Subspace - Emma's Fetish Cruise Adventure

by bentbliss

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Storycodes: F/f; fpov; bond; chastity; cruise; collar; public; cuffs; corset; hobble; clamps; cons; X

Part 1. Arrival and Registration

Emma's Uber pulled up to her destination. She looked out the window at the bright blue sunny sky with a large cruise ship sitting about the length of a football field away. She had been waiting for months for this trip. Her body shivered in excitement and was instantly hornier than before; which was pretty horny, seeing as she had denied herself any release for the last month. She was here just as registration opened and boarding was allowed so there weren't many people yet. She smiled to herself as she looked at the people heading towards the boat. 

The nearest was a young woman who had platinum blonde hair who looked like she was barely twenty-one as that was the minimum age for this cruise. Her breasts popped out from her chest in her neon green skin tight mini dress that doesn't fully cover her front much less her back. Her neon pink thong peeked out where the dress failed to cover. Her platform wedge heels matched the color of her thong. Her expensive jewelry was noticeable as she flirted with the attendant who was pulling her luggage along from the cart behind him.

In one hand the woman held the end to a leash which led back to a collar attached to an elderly man, probably in his mid sixties. He was mostly naked except for the diaper he was wearing. His hands were locked behind him with leather cuffs as well as his ankles. His mouth gagged with a pear gag, stretching his cheeks out and preventing much noise. He looked down as he tried to keep up as the woman continued to flirt while wiggling her ass and pulling his leash as they made their way towards check in.

Though she wanted to keep looking at the various people, Emma remembered she needed to get out of the car. She finally opened the door and shimmied her way out of the back seat of the Prius she was in. Emma stretched her long legs before standing up in her black six inch strappy sandals. Her nylon clad legs extended upwards until they were encased by a red and black hobble skirt. Her skirt enveloped her vivacious curves and voluptuous derriere so tightly that the outlines to her chastity belt were clearly visible. Her red and black corset helped shape her hourglass figure while barely restraining her DD breasts from spilling out. A black lace choker wrapped around her neck partially hidden by her brunette hair with blonde streaks which hung loosely four to five inches past her uncovered shoulders. At 5' 11" barefoot, she was even more towering than usual in her heels, for a woman.

The Uber driver unloaded Emma's luggage as the attendant came over. Standing at the edge of the curb, Emma looked down at the shorter driver whose head height lined up with her breasts. The driver initially looked at her salacious cleavage before trying to look up past it. He blushed and Emma smiled, "I have a favor to ask before you go. Can you tighten my corset and laces on the back of my skirt? I know you have been drooling over my cleavage. Don't worry it just makes me hornier and wetter. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a wet spot on the back of my skirt and likely the seat of your car. Sorry about that. But if you tighten them nicely for me, I will let you fondle my breasts before we head our separate ways. It is far less lewd than some of the other things you will see."

The driver stood there with his mouth open staring at Emma's breasts struggling to escape their prison. He then looked off to her left and pointed, "What would it take to get something like that?"

Emma smiled and looked over to see a woman on her knees giving a guy a blowjob. Emma had no idea the relationship or situation between the two but it is obvious the driver is hoping to get his dick sucked. She gave him credit for asking as she turned back to him. She raised her hand. Her long fingers extended out, cupped his chin, pushed it up so they were looking eye to eye. Emma seductively licked her lips before saying, "If you truly want a blowjob from me, you will have to work for it to earn it. I will be on that boat for the next fifteen days. You will have to wear my nice pink little chastity cage for that time so that you are nice and ready to worship me the way you should. Then you would worship me until I am ready for you to beg me to peg your ass to earn your release and a blowjob. Does that sound good to you?"

The attendant coming for Emma's luggage chortled. The driver, wide eyed, shook his head saying he didn't want that. Emma for her part did her best not to laugh as she continued smiling. She stroked the driver's cheek and told him, "Offer still stands to fondle my breasts."

The attendant loads the luggage onto the cart while the driver works on tightening Emma's corset. Emma moaned and purred as her corset tightened more than she could do on her own. She couldn't wait for this trip. She worked and saved enough time for the past year and a half to get the time off. She not only fantasized about it but also denied herself for a month in anticipation. A masochist and true pain slut, Emma was planning to continue denial throughout the trip until hopefully the last day of the trip. Her mind wandered at all the potential new things she would get to see and do. She could feel herself leaking onto the chastity belt. In many ways she was happy to be wearing it or she might have masturbated right there in front of everyone. As her dreaming stopped and her eyes focused, she felt her hobble skirt tightening. Soon she would have little to no movement above her knees forcing her to take the tiniest of steps and limit her ability to do most maneuvers especially with the corset tight enough to limit her breath as well as her movements more.

The driver spoke up saying he wasn't sure he could tighten them anymore. Emma shuffled to turn around. The attendant was quite amused at the predicament she asked for. Emma looked down at the driver over her massive bulging cleavage. She grabbed one of his hands and brought it up to her chest. She sensually spoke, "Thank you. You have no idea how much I love the restriction. Well unless there is a puddle forming as I feel my juices leaking down my legs. Then you will have a bit of an idea. Clearly the tent in your pants says you are enjoying this. You can expose my breasts or leave them covered but you are free to have fun with them."

Emma was still adjusting her breasts after getting them back in her corset. The Uber driver left happy but still turned down her second offer of chastity. She enjoyed teasing him a bit as she slowly hobbled her way to registration. This restriction was like heaven to her but it definitely required more energy and took more time to get where she wanted. The attendant walked next to her ensuring she was fine and allowed her some time to converse on her slow journey. Upon reaching registration, the attendant joked about taking her up on her blowjob offer if he wasn't already locked up. Emma smiled before saying, "She is a lucky woman."

A perky woman sat behind one of the registration tables with no one else being helped. She had dark purple hair and pale skin. A septum ring decorated her nose and a steel collar adorned her neck with a lock. She was wearing a short plum colored latex dress in which her breasts squeezed through the small holes in her dress. Her nipples are pierced with D shaped rings and a chain was attached connecting her B-sized breasts together while looping through the ring on the front of her collar pulling her breasts up. The woman looked at Emma as she approached, taking in the beautiful sight and greeted, "Welcome to Subspace, a BDSM and fetish cruise ship. I am Nix and I will help you complete your registration and send you off on a trip of a lifetime. Though you look like you are prepared." Nix bit her lip as she continued while looking flustered, "You look great and I so want to play with you. I wish I was as beautiful as you with your goddess body."

Emma blushed and responded, "Thank you Nix. You are quite beautiful yourself though I am not a goddess. Though I definitely wouldn't mind playing with you. But it looks like you already have someone to please."

Nix's cheeks were now turning a dark shade of red as her eyes dropped but the look of adoration on her face clearly remained. She looked back up into Emma's hazel eyes with a wider smile before speaking, "Yes I do serve my wonderful Master. Though I will be busy working on this trip except for the middle five days. So I won't be serving my Master much and he plans to try out new people. Maybe you would like to spend time with him and then when I am available he may let us play together."

Emma understood what she was asking but it was not her plan to spend much if any time submitting to a man. She had had enough experience with that and was hoping to experience more with women. Emma had lost her smile after Nix's comment and Nix started to apologize before Emma cut her off and spoke, "It's ok Nix. I am sorry. I came to have more experiences with women, both submitting and dominating. Maybe my mind will change and if it means we could play together then I will definitely look your Master and you up. Well, unless your Master will allow you to serve me a bit."

Emma winked at Nix's bright red cheeks while her own juices continued to leak down her legs. Emma couldn't help her imagination of what she would do if Nix served her. It left Emma more frustrated and horny which she both hated and loved about her situation.

Nix gathered herself as she began to speak again, "I am still very sorry. I am supposed to get you registered, not flirt with you. You are just so beautiful and have a body I wish I could have. And I saw your belt and well…"

Emma put her hand on the table as she leaned rigidly forward due to her corset. She placed a finger over Nix's mouth to quiet her for a moment. She moved her hand to Nix's collar and grabbed the ring in front. Emma pulled the ring up and the chain pulled Nix's breasts up further. Nix gave out a soft cry yet her face screamed she wanted more. Emma grinned as she leaned close to Nix's face and spoke, "There will be plenty of other people to register after me who you may want as much if not more to play with. But if you still prefer me after, you will do your best to get your Master to allow you to serve me. You will know which room I am in, so send a message and I will gladly make time for you. As for the belt, I am a huge masochist and have locked myself up for the past month and will do so most of the trip leaving me frustratingly horny. My juices are still leaking down my legs from how wet I am. Looking at you and thinking about what I would like to do to you is only making me wetter. Let's get this registration done and I may let you taste my juices if you would like."

Nix with a shocked look nodded her head and submissively responded, "Yes Ma'am."

Emma jerked the collar up and Nix squealed as her nipples were pulled up further. Emma authoritatively announced, "I may not be a goddess. Since you mentioned my body looks like one, you will treat me like one and call me Goddess Emma."

"Yes, Goddess Emma," Nix slyly smiled. 

Emma released her collar and retrieved the items from her purse and registration began. The rules were made clear again. All submissives and switches have to have a safe word. The safe word is put on file and added to the room as safety measures for any emergencies. All Dom/mes were required to respect any safe word. All rooms as well as every part of the ship are video and audio monitored in case of emergency or unauthorized activity. The footage never leaves the ship or is used without permission unless it is for a criminal case. Failure to comply would lead to charges pressed as well as confinement on the ship. It is explained that most of the employees are volunteers except the ship's sailing crew, chefs, medical staff and hired police. Most of the volunteers work part time and are available to participate on their days off. The maids are very busy and are required to clean rooms daily even if people are in them. Unless you request and pay for an upgrade, the maids will not help in activities. It is also explained there will be plenty of activities throughout that will allow people to meet new people. It is recommended especially for single people who are looking for others to attend one on the first day. There were a number of other things that Emma had already read before as she stared at Nix as she did her job waiting for it to be over.

Nix finally looked up at Emma and said, "Your registration is complete. I hope you have a spectacular trip, Goddess Emma. I do hope to see you again."

She handed Emma her items as well as her room info. Emma smiled at the lovely Nix who stood up and was walking around the table. Nix was about six inches shorter than Emma even in her plum heels that are the same height as Emma's. The plum dress enhances Nix's lithe body and her legs were encased in vibrant pink latex stockings. The outline of a chastity belt clearly could be seen under her dress. Nix definitely was gorgeous and sexy in Emma's mind. 

Nix stopped about a foot in front of Emma, she held her hands behind her back and looked down not meeting Emma's eyes. Nix politely asked, "May I please taste your holy nectar. I have never had the pleasure of tasting another woman much less a goddess. I understand if you say no now but I promise to try hard to get my Master to allow me to serve you. I know others will come but you make me wet in a way no other woman has. I would rather you be my first experience with another woman. Sorry, my first experience with a goddess." Nix giggled at the end but also an apprehensive look while waiting for the answer before adding, "Please Goddess Emma."

Emma cupped Nix's chin in her hand and lifted until their eyes met. Emma held her there and stared into Nix's brown eyes, forcing her to wait on the answer. Emma leaned in closer to Nix, her lips were close enough to feel Nix's breath as on them. Emma pointedly asked, "What would your Master think? Would he be fine with you tasting me or if I kissed my nectar off of your lips afterwards?"

Nix's eyes went wide when Emma mentioned kissing her. Nix stuttered as she began to speak, "Ma.. Master said people would be allowed to do basic things as I am working, I can't do anything major. He also wants to add more submissive women to serve him. While I want him and his cock all to myself, I will help him achieve what he wants," Emma frowned at Nix as Nix continued, "I know you don't really want to serve him and I will not try again. I want to taste you because as I said before you look like a goddess and your appearance is what I wish I looked like. But talking to you, you have turned me on in a way no one else has and I want to get to know you and experience you. Tasting you would not only be a new experience for me but also allows an intimate interaction with you that I might not get a chance at again. Master would be fine with this and I would like to do it very much."

Emma rubbed one of Nix's breasts and caused Nix to gasp and hold her breath from some of the movements pulling her nipples uncomfortably. Emma asked, "Do you want me to stop?"

Nix, a bit flustered, muttered out, "No, Goddess Emma."

Emma smiled and said, "I can't bend much nor can I open my legs in this skirt. You will have to get down and work to get my nectar in front of everyone here. Is that what you really want?"

Nix bit her lip before exhaling, "Yes, Goddess Emma."

Emma nodded to Nix, who sank to her knees and worked her way to get to the juices running down Emma's legs under her skirt. Her stockings stopped much of it from coming all the way down her legs so far. It was likely they would eventually saturate if she continued leaking and didn't change. It mattered little as the cute purple haired Nix was kissing the front of her skirt as she worked her hand up beneath her skirt. Emma wanted very much to be touched and orgasm instantly. But the self denial of her chastity just edged her even more. It was heaven and hell together and she loved it. 

Nix looked up at Emma, smiling as she pulled out her wet fingers from under Emma's skirt. Emma's juices glistened as the sun reached coated fingers. Nix brought her fingers up and inserted them into her mouth. She then seductively wrapped her mouth around her fingers and sucked them like a cock. She moaned with pleasure while tasting Emma's holy nectar for the first time, as Nix continued to stare into Emma's eyes. Nix finished pulling her fingers out of her mouth and asked, "May I get more, Goddess Emma?"

Emma found Nix attractive but even more so, on her knees asking for more of her love juices. Emma wasn't even on the boat and she was already enjoying herself. If only she could play with Nix fully, she thought to herself. Emma nodded and told Nix, "On one condition, one of us at minimum will have our arms and legs restrained before I leave for the ship. Your choice since you need to work. Deal?"

Nix responded with her hand quickly going up Emma's skirt again. This time Nix did a bit more exploring. It caused Emma to shift a bit and turned her on even more. Nix was definitely being a bit naughty this time. As Nix played with Emma as much as she could, she kept her eyes on Emma smiling mischievously. Nix's hand slid out from under the skirt and Nix stood up. She still had to look up at Emma but proceeded to coat her lips with Emma's juices. Nix gave Emma her best puppy eyes and puckered her lips in hope.

"Definitely a naughty girl. I do hope to repay you later," Emma said as she leaned in and grabbed both of Nix's breasts and pulled down on them. Nix yelped as her nipples were pulled against the chain attached to her piercings. Emma quickly kissed Nix's wet lips covered in Emma's juices, silencing Nix yelp. They both moaned and exchanged tongues. This went on for a bit and Emma tweaked Nix's breasts a couple more times. 

Emma eventually broke off the kiss and told Nix that she is lovely and beautiful. Nix blushed and responded that Emma was more so. They smiled at each other for a moment before Nix brought up her hand. Nix asked, "Do you want the rest or can I have it?"

Emma smirked, "It may be your last taste. It is all yours."

Nix responded, "I hope not." Nix brought her fingers towards her mouth and opened them into a V and then stuck her tongue through them. She licked the inside of her fingers before putting them fully in her mouth and sucked them clean.

Nix finally finished and said, "Thank you Goddess Emma." Nix planted another kiss on Emma who reciprocated it. As the kiss ended, Nix tried to turn and wave an attendant over, but Emma stopped her. 

"We had a deal. One of us with arms and legs restrained. I know you need to work so if you choose yourself you will still be able to do what you are supposed to but maybe need a little extra effort. You could remove the restraints when you're done or later if you wish. Otherwise you can bind me in a way that you would want to be bound and still allow me to get to your room. That means you can add more restraints than just my arms and legs if you want. If you are too submissive to do it yourself; you can pick someone from the crowd and tell them what you want. You should decide before it is too busy and you need to get back to work."

There was a gathering of most of the people around them watching the interaction. A couple people volunteered to bind her as well as some offering other things. Emma ignored them and focused on Nix.

"As much as I want you to bind me, I don't want to get into any more potential trouble than I might have already. Which bag has your toys?" Asked Nix.

With a smirk Emma grabbed a bag and said, "All of them to a certain degree but this one should be sufficient. Now you can fully go with something you would like me to do to you. Or as you have seen my preferences while I was registering. Know that I am a masochistic pain slut who gets off on it even with the belt on or close to it so far. So do your worst if you wish. Just make sure I can at least hobble onto the ship."

Nix had her back turn going through the bag as she started responding, "I have never done this before. I am the one always on the receiving end. Truthfully I don't really want to bind you but at the same time you are giving me an opportunity I would be a fool to waste. Now my Master has been training me to endure more pain along with everything else. But I really don't know what you can handle. Are you sure it is ok?"

Emma without hesitation answered, "Most definitely but also do what you are comfortable with. You are aware what my safe word is but I doubt I will get close to needing it for this."

With a mischievous smile as she turned around, Nix held up a posture collar and clover nipple clamps with a chain connecting them. Nix looks at Emma and says, "I think you should look at least partially like me with some subtle changes. I don't want to ruin your corset with holes so I will just pull down and expose your breasts. The collar is my preferred choice to wear which is why I chose this one. So let's get started."

Nox quickly stepped behind and wrapped the collar around Emma’s neck. A click caught Emma’s attention as she realized Nix just locked the collar on. Some of the crowd cheered at this. Next, Nix made her way to the front and pulled down the cups of her tight corset and her DD breasts spilled out. Nix seductively looked up at Emma before she licked and sucked each nipple before promptly attaching the clover clamps to each of Emma's nipples. Emma for her part was trying to stand straight as she shuddered in pleasure getting more calls from various people who wanted to do things to her. Nix then pulled the short chain up to the D ring on the front of the collar and with another click locked the chain to the collar. The chain was rather short pulling Emma’s breasts upward with the weight of them pulling on the clamps making them feel tighter. Emma kind of stumbled and was asked if she was OK in which she blushed telling everyone she was perfectly fine while trying to hide the fact she nearly had an orgasm. Nix gave the chain a quick tug which led to Emma moaning in pleasure in front of everyone. This led to increasing comments from the crowd. 

Nix turned back to the bag producing leather cuffs which she first attached just above Emma’s elbows. Then she produced another pair of leather cuffs and attached them around Emma’s wrists before grabbing a third pair and attached them around Emma’s ankles. She quickly went back grabbing a large chain with some locks. Nix first looped the chain around Emma’s hourglass shaped waist and locked on what essentially was a chain belt before taking the chain and looping through the elbow cuffs until they were together which Emma told her she could handle before locking the chain ensuring the elbows were going nowhere. With her elbows together Emma's breasts were more pronounced with the angle her body kept with her elbows together behind her back. Nix looped the chain around the left side of Emma just under her breast before wrapping around her breast once before moving to the right and doing the same then doing a figure eight around both breasts creating a chain bra before moving the chain around the right side and back behind before locking it to keep the chain bra intact. Emma had let out another moan of pleasure as the extra weight on her breasts pulled down on the clamps tightening them on her nipples a bit further. Then Nix brought the chain down to loop and lock Emma’s wrists together before locking it once again to the waist chain belt. Nix instructed Emma to spread her legs as far apart as she could. For Emma that was much with the hobble skirt on but she probably got a few extra inches. Nix brought the chain down to the left ankle cuff and locked it to the ring. She measured the distance between Emma’s spread ankles before taking that length behind Emma and making a v shape with it by adding another length equal to Emma’s spread ankles before locking the chain to the right ankle cuff. The chain was brought back up and locked to the belt. What was left hung down and Nix looped it around the chain on the ground between Emma’s ankles pulling it up off the ground but leaving a couple inches of slack before locking the end of the chain part way up to keep the slack to ensure Emma could still walk without the chain dragging or likely to catch anything on the floor considering it still hung over six inches from the ground near her ankle cuffs due to her heels.

Nix received quite a few compliments on her work, while she asked Emma how she was doing. Emma replied she was great. Nix went back for two things. First she grabbed a leash and clipped it to the D ring on the collar then locked the other end to the cart with her bags. The other item was a pair of weights. Emma looked at her excitedly but instead she turned to the crowd holding up the weights, asking the crowd, "Do you think she deserves these?"

Most of the crowd eagerly shouted 'Yes!' Nix gave everyone including Emma a grin as she grabbed a second set of nipple clamps and put them on and added the weights. At that point Emma’s knees buckled but she didn’t fully go down as she started moaning in pleasure. So close to orgasm and she hadn’t even made it to the ship yet. 

"You really are a pain slut and I get the feeling this is nothing for you, yet you are so close to orgasm without being touched. We will need to quiet your moans a bit." Nix said before heading to Emma's bag and bringing back a penis gag. After putting it on she finished talking to Emma whispering, "I hope you enjoyed it. The gag is part of your punishment for lying to me about being a Goddess. This way you can't deny it to me again. While I will do my best to get to play with you again, I expect this to be the least of my punishment in return. I am a slave and should never be allowed to punish a Goddess unless my Master or someone else equivalent commands it and I would still need to be punished for doing it then. You gave me new experiences and it has only left me more curious about you."

Nix waved to an attendant letting the crowd know the show was over. She turned back to Emma, Nix added, "I should get back to work. I hope we can see each other again and get to do more. Enjoy your vacation and hope you get what you want. I know I have never wanted to be with a woman at any point until you. You are a Goddess. I will send a message to the maid to release you when she has time."

Nix waved goodbye as she seductively walked back around the table and blew a kiss to Emma. Emma smiled through her gag not knowing if they will see each other again but she definitely wouldn't mind playing with Nix again. The attendant led her and her bags towards the ship and to her room. She was looking even more forward to this vacation if things keep going this way.


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