The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part twenty-four

Chapter 25

"It's not right, Suzi. You know that tomorrow is your wedding, and your plan to spend the night with Paul is just wrong!" Mom was giving me the business about my decision to spend the night before our wedding in Paul's bed.

"Mom, I'm going to say this once and only once: my life started when I met Paul. I have no intention of pretending that I want to even spend one night without him by my side. Everybody knows I've been living here with him. Why should I spend tonight alone?"

I looked over at the man who was soon to be my husband and noticed a flicker of pride in his eyes. I also saw that he had no intention of adding anything to this "discussion" I was having with my Mom.

"But Suzi, it's bad luck for the groom to see the bride before the wedding."

"Mom… not only is the groom going to see me tomorrow morning… he's going to help me get dressed and ready. And…we're going to ride to the church together. Paul's going to drive us."

My mom looked like I'd suddenly become a stranger to her. Never before had I stood up to her and refused to be bullied into doing something her way. Dad, on the other hand, nodded at me and looked proud that I'd finally found my backbone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'd missed much of the action of Suzi and her mom fighting. I had been at camp when she went to collect them from the airport the day before. Suzi had taken the Volvo and had shocked her mother with her ability to drive on UK roads.

I'd been to Amsterdam that week to collect something for the wedding: Suzi's undergarments.

On my return we had a lovely evening in the local restaurant before all the other relatives came up from London via York. My lot, living near, just planned to turn up on the day.

Suzi had spent a long time with the caterers and the barn was spotless. As usual in an army marriage I wasn't there and had to be content with her tales on the phone. Suzi had blossomed over here and she had a job with the local council. She enjoyed her work and I felt a lot happier while away. The dogs both adored her and her legs were well in trim from the hill walking with them.

Suzi's mother was in good fettle and I took her dad out for a pint that night to leave them to bond.

The dales are at their best on a sunset. The stone walls glinted in the sun.

"Bud" and I sat by the log fire and chatted. He'd asked me to use his American nickname, so Bud it was. His soft voice attracted the locals and we got into a fun night of darts and beer. I did hope he wouldn't be in deep shit on our return.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While Dad and Paul were out having fun, I was left back with Mom. She was in an "advice-giving" mode. So for hours I had to listen to her go on and on about the responsibilities of being a wife… and how to please your man. (But she remained clueless about how to actually please my man! And for that, I was grateful.)

After hours of discussions about cooking, cleaning, and being willing to perform "wifely duties" I was more than ready for Paul to return.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bombing back to the house in the Golf, Bud was happy and we chatted about manly things. He's not a bad bloke.

Suzi's tail wags were as big as the dogs' as we pulled up. I kissed her and asked, "Bad night?"

"Gawd, Paul, my mother can beat any topic into the ground. Tonight she just about buried the concept of marriage! I was ready for you to return about two hours before you actually came home!"

I pulled her inside and we had a hot drink with her folks before going to bed.

As Suzi stripped her clothes off I pulled out some rope from the chest under the bed. The four-poster is a superb bondage tool and as she shook her head I looked sternly at her. And meekly she stood at the foot of the bed.

Tying rope to her wrists and ankles I kissed her lips as I held out the gaffer tape; and then I covered her lips. Then I did the boring thing and spread-eagled her. Two nipple clamps and a cord with a bell attached completed her outfit.

Her eyes got wide as I held a feather in front of her.

It was fun to see her face as I greased up the butt plug and inserted it. The KY was also slathered onto her smallest dildo and this also was inserted.

I kissed her nose. "Drop the dildo and you get to go downstairs naked," I whispered in her ear.

She looked like she had a "smart" response that she wanted to give me, so the tape was a good protection for her.

Then I started the fun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Being tied in a standing spread-eagle at the foot of the bed was bad enough. But then Paul slipped a blindfold over my eyes. Next my world became nothing but one based on the sense of touch.

Little tickles here and there, long damp movements up and arm or leg, and more touches all over from the feather. Inside my tape gag, I was giggling from the tickles. I held on tightly with my internal muscles and will; there was no way on earth that I was going to allow that greasy little dildo to slip out of me.

Just as it became unbearable, it stopped. Paul stopped touching me. The room was silent as a tomb. What was happening?

I stood there, bound tightly, muscles straining to hang on and not let the intruder fall when I felt the air move. Then I heard quiet footsteps. The door opened and closed quietly. I did not hear the key turn in the lock.

"OHMYGAWD!" screamed my mind, "he's gone to get my parents so they can see just how naughty their little girl can be!"

Then I remembered his promise not to embarrass me about this, and I relaxed. He'd probably just gone off somewhere to do something. I settled down and relaxed my bunched-up muscles (all except for the ones hanging onto the dildo). Then I heaved a sigh through my nose and settled in for a long wait.

I must have fallen asleep because the next thing I remember is Paul untying me and removing the intruders from my body. He told me that he was proud of me for showing my trust by relaxing enough to sleep. Then he told me that the door I'd heard opening and closing was the closet.

It had been a test to see if I really and honestly trusted him.

I'm happy to report that I passed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The day started as usual: dogs to walk and Suzi to calm down. I thought we both would be relieved to see the back of her mum. Dave and I had wandered up to the hills early and our return was greeted by a tearful Suzi and puce mother-in-law-to-be. Dave, being the wise one, patted my shoulder and smiled. "See you at the church," he grinned.

Suzi looked very worried and pissed-off; so I pointed to the barn and we wandered off to check preparations.

"What's up babes?" I ask putting my arms around her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Are you sure you want to be related to my Mom by marriage? She's been picking on me all morning. I can't wait for her to go back to her home!"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I smiled, lifted her up and kissed her nose. She wrapped her legs around my waist and I wondered about a quickie. Suzi, being Suzi, nodded. And I lowered her to the floor.

‘Oh I love this girl,' I thought as I followed her upstairs into the hay loft, catching a glimpse of her bare bottom as she climbed the stairs.

She grinned at me in her cheeky way and I kissed her lips while thrusting both my hands under her sweatshirt. Using my grip I pushed her back towards the stack of bales in the corner as I felt her hands unfastening my belt.

"We shouldn't," she gasped just as I gagged her with my tongue. Biting on it gently and laughing I saw her eyes widen as her hand encircled my erection. I groaned into her mouth as she wanked her hand up and down, gripping tightly. Both her nipples were poking my palms as I used her mounds as handles to lower her onto the bales. Both her legs went over my shoulders and I let her guide me into her.

‘Bliss,' I thought as I felt my thighs touch hers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul made sweet, sweet love with me. His tender ministrations wiped away my anger at my Mom and helped me to relax and focus on the real purpose of this day: Paul was actually going to take me as his wife! How could I not be happy?

Soon my mind returned from thinking to just feeling and enjoying the release that was building in us. Paul came quickly and I joined him in a lovely orgasm.

I was now ready for the day!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"God that was good," I whispered to her as we wandered into the yard a few minutes later. Her look told me that she felt better for that.

My lot arrived and soon we had a full house. Suzi dashed around making tea and coffee for everyone until Carol sent her upstairs to have a bath.

Her mum was dressed in the best that Kaufmann's sells.

I looked at my dad and he seemed happy enough but you never can tell. Mum was being Mum and blending the families together.

‘It's time,' I thought; and went upstairs to prepare my bride.

Suzi was looking at herself in the mirror.

"Penny for them?" I asked and placed my hands on her bare shoulders.

She looked wistful and whispered, "I'm going to get married in a bit. Never again will I be a little girl. That's just the most amazing thought!"

Suzi grinned. "And I'm the happiest girl in the world at this moment!"

I kissed her head and held out my hand. She took it I helped her to stand.

"Okay, hold out your hand and close your eyes."

Suzi tried to peek and I had to growl at her. She giggled and closed them for real.

Pulling a box from under the bed I unwrapped it and held out the soft lace and silk corset. The weight of it gave away the secret webbing strapping inside it.

Suzi opened her eyes and gasped, "Oh my gawd, Paul! It's exactly what I was hoping for! But I didn't think you were going to get it for me. I'm flabbergasted!"

The corset was a mixture of modern and ancient. The steel stays were old-fashioned, but the push-up bra cups were more "Wonder Bra" than anything enjoyed by our ancestors.

I loved helping her slide into it. Its sheer beauty defied its strength and hidden twin attachments in the cups. Suzi looked at me as she felt her nipples pop into the holes in the inner lining.

"Wha?" she started to say.

I placed my finger to those adorable lips, "Shh. Trust me?" She nodded.

I stood behind her. It took a while for me to lace her up just right as we didn't want her to pass out in the middle of the service. She looked absolutely adorable and I felt myself rise to the occasion.

I looked at her and see her tear up. "Shush, don't cry. I love you." I bent down and held out her stocking for her to place her left foot into. Smoothing it up I clipped the suspender clips to it and helped her with the other one. She was looking in the mirror again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh Paul, my tears aren't from worry or sadness. They are tears of joy! I love you so much and I can hardly wait until we are declared husband and wife. I am going to love you for eternity! And that makes me so happy that my tears spill out." I spoke this with a watery smile. And I knew that if he could look past my tears into my eyes, he'd see my joy.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I kissed her lips and showed her the greased-up butt plug. "This is to remind you that we share more than just love my darling. We both have a deeper love than all those who are normal. I have your trust, a world full of trust; our special type of trust."

I kissed her nose and held her hand.

I put on my masterful voice. "Slave, turn and touch your toes." And without a heartbeat's hesitation she turned and bent as far as the corset would allow. Placing the butt plug against her star-shaped hole, I gently worked it in and out until it was home to its flat base. I handed her a pair of panties and ordered her to go pee as the time to leave was near.

I went out to check if all was okay and found the house emptying as people headed off to the church.

Dave was sitting drinking tea and reading the paper. "Is everything okay, Boss?"

"Yes, thanks Dave. When are you going to the church?"

He looked at his watch. "As soon as your mum-in-law-to-be is ready."

"Great, we won't be long."

I went back up to our room. Suzi had pulled herself into her dress and looked stunning and beautiful. Her hair shone and her eyes glowed with a deep happiness.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I looked into the mirror, checking to make sure that whatever those holes in the bra cups were, that they didn't show through my gown. I knew in my heart that nobody could see them, but I couldn't stop myself from checking.

I also twisted and turned, admiring how the corset made my short body look longer. I could get used to looking this good!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I dressed in my best uniform and checked myself in the mirror. ‘Yep, you will do boyo,' I remarked to myself and wandered back into our bedroom. Suzi's mother was bouncing around like a jack in the box. I pointed to the clock and asked her to go and get in the car as Dave needed to get them there before we arrived.

Suzi's mom tried to talk her way into riding with us, but I firmly ordered her to be on her way now! As she left in a huff, I heard Suzi's soft giggle.

I held out my hand and stroked her hair and touched my wife-to-be's face.

"Darling, there is one more thing for you to wear before we go."

She looked at me and I smiled. Reaching around my neck I pulled the chain to my rubber-coated dog tags and took them off my neck.

I bent down and lifted her dress. I slid her sexy panties down. These were not the ones I gave her to wear but were much prettier.

I parted her pussy lips and watched her ease her legs apart. Gently I pushed them into her warm soft wet folds and using my forefinger pushed the chain up until there was only a little bit showing. I eased the panties back up.

"Now something that's part of me will be inside you as we marry. I love you, Mrs. Suzi T.-to-be. I held her hand as we walked down the stairs to the car.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul helped me get into the car, carefully smoothing my gown underneath me so that there would me no wrinkles. He kissed my lips as he buckled up my seatbelt. I felt totally loved and cherished. And I felt his dog tags within me and wondered about them. I knew that he was never without them before. From old stories, I knew that soldiers were to always have their dog tags on their necks. And Paul's were no longer on his body. On the other hand, my body was soon to be his body, so I wondered if that counted. In spite of my mind's wanderings, I realized that wearing Paul's dog tags inside my body today was just another way of showing our total devotion to each other. And it was a way that was totally hidden and private and known only to him and me. So I smiled over at my man as he drove us to the cathedral.

He drove carefully to the church. Once inside, I was whisked to a room in the back and he was taken away from me. I sat at the make-up counter in the bride's room and touched up my lipstick and hair.

My bridesmaids entered, chattering excitedly. The room became quite chaotic, but I was alone in a sea of calm. Paul and I were getting married, and that was all that mattered.

Before long I was standing, and then walking down the aisle on my Dad's arm. I remember him kissing me at the front of the church. But the most important thing was Paul's smile. As I marched down the aisle, his smiling eyes lit up the church.

The clergyman said some words and some prayers, and then we exchanged vows. Paul placed a ring on my finger. I placed one on his. More words were said. Paul guided me to face him, and he kissed me. Then there was music and we were moving back up the aisle.

Outside of the church, the troops formed an arch of swords for us to march through. Then we jumped into a car driven by somebody.

As we sped down the road, I felt a hand on my face. "Suzi, are you in there?" asked Paul, worriedly.

"Oh, Paul! It all happened so fast. I, I, I am just too happy!" I leaned over and kissed him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We arrived back at the house to be greeted by the dogs and all the guests. Our driver had taken us around the dales and for once they hadn't been rained upon.

‘The photos will be grand!' I thought as we had to wait for him to set up at the back of the farm with the view of the dales behind us. Then we experienced the usual hassle of getting all the guests and the different families and then my mates into pictures with us. Suzi just beamed a huge smile all the time at everybody.

Dad soon ushered all of us into the barn where the catering company had prepared a huge meal. But there was something off to the side that I'd never seen before at a reception: a table groaning under the weight of many kinds of cookies. As I stared at it, Suzi leaned over and whispered that it was a tradition from her home and her mother wouldn't think of a wedding without a proper cookie table.

The speeches where quite funny and Bud made my bride blush with his my little girl bits.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My Dad just had to tell all the embarrassing stories about my childhood and all I could do was to flush red and listen. My new friends learned way too much about me at the reception.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Soon the night had to end though and we said goodbye to everybody. We had decided to stay at our home for the first night. Then we were going back to Holland where I'd rented the same hotel room as the first time we were together. That closet just fits my wife fine!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The end of our tale, but the beginning of our journey

Paul and Suzi

This is the end of our story. It was written over a long tour in Iraq and The follow up tour in Afghanistan.

Suzi helped me throughout a long dark time by giving me the hope that when ever I got a free moment there would be another part of this story awaiting me to put me side to.

So to you Suzi I owe my sanity and my loyalty.

Love Paul.


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