The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part nine

Chapter 10

The look on Suzi's face was priceless: shock, horror and despair. Did she fear her parents or was she younger than she said and the folks had come to rescue her? Shit, I thought, slipping my 9mm back into my pocket. I knew that I could be in the Shit if she was under 16.

Now kids in the UK grow up quicker than American kids. Our's drink by 18, sex by 16 (legal as well), but I know that drinking and sex in some places is 21. I looked at her dad: a tall man of about 50. He was quite a well dressed man. Mum, well, she was short and plump with the same sparkling eyes as Suzi. I smiled and walked forward. "Hi. I'm Paul, pleased to meet you."

"Uh, yeah, glad to meet you too," said her dad doing the see if he is queer handshake that the Americans seem to do. "I'm Walt."

"I'm Suzi's Mom, Estelle," said Mum. I shook her hand and pointed to the house.

"Been waiting long? We didn't know we were about to have guests or we could have come home earlier."

Suzi kissed her Mum and hugged her Dad.

"What are you guys doing here?" Suzi blurted out. Her mother seemed full of concern for the errant daughter.

I decided that unity was the answer and pulled Suzi towards the house; noticing a little stamp of her boot against the back of my leg. I patted her rump and pushed her inside. I made them coffee while Suzi and mother disappeared upstairs.

Walt and I sized each other up as I dried the dogs off with a large towel.

We chatted and the usual dad questions were asked: who, what, where, when, how, that type of thing, and I found him very pleasant. He stroked Ben and sat at the table to drink the mug of brew I'd put in front of him.

"I asked the policeman the village where you lived but he was very cagey."

I smiled and said that as I am an officer in the Army they don't let strangers know that sort of thing.

Passing him a chocolate biscuit I got the feeling that he might just like me. It turned out that old Janice in the rectory told him how to find me as she had guessed they were the American girl's parents.

I wondered how Suzi was getting on as Ben bounded upstairs to rescue Suzi or maybe to see whom else was up there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I showed Mom to the bathroom and while she was in there, I rushed into the bedroom and hid the evidence of our play by stuffing the ropes and toys under the pillows. I just got them covered up when Mom came into the bedroom.

"Suzi, did you leave the bed unmade in somebody else's house? I've told you over and over about the importance of always making the bed. And, once again, I've caught you trying to hide your slovenliness. What am I going to do with you?"

"Oh, Mom, I'm a big girl now. Sometimes I can leave the bed unmade." I was totally grateful that she'd reverted to her old role of disapproving mother. That was something I'd had lots of experience handling.

"Let's go downstairs, Mom." I said while grabbing her arm and leading her downstairs.

"You really should freshen up, Suzi. You smell rather ripe from that sweaty hike."

No way was I going to give her a chance to discover my bondage under my clothes. "It's okay, Mom, Paul is just as sweaty as I am."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi came down in the same shorts and I guessed that she was still roped into the harness. Her face was not quite thunder and her dad gave her a smile of apology.

Ben was right behind her, holding her mother back, as Suzi asked if they could stay the night.

"It's a long drive back to civilization, Paul. So can my parents stay tonight? I don't want Dad driving in unfamiliar territory after dark."

I laughed at her and answered, "Of course they can. If you would make up the spare room I will show your folks around." She looked so grateful I thought she was going to kiss me right there.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul led my parents out of the house. I rushed upstairs and opened the windows in the guest room. The room was ready for guests, so I plumped the pillows and then hurried into the bathroom. Locking the door, I removed my clothes and tore off the crotch rope. I plunged the smelly rope into a sink of water and used some soap to cleanse it. I squeezed it dry in a towel. Then I quickly washed my lower regions, removing the odor of arousal that seemed to permanently emanate from me whenever I was with Paul.

I took the damp rope into the bedroom and hung it in the closet. Digging in my pack, I found some panties and slipped them on before tugging the old shorts back into place.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walt and Estelle seemed to enjoy the walk up the hill to the top of the rise.

The rain had stopped and showery rain was approaching. Suzi's Mum was trying to suss me out, and it was fun to be able to make her feel at home.

I kept thinking, 'I hope Suzi polices up all the rope from the bedroom and the handcuffs from the parlour.'

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul and my parents returned to the house just as I was coming back downstairs. My parents' faces had a rosy glow from the walk. They looked like they actually liked Paul. I heaved a sigh of relief.

"Come on upstairs so I can show you your room." I led my parents to the guest room, showed them the bath, and left them to rest.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi showed her Mum and Dad to their room and rushed back to the kitchen where I was feeding Duke and Ben.

"Oh, God, Paul, what am I going to do? What will they do if they find out about what I've been doing? Oh man, I think I'm in for it!"

I smiled at her, "Suzi, calm down babes. It will be fine." I gripped her wrists, "Do you love me?"

"How can you even ask that? You know I love you."

"Do you trust me?"

"Yes. But what's going to happen with them? Oh man! I'm in for it."

"Don't worry I will solve this." I kissed her pouty lips, "I see you got out of the harness. There's nothing for them to find, right?"

I smiled at her description of "man I am for it," because I had spanked her, paddled her and whipped her pussy; and she was worried what ma and pa would do.

We were interrupted by Ben's growl as the door opened to reveal her mother. Her mother and dad had changed into warmer clothing. I guessed that they weren't used to the chilly damp of English evenings.

They sat at the table as Suzi made coffee and tea and cocoa for herself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Immediately my Mom started fussing about my choice of drinks. "Suzi, that hot chocolate is going to go straight to your hips. When are you going to grow up and drink coffee like everybody else?"

She never lets up – I've been hearing that line ever since I turned 16. I couldn't help it, I hated the taste of coffee. But I didn't speak. Mom had me mentally cowering in the corner. Why oh why did I always allow her to do this to me?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"So what brings you all this way?" I asked. I could see Suzi's reaction to her Mum and wanted to diffuse the situation.

"We came to check up on my little girl," responded Walt. "I wanted to make sure that she was all right. And her mother came along for the ride."

Suzi still looked a bit miffed, and I said, "Look, tell you what, we don't have much in the way of food so let’s go out to the Pub for a meal and you can either allay your fears or hate me. It’s up to you. But we are hungry. We hiked ten miles today and we were going out anyway."

"Good idea! I've always wanted to eat at a real British Pub!" said her Dad. "Let's get dressed then. I'm assuming casual is in order."

I pushed a slightly calmer Suzi up to my bedroom. Mother glared as we entered.

I smiled to myself and spinning Suzi up behind the door pinned my hand over her mouth until we heard the shower come on in the bathroom.

I removed my hand and kissed her hard. "We are in this together, babes. You do what you want. It's my house and you're old enough to do what you like. Well, unless we are playing. And I want you to stay. It's up to you but I take it they have come to return you to the fold."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Do you really think that's why they're here? I figured it was just because my Dad worries about me. I've always been 'Daddy's Little Girl' if you know what I mean."

"That is the one dynamic I picked up on. The other one is that your mother is a bit jealous of that relationship." I smiled as Suzi's face confirmed my words.

"What am I going to do?" Suzi worried.

"Babes, it's 'us' that's going to make it through this. You're not alone… unless you want to be."

I was so confused that I didn't know what I wanted. All I knew at that moment was that I'd awoken in a nightmare, and I couldn't see a happy ending. Tears formed in my eyes. I buried my head against Paul's shoulder and wept.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Standing and listening to the only person who I've felt anything this deep for cry her heart out was not fun. The sobs racked her body and I smoothed her hair and pulled her head back and kissed her eyes. That her parents had flown a bloody long way from Pennsylvania showed a sense of loyalty; but to me it is obsessive.

"You didn't send an SOS message did you?" I asked, wondering if it was true.

"You've got to believe me, Paul, my parents coming here was the last thing I ever wanted! I mean, why are they here? What are they going to do to me?"

Suzi seemed to be confused again and I was also slightly miffed at their arrival. Suzi didn't know it but I had decided to give her the well-deserved stripes on her bottom. It was to be a joint experience, as I had never used anything like what she had bought from the shop. Still, it was not to be and hopefully there would be another night. I pushed her towards the shower in the small powder room. "Get showered and I will find you something to wear."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I took a rather quick shower – no time to enjoy the pleasure of the water cascading over my body. Instead, I had to get it over and done with so that my Mom wouldn't have anything to find fault with about me. I shampooed my hair harshly and ran the soapy wash cloth over my skin quickly. The rinse off was the only time I paused. I wondered if this day would ever end!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pulling on a pair of chinos and a polo neck sweater, I dressed quickly and pulled out a toy I'd bought in Amsterdam. Locking the door to our room I went into the bathroom. Suzi was drying her hair. She still seemed scared.

"Suzi, I am your lover, your friend and your master." Her eyes were down and she seemed to have shrunk. 'Where did she go?' I wondered.

She looked sullenly at me. I quickly reached out and slapped her left breast; not hard, but I made sure my fingertips hit her nipple.

"What was that for?" she said in a shocked voice. She jumped and looked at me.

"Good! I have your attention.

“Now you have a choice: A. You give up and go home with them. B. You go out smiling, full of confidence that at 21 you are your own person. Or C. You act like a silly little girl and prove whatever thoughts your parents have about you so they continue to chase you round the world. It's nice that they care but 3000 Fucking MILES! They are here because they care. Your Mum bugs you, but if you prove to her that you are here to stay and that you are in love, then it's your life to lead."

She looked at me like a scared cat. Her eyes had lost their sparkle. I wondered if I had overdone the pep talk.

I handed her the anal plug. It was only a small one.

"Put this in place and when you are getting mad or scared clench on it and know you belong to someone who knows you and wants you."

I turned and left her to think it through.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I stood there holding that plug and thinking about Paul's words. In some ways, he was right. I was going to have to stand up to Mom. I was an adult now. I'd even voted differently than my parents in the last election. I was no longer a little girl who needed Mommy and Daddy to protect her. It was time to be brave and to follow my heart.

I lubed up the plug and pressed it inside until it was securely seated.

Then I took some time with my makeup, wanting to emphasize again that I was not a child anymore.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walt was waiting in the kitchen looking at the photos of my parents and me. He sat and apologised for being here. "Estelle worries," was his explanation.

I smiled and replied, "Look, I know Suzi is vulnerable and a little lacking in confidence, but I can look after her. We enjoy each other's company. If more comes of it, well, I will be pleased."

He looked at me and asked, "Er, hmmm, are you two sleeping together?"

I laughed and said, "Well, to be truthful, yes. But I don't see that it should worry you." He wiggled a bit at that. Suzi walked in with her mother. I noticed that she was a bit better and tried to guess if she had the comfort blanket with her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This was an awkward moment. It felt really odd to be here with Paul and my parents because of all the secrets. I clenched hard and then tried to relax and go with the flow of Paul's plans.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We piled into the Volvo and thrashed down the track in the rain.

"How long are you here for?" I asked.

"Only until the wife lets me go home," said Walt.

Mother sat in the back with Suzi and I couldn't hear what they were saying. Walt was full of questions about my land and farming. He told me about his job and I started to like him. I got the impression that life hasn't been easy for him.

We pulled up to the Dog and Duck, as their food was the best around here. 'The gossip will be wild tonight,' I thought as we walked in. Carol greeted Suzi with a big hello and I saw her mother's eyes tighten. Carol saw it too, and being the good host pulled Suzi away on some pretence.

"Is your mother causing you grief?" asked Carol.

"She's impossible!" Suzi hissed. "I think her goal in life is to make my life miserable."

"Sounds like a typical mother. Don't let it get to you."

Walt was looking round the pub. We sat in the corner and waited for Suzi's return. I met her at the bar and held her hand as I ordered the drinks. Suzi crushed my hand each time her Mum's voice sounded off across the pub. I kissed her head and said, "It's ok, my brave little one." The public show of affection seemed to boost her up and she actually ordered a glass of wine. The rest of the night passed quite well and I managed to get Walt pissed. Mum was not amused. Suzi was though. And I saw her spirit return.

"Dad really tied one on! He never even drinks at home." she said as I helped Walt into the back of the car.

I opened Estelle's door and said, "Don't blame him too much. The beer here is a lot stronger than in America.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We rode home in silence. Paul's chin was set in a defiant mode, Mom was shooting daggers with her eyes, Dad was gone, and I just didn't want to stir things up again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back at the house old Walt was dragged upstairs and I handed Suzi a large coat and we took the dogs for a walk. I sensed that she needed to talk away from the house. I looked back and saw mother watching us as we went along the beck side towards the spring.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh, Paul, I'm so sorry for the way things have turned out!" I exclaimed. When I told Mom where I was going when I left Holland, I never expected her to hunt me down! I thought, somehow, that you and I would be able to play and nobody would ever know. I thought it'd be just between us. But that didn't happen. I don't know what I can do to make this up to you."

Paul said nothing; he just stared silently at me.

"Is it all over between us, Paul? Are you fed up and ready to send me home?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Silently I pulled my lover near to me and held her hands behind her back as if in handcuffs. She sighed and I felt at peace. I looked down at her and questioned, "If they ask you to leave, will you?"

"I don't want to go home. I want to stay with you – if you'll have me."

I held her hand as we continued up the slope to the beck's source, "Tell you what, I will teach you to whistle the dogs." And we giggled as Suzi confused the hell out of Ben and was totally ignored by Duke.

Back in the house I eased her coat off as her mother glared at me over the table. I smiled my disarming smile and put the kettle on for hot chocolate.

"Now you're going to risk obesity by joining her in that sugary habit!" grumbled her Mum.

"Madam, I run six miles on the hills every day. I also do three miles in a morning with my company."

She looked at Suzi and said. "Yes, but Suzi doesn't"

"If Suzi likes a little cocoa before bed, what's the problem?" I replied. "She could be drinking a lot worse things." And anyway we seem to do nothing but make love all day, I think.

"I wouldn't worry about Suzi's lack of exercise." I saw the look of fear on Suzi's face. "She will have to walk the dogs when I am at work." I loved teasing Suzi. The look of relief on her face was priceless. Mum's look was a little better but she could still freeze water.

"Well, time for bed I think," I said and left the two of them to talk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mom started off by reminding me that Paul was too old for me; and he was too different culturally from me; and he was a foreigner to boot! And then she reminded me of all the boys who never dated me back home. She wanted to know if I was using Paul as a revenge on them.

I explained that Paul's age and nationality were non-issues. I also told her that I would never use another person to gain revenge on somebody. And then I dropped the big one.

"Mom, I love Paul. I want to be with him forever. I'm not sure if he feels the same way about me, but that's what's in my heart and mind.

I need to spend more time with him to find out if he truly is the one. And I need to have you go back home. I'll never find out if you hover around watching me."

After that speech, I waited for Mom to explode. I knew that she was going to blow up at my audacity. I waited, not daring to breathe.

"Well, Suzi, if nothing else, being with Paul has given you a backbone. I think you are acting stupidly. I'm not sure how I feel about you having sex with that man – but you are an adult and it is your choice. Your father and I will be leaving in the morning. I think you do need time to find out if he's really the right man for you. I only have one request: no eloping! If he is the man for you, we will have a wedding."

I agreed to Mom's condition.

"Now it's time for you to go up to your man."

I slowly left my Mom, then returned, threw my arms around her and gave her a big hug and a kiss. And she reciprocated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi came up looking a little happier and smiled at the sight of me flat on the bed, erection in hand pointing to her. "I wonder what Mom would say about that?"

"Stuff your mother; this is for your eyes only." Suzi double locked the door.

Suzi striped off her clothes and I noticed she still had the butt plug in place. "Did it help?" I asked.

"It helped me a lot. It gave me courage to say what needed to be said." Suzi didn't elaborate, and I didn't push her.

I asked her to lay on the bed and place her hands above her head. Using a leather loop I fastened them there around the middle post. She watched as I coupled leather cuffs around her ankles and pulled them over her head until her bottom was off the bed. The wide-spread V of her legs guided me to her dripping pussy. I lapped at her with my tongue.

The fear of being caught was so strong that Suzi orgasmed without a sound. I knelt up and grinned at her. "My turn!" and bending over her drove right in to the hilt. Clamping my hand over her mouth I realised she was thrusting back at me and I bent and pulled a nipple with my teeth. Suzi was frantic, her body soaked in juices and sweat glistening in the soft bedside light. We both pounded away at each other as I realised that she could be leaving soon.

I came and collapsed still deep inside her. My body was pumping in aftershocks. Suzi was kissing my face. I looked up to see her crying again.

"Oh, babes," I sighed, "are you okay?"

"I'm better than okay. I'm with the man I love and my parents are leaving in the morning. And, I'm well-satisfied at the moment, too."

I unfastened her and cuffing her hands with a pair of leather cuffs and padlocks, I kissed her good night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I felt such relief from finally speaking up. And I felt satiated by Paul's expert lovemaking. Before a minute had passed, I was sound asleep.

End of Chapter 10

continued in chapter eleven

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