The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2019 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

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story continues from part twenty-three

Chapter 24

The candlelight shone in Suzi's eyes as the waiter bent before her offering the dessert tray. She looked stunningly happy. She was dressed in a low-cut dark number, her hair silky and smooth glistening and reflecting her healthy tan. Sun beds are quite useful in a British winter.

"Well darling, not long now," I smiled at her as she declined a Pavlova and asked for ice cream instead.

"I'm so excited about becoming your wife! Who'd have thought that I would go on a vacation and meet the man of my dreams while looking in a store window?"

I grinned and found it hard not show how happy I was. The night had gone well. We were out with my best man and his wife. Dave and I had been mates since Sandhurst. He met Helga in Norway. She was tall, blonde and wicked. Her humour was legendary. The Lieutenants all fancied her and the wives all loathed her. But she cared about Dave and he loved her to bits.

Suzi was a little in awe of her at first but females either bond or hate one another, and they seemed to be okay now. They talked about weddings and dresses and parents throughout dinner.

"So, Suzi, when does your mother arrive?" Dave asked as he watched Helga eating a chocolate eclair with erotic flair. I laughed at her as cream exploded over her face and Suzi had to hold her mouth so the wine she'd just sipped didn't spray the table.

Dave looked across and tutted, "Women, you just can't take them anywhere!"

The waiter rushed across with a napkin and watched with a little distaste as she cleaned herself up.

Suzi struggled to talk as Helga licked along the length of the eclair and sent the waiter off for more wine. He found need to adjust the change in his pocket on the way.

An old woman was smiling at us; she probably was like this when young. Her husband huffed and tried to drag her attention away.

He failed.

So ended a smashing evening. We took a taxi back to their house. More drinks were consumed before we went to bed.

The pullout bed we were sleeping on creaked far too much for any activity so I just cuddled my beloved and reached into my pocket and placed a pair of handcuffs onto her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'd been asleep for a while before the urge to pee came strongly to me. I really, really had to go. But I wasn't comfortable running around somebody else's house while wearing just a long tee shirt of Paul's and handcuffs. So I nudged Paul, waking him.

"Paul." I whispered, "I need to go to the bathroom really badly. Please unlock me so I can put on some clothes."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"But darling the keys are in the medicine cupboard. And as my slave and partner I want you to do this. This is challenge number one."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Paul," I pleaded, "you know how I feel about keeping our bondage activities private - just for you and me - not to share with others. Taking the chance of getting caught by people I only just met is not something that I want to do. Please don't make me do this."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I smiled at her before rolling over and going to sleep. Well, I pretended to.

'What will Suzi do?' I wondered, expecting rebellion.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I knew he wasn't asleep. And I knew that he was dead serious in this challenge. But I also was so frightened of being found out. But then my bladder started to remind me that I couldn't waffle forever.

I whispered in Paul's ear, "Are you 100% sure that the keys are in the medicine cupboard? And are they where I can use them to unlock these cuffs?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I lay still and felt her agitation. 'Oh well!' I thought feeling not a little disappointed. I kissed her nose and pulling boxer shorts over my hips wandered upstairs and fetched the key.

Passing it to her I rolled over and felt a little hurt that she didn't trust me enough to do as asked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I could feel Paul's anger matching mine. I didn't understand how he could expect me to show off our private lives to people I'd just met. I was seething as I unlocked the handcuffs and hurried upstairs to the bathroom.

Coming out of the bathroom, I came face to face with Helga. She gave me a visual once-over as I descended the stairs. I didn't trust that woman.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Morning came and I didn't. Suzi was still miffed from last night. So after a nice breakfast we wandered our way home to the usual full-wag welcome from the boys.

Suzi was still sulky by dinnertime so I cooked dinner and called her down from the bedroom we'd turned into an office for her studies.

"Okay Suzi, I am not mad with you for refusing an order but would you like to tell me why you did."

I saw her chewing her lip as her eyes welled up.

"Suzi, you need to realise that we are in this together and I will push you as far as I can so you find out how far you want to take this. Now you know the rules. Why if this freaked you out didn't you say the safe word?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I want you to love me enough to know that I can't play our games in the home of people who are strangers. I mean… it's not because they are strangers. It's that they are people. I mean… these are things we do for sexual pleasure. I don't want to share you with anybody else that way. And I don't want you to think that I'd accept being shared like that."

I knew that I was not making sense. Paul was looking at me like I was speaking in Latin.

"Let me try again… I know that if I use the safe word, we're finished. So I can't use that word as long as I hope we can make it. You and I share a need for bondage games. I'm an intensely private person. I give myself to you. But I can't give myself to the world at large! We have to find a way to not involve others. Because it would kill me to do so. Can you understand that?"

I looked at Paul's handsome face. "You're in the army. You're used to sharing showers and toilets and having everybody see everybody else. But I'm not. You can't expect me to be like that! I can't do it!" I broke into tears again as I tried so desperately to get my love to understand that I wasn't like him in those ways.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sharing showers? What was she trying to say? I decided that homosexual jokes wouldn't improve this situation and knelt down and lifted her face to look at mine.

"Suzi you've got it wrong and I am mad at you. The bloody safe word isn't the finish of us! That is when you walk out of the door. The safe word is to let me know that your limit has been reached, that's all."

"I don't know what crap you have read on S&M and this lifestyle but shit, I don't know what we are doing either, so we have to be honest with each other!"

Her eyes filled and two tears trickled down her cheeks.

"Babes we are doing something neither of us has done before. God, the things we do would get you committed and me jailed. So be honest with me." I sat on my heels and waited for her to answer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sniffled and wiped my tears with the back of my hand.

"Paul, I love you. I have to say that first because it is the most important thing I'm going to say right now. I love you. And I think that you love me."

He looked intently at me. In his eyes, I could see that he did love me, and that he really wanted this to work. So I took a shaky breath and continued. "I love bondage with you. I love the feel of the rope or other methods of control. I've even learned to love your handcuffs. But I just cannot allow other people to know about this. Can you possibly understand? If they know even a little bit, then they'll look at me differently. Maybe they'll start treating me like less of a person. I couldn't stand that! What we choose to do in our own home needs to be just between you and me!"

By now, I was all teary again. Just thinking about anyone else knowing about me was making me shake with shame.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I held out my hand and she took it. I kissed her fingers and held her ring finger in a circle of my thumb and palm. "Darling, I love you. Stop feeling daft if you don't want it known then that's fine by me. Just say the stop word in future."

Weird this thing called love.

I paused and looked at her. And with a cheeky grin I look at my beloved one and asked, "As nobody is here does that mean that you need to be tied, my love?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was still so upset that I was shaking. Paul did the only thing he could think of to settle me down: he took me to the barn and tied me up.

Actually, he did more than just tie me up - he also suspended me. And he gagged me with a stick. Let me tell you about how he did it.

Once in the barn, he got authoritative, "Undress, Suzi, now!"

I immediately shed my clothes and stood before him. That's when he placed the stick in my mouth like a bit and tied it there with some twine. He smiled and said, "That should discourage your efforts at talking yourself into more distress."

Next, he grabbed some dark, heavy rope and began to tie my body tightly. First, he tied my wrists behind me. Next, he began using rope that went around my body and arms in the same way you'd tie a rolled beef roast: rope going around me connected to vertical ropes going up my sides. He took special care to make the ropes above and below my breasts into a rope bra so that my breasts stuck way out in front (he's always had a thing for bursting boobies). By this time, I was feeling so good from the rope, and was so interested in how he was tying me that all thoughts about my embarrassment just left my brain.

When he was satisfied with the ropes, he had me lay on the floor on my tummy. Then he tied my ankles together behind me and pulled them up to my wrists, attaching them there in a hogtie. His next move confused me. He ran ropes around the apex of my thighs that felt like the harness worn by mountain climbers.

"Close your eyes and keep them closed, Suzi."

I obeyed and felt him fiddling around with the ropes behind me. I heard other noises and felt lots of tugging. Then, I heard the unmistakable sound of the winch and my body began to rise off the floor. Soon I was balanced on my knees with most of my weight being held by the ropes. Paul rechecked all the ropes while I was balanced like this. When he was satisfied, I rose off the floor. My knees started to spread apart. I realized that I'd have to control how far apart they went with my muscles.

Soon, I was suspended and swinging gently. The ropes cut into my flesh, but the weight was distributed well so that no one area bore the weight of me. So there was a dull ache in many places, but no major pain.

Paul was walking around me. I could feel his presence. And I could feel his hands as they began to lightly touch my suspended body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I love tied breasts. Suzi's had started to turn that purple and cherry colour. The hard ends of her nipples begged for a squeeze and that's what they got. Holding both between thumb and forefinger I pulled her back and let her swing by letting go.

While walking around her checking that each rope was snug I had a cunning plan and went to fetch a footstool. This I placed between her spread legs and strapped one of the harness dildos to the seat of the chair.

I lowered my victim until the dildo just sat at the entrance to her opening. Its flexibility belied the fact that Suzi could only rub it by moving her body somehow.

Leaving her, I went to prepare the challenge. I kissed her forehead and took a good squeeze of her boobs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul had once again prepared me in such a way that my sexual needs were screaming for fulfillment. But, like the tease that he will always be, he left me with fulfillment just beyond my grasp. I struggled to get the dildo to penetrate me - or at least to tease my clit into an orgasm. But it kept bending out of the way every time I got close enough to touch it.

To say that I was sexually frustrated puts it mildly!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

In the army we use what we call death slides a lot. These are a wire rope suspended from a high point down to a base plate. A roller system then is attached to the wire and away you go. You have to trust that the man at the bottom stops you before you hit the ground.

Setting it up took me a bit longer than I thought. And I had to lower my lover to the ground and undo her legs and then walk her around for a while.

Soon I decided that she was getting bored and reattached her to the block and lifted her into the air again. I'd run the wire rope from the hayloft into the far storage shed.

So she would pass through the open space in between the two buildings. Blindfolding my little stunt artist I stacked a bale in the open door and moved the roller system onto the rope. Jumping out the door I felt the wire sag and then I flew through the air to the shed and dropped and rolled inside the door thankful of the soft straw landing I'd prepared.

Removing the roller I ran back to the barn and clipped it back onto the line. Lowering Suzi I removed the stick I'd placed in her mouth and replaced it with my erection. 'Oh god,' I thought as her expert lips sucked on me. And being a gentleman I came in that throat. Suzi's body was heaving and soaked with sweat.

"Happy now?" I asked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I'm happy as a kitten with a bowl of cream," I replied, smacking my lips.

Paul laughed and I joined him.

Then he started moving me around a bit. I didn't understand what he was doing, but I trusted him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Picking her up by placing my hands under her crotch I felt her juices running out and bathing my fingers.

The rope from the roller attached to the shoulder harness. And it held her upright on her knees. Slipping her vibrating egg up between her pussy lips I clicked it on and placed two nipple clamps with weights on her swollen teats.

I slipped the blindfold off her and held on tightly as she rocked forward with a scream. ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was balanced on my knees, but supported by the ropes. However, each movement I made was amplified by the weighted nipple clamps. Each sway of the weights shot wonderful feelings down into my groin. My scream was the result of an orgasm. I think Paul thought it was one of terror. (But I'll never tell.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The view from here was nice whether or not Suzi thought so; but I didn't wait to ask.

"Hold your balance here and give me a chance to get to the bottom and I will tell you what to do babes," I whispered on the way down the stairs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I tried to stay still as the orgasm completed its journey through my body.

Looking at the line above me, I followed it with my eyes and saw that it crossed the open area in front of the barn and ended inside a dark shed. I was unable to see into the dark interior of the shed, so I had no idea how the ending would be. At first, that scared me badly. But then I saw Paul entering the shed, so I knew that no matter what, he'd be at the other end to protect me.

I shuddered and then sighed. I was ready.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Okay," I shouted, "wait until you are about to come and them work your way out of the hatch. I will stop you at the bottom." I threw the braking strop over the wire and waited.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Oh, geeze!' I thought, "Paul wants me to have an orgasm when I land in the shed. I guess he was too preoccupied to notice that other one.'

Not wanting to disappoint, I began rocking and letting the weights swinging from my nipple clamps work their magic. Before long I was approaching an orgasm.

I carefully moved forward by rocking from knee to knee. My body was in a pre-orgasmic thrum. Finally, I went over the edge.

A moment of feeling like I was plunging straight down to the ground was immediately followed by the whizzing feeling and zipping sound as I flew down that line to the waiting darkness.

As I plunged from the light into the darkness, my orgasm overtook me. I felt something stopping my forward motion, and I felt Paul's hands on my breasts. And my orgasm went on and on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The sight of my trussed-up lover whizzing down the rope towards me was a sight to behold. Her nipples extended as the weights kept going bringing about another orgasm.

Her body shook and shivered as I unhitched the pulley. Laying her on her back on top of a bale of straw I shoved deep into her and had my wicked way. I honestly don't think she knew I was inside her.

I kissed her sore nipples and her eyelids. "Oh Suzi I love you; you brave girl."

Her eyes flickered open and her lustful look said it all.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When the zipping ended with a crash against whatever stopped me, the ropes all tightened up a lot. They were crushing into my skin like never before. Paul touched me. I remember his hands mauling my breasts as I stopped.

When I finally came around, he was saying something about me being brave while kissing my now-unclamped nipples.

I needed sex! I needed Paul! I needed him inside me!

I gave him a look that let him know just how much I needed him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It took a while for me to recover from the orgasm we'd had. I untied my lover and helped her stand. I had to support her all the way to the house and into a warm bath.

The phone rang as we both toweled down. As was usual in these situations, Suzi's mouth was encircling my hardened end. Bugger!!

"Suzi, it's your mother!"

I wandered back upstairs, my hard-on leading the way. The dogs were following Suzi down, traitors.

She made a grab walking by. I manoeuvred my hips and bashed the wall. Ouch!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Hi Mom, what's up?"

Being Mom, she told me, over and over. Mom was worried about my wedding dress. She wanted to make sure that it was pretty enough, that it didn't overwhelm my petite stature, that my shoes had high enough heels, etc. The best way to describe our conversation was that Mom verbally worried each detail of the wedding and I mainly listened.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi came upstairs. "Mother said she expects you to be in full dress uniform for the ceremony as she's already bragged to the relatives about your status!" Suzi giggled. "And I just started my bloody period." I smiled at her use of "bloody." .

"So you will have to bugger me."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Why did I say that? My mouth was acting of its own volition. I'd never asked for anal sex before. It just wasn't something that I even liked very much. But Paul loved it. The giant smile on his face gave him away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I patted the bed and Suzi slid onto my lap. "How about we discuss the wedding and then I bugger you?"

I could see that talking to her mum flustered her. So being a "new" man I sensitively took charge.

"What's worrying you?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"All this wedding stuff is scary. Mom wants it her way, and I want what I want, and I don't even have a clue about what you want..."

I paused and decided whether or not I dared to tell him what I wanted. Then I remember how he'd already given me multiple lectures on telling each other the truth, so I knew that I had to speak now.

"Paul, I want you to do something that will remind me that I'm yours in more than just the conventional way. But I also want it to be something that nobody else will recognize. That means you can't have me in ropes or chains or handcuffs or a collar. But I want something that only you and I know about, something hidden to remind me. Do you think that's possible?"

I looked anxiously at my love's face, and waited for his response.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To paraphrase a friend, 'I can do that,' I thought as I slid my hand up her back and ran my fingers in her hair. She sighed and relaxed. I smiled at her, "Babes, no problem. But rules are here for you to obey. I will get something that is for our eyes and knowledge only. Will you trust me enough to let me choose it for you? I need to know, is the dress form-fitting or what?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"My wedding gown is white velvet. It scoops front and back with a sort of a curved collar that's more like a rounded lump than a collar. The scoops aren't super low - they are very tasteful. And the body of the dress is fitted. There's no waistline, it's a princess line. The overall effect is that it makes my body look longer. It is floor-length and the back goes out into a bit of a train."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My erection was growing and I pointed to it. "Sit here and we will talk."

Suzi lubed my shaft before she gingerly settled onto my lap and I felt her soft tight tunnel as she gently eased herself down until her bottom cheeks rested on my thighs. I loved the way her eyes widened as I squeezed my muscles and felt my cock expand inside her.

We were eyes to eye. Her nipples touched my chest. "Oh darling," I breathed to her as she kissed my lips.

"Yes, full uniform will be worn as you want it. And remember that it is our wedding." I said as she shuffled a little to be more comfortable. I held her as we talked. It felt so weird to be talking as I throbbed deep in her bowels. But it felt so "as one" too.

"I love you, you know." As I kissed her eyes they filled with tears and she whispered, "And I love you more than life itself."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

There's one thing you can say about Paul, and it's as true a statement as any you'll ever say about anyone: he loves with a passion and protects what he loves.

At that moment, we were physically connected as well as mentally and emotionally sealed to one another. I loved this man with a passion I'd never felt for another. How we were so lucky to find one another was a mystery that I couldn't solve, but one that I would be grateful for, forever.

Since I was impaled with my lover up my back canal, I decided it was time to take advantage of him for our mutual benefit. I began to move a little.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi has a slow dance she does with her hips. I am not that sure she is aware of it. But being a man, I know.

Her eyes were wide and had a far off look as I gripped her to me and shuffled down the bed until I could reach into the top drawer of the nightstand. Then I pulled out a small vibrator: Suzi's old friend, before me that is. She saw it and giggled and looked so dreamy that I wanted to go to the places a woman goes. It is a more mental thing than man's base instinct.

Picking her up, still embedded to the hilt, I held her weight and slid a pillow under her bottom. And gently eased her over onto her back. Kissing her lips I pulled out to the tip and Suzi looked up at me with a puzzled expression as if to say 'don't pull out.'

I kissed her left nipple pulling on it using a gentle suck. I needed the room to slip the vibrator all the way into her, flicking the on switch as I did so. I felt it shoving her junior tampon aside as it buzzed to life.

Suzi's body shivered as I lay on her; crushing her body around the intruder. She groaned at me as I slowly started to pump her tight bottom. The vibrations were quite exquisite. Suzi's moans were starting to get louder as she tried to rub her clit against something but due to the angle, she couldn't.

Placing both my hands near her shoulders she grabbed my wrists and held tightly. Gripping me hard she started to thrust back. The wideness of her pupils told me all about how she felt as I started to sweat. Thinking how her anus will be sore tomorrow, I felt the shaft-grabbing orgasm start back in the base and looked at my lover.

"Come darling, if you can," and I started to alter my stroke so that my weight shifted the vibrator deep inside her. I felt her legs grip me too.

'Oh god,' I thought as I shuddered and thrust deep and shot all the day's tension away.

Suzi arrived too and nearly snapped me in half. I fell on top of her and used my weight to pin her to the bed increasing her orgasms. Oh to have multiples like that! I kissed her lips, biting and licking.

"Oh god," I groaned in her ear.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I hurt. Oh, man how my bummy hurt! But it was a sweet, sweet pain as it had accompanied a gigantic orgasm.

Smiling at my man, I whispered, "I love you, Paul."

End of Chapter 24

continued in chapter twenty-five

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