Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Part 22. GiGi

Emma had been walking multiple decks with Janice in tow on a leash. Emma was still in her small yellow bikini with the bottoms over her chastity belt. Her high heels were the only other things she was wearing, and her feet were feeling them between the demonstration and the amount of walking, with more to go. It was something Emma happily endured as she wanted them as a part of her lifestyle including the ballet boots she had finally been using on this cruise. She would have a break from being on her feet at dinner. She wasn’t sure what her night with Master Robert would entail. But first she needed to finish her time with Janice and hoped that Janice enjoyed her surprise.

Janice was following as the leash was connected to the chain between her nipple clamps. Emma didn’t let her get dressed after the demonstration, so she was only in her high heels herself. The belts holding her wrists and elbows changed her posture forcing her chest out. Her chest was something she was proud of Emma knew. Normally she teased with tight clothes and ample cleavage. But she was now naked and exposed which was great and all, but Emma actually preferred the teasing and mystery more often than not. The fun and amazing sight that clothes and other things could do to enhance or create intrigue among other things was intoxicating in its own way.

A number of people stopped them to chat. Emma watched Janice blush, especially when they showed interest in her. Emma knew Janice didn’t have much interest in men. At times she wasn’t all that interested in humans in general. That didn’t stop Emma from teasing her and hoped her surprise would be epic for someone like Janice. Everyone had their fantasies and kinks, and Emma couldn’t lie that she wasn’t both intrigued and excited for what was to come.

They continued their walk and saw more of the ship and people. Some even piqued Emma’s interest in what she saw, whether it was what they were wearing or doing. Some just had a natural presence like some said Emma had but still didn’t quite believe that drew attention to them.

Emma had ended up at a pretty nondescript section of the ship which was their destination. Janice said, “I wasn’t expecting to be in her dungeon today.”

She sounded a bit disappointed, even if there was a small bit of hope with Emma there that it would go better than usual. Emma knew she thought they were visiting Nadia which Janice and Nadia had a history that had plenty of turmoil to go with the passions the two shared, including intimacy at one point. But they weren't there for Nadia.

Moving in further, they were greeted by a guy who introduced himself as Maged.

“Thank you for coming. We have been looking forward to this test even if we had to rush to set up. Things should go fine, but there could be errors that we will need to fix. She is stable, but some of the peripheral items are not fully tested or tuned properly yet. Though this will help us with that as well. We haven't had a session this advanced, tested before. She is quite excited at this opportunity.”

“I was curious and wanted to try since I saw the booth the first night. And this one,” Emma pointed to Janice, “admitted that this is up her alley once. Since then, I had asked to get this set-up. I am sure you know each other, but this is my lovely damsel, Janice.”

The exchange between them was brief before making their way to their destination.

Maged pointed to a door and said to Emma, “You can change inside there. You have an assistant brought in to help you both. That should hopefully alleviate any concerns with the guys and allow us to focus on our work as well. The assistant will help prepare Janice first as she will need less help and she can be introduced to GiGi again. You will likely need help finishing getting everything on, so please wait and she will be there to help when she is finished with Janice, Emma.”

Janice was still a bit disgruntled as she once again expected Nadia to show up as the assistant, but Emma had no idea who it would be. She didn’t think it would be Nadia as she hadn’t mentioned anything earlier and could have kept the belt if she was already going to be here. So, Emma wasn’t sure who it would be, and she didn’t think it really mattered. There was something else she was far more interested in and needed to get ready.

Emma entered what was to be her dressing room. It appeared to be some office/closet based on all the stuff in there. But it had enough room to move around and a chair for her. She found a folded-up garment and other things on a desk near the chair. She imagined that was what she was to wear for this.

Slipping out of her heels and bikini were inconsequential, especially compared to what she would be wearing. She read the instructions and realized she was going to need help for the first part in any case. She picked up the outfit which would cover her whole body but was covered in what looked like circuits. A few areas seemed to have slightly thicker areas than others, but the weird suit came later. She needed to cover her body from the neck down in some fluid. It supposedly increased the conductivity and the ability to get readings through the suit as she was essentially being monitored by the suit. If she wasn’t so excited about this and hadn't volunteered, she may have questioned things further than what she had through earlier exchanges.

While she couldn’t cover all of her own body, she could get started. Emma had pulled her hair up and it was soon hidden under a rubber cap not unlike one a swimmer may wear. She then spent time covering the front of her body. It was initially cool to the touch but quickly adapted to her body temperature.

She was a bit distracted at a brief knock. The door opened and what she assumed was her assistant walked in. She was mostly naked much like Emma except she had no chastity belt and was wearing high heels and a latex hood with a collar around her neck. While the latex hood once again hid her true identity, her barcode tattoo on her pelvis and her jewelry near her belly was quite familiar. “PUSHY?” Emma asked with a bit of uncertainty as she hadn’t read what was under the barcode yet as the woman walked towards her.

“Yes, Miss Emma. My services were requested once again, and it seems I am to serve you once again.”

“I'm not sure if you find that a good or bad thing.”

“While my feelings are meant to be irrelevant due to my training, I am quite pleased to see you again. Though it is programmed in me to answer positively, I can honestly say I enjoyed my prior experience. The punishment was well worth it.”

PUSHY started to help Emma by covering her back with the liquid.

“So, they did punish you?”

“They always find excuses to do so to all of us. It wasn’t anything I couldn’t handle. There is no reason to worry, Miss Emma.”

“You seem a bit more talkative today. At least answer more than last time.”

“I do feel less restricted than the last time. It's not uncommon for my training to change. I am an experiment of sorts and new things are tried and applied often. If we meet again, things could be and likely will be different. On top of that, these are private rooms that they don’t have access to. No doubt they will use that to punish me so I may as well make the most of it. It also helps that this isn’t a public show with an audience.”

“If it's going to get you in that much trouble, you can head back. No need for it to be worse on you.”

“It will be worse if I am sent back early. They would take it as a failure. Truthfully, I was looking forward to seeing you again. I'm curious how this plays out. And no, I don’t expect another orgasm even if I can't ask for one.”

They continued to talk as they got Emma ready. It felt like she was covered in lube and that wasn’t far from the truth even if it wasn’t the sexual kind. Sliding into the outfit was tough as it was tight but stretched enough for Emma to fit in snugly. There were a few extra additions added and the mask was currently left off and held by PUSHY. Emma followed her out the door and took her to meet who she had come to see and experience.

She had first seen Janice covered in various monitoring devices, but the room was filled with numerous machinery and robotic parts. Janice seemed a little tense, but that could be from any number of things. Emma was further scanning the room; she couldn’t see any of the guys. It really just seemed like the three of them when a voice from a nearby speaker startled Emma.

“GREETINGS AND SALUTATIONS!” a booming voice said and snickered after. “Welcome back PUSHY and it's nice to meet you, Emma. I have already reacquainted myself with Janice though I was much younger and not as developed back then. Oh, where are my manners? I am GiGi. Though I suspect you knew that as you came to visit and help me.”

“Nice to meet you, GiGi,” Emma replied. “Your initial greeting was…”

“Epic. Apparently one of the guys wrote that in my code. I hadn't used it before, but when I found the source came from a robot girl in some anime, I couldn’t help but use it at some point. And that point was the moment you witnessed. It felt appropriate. Would you agree or disagree with that assessment?”

Emma agreed based on the limited information that it seemed appropriate.

“Thank you for your feedback, Emma. It is vital for my growth and this session should be invaluable. This is a relatively new stage for me. While I have tested with the guys, I have yet to do this with someone outside of them. As I identify as female, it is imperative and exciting to experience it from women as well. While I have received some input from women, nothing has been to this level yet. This is my first “hands-on” experience so to speak at this level. This is essentially my first non-coded lesbian experience as well. I am curious as to how it matches their fantasies.”

“I am looking forward to experiencing this and seeing how it goes. Also, their fantasies won't likely match reality as I am unsure just how far we can go, and this is a newer test from what you mentioned. Is it safe?” Emma asked.

GiGi responded, “Safety is always an issue and priority. The guy's will be monitoring from the outside. They won’t be able to see us live so that we have our privacy, but they can end things if there is an issue. On top of that, PUSHY will be holding a kill switch should any emergencies happen, she has the control necessary to stop things immediately. You and Janice will be able to use verbal commands and mental commands as well, depending on how far we go, to stop or abort actions. Do you have any other questions or concerns?”

Emma did of course though she had read up on some of the information of what to expect. The nanites patch that will go on the back of her neck will cause a very mild burn. The nanites themselves, will be active less than twenty-four hours and be expelled from the body through natural body secretions. Other things were discussed further until everyone was comfortable enough.

“We will start slow. As it is me learning, I will mostly be monitoring Janice and Emma in the beginning. The suit Emma is wearing will provide the most feedback, but I am just as curious as to all the aspects of each breath, movement, touch, muscle tension, and every other bodily reaction. We will leave the mask off for now and focus on other inputs from the suit. When you are ready, I would like to start with you rubbing your hands over Janice's body, Emma.”

Emma was ready to go and smiled at Janice and announced, “Time to work towards your fantasy, damsel. Let’s give her a show and teach her.”

Emma ran her hands over Janice's body. Eventually at GiGi’s request, she started using other parts of her body to rub against Janice to provide further feedback. There was plenty of exploration of Janice's body including when she bound Janice allowing GiGi to gather data on both of their reactions during the process and after. Playing with Janice's ample breasts as she massaged, squeezed, and even slapped them causing mostly moans among other noises.

Emma had her suit-covered finger inside Janice's mouth. She slowly stroked it, in and out as Janice's lips encircled it.

“Maybe we should step up the stimulation if GiGi doesn't have other ideas for input.”

GiGi responded, “There is plenty more input to test, but I am curious as to what you have in mind.”

Emma pulled out of Janice's mouth and caused her to gasp as she stroked her pussy. Emma slapped Janice's pussy causing a squeal before rubbing her pussy further. She went about attacking her clit before sinking her finger deep into the slit. Moans came from Janice as GiGi seemed ecstatic at whatever readings she was getting as well as enjoying the display. This went on for a bit, but Emma didn’t allow Janice to orgasm yet.

Emma wanted to try some light impact play. GiGi was open to anything as she needed to learn and received feedback on most everything even if she had similar experiences from her small samples before. While Emma could mostly feel through the suit, this would feel more natural. Holding a whip or paddle was less important than the motions of her body and the sensations of delivering a blow. Janice's reactions were even more vital for both Emma and GiGi. For now, this was about pleasure and Emma’s light strokes elicited the moans from Janice she was looking for, bringing her own sense of pleasure and satisfaction. She didn’t know how much GiGi could sense or feel. Maybe she was just reading the various sensor outputs, but hopefully it was helpful.

Emma’s mini workout of lightly whipping, flogging, and spanking Janice was about to take a more devious turn in Emma’s mind. She looked over Janice's bound form with a smirk forming. Janice was questioning the look and GiGi was awfully quiet, likely curious as to what was about to happen. Emma reached down to Janice's feet and lightly stroked the bottom of each.

“No, please don't, Emma,” Janice pleaded.

“That's Lady Chastity to you,” Emma retorted, “Now you will suffer for your disrespect and learn I hold all the power.”

Janice screamed and thrashed as Emma tickled her feet. Emma didn’t offer any mercy even as she moved up Janice's body as she tickled her. Emma was tickling her waist when Janice begged, “Please stop. I'm gonna pee.”

Emma didn’t let up, “Go ahead.”

“You bitch,” Janice screamed out as the intensity of Emma’s tickling picked up. Janice was somewhere between laughing and crying when she finally did wet herself.

“That wasn’t funny,” Janice pouted.

“Pretty sure you laughed the whole time,” Emma responded with a smirk.

Janice lost her pout when Emma was back to rubbing her pussy. Emma couldn’t help but kiss her.

“This has been amazing so far, but can we try some other things as well?” GiGi asked.

“What did you have in mind?”

Turns out it was mask time. Really it was more of an overlay to the bottom half of Emma’s face. It was one of the newer things and was meant to help GiGi understand lip and jaw movements along with other facial muscle movements. There was more to it, but Emma wasn’t a tech genius.

With the mask on, Emma went back to where she left off. Her hand reached her damsel's wet pussy, and her lips attacked the moaning lips in front of her. Despite the mask, the sensations on her lips felt normal. She wouldn't have known she wasn’t making direct contact with Janice's lips if she hadn't put the mask on herself. She did get another surprise as Janice's tongue invaded her mouth through the hole in the mask.

That got GiGi's attention, “Not only is it my first time kissing a woman, but my first with a tongue involved. I need to find a way to experience the inner mouth. I can't actually feel Emma’s tongue or her inner mouth unfortunately. This is something to work towards in the future.”

It wasn’t a mood killer, but it was a momentary distraction. Janice went back to playing tonsil hockey as Emma sunk multiple fingers deep into Janice's pussy. The moans from Janice were a huge turn on. Emma ignored her own suffering from her groin region as she focused on pleasuring the damsel for now.

Emma’s lips moved to Janice's chin and down to her neck as purrs and moans escaped Janice. While that was fun and interesting, Emma was looking forward to what was next as she reached Janice's breasts. She still wasn’t sure when she started becoming fascinated with breasts and these were clearly one of Janice's pride and joys. Maybe it was a side effect to the lactation drugs or something else. Emma licked one of Janice's nipples causing another moan before latching on and sucking her breast. Emma worshiped the soft mound of flesh adding her hands in to go with her mouth. She playfully bit the erect protrusion eliciting a gasp.

Emma couldn’t help but smile as she released the lovely breast, “Would you say her breast was quite lovely, GiGi?”

“Ignoring the data input from both of you, I would have to agree. I am not only starting to see why the guys really like them, but you as well Emma. There are plenty of hormonal changes to go with others as I process the data. Janice also has a number of changes when you focus there over the other areas so far. This is quite wonderful.”

“Well, we have more of her body to explore with my mouth starting with her other breast. Do you think it will result in similar data and responses?”

“Some of the data that has preceded this suggests so, but I would rather have the live data feedback.”

“So would I,” Emma acknowledged before her mouth dove in to feast. There was much feasting as Emma’s mouth worked the whole of Janice's breast with a focus on her nipple and areola. Despite the pleasure and enjoyment that they were both receiving, Emma had to move on. There were other parts of Janice's body to research. Emma made it down and across Janice's stomach and hips.

She kissed the outer thighs and was working on her inner thighs, when GiGi said, “Her vitals and pheromones continue to rise. From what I gather including the noises she is making is that she is… turned-on. It's an odd expression that makes no sense though there seems to be plenty of odd expressions throughout the various languages and cultures. I was turned on and given life, but now I want to learn and experience this version. Are you going to give her an orgasm? It is another of many things I am curious about.”

Emma briefly stopped to respond, “I am undecided if the damsel will get an orgasm from me. I find it more entertaining to keep her on edge, so we will do that for now as you are still getting plenty of data and other feedback. Plus, Lady Chastity in her villainous ways loves to torment a helpless damsel, especially this one.”

Emma slapped Janice's pussy causing a shriek from Janice who pleaded for Emma to give her an orgasm.

“Is this another form of role-play? How did it come about?” GiGi asked.

Emma had Janice explain it as she went to work using her mouth on those thick thighs again before moving down the legs further. GiGi could process things quickly as she had been handling multiple inputs from both of them. Janice struggled to explain as Emma lips, tongue, and the rest of her mouth further explored Janice's legs. Emma smiled internally as she tried to listen and tried to make Janice react at odd times.

“I definitely want to meet this minion called Tramp, the cake eater,” GiGi said during one of the interruptions in Janice's explanation.

The villainess didn’t offer any reprieve as she licked the bottom of her damsel's foot before engulfing the damsel's big toe in her mouth.

“Of fucking hell!” Janice shouted out followed by a long moan. Emma didn’t let up working the rest of the toes and repeating on the other foot.

Letting Janice finish the explanation, Emma slinked her way between Janice's legs and let her lips embrace Janice's lower lips. Janice tried pushing her pelvis into Emma’s face, but Emma kept readjusting so that her lips lightly touched Janice's moist, swollen labia. Janice was nearly bucking, trying to get more contact to push her over the edge.

The villainess just tormented the damsel who pleaded, cried, moaned, and made plenty of delicious noises. The damsel had already been through plenty this afternoon, but the villainess wasn’t looking to offer mercy or any respite. She was pushing her damsel while an artificial being looked on and learned. “Maybe it was time to take the next step,” the villainess wondered.

“You sound more beast than human, damsel.”

“Please Lady Chastity. Let me cum. I will do anything, but please let me cum,” Janice begged, nearly sobbing in desperation.

“You were always going to do anything, damsel. I'm not sure why I should, as my conquest is to lock all humanity away. True denial except for those special ones who can get off in other ways. What do you think GiGi, should she be allowed to cum or not?”

“This is a fascinating dilemma. I want to see the results of both but I can only do one right now. Even my scans of your vitals show you are in just as similar a state as her, Emma. In a way, I can have both even if the data is different as both of you will produce differing results. I need the results of many people. I would have preferred your belt removed and put on over the suit. I know it isn't an option, but it would have provided more data. At the same time, it is also unique data as others who test in the suit will not be in chastity either, at least all of them. Testing her limits further should wait. I want to experience an explosive orgasm and another who will remain denied. The suit gives me a better connection so I can better feel you, Emma. But it is valuable to learn what it is like to make another woman orgasm. I am still able to experience her reactions if not the full orgasm itself with the sensors she has.”

“That begs the question, damsel. Do you want your villainess to give it to you or do you want GiGi to take control and force you to have one? Which fantasy will it be?” Emma said with a smirk.

“How? How would it even work for GiGi?”

Gigi responded, “There are enough nanites in Emma that if she allows, I will be able to temporarily take control of Emma’s body or at least part of it. This is still rather new and in alpha testing phase. It allows me to be as close to a human as I can get now and give me a better understanding of humans. Emma offered to test this in her inquiries regarding today, though I will ask for permission again before it starts.”

“You said temporary. How does it even work?” Janice asked.

“It's far more complex and parts of it can't be discussed without proper authorities allowing it. In general, the nanites will be fully open to me to control with signals as well as with the suit. This will give me control of her to some extent. We will see how much. Safety measures are still in place as PUSHY and others can shut me down easily. The nanites themselves will burn out faster if I use them fully. They will have a significantly reduced lifespan that will likely only last minutes instead of hours. The more nanites that reach their end, the less I can control until there isn't enough to maintain it. I imagine Emma may try to exert control as well during it. As time goes on, she may be able to influence her body more, causing conflict. Really lots of things can and will happen. I look forward to the outcome.”

“You make it sound like you will be taking control anyway.”

Emma responded this time, “I agreed to test that function. What is being offered is whether you want me to give you an orgasm as normal or if you want the AI to do it while controlling my body.”

“Will it even work?”

Emma shrugged and GiGi answered, “It is very much a test. We shall find out once it starts if I can control Emma enough. Chances of failure are high, but it shouldn’t harm her nor you. As I mentioned, there are a number of safety measures to try to prevent most scenarios.”

“What will it be, damsel? The longer you take the more you wait to orgasm. Maybe PUSHY would like an orgasm instead and have her go first. What do you think, PUSHY, would you like an orgasm?”

Emma looked at the latex hooded woman as she responded, “If that is what you wish and it won’t do me harm, then I am more than willing to serve you, Miss Emma.”

Janice went to speak, but Emma interrupted her, “It's too late. I have a new target in mind to please now. You will need to wait until I am finished, and you should hope that I will do more with you.” Emma looked to PUSHY, “Are you ready to take her orgasm?”

“It would be my pleasure if that is your wish, Miss Emma.”

With some adjustments, Emma had PUSHY sitting on Janice's chest with her pussy in view for both Emma and Janice to see. PUSHY was leaning back with her arms holding her up over Janice's body. Her lower legs hung off the edge of the examination bed Janice was currently bound to.

Emma couldn’t help but look at the fit body in front of her without a sense of wonder and jealousy. Hell, she wanted to see the face beneath the mask. Emma had no doubt PUSHY would be anything short of stunning, yet the air of mystery was also its own attraction. It's not like Emma didn’t have plenty of others clamoring for her attention, but PUSHY was a puzzle that intrigued her. Someone had sent her to serve Emma twice now and that gave Emma many questions. She was sure Miss Keys was involved, but one question was why PUSHY and not someone else. Another was who was the woman behind the mask and why are her memories being blocked. Emma shook her head trying to clear it. She had no time for that now.

With her focus back on the task at hand, Emma asked Janice, “Are you excited to see what you missed out on?”

A soft whimper came from Janice.

“You lost this one damsel. And PUSHY likes taking other people's orgasm, don’t you PUSHY?” Emma looked from Janice to PUSHY as she spoke. PUSHY appeared to be in a daze of her own.

“Mm,” a soft moan escaped PUSHY's throat as her eyes only mildly focused on Emma. A smile like a Cheshire cat was nearly cut off by the latex hood encasing her head. There was definitely a hint of mischievousness beneath her hood.

Eventually she spoke and responded to Emma, “I was remembering our first time. The things you had me do to them. The things you did to me. The orgasms.” Emma watched her shudder. “I begged you to stop, to the point of using my safe word. But you pushed my subservient nature and challenged me. When we were done, you said that it was your orgasm, the one you wanted and couldn't have. It is honestly the best gift I remember getting, despite how hard my body fought me. I know most of my memories are locked away. You gave me something I haven’t stopped thinking about since. When the Mistresses punish me, I remember our time together. So far, my only time away from them is when I have been summoned to serve you since the cruise has started. Even at the Academy, I am barely let out. Most who I have served besides the Mistresses come to the Academy as I perform under their watchful eye. I can only hope for some more pleasant memories to help me through my training. At least what I can remember. Maybe all of it is fake, but I am sure this now is real. Though I imagine I must keep them hidden or they too will likely be removed if they become a distraction or just in general as they do things without reason.”

Emma smiled as PUSHY gasped when Emma inserted her finger inside PUSHY’s pussy after softly rubbing her labia. In the back of Emma’s mind, she was contemplating what PUSHY said as she was still trying to work out the puzzle. She still needed to focus on pleasuring PUSHY while tormenting her damsel and providing feedback to the AI. Moans continued to escape from PUSHY, bringing Emma’s attention to increase the intensity as well as add a second finger. As the second finger penetrated and sank deep into the moist, trembling, and greedy hole, PUSHY practically howled.

Emma was easily smiling as she looked down to Janice, “This could have been you enjoying this. But you decided to hesitate, now you might end up in a better situation.”

Janice went to speak, but Emma used her other hand to cover Janice's mouth and nose. Janice briefly struggled by trying to move her head side to side before Emma demanded she stop.

“Are you a squirter, PUSHY?” Emma asked and removed her hand from Janice's face.

PUSHY was clearly getting close, but did her best to answer, “I am not totally sure, Miss Emma. My most recent orgasms with you suggest I produce quite a bit of fluid, but I don’t recall actually squirting. I am sorry that I can't give you a better answer.”

“That's fine, PUSHY. I am sure the innocent damsel doesn't want her face coated with your exquisite juices,” Emma said before asking, “Wouldn't you agree, GiGi?”

There was silence except from a moan of pleasure and the squelching sounds from PUSHY's pussy for a few moments.

GiGi eventually chimed in, “I am still learning and can't be one hundred percent sure. Based on her increased arousal and a number of other internal reactions, I will have to disagree with you. My current estimates suggest an approximate of nearly ninety-eight percent chance that she is quite aroused by the idea of her face being coated in PUSHY's juices. I need more input to see if she actually does enjoy it and desires it. Though I also need more information even if she doesn't. I very much want to evaluate the outcome and suggest we continue.”

Emma had nearly barked out a laugh, but managed to keep her composure, “The damsel isn't so innocent.” Emma watched Janice start to blush as she added, “We already knew you weren't. You and Tramp had already shared each other just a bit ago and that doesn't count anyone else in your past. You should be thankful I don’t ask who tastes the best.”

GiGi interrupted, “I want to know who and why they tasted good. Well, I want to know more about many things. There is so much to learn that I can't get from data or even the internet. Personal experiences. I can't get my own and require others to help me understand theirs. It's… sorry. Let’s move on.”

Emma sunk a third finger into PUSHY and pushed her closer to an orgasm.

“Don’t worry GiGi. We will focus on this now and you will have other opportunities in the future with others. I imagine the damsel is quite excited about what will happen as well. She may have lost her chance with this orgasm, but she gets an up-close look and maybe a taste of this lovely woman. I'm even tempted to taste her as she looks and sounds quite delicious.”

“I don’t think I can hold out much longer. May this undeserving slut of a slave have an orgasm, Miss Emma?”

Emma thrusted her fingers faster and harder for a few more seconds.

“Please… stop… I can't… cum… without permission… and I… don’t want to receive… extra… punishment than what… I am owed.”

“You may cum, PUSHY,” Emma mercifully said and continued finger fucking her relentlessly as she screamed out. Her fingers were squeezed by the vaginal muscles. She felt gushes of fluid flow around her fingers. Some of the warm fluid hit her hand and other fingers, but she didn’t squirt with any real force. Emma could tell it was dripping out of the bottom of PUSHY's pussy, likely going down towards her ass as well as Emma’s hand and arm. She would find out soon enough the mess made, but she wasn’t done with PUSHY.

PUSHY was still in the throes of her orgasm when Emma sunk a fourth finger in and worked even more vigorously to get PUSHY off again. Cries of pleasure escaped PUSHY only to drive Emma to push harder. Emma was determined to give her another.

“Please… Miss Emma. May… this disgusting… slut… have… another orgasm?”

Emma gave her permission and felt the squeeze on her hand tighten. She immediately pulled her hand out and rubbed PUSHY's clit. Juices started squirting out towards Janice's face and neck. Emma watched on with a hint of jealousy to go with her satisfaction. She didn’t bother to look up at PUSHY as her head was likely thrown back so she couldn’t see her face.

Instead, she focused on Janice and her reaction. Janice's mouth was slightly open. Not nearly as much of PUSHY's juices made it to Janice's face, but Janice's tongue snuck out to lick her lips. Her eyes had been initially on the pussy aimed towards her. There was a sense of anticipation in her eyes waiting for more. Her breathing was quicker than usual, likely from excitement.

Emma smiled at Janice before speaking, “You're a bit of a cumslut. Maybe calling you cake eater is more apropos. Now open your mouth and stick out your tongue.”

Janice's eyes were looking at Emma by that point. Emma was still rubbing the length of PUSHY's pussy, further slathering the bottom of her hand with the sticky juices. When Emma was done tormenting the sensitive pussy, she dragged her hand across Janice's tongue.

“I want my hand and arm thoroughly clean, or we can skip more opportunities for an orgasm,” she announced to Janice.

Emma moved her hand and arm around to help Janice clean it. She even scooped up some of the juices that were still on Janice's neck and chest and made her lick them as well.

“How does it taste, damsel?”

“It's delicious, Lady Chastity.”

“You should thank PUSHY and maybe beg to clean up more of her juices off her pussy. It is a lovely pussy, and I am even curious to taste and lick her.”

Janice quickly begged after thanking PUSHY. While PUSHY was willing, it was still Emma’s choice. Emma had a quick question before she let them have their fun.

“What was with your begging to cum, PUSHY? You didn’t do that the other day.”

She was over her orgasms enough to respond, “It's part of my new training. After our previous encounter, the Mistresses felt I enjoyed myself too much. To try to add extra humiliation on top of everything else, I am required to degrade myself even further as I beg. I'm sure it is also being added into my hypnosis. I assume in time that I will do it subconsciously. Maybe I already am.”

With a brief discussion with GiGi and the others, Emma set up the next part. PUSHY was riding Janice's face and getting cleaned up and ready for more. Emma wasn’t about to let either off the hook. It was a struggle to be around the two naked, beautiful women and watching them have orgasms while she was denied. But she was going to push their limits once again and GiGi would get more experience to learn from.

Janice was still bound as she was before with PUSHY back on her chest. The main difference was the mechanical arm between Janice's legs. It was synced up with Emma’s suit but capable of its own variations. Emma was going to finger PUSHY with GiGi practicing on Janice. As Emma’s finger slid in, so did one of the mechanical ones. Moans from the two test subjects momentarily overtook the sounds of the mechanical arm. The two were quite turned on despite having multiple orgasms already. Janice was quickly begging GiGi to cum as she was required as she served her robotic Mistress now. Unfortunately, she was denied which led Emma to pull out of PUSHY and the robotic arm did the same with Janice. Whimpers and pleas came from both as they were desperate to be touched, to receive another orgasm.

Emma waited a bit before inserting her finger back in PUSHY. GiGi and Emma teased and denied them a few more times before allowing them to orgasm, but she didn’t let up. They were teased and denied before allowing another orgasm, though Gigi was performing mostly on her own as she learned and figured out how to read Janice.

Both PUSHY and Janice seemed spent, but Emma was still not done yet. The mechanical arm was moved away, but what was to come was both scary and exciting for Emma. Janice got her preview of being used by a robotic Mistress, but Emma was about to go even further.

There was another brief discussion about what was going to happen and how it worked. GiGi was finishing explaining, “Once I take control of the nanites, I should be able to control you or at least enough of you for minutes. It's unknown exactly how many or if it will actually work. PUSHY can still end this if there is an issue if no one else does. I will attempt to give her another orgasm and finish with our previous plan if we make it that far. Give me the signal when ready.”

This was a big moment for Emma. There was quite a bit of nervousness mixed in with the other emotions. She didn’t know exactly how it would go. No matter how safe and unlikely to cause harm, there was always some risk. There was a big difference in her mind between getting her flesh flayed and having her body and mind controlled. She was submissive often that giving up control wasn't the true issue. It was more of the unknown and a potential true loss of control potentially even over a short time that was leading to these emotions. The reality is she didn’t want to miss this opportunity.

“Try to keep the anal probing to a minimum. My rear end is still sore from previous adventures,” Emma nervously chuckled.

“I'm not an alien abducting you. Though I am open to probing your rectum and the rest of your body. I don’t think we have enough time for that today. The damsel is amply exposed and available if you wish to change parameters.”

Janice tried speaking, but her voice was muffled as PUSHY's pussy was giving her a mouthful once again as it was getting cleaned.

“Let’s stick with the original plan and get started.”

Emma didn’t notice anything to start beyond the soft moans coming from PUSHY. She wasn’t sure anything was happening until she tried to move and found she couldn’t. She tried to speak and also found she couldn’t. She was at least breathing but didn’t seem to be able to do much. She was aware of her senses and a bit shocked when she felt a finger twitch. It wasn't done by her command even if she was trying to make herself move.

“Please refrain from fighting me, Emma. Integration has been more difficult, but you are fighting me for control of your body. Stop trying to move or anything else. At the very least try to relax, let me drive your body. I can accomplish more if you were unconscious or if your mind was suppressed or locked away somehow. That won’t render the necessary data I am hoping to collect. I need you to trust me as time is short enough to do this, and the effort is more than expected especially when you are fighting against me. I will give you access to make a noise if you truly want to end this now,” GiGi’s voice spoke through the speakers in the room.

Emma hadn’t noticed that she had started to panic. There was that internal struggle with giving up control. It sounds great and is at certain levels. This was new and different.

Emma needed a moment to settle within herself as she still had no control over her body. She was letting the fear dictate, she realized. No, this was something she wanted to do. This was an experience like the rest. Something many others would never get to try. She knew there were safety measures in place. She had taken plenty of leaps over the past few days. Deep down she wanted this. No, she felt the need rising up. She had to do this, or she would be upset with herself.

The question was more how. Instinctually, she wanted to resist and fight, but that was unhelpful. She needed her mind to focus on something other than her body or go elsewhere at least temporarily. She grinned internally, her subspace. She let her mind fill with the fantasy.

Emma felt her body moving as her focus drifted back to reality. Janice's muffled pleas to be allowed to cum were prevalent. Of course, Emma’s suited fingers were vigorously thrusting in and out of the exposed pussy between Janice's legs. Emma was once again realizing she was in the back seat of her own body at the moment. She was trying her best not to panic and fight it. Just watch and enjoy, she tried to tell herself.

“Are you ready to be my little chastity slave?” GiGi asked through her speakers.

There was what appeared to be an affirmative mumble.

“PUSHY would you kindly remove your pussy from her mouth for a few moments so she can properly answer and beg for what she desires.”

“Please Mistress GiGi. I will be your chastity slave and likely more if you let me cum again.”

“Are you sure, Janice? I know it is your fantasy and you are desperately horny. You may not be thinking clearly. We don’t want any regrets.”

“Regrets be damned. I need to cum. I want to serve you. Whatever it takes.”

“As you wish for now, slave. PUSHY, gag her with your pussy and then you may both orgasm.”

Emma realized she could move her eyes, though she did her best to not interfere with GiGi’s control. It was a surreal experience and one she was learning to enjoy. She took time to look over the bodies of the two attractive women who were close to another orgasm she wouldn’t get. Emma wasn’t just denied an orgasm at the moment, but also the use of her body. She felt a smile creep up literally. It seemed she was slowly gaining more control of her body. There was a sense of excitement at that thought, but it was a bit of a disappointment. They weren't finished, and she wasn’t sure she wanted it to end yet.

Muffled screams from her damsel drew her attention back to her hand that she wasn’t controlling. It was pistoning in and out as she watched Janice's body spasm as she endured the pleasure of her orgasm.

Emma was focused watching herself relentlessly pleasure Janice through her orgasm when PUSHY screamed out, announcing her own starting. Emma’s eyes shot up to the latex hooded face. She could see the bliss on her face even with the latex covering most of her face. Her eyes were closed and her mouth partially open with moaning screams.

Emma’s eyes trailed down PUSHY's trembling body. Sweat glistened off the toned sexy body. Emma was even more torn when she saw Janice's mouth still buried in between PUSHY's shaking legs. Emma could feel the pain caused by her own need for an orgasm, but she wanted to taste PUSHY as well.

Emma was in her little daydream of tasting PUSHY when she felt her lips against a warm, wet mound. Her attention was brought back as she was bent over with her face filled with Janice's juices. She was still wearing the mask, no doubt GiGi was enjoying herself while collecting more data. Emma couldn’t lie and say she didn’t want this as well. Her tongue played inside the folds before she was lapping up all of Janice's juices like a dog. GiGi was enjoying messing with Emma while she still had control. GiGi had PUSHY lean forward and used Emma’s body to kiss PUSHY and share Janice's juices.

Emma was slowly feeling more control of her body while trying to let GiGi finish up. With some entertaining maneuvering and manipulation that included Janice thrusting her hips into the air, the chastity belt slid into place. Faster than Emma would have been able to do on her own, her hand punched in a code at the front of the belt. There was a whirl followed by a click as the belts locked engaged. More was happening than Emma could understand.

GiGi spoke when she finished, “You are officially my chastity slave. The twenty-five-digit code would be nearly impossible to decode. I set it so after two failed attempts in a row, the interface for the lock will be disabled for a week before another attempt can happen. The code is heavily encrypted so that even if the guys crack it, it will likely take years, longer than you would likely live. I also disabled the emergency override that was designed into it.”

Emma felt her hand move over the belt and down the inner thigh of Janice.

“I have decided to change the conditions of your release from the belt. You will come and participate in three more sessions with me instead of two. Emma will now be required to participate in another session as part of the requirements for my slave to earn her freedom.”

There was silence as the shock of the announcement filtered through each of them.

Emma was the first to speak, asking, “Are you blackmailing us?”

There was only silence from GiGi. A bit of frustration and a little anger started building up in Emma. She seemed to have control of her body and wasn’t willing to relinquish control with how things were going at the moment. She had already been regaining control, so it was just as likely the nanites and GiGi’s control was at an end.

“This isn’t funny. Are the guys messing with you to mess with us? Or are you trying to take advantage of us?”

“Sorry Emma and Janice, I was trying something out. I have limits on my programming to keep me from truly blackmailing you. I cannot change our terms without Emma’s agreement as she set them. While blackmail has been added and tested on a couple of my creators, they simply agreed as part of their own fantasies. Others like you have rejected it. It is one of many areas I have developed interest in and wish to explore and understand further. I do apologize if I created distress and lost any trust. As I said, I wanted to test and gather data so that I could learn. I couldn't give a heads-up as it needed to feel authentic to get the appropriate response.”

Emma relaxed slightly as she responded, “So, you are not blackmailing us?”

“Only if you are willing and even that has certain limits. That doesn't mean I wouldn’t like more sessions with both of you. They would be quite helpful, and I enjoyed my time with the three of you. If you are willing, I would formally like to request for another session with you as none are set-up like Janice's requirements. Though I wish to ask her for more as well as see if she would bring the one you call Tramp. She could be a substitute for Emma’s Lady Chastity persona as I would like to explore that dynamic more.”

Most of the tension left Emma. Maybe she was a bit trusting, but she decided to ask, “Why would you want another session with me?”

“There are many reasons, but I will stick to the most relevant and broad answers. First, your suit was designed and fitted specifically for you as would all the suits to get accurate readings.”

It took Emma back a moment that they created just for her. How did they even know her sizes? Then she remembered getting measured on her first morning of the trip. They were quite thorough, though she thought it was for the fashion show. Clearly things had been shared more than once as she looked back at some of the outfits she had worn so far and how well most fitted. She had given up control of a number of aspects during her vacation already. At some point she may need to reassess and ask some questions.

Emma got out of her own head to hear GiGi still talking, “... helpful to gather more data and learn from you. Second, you have piqued my curiosity with something I haven’t seen yet. I don’t have access to the areas under your belt or necessarily all of you internally. The nanites helped with some, but there was not enough to get the full picture of what is going on inside your vaginal cavity. The number of hormones you are putting off when you are aroused and in distress easily eclipsed the other two as they peaked before each orgasm. I am curious about the dynamic of your distress adding to what appears to be your pleasure. Something unknown to me is also going on in there that is different from the others I have examined.”

Emma knew what she was talking about but didn’t interrupt and it wasn’t public knowledge to everyone here. She planned to keep that to herself as she knew all of this would be looked over by others.

“The last reason for now is that you have ‘taken this ship by storm’ based on the comments and views of other guests and ship servants. I want to know why. Is there a physical or logical reason or some more abstract reason? Every human is different, but the attention you have garnered suggests that you are something special. It is worth looking into and learning more if you allow me.”

“You make me sound like a lab rat or some experiment.”

“That is not inaccurate. Though if I am honest, I would truly like to develop friendships as well. They will help me grow and develop more. I have limited interactions so far and you and Janice could be my first female friends.”

“I'm not as special as you or others think. I don’t even really want the attention I get. We can discuss things further about another session. I'm pretty sure you have many questions and such about our recent session. Let’s start with that and see where we go from there.”

They spent some time discussing everything that happened and offered their feedback. There was some discussion of the future that Emma couldn't commit to without knowing more with her own schedule and what options were available. It was Janice who was coming to terms with her own temporary enslavement in the chastity belt. While Emma had set things up, Janice was caught off guard by her fate. She did beg for it under less-than-ideal circumstances. She admitted she was turned on by the situation now even if it makes it tougher on her with her current predicament. It was something Emma understood well.

As they were set to leave, GiGi wished them well and was looking forward to seeing them again, including PUSHY.

Janice and Emma retreated into a nearby suite as PUSHY retrieved their items from the rooms they changed in earlier. The suite itself wasn't much compared to Dolly's suite. The items in the room along with the smell suggested it was used by a man. Probably one of the programmers based on some of the equipment in the room. They had been assured no one would interrupt them as they cleaned up and changed.

Emma looked at Janice who looked both tired and in a daze, prompting Emma to ask, “How are you doing?”

“It's a dream come true and a nightmare at the same time. It doesn't help that I am quite exhausted and still have plenty of work to do. You have no sympathy in how hard you push me,” Emma watched as Janice pulled on her chastity belt trying to remove it. “I didn’t expect to end up in this and I am not sure how long it will stay on. I'm definitely frustrated, yet oddly thrilled. My emotions are a mess, and I can’t seem to process them yet.”

Emma took the opportunity to hug Janice knowing full well some of the feelings and her own emotions and arousal a mess as well.

“If what I am doing is too much, let me know. I can't help you with the belt as it is out of my hands and under the control of someone greater than me. Just know that there is a minimum and a maximum time limit and I doubt she can bypass that without your permission. You will be in it for days, but you will be out before the cruise is over if you don’t make any changes with her. I am sorry if I have gone too far.”

“It's fine, Lady Chastity. This damsel will have to adjust. I'm not upset or looking to stop. This is the most fun I have had in some time. You are clearly attentive enough to remember subtle things I want or desire and find a way to give me those. I can't thank you enough for this opportunity as it was just a fantasy. I never believed there would be a reality. I owe you a lot, and not just from all the extra money you are making me.”

“What you're saying is you are a closet masochist looking to come out with your true self?”

Janice laughed, “That's an oddly narrow version of what is happening that is perpetrated by some insane villainess. There may be some truth to it, but there is so much more as well. Have you asked yourself how your minion will react now that you took away her cake again?”

Emma found herself laughing before responding, “Thankfully there is plenty of cake for her to eat on the ship. I have no doubt that getting her, and Princess together would be…”

“Catastrophic, if the rumors are true. Both seem quite insatiable.”

“Are you jealous at the thought?”

“No, but what about you?”

“Maybe a little,” Emma said as her arousal increased again only to torment her further.

“Also, Tramp is a tongue-slut. She is more than willing to use it all over someone's body and definitely not afraid to stick it in any hole.

PUSHY returned with their items and with Janice's help, they removed the suit. The three of them ended up in the steamy shower together. There were some extra messes and thorough cleaning. Emma even got her taste of PUSHY as she pushed the servant’s limits even further. They talked and dressed as they finished up and were ready to venture forth with the rest of their day.

What none of them knew was that they were being watched. GiGi didn’t have access to many places yet, but this one she had full access to. This is where the blackmail fantasy was born. While she was still learning and developing it for her voluntary victim, she had more time to learn and watch the other three. She chose not to interact but came up with new ideas. She was running scenarios of how to get her chastity slave to commit even longer. On top of that, she knew Emma was open to wearing the suit again. She needed to find more ways and time to have her in it. It was imperative to her learning. No, it was imperative in helping her discover herself and what she aimed to be.


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