The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; rope; gag; crotchrope; harness; outdoors; naked; camping; swim; nipple; tease; torment; oral; sex; climax; cons; X

story continues from part eight

Chapter 9

Paul told me about his childhood and teenaged years. He spoke of the reason for his career choice. He talked about his former girlfriend, Sophie, and how she'd introduced him to love bondage. He discovered then that he really enjoyed being sexually with a bound woman. I listened quietly, drinking it all in.

Then he asked me to share my life and experiences. I chatted about my childhood and painful teenaged years. I told him about how hard it had been to be the "smart girl" instead of the popular girl. We talked about my college classes and my early introduction to BDSM.

Paul then talked about his dreams and desires. He told me what he wanted in a partner. When he mentioned that his lady had to be his exclusively, my heart jumped with joy. He made it clear that he wasn't ever going to share.

Then it was my turn to share my dreams and desires. I carefully explained my need to belong to one man, and how I needed that man to cherish me and protect me. I talked about how I could never indulge in random sex, no matter how much my partner wanted it.

Paul and I discovered that we were on the same wavelength after all. I finally understood that my earlier silly fears were just that – silly! We ate our meal and chatted the day away. No bondage, not much physical contact, just a meeting of the minds and hearts.

As we relaxed by a fire that evening, a great sense of peace settled over me. I now knew that I could trust Paul totally; and that knowledge made me smile all over.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sat and cuddled Suzi as we watched the dogs wandering around sniffing here and there. The sun was setting over the hills and dales. It was a perfect end to the day in which we both learned something about each other.

I picked up the small bag out of the rucksack. "Want a bit of fun?" I asked. Suzi smiled and nodded her head.

"Strip your clothes off slave and put them in the tent," I ordered as she stood up.

Suzi rushed to do as she was told. Her nipples stood out in the chill of the evening. We moved to the far side of the pool and I ordered her to spread her legs. I began to tie her into probably the tightest crotch and stomach combination she has ever had. It really dug deep into her pussy and tummy. I made a loop front and back and did a chest harness just as tight. It made her boobs swell up and her breathing a strain. Her arms and legs got the same treatment with elbows and knees crushed tight. Then gagging her with a thin leather strap pulled tightly so it distorted her pretty face, I left her standing there while I prepared the next part.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once again, Paul had found and pushed a bunch of my buttons. The rope cutting into my flesh excited me so much that I could feel my wetness slowly sliding down the inside of my thighs. I couldn't wait to see what else he had planned for this night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I walked around the pool the other way so she couldn't see me in the darkness that had fallen while I prepared the tent for our arrival in a few minutes. Moving behind the tottering Suzi I picked her up and walked into the pool with her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A screech escaped my throat as the cold water hit my body again! It was shockingly cold in the dark.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She struggled until I ordered, "Stop it, slave! If you wriggle out of my arms you will sink like a stone." This had the effect I wanted and Suzi stopped struggling altogether. I held onto her by the loops I made earlier and pulled her around the pool until I thought it was starting to get chilly and the worry of cramps setting in sent me to the shore. I picked up my partner in crime and carried the wet bundle to the tent.

Cutting the crotch rope off but leaving the upper part on to add to her feelings I untied her legs and dried us off. The tent's interior was lit by one safety candle as I gently placed Suzi down on her bound breasts. She opened her legs as I tapped the insides of her thighs. Then I pushed myself deep into her pussy. She was soaked, so I pumped hard and fast until I reached the edge and then I pulled out. Using my fingers on her widespread pussy I worked Suzi up to the edge and let her down. Again I plunged into her and pounded away, giving no mercy and none was asked as we both seemed to revel in the game we were playing.

I pushed my hands under her crushed breasts and used them to lift her up so she was kneeling on my knees. Suzi had to use her legs to lift herself up and down my shaft.

The noises she was making behind the gag echoed over the still night air as we sweat and grunted. This was animalistic; a suffering girl with a harsh master. Suzi started to cum and as she did I spanked her balls of breasts, watching them bounce against the rope that held them so tight.

With a loud scream Suzi climaxed. Pushing her onto her knees I used her breasts as hand holds and reamed deep inside her pussy touching the head of her cervix and came in one long spurt.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I orgasmed over and over with great intensity. Paul's hot seed steamed up my insides and set me off into even more orgasms. Finally, with a quiver, Paul slid off me. We both were shaken by the experience, and we lay quietly while our racing hearts slowed.

Paul fucked me royally! He did me worse than the royals did the commoners! ‘Thoughts like that could get a girl in trouble,' I reminded myself. And then I giggled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That I could be quite so harsh shocked me; scared me if truth were known. Suzi had seemed to thrive on the harsh and very scary things we had just done. I helped her up and began to pick the knots out of the rope surrounding her body. She waited as I unfastened the strap digging into her mouth. The indentations look sore as I softly kissed her on the lips.

The ropes on her breasts were dug so tightly into her that I had to ease the skin away from the rope. Suzi let out a large groan as I manipulated the soft orbs. She slipped out of the tent and said, "Excuse me, I gotta pee." And she took off into the bushes. Ben and Duke were lying in the doorway of the tent. They stood with her as she dashed off for a pee.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Those two dogs have managed to take on the role as my protectors. While I squatted in the brush, they stood guard, and gentleman-like, they looked away from me. I wondered how I ever could have thought that Ben was a danger to me. Again, I giggled at the ridiculousness of it all. Once I was relieved of the awful pressure on my bladder, I hurried back and rejoined Paul at our campsite.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I looked up and saw the moon's glow on the top of the hill above us. We stood two naked people and two dogs all looking at the full moon.

"Do you think that moon is what caused us to be like this tonight?" asked a shivering Suzi who snuggled into me.

"Who can answer that? I don't know why I felt the need to be so harsh with you."

Although we were cold neither of us wanted to go to bed or even break the spell of the moon's climb over the plateaux.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was surprised at my reaction to the harsh treatment I'd received from Paul. The ropes were tighter than ever before, and yet I soared into an orgasm that was wilder than any I could remember. I didn't want the moment to end. Being held tightly underneath Paul's arm and watching the moon rise seemed perfect.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We finally went inside the tent and I reached outside and turned on the gas stove to make a cup of coffee. Suzi snuggled deep into the sleeping bag I'd brought. I smiled at her and handed her a steaming mug. She held it in her hands for warmth.

The dogs entered and settled at the bottom of the tent. Suzi had a real dreamy look about her. "A penny for your thoughts…" I asked her sliding into the bag with my mug of tea.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sat down the rapidly cooling cup of coffee without tasting it. Gee, how I wished it was a cup of hot cocoa!

"Thanks for the thought, Paul, but I don't like coffee." I decided that it was time to be totally truthful and that having secrets was a waste of effort.

Paul arched his eyebrow and looked at me. Then a slow grin crossed his rugged features. "Slave, you finally admitted to not liking something without me having to drag the truth out of you. I think we're making progress."

I snuggled up against Paul and let my fingers trace patterns on his body. It was a rare privilege to be unbound in the presence of his nude body, so I took advantage of the opportunity. I ran my fingertip around his hardening nipples, and then followed a path to his navel. Tickling and touching, I explored even lower. Soon my fingers were dancing around his hardening length. I looked up and saw permission in his eyes, so I continued teasing his nether regions with gentle touches and caresses. A low groaning sound emanated from his throat as my fingers played him like an instrument.

I gently cupped his balls in my left hand while my right hand traced circles in the soft hair covering them. Then, holding them up and away, I let my finger slide lower until I was able to tease his sweet spot. I tickled and pressed the root of his manhood while the strangled sound of his breathing filled the air. While he was gasping for air I gently pressed the tip of my finger against his anal opening.

Paul gasped, "Slave, no!"

Quickly I removed my finger from Paul's danger zone.

I slid down the length of him, letting my tongue leave a wet path behind me. When I reached his groin, my tongue began to lathe the head of his penis. I lapped up a drop of precum and then ran the hardened tip of my tongue around the base of the head. Moving lower, I began to tongue-bathe his penis with long, slow lips from base to tip, over and over again. I looked up to see how Paul was responding and saw his eyes glazing over in pleasure.

Taking the head into my mouth, I swirled around it with my tongue before beginning a rhythmic sucking. Paul's moans filled the air with sweet music. Soon I felt his hands on my head, urging me to take more of him inside. Happily I obliged him, and soon I was bobbing up and down as more and more of his hard length entered my hot, wet mouth. Quickly, when I felt him thickening and ready to explode, I opened up my throat and sucked him deeper than ever before. His hot cum spewed out and coated my throat. I held him deeply inside while I swallowed, massaging his manhood with each gulp. That urged him on and on until he had spent multiple times into me. When I felt him starting to soften, I released him and let him slip out of my hungry mouth.

Urgently, I took the opportunity to bathe him with my tongue until he was clean. Paul grabbed my shoulders and pulled me up to lay on top of him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was a while since I had a blowjob like that one. The arrival of sperm seemed to come from up by my backbone somewhere. Suzi continued until I was totally clean and I started to respond again. I was a little sore so pulled her on top of me and covered us up. The little bugger wouldn't stop caressing me and soon I was hard. "Er, slave, you don't want me to tie you up to sleep do you?"

Suzi's reply surprised me. "Well, when I'm alone I do sleep in light bondage. But I'd rather sleep wrapped around you, if you don't mind."

I dropped off into a deep sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sleeping wrapped in Paul's embrace was beyond wonderful. I slept lightly, so I can say assuredly that we were in constant contact through the long night. Neither of us ventured even an inch away from the other.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I woke to find the tent empty and the sun upon the canvas making it lovely and warm. Suzi entered and handed me a steaming cup of coffee.

"Thank you," I said as I eased out of the sleeping bag. I noticed the dogs' bowl out and two sleeping dogs.

"Your boys were hungry," said Suzi as we walked down to the water for a wake up call from the icy water. Throwing Suzi a bar of soap that wouldn't affect the water I sat and watched her bathe from the rock that sits in the middle of the pool. As she swam her hair was spread out behind her. She was a beautiful temptress. I wondered how I would feel if she decided to go home. I knew she was planning to go back because she told her mum so.

And how the bloody hell could I persuade her to stay? This time we have spent together was the best time in my life. I'd never felt like this before. It was frightening, especially the way we both seemed to want the same thing; and that thing involved hurting Suzi. Suzi swam up to me and asked, "Why so deep in thought, Paul? Don't you want to come in and have some fun?"

"Just thinking, love, just thinking"

We swam around to the tent and dried each other off. ‘I love this girl,' I thought as she dropped to her knees and said, "Are you going to bind me today, Master? I sure hope you want to, because I really want you to do that to me again."

So out came the ropes and we broke camp. Packing the rucksacks I made sure Suzi wasn't carrying much and fashioned a rope bra and a tight crotch and waist rope around my patient slave. I watched her struggle to put on her boots and socks. With a smile I handed her a pair of my running shorts and enjoyed the face pulling that provoked from her.

Next I handed her the rucksack and told her to pull it on and fasten it tight. I kissed her and buckled a thick collar to her neck. Then roping her wrists together in front of her I looped a length of rope round them and under her crotch rope up to her bra harness and to the metal ring on her collar. This I used to pull my resisting prisoner along behind me; to much muttering and grumbling.

"Slave, if you don't shut up I will have to make you!" tapping the side pocket of my ruck where Suzi knew I kept the duct tape. "Enjoy your surroundings; look at the beautiful view and listen to the silence."

She got the hint.

We walked for a while and soon reached a side road. It was not private and as there were rain clouds gathering I roped the lead back to her crotch rope pulling it tight so she couldn't stand totally upright.

Suzi was actually stooping as if under a heavy load. She could stand up if she tried but I think she has guessed that the pussy rope wouldn't cut so deep when she bent over.

I pulled a large poncho over her head covering the pack. I used the road to cut us back to the village as rain started to drizzle onto us.

"Hi Paul!" the local policeman called.

We wandered over, Suzi hanging back, but she joined in the conversation as Steve grilled us both. Gossip in the dales is a sport. And I knew the whole village would soon know that I had a bird staying at the farm, a Yank at that, and younger than me too!

"I bet he knew I was bound," Suzi said as we got away from him. "Now the whole neighborhood will know my business. Shit!"

I laughed at her discomfort.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was bugged at Paul. Why didn't he care what people think? Couldn't he tell that I don't want people to know about my bondage desires? I mean, if people knew, I could be letting myself in for a lot of trouble. It was easy for him, he just had to tie me and then watch me squirm. But I had to deal with the reality of being in bondage while I was around people. I began to think of him as uncaring of my feelings, and soon had myself all worked up with feelings of anger and betrayal. But I kept them inside and didn't let them spill out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Slogging up the long track to the farm, I paused and looked at the track. A car had been up the track and hadn't come back; so someone was at the farm. Reaching under Suzi's poncho I unfastened her wrists and left the rest on her. Pulling a tee shirt out of the ruck, I helped her dress and pulled the pack back on.

We walked up to the farm. It was a strange car that was sitting there with two people in it. I looked at Suzi and she looked at me. She watched as I pulled my service pistol out and slid the slide back to load a round into the chamber.

She looked worried. I kissed her and explained, "I'm just being careful, babes."

We walked down the slight slope to the farm. Pushing Suzi back I sent the dogs forward. They jumped up at the windows and I saw the car's occupants both give a start. The door opened and Suzi said, "Geeze, it's Mom and Dad," under her breath.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Why were my parents here at Paul's farm? They should have been home working in their garden. Knowing my Mom, she would want to talk to me while I changed my clothes; and that meant that she'd see my crotch rope. She knew nothing about my self-bondage, let alone this. Oh, man! I felt that my only hope was for the earth to just open up and swallow me!

If I disappeared, Paul couldn't take me for granted, and my parents wouldn't know about what I'd been doing. I looked towards the tree line and wondered if I could out-run them all. But then I remembered the dogs, and gave up on that idea.

I resigned myself to an agonizing time. Finally, forcing my mouth to work, I said, "Mom, Dad, what are you doing here?

End of Chapter 9

continued in chapter ten

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