The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2018 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bath; arousal; tease; oral; bedtie; bond; hogtie; susp; left; fear; mistake; recovery; outdoors; naked; swim; nipple; sex; climax; cons; X

story continues from part seven

Chapter 8

I raced Paul to the house, but let him win. It wouldn't have looked right for the slave girl to beat her Master, but I probably could have done it if I'd tried.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wet to the core, we sat in front of the aga to get warm.

I untied Suzi's arms, freeing her breasts in the process. She gently shook out her arms and breasts while I watched, mesmerized.

"So slave, what do you want to do now?"

Still shivering, Suzi asked if she could give me a bath. I smiled broadly at the thought, stood, took her hand, and led her upstairs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I asked Paul if he needed to go before we started. He did, so I waited outside in the hall until he finished. I then asked him if he'd mind waiting while I went. He agreed, crossed his arms over his chest, and stood there.

"What?" I asked.

"I'm waiting," he replied.

My face turned deep red when I realized that Paul intended to watch me use the toilet. I sat down on the seat and had to work really hard to get my urine to flow with his eyes locked on mine. Finally I managed it. Paul handed me some folded up toilet paper, and I blotted myself.

Paul laughed at my insecurities, "Suzi! I just whipped you naked and upside-down in a storm. You loved that! Why are you so worried about taking a little piss with me in the room?"

"It's just that I've never done that before."

Paul laughed again, "It's easier than most of the things you've eagerly allowed me to do to you. Get used to it. You're my slave and I want to know all your secrets."

I moved over and started to fill the tub with hot water. Finding some herbal bath salts, I tossed a handful into the water. Paul ambled over stepped in, and sat down in the steamy water.

Taking a cloth, I rubbed it with matching herbal soap until it was sudsy, then began bathing Paul. First his face and neck; then his shoulders and arms; I took special care to wash each and every finger on each hand. Then I rinsed him and started over with his back and chest. Paul closed his eyes, enjoying the feelings as my hands glided over him. I rinsed him again. Moving to the foot of the tub, I started on his feet. Each toe received extreme individual attention. I could hear contentment in Paul's breathing as it was deep and heavy.

Then I started scrubbing up his legs. His "little friend" popped up to see what I was doing. So being a good slave, I ignored him for a bit while I continued to wash the rest of my Master. He obligingly lifted his hips so that I could reach underneath and clean his backside. Then I lovingly cleansed his heavy sacs, causing his "little friend" to grow beyond the "little" stage. Finally, I washed him, that proud soldier. After Paul was totally clean, I leaned over and kissed away the pre-cum that was gathering. Paul's breathing had changed; it was now somewhat strained and gasping.

Suddenly, without warning, Paul's hands shot out and grabbed my arms.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The attention that my slave gave to me that bath time was the first time that I have ever felt worshiped in my life.

The men under my command respect me and past girlfriends have loved me. But never had I felt like this.

The minute detail of washing between my toes and the way that she covered every inch of my body gave me a feeling of contentment that nearly sent me to sleep. I opened one eye. God, she was so sexy with her breasts bobbing as she worked the cloth.

She smiled. Oh please god, if life can be like this forever.

That deep feeling of guilt that comes when I am happy came over me and I stiffened. It's always there; happiness triggers the memories of Bosnia; the suffering, the strife and the lack of being able to do anything to stop the people from being hurt.

It has ruined relationships for me before. I opened my eyes again. She was still there and she kissed the top of my penis.

The need for a hug and am-ore made me pull her gently on top of me.

I thank the old bath makers for making them bigger than the coffins they call baths now. Suzi lay on my chest and I turned the taps on to cover us with warm water. Opening her legs she slid down until dickus erectius was trapped between her thigh tops, and running the length of her pussy over it, slowly she rubbed herself along its length.

Picking up the soap I washed her back; and naturally her buttock cheeks. She sighed and snuggled her breasts against me. We lay there until the water grew chilly. I got out of the tub and I rolled her over and let some of the water out and refilled the bath.

"Have a quick soak, babes, and I will be back in a second."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I scrubbed my body while he was gone, wanting to be fresh and clean for my man. Then I leaned back and rested in the warmth of the water. I let my mind wander and was soon mentally back at the barn, hanging upside-down in the rain while the lashes teased my body. Oh, yeah…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I walked into my bedroom and made some preparations for later. I wanted her to sleep with me as a normal person would tonight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After a while, Paul returned and helped me out of the tub. He took a big fluffy towel and gently dried my body. Then he picked me up and carried me into the bedroom. He placed me gently onto the bed. I moved over. He slid in beside me. He wrapped his arms around me and we drifted off together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Morning's light hit the window. I loved living here. The rain's passing left the hills looking green and shiny. I looked down at a picture of loveliness; Suzi was curled up in a ball. Her breasts pushed out against her knees and her hair was spread across the base of the pillow.

She smiled up at me and murmured, "I know a great way we could start this day."

I smiled at her and said, "Sorry, have to go for a run. But I can leave you here tied up until I come back. Then we can be as horny as you like. It's Saturday and I have the whole weekend off."

Suzi gave me a sultry, pouty look, but said nothing in response to my words.

I smiled at this bundle of fun and handed her two cords. "Slave I wish you to go and plait your hair into two pigtails with this cord in with it."

Suzi trotted off to the bathroom to do as she was told.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'd already tried being seductive without success, so why not try the schoolgirl look? Anyway, I really needed to use the facilities before he tied me up.

I braided my hair with the cords as secure parts of them. I knew that somehow he'd be using my hair as part of my bondage this morning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She returned looking cute, a little like a schoolgirl, if I was into that sort of thing.

But as we know, I ain't, and pulling out a coil of rope showed the real perverseness on my mind. Suzi turned and I tied her wrists and elbows tightly forcing her shoulders back. I loved the things it did to her body. Sitting her on the edge of the bed I roped her ankles, knees and thighs, and rolling her onto her front linked her ankles and elbow ropes and pulled her into a very strict hog-tie. Suzi grunted a little as I tied it off with lots of knots.

Then came the finishing touch. As I dressed in shorts and a sweatshirt I threw a rope over the spreader that ran over the middle of the old canopy bed and pulled it tight. This lifted and tightened the whole assembly. Lying on the bed I kissed Suzi and said, "Okay, I won't be long."

She smiled a little grimace and I climbed behind her and using the two cords pulled her hair and head back until she was bowed with her breasts actually off the bed. Looking from the side I saw that the only part of her touching the bed was her tummy. I moved the large mirror in front of her. "See you in a bit."

I called for Duke and we set off for our morning run down to the village for a paper and some milk. Ben being a lazy dog only goes out after 9:00 AM.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Alone again, and in strict bondage that was putting great pressure on my hair roots, I looked at myself in the mirror.

I liked what I saw! I looked like a horny girl who had to be restrained to keep her from jumping her man's bones!

As I looked at the ropes and ties in the mirror, I felt another presence in the room. I heard loud breathing. Then the bed moved from the force of somebody climbing onto it. I was ready to scream out in terror when Ben's face appeared in the mirror. Thank god! It was only the dog! I'd thought that there was an intruder in the room with me. Ben walked across the bed, up to my face, and gave me a wet doggy-kiss. Immediately, my mind went to dark places. I'd heard about dogs having sex with girls and how some guys got turned on by that. What if Paul had trained this dog to do that? What if I was going to be degraded like that? I began to struggle in an effort to free myself from this new danger. I started babbling out loud and crying hysterically as I clawed at the knots that I could only barely reach.

Ben looked at me and then licked my face again, slurping up my tears. "Go away! Get out of here!" I screamed at him. Hysteria was in control of me. I tried to bump him away, but only ended up making my hair roots ache.

"Please…" I shut down into a sobbing mass. I was defeated.

Then Ben turned around and plopped down beside me. He didn't attack me or go near my sexual parts. He just rested there, keeping me company. His actions brought me back to reality. My rational mind regained control. Paul wasn't that kind of a guy. He'd never share his woman with anybody or anything – it wasn't in his nature. I stopped crying and trying to get loose.

Then I started worrying about what Paul would think when he saw the tear-tracks on my face and the marks on my skin from the struggle. How could I ever let him know just how depraved my thoughts had been?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We had a great run, Duke and me. The morning air was so cool and fresh.

Taking the short cut home we were gone maybe an hour or so. It was fun when I had a reason to be running back at breakneck speed. The thought of her laying on the bed waiting, probably in some discomfort, was also a spur to my speeding up as we saw the roof of the house over the edge of the brow of the hill. Hitting the track I started to slow down and ease into a cool down routine.

Opening the door I entered the parlour and poured Duke and myself some milk. No sign of Ben, so off we went to see Suzi. Duke was far in front of the old man that I've become. 'God, I ache,' I thought as I topped the stairs.

Duke's tail wagged as he saw the trussed-up Suzi. She looked at me in the mirror and smiled that tight grimace of a suffering person enjoying herself. Ben was curled up alongside her.

"How are you doing slave?" I asked as I stripped off my sweaty gear.

"Better, now that you're back home. I was feeling lonely."

I smiled at her and asked, "How about that sex you wanted earlier?"

"You don't need to ask."

I picked her up and positioned her by spinning her on her suspension rope so she could still see herself and me as I sat on the bed and wiggled myself up to her mouth.

Taking hold of my penis and donking her on the end of her nose with it, I waited until Suzi opened her mouth and I edged deeper into her. Now I know that after a run I don't smell good, so god knows how I tasted, but she didn't complain at all.

The bed bounced as Ben exited in search of food and Duke disappeared under the bed for a sleep.

Suzi continued her duty and I sat back and relaxed.

Oh bliss! What a sight and feeling in a morning! The ropes indented her skin so beautifully and her hair looked to be quite tight. Her head movements were somewhat strained. But soon the skilful use of her mouth had me breathing hard and the eventual outcome was a face full of sperm for my sexy slave.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After Paul orgasmed, a peaceful look crossed his face. I heaved a sigh of relief as he stood back up because he hadn't noticed the marks of my struggle and panic. Sometimes a horny man is a good thing – his single-mindedness kept him from noticing my embarrassment and fear.

He stretched, and his muscles rippled in the sunlight. Then he turned around and stretched again. God! That man had beautiful muscles! After his stretches, Paul turned back to me and began to release me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The rope over the cross bar of the bed was quite a movement-stopper. Suzi's skin looked very red as I unfastened the cords in her hair. I bent down and wiped her face with some tissue and kissed her face.

Her eyes were bloodshot. "Have I tied you too tight?"

She went into silent running again. God, I hated that! So over the strut went the rope and I pulled none too gently and with a long groan Suzi was lifted into the air. Now a hog-tie like that is a bitch. Her muscles strained and her eyes were wide.

"TELL me!"

She paused and said, "You're not going to like what I have to tell you."

I let go of the rope and she dropped onto the bed. I knew she knew that I was pissed with her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Well, I got scared and tried to escape, but it didn't work. I screamed and cried and was a mess…"

Paul looked at me like I was crazy or something. "What got you scared? You were safe here in my house."

I gulped, how was I ever going to tell him the truth about my perverted mind? I'd better start thinking about packing and going home after I confessed – there was no way he'd ever want me to stay with my warped thoughts about him.

"Well? I'm waiting!" Paul was getting sterner by the moment.

"It…it's just that…" a sob interrupted my stumbling attempts to explain.

"Just say it! We can deal with it once it's out in the open. If you don't tell me, I can't help."

"It was the dog."


"I thought… I thought he'd been trained to, you know… and that scared me terribly."

"Trained to 'what' Suzi?"

"I was tied up here all alone. And he came roaring up the stairs. And he forced his way into the room. And he's big! And he put his paws on the bed… and I panicked."

"Suzi! I'd never teach my dogs to do anything like you were thinking! Why would you even think such a thing?"

I started to sniffle and cry, "I don't know. But the thoughts came and I got really scared, and reality just flew out the window. But when Ben just lay down beside me, then I realized how wrong I'd been, but the damage had already been done."

Paul sat and cuddled my body up to his. He pushed my bangs back out of my face. He looked me deeply in the eyes for the longest time. I couldn't look away. Our eyes just locked. Gently, Paul stated, "I think we need to get to know each other better. If you really knew me and my kinks, you'd never have imagined such a horrible thing."

"I'm so sorry for doubting your character, Paul," I sobbed into his chest.

"Okay, well slave, you get to choose the day's activities for being honest with me," Paul replied.

I asked for a picnic on the grounds. I agreed with Paul, we really needed to take the time to get to know each other.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sitting on the edge of the bath I watched Suzi wash herself. The way her boobs bounced as she washed under them was erotic. Actually Suzi is erotic full stop. The way she moved and the way she looked at me gave me a constant hard on. I kissed her outstretched foot and she giggled.

"I'll go do us some food. Dress sensibly and meet me in the kitchen."

Wandering downstairs I thought about our relationship. Hell, what relationship? I'd only met her three days ago and I have bonked her, whipped her and tied her quite tightly. Still, this could be fun. I packed the two rucksacks, a small tent and lots of food. The dogs were going too so food and water for them was also packed. I put rope and things in the bags as well.

Suzi walked into the kitchen looking happier with her little self. It was a warm June day. The sun shone down as all four of us set off in search of peace of mind.

Well, for two of us. The dogs… well, they set off in search of smells. I locked the house and off we went.

I set a steady pace up the side of the large hill at the back of the farm. Panting, Suzi was not far behind me as we reached the top. She stood and looked at the view of rolling hills and small lakes.

"My land goes for about twelve miles in any direction from the top of this hill," I told her as we started down the slope to the first of the lakes.

Suzi seemed mesmerised by the large expanse of open space.

I laughed at her and said, "Girl, you are not really this stupid are you? If I was going to murder you or set the dogs on you this is where I could do it; no phones or anything." She looked shocked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I realized that Paul was absolutely right; he could do anything to me and nobody would ever know. But, deep down inside, I absolutely knew that I was safe with this man.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I held out my hand and we walked on in a strange silence.

After about two hour's easy walk, well for me anyway, we got to a camp site I used to use as a boy. It was by a lake. Its south shore had a stony beach. The snow run off fills it every year and the sheep usually drink from it.

Well, that was before foot and mouth and the big slaughter that followed. Now there was just us and the dogs who'd already dived into the lake.

I looked at my companion and asked, "Fancy a swim?" I dropped the rucksack and pulled the tent off the top. The new tents are ace nowadays with two carbon fibre rods and ten minutes and it's up. Suzi helped bang the pegs into the ground.

I held out my hand and said "Madam, your private pool awaits." Then I started to pull off my boots and socks. Soon I was naked and in the water.

Shit, I forgot how cold it always is! Still it was worth not saying anything to see the look on Suzi's face as she made the mistake of running in.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"EEEEEKKKKKK!!!" My whole body was instantly covered with goose bumps and my lips turned blue. My teeth were chattering so hard that I didn't know if I'd ever be able to talk again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She screamed. I moved over to her and stood up. Taking hold of her two temperature gauges, I pulled her in. Suzi stood her ground as her breasts elongated and with a sigh walked in taking the pressure off her nipples.

Soon we were swimming around with the dogs and Suzi was having fun with Ben as he let her hang onto his tail to stop it from splashing her. I dove under and came up alongside her cupping a breast on the way. She smiled and we swam side by side back to the bank.

Picking up a towel I dried her hair and back. She leaned back into me. And I had the fun of drying her breasts and the rest of her. Then we sat down in some soft grass for Suzi's desired "talk."

End of Chapter 8

continued in chapter nine

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