The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part two

Chapter 3

"We can fly out in the afternoon tomorrow. I have to be at work in the evening for a quick conference, but then the weekend is ours."

The fact that she wanted to come home with me pleased me more than I believed it would. I held out my hands and she took them in hers. Then more quickly than she would have believed I spun her and handcuffed her hands behind her back.

She let out a gasp and said "Oh you devil!" in a really sexy voice. Then she whispered, "I think I already like what you have planned for me."

I forced my tongue into her mouth and pulled upward on the harness, more to hold her upright than anything else. We somehow managed to hold each other upright as we staggered back towards our hotel. I linked my arm through hers as we entered the lobby. Only the long flowing scarf hid the handcuffs encircling her wrists.

It was late and the counter staff and a few late arrivals were in the lobby. It was too good a chance to miss. We entered the lift and I pushed the button for the top floor, both in the lift and the vibrators deep inside my newfound love.

Suzi groaned. I looked at her and said in my harshest voice, "Right slave, you owe me for not punishing you earlier. You won't eat snails but you will swallow all that I am about to give you." I forced her onto her knees and unzipped myself, and then I took her long silky hair in my hands and forced her open mouth onto my erection. Suzi gagged a little so I pulled out just enough and started to pump her head along my length.

Now I knew I had a good one here as she took to it like a natural, using the tip of her tongue to flick the end, and biting a little and sucking when she could. I let go of her head and she struggled to maintain the rhythm as I pushed the button for the basement car park. We both wanted this. Well, I did. It's hard for us masters to tease when you could so easily take what is tied there on offer.

Suzi was humping her hips forward as I pushed my hand down the front of her dress and tightened the rings. I unfastened her buttons and groped her breasts the best I could from this position eventually holding onto just her nipples while pulling the balls of flesh upwards.

I felt the urge just as Suzi gave out a shudder and a groan, and came in big style. I shot what seemed like gallons into her mouth, onto her hair and all over her red-flushed breasts. She sucked the last of my juice and I helped her to her feet.

She buckled again as an aftershock hit her, "Please could you turn them off, Master?" she asked, and I did.

The lift doors opened and old couple stood open-mouthed at our appearance. Suzi looked a sight: huge chest, nipples trying to escape, sperm in her hair and a massive dreamy smile.

The woman snapped "Well, really, how could you?" in a very British voice.

Suzi smiled wider and said, "It's easy, really, once you get used to the taste."

The doors shut, and we laughed all the way back up to my room.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul was a typical male – he never noticed just how mortified and ashamed I was under the bravado. I wanted to crawl under the rug and hide. I knew that some dominant males enjoyed humiliating their partners, but I'd never experienced it before. And I didn't like it.

Nevertheless, Paul was the most exciting man I'd ever met, so maybe being embarrassed wasn't such a bad thing. To say that I was conflicted almost does justice to the feelings rushing through my brain.

Once inside Paul's room, he helped me remove the harness. I'd been in it so long that my breasts were a vivid shade of purple. When he released them from the rings, I screamed out loud as the rushing blood pounded my nerves. Once that pain subsided, he made me bend over the bed with widespread legs so he could remove the dildos from my body. Again, my face flamed in embarrassment to have him doing a task that I felt should have been mine to perform.

Once I was totally nude, Paul told me to go into the 'loo' and take a shower.

I hurried into the bathroom and emptied my bursting bladder before hopping into the shower. The hot water pouring down over me felt wonderful. I lost myself in the sensations.

Suddenly, I felt him slide into the shower behind me, as his hands cupped my breasts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Women,' I thought as I helped strip the harness off my newfound mate's body. She seemed so sure of herself, so confident of being able to take whatever I throw at her and yet I sensed unease. She was coming along nicely yet she didn't seem too able to say stop. It worried me as I eased the rings over her vivid-coloured breasts.

She did quite a good impression of a tribal war dance as the blood was allowed to flow freely. I let her bite my hand if only to make her little yelps more suitable for the late hour. The view of her cute pussy and anus slowly surrendering her two rather large invaders was quite fascinating. Her bum hole seemed unsure of what to do. So, being a gentleman, I sent her for a shower.

I sat thinking as she hummed to cover the sound of her peeing. I laughed quietly to myself as she hummed louder to cover the sound of a bowel movement as well.

'I could love this girl,' I thought. 'She is smart and seems to be into this in a big way.'

The shower started and I set the alarm for morning thinking about the evening we still had left to enjoy. This revived my little friend and we decided to join Miss Suzi in the shower. I slipped in behind her and gently cupped her perfect breasts. Taking the soap from her I began to massage her as she widened her stance. Continuing down her body I took extra care of her lower areas.

She sighed and leaned back against me and said, "This is heavenly."

I pulled her to me and hugged this little ball of fun that had made such a difference to me already. Taking her by the wrist I slowly turned her towards me and picked her up and holding her at my height kissed those lips. She gasped and returned the kiss and reaching down guided me into her hot pussy. It was bliss.

I looked at her and asked "What about protection?"

She groaned, "I can't wait unless you're carrying it in your hand."

I held her and she wrapped her legs around my hips and started to move. We kissed hard and Suzi gripped my neck as she started to make strange growling noises in her throat. Those odd noises urged me onward. I felt her internal muscles pump as she let out a long, high shriek. Then she begged me to hurry up and come with her. What was a man to do?

I was not far off and slowly the deep pull from below my balls began and Suzi bit down on my neck. I came feeling so different from the times before her arrival into my life. Panting for breath I carried a now tired-out rag doll of a girl towards the bed picking up towels along the way. I dried the now sleeping girl and covering her up, kissed her eyelids and slipped into bed beside her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I dreamed of a handsome man with deep, haunted eyes; eyes that had seen the worst the world had to offer, and yet eyes that needed love.

In my dreams, I finally recognized those eyes as belonging to Paul.

I dreamed of him being with me, beside me. The dream was so vivid that I could actually feel the heat radiating from his body that was spooned behind mine. And I dreamed that his hand covered my right breast and gently held onto it.

At some point in the night, I half awoke. Paul was there with me, and his hand indeed was holding onto my right breast. I smiled and fell back to sleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Morning came and I had to leave for a meeting. I eased out of bed and slowly and quietly. Suzi reached out for me in her sleep. I wrote her a note:

Hi babes,

Sorry I have to leave you like this. It is 0700 and I have a meeting at 0730 until 1200. #Could you please go to the shop we met at and ask for Justine? She will know you are coming. I will phone her at 0900 and tell her you can choose what you want up to £500 worth. I don't have many of these things at home so help yourself to what you want. I really enjoyed yesterday. Please use the laptop to email your ma and pa.

Love Paul

PS We are now sailing home with a car as a colleague needs it taken back to the UK so be ready for 4pm packed and horny. Any problems ring me on my mobile number, 00223023020311. Don't be embarrassed at the shop. I will be mad with you if you don't go.

PPS Buy whatever you would like to be spanked with.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I read Paul's note with growing excitement. I had no idea how much that amount of money would buy. Actually, I had no idea if that was a large amount or a small amount. International currency wasn't my thing. I rocked on the bed internally debating the merits of the different kinds of paddles. And I really wanted a sensuous flogger, too. And maybe leather cuffs for wrists and ankles. Oh my! Shopping was going to be fun!

I took a bath and dressed in the dress I'd worn last night. Unfortunately, I had no undies with me, so I raced back to my room wearing only a dress and heels. Since it was early, very few hotel guests were out and about.

Once back in my room, I packed my bags and dressed in jeans and a tee shirt, omitting both panties and bra. Slipping my socks and running shoes onto my feet, I was ready to go shopping. I took my bag and returned to the shop.

Standing outside of the shop, I checked my watch. It was 9:30, so Paul had probably already called in and told the clerk to expect me. I looked into the window. I hesitated. A tall, beautiful, blonde lady came to the door.

"Are you Miss Suzi? I am Justine. Come in."

She led me into the shop. Once inside, I deeply inhaled the fragrance of the leather. No other odor sets my heart to racing like the smell of leather. Justine noticed my reaction and smiled.

"You need to buy some toys, I understand. Do you know what you want?

"Well, is there enough money to buy leather wrist and ankle cuffs, and a paddle, and a soft flogger?"

"That's a good start," she smiled at me.

We went over to a glass display case and she brought out several types of cuffs. I liked the buttery-soft leather ones. She tried them on me and they fit like a second skin. Then I noticed a stiff pair of wrist cuffs that reminded me of the gloves used by gymnasts. My eyes lit up.

"Are those suspension gloves?"

"Yes, they are. Would you like to try them on?"

"Oh man! I love the freedom of being suspended in the air… are these really good ones?"

Justine buckled them onto my hands and wrists. I was panting with excitement. "Would you like to try them out, Miss Suzi?"

"Would I? You bet!"

Justine led me into a back room where there was a suspension apparatus. She took my gloved hands and attached them to the apparatus with leather straps. Then she attached a spreader bar to my new ankle cuffs, holding my legs three feet apart. Finally, she walked to the wall and hit the switch and raised me up off the floor. I was flying! Justine quickly came up to me and tied off my feet to the sides so that I wouldn't swing. I was impressed with the suspension gloves as there was no pain in my hands, only a little strain in my shoulders. I hung there for several minutes while Justine talked to me about why I needed to add one or two spreader bars to my shopping list.

"Can I afford two?" I asked her.

"Oh, yes. We'll make sure you can afford two collapsible bars."

Justine lowered me to the floor and released me from my bonds. We went back into the main showroom and continued our shopping.

Looking at the variety of paddles and leather slappers, I was confused about which would work the best. Justine asked me what I wanted from a spanking: rosy red cheeks, welts, or just sexual heat? Laughing, I said that all three had their plusses, but that I was willing to give up on welts in favor of sexual heat.

Soon she was swatting my jeans-covered rear with a variety of paddles and slappers. I finally settled on an oblong wooden paddle that was covered with leather on only one side – two types of experiences available from one toy. A money-saver!

Next we went to the wall where the floggers were displayed. I was overwhelmed with the choices. "How can I possibly choose?" I wailed to Justine.

"Well, girl, you choose by feel. Do you want stingy or thuddy; heavy or light; long strands or short?"

After lots of thinking, I narrowed my choices down to three implements: a heavy suede flogger that was thuddy; a stingy, narrow-stranded cat; and a mini flogger that was meant to be used on tender areas. "I don't know which one to pick."

"You have enough money to buy them all," smiled Justine.

So I did.

Justine also found a "toy bag" for transporting my purchases. We packed everything in the bag and I carried it back to the hotel. Once in my room, I stripped and played with the floggers, getting myself all excited.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I must admit my mind wasn't with my work that morning. It was the usual shit about rules and regulations on how to arrest the bad guys, when we could shoot, that sort of same old argument. My main thought was that Suzi seemed shy so I didn't think that she would go. Still it was out of my control, as was Suzi.

The meeting droned on and to while away the time I thought about her. She was a bit special: cute and very, very lovely. I felt the need to protect her, but at the same time I wanted to make her do things she wouldn't dream of on her own. And I knew that, deep down inside her, she needed the things we'd done even more so than I.

We broke for lunch and I rang her room. The phone rang for a long time and I thought that she must be out shopping. Just as I was about to press the off key a breathless Suzi answered, "Hello?"

"Hi! I called to check that you are all right."

"Oh, yes. I'm fine," She panted.

"Have you been running?" I asked, not really believing so.

"I was in the bathroom and didn't hear the phone right away, sorry," she lied.

I stifled a laugh at her lie, and made a note to interrogate her later. "I will be with you in about one hour so be packed and ready."

"I'm all packed and I'll be ready after I take a shower."

"I hope you managed to get to the shop," I said in a masterful voice.

Suzi nearly squeaked in shock at this question and I took it that she'd lost her confidence. Oh well, that's why they invented mail order. I sat eating my cheese croquet as I thought about suitable punishments. I was quite pleased with her deep down. I expected sulking from her for leaving her this morning, but there was no trace of that kind of behaviour.

I met with Simon to get the keys for his Audi TT and enjoyed a fun-filled hour reminiscing with him about the good old days of Sandhurst and camps etc. Then I left to pick Suzi up from the hotel.

To say she had a glint in her eye was an understatement. She glowed with vigour as I tipped the bellboy to place her rucksack, suitcase and sport bag in the boot.

She gasped at the car. I smiled. "Its not mine. I have a Volvo v70," I said. She tried not to look disappointed as we climbed in. She kissed me as I reached down for the seatbelt buckle. I kissed her back. We smiled at each other. And putting the car in gear, I eased out into the midday traffic.

Suzi looked at all the flat land with its dykes and windmills. "I wish we could explore this a bit more," she sighed as we drove past Den Haag, the Dutch capital. She seemed to be enjoying the ride with the top down. I placed my hand on her knee and she dropped her head against my arm.

"What are you thinking?" I asked as we reach the outskirts of Rotterdam.

Suzi sighed and said, "I don't understand it. We just met yesterday, and yet I feel comfortable with you. I've never felt like this before. And I'm worried that maybe you think I'm an 'easy' girl – but I'm not, please believe me."

I kissed her hand and she snuggled into my arm, resting a hand against my crotch. Contented, we both smiled and Suzi looked at all the ships in the harbours we pass.

"Are we near yet?" she asked.

"No, about another 15 klicks," I replied and then explained about the large ship canals that bring big ships right into the center of Rotterdam, 15 km from the sea. We hit a little traffic but soon we were at the ferry port.

"I've never been on a ship this big," said Suzi, looking up at the sheer sides of the Pride of Rotterdam. We entered the booking in office and collected our tickets.

Suzi gasped as I drove up a steep ramp and into the side of the ship. I looked at her as I parked the car. 'What are you thinking?' I wondered as we picked out the luggage we needed for the night crossing.

Suzi left her suitcase in the car, but took both her rucksack and the sports bag with her. I wondered if she was hoping that the ferry had a gymnasium.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul looked at me funny when I pulled out the brand new "toy bag." I thought maybe I should put it back into the trunk and save it for when we arrived in England, but by the time I thought that, he'd already closed the lid.

I followed Paul as he led the way to our room, hanging back just slightly as I didn't know where we were going. We finally were in front of a numbered door. Paul unlocked it and motioned for me to enter first.

Stepping into the room, I was surprised by how something so compact could also be so pretty. There were two single beds in the room and a very compact attached bathroom with a shower. I placed my two bags on the one bed and then sat down with my gear.

Paul explained that since ferry passengers were only onboard for one night, they really didn't need to make the rooms fancy.

He'd misread my looks. I wasn't displeased, but rather, was surprised as I'd expected to spend the night sitting on a wooden bench out in the night air.

I jumped up and hugged Paul, "This is wonderful! I love it!"

Beneath my enfolding arms, I felt the tension drain out of his shoulders.

I stretched up on my tiptoes and kissed Paul. "This is the start of a great adventure, isn't it?"

End of Chapter 3

continued in chapter four

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