The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2018 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

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story continues from part three

Chapter 4

'God I love this girl,’ I stop at that thought. Shit, I haven't felt like this for ages. I moved my hands to cup her buttocks. Pulling her close and kissing her hard I asked if she wanted to play a little before lunch. She grinned and asked me to go get a couple of tickets to the pictures. She said she didn't care which movie, but that she just wanted to sit in the dark theatre with me. I threw a pair of handcuffs onto the bed and ordered, "Be ready when I come back."

She grinned and replied, "I'll be ready. But will you?"

I wandered to the bar from our cabin thinking of how she smiled at me and the way she always made me feel so good.

Also, I loved her love of life. The excitement Suzi gave off was superb. I walked to the information desk to pick up the tickets. I looked at the choices and decided on a murder mystery, one that I'd read about and knew was very darkly filmed.

I knew the ship well and decided to give her a little fantasy time.

So off I went to the bar at the top of the boat for a coffee and a glass of cognac. Thinking of what might be happening in our cabin provided a subtle type of torture.

I drank up and carrying a glass of cognac to the cabin, pushed my key card into the lock.

When it flashed green I opened the door and felt my little friend below jump with excitement.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While waiting for Paul’s return, I played with the handcuffs, twirling them on my index finger. I sat there on the bed thinking about the toys I'd purchased for him. A hunger for tight bondage welled up inside of me.

Before I thought twice, I shrugged out of my jeans, tee shirt, shoes and socks.

Then I found the leather cuffs and attached a set to my ankles.

The leather caressed my skin and got my heart pumping faster.

I dug around in the bag and found one of the spreader bars. Opening it to its full length, I used the padlocks to attach it to my ankles.

I took Paul’s handcuffs and managed to attach them to my wrists with my arms behind my back.

Oops! That was a dumb mistake! Now I'd be stuck here like this until Paul returned with his handcuff keys.

I managed to flop face down on one of the beds. I relaxed into my bonds and waited. And waited. And waited.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'This girl is unbelievable,’ I thought, and I entered the cabin quickly saying with an Irish accent, "Cabin service."

She stiffened, looked over her shoulder and said, "Damn it, you scared me, Paul!" Her words and manner were quite UN-sub like for a girl in her position.

I grinned one of my 'I got you there’ grins and sat alongside her. I was very pleased with her for going this far.

She had balls this sub girl of mine.

I ran my finger up her pussy lips. Wet, as a good slave should be.

I held it to her lips and Suzi, unsure, licked at her own juices. A shudder ran along her body as I rustled through the bag.

"You did good slave, but due to that last statement I have decided to punish you." I got off the bed and picked up a pen and wrote on the pad provided by P&O "20 30 40" and placed the letters "A B C" above them. Laying the pad face down on the bed I moved the low stool to the middle of the space between the beds and picked Suzi up. She looked a little unsettled as I bent her over the stool. "Stay there," I told her. I stripped off my clothes and reclined on the bed.

She looked so sexy: legs forced wide by the spreader bar, and boobs forming rings under her chest. I opened my bag and pulled out some of the things I bought at the shop yesterday, but hadn't had time to use, yet.

Suzi looked at me as I picked up the paper, "Suzi, I find it better for the sufferer to pick her own punishment. Pick A B C!"

She sighed, "Oh Master, you are the best."

"Yes, thank you," I say, "but choose A B or C."

"I'll take B."

I smiled at her and showed her the hood I'd bought. She groaned and told me that she'd always wanted to wear a hood.

Smoothing the leather over her hair was made easier as Suzi was wearing her long hair in a ponytail which she pulled through a hole in the back of the hood. I was glad I released her to do that as it could have cost time and with 30 spanks to apply I did have to get a move on.

"Okay?" I asked just before the leather covered her face totally.

I placed two plastic expandable ear plugs in her ears and held out her panties for her to place in her mouth. She shook her head and asked for the tape in her rucksack.

When I finished gagging her I pulled the hood down to the bottom of her chin and laced it up tight.

I turned the radio up quite loud and sat behind her. She was panting a bit as I placed her back over the stool.

I picked up a tube of KY and lubed up a medium sized vibrator. It wasn't because she needed any help in that area, but to make life difficult for her. I turned it on and inserted it between her lips and deep into her.

"Suzi can you hear me?" I asked loudly. She nodded.

"If you drop this the punishments start over each time." I tapped the end of the vibe to make my point.

I raised my hand and slapped it onto her curvy cheek.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was grateful that he didn't press the point about the gag. I was going to eventually have to fess up to my inability to use normal gags, but now was not the time. Before I could ruminate on the situation, a buzzing filled my insides while his hand started raining down slaps on my cheeks.

The vibrator was so slippery with KY that I wasn't sure that I could hold onto it. I clenched my muscles repeatedly, but then realized to my horror that I was actually forcing the invader out instead of holding it in. Right after the twelfth spank, I felt it slide totally out of me.

I heaved a sigh of frustration. 'Damn! He’s going to see me as a failure. Why can't I do anything right?’ I was mentally beating myself up and imagining that Paul would just give up on me and drop me off to let me fend for myself. Why, oh why am I such a mess-up?

The spanking stopped and then I felt Paul shoving the vibrator home again. The coolness of the vibrator told me that he'd lubed it up again! It occurred to me that we were playing a game that I'd never be able to win. I finally understood that I wasn't a failure, that Paul intended for me to drop it that time. So this time I relaxed my internal muscles as the spanking started over.

Paul was a creative spanker: no set pace, no pattern of strikes, no way for me to adapt or prepare. I moaned and groaned as the heat built up in my bummy. His style made me more and more excited. I even lost track of the spanks as the pace constantly changed. Sometimes there was a long pause between spanks. During those times, his hands danced over my body; touching here, stroking there, pinching here, tickling there. And then a flurry of spanks followed.

Something was happening. I felt my body starting to pulse. Oh, no! I knew better than to have an orgasm without my Master’s permission. I struggled to hang on, and managed to by thinking about how to bake brownies from scratch. That internal debate about how much of each ingredient to use saved me from a big mistake.

Suddenly, everything stopped: no spanks, no touches, no vibrator. Where did Paul go? What was he doing?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I finished the asked for number of spanks plus twelve more with a sore hand so god knows how Suzi’s bottom felt. struggle to keep the vibrator in could have gained me an Oscar for artistic impression. The red glow from Suzi cheeks lit up the room.

It impressed me that she only dropped it once. I looked at my watch and realized that I was running out of time. I lubed up my extremely hard penis and quietly presented it to her bottom hole.

Suzi seemed to fight a little bit but then relaxed and after five or six pumps in and out she started to move with me. I moved the vibrator in her soaked channel and rubbed it against her clit on the out stroke. She started to groan and to make noises behind the hood. Soon, too soon, she started to come and the clenching of her muscles brought me off too, and I spurted deep into her bowels.

We were both wet with sweat. I released her and we went to the shower.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When his penis touched my anus, I clenched and tried to wiggle away from him as I was still very sore from the long hours of wearing the vibrator back there the day before. But I knew that this was what he wanted, so I relented and relaxed, allowing him entry. After I adjusted, the pain turned into pleasure, and I joined him in striving for mutual pleasure. Again, I started to cum, and although I was afraid to just let it go, I ended up doing just that. Paul and I came together like a freight train at full throttle.

I lay across the stool, panting. I felt my hands being freed, and then my ankles. Paul helped me to stand up. He removed the hood and the tape gag. He hugged me and kissed me, and then led me to the shower. As we walked, I realized that he'd not criticized me for my orgasm, so maybe all was right with the world.

The shower was pretty small for two people to use at once. I grabbed the shampoo bottle and began to wash Paul’s hair. While I reached up and scrubbed his head, he grabbed my nipples and tugged and pulled on them. Once his hair was rinsed squeaky-clean, I began to wash his body. I lingered as I scrubbed his broad shoulders and his sculpted chest.

Then I cleaned out his belly button with tender care. His six-pack abs got lots of attention. Then I knelt down and started cleaning his feet, making sure that each toe got attention; then his ankles, his calves, and his strong thighs. I asked him to turn around. He smiled and did so. Carefully, I washed his butt, rubbing his beautiful butt cheeks with my hands. Then I spread his cheeks and carefully washed his crack and his anus. He leaned forward and I washed that "sweet spot" between his anus and balls. I pressed and scrubbed that area thoroughly. When he turned back around, I feigned surprise at his stiffened manhood, "Paul! I think you're enjoying your shower!"

At that moment, I reached underneath him and washed his heavy sacks before rubbing soap all over his straining manhood. I rinsed him off. The water poured down on us as I stood and kissed him deeply. I pressed my nipples tightly against his chest and then brushed them back and forth over his chest hair as we kissed.

With a groan, Paul pushed me away, climbed out of the shower, and said, "You have ten minutes to become presentable."

Geeze! I love it when a guy gets all Masterful with me!

I quickly washed my hair and body. I wrapped my hair in a towel and dried myself off.

I quickly smeared my deodorant on my underarms and sprayed a light cologne over my body. While untangling my hair, I decided to style it wet into a loose-sided, long French braid. I quickly finished my braid and checked the mirror. Yes, I was presentable.

Out in the bedroom area, Paul waited, fully dressed.

He'd dug around in my backpack and had placed my outfit on the bed: a long, voile broomstick skirt; a white peasant blouse with an elasticized neckline that could be pulled down over my shoulders or worn on top of my shoulders; and a pair of sandals. No slip or underwear.

Paul smiled, "You're going to look smashing!"

"Uuuuuhhh…do you know that this skirt is see-through if the light gets behind me?" I flushed brilliant red at the thought.

"Of course! Why else would I choose this?" he laughed.

He motioned me to approach and stand before him.

He held up a butterfly vibrator and had me step into the elastic straps. He pulled it up, checked the placement, and touched the button on the remote control. It buzzed to life and my knees buckled. "Perfect!" he said as he switched it back off.

Paul then attached two lightweight nipple clips to my nips and tightened them just enough so that they made my nipples stay in a constant state of arousal. Then he slipped my blouse over my head. He pulled the elasticized top down until it was just barely covering my nipples. I realized that there was no way it could stay that low, and breathed out a sigh of relief at the thought.

"Oh, no, Suzi, you're guessing wrong. I've devised a way to keep this top low. With that, he produced two sheet anchors. He clipped one end of the anchors to the front of my blouse; stretched the elastic between my legs and up the back; then attached the other two ends to the back of my blouse.

Every little movement I made tugged on the anchors and threatened to expose more of me.

By the time Paul slipped my skirt onto me, I was feeling a heady mix of fear and excitement.

Then when Paul slipped his handcuffs into his pocket, I almost lost it. This was going to be some night!

Paul said that we were going to go enjoy dinner and the see the picture. He grasped my elbow and took me out of the room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have never really been that masterful in my life before. Sophia and I only used bondage as a type of foreplay, but Suzi seemed to bring out the worst in me. She needed me to do the things I did to her and this egged me on. So as we walked down the corridor to the interesting part of the ship I felt proud of both of us for filling these roles. We did seem to be running this game along fast; too fast, I don't know. And it scared me that I might push her too far and either lose her, or hurt her beyond the point where both of us want to go.

Suzi seemed to walk with newfound purpose as we entered the casino and stage area. I pointed the stage out to her and whispered, "You might be up there before the night is through." Her eyes widened in fear or lust; I couldn't guess which.

We entered the lift to the starlight lounge. This is on the top of the boat. And with the usual strangeness of the lifts on this boat we went down to the truck decks. Two drivers got in at the bottom and I caught the look that passed between them. Suzi’s nipples were pushing against the thin cotton of her blouse and it seemed that they were the only things holding it up.

The drivers get off at their deck, number seven, and we finally finished up at the top. Suzi was entranced by the view; we were high up and could see the lorries still waiting to load way below us. I pointed out the places of interest as we walked around listening to the man playing soft music on the piano.

Suzi turned to me and said, "This is absolutely awesome! I never realized that a ferry could be anything like this!"

I bent down and kissed her. Steering her towards the bar I asked what she would like to drink.

She smiled at Carlos, the bar man.

"Can I have a Coke, Master?" She looked almost as shocked as the barman when she realized what she'd just said.

I smiled at him and winked over her head. He grinned, quite a knowing grin, and served the drinks.

"Why, Suzi, I think you are blushing," I laughed as she blushed more.

We moved over to a window and Suzi looked out. It was impressive. The view, I mean.

Still I couldn't have her forgetting about me, so I used the remote to attract her attention.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I jumped out of my seat when the vibrators sprang to life. Immediately, I realized that I'd forgotten to pay attention to Paul, and that was a very foolish mistake on my part.

"Sorry, Master," I whispered. I certainly didn't want any more people to hear me calling Paul my Master. I mean, what would they think? I felt that our playtime was for us alone, and not something for the world to know about.

Paul asked me about why I chose to drink only a Coke. For once, I gave an honest answer, "I'm sorry, but I just don't like the taste of alcohol."

"You did say that you're in college, correct?" he quizzed me.

"Yes. I'll be starting my fourth year this fall. Why do you ask?"

"I've heard that American college students spend most of their time having alcohol-soaked parties."

"That’s true for some, but I'm in college to learn, not to get drunk. And I really don't like the taste."

We sat staring into each other’s eyes for a while as we sipped our drinks.

Finally, Paul took my arm and led me to the dining room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Going down to dinner I got the impression that she loves the boat.

Dinner was better than it was on the way over the last time I came this way. It pleased me; Suzi deserved the best. She'd brought me a lot of happiness and pleasure so it was only fair that I treated her like a lady while we were in public. It also confused the hell out of her as well, and confusion is always fun.

I enjoyed the picture and my companion seemed to be on the very edge of her seat, although not from suspense, I thought. I love remote controls!

We moved out into the bar area and I ordered us more drinks as Suzi watched the cabaret. The boys and girls were very good. Soon they were doing the Blues Brothers and singing their hearts out.

We both enjoyed the show.

I sent Suzi to the bar as I discussed the show with an old couple that Suzi had started a conversation with. They were both nice old people and I enjoyed their company. I had my back to Suzi as the man stiffened and said, "I think your lady friend needs your help."

I missed the point, "No, she can carry four drinks."

Suzy’s American accent was most recognisable over the din, "Get your filthy hands off me, you creep!"

I glanced over my shoulder in time to see a man at the bar pulling Suzi's top down almost over her nipples. Only the clamps held it up.

He gave another tug, a big mistake as my little submissive drove her knee deep into his groin,

"Excuse me," I said, jumping over a table and arriving just in time to catch his clenched fist as it headed for Suzi's face.

Suzi didn't flinch as I stopped it centimetres from her nose. Twisting his wrist until it snapped I forced it up behind his back and kicking the back of his knee helped him to the ground. His friend held his hand up, "No worries mate," he said as I looked at him hard.

I stayed kneeling on the bastard as two of the ship police rushed up. Our friend Carlos, who had changed bars, told them what happened as I helped a shaking Suzi back to our table.

Rage or shock, I know not which, was throbbing through her small frame.

The old dear took her off to the toilet as the old boy smiled and told the story to the police.

I shook my head. His grin got bigger. I nodded as he laughed out loud and exclaimed, "My god you're lucky!"

I stood and helped the returning Suzi to her seat. The rest of the night was fun as the old couple entertained us with stories of their life together.

I decided to let Suzi handcuff herself. As we went back to our cabin I passed them over and instructed her to go to the toilet and tighten her nipple clamps up, to lock herself into the cuffs, and to come back to our cabin in ten minutes. I gave her my flight jacket to cover her wrists. Her little bow and "Yes, oh Great One," would cost her dearly I thought as I wandered back to the cabin.

End of Chapter 4

continued in chapter five

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