not exactly what happened, but the experience. I begged her to do it again. The torture room was something I begged to experience, and I hope to try most of it. What I went through wasn't something I had expected. I'm still feeling it, but it was worth it. I plan for more hopefully in the future. Plus, I have this crazy one,” Emma pointed to Warden O, who was standing off to the side quietly, “who likes to add in and put me through more as well. The video didn’t show her and her role in it. In some ways, it was far crueler than what you saw.”

The associate warden just smiled back at Emma and finally spoke up, “You still haven't had an orgasm since then have?”

“There have been a few times I considered pushing through, but more often than not I didn’t have enough stimulus to do so. I didn’t care what the consequences would be. It is definitely frustrating that I am kept in a state of arousal with everything going on.”

Angie asked how Emma felt about that.

“It was the plan for months before the trip. I knew it would be hard, but I like the challenge. What I didn’t expect is how things played out. She,” Emma indicated the former maid, “changed things from the beginning. Whether it was asking to take control of the keys to making me beg and cum in front of everyone without removing the belt to helping me continue the spirit of chastity by making it harder to orgasm.”

The conversation continued with Angie finding out what had been done to Emma to stop her orgasms for now. She also got a rundown of Princess's part that wasn’t in the video which gave away the secret about the key. Angie even asked about the plans for the key which got an undecided answer. 

Angie also asked, “Are you planning to blackmail her with it or worse?”

The associate warden smiled as part of her response, “I doubt that would be necessary. She gave me the key to do as I like with it. While I don’t have much yet, it is a treasured gift. One I will never forget. Whether the belt gets removed or not is my choice alone. The same with access to what is denied behind it. But her likelihood of ever having access to the key again is none. I would rather toss it into the ocean than allow anyone access to it, including her.”

Angie looked between the two of them before asking Emma, “Are you okay with that?”

“I made a choice. It won’t be easy, and there will be more choices. At this point I move forward. I have been told the changes are not necessarily over by others as well. If I wasn’t living out some of my fantasies, I would probably be having lots of extra issues. This is something– this experience has been a long time coming, and I can already say I am walking out different on every level. It's a question of what I will be at the end. That is exciting, but not as exciting as the journey to get there.”

Angie's face hinted she seemed to be battling some internal thoughts, but eventually responded, “I am both worried and happy for you if this is what you want. I see plenty of others with some…to put it mildly, extreme views and not always for altruistic reasons. I would still like to monitor you more to ensure you are doing well. At the very least, I will see you both at the group session. Unfortunately, I have other appointments to attend to now. Be safe both of you.”

As Angie stood up, the associate warden asked, “Would you like epsilon to service you? We had been working on her tongue strength and stamina earlier. She could use the practice and repay you for your time.”

Angie looked at them both as she answered, “I really must be going. I may take you up on it another time. I am also still hurting down there from yesterday and don't want to be touched. I cried just putting on panties this morning. Thank you for the offer though.”

Emma watched the two women walk through the door. She had little to do with her wrists still secured to the table. She wondered who would be next.

Her next guests turned out to be the ones she expected. The heavier set, Latina goth entered first in her full worshiper gear. Her corset mostly covered her large breasts down to just above her chastity belt. Her breasts had been partially pulled out to expose her nipples which contained a clamp on each. She was struggling in the ballet boots combined with her worshiper restraints as she tried to walk.

Testis was hanging on to Ovary who was similarly dressed. Ovary seemed to be struggling slightly less, but they used each other for support. The associate warden followed behind carrying some stuff. Testis was looking around and taking in the room. Emma guessed ideas were forming as she could see hints of smiles.

With both of them sitting opposite of Emma and the associate warden off to the side, Emma asked, “How are you two doing?”

Testis was staring at Emma, grimacing now when there was excitement the moment before allowing Ovary to answer first, “I am fine, Goddess. I am ready to serve you in any way.”

There was a bit of blushing behind her sandy brown princess curls from her worshiper formerly known as Lacey. Her petite body was a few inches taller but equally slender to the tiny form of Kit. Emma wondered if the two of them together would get confused for siblings. Kit's breasts were only marginally larger than Ovary's flat chest. 

Emma nodded and smiled in return. She looked over to see the blue eyes still staring at her. The normally enthusiastic goth seemed a bit conflicted or at the very least distracted. Emma asked her again how she was.

A tear formed along the edge of Testis's eye, as she responded after a deep breath, “I… I'm trying to adapt, Goddess. This is harder than I expected, but when I see and hear you, it is worse. I,” she grimaced, and her hands reached towards the bottom of her stomach near her chastity belt. Her eyes dropped towards her hands, but eventually looked back up.

“I'm being punished as I feel like a slut. Being around you and in this environment thinking of the possibilities. This malicious and devious device is pure cruelty without mercy,” she was nearly whining by the end.

“Do you need it removed? If it is damaging you, we should take it out.”

Testis shook her head, “No, I need it tested and it isn't causing physical damage. When I am busy focusing on other things, I'm fine except for the extra pressure of something there that usually isn’t. I just need to be careful of… well you know.”

Emma smiled and shook her head, “Maybe, but I want you to be clear and tell me.”

Testis was still grabbing her midsection, “I need to be less of a desperate horny slut. I would say it's just my vaginal walls, but it goes further up.”

“Welcome to my current and future life, Testis.”

“I don’t know how you do it.”

“Well, I don’t know the difference between what I have and your new device. But this whole experience from even before I got here, has left me perpetually aroused. It's hard and amazing at the same time. I expect my masochistic nature allows me to adapt. I have contemplated trying to orgasm despite the pain it would cause to not just get there, but during it. I think it helps that I crave a certain amount of certain types of pain.”

They went on chatting for a bit more before they turned to the matter her worshipers wanted to discuss. The ideas for whatever it was they were hoping to start in one of Emma’s personas. While Emma was still weary of the whole thing and didn’t have much interest in it, the other two were quite hopeful and dedicated to making it real. There were a couple minor things she really didn’t want that were suggested, and they didn’t fight her as it came from feedback from others.

“I still think you put too much emphasis on me,” Emma stated before pointing to the person off to the side. “Much of this came from her ideas, including the Unicorn name.”

“That's fair, but you are still our symbol, and we are happy to acknowledge her and even invite her opinions or to join us.”

“We can discuss that a bit later along with your desire to join my harem.”

There was a loud squeal that started with excitement and ended in pain. 

Emma had seen the associate warden’s smile as well as Testis folded over in pain. She clearly was a bit too excited and struggling with her own invention. Ovary was rubbing Testis’ back in an effort to comfort her.

Emma looked back at the associate warden, “Why do I get the feeling I should be concerned with you joining in. You will come up with ways to make me regret agreeing to it if I do let this happen. It seems you should be the one they should be fawning over. You want the attention.”

“My Unicorn,” she said as she stood up and patted Emma’s head, “I want my harem, but it would be fine if it was just you whose attention I receive. And yes, our relationship is undefined and developing, but don’t pretend you don’t want this and secretly love it. Not once have you asked it to stop. This as a whole is everything you wanted with more to come. It may not be exactly how you envisioned it, but it is better because it is real, and it is happening. 

Would I like to be the face and out front? Maybe. I have spent my whole life in the background even if always on display. This is new to me as well. But I enjoy your suffering enough to keep the focus of the masses on you. 

It's a lot happening quickly and you're letting your mind get in the way too often. You are living out your fantasies and I plan to help while blowing away your limits and insecurities. I want to help free you of your burden.”

“Which burden is that?”

“Well theoretically all of them, but I'll start with removing you from your vanilla life. I am serious about wanting to be a part of your life in some fashion. But you have mentioned often enough that you want more than the vanilla life you live. That is why you and most guests are here anyway.”

“Aw, that's so sweet. I hope I am a fit for your harem because in my mind it sounds amazing, especially if this is how you feel about those in it,” Testis choked out as she grimaced in pain due to her own arousal. 

“Yes, I imagine my unicorn will not allow me to have all her time as she has interests in others as well. So, my harem should receive plenty of attention. If you would like we can do a trial run tonight since she is busy. I'll even consider letting you sleep in bed between me and Dolly if you serve us well.”

The eyes of Testis nearly popped out at the mention of Dolly.

“Really, I can be with Dolly?” Testis asked.

Princess smiled, “Yes, but we can discuss more later. Just know inside the suite is my domain. There is no Goddess. She serves me and I expect as a submissive you will serve me as well, but we will discuss it. That leaves whether you are joining as well.”

She had turned to Ovary. The shy little sissy blushed even more so when everyone's attention was on her.

“I… I don’t know. Um… I am not used to most people wanting me around.”

Princess made her way over to Ovary and leaned in to caress her blushing face as she spoke, “I've been a whore my entire adult life until a couple days ago. I have seen and been with all types. I don’t judge and I like different people for different reasons. I bet I can show you pleasure you have never thought of much less experienced. I can feed into your kinks as well as I learn my newfound desire to dominate. So, you are more than welcome to join in or discuss things.”

Emma watched as Princess leaned in further and kissed Ovary on the lips. The shock on Ovary's face melted away as she allowed herself to enjoy the moment of intimacy. The kiss lasted for moments before they broke away, smiling at each other.

It made Emma ache from her own arousal, and she was only watching.

“Thank you,” Ovary whispered. 

Princess smiled and offered, “You're welcome.”

“That was hot. Can I get a taste as well?” Testis asked.

She got her response with a passionate kiss filled with grunts and moans from the goth woman.

After a short bit of time, Emma asked Testis, “Did you bring what I wanted?”

Testis broke out of her blissful haze after the kiss, “Yes Goddess. I gave it to the… warden?”

The associate warden moved to the items brought in that Emma couldn’t see from her side of the table she was locked to. She held up the items for Emma and spoke, “Warden is appropriate even if I am just the associate warden.”

“Ass warden,” Emma shouted out.

Testis giggled.

Emma watched the associate warden headed towards her, setting the items on the table.

“Getting a little mouthy, epsilon.”

The evil smirk let Emma know she was in trouble and cuffed to the table, she had nowhere to go.

Moments later, she felt the electricity coursing through her side. Her body seized up and eventually her head dropped down to the table after. She didn’t see, but she heard the associate warden ask for consent to punish what turned out to be Testis. The noises that came out were similar to Emma, so it was likely a nonverbal response.

“Would you like to try?”

Emma couldn’t see the visibly shaken Ovary who responded, “No warden. Please, I don't wish to try.”

“It's okay. You are not into it like the other two. That is fine. We'll work out your limits later.”

“I'm not into pain either, but I do like to experience things so I can better understand them, especially when building and designing things,” Testis croaked out after a series of groans.

There was a brief bit of discussion that included setting up a date and time frame for the girl's night in the dungeon before the associate warden took her two latest worshipers back out the door leaving Emma to herself once again in the room. She tried to make herself comfortable, and even closed her eyes as she started to think.

Am I burdened by my current life? I know it isn't perfect. I like my job enough. My nonexistent dating life sucks. I definitely want more kink in my life. But how much and what kind? Do I want it daily? Weekly? Monthly? Would I be willing to go to the extreme and commit 24/7 if the opportunity arose? 

Emma contemplated those thoughts and more until the door opened, interrupting her thoughts. Opening her eyes, she saw her next two guests enter followed by Warden O.

The two who were auctioned off the night before stood on the other side of the table. 

Kit was in her full worshiper gear which included her usual harness versus a corset and wearing her ballet boots. She was also in a chastity belt since she wore the gear. She was shackled as expected and wore Emma’s latest add-on in weights to her nipple rings instead of nipple clamps. She seemed to be moving a little better in her boots.

Slut, also known as Brenda, was in her usual schoolgirl uniform. Most of her face was hidden behind her hair as was the norm with her. Unlike Kit there were no visible restraints, but she had a chastity belt under her uniform. Her black Mary Jane heels were at least five inches tall making her less a proper schoolgirl and looking more like what she truly was. A whore, specifically Emma’s whore. Their agreement was still in effect.

The two finally sat across from her after she instructed them to. The associate warden took up her position at the side of the table. Emma decided to start with Kit in seeing how her night went.

“At first, I was horrified when I found out what they wanted. It reinforced all those things that people make fun of me for. Yet I didn’t want to disappoint either of you. Eventually I let the humiliation of it take over. I was sold off to become and be treated like a baby. I would have never asked for the second part.”

She went on to explain how they took her shopping for her new outfit. They even changed her in the store in front of everyone. That was something she didn’t enjoy even if she removed the fact she was put in a diaper and a onesie. She didn’t like having her body covered no matter how embarrassing her body was. She had spent years exposed with no clothes and her body ridiculed.

Once they were brought back to the room, she and Timmy were put in a play area with gates that wouldn't truly prevent them from getting out but was a symbol of their boundary. Tina left not long after they were settled in and started playing. There were plenty of children's toys, including toy blocks and plastic rings which Timmy threw at her when Nanny wasn't looking. It was even more annoying that her mitten covered hands were slick and incapable of latching onto things well even with two hands. The pacifier gags prevented any real communication and crying was the only acceptable form.

Then Kit explained the feeding. She was fed the first time probably an hour or so upon her arrival. It was definitely humiliating for her to be treated like a baby and breastfed. Nanny wouldn't let her stop until she emptied one breast. She had her eat more just before bed claiming Kit appeared to be too malnourished. She had to drink her milk one last time for breakfast before she was let go.

The diaper changes were typical except the part that was not. Nanny played with Kit's baby pussy and edged her multiple times. She got to experience Nanny’s tongue and fingers but was left wanting. After getting the baby powder and diaper back on, an odd plastic device that functioned like a chastity belt went over her diaper. It had prevented her from touching herself or feeling anything if pushed against it and the diaper. Her mittens didn’t help her as she was forced to remain frustrated.

Bedtime was different as well. The cribs were adult sized about the size of a twin bed, maybe a little smaller. They had soft cuffs made of thin leather with straps connected to the corners of the bed. They were restrained on their backs for safety by their wrists and ankles. It was loose enough for some movement but not enough to touch her body. 

She then explained that Nanny read them a bedtime story and gave Kit a more erotic story while teasing her after Timmy went to sleep.

Emma asked, “Anything else happened?”

Kit blushed a bit before responding, “As I was released, Nanny asked if she could bathe me. I didn’t have any reason to turn her down, so I went with it. I was more surprised when she undressed and got in with me. As she cleaned me, she continued her tradition of edging me when she had the chance during the playdate. She was also quite insistent that I play with her breasts. They were so big. She nearly suffocated me, hugging me with my face buried in them. Not that I haven't nearly suffocated plenty.”

She had looked over to Princess as she said it, who responded in kind, “Well I never smothered you with my breasts, but we can try if you want. Unfortunately, I can't match my unicorn’s size much less Nanny’s. Are you saying you don’t enjoy me riding your face?”

There was a bit of panic in Kit's face as she responded, “No Princess. I very much enjoy your attention and what you do to me. I don’t mean to offend; I enjoy serving you and my Goddess. I…”

Princess had gotten up and stroked the petite woman's head, “It's okay. I am just messing around. And we want you to be honest in any case. If we are doing something you don’t like, then tell us.”

“It's not anything like that. I'm not used to being treated so kindly. And I am not used to being around women. I had been used by my Master and those he brought home for years. I'm more afraid of disappointing you both due to my lack of experience when it comes to pleasuring you. The rough treatment and submission are second nature. I'm scared of messing up and you getting rid of me. It may be a couple days so far, but I have really enjoyed this. I don’t want it to end yet,” Kit said as she started crying at the end.

Emma was still cuffed to the table so other than words; she couldn’t do much to console Kit, so she left it to Princess. She looked over at Brenda who quietly watched with her face mostly hidden. Emma would soon find out how her evening went but wanted to finish with Kit first.

Once things had calmed down enough, Emma asked, “It seemed like there was more to the bath. Would you like to elaborate? You don’t have to.”

Kit looked back to Emma and nodded, “She edged me as she cleaned me until I was begging her to cum. She responded, ‘I thought my baby girl would never ask.’ She then used her mouth and hand to give me a wonderful orgasm. Then asked me if I wanted to return the kindness, which I did. During it, she kept talking about how she would love to keep me as her baby girl as she always wanted one. She added that she thought I was adorable, and she would take good care of me. She made it very clear that she wanted to do more if I was open to it in the future, including long term.”

“And what are your thoughts on that?”

“I don’t really know. I was hesitant about everything when I found out what they wanted, but I didn’t want to disappoint my owners. The playdate itself was not great. I didn’t like Timmy. I eventually started to like Nanny, and she genuinely treated me well. I didn’t expect her to touch me, and she was definitely into me at least in the role of her baby girl. Being breastfed was difficult at first. Getting it right and the sheer quantity was actually more filling than expected. I'd be lying that I wasn’t a little turned on at the later feedings with my mouth latched on to her oversized breast.”

“Would you do it again?”

“They asked if I would do another playdate. I feel that is my owners’ choice. I serve you two. I know that is likely temporary, but that is how I see it. It is less about what I want and more about how I can make you happy.”

“Let me rephrase it then. I want your honest answer, and you still might do it again no matter what the answer is. Do you want to do it again?”

“As I said, I didn’t like the playdate itself. Maybe a second time would be better. Mostly I am inclined to try more time with Nanny. I would prefer it alone with her but will share if need be.”

“You are interested in being her baby?”

Kit's face twisted as she went to respond, “I'm conflicted. I hate my body and yet the demeaning treatment in my own mind of being turned into a baby is weirdly arousing. Like with you and Princess, I feel desired by Nanny and selfishly want more. The treatment is very different from what I am used to. And I would be lying if the thought of being dressed as a baby and pushed around in a stroller while being shown off to other people on the ship doesn't make me a bit wet whether it is her or my owners.”

Emma remained silent at being called her owner. They chatted a little bit more before moving on to Brenda.

“How did your evening go, slut?”

Brenda looked up at Emma with her one eye showing and answered, “It was fine, Miss Emma.”

“Tell me what happened.”

It turned out to be a bit of roleplay as the guy who picked her up was a cuckold to his wife. Brenda played the part of the woman he was cheating on his wife with. She spent her night being punished with a light spanking and a lot of serving the wife's body and helping keep her train of lovers fluffed and ready.

Emma nodded as she finished and Princess spoke up, “Her feedback was positive. The only comment was her oral skills for pleasing a woman could improve.”

“I'm sorry, Miss. I lack the experience, not that it is a proper excuse.”

“That is a bit unfortunate as you may have more women to please this afternoon,” Emma said looking over to her associate warden who smiled back at her. Turning back to Brenda, Emma said, “Fortunately for you, I know an expert who can give you some training right now.”

Emma watched as Princess was sitting on the table in front of her, but with her back to her. Kit and Brenda had removed the heels, slacks, and panties of Princess. Princess enjoyed another opportunity to tease Emma who had no choice but to sit there and watch. 

Brenda was soon on her knees between the inviting legs of Princess. The instructions quickly started. Kit was assisting but Emma couldn’t see much through the former maid. Emma couldn’t help, but be turned on in her helpless state. 

Emma was surprised when the warden leaned back on her elbows. Her head fell back and eventually landed on Emma’s forearms. Her brown eyes looked into Emma’s hazel eyes as her normal smile was plastered to her face. Her chest rose up and down under her blouse. Her legs now draped over the shoulders of Emma’s whore who was still working on her training.

“Kiss me.”

Emma looked back to her princess's upside-down head. Giving a smile of her own, Emma looked at the thin pink lips. Emma shifted her body to help lean over the caramel-colored beauty. Opening her own mouth, Emma stuck out her tongue, but didn’t aim for the lips. Her tongue dragged the length of the nose from the bridge to the tip. A moan escaped the lips of her target whose lower lips were still getting their own kisses and attention. Emma flicked the tip of the sexy warden’s nose again.

“That was so gross and hot. But I want your lips on mine, sucking out my moans and screams as I get what I deserve from your personal whore. Something you will never experience from her or possibly anyone else. This is…”

Emma didn’t let her finish as she smashed her lips in the talking mouth. It didn’t matter that the discomfort from being turned-on was increasing. No, she was going to do as duly instructed. 

The first moan escaped the parted lips below hers. Emma wasted no time creating a seal and sucked in as hard as she could. She tried to turn her head from Emma, but Emma bit down on her lip causing a squeal. Her hands reached up trying to push Emma away, eventually succeeding. 

“Cheeky bitch,” gasped the woman below her.

“I followed your instructions. And you want to tease and play, I will play back as well. You should focus on what is happening between your legs while I take your breath away.”

“You're not in charge…”

Emma encased her mouth with the one below her. This time burying her tongue deep into the warm moist cavity she just penetrated. More moans rumbled to get out. It clearly was just from her as the hands that were on Emma’s head disappeared heading towards the wet mound further down the petite caramel body.

Not being able to use her hands or most of her body to help made things more difficult. But her whore was doing her job with her training as the warden’s breathing shifted. Emma could feel the convulsions and trembles as Princess raced towards her peak. They were magnified as she screamed into Emma’s mouth, shaking violently. Emma did her best to suck out that scream and what breath she had left. 

Emma could feel Princess's breath on her chin as she tried breathing through her nose. Emma wanted to smile and maybe plug the nose that was also tickling her. She didn’t get the chance as hands grabbed her head, removing her latched lips with a small pop.

“Fuck!” exclaimed Princess, “We need to try that again, but I need to get back to training her. I will punish you later.”

“Like I'm not already being punished as I endure this.”

“Mm. Yes. But we both know you desire more.”

Emma couldn’t deny that. Nor could she stop what continued to happen. Brenda's training continued and Princess received multiple orgasms. Emma could only watch the back of the warden and listen to the sounds. It was its own form of cruelty that just left her wet, denied, and in discomfort. 

The warden was once again dressed as things were winding down. Kit and Brenda were sitting across from Emma again. The latter's face and some of her uniform were covered in Princess's juices. She wasn’t allowed to clean them off. She would wear it as a sign of her station through her next event with Emma.

Emma decided to comment on something, “You know, I thought my conjugal visits allowed me more freedom and privacy than this.”

The warden smiled at her before answering, “Well since you attempted to assault the main warden yesterday and add in your dreams of assaulting and raping a guard, you are lucky to not be in isolation. You are to be restrained at all times here for everyone's safety. As your warden…”

“Ass warden.”

“I know you fancy my ass, but you will stop interrupting and call me by my proper title when you do,” the warden said as she moved in close to Emma.

“Or whaaa…” was all Emma got out before electricity coursed through her body. 

As Emma started regaining control of her body, the warden was caressing Emma’s face as she spoke, “It may be my first day on the job, but it seems even you wish to test me. I look forward to it and exerting my authority over you inside and out of this prison. But you shouldn't wear yourself out. Lady Chastity has a playdate soon with her damsel and others. You'll want to be in good shape. But if you prefer another trip to your room in the infirmary, keep it up.”

Emma groaned at the mention of the infirmary. She would like to make it at least a day without another trip there. A bit frustrated and disappointed, she decided to behave for now. She had plenty of plans for the day.

“Are you going to behave now?”

“Yes, Warden.”

“I'll be taking Kit this afternoon and for dinner before you two get your fun together this evening. And for the record, I was also here as Princess for your conjugal visits. So you had your pseudo privacy with me being your everything. Now are you ready to enjoy your freedom, from the prison at least?”

Emma affirmed she was, and she was released from the table. The items she asked for that were brought in earlier were set on the table. 

She looked over at Brenda and asked, “Are you ready to whore for me, slut?”

“Yes, Miss Emma. I desire to make you money as you require.”

“More like you are desperate to get fucked.”

Brenda let out a small whimper, “Yes, Miss Emma. But now I get fucked by your command, in all my holes now, with all humans and no longer just men. I am thankful you are my pimp.”

“Is that so?”

“Yes, Miss Emma. I don’t like chastity, but I understand its need. I have found myself in a constant state of arousal since submitting to you and becoming your whore. It was a fantasy that is now reality. It is both difficult and incredibly fulfilling at the same time. Most of all I am happy so far. Even as you push me beyond my expectations.”

Emma collected her stuff from the table and the four of them went to exit the room and eventually the prison. As they passed Emma’s cell, it reminded her.

“How did I not set off my shower while I slept last night?”

“They shut off the emergency valve before putting you in.”

“You… you bitch. You did that to me this morning.”

Princess smiled at Emma, “It was time to get up and a deserving way to wake up an unruly inmate. We can put you back in your cell while I let them out before showing you my authority. Calling me anything besides Warden or acting out will require appropriate action until you exit the prison doors. Also, you should consider using the ship pools more. You look good in your bikini. Even if you don’t swim, there are plenty of kinky activities to be had there.”

Emma stopped and greeted the resident inmate, one, on her way out. She was looking forward to the demonstration, but also her plans with Janice after. No doubt things will be quite interesting if they went as Emma planned. She now had another place to stop by along the way as she gripped the chastity belt Testis made for Janice a bit tighter. 


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