The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2018 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; hotel; tease; bond; harness; toys; insert; remote; torment; public; denial; kiss; climax; cons; X

story continues from part one

Chapter 2

The deep heat emanating from her pussy was so good. The depth I was able to reach because of her position was not helping my masterly cause but just as I felt this little hot vixen start to clench and come, ahhhh it was time to get out of Dodge. I pulled back.

Quietly sniggering to myself I wandered off to sit and watch.

I think at that point she would have killed me if she could have gotten to me and there were too many blunt instruments attached to that harness for my own safety. So, untying her wrists from the bar I moved her over to the window and pointed down.

"Sit there for a few minutes while you cool down. Then I am going to let you come but there will be a disincentive," I smiled and picked up the harness and moved over until I was standing in front of her. I reached behind her sweating body and unlocked the cuffs.

"I want you to wear this for me." I made it a command and not a request.

Suzi shuddered and I bent forward and kissed her forehead.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Oh, god, he knows all my subbie buttons,' I thought as he kissed my forehead. A shiver traveled over the surface my body, a visible sign that I was shaken to my very core.

Once my arms stopped tingling from the stretch and the cuffs, I picked up the harness and started figuring out how it would fit onto my body. I tugged and pulled at the attached straps until they were straight and in position. Then, slowly standing, I stepped into the base of the harness and pulled it up onto my body. The lower straps pressed into my thighs. The two dildos were poised, aimed and ready, when I looked over towards Paul.

They were dry. I gave Paul one of my famous "Ahh, poor me" looks and he tossed me a tube of personal jelly in response.

I squeezed a load of jelly onto the front dildo and slipped it into my hungering canal. Then I squeezed even more onto the other one before lubing up my finger and coating my anal opening as well. Then I gently and carefully inserted the plug. It hurt as it was huge and anal play was very new to me. However, I never let on to Paul that this was a painfully new experience for me as I didn't want to disappoint him.

Next I pulled the harness up and tightened the crotch strap until the dildos were held deeply inside me. The fairly wide belt circled my waist and I cinched it tightly. Then I pulled up the torso portion. I pressed my firm breasts through the two metal rings before closing the posture collar around my neck. That's where I made my mistake. With my head immobile, I couldn't see the rings around my breasts to correct their tension. Disgusted with myself for this error, I gave Paul my best "Oops!" look.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzy's eyes went all wide as she gave a 'who me?' look. I smiled and nodded pointing at my watch.

"I would like to take you to dinner before the bloody pubs shut so get a move on," I blustered. I watched a shudder run up and down her arms. Her skin rose up into goose bumps. Her nipples were taut and pointing their defiance at me. I tapped my foot.

With quite a sigh this delightful creature picked up the harness and stepped into the bottom part of it while looking down between her legs and with a pitiful glance at the two dildos looked at me in a way that said 'I want to but don't think I am ready.' So being an understanding and sympathetic type of person I threw her the KY jelly. Her little hip movements as she inserted the front one were mesmerizing, but the rear one was a test.

I didn't think she’d done much of this before. Still she persevered and soon coupled the belt around her waist and tightened the crotch strap. The look of concentration on her face as she pulled the rings over her swollen breasts was worth the cost of the harness.

Then she hit a snag. Suzi had buckled the collar around her neck and couldn't see to tighten the rings around her breasts. I, being a gentleman, stood up and did it for her making them bulge and form into round balls. Her breathing had quickened. The light danced in her eyes. I bent down and gently pulled on a nipple with my teeth. Her breath caught in her throat. Now she’d come close to an orgasm three times so she was on a hair trigger.

I grinned at her and threw her shirt at her. "Well you better go get ready for dinner," I commanded as I walked over to the bathroom.

"Well hurry up!" I snapped as she started to ask a question. "Have you got a nice dress?" She nodded. "And a scarf?" Again she nodded.

"Well get a move on then. I will meet you in the lobby in thirty minutes."

She struggled to get into her jeans. The waist part was actually slack where the belt had pulled her thin waist down two sizes. She gave me quite a mutinous look as I stopped her just before she pulled up her jeans and coupled up two wires to the bottom of the dildos. These connected to a pack that I attached to her belt. I grabbed her and forcing her up against the wall kissed her hard. Suzi surprised me by kissing me back just as forcefully.

I turned her and with a quick spank sent her on her way suppressing a laugh at her slightly bow-legged walk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I started down the hall feeling stuffed full and foolish. Each step made the dildos move around, and so it took my full concentration just to walk. Why hadn't I spoken up and explained my inexperience with the anal stuff? 'I'm an idiot, that's why,' my mind screamed at me.

There were people in the hallway, an older man and a woman. They stared at me as I walked past them. I heard the woman whisper the word 'tart' and I almost giggled. I'm not a tart; just a girl who likes bondage! Then, in my mind, I pictured the silver-haired woman in ropes and chains, and I giggled out loud. Her loud, "Well!" echoed in the hallway.

I took the elevator to my floor and entered my room without any more encounters. There, for the first time, I saw myself in a mirror. My head was held so high that I looked like I had an attitude (and the collar showed). But what amazed me was the look of my breasts. My jutting nipples were clearly fighting to work their way through the fabric of my shirt. So I unbuttoned the shirt and removed it. Holy cow! My breasts looked like Pamela Anderson's on a bad day! They were round, sticking way out in front, and my nipples were pointing forward and up. And they were darker in color than my pale skin. I quickly shed the rest of my clothes so I could see all of me in the harness. I grabbed a hand-held mirror, and used both reflections to see as much as possible. Now, don't think I have a swelled head, but I looked good! No, actually, I looked better than good!

Any former thoughts of calling this off left my brain as I realized just how much I liked looking this subservient. I went into the bathroom to clean up, and then realized that there was no way I could wash away my scent of arousal. Even if I could clean myself, the scent would instantly return. So, I chose to wash my face and reapply my makeup. A spritz of cologne, a good tooth brushing, and I was ready to get dressed.

I pulled a nice summer dress out of my closet. It was fairly thin and pastel-colored, and I hoped that the flower print would help disguise the black harness I wore underneath. I finished by taking a long matching scarf and artfully draping it around my neck and down the back to hide the harness as best I could. Finally, I slipped my feet into some backless sandals. Thirty-five minutes after leaving Paul, I was ready to go meet him in the lobby. I was late, but at least I hadn't run off with his harness.

The elevator arrived, and it was full of men. I wanted to wait for the next car, but they moved back, so I got on. As we descended, I felt somebody's hand feeling my back, feeling the harness. A little tug on the leather, and a voice whispered into my ear, "Nice. Very, very nice. Whoever he is, he's a lucky man."

As the doors slid open, I saw Paul standing in the lobby, looking at the clock and frowning.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Women are always bloody late. I paced the lobby with bated breath. Would she turn up? We did seem to be rushing things.

The ding of the bell as the lift arrived attracted my attention. Suzi looked great a short summer dress and matching scarf. The dress waist tapered in over the belt to show off her figure to the max.

I smiled at her she smiled back. I caught her looking back into the lift as a bald man gave me a knowing grin and a nod. Oops! Had he twigged the harness? Suzi had improved her gait a little and to the world we were just a normal couple on a date in a city made for lovers. I smiled as she slipped under my arm; she was so small we fit together perfectly.

"I like what it does for your boobs," I said as we waited for a taxi.

She smiled and turned into me so I could run my hand over the globes. We kissed; Suzi let me do the tongue bit accepting the gentle pillage of her mouth. Sitting in the taxi we actually discussed who we were after the woman taxi driver started to talk to us. "Have we just met? Are we lovers? Do we want to stay in Amsterdam forever?" It was all in the way that the Dutch do; not nosy just concerned that you are having a good time.

Suzi stiffened when I said that I had to return home the next night.

I ran my hand in her hair and she snuggled in for the ride.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'He's leaving so soon? This is going to be just a one-night stand. Shit! I'm not into this kind of stuff. I thought he was different… somebody who wanted a long-term relationship with me. Oh well, I guess if it's only to be one night, I might as well get as much fun out of it as is possible.' As my raging thoughts quieted, I cuddled up to Paul and intentionally slowed my breathing.

His fingers couldn't stay off my nipples. He was constantly rubbing, tugging, rolling and mashing them between thumb and finger. By the time the cab stopped, my nipples were pointing up and out even harder than before.

Paul paid the driver and then helped me out of the car. When I saw the restaurant we now stood before, I gasped.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We’d arrived at the basin where the barges are moored. A large glass-topped boat sat there lit up with the lights all shining outwards. Suzi looked at it and gasped as the gypsy violinist stood at the back playing us on board.

We walked hand in hand onto the boat. Suzi gave out a little groan as the steps down into the restaurant were large ones and the dildos must have been rubbing together inside her body. I waited until she hit the bottom step and then pushed the button on the remote control in my pocket. She gave a loud yip before she caught everybody looking at her; and swatted at her arm, saying, "Oww, a mosquito bit me!"

I rubbed her arm in mock concern and pushed another button. Suzi grabbed my arm and hustled with me after the maitre de. The look of horror as she realized that we were seated at a table with people I knew was priceless.

I introduced her to my boss, General Frank de Bourth of the UN mission in Kosovo, and his wife Katherine. We sat and Suzi made small talk with Katherine while managing to not give away the fact that as a boy with a toy I was pushing all the right buttons in my pocket. Front vibe, back vibe, both vibes, etc.

The boat began to move out under the low bridges. Suzi was holding my hand and excused herself to go to the loo.

"She is very nice," Katherine said as we waited for the first course of snails in garlic butter. "A little distracted though," a smile played on her lips.

"Yes, it is her first time over in Amsterdam, and it is such a beautiful city. We are going clubbing later if you want to come with us."

Suzi returned as Frank replied, "No thank you. We are flying back early; but thank you for the meal, and the chance to meet your partner."

He kissed Suzi's hand and helped her move her seat under her. Suzi looked flushed. The snails arrived.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Oh god! He expects me to eat snails!' my mind screamed as I tried to look calm on the outside. I'd never tried anything so disgusting-sounding in my life, and couldn't imagine how I'd get out of this mess. What could I do?

I watched as the other three at the table dug into the snails with glee. My stomach was churning at the thought of placing a slimy snail into my mouth. I turned a shade of green, grabbed my stomach, and leaned over.

Katherine looked at me, concern etched on her face. "Are you all right, Suzi?"

I nodded and mumbled something about the boat and the waves and my queasy stomach. "I… I… I don't think I can eat anything tonight," I mumbled.

Paul reached over and took my serving of snails, "Then I'll get an extra serving of these wonderful treats!"

I was so grateful for them to be taken from in front of me that I smiled brightly. Oops! That was a mistake.

I could see it in Paul's eyes.

He'd figured out my ploy. In an effort to tell me so, he hit both buttons on high. I was churning inside, so to try to hide it, I bent over again clutching my stomach. He turned them off and I straightened back up. I took a sip of water and tried to calm down.

Paul made sure that I wasn't served any more of the meal, so I sat there in silence watching them enjoy a beautiful dinner. Paul did relent and gave me a few sips of wine, telling the others that it should help my stomach. By the time the boat docked, I was feeling the effects of the wine on an empty stomach.

I needed Paul to help me up the steep steps as we exited the restaurant.

Back inside a cab, Paul turned and raised an eyebrow at me. "Suzi, why didn't you just say that you didn't like snails?"

"I…er… I didn't want you to, well, you know…" I'd been petrified that he would "force" one on me, and I'd have eaten it, and probably puked all over him. I didn't want to tell him that, so I just let the words hang in the air.

"We can't play if you can't be honest with me," he intoned.

I felt that he'd just rung the death knell. I burst into tears. "I'm sorry! I couldn't, I just couldn't! Please forgive me."

Paul gathered me into his strong arms and whispered, "If you can't be honest about food, how can I trust you to tell me when something is too intense? It takes both parties to play safe, sane, and consensual games. If you won't be honest with me about your limits, then you could get hurt. Don't you understand that?"

I sniffled and begged, "Please give me another chance, I'll do better, I promise."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had been a little embarrassed and pissed off at her mock acting.

I should have insisted that if she wanted to be a part of my life then: A. She would have to eat a lot of unpalatable things such as sheep testicles and eyeballs things like that, and B. Suzi should be honest with me as I can get her out of any situation that I may have put her in by forgetting that average American girls don't eat things that my colleagues do.

Being attached to the French I get to eat all sorts of things.

"You didn't have to go for an Oscar you know." I smiled at her, not understanding the panic in her statement. "You don't think that I would dump you do you?"

I looked into her eyes. I had only known her for maybe eight hours, so surely she wasn't that attached.

I decided to test the water, "Do you want to come to England tomorrow?" I asked as I pointed out the Rijks museum as we pulled up to my selected pub.

"And before you answer that question tell me, did you orgasm in the toilets?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"No, not in the toilets. It was too difficult to pee in there with the plugs and all, so having an orgasm was the last thing on my mind."

He’d asked me to go with him to England!

Maybe that meant that he wasn’t totally ticked off at me. But he did make that crack about my acting inability. Geeze! He was so hard to read!

"Uhhh, what's in England, if I say 'yes'?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Me, for one" I smiled confidently.

"Us, if you want to come with me. I have a small place in the Yorkshire dales that's miles from anywhere. We could have a lot of fun, our type of fun. It's up to you."

I walked away to stand looking at the lights reflecting off the water.

I felt her hesitation and understood it. I could be a murderer or at least not a nice person.

We had come so far in the time since we met; I mean I’d done things to her that most married people don't dream of doing.

I felt her come close against the rail and she slipped her hand into mine.

I looked down at her eyes. They seemed moist and as if she was about to blow me out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'He's not furious with me for my insecurities! He wants me, he really does! This is more than I ever could have dreamed.'

Calming my raging thoughts, I looked up into his eyes. ‘Dare I trust him?’ I searched the depths of his eyes and made my decision.

"How do we go to England?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I tried to appear unaffected when she accepted my offer. I said, "Any time you want to go home tell me and you can travel. I can get you tickets to anywhere in the world. And you must email your parents from the airport so they know where you are." I think she saw through my 'Mr. Casual' bit.

This girl was special. She seemed to want what I want to give her. We kissed to a round of applause from a Japanese tour party walking by. They didn't see Suzi's eyes go wide as I pulled on the harness.

"OHHHH my god," she groaned as I squeezed her breasts and pushed the high-speed button on both vibrators.

I winked at her "Good eh?"

She smiled and looked at me through a haze and said...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"OHMYGAWD!" I shook and trembled as the orgasmic wave blasted through my body. Paul turned off the vibrators and removed his hands so I could calm down. Once rational thought returned, I turned towards him and spoke.

"I think that you and I have found something special. How many people go through their entire lives without finding this? I know we can make it work, Paul. I promise you that I'll start being more truthful and trusting as that's the only way it'll work."

I looked up and saw Paul's eyes as well as his mouth, smiling down at me.

End of Chapter 2

continued in chapter three

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