The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part four

Chapter 5

I took my time in the ladies room. First, I used the facilities while tightening up the tweezer clamps. Then I had to wait for the other ladies to leave the area before I could safely wash my hands and then attach the handcuffs. I placed Paul’s jacket over my hands and wrists, hiding the cuffs. Then I left for the trek back to our room.

I realized then that I didn't know how to find our room; while walking with Paul earlier, I hadn't paid attention to where we were going. I was just enjoying his company too much to worry about such things.

I started thinking about how to find my way home.

I could wander around until something looked familiar. But I didn't even know the room number, and all the doors looked alike. Or I could ask a crew member, but I was too shy to interrupt any of them. Then I remembered something I'd read. If you get lost in the woods, sit down and hug a tree; meaning, stay put until you're found.

So I wandered up onto the open deck, found a chair, and sat on it. It afforded a lovely view of the water, and soon I was mesmerized by the motion of the water and the lights upon it.

I wished that Paul would soon find me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

God she was late! I mentally added ten strokes to the list of punishments she would receive as I examined the paddle the dear girl bought. I gave it another ten minutes and then went out to find her. I went to the reception desk and asked them to use the CCTV cameras, and yes, there she was.

The girl working reception said she had been sitting there for about ten minutes and that a ship’s officer was about to go check that she was all right.

I walked out on deck, turned left and sat beside her. "Are you okay?" I asked, a little worried about the level of violence I'd used.

She jumped and replied, "This is so embarrassing, Paul. After you left me I realized that I didn't know how to find our cabin or even how to ask. So I decided to sit here in hopes that you would find me. Thank you for finding me."

I smiled at her, "We dock in about six hours. Do you want to try to sleep or are you up for more fun?"

She snuggled in for warmth and replied, "Sleep can come later. Tonight I'm with you for adventure!" She stood and straddled my legs and placed her cuffed wrists over my head. We kissed long and slow as she rubbed her chest on my pullover.

I dropped my hand and gently inserted a finger between her lower lips and ran it along her slick wetness.

Suzi sighed in my ear, "Mmmmmmm. So nice."

Pushing my thumb under the butterfly I rubbed her clit and pushed my finger deep into her. She squirmed and lifted herself upright as I used the clearance to ease another finger into the hot space. Her tongue was deep inside my mouth as she used it to stifle the sounds she was making as her hips humped my hand. I let her come as she made that weird noise thing again.

She sat on me again to calm down. We cuddled up as the ship heeled over to avoid a fishing boat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sitting so close to Paul and having just had an orgasm made me very mellow and calm. I was so calm that I forgot that we were out where others could see us.

I felt Paul shifting beneath me and I realized that my weight was pressing down on his erection.

Paul and I sat there and shared spit for a while. At first I thought it might help him to settle down, but that wasn't the case. I intuitively felt that he wouldn't be willing to walk back to the cabin with a raging hard-on, so I decided to help him out.

Placing his jacket over my hands and his lap, I gently tugged down his zipper and started caressing his manhood. When he realized my intentions, he reached into his pocket and handed me a white handkerchief.

Believing that he'd just given his endorsement to my plan, I quickly worked his member until the handkerchief was filled.

After he'd found his relief, I put him to rights and zipped him back up.

As Paul walked me to our cabin, he deposited the evidence into a trash can.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Back in the cabin I helped Suzi undress and removed the clamps. Her poor nipples were squashed. So being a gentleman, I sucked the blood back into them after giving Suzi an order not to make a sound.

In fact to ease her suffering I told her to use my penis as a gag and to concentrate on that rather than worrying about a little blood rush.

She did so magically; and soon I had to stop her and roll a condom onto my now throbbing dick. I handed the cuff keys to her and ordered her to put the leather wrist and ankle cuffs on to herself. She did so quite hurriedly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There’s nothing quite like a live penis gag! It’s one kind of gag that I can use without disgracing myself. So I worked it for Paul. I wanted him to be proud of me.

And when he wanted me to put my wrist and ankle cuffs back on, my body reacted with a shiver of anticipation. I knew that we were now going to play hard. And I was totally excited!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Picking up the spreader bar and extending as wide as it would go I locked her ankles to its rings and then fastened her wrists to her ankles.

Suzi’s eyes were the size of dinner plates as I pulled the hood over her head and buckled it in place. I added the stiff posture collar to hold her steady.

I pushed her forward until her neck touched the ring in the middle of the spreader bar and padlocked it into place.

The wait cooled my ardour so I picked up the wide spread Suzi and placed her on her back with a pillow under her bum to hold her in place.

As I slapped her thighs with a soft whip from her collection of new toys I watched her struggle with the bonds and the difficult position.

It was getting late so I kneeled on the bed and pushed myself deep inside her clenching pussy and with no mercy pounded deep into her until I came.

She gave as good as she was given and pumped me with her muscles as I struggled to keep from crushing her as I lost control of my body’s sense of balance from the force of my orgasm.

I left her to have a pee and came back to release her to find a very hot wet subbie desperate for the loo. She dashed off as I put all the toys back into her bag.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Rushing into the bathroom, I barely made it before the floodgates let loose! I finally finished up. I took time to freshen up: a face wash and moisturizer, a quick three-point body wash, a tooth brushing, and a swish of mouthwash. After all, who wants a smelly girl in his bed?

Paul had turned down the other bed, so I walked over to him and knelt before him, waiting for his permission for me to sleep either there or somewhere else. I would have slept on the floor if that was his command.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I pointed to the bed as Suzi’s smile lit the room. We slipped into the other single bed together as the one we played on was soaked with sweat and our combined spending.

I handed Suzi my cellular phone and ordered her to call her parents with my home phone number so they could reach her if there was an emergency. She placed the call and read my number to them from the card I held for her. Once she ended the call I pulled her tightly against my body before falling into a restful sleep.

Morning came in the usual rush on the ferry with an announcement that breakfast would be served. And then we rushed to get ready for breakfast.

Later, we stood side by side on the aft deck watching the ferry spin in the river and back up to the dock in Hull. Suzi was a little quiet and so I hugged her. She smiled a little smile. ‘What is she thinking?’, I wondered as we walked down the stairs to the car deck.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As we got closer and closer to England, I began to second guess myself. I began to question my judgment in coming here with a man I'd now known for less than 48 hours. He seemed to be my soul mate; but what if I was wrong?

I just didn't know about my decision-making process the past two days. I'd always kept my interests private; and here I was, sharing them intimately with a stranger. He was a handsome stranger, but a stranger nevertheless.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soon we entered the barracks in York where my friend was based and dropped his car at his house.

Suzi seemed to be fascinated by the squaddies drilling on the square as we carried our bags across to my car, which was parked in his drive where I'd left it.

We hadn't talked much as Suzi seemed to be adjusting to a new country. I respected her silence and as we headed out of the city towards my sister’s house I told her that we were going to see my boys and then I was going to show her some dungeons.

I noticed Suzi stiffening at the words "my boys."

She started to verbally squirm, "Your boys? You want to show off your new little bondage playmate to children? Butterfly! Stop the car and let me out! I won't have it! Stop the car NOW!"

At that, I burst out laughing, "No! They are my dogs silly! I leave them with Caroline, my sister, while I'm away. Or sometimes she dog sits at my house."

The look on Suzi's face was priceless.

I kissed her hand and she looked so relived that I laughed again. The only good thing was that I learned that Suzi actually did have the power to stop me by using her safe word. That was something I'd been worrying about.

My sister owned a nice house in Elvington with large windows overlooking the village green giving her nice view over the approach to her house.

Caroline rushed out to greet us and I introduced her to Suzi. There was the usual womanly sizing up of each other and then they wandered off to the kitchen.

Caroline said, "Tom’s out with the dogs. They won't be long." I picked up my mail and sat on the edge of the large pine table with a coffee that Caz shoved into my hand while she subtly quizzed Suzi.

As we sat at the table I asked, "Is it okay to pick the dogs up later? I want to take Suzi around York."

Caz smiled. "No problem. Going to visit ring shops?" she asked laughing out loud at my discomfort. Bitch! She has always wound me up, but I love her dearly.

A loud thump hit the back door and it flew open. "Ben, don't you knock?" Caz shouted.

As the first of my two dogs hurtled into the kitchen I stood to greet them and as is tradition got knocked over by the arrival of the second black lab. Duke sat on my chest as Ben washed every bare part of my skin.

Suzi sat grinning as I struggled upright.

"Suzi, meet the boys." They noticed a stranger and flocked to her as she kneeled down to meet them.

Soon Tom wandered in. "They knew you were here so they ran the last two bloody miles," he panted. Caz introduced Suzi and I saw Tom raise an eye in my direction.

I smiled and we chatted for a while.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Man! That was too close! What if he really had been the father of sons? And what if he hadn't told me the truth? And what if he'd really been an axe murderer?

Then I remembered what my mom once told me. Never look back with "what ifs." So I settled down and enjoyed watching Paul playing with his dogs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We stood outside an old building. Suzi grinned at the poster. "Death, Torture and Suffering!" it proclaimed, and Suzi grinned even wider.

"I think you will like it here slave," I told her as I paid the entrance fee. Soon we were in the depths of the cellars and Suzi was shuddering with delight at all the old devices of torture on display.

"Do you ever wonder what it would be like to be on the rack, or hung from manacles, Paul?" she asked as we looked at an old rack and the manacles where a dummy hung from the wall.

"Ah, Suzi, I'd rather be the torturer than the victim."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This dungeon was the real thing. In my mind’s eye, I could see the pretty young victims as the torturers pulled their bodies taut and forced them to confess everything. The strange thing was that when I imagined these scenes, the victims always looked like me while the torturers had faces hidden under black masks.

I didn't want to be tortured for pain’s sake, but sensuous torture was a major turn-on for me. I wondered just how I could let Paul know what it was that I really and truly wanted. I mean, I couldn't just tell him, could I?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We had quite a good time in York and soon it was time to go home. Well, home for me. If it becomes Suzi’s home…we will see.

After collecting the dogs I pointed the Volvo up the A1 and we made good time. My companion seemed entranced by the scenery as we entered the base of the dales at Masham. Soon we were climbing the hilly roads that twisted and turned with dry stone walls lining both sides.

Suzi drew a breath at the view from the top of the hill before my farm.

"I can't believe you live in such a beautiful place!" she exclaimed as we looked out over the villages below us.

Turning the car onto my lane I explained to her that my parents retired a year ago and moved to Tenerife, leaving me the farm and all the land. As I am too busy to farm it I lease the grazing land to sheep farmers and the lower pasture for hay and silage.

"Wow! How much land do you own?"

I pointed out the boundaries as we bumped down the track.

"I've never known anybody who owned this much land!" she gushed.

We arrived at the farmhouse after a ten-minute drive down the lane. The quietness is always the first thing you notice, then the fresh smell. Suzi was gob smacked I think, or maybe a little overwhelmed. It’s a thing I'd gotten used to over the years of growing up and bringing back girlfriends.

She walked over to the wall in front of the house and listened to the silence. "You know what, Paul? Back home there is never quiet like this. My apartment building is always filled with the sounds of my neighbours."

I smiled at her and let the dogs out to the back of the estate and laughed as the usual chase of the two rabbits began with yips of pleasure from the dogs as they seemed to shout, "Game on!"

We carried the bags up to the back door. I opened it and we walked into the kitchen.

Suzi did the womanly thing of looking for signs of mess and judging the decor after I turned on the light.

"Pour yourself a drink, there should be wine or coke in the fridge and I will light the aga."

"Aga?" she asked.

I pointed to the large black oven come stove come heating thing we Brits call an aga.

Suzi poured herself a coke and me a wine and sat at the huge pine table as I unpacked the groceries Caz bought for me.

"So slave," I smiled, "a bit of a shock, eh?"

"You never said that you were rich! I mean, you could have hinted, or something."

I smiled. "I am not rich, a landowner yes, but not rich; not with the way farming is going in Britain these days. Do you want to try a bit of bondage or do you want a bath?"

Suzi jumped as the door barged open and two knackered black shapes staggered into the room and started to drink loudly. "You'll get used to them."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had to smile at Paul’s dogs. They were big and dumb, but nice dogs. I was glad they were here; I'm sure they'd raise a ruckus if any strangers ever came around.

I was still not comfortable with others knowing about my bondage games with Paul. Someday, in the far off future, that might change; but only if this wasn't just a whim on his part. I knew that I could love this man forever.

But what if the feeling wasn't mutual? What if he really only saw me as a silly American plaything; a toy to be discarded after use? Within moments, all my insecurities rose up and engulfed me.

"Uhhh, where is the bathroom, Paul? I think I need a bath after the long trip."

Paul escorted me to the front hall and up a flight of stairs, turning on lights as we went. He opened the bathroom door, turned on the lights, showed me the towels, and gave me a strange look.

"Is something the matter?" he asked.

"No. I just need to clean up."

Paul gave me another odd look, closed the door, and retreated down the hall.

Suddenly feeling very vulnerable, I twisted the lock before shrugging out of my clothes, running a hot tub, and climbing into the steamy water.

Once in the tub, the tears coursed down my cheeks. I honestly didn't understand them, but I let them flow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I set to and cooked a light meal of chicken salad and baked spuds. Suzi seemed to be a little unsure of herself. "Bloody understandable!" I said out loud to the two sleeping forms on the mat in front of the fire. I continued cooking and talking to the dogs.

They sat up and listened as the heat from the pipes expanded and ticked through the house.

And then Ben did something I'd never seen him do before; he left Duke and went up to the bathroom door and lay down by it.

Suzi came down the stairs sniffing the air. She was dressed in only an old bathrobe of my mothers, as being a man I don't own such a thing.

God, she looked ace. Her eyes searched my face looking for signs of madness, weakness or what I don't know.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My tears were spent. I chided myself for my weakness, and decided that Paul and I would just enjoy the time we had together. When it ended, my life would continue as before. I almost had myself convinced of that when I re-entered the kitchen.

One look at Paul’s handsome face and I was lost. I stared at each little line on his face.

They bespoke wisdom and pain. I wondered if I'd ever know what exactly he'd been through in his life. And I wondered why a man who owned this large estate continued to work a dangerous job. Maybe it was just part of the masterly side of him.

I stood, staring, waiting for some clue from him about what was next.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I'm going to feed you slave. And for that to happen I need you to strip and sit on that chair." I pointed to the high-backed chair.

She seemed to dither. "NOW!" I raised my voice.

Her eyes sparkled and she actually curtsied as she sat on the front of chair.

Her body seemed to crave tying, her nipples told me that.

I walked behind her and pushed her arms together and picked up the first of the rope. Its length doubled up, I placed it behind her neck splitting its two cords, running them under her armpits and tied a knot at her back. From this I started pulling, tying her arms together from her shoulders all the way to her wrists. I saw the tension in her upper body. My god, what it did to her breasts! I playfully tweaked a nipple as I looked at her and ordered, "Legs apart." She did so and watched as I doubled another rope round her waist pulling it tight into her stomach. This one went through her lower lips on each side of her clit and pulled deep into her bum cheeks. Suzi breathed a little sigh of excitement. As I sat her down I used the loose end to pull her bum up to the back of the chair. Her arms were behind the back rest and I ran a rope from her wrists to the chair legs and using the spare rope tied her ankles to the back chair legs forcing them wide.

"There, that's better isn't it?" Suzi looked relieved as I carried the plates over to the table.

End of Chapter 5

continued in chapter six

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