The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2019 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

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story continues from part twenty

Chapter 21

‘Oh dear,' I thought as I slipped a finger deep inside her anus. She had such an embarrassed look on her flushed sweaty face. "Double or quits?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul was offering me a chance to redeem myself, so how could I refuse? I mean, I wanted to be his obedient slave, and today's failure had hurt my cause. So I agreed to a double or nothing dare. With my determination, I was sure that this time I could win. Besides, now the edge was off. That orgasm had slowed the fires a tiny bit. And if I failed, how bad could twenty be?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I paused and looked up, "Sure you want to try this? Twenty is a lot with a crop." I paused for effect. "But do you really think you can avoid cumming now? I've taken three months of edge off you, so be my guest."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now he was trying to undermine my confidence. Mentioning my three months of being without his stimulation wasn't fair. But… on the other hand…

"Paul, you also have been without this activity for three very long months. I think I can hold out as long as you can… maybe even longer, now that you've so kindly ‘taken the edge off' me." I grinned at his astonished look.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I could see that she meant it. So, drying myself off, I looked down at her erect nipples and clit and knew that she would be in for a cropping shortly.

Reaching down I picked up my slave and carried her to our bedroom. Deciding not to make it easy for my brave slave, I held out my arms and let her come for a cuddle.

She snuggled in and mouthed, "If you think I'm going to lose again then you don't really know this Yank!"

Tilting her head I kissed her lips hard and soft alternately. She started to pant.

"Now you're making this far too easy for me, my slave. Anyone would think you want a cropping."

She just looked at me blankly. Suzi had gone to the far off place where she sometimes goes. So picking up some cord I roped her breasts using a figure eight; crushing them tightly and turning them red. Her nipples cried out for attention.

I placed a pillow on the middle of the bed and laid her on her back. I spread her limbs out to the four corners, tying her bow tight. She groaned a little complaining groan.

I bent and kissed her nipples.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul was cheating. He'd added rope, and that wasn't in my plan for winning. Thinking fast, I came up with a plan of my own.

As Paul began to kiss my rock-hard nipples, I began thinking about the last final I'd taken in college. I was intent on re-writing my answers in my mind. It's amazing how thinking about the reasons for the fall of the Roman Empire can take one's mind off a lover who's making free with your bound body.

His hands began twiddling with my nether regions while his lips and teeth worked on my nipples. I changed to the multiplication tables. Not up to the 'nine times' part, but starting with the 'thirteen times' part. I furrowed my brow in concentration while shutting Paul and the things he was doing out of my mind.

I was going to win for once!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well to be honest, I was giving it my best oral ministrations and she seemed to be able to resist.

So old chap, she is out to beat you? Ha! 'Fetch the vibrator!' cried my deep dark side. I walked over to her side of the bed and pulled out her friend of old. Shit. Flat batteries. Bugger! Still I added that to the list of points to be corrected.

Okay, think subbie. Er…er…jackpot! I ran down to the cupboard and stripped the batteries out of my torch and replaced the ones in my friend.

Suzi looked up from the bed and gave me a little triumphant smile.

I applied her blindfold; kissed her lips hard and watched her reaction. Ah, her nipples throbbed. Next stage, I eased a lubed-up butt plug deeply into her and gently pumped it up.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'He's not playing fair!' screamed my mind as my body began to respond to this new onslaught of sensations. Damn it, the multiplication tables disappeared from my mind as the sensations took control.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Okie dokie, I was ready to move on to the next stage. I inserted the vibrator and turned it on.

She was dripping juice onto the counterpane. Two clamps to her nipples and then I eased the vibrator in and out to gentle beat of classical music on the bedside radio. Arhhhh this is bliss, even if I don't get to crop her, this is what I have missed: her company and the way we love each other.

She sighed. "Happy?" I asked, but she just smiled.

Little groans sidled out of her throat. The pulse on her neck was matched by her swollen breasts as they bounced with each throb of her heart.

I moved for the piece de resistance. Straddling her head I gently lowered my testicles onto her lips.

"Lick, slave. Worship your master." Now to be truthful, I don't really go in for word play type games, but I wondered if it would work on my slave.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My tongue snaked out and started drawing circles on his hairy balls. At that moment I decided that it was in my best interest to make him have an orgasm. So I began to lick and tease him mercilessly.

Soon I heard his breathing changing. It became strained and it seemed like he was having trouble catching his breath. So, in response, I worked him more. He lowered a little, so I took advantage and slipped one testicle into my mouth where I gave it a swirling twirl fueled by my saliva and tongue. Then I did it to the other one.

Suddenly Paul pulled away and then I felt the tip of his manhood at my lips. I suckled lightly but insistently at the little hole, pulling his precum from him. Then I heard him moaning.

Pressing my advantage, I took the swollen head inside my mouth and began to work him. In moments, he was lost in sensation, the game forgotten, as he pistoned in and out of my willing mouth. I added more suction as he plunged deeper and deeper into my throat.

Suddenly, his three-month deprivation took away all his self-control. I felt him thickening, ready to explode. And then he spurted deeply into my throat as my muscles convulsed around him, milking him.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh bollocks, that shouldn't have happened! You berk fancy giving up so easy. Still, I'd had only had two wanks while away. Suzi was still drinking as my accumulated sperm kept pumping.

Well, as my traitorous hard on was still hard I climbed down and eased the head into her warmth. Unless you have been away for a long time you won't understand the bliss of sliding into the warm wet tightness of a hot loving woman. Oh, the joy of it; the wet, soft, silky feeling as I hit base and felt the smooth skin of her mound against my pubic hair; the subtle gripping of her internal muscles as she shifted to accommodate me.

"Oh darling, I have missed you so much." I removed the clamps and gently flicked her nipples into life with my tongue. All thoughts of my game were forgotten as I slid deep into my beloved Yank.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh, Paul, welcome home! Welcome, welcome home! This is where you belong," I breathed into his ear.

His body was fitted inside mine like he could stay there forever. And that's exactly what I wanted at that moment; Paul inside me forever. I groaned and pulled against my restraints. I wished that I could touch him with my hands, to run my fingers through his hair, but I knew that the ropes were even more important to us than that little desire. I could touch his body with my hands later.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I watched as she pulled on the ropes. Straining her body, she tried to grip me with her thighs as I lengthened my stroke. Running my thumbnail against her breasts as they swelled up even more with the passion of her mind's eye, I watched her nipples swell up and gently bit down on them.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul was sending shock waves through my body from my nipples. I tossed and tugged as much as I could as the sensations tried to send me into overload. All I could do was to tighten my internal muscles around him and hope that he would be spurred on to a crashing climax soon.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I felt her heat around my cock grow as I get the gut-pulling feeling of a major orgasm drag my spine down the length of my penis, so I whispered, "Come, slave, come and I will come with you."

I started the involuntary spasms and slammed deep into Suzi, ending my thrust buried deep inside her clenching warmth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We came together in a deafening roar of blood thundering through our brains. I heard loud grunting noises and a high-pitched keening sound. It was only later that I understood that those noises were wrenched from Paul's and my souls.

Paul collapsed on top of me, his sweat mingling with mine. We kissed each other's faces repeatedly. It was so good to be back where we both belonged!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The evening sun's light slanted in through the windowpane and lighted up the curled up body of my lover and soul mate. The darkness of the collar was still around her neck contrasting with her pale skin. Her breathing lifted her nipples ever so slightly as she sighed in her sleep.

'God I love her so,' I thought, quietly easing into my shorts and sweater. I gently covered her up, as it would be a while before the central heating clicked on.

Making a sweet hot chocolate I had to shift my erection around to another part of my shorts before I could carry it upstairs and then kiss her slightly swollen lips. I think we both overdid it this afternoon. God, two hours off a plane and straight into the arms of my lover, how much better could life get?

She stirred in that little gentle movement that reminded me of a puppy uncurling after a doggy deep sleep. Stretching her back, she smiled up at me.

"Hi babes, how do you feel?" I asked, looking at the rub marks on her wrists.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I grinned up at Paul. He was so handsome while looking so rumpled. "I'm feeling like those three long months have faded away. This was awesome, to the max!"

I gratefully sipped my hot chocolate while Paul stood there staring at my chest. "Is something on my chest bothering you?" I asked coyly.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Laughing, I bent down and kissed her lips. "I am just going for a run with the dogs. I won't be long, so get changed and we will go out for a meal if you want."

Suzi sat up and looked over the fields where the shadows were racing in across the dale as the sun dipped behind the ridgeline.

"Oh, I want," she said with a suggestive smile aimed right at my crotch.

I did my stretching exercises and calling the dogs we set off over the stile and into the fields; sinking in as the soft snow accepted my passing. Jogging up the side of the hill I realised just how lucky I was with a farm and a woman to share it with me. I laughed as I thought about my wanton, dirty-minded woman. Ben was in pursuit of his favourite rabbit again and all was well in my world.

I turned at the top of the hill and jogged carefully down back to the house. I was wondering what Suzi would wear tonight; I wanted her sexy and at the same time warm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After the boys left for their run, I ran into the bathroom and took a hot shower. That got the kinks out from hours of bondage.

Then I had to decide what to wear. It was a cold December, so I knew I needed to wear warm clothes; but I didn't want to look like a bundled-up Eskimo. Finally, I decided on a pair of knee-high black leather boots, a long black skirt with a slit to my thigh, and a black turtle-neck sweater. I added long silver necklace and silver hoop earrings. No underwear.

Humming a happy tune, I went downstairs to await my runners' return.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Bouncing back to the door the dogs stood and waited for me. I was well out of condition because while we were in Bosnia exercise was limited to patrols and a jog around the inside of the base. Ben sat with a shit-eating grin on his face as if to say, 'Master, you are getting old.' He was right. Steaming gently in the cold I did my cool-down exercises and then entered.

"God, you look good enough to eat, you beautiful creature, you," I said picking her up and kissing her on the lips.

My hands encountered no panty line. 'G-string?' I wondered as twirling her down I copped a feel and found no bra.

"You hussy, this no way for the future wife of a British army officer to behave." Suzi grinned at me.

I pulled her to the kitchen table and bent her over it using the split in her skirt to fold it over her back, baring her, "Ah, ha!" I said in a stern voice.

And then I spanked her cheeks loudly and firmly enjoying watching her buttocks bounce. Ten to each cheek before I pulled her skirt back down.

And as I expected there was absolutely no sign of repentance; just a huge grin. Her arms flew around my neck as she wrapped her legs around my waist, saying, "But I know what you like, and this is it, Major!"

I kissed her hard and as she thrust a hand between our bodies I lay her on the kitchen table. Suzi shuffled her bottom so that her skirt was out of the way and I eased straight into her finding her only a little moist. But after a couple of strokes the juice was flowing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So much for getting all clean and dressed up for Paul. Soon I was reduced to a glowing puddle on the kitchen table.

His sweat dripped onto me, so I knew that another bath and more clean clothes would be necessary before we could go out for the evening.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I stood in the shower talking to Suzi about the three months away from each other. She seemed so happy here and I was content with just that. I found it strange that she seemed to worship me as no other woman ever had. The way she took such care as she dried me, the intimate detail of drying between my toes and the gentle way she rubbed a skin cream into my back was so lovely that I almost fell asleep.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It might sound strange, but taking care of Paul's basic needs gave me extreme joy. And feeling his tense muscles starting to relax under my hands made me feel that what I was doing was the right thing for him. He had just returned to me from three months of hell, and anything I could do to help erase those bad memories would be done. That was my silent vow.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was brought back to reality by a slap on my bum as she groaned, "I'm starving, Paul? Aren't you hungry too?"

"Okay, where do you want to eat?"

"Is there anyplace nearby that serves Italian food? I think you could use some pasta. I'm feeling too many of your bones too near your skin."

We were both sitting in a happy state as we entered Richmond. The cathedral was lit up and Suzi sighed. "I can't wait until we walk up the aisle as husband and wife."

The food was wonderful as was the company and Suzi told me about the village gossip and how she loved her job in the pub.

"Have you thought about what you want to do over here as a career, my darling?" I asked as the waiter served us.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I used to think that I wanted to be a social worker or a teacher of kids with disabilities. But now, all I really want to be is your wife. I know that probably sounds 'lazy' to you, but that's not what I'm talking about. I just want to be there for you, all the time. I want to take care of you. I want to hug you when you're feeling sad. I want to bathe you when you're dirty. I want to love you when the world is unlovable. And I want to be yours, body and soul. Whatever you need from me is what I want to do for you. If you need me to be bound, wonderful! If you're too stressed out for that, then I'll just hold you. You need me, and I need you to want me. That's the only career I'm dreaming about these days."

After such a surprising speech, I sat quietly, waiting to see how Paul would react. Had I said the wrong things? Did my desire to serve him make him feel like I saw him as weak? That's not what I meant, but anything else I said would sound like I was apologizing. So I said nothing more.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It stunned me, this statement. 'How can you not love this treasure before you?' , I thought as I tried not to tear up.

"Oh babes, errrrrrrr, I don't know what to say apart from thank you." I paused. "But to be totally truthful, I think you should try for teaching or something as it gives you something to do. You cannot spend all day in ropes and chains. It would get boring."

There was a snort from the next table and Suzi coloured up. Oh shit! I grinned at her and she started to giggle. The waiter stood and waited for the moment to end as Suzi gasped for air. To be truthful, the idea of Suzi in rope all day did appeal somewhat.

I shifted to move my new erection to more comfortable position. Suzi read my movements and slid her foot into my crotch. I glared a masterful stare at the minx and she blatantly ignored my order.

"What did I offer to give you earlier?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He'd caused me some embarrassment, so now he'd given me the opening I needed to even the score.

"Hmmm…do you mean when you gave me the choice between being chained in the basement or tied in the attic?" I asked in the sweetest voice I could muster.

Paul choked on my response.

"Oh! I'm sorry, darling; did you just choke on a piece of meat? Here, let me help you." With that, I slid onto his lap and pounded his back with my right hand while my left hand caressed the bulge in his pants.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The old woman at the next table had another coughing fit. I smiled at Suzi and we continued our meal without the topic of bondage being brought up again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I slid off Paul's lumpy lap and resumed eating my meal. It was very good. So I ate slowly, savoring each and every bite while Paul continued to shift uncomfortably and glare daggers at me.

Knowing that I was going to "get mine" when we got home didn't stop my teasing on this night. I was just too "up" from the joy of having my man back home where he belonged.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The way Suzi teased me was just fine by me. I do like people with spirit. Was this the same girl I had met on that street in Amsterdam just a short time ago?

We had a wonderful evening. The cold night air gripped us as we walked arm in arm back to the Volvo. We got in and Suzi snuggled under my arm as I cast it around her shoulders. The moon shone down on the white hills casting deep and foreboding shadows along the valleys.

Suzi sighed, "This night is almost as perfect as any of the nights in my dreams of the past three months."

I placed my hand on the slit of her skirt and gently rubbed my calloused hands along her thigh.

"Spread your legs", I ordered with just the right edge in my voice. Suzi shivered and obeyed.

"Take your skirt off." I watched her shuck it down by lifting her bottom. Suzi shivered a little. Whether it was sexual tension or the chill, I don't know. I turned the heater to the floor and windscreen position. We turned up a back road, the car slipping a little on the packed snow. "Okay, now the rest of your clothes."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Although the car heater was doing a good job, I knew that being nude in a car in the winter would be chilly. Nevertheless, the prospect of doing whatever pleased Paul excited me beyond words.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I watched her struggle with her fears as she played with edge of her sweater.

"Do it!" I hoped she now trusted me enough to know that I wouldn't do anything she wouldn't like.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul's new, masterly, commanding voice sent shivers of anticipation racing up my spine. His order meant business. I shuddered in sudden fear. But suddenly I remembered that I was with Paul, the man I loved beyond reason. And at that moment, my fears dissolved, leaving behind only excitement and anticipation.

I reached down and started to remove my clothes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She struggled the sweater past the seat belt and I smiled at her, "Good slave."

Opening the glove box I handed her two pairs of leather cuffs and padlocks. Her collar was also in there.

"Okay slave, as you have expressed a wish to be tied up forever I am going to give you two days of intense bondage."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I gulped. ‘Two days!?!' Sometimes getting what you wish is a scary thing. But, being a girl who thrives on her fear, I looked at the cuffs and locks in excitement.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"It's just, you understand, as a foretaste of things to come."

I smiled at her as she quickly buckled them on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once my wrists were cuffed, Paul took the collar and circled my neck with it. He kissed the nape of my neck as he clicked the lock home.

Paul ordered me to put my heel up on the car seat. I complied, shifting so that my heel was pressed tightly against my clit. Then he ordered me to bring myself off with just my heel.

Immediately, I began rubbing myself back and forth on my heel. My cuffed hands flapped uselessly in front of me. Suddenly, Paul grabbed them and pulled them up over my head, holding them there with his left hand.

As I worked myself to frenzy with my heel, Paul's right thumb and forefinger began to pinch and pull my nipples. His attentions set me free as I began to have a shuddering climax. That climax was followed by another and another. As I screamed out my joy, I came over and over and over. My heel was totally slippery with my juices. And I couldn't stop.

Paul's right hand left my nipples, but I didn't stop working my clit on my heel. I came again. And again. Finally, in a lust-filled haze, I heard a voice calling my name. I think it said my name several times before I actually stopped and listened. I'd gone away to that wonderful place where nothing existed but sensation.

End of Chapter 21

continued in chapter twenty-two

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