The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2018 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; bond; rope; chairtie; naked; leather; harness; collar; bitgag; handcuffs; nipple; outdoors; tease; bdsm; spank; paddle; toys; insert; sex; climax; cons; X

story continues from part five

Chapter 6

I was held tightly to the old chair. Oddly enough, this position made me feel more secure than when I was just standing around freely. Now I was once again at Paul's mercy, and it felt right. But still, in the back of my mind was a doubt and it was worming its way back to the front of my thoughts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I picked up the chair with Suzi in it and moved it up to the table. She looked at me in a strange way. I bent down and kissed her lips "What are you thinking slave?" She looked as if she wasn't going to tell me. "No tea until you tell me!" I said waving a fork full of potato dripping in fresh local butter under her nose.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sniffed the offered bite of food, and wanted it badly. I opened my mouth in hopes that Paul would fill it, but instead, he pulled the fork away.

"Tell me what you're thinking. I can see in your eyes that something's wrong."

I hadn't expected him to be this observant. How could I explain my doubts and insecurities to him? What if they turned him off? What if he needed somebody stronger than me? What if? What if?

As my thoughts spun out of control, tears again gathered in the corners of my eyes. I opened my mouth to speak, and then snapped it shut as the tears threatened to fall.

Again, Paul asked me to explain what was going on.

I swallowed hard and replied through my tears, "I'm afraid I'm not good enough for you. You're rich and I'm not. You're so strong and I'm not. You deserve a submissive woman who can match you, and I'm afraid that I'm not her. I think you'll be disappointed in me, and then we'll part in anger."

I hung my head. There, the words were out in the open, and they sounded so bad. Now he'd untie me and drive me to the bus station and send me packing. I knew he couldn't want to have anything to do with such a scared, silly girl.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sat and thought about my reply while watching her breasts rise and fall. This was a crunch moment.

I put the fork back on the plate. This thing was leading us to places both of us wanted to go. Scary places admittedly, but deep down I knew that we would get the level right. The things that Suzi needed would be classed as assault if you did them to unwilling persons. And after seeing the things that I had in Bosnia and later in Kosovo, I knew I couldn't do anything to her against her will. This presented me a with a dilemma.

"You are a beautiful woman who has special needs. I can give you what you want but I have to trust you, and by god you have to trust me. I must know that you are going to be honest with your desires, levels, and limits. I have pushed you far and fast. We have to get this right. I like you a lot, Suzi. I will no doubt fall in love with you, but you have to have the strength to say no and walk away from me and all of this if you think that you are not able to cope with the intensity of your feelings, understand?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He said he liked me! Those are the words I needed to hear! "Love" can mean such different things to different people, but being 'liked,' now that truly was special!

"I'm not very good at saying no to dominant men, Paul. But I did manage to say it earlier today when I misunderstood you, so maybe I've grown a little bit lately. I want to continue…if you'll have me."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I smiled at the tear-edged eyes of the bound girl before me. Bending down I pulled her head towards me so the ropes bit and then kissed her hard. Her response was superb and her tongue had such hunger for my mouth.

Still the girl must have been hungry. And frustration is always such a sweet pain. I pulled back and picked up the fork and fed her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He shoveled food into my mouth like a man possessed! In stories, tied submissives are always given tiny bites from their Masters' fingertips. That wasn't Paul's way, no way! Large forkfuls of food filled my mouth. Once I got a mouthful chewed and swallowed, another one was pressing at my lips.

I began to think that maybe – just maybe – he had a plan for some fun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Your weapon, your horse, yourself," is the motto of the cavalry. So after feeding Suzi I fed myself and tided up the kitchen. The darkness had descended so it was time for a little fun before bedtime. I untied Suzi and fetched the bag of gear while she used the loo.

Laying out her harness and other things I waited for her return. She was up for it. That was not in doubt as her eyes lit up at the sight of the harness. I buckled her into its confines and I did it up tightly. The straps bit into her skin and her waist was really constricted. The posture collar held her head up nicely and the look of bliss when I showed her the horse-like bit for between her teeth was soon deformed by how tightly I buckled it. The corners of her mouth were pulled back in a grimace.

Ben looked up to see what the grunt was and then returned to sleep.

Next I placed the solid type handcuffs on her wrists and elbows.

I knelt between her legs, spread at my command. And greasing up the dildos firmly inserted them. The smell of her arousal filled the room as I buckled two cuffs to her ankles and locked a chain on them.

Slowly I tightened the breast rings until her boobs were beautiful balls.

I opened the kitchen door and clipping a lead onto her collar pulled her into the cool night air. (Not a game to play in winter as she would then be dead in ten minutes.)

Her reluctance was fun as she complained, "Do we have to go outside? What if somebody sees me? You won't let anyone see me, will you?" Or something like that, it's hard to tell in gag-talk. But I didn't hear the safe word.

I lifted her into the dog part of the estate car and off we went.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was placed on my side on a padded surface that smelled of dogs. The car bounced along for what felt like miles and miles. Was he taking me into the town to do something dreadful to me in front of his neighbors? The thought of that made me cringe in fear; but it also made my sexual feelings flare. This man had a way of making me highly aroused.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We left the main road and drove up into the hills about one mile. It's my land, and now nobody went about because of the foot and mouth threat, so she would be safe provided she didn't panic.

I stopped the car and lifted her out. Her eyes showed fear. It was dark, cool and a strange country. How would you feel? I know. Although not in bondage it is a feeling I have quite a lot with my job.

"It's now your chance for the safe word. Or do you want to try this?" I turned her to face downhill. "Just follow the track and you will come to the house."

I was about to climb back into the car when I turned to look at her and said, "Sure you don't wish to say that word?"

She shook her head and I grinned at her, "Just to keep you alert and so you don't drop off," as I placed a pair of weighted clamps onto her nipples.

She muttered some insult like "mmmmmmfffffffffrrrrrr," and I kissed her gagged mouth.

"You'll be fine. I'll have a warm drink and a hard warm thought for you when you get back. Love 'ya!" I drove back to the house leaving a still shocked girl behind me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We were miles away from his house! And I was in this rig with both my holes stuffed, and my arms handcuffed in two places, and gagged, and then he just had to add those weighted nipple clamps! What was he thinking???

And then I smiled and started walking.

It was getting darker by the minute. This wasn't like the darkness in my city back home where street lights and store signs kept things glowing in the dim. Instead, this was going to be the kind of darkness that was really, really black. I shivered and increased my pace.

The road wasn't a flat straight line. No, Toto, this wasn't Kansas! I could feel when I got near the berm as there were pebbles and crunchies there. The collar didn't allow me to see much directly in front of me, so I had to look quite a way ahead and plan my moves in advance.

I made one mistake as I topped a small rise. I stepped on something and tripped. Without my arms to balance me, I fell and rolled a bit, coming to rest in some grass. Resting a moment, I took stock of my situation. Nothing felt broken or strained or bleeding, so I decided that I could somehow get up and get moving again. I rolled onto my knees and then back up into a standing position. I felt my way around until I found the edge of the grass; then the crunchy berm, and finally the smooth roadway. "Onward, girl!" I told myself.

The rest of the walk went smoothly; no more accidents. As the moon and stars came out I realized just how beautiful a night sky was when you weren't in the city. After what felt like hours, I saw a dim light up ahead. Walking closer, I finally recognized that it was a light by Paul's door. I'd made it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, I bet the romantics among you think that I was looking out over the moors shouting, 'Suzi, Suzi, where are you?'" Nope, wrong moors, wrong era, wrong person; I ain't bloody Heathcliffe. The dogs let me know when Suzi arrived. A furious wagging of Ben's tail and a deep woof told of her adventure's end. I opened the door and noticed little cuts and bruises on her legs, and her look of pride that she had finished the task. Ben met her with his leg brush welcome and a big lick on her slightly discoloured hands.

And to be truthful, if Suzi could have wagged her tail, she would have. I un-gagged her and she breathlessly said, "It's so beautiful here at night! You can see stars and more stars! It's wonderful!"

Now that was probably the last thing I expected to hear from her lips after her bound trek.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul gave me an odd look when I talked about the stars. Maybe he was just used to seeing them.

Paul removed the rig from my body and I rushed into the bathroom. Seems like when I'm with Paul I'm either tied up tightly or rushing into the bathroom. Is there no happy medium? And if there was, would I want it?

I took another long bath, this time without locking the door. No tears now. No need to hide.

After my bath, Paul said it was time for my punishment. My ears perked up upon hearing those words. I wondered what he had in mind.

I didn't have to wait long. Paul escorted me into a large, manly-looking bedroom. He pulled up a straight chair and seated himself upon it. Patting his lap, he told me to come and stretch out over it. I immediately settled onto his lap with my face staring at the intricate pattern in the Oriental rug. Paul gave my cheeks a few nice rubs, and then started raining a series of stinging smacks onto them. I could feel my cheeks bouncing beneath his palm. Suddenly, he stopped.

"Stand up, slave." He ordered.

I obeyed. He also stood and shook out his right hand a bit. He moved my body into position in front of the chair he'd just vacated, and then told me to bend over at the hips and place my hands flat on the chair seat. Again I obeyed. He brought the new paddle up in front of me so I could see it. On impulse, I quickly darted my head forward and kissed it. His eyes popped open at that!

Paul spanked me hard with that paddle. He was wielding it like he'd done it hundreds of times before; never hitting the same spot two times in a row, and covering my entire derriere. He stopped when he was pleased with the red color and the heat emanating from there. He didn't tell me to change position, so I stayed there, feeling the burning in my buns as my tears dripped off my chin.

Suddenly I felt Paul's nude body pressed up against my backside. He enveloped me from behind while his arms encircled me and his hands mauled my breasts. Then he lifted me with ease and carried me over to his bed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This girl is not what you'd expect from a Yank. Not to generalize or anything, but the ones I have met in the US Army don't impress me much; they have good gear but tend to be very loud and brash. Suzi, well she was so different. We went into the bedroom for her punishment and to sleep as it had been a long day. I used the paddle on her bottom with a little too much gusto I think, but although tears coursed down her lovely face, her lips didn't utter a sound. Did she guess that I'd never used a thing like this before? I moved target areas in an effort not to make her too sore and her pussy just dripped juice. I wanted her so bad. I paused and ripped a condom out of its cover and rolled it onto my hard dick. She stayed bent over and the temptation to insert myself into her star-shaped anus fought with the urge to just take her doggy style. No! I steeled my very core and lifted her onto the duvet cover and held her in the position I wanted.

"Don't move," I told her, and went to the side of the bed. I collected something and climbed up behind her. Suzi tried to look through her legs as she stayed in the classic hands and knees stance. I pushed the butt plug into her dripping pussy for lubrication and then held its tip against her anus.

"Okay, push back," I told her. After a slight delay she obeyed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The butt plug slowly entered my unwilling anus. 'I really hate these things,' I thought as I tried to relax enough for it to gain entry and get seated. Finally it was in and my muscles closed around the indented part. In spite of my dislike for the invader, it turned me on and my heightened senses started that familiar rolling deep inside of me. I tried to hold back the sensations as I didn't want Paul to think that I enjoyed this nasty toy!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As soon the plug base was seated, I saw Suzi's body tense up and start to shake. She then growled at me in that strange way of hers. I pushed the button and her eyes flew wide open as a strong vibration hit her bowels.

Sliding under her I engaged my penis with the entrance of her pussy and told her to sit on me. Oh the feelings of bliss as the heat of her inner recesses filtered through the condom. The thought of her going on the pill flooded my mind as the vibrations we both felt through the thin membrane between the plug and me soon drove both of us to the edge.

Suzi picked up the rhythm and started to bounce on me.

"Hold your nipples and pinch hard." I ordered. She did so and a light went on in her eyes as she orgasmed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Hot damn! That butt plug did amazing things to Paul and me! Maybe I needed to re-evaluate my opinion of that little toy.

Paul came hard into his condom. Man! I sure wished he'd stop worrying about diseases and let me enjoy some of his cream. I'd been on the pill for years due to bad cramps when I was younger, so pregnancy wasn't an issue for me. But it was obvious that he was afraid of catching something from me. Surely he could tell that I wasn't exactly your average party girl with loads and loads of sexual partners. I was going to have to find some way to talk to him about my desires. But that could wait until morning. Right now, this girl was feeling tired and fulfilled.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I finished a little after her and as she slumped on my chest I covered us over.

She whispered, "Sweet dreams, Paul," before fading off to sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul's screams woke me. He was having a nightmare of epic proportions. Screaming and yelling at his troops to "Get down!" I didn't know what to think, so I went on instinct. I gathered him into my body and hugged him with everything I had. Crooning to him that everything would be all right, I managed to get him to settle back down without ever really waking up. I snuggled in against him and wondered about his night terrors. Then exhaustion claimed me and I joined him in slumber.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Morning's light caught the mirror in the corner and reflected on the open eyes facing me on the pillow beside mine. Suzi leaned over and kissed my face and the end of my nose.

"What's that for?" I asked.

"I've been waiting for you to wake up. While waiting, I watched you, and just willed you to wake up so I could kiss you like that."

I smiled back at her and realised I hadn't set the alarm clock. "Shit! What time is it?" I struggled to get out of bed.

"At least you could sleep comfortably on your back," Suzi remarked, wincing as she sat up and her bottom made contact with the sheets. I almost said sorry; but I saw in her eyes she knew it as she said, "Hey! Don't feel sorry for what happened. I liked the spanking; it's just that sometimes I also like to complain a bit." I should have punished her again, but the twinkle in her eye let me know she was teasing.

"I have to go into Catterick today to work so I need you to do me a favour and go to Hawes. I'll give you a map. I want you to go to the rope makers there and purchase lots of rope, which will be used to tie you up. In the garage there is VW Golf taxed and tested so no worries there, and off you go. I will leave you some money. Have the day out. It's such a nice area. Go and enjoy a pub lunch. Do what you like. I'll be back by 17:30 tonight so if you can cook do some tea and we can have fun later." I said all this while pulling myself around and dressing in my combat gear. Suzi, I think, likes uniforms from the look she gave me.

I kissed her good bye and dashed out the door showing her where the dog food is on the way out "Go for a walk with them into the hills if you want!" I shouted as I left.

End of Chapter 6

continued in chapter seven

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