The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part six

Chapter 7

Why did he have to talk in military time? I used my fingers to count up from noon to finally figure out that he'd be home at 5:30.

I bathed and dressed casually in my jeans and a tee shirt; nothing to brand me as "weird" to the locals. Then I had some hot tea and toast before taking the boys for a walk through the countryside.

Okay, it wasn't exactly a walk – it was a pull.

Those two dogs dragged me up and down the hills, but I hung on tightly to their leashes, afraid of what would happen if they ran away from me.

Coming back into the house, I fed and watered the dogs before grabbing up my purse and running out to the car.

It was a standard shift, and the steering wheel was on the wrong side. How could I possibly drive this car?

I went back into the house, stood by the kitchen counter, and chewed on the end of my hair as I thought about how I could complete my assignment without wrecking the car or killing myself. I finally decided that I had two choices: either stay home in fear, or take a chance.

I decided that Paul wouldn't be happy with me if I let fear keep me home, so I ran back to the car.

I dug around in the glove box and found the owner's manual. I read it and learned about where to find the controls. I then buckled my seatbelt, said a quick prayer, and put the key into the ignition.

With a grind and a jerk (and a stall, but we won't mention that) I got the car moving.

Although I was driving in first gear, I managed to get onto the main road.

Once on the road, I was surprised by how strange it felt to have stone walls lining the road.

Taking my fate in my hands, I shifted gear and sped up a bit.

As I went down the road, I got more comfortable and finally relaxed a bit.

Pulling into the town, I was shocked at just how tiny a place it was! It was very old fashioned and I loved it at first sight. I parked Paul's car and walked down the main street.

The rope factory was the biggest building, so it was easy to find.

Entering the showroom, a salesman rushed up to me.

"Are you Miss Suzi?" he gushed. "I've been waiting for you. Mister Paul called and he said that you can purchase anything and everything." He grinned a lopsided grin and my stomach churned.

What did he know about the purpose of the ropes?

The first thing that caught my eye was a display of banister ropes.

I chose a long black one and a long gold one. "These will look great intertwined on Paul's stairs!" I gushed.

The salesman cocked an eyebrow and replied, "I'm certain they will, miss."

Next came some bright-coloured dressage ropes (red and blue). Then a harlequin dog lead; I explained about the two dogs, of course. Finally, some thinner, cotton plaited braids.

I left the factory loaded down like a mountain climber. Opening the back of the car, I dumped the ropes inside while planning how I'd greet Paul when he returned home for his "tea."

I continued walking around the town. I found a pub called "The Dog and Duck" and decided to stop for lunch.

The waitress, Carol, was a jovial lady, about ten years older than me. She suggested that I try the plowman's lunch, and I agreed, not having a clue what it was.

When I ordered a Coke, she rolled her eyes, but brought it to me. Nobody else was in the pub, so Carol began chatting with me.

"I guess you're an American girl, eh?"

"Yes. I'm visiting England and Europe on my summer break from college."

"And I see you're driving Paul's car. I guess that means you're his guest."

"Uh, yes. We met in Amsterdam and he invited me to come and see England."

She smiled, then asked the loaded question, "And what are you going to do with all those ropes?"

My mind racing fast, I came up with my best effort, "I collect rope. We don't have any old-fashioned rope makers like this back home."

She laughed at my tale, and then brought me my lunch of salad, cheese and bread and ploughman's pickle. Luckily, several men arrived, so she went to serve them. After paying my bill, I placed a tip on the table and started to leave. Carol's voice boomed out as I opened the door.

"Have fun, dearie!"

I drove home a little less cautiously as I was beginning to get a feel for the car and driving on the wrong side of the road.

Once back at the house, I realized that I had time for another walk with the dogs. I took them out again, only this time I told them both before starting that I was in control and that they were to walk, not run! They didn't listen. Once again, they dragged my ass all over hill and dale!

Back at the house, I gave them fresh water and then took a bath. Leaving my clothes upstairs, I returned to the kitchen and started preparing Paul's tea.

I placed some cookies on a plate, measured tea into the pot, and put on the water to heat.

Then I got the black and gold ropes and wrapped myself up as a present for Paul.

I used the black ropes to tie my ankles together.

Then I wrapped the gold rope above and below my breasts and over my shoulders to make a bra that forced my breasts forward. Taking the long end of the black rope, I pulled it up behind me, bowed my body backwards, and tied my wrists together. I was in what you might describe as a "standing hog-tie." Grinning happily, I waited for Paul to come home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The day's meetings had been quite fruitful so my mood was at an all time high. A sexy partner who seemed to like me and a job I enjoyed added up to a very happy Paul.

Arriving home was now something to look forward to. And as I pulled up at the gate to the farm I noticed the Golf was still out. 'Still', I thought, as I entered the porch and reached down to pull my boots off, 'at least she hadn't sat indoors all day'.

"Hi, I'm home!" I shouted. The usual woofs and yips from the mad twosome greeted me; but there was no sign of Suzi.

I entered the living room and there, standing on the rug in front of the fire in a bowed-back position was a sight I will never forget. The look of lust in her eyes and the way the ropes showed off her thrust-out chest quite over-whelmed me. The foxy little minx had hog-tied herself in a upright position.

"I take it you have been to Hawes then?"

Suzi replied, "What a quaint little town! And what a wonderful rope factory! Wow!"

I bent down and kissed this delectable creature. I touched the gold rope she'd used to fashion a bra. "Very well done," I said as I gently lowered her onto her front. And untying her wrists I retied her ankles in a crossed position and then her wrists and pulled hard until her ankles were touching her wrists. Pulling off my combat jacket and shirt I rolled Suzi over so she lay on her bound wrists and her legs flopped apart. Bending my head between her thighs I used my tongue to lash the hairless mound of my sweet tasting prisoner.

Suzi squirmed under the treatment and soon climaxed. Scrambling up I pulled my boxers and lightweights down and thrust deep inside of her not caring that my weight was pushing onto her bound arms.

The V formed by her bent legs held me in place as I slammed myself deep inside her hot recesses; and I put both hands on her drawn back shoulders.

Suzi tried to grip me with her thighs without much success as I pumped backwards and forwards. The urge started deep in my loins and I pulled out just as Suzi's groans reached a plateau. The build up of pressure meant that my sperm sprayed all over her belly, breasts and even hit the undersides of her chin. We lay there panting, soaked in our sweat.

I pushed myself up and kissed her. "So, slave, did we enjoy ourselves today then?"

"It was a wonderful day, Paul, except for two things. One, you weren't with me. And two, your dogs don't know how to walk!"

I rolled her over onto her front and said that I'd be back in a while. I walked into the kitchen and patted the dogs on the head. Then I went for a shower.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Feeling full of love for Paul, I relaxed into my bonds and waited for him. I heard the shower water, so I knew what he was doing. I longed for a shower to clean up my sticky body as well. 'All in good time,' I told myself.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walking into the kitchen I noticed the lack of food just tea in the pot and a few cookies. I sat thinking about it and started to laugh. Tea! She has done tea. The different cultures have clashed. I decided to have some fun with her.

I opened the door to the parlour and put a stern voice on.

"Slave, when a man comes home from work he needs food, not cookies!"

I watched her look confused and then the light dawned in her eyes. "Tea doesn't mean tea and cookies, here, does it?"

I smiled at her and told her that it didn't matter; but since I was hungry I didn't have time to untie her. So picking her up I carried her into the kitchen and placed her in the middle of the table.

Opening the fridge I pulled out chicken breasts and a pesto sauce. We'd dine on pasta and salad. Chopping the chicken into chunks I asked Suzi how her day was.

She replied that driving on the "wrong" side of the road felt weird. I reminded her that our country was older than hers; so if anybody was driving on the "wrong" side, it had to be the upstart Americans.

It seemed quite natural for us to chat like a married couple over food preparation as I fried the meat in a wok and tossed the pesto in as well. Her body's strain looked good as I walked around the table doing the dogs tea as well.

"When you said the dogs were bad to walk with you didn't have them on leads did you?"

"I did! They pulled me hard – in both directions, sometimes!"

I patted her bottom as I walked to answer the phone. I laughed and said that they don't use leads. I explained that I would show her the whistles to use.

"Hello, Beck House Farm." I paused, "Er, yes I will get her for you. SUZI!" I shouted, "It's your mother."

I moved over to the table and put the phone down. Then I held it to her ear. I sipped my wine as the naked trussed-up girl had a conversation with her mum. Mischief is my middle name so I began flicking her bare bum with my wine-dampened finger.

Suzi rolled her eyes, but managed to ignore me. So I licked the wine off of her. She jerked in her bonds, but again managed to keep her voice steady.

I reached between her spread thighs and ran my finger up and down her moist crack. Suzi glared at me. Her eyes told me to stop immediately.

It didn't put me off and to make matters worse, I pushed it into her warm tunnel. Her body jerked and she clamped her lips together hard to stifle the sounds welling up inside of her.

Then taking a nipple between thumb and forefinger I rolled it as Suzi tried not to groan.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Yes, Mom, I know you want me to cut my vacation short. But Mom, I have a scheduled flight back. If I move it up, I'll have to pay hundreds of dollars more."

My Mom was trying to guilt me into returning home, but I wasn't going to leave Paul yet. And Paul, geeze, he was doing everything in his power to embarrass me while on the phone with Mom. How could I explain one of my groans to her?

Mom finally gave up and said good-bye. I responded, "Bye, Mom, love you." Then Paul took the phone and placed it back on the hook.

"You kept your cool, Suzi. Now you're going to pay!" He started tickling me unmercifully as I screamed and giggled and gasped for breath.

~ ~ ~ ~

I enjoyed the feeling of power as I made the little slave suffer. Suzi did everything with grace and dignity; her giggles and wiggles soon grew into full out laughter until she became short of breath and I had to untie her and massage the circulation back into her limbs. Suzi staggered upstairs to the bathroom as I finished my tea.

Suzi came down and sat on the work top dressed in shorts and a halter. She looked so cute fresh out of the shower with her hair shiny and wet. I watched her while I uncorked the wine and she seemed happy enough.

" Suzi, how do you feel about us?" I smiled at her and tossed the dogs a lump of chicken each.

She looked surprised by my question. "I, ah, well, I feel fine about us. You have made my summer vacation truly memorable."

I patted the top of her leg and placed the full plates on the table. Looking out over the valley I noticed a thunderstorm coming up from the south. We sat and ate in companionable silence as the dogs grumbled and fussed around Suzi's legs. I asked her to wash up so I could run the dogs across the fields before the storm arrived. Pulling on my trainers and shorts we three ran out and up the hill that runs off to the right. The dogs barked and skittered across the fields sniffing for rabbits and I thought about the bundle of fun called Suzi.

I do a lot of my thinking on runs and soon I came to realise that I'd found someone who met my needs and desires. But how would I keep her with me? I sprinted back down the path to the house as the thunder and lightning were getting close. Suzi was standing at the door watching our mad dash to her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A storm was coming up fast. Paul and the dogs just made it back inside before the huge raindrops started pelting against the windows. Since I love storms, I stood at a window watching the power of the storm crossing over the fields. I got lost in the storm, totally forgetting about Paul and the dogs. A touch on my elbow brought me back to reality.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I held out my hand and asked her to go fetch her whips and suspension gear and to meet me in the barn at the side of the house.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My suspension gear and whips! Oh, boy! I knew that Paul and I were going to have an intense session in the storm, and my pulse raced with excitement.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I waited in the barn with the dogs and watched the storms crossing my land. Suzi ran in with her bag of tricks. I pulled her laughing up the stairs to the hayloft. Suzi knew the drill and dropped her halter and shorts and stood there naked. Pulling the wrist cuffs out of the bag I asked her if she'd been upside down before.

"No, but it sounds like fun!" she squealed.

I asked her if she trusted me. She nodded and I slipped the spreader bar between her ankles. Taking some rope I folded her arms up behind her and tied them crossed between her shoulder blades running the rope over her shoulders and back to her elbows, making of a harness. More and more wrappings of rope were used until she couldn't move her arms and her beautiful breasts were both tightly tied. Coupling the block and tackle to her spreader bar I pulled on the rope and slowly Suzi was inverted.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As my legs moved up into the air and my body followed, I became more and more excited. The feeling of being spread open and inverted was awesome. I hoped that Paul was enjoying this as much as I was. Quickly, I was entering that mental state often referred to as "sub space." Just a little more excitement and I'd be there for sure.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She was excited, her pussy smelled of her lust as she reached nose height and I stopped her and tied off the block.

The thunder was near and the rain was beating on the slate tile roof above us. My mind made up, I used two clips on her labia with cords attached to the clips, pulling her upside-down lips open so that her clit stuck out like a thumb.

I bent down and again asked her if she trusted me. She looked a little worried but replied, "I trust you with my life, Paul." I held out a length of duct tape and sealed her lips with it.

Now for the fun part. I opened the doors in the wall and pushed the sliding runner out in to the hard rainfall. Suzi stared with wide eyes and screamed into the tape as the trolley block she was attached to ran out into the rain. To watch her struggle and thrash about you wouldn't guess she was twenty-five feet above the ground. The rain was lashing her bound body and bouncing on her erect nipples and clit. The thunder flashed to a shriek from Suzi. Her hair hung down forever like the lady in the tower begging for a saviour to rescue her.

Unfortunately for her, the saviour had just picked up the light flogger and slapped it softly across her open pussy. I continued this at irregular intervals watching the rain hit her clit and nipples as she slowly twisted round until she faced back into the barn. Her eyes showed both fear and something else.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Where did Paul learn so much about me? He had my body thrumming in ways that were impossible to describe. I was flying, literally! I could feel the rain dancing on my sensitive flesh as well as the flogger occasionally teasing me. I wanted more. No, I needed more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She pulled her head back and thrust her chest out and I got the message. The flogger had two more targets now.

I improved my aim, getting better as the rain intensified and the thunder sounded like it was directly above us. Suzi screamed out behind the gag as I placed a perfect hit across her clit and the sounds of her orgasm nearly drowned out the thunder.

I pulled the trolley back into the dry barn. Bending down I pulled the tape off her lips with care and dropping my shorts held out my erection for her gasping mouth to suck on.

One of the clips had come off so I reattached it; and bending my head, licked her exposed clit and the soft red lines where the flogger had marked the soft skin of her hairless mound.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul licked and sucked me into another orgasm. As I came, I thrashed my hips in my bonds and shrieked out my joy around his arousal that was still in my mouth. Once I'd orgasmed, I began working him in earnest. Soon, way too soon, he was ready to climax. He started to pull out of my mouth, but I used everything I had to suck him deeper inside. He released a hot torrent of cum deeply inside my throat. I swallowed it, massaging the head of his organ with each throat muscle contraction. After multiple loads had been shot and swallowed, he finally was able to pull out. He looked at me with a funny expression as I grinned up at him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Wow!' I thought, as I had to sit on a bale of straw to recover. I asked, "What happened there? I was trying to pull out because you seem to have problems with gags."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Catching my breath, I finally was able to make my explanation, "Well, gags are stationary and made of 'stuff' but your body is different, you know… it's alive. I can enjoy you in my mouth and throat, but not things made of leather or plastic. It's weird, but it's me."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sat and watched her struggle to see the storm outside and she turned herself around so she was looking out of the door.

I staggered to her side and we looked out at the savage beauty of the storm's power. 'This must look strange,' I thought as I placed my hand in Suzi's upside-down one. A naked man standing beside an upside-down wide spread woman with her breasts hanging under her chin. I patted her rear and kissed her upturned bottom cheeks.

"Do you want me to let you down now?" I asked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Yes, please, Sir." I whispered. He'd just taken me to places that thrilled and scared me all at the same time. And I liked it and wanted more of his creativity.

Paul gently removed the spreader bar from my legs, freeing me. I stayed prone on the floor, letting my circulation re-establish itself slowly. He knelt and carefully removed the clips from my labia, sucking each sore lip as the blood flow brought on a shock of pain. Now I was free except for my arms and breasts.

Paul helped me up and seated me on a bale of straw. The harsh edges of the straw bit into my sore cheeks, but even that bit of pain felt good in the afterglow of crashing orgasms.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I didn't untie Suzi's arms and we sat there on a bale of straw looking out over the valley and listening to the storm's wrath and the beck filling with water as it rushed off the hills.

"Come and look at this!" I told her and helped her to her feet. We walked to the side hatch and looked out at the beck. The water was a torrent.

"Don't ever cross one of these, ever. The water will bowl you over and drown you faster that I could save you."

We sat and listened to the sound of the water; me on a bale, Suzi kneeling between my legs. Both my hands were being used on those beautiful bound breasts; just keeping them warm, you know. Suzi shuddered and said, "Master? I'm feeling chilled. I think I need something to warm me up a little." So I covered her shoulders with one of my old coats and dried her off with it.

We both dashed naked to the house; Suzi moving with a grace that belied her trussed-up state.

End of Chapter 7

continued in chapter eight

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