The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part twenty-one

Chapter 22

'Whoa, girl,' I thought as she screamed out her joy. Specifying the leather seats again pleased me, as they wouldn't show any of the stain that her pussy juice would leave. The whole car stank of sex.

Suzi was so far gone that she hadn't noticed that we had pulled up to the barn. I picked up the bag out of the boot and walked inside, leaving her to recover in the car. The sweet smell of cows on hay swept over me as I walked up to the hayloft. The warmth these barns provide never failed to amaze me.

I re-stacked the bales to make a little cell in the pile of hay bales and then I wandered out to the car. Suzi, aware of her surroundings now, jumped out of the car. Her feet danced on the cold snow and she dashed into the warmth of the barn. She smiled at me as I swatted her bottom and sent her up the stone stairs.

She actually bowed to me as I walked up into the loft. I smiled and said, "I love you, my slave."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh, Master, you have no idea how much I love you and how much I want to please you," I whispered, just loud enough for him to hear it. Paul flashed me a smile, and I knew that he'd heard and understood my whispers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Picking up a long length of rope I doubled it and started to make a harness; the normal type, encompassing all soft spots and sexual areas. Just before tying her crotch rope I inserted a love egg and tucked the battery pack into her waist rope. Pulling the whole thing nice and tight I finished with roping her elbows, wrists and ankles.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul had me trussed up tightly. I could stand in one place, but I couldn't move. I felt a fingertip touching my back so softly that I wasn't really sure that I hadn't just imagined it.

Then Paul came around in front of me and lifted me up, balancing me against his strong shoulder.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Picking my little package up I carried her to the post in the center of the little cell I'd made and used lots more rope to tie her to it. Pushing the start button on the battery pack, I smiled.

After stacking the bales so she was not too visible I wished her a good night's sleep and left my protesting slave alone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'All night? Was he really going to leave me here alone all night? What fun could that possibly be for him?' My mind swirled with questions as my body tried to make a loose spot in the ropes. To be blunt, I received no answers, and I certainly didn't manage to loosen the ropes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wandered off to move the car, as I didn't like to leave it where it might attract attention. I wondered if she believed I would leave her alone all night and how pleased she would be when I returned after doing my paperwork.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I stood there with the egg beginning to do it's work on my libido. Okay, to be honest, it didn't take much to get me going once my body was tightly tied to that post. I began to have an orgasm, but then realized that I didn't have permission, so I managed to choke it down.

My body was roaring inside, but I couldn't and wouldn't allow it to bubble over without Paul's permission. Through my haze, I heard a car motor approaching. Paul was returning! I would soon be allowed to orgasm! Joy filled me.

Uh-oh…there were two sets of feet walking into the barn. A heavy set and a light set. Then I heard a female giggle. I froze in fear. Was Paul bringing another female into the barn to share in our play? My heart felt like it would break. This was not in my plans, and was certainly not something I desired. I didn't know what to do. So I held my breath and hoped that I was hallucinating.

Then he spoke. And the voice wasn't Paul's. My predicament hit home like a punch to my stomach. There was a strange couple in the barn and they could discover me if I wasn't quiet.

I chose to stay as silent as possible. I stood stock still not that I had a lot of choise tied as I was, and tried to breathe without making any noise. And I was desperately trying to ignore the pulsing inside of me that was caused by the vibrating egg. My scent wafted up into my nostrils, but still I held still.

Then I recognized new sounds on the other side of the bale cell. The couple was making love in the hay. Their sounds of passion mixed with my internal throbbing to make my staying silent and still close to impossible. I squeezed my eyes tightly shut and tried to block out the sounds. It was impossible. I was totally aware of what was happening just yards away from me. And I could imagine it all in my mind.

And then I heard the unmistakable sounds of oral sex; the female on the other side of the bales of hay way giving a very noisy blowjob to the man. He, in turn, was moaning and calling out her name. As her exertions brought him to the edge of a massive orgasm, he called out, "Oh my Gawd, Janice!"

I instantly recognized his voice and her name. I'd served both of them drinks at the pub. They were both old, at least forty! And still single! Who would ever have imagined these two old farts were enjoying stolen moments together in a barn?

My legs were feeling wobbly with the effort for control I was making. Thank goodness Paul had tied me to the post. Otherwise, I'd have collapsed onto the floor. Finally it was over. I heard the unmistakable sounds of a couple getting dressed; then receding footsteps; then car doors slamming; and finally a motor moving away from the barn. I heaved an audible sigh.

"What's the matter, love?" was Paul's question when he returned and spied my exhausted condition.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walking back with the dogs I saw a set of lights leaving the lane and running down the hillside towards the village. It worried me a little. Had our place of love been discovered? And was it old Tom Featherstone, who kept his cows in my barn? I knew that Tom wouldn't bat an eyelid at it, but Suzi would be a little embarrassed.

Suzi looked so knackered that I wondered if old Tom had bonked her and placed her back. I touched her hair and kissed her parted lips.

"What's the matter, love?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"They, they were in here. They were doing it," I gasped out.

Paul laughed, "Who was in here? And what were they doing?"

I whined, "A couple. She blew him! And all I could do was to struggle to stay quiet, and I did, and what I really needed was to cum,"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi's sexual frustration was so apparent that even a dumb fella like me could see it, so I untied her legs from the post and then eased the egg from her warm depths.

Grabbing her buttocks I lifted upwards, sliding her and the ropes still holding her to the post until her pussy was at the right height and then thrust into her to the hilt. Her legs wrapped around my hips and I let go of her buttocks and used the way the ropes dug deep into her to hold her in position.

We kissed deep and long as I squeezed her breasts and used my muscles to expand and throb inside her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I clenched hard on Paul's strong manhood, determined to not let him escape me. I really needed release. Soon both Paul and I were approaching the point of no return. This time, instead of teasing me and forbidding my release, he ordered me to cum with him. Together, we exploded in orgasmic bliss. Paul was staggering in his supreme effort to hold me while he came. But his strength and will prevailed, and I remained impaled on him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We stood panting. Well, Suzi did so as she had no choice. Looking up at her, I saw sweat drops on the end of her nipples and her thighs shiny with our spending. She was so wanton and lustful.

"God, you are so horny," I groaned as I struggled to stand up. I moved across and untied her and kissed her nose.

We both stank of sex. I coupled her wrists behind her and gripping her arm, helped her down the stairs. Her eyes widened as I walked her over to the huge water tank. Scooping her up in my arms, I dropped her into the cold clear water. I jumped in behind her and watched her as she tread water waiting for me to reach her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The icy water made me shriek. All the heat that had built up within me over the past few hours was suddenly dowsed. Paul laughed as I sputtered in the chilly water. His laughter was infectious, and soon I was hysterically giggling along with him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I wondered what the cows thought of this mad couple shrieking with laughter as I pulled her out of the tank. Suzi lay on the edge and kicked with her legs to get over the side. I administered a hardy slapping to the offered cheeks and watched as the round flesh bounced with each spank.

As I dried her with a towel out of my rope pack she said, "You sure didn't forget how to press any of my buttons while you were gone for so long."

I'd brought the cuffs that they use to transport prisoners and after helping her dress in a tracksuit and trainers, placed her into the full set.

"Now I promised you 48 hours of bondage and that's what you are going to get."

"Whatever pleases you the most, Master," she replied, "These 48 hours are for you, and by being for you, they really are for us." I loved her for her subservience as she said this.

We set of off back across the fields. The dogs loved being out on this clear cold night. We must have been a strange sight, me in warm clothes and with a pack on my back, and my woman beside me dressed in tracksuit and trainers and with her wrists chained to her waist and taking short steps.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Walking across the fields while bound made me feel very content and happy. Paul was home. Paul was back in his masterful mode. All was right in our world.

As this day had progressed, my world had become smaller and smaller. I no longer worried about international affairs. And even local gossip was totally unimportant. All I cared about… all that mattered… was being the perfect slave girl for Paul, my lover, but especially my Master.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once we entered the house I helped her out of the tracksuit and refastened the chains. Suzi pushed the answering machine button and listened to her mother's voice as she asked her to call her back about the wedding plans. I made us both a hot drink and sat by Suzi as she used the speaker to talk to her Mum. I wondered what Estelle would make of her naked daughter trying not to make the chains clink as she struggled to put sugar in her tea.

I kissed her in between her mother's long rambles and played with my naked girl's lower parts. The looks Suzi kept giving me were not very submissive. And I stuck my tongue out at her as she parted her legs to allow my fingers to enter her.

Soon it was time to go to bed and we wandered upstairs. Using rope I tied my slave in a loose hogtie and covered us both up. Ben thumped down in the space where Suzi's legs would normally be and trapped her up at the top end of the bed. I kissed her nose and wished her good night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was stuck sleeping near the top of the bed, but I didn't care. Being with Paul was all that mattered. Quickly, I fell into a deep, contented sleep.

When I awoke, Paul was removing the hogtie. He slapped me on my rump and ordered me into the bathroom. I rushed in and found relief. Paul joined me and we took turns washing each other in the shower. Having cuffed wrists made washing him without catching and pulling any hairs tricky, but I managed it. He allowed me no sexual touches, though, saying that we had things to do and that we were already running late.

After drying off, Paul and I wandered back into the bedroom where Paul rummaged in the closet for more things to bind me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I love mornings with that Sunday feeling; not much to do; no real plans except to enjoy the day. Unfortunately we had to go see my lot. Well, it would be fun really as Mum and dad were coming over to meet Suzi. The whole lot of us were going to my sister's.

"Suzi, while I was away did some parcels come for me?"

"You mean the boxes addressed to you with dire warnings about how they were only to be opened by you? They're in the back bedroom… sealed tight, I might add."

I went to the back bedroom and there were a couple of boxes; still sealed so Suzi was not that nosy. Looking at the postmarks I chose the right one and walked back to find my slave kneeling on the floor. She really did this master/slave bit so well.

I opened the box and held up the soft leather corset. Shiny and black it came with a crotch strap and a little rubber pad right where the subject's clitoris was.

"Okay as today is a meet the parents day for you, and because I promised to keep you in bondage, I would like you to wear this."

Her eyes wide, Suzi stood as I pulled the garment up and placed it in position on her body. I didn't pull the laces too tight as I wanted her to be normally shaped. But the crotch strap – well, you guessed it – that was tight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The corset was beautiful and fit me like a glove. I was surprised when Paul laced it just enough to keep me in mind of it at all times. Usually he tended to make things really strenuous for me. But when he jerked the crotch strap so that it felt like I was being split in half, any worries about my man becoming "soft" evaporated.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I watched my beauty wandering around getting ready: breasts exposed, buttocks swaying and spilt by a black shiny strap. To be truthful I'd never met a woman as sexy as Suzi. Her whole body screamed for attention. Again I thanked my lucky stars for being in Amsterdam at the right time, the right street, and the right shop.

I pulled on my polo shirt and chinos and went and let the dogs out before I cooked breakfast. Suzi must have tried on all her outfits before coming down. Again I was struck by her grace. She seemed to be nervous and I couldn't blame her.

My dad had hit the beach at Lion-s-Mer in France on D-Day. He was a Captain in the infantry and was old school: big, gruff and bloody scary. When he came back after the war his father had given him the land and that's where he met Mum.

My mother was his second wife; his first died in childbirth just after the end of the war. The age difference between my Mum and dad was often commented about, but dad always said that she keeps him young. Although dad was 80 and mother was only 62 it struck me as a funny thing that after all their years together village gossip still concentrated on their age gap.

The dogs came back and were groomed before we all jumped into the car and set off to Elvington.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul let me comb the dogs and brush their teeth before we left to visit his family. The dogs enjoyed having their coats combed. They fought me about cleaning their teeth. While I worked on their teeth, Paul just sat and watched, grinning. Afterwards, he admitted that he'd never brushed the dogs' teeth before, and that this must have been some "crazy Yank" idea. Nevertheless, in the car, their mouth odor was much more pleasant because of my efforts.

As we drove down the road, Paul told me stories about his parents and his childhood. When he got to the part about his parents' age gap, I finally had to speak up.

"Paul, we have an age gap too. But now you know that love isn't based on being the same age."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"It has never bothered me at all. Dad is such a big bugger and I can remember him clouting me a few times when I got gobby but he loves my Mum and I think he actually is proud of me. When we were filmed in the desert back in the Gulf War he did see me and actually commented that my briefing was a good one."

I smiled at my partner beside me as we passed by the airfield at Elvington. "We'll soon be there; are you nervous?".

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Nervous? Why would I be nervous? I'm going to meet your parents. You've told me that your dad is a bit of a gruff man. What if he figures out about our relationship and our love of bondage? By the way, does anybody in your family know about your love of bound women? Am I going to have to deal with questioning looks and comments?"

Just thinking about those possibilities was making my anxiety level rise. I wondered why I couldn't be like the women in those online bondage stories – those women who didn't mind if the whole world knew about their love of being bound. I couldn't find an answer, but I felt my cheeks burning.

Now Paul was going to ask me why I was red. And then he'd get upset about my fear. This was going to be a very bad day… I could feel it. I slunk down into my seat and tried to hide my face from Paul.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My girl was blushing. God this was fun. Pulling up at the shops I went in and bought Mum some flowers and a can of chocolates.

Suzi had lost her rosy hue by the time we pulled up at my sister's and was in top form as she was introduced to my parents by my sister. Caz has always been like that. Dad has always had a roving eye for the ladies and he smiled down at Suzi as she looked up towards the roof. "Hello my dear," he boomed as he thrust his hand out to shake hers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ohmygawd! Paul's dad was even more masterful in his attitude than Paul. My knees knocked together as he shook my hand. This man's commanding presence was overwhelming to the max!

On the other hand, Paul's mom was a very quiet, reserved woman. She seemed to be like me in many respects. I liked her and felt comfortable with her instantly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Mum was Mum and took Suzi into the kitchen and they helped Caz to serve dinner.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Staying with Caz and Paul's mom was easy. The three of us worked together easily, and I felt as if I belonged. It was a great feeling. However, when I was sent into the other room to deliver appetizers, I once again came face to face with Paul's dad. He towered over me. He glowered at me. I shrank back in a combination of fear and a sudden sexual urge. His presence was drawing me to him. I knew instinctively that this man could easily behave like Paul, masterfully. And then I noticed that I was having a response that wasn't good…

I rushed to the bathroom and washed away the evidence of my arousal. I hoped that nobody would ever be able to smell what I feared was oozing from within me. What was wrong with me? Paul was the man I loved! There was no way on earth that I should be having this response to his father!

To say that I was confused by my body's reactions would have been the understatement of the month.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The whole day seemed to go well and Suzi charmed them and slowly even made the old man smile with her stories of the old lads who my dad had grown up with in the village and our dogs lives which I realised had taken on a large part in Suzi's heart.

Mum and Dad were staying with Caz as was the norm, so as we pulled out of the drive I passed Suzi her collar and a pair of handcuffs. I was dying to know how many orgasms Suzi had nearly had as I'd caught her with a far away look on her face a few times.

"You were great darling; you really were."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"How did you get on with Mum?" Paul asked.

"She was wonderful to me. She treated me like I belonged. And your sister was also terrific." "Oh, Paul, I'm so embarrassed! I am so different from your family. I…I…I wasn't able to act proper and ladylike. They must think I'm terribly gauche."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was good to see the old house again as we drove up the lane. I thought back on what my dad said before we left. "Son, if you are really happy, and you seem to be, then you have my blessing. No doubt your mother will let you know how she feels later."

The old boy was as gruff as ever but at least with him you knew how you stood.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As Paul put the car into park, I started to cry.

"I'm so sorry for the way I reacted to your dad. He's…he's… he's so commanding. I mean, he just has this way about him that screams at my hormones. Before today, you were the only man who ever made me feel like that. But, now that your father has made me feel so submissive, I'm afraid. Maybe I'm just a bad girl. Maybe I'm a hopeless case. Maybe you shouldn't be with me because of my reactions to him. I feel like I was unfaithful to you today – and I couldn't stop it. I'm so sorry!"

A torrent of tears followed my heartbroken confession.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I knew men who would have been rocked back on their heels by the confession that had just erupted from my future wife's mouth, but to be truthful I wasn't. I have lived with the awe that most people have for him all my life.

I explained this to Suzi. "It would be correct to say that he has had a real impact on how I see life, love and relationships and he always taught me to be who I am. I don't really like what I see in him, at times. His dominance over Mum and the way he sometimes acts towards people makes me try to be different. But as you know by now, I have the need to be in charge. And you, my darling, are oh so willing to place your world in my hands and ask me to lead you."

I paused to look at my sobbing companion. "Suzi I love you and I want to own you totally." It was a hard statement for me to make as I'd tried so hard and so long to not like him. "But I love to hurt you in a sexual way. I need your adoration, your lust, and the way you suffer for your love of me. My father expects blind obedience. I just want your love. Can you give me what we both need or will you end up cast aside as my father's other sub-loving conquests have been?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. Paul actually understood the effect his father had on me. And he didn't seem to hate me for it. In fact, if I'd heard him right, I thought he'd said that he still wanted me and my submission. But he also wanted more.

"Paul, I love you. I love you like I've never loved anyone before. You fulfill me. It's not just the bondage games we enjoy. It's more. I know that with you I've found somebody who loves all of me. You don't just want me to be your slave, I think. Rather, it seems that you are saying that you want me to be your helpmate throughout life. Am I understanding you right?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She was so intuitive, my partner here. I sat for a moment wondering how I was so lucky to be involved with a girl like this. I held out my arms and she cuddled in.

"That's why I love you," I grinned. "But it looks like I will have to keep my eye on you round my dad!". I smiled to let her know I was joking.

End of Chapter 22

continued in chapter twenty-three

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