The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part twenty-two

Chapter 23

"Suzi, are you in here?"

A voice woke me from my groggy, tear-filled sleep. I stayed silent and still. I shuddered in fear and pulled in on myself.

"Suzi, are you in there?"

This time the voice registered. It was Paul. Thank Gawd, it was Paul. I looked up at my master; he smiled down on me his eyes crinkled with concern.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I awoke to feel Suzi struggling with her bonds. I turned on the bedside light and rolled over looking at her. She'd looked better. Her hair was a tangled mess and sweat was pouring from her skin. Her nipples were stiff, her breasts swollen in the confines of the ring harness I'd placed her in earlier. Her wrists were chaffing against the leather cuffs that held her to the headboard.

"Suzi darling, wake up." I kissed her face and she looked up scared as a young child who'd met a big dog and who'd been pulled away from it by her mother. Those trusting eyes hurt me with their fear.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I guess I should go back and explain what brought me to this place, in this state. I had been thinking about Paul's father and my reaction to him. I'd asked Paul to keep me tied tonight so I could feel that he owned me and I hoped it would banish thoughts of the Captain from my lust-filled brain.

We'd had fantastic hard sex. In fact, at one point, Paul had me on top and he was swatting my buns and calling out "Ride 'em, cowgirl," as I rode his hardened rod to ecstasy.

Afterwards Paul secured me for the night as I still had a whole 24 hours to go of my 48. Paul rolled over and played with my nipples before he fell into a deep sleep. I couldn't sleep at first, but finally drifted off.

Paul was kissing me and telling me to just explain things to his dad, and to show his dad the outbuildings that they were going to repair. When the Captain arrived, he was not happy to discover that Paul had been called away. However, he grudgingly agreed to let me show him the repairs that Paul and he would have to do another day.

I tossed on my heavy winter jacket, boots, hat and gloves, and we went outdoors. It was almost sunny outside, and nippy. I took him over to the smallest building and showed him how it was coming off the foundation.

To my surprise, he pulled a key from his pocket and unlocked the old-fashioned lock that kept the building secure.

He laughed, "This is a building I've kept from Paul. He can't get inside it as it holds my possessions." Then, from the darkness inside, he pulled out a sulky.

"Err…do you own a racehorse, Sir?" I questioned.

He laughed louder. "No, my girl, this is for pony training. It's way too small for a horse!"

"I've never seen any ponies around the area, Sir."

That's when he fixed me with a "looking-through-you, masterful" look. "It's meant for human ponies, girl. Haven't you heard of ponygirls?"

I'd read stories about them. But I thought they were just fantasies. I gulped and took a step backwards. Again his eyes pinned me to the spot, and I stopped my retreat.

"I think my son might enjoy it if you learned how to pull the cart for him. After all, any red-blooded man would enjoy sitting behind your lovely backside as you pulled him along."

Oh, my. I could picture myself in that role - with Paul in the sulky and with a proud smile on his face.

"Er, Sir, do you really think I could do something like that?. Already, my submissive juices were flowing and I was losing control of rational thought.

He fixed me in his gaze again. "If you are willing to learn, I'll teach you."

I nodded my head as words wouldn't come.

"I'll take that as consent. Do you have any warm clothes that aren't so bulky, maybe a winter running outfit?"

"Yes, Sir, it's up at the house. It's a spandex running outfit."

"Then put it on with some good, supportive running shoes while I get the tack ready. You have ten minutes."

I raced to the house and changed my clothes as fast as possible. Then I raced back to the small outbuilding.

He looked gruffly at his watch. "You are two minutes late. You will be punished for that."

My knees shook.

He held a leather harness in his hands. "We have to buckle this onto you so that the load is distributed well. That way, you can pull a heavy load without injury."

His words made sense, so I allowed him to buckle me into the harness. When he suddenly pulled my arms up behind my back, I began to feel fear. This was bondage; and it was something that I reserved for Paul. I pulled away a little bit.

"Hold still, girl," he bellowed, "We'll never get you harnessed up if you keep moving around."

His orders stopped me cold. I stood still and obeyed as he cinched a new set of straps around my breasts. I looked down in horror - these straps were making my breasts stand out like beacons.

Before I knew what was happening, the cart was attached to me and he was leading me around. It felt strange to be pulling a cart without using my hands. At one point I tripped and the Captain flicked my buns with a carriage whip. "Steady on, girl."

After I managed several more loops around the yard with only a few more strikes of the whip, he climbed into the sulky. His additional weight felt strange, but not taxing.

"Giddy up!" he yelled while slicing across my buns with the whip.

I took off, running. He yanked hard on the reins and they sliced through my groin. I came to a complete halt, startled by the feeling. I hadn't noticed those straps before, and wasn't prepared for it. At that moment I realized that my labia were swelling and my body was starting to react sexually to this new type of bondage.

Before I could give it more thought, the whip flicked my backside and I immediately moved forward. I could feel the dampness leaking down the inside of my thighs, and the feeling reminded me I shouldn't be doing this without Paul.

I stopped and the Captain flicked the whip again. But I didn't react. I was shaking in indignation and fury at myself for falling so easily into submissiveness.

The Captain climbed out of the sulky and walked up to me.

"Unhook the sulky, now, Sir," I begged. My lower lip was trembling and I could barely get the words out.

The Captain removed the sulky from my bindings.

As soon as I was free, I started to cry out loud.

"What's wrong with you, girl?" he demanded.

"I…I can't…"

Then I took off running away from him. I ran into the woods. I could hear him calling after me, but I didn't turn around and I didn't stop. For a while I was lost. But then I came upon the old barn where Paul and I had played before. I managed to slip through the slight opening in the door. With great fear, I climbed the wooden ladder into the hayloft, snuggled down under some hay, and cried myself to exhaustion.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I looked down at my fiancee and saw her fear and confusion, and I wondered if what we were doing was causing her mind to fuck with itself. I stroked the hair from her face and reached up to free her from her wrist bonds.

"Want to tell me about it darling?" I asked.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"It was a nightmare, Paul, a horrible, terrible nightmare. In it I was submissive to somebody other than you, and when I realized what I was doing, I ran away. I'm so sorry. I'd never do something like that for real, you've gotta believe me!"

With that, I circled his body with my now-loosened hands, and gave Paul a huge hug. I felt his arms surrounding me, and him hugging back. I felt safe, finally.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now I was more than a little concerned that we were screwing up her brain.

"Darling we need to slow this down. I don't want you as a subservient wimp. I need you to be strong. I need to you to my woman, my slave, but not somebody that is a just a sub junkie."

I paused for effect and sat her up, sliding behind her so she rested on my chest. My arms encircled her ribs and I cupped her breasts holding them tightly to her.

"Do you want to tell me about it?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After a few hesitations, I told Paul about my dream: about how I was submissive to his father in my dream. And I told him about how horrified it made me feel when I realized what I'd done. It was really hard to voice all these things to Paul. Although I loved him with all my heart, I felt as if I'd betrayed him - even though it only happened in a dream.

Paul listened. He held tightly to my breasts while I told the tale. His warm hands pressing my breasts tightly against my chest gave me the strength to continue on until the whole story was out in the open. When I finished, I sighed. "Are you disgusted with me, Paul?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had done all the post-traumatic stress courses so I recognized the symptoms.

"What do you think will help you get over your daft feelings of guilt, Suzi. I don't see anything wrong with what you are worried about."

She looked up at me, tears in her eyes and voice quivering.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I feel dirty, Paul. I feel like I've let you down. I need to have this horrible guilt assuaged," I involuntarily grinned at my own choice of words, "I mean, I think that you need to spank me. If you do, then I can atone for these thoughts and feelings. And then I can let them go. Will you spank me, Paul. Hard?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I admit to being more confused than ever at that point. I had expected Suzi to ask if we could slow the pace of our plunge into the dark depths that we seemed to be rushing into. It's always hard to not do as asked by the one you love. The way she was begging me to punish her was done so well that I couldn't refuse.

I decided that Suzi seemed to need to see me as a real master; in her eyes anyway. "You really want your spanking hard do you?" I asked harshly as I could.

It was difficult for me to be harsh with someone that I loved as much as my little slave, but I forced myself to do it.

I threw her on the bed face down and pinned her down with my knee in her back while I tied her wrists and elbows together. Her little yelps as I crushed her arms tight against each other turned me on as much as they made me worry.

I realized this was what she wanted as I thrust a finger deep into her warm recesses and had my finger nearly snapped off by her contractions.

More rope quickly encircled her ankles and knees. Roughly and quickly I ball-tied her and then picked her up in my arms and carried her across the yard to the storage barn we used long ago in the thunderstorm.

Balancing her on the edge of the upper hayloft so that if she moved she would fall onto the bales of hay ten feet below, I prepared for her coming spanking.

My dick was rock hard and I realized that I needed to come right now, so after placing the rope for later use I dropped my trousers and advanced towards my tightly bound lover.

It was her eyes that gave away her lust as she balanced on the edge. As I sat with one leg dangling over the edge I rolled her from her sitting position until she was forced to open her mouth and her throat as she had nowhere else to go. The kneeling position she was tied in made her balance on her knees and the rock hard dick in her throat was the only other point of contact for her.

"Darling, what a dilemma for you. If you let go with your throat and mouth you may fall. If I come and soften off you may fall. Don't make me come and I will spank you until you can't sit for a week."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Balanced on my knees with Paul's dick stuffed into my mouth, I didn't have much time to think. He thought he was being masterful, but he actually was moving himself in and out of me while his hands automatically gripped my shoulders. He was keeping me physically safe, even though his words implied menace.

How could anyone not love Paul. My masterful, but kind lover was everything I needed and more. I began to work his hard tool with gusto.

Since he was already providing the motion, I added the special touches: suction, moisture, tongue action, and just plain adoration. Each and every thrust of his cock was met with a loving response. I wanted my man to have pleasure. However, I didn't want him to have an orgasm as I still really felt the need for a major punishment. As Paul's manhood began to thicken, I stopped everything and dropped my jaw so that my mouth was now slack. My actions spoke louder than words of my need for the spanking.

Paul withdrew. He lowered me to the floor. He untied the ball tie but left my arms tied behind me. He walked over to the wall.

Paul spread a carpet of hay on the floor. He then picked me up and placed me on the hay with my head facing the wall. My weight was pressing on my bound arms, and that hurt. He then knelt and tied my ankles together carefully. He pulled down some rope from a winch on the wall and secured my ankle ties to it. Then he started to hoist my feet upwards.

Soon I was way up in the air with my shoulders and head still on the hay and my arms stretched out behind me on the hay, also. My backside was properly positioned for a major upside-down blistering.

I felt Paul's hands brushing over my body. He was dusting off the pieces of straw. Knowing that he was protecting me from unnecessary injury made my heart leap in my chest.

Without a word, Paul's hand slapped against my right buttock. I reacted noisily, mainly due to the surprise.

"Quiet, slave," he whispered, "Tonight you are going to receive your punishment as quietly as you can. When you can't hold off on the noises any longer, then you may make whatever sounds you like."

Again and again, Paul's hand spanked me. He kept moving the spots where he landed the blows. Some were high up on my thighs, and some were at the tops of my buttocks. The rest were everywhere in-between.

Soon my whole bottom side was feeling heated up. And the pain was unrelenting. Each spank hurt worse than the one before. Without warning, I began to whimper. The whimpers turned to sobs; the sobs became keening howls.

The pain was freeing me from my guilt. I let my tears run freely. Although I was hurting and burning, I knew that my guilt was paid for in full.

Slowly I realized that no more spanks were raining down on my sore bottom. Paul was cranking me back down. He quickly rolled me over onto my front so he could release my arms. I continued to cry cleansing tears.

Paul gently rubbed my sore bottom and hummed a lullaby.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It would be a lie if I claimed that I wasn't turned on by the way her bottom and thighs shone with the heat of her spanking.

Her sobs racked her body and I didn't feel guilty. I knew the feminists would be raiding the place and the PC crowd would be burning the whole farm down for what I had just done, but I realized that this was what Suzi needed more than any shrink or mother's hug.

I picked her up in my arms amazed at how childlike she felt. We walked across the yard; she naked and shivering, me lost in thoughts of how complicated life can be for people.

All my life I have always believed in myself, my family and the people I work with. Life, though harsh and very complicated, was for living and to be truthful if I died the next day then I had at least done things that helped people. But with Suzi I knew I had to learn all the rules again.

I carried this complex woman into our house and up to the bedroom. Picking up some salve I gently rubbed it into my hands to stop the stinging and then started to tenderly skim the surface of her twin globes of fire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul was ever so carefully rubbing salve into my burning hot bottom. After the first few painful touches, the sensation became one of comfort and peace. I realized that loving was indeed manifested in caring for the other person.

I sighed contentedly. "What's the matter, Suzi, am I causing you pain?" asked Paul.

"No. It just feels so good."

Paul continued massaging me. I felt him moving up between my knees, forcing them wider open. He kept rubbing. Then he started rubbing my anus, plunging a finger inside now and then. His other hand went deeper and started rubbing circles around my clit. Soon his "comforting" had become extremely sexual. My breathing changed to panting.

Soon, two fingers were plunging in and out of my anus. Paul was stretching my sore skin ever so carefully but forcefully. When he added a third finger, I was beyond myself with lust-filled desire.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh the feel of her anal ring gripping and her clit throbbing. The smell of her arousal filled my nostrils and soon her hips started to hump my hand.

"Lift up and lay on your hands."

She did so and I coated myself in lubricant and thrust deep into her as I placed my hands under her breasts. Then placing all my weight on her I laid with my head by hers so that our lips just touched.

"Use your fingers to bring yourself off and your anal passage to bring me off," and with that order I started to kiss her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Furiously, my fingers started scribbling underneath myself. With both my weight and Paul's weight bearing down on me, getting my hand into position was difficult. But soon my fingers were circling and pinching my clit rhythmically.

My muscles clenched and relaxed over and over on his shaft. The heat from my scorched buns was trapped between Paul and me, and it seemed like the temperature was rising steadily.

While my fingers brought me to an incredible high, my clenching motions were working on Paul. Soon we both were breathing in raspy gasps. Then Paul started to moan. The thrumming began inside my body. I felt an orgasm nearing.

Holding off, I waited to let Paul catch up to me. I held on desperately as he thickened. Then, suddenly he spurted into my bowels. At that exact moment, I let go and joined him in an earth-shattering orgasm. Only then did I realize that Paul had been pinching my nipples in rhythm with my contractions on him. He held on tighter than tight as he orgasmed, and then let go as the wave of sensation finally subsided.

He softened and slipped out of me. But he remained on top of me. We kissed slowly and deeply, letting our lips, tongues, and teeth do the talking for us.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Morning, and light shone on Suzi's face as I looked down at her. Asleep, and there were just ten days to our wedding.

I eased out of bed and went for a pee as she groaned and reached for me.

Dressing in my combats and boots I waggled my finger at the dogs and they eased off the bottom of the bed. With Suzi being quite small they both slept down there now and I didn't have the heart to make them get off.

We walked across the fields towards the hilltops. A car was by the barn and I decided to wander over as the bloke who owned the cows don't have one. He just had a crumbling old Land Rover.

I stopped by the wall and watched as a couple ran from the barn, arguing over who let them sleep in. Not being able to resist the temptation I called out a greeting and they stopped dead. Exchanging pleasantries I wished them a good morning!

Much blushing and stammering followed and I walked away with a grin. God only knows what they would tell their partners.

As I walked into my home I smelled the best smell in the world, bacon frying!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'd awakened when the heat from Paul and the dogs left the bed. Knowing that they'd go for a morning walk or run, I slipped out of bed and hurried into the shower. Once I was clean, I rushed downstairs to start breakfast.

I pulled an old chef's apron over my head, tying it around my back. I knew that Paul wouldn't let me keep it on for long, but I also wasn't keen on hot bacon fat splotching up my tender skin.

The bacon was almost crispy and the eggs were ready to go into the pan when Paul and the boys entered.

Paul walked over and gave my nude buns a love tap before catching my chin in his hand and turning my head for a good morning kiss. I melted into his mouth.

He urged me to finish cooking as he was famished. I popped the toast out of the toaster just as the eggs were perfectly set. I fixed a plate for each of us. I placed his plate and a steaming cup of coffee before him. Then I removed the apron before bringing my plate and a cup of hot cocoa to the table for me.

We ate in companionable silence. Actually, we were both quite hungry after the fun we'd had the night before.

"Darling," I asked, "do you have to go to work today?"

He nodded while chewing his bacon with a satisfied grin.

"I'm going to miss you while you're at work. Is there anything you want me to do while you're gone?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Thank you, my love, there is something." I changed my tone, "I would like you to be bound in an unusual way when I come home, my love, so after your dinner time at the pub it is up to you to surprise me."

I kissed my betrothed and wandered off to work; a hard-on already forming.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once Paul left for work, I made more scrambled eggs for the dogs, cleaned up the kitchen, and then sat and thought about what kind of unusual bondage would please my man.

I continued to think about the bondage I would use while I worked at the pub. Unfortunately, my thoughts were so focused on Paul that I mixed up a few drink orders. After the third mess-up, the owner pulled me aside and suggested that I go home and take care of whatever was obviously on my mind.

Back home, I pulled out all the ropes - literally. I found all the ropes from when I went to the rope factory, and all the rope I'd brought with me, and all of Paul's ropes. I piled them all onto the bed. Sitting on the floor, I stared up at the pile of ropes and tried and tried to think of something special.

After some thought, I climbed up onto the bed and stretched out over the pile of ropes, thinking that maybe having them touching me would stir my creative juices.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The day was the same as any other day at camp; paperwork, bull and a lot of negative energy from doing things that we just didn't have the manpower to do.

Stopping at the local Tesco for some wine and a lot of fruit I wandered the aisles looking for inspiration. The cooked chicken smelled good so after spending £18 I drove the 29 miles home.

It was quite late and I arrived to find the house locked up. I slipped in the door and sneaked upstairs all excited and nursing a hard on you wouldn't believe. What had Suzi managed to do to herself today?

I opened the bedroom door and what a cute picture: Suzi was curled up asleep and the dogs were with her on the bed. All our rope was neatly wrapped and still coiled up.

Ben's tail wagged and a sleepy Suzi woke up with a start.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh, Gawd. Paul. What are you doing home so early. You weren't supposed to see me like this!"

I was totally panicked and confused. I knew that I was supposed to be all trussed up creatively, and here I was, sporting nothing that could even faintly be called bondage. Even my hair was flowing free.

"I must have fallen asleep…"

Paul's mouth twitched at the corners like he was going to grin, but then he suppressed it, quickly re-forming his lips into a snarl. He looked so cute while he fought with his mouth that I just wanted to kiss him. But I didn't. I knew that I deserved whatever dressing-down he gave me.

"Put on a robe and come down to the kitchen," he softly spoke, "then we can talk."

Paul turned on his heel, in an extreme military way I might add, and then marched down the stairs.

I rushed into the bathroom, used the facilities, combed my hair, washed my face, and put on Paul's robe. His scent on the cloth gave me comfort as I descended the stairs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Right, seeing as you didn't deem it necessary to tie yourself up, I will have to do it for you." Pointing upstairs I asked my slave to fetch a lot of rope, "And none of that soft girly cotton."

I smiled at her mortified looks as she rushed to obey. Pulling the wooden chair away from the table I carried it over to the wall and placed it not far in front of it.

Suzi came in carrying the rope and knelt at my feet.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have to admit that I'd become terribly aroused by my thoughts about how Paul was going to tie me up. I knew that he was going to enjoy punishing me for falling asleep instead of tying myself up. I shivered in anticipation as I knelt and waited.

"Slave, place your hands out in front, wrists crossed, palms up," he ordered.

I quickly put my hands out into the required position and tried to hold them steady as Paul wound scratchy rope around them in a figure-eight pattern. He slipped a little pad made of his handkerchief under the ropes where they pressed near my pulse point.

"Slave, if your hands start to lose feeling, tell me immediately."

"Yes, Sir, I promise I will."

After he was satisfied with the tie, Paul took my shoulders and stood me up. Then he had me raise my arms up over my head, and then drop my wrists behind my head. He used more rope to bind my upper arms into the position he wanted. When finished, my arms were parallel on either side of my head, my crossed wrists were behind my head, and my elbows were pointing at the ceiling.

Paul pushed me backwards until my legs were touching the chair. He ordered me to sit on the wooden chair with my back nice and straight. Once I was seated, he took more rough rope and formed it into a bit of a rope bra; but one that also served to hold my back to the chair. He added a waist rope that also went around behind the chair. And then two hip ropes: one secured me to the chair back; the other held me tightly to the seat.

Paul knelt and adjusted my legs to his liking, tying my ankles to the sides of the back of the seat. More ropes ensured that my legs would stay widespread, and there was nothing I could do about it.

And then Paul did the unthinkable. He came at me with my "secret" electric vibrator. It was the toy I'd bought while he was away. I'd never told him about its existence. I turned red with embarrassment at being caught with this toy.

Paul ignored my red face. He plugged in the vibrator and brought it over in front of me. He pressed it against my clit. Then he taped it to the chair seat so that it would remain there. I tried to ignore the feelings it was stirring inside me, but I was totally unsuccessful. Soon my body was thrumming along with the vibrations, and I felt an orgasm approaching.

"Please, Sir, may I cum?"

"No Slave," he intoned, "I'm not finished tying you up yet."

So I gritted my teeth and hung on.

While fighting off an orgasm, I was unaware of the nooses Paul had placed around my breasts. Each noose went up on the wall to a hook. Paul tipped my chair back until it was only resting on the rear legs. Then he tightened the noose ropes. If the chair dropped forward, my breasts would bear all the weight.

When the ties were finished, Paul got my attention and explained the nooses to me. If he hadn't done that, I probably wouldn't have noticed them until I was hanging by my breasts.

Paul sat on a chair in front of me, watching my body react to the stresses he'd placed upon it. When I finally thought that I couldn't hold off an orgasm for a moment more, he ordered, "Cum, Slave!"

I exploded in orgasmic bliss. Luckily for me, I arched backwards when the orgasms overtook me, so the chair did not fall forward.

When I finally stopped having that series of orgasms, I realized that the electric vibrator wouldn't lose power from weakening batteries. It was going to be a long night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sitting and watching my wife-to-be struggle with the ropes that hold her so tightly, I realized that we needed to have a series of challenges.

As I watched her face as she came for the second time the idea became more and more appealing. I was thinking about scary challenges that would make my beloved and myself realize we were co-dependent on each other, for without one the other would wither.

I stood and turned off the vibrator. Bending to kiss her sweat-covered brow I twanged the ropes that were tied to the wall hooks and Suzi became aware of me again.

"Well my pretty one, you are in a dilemma. Orgasms are permitted but think carefully. Don't make the chair slip away or it will be a painful experience."

I picked up a pair of vibrating nipple clamps and placed them over her hard buds. Turning both her tormenters on, I left the room to a very unsub-like. "Wait. Where are you going. Don't leave me here alone, please!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul closed the door firmly in spite of my protests. Oh how I hated being alone when he was nearby. I wanted him…no, I needed him near. My orgasms were his orgasms, and having him miss them hurt.

Nevertheless, my body betrayed my mind, and soon I was having one orgasm after another. I kept my back arched as best I could, and somehow managed to keep from letting the chair tip forward. Sometime, while the orgasms were rolling through my body, I felt hands on my breasts. I looked up through my orgasmic haze and saw Paul tweaking more orgasms out of my body. I screamed out my pleasure over and over again before finally settling down, exhausted.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I entered the room and found Suzi far, far away on another planet. I couldn't help myself; I had to tease her throbbing breasts while I wondered how many orgasms it would take to drive a woman over the top.

I picked up the chair and set it back against the wall and removed the nooses from her breasts. Bending to untie her legs I kissed her rock hard nipples around the clamps which were still slightly vibrating. They rattled my teeth and I smiled.

Her eyes opened lazily as she groaned, "I think I'm finished, now."

I continued to unwind the ropes from where it was indented into her soft skin. I finally had her free of everything, so I picked up my relaxed lover and carried her upstairs to the bathroom. Her arms wrapped around my neck and she sighed a big doggy sigh into my ear saying, "You are so good for me, Paul."

I placed her into the bathtub and worked out all the kinks and knots in her muscles while thinking about just how deeply I adored this girl of mine.

Later, laying her onto the bed, I covered her before letting the dogs our for their nightly run.

End of Chapter 23

continued in chapter twenty-four

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