The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part nineteen

Chapter 20

Sitting and listening to the drone of the propellers of this C130 Herki bird winging its way back to blightey I realised just how much I was looking forward to seeing Suzi again. The last three months have been more painful than I would have thought. Missing someone as much as I have missed her is, to say the least, very unusual for me. But I hadn't had anyone to do the things we did before I left. I still remember her hair and the way it flashed in the half-light of our barn. The look in her eyes as I tied the ropes tighter so they dug into her skin. Her grunts and groans as she crashed through another orgasm brought on by the mixture of pain and pleasure.

I shifted my erection to one side and hoped nobody noticed. My CSM grinned at me with a nod and said, "Cannot wait to get home, eh?"

"God, no; and I bet you bloody cannot either."

He held his sides and then his groin as if to say he was about explode due to sperm build-up. We both laughed and the female loadmaster wandering through checking all is OK shook her head muttering, "Mad bastards."

Closing my eyes I saw Suzi the last time we had some fun together. She was naked except for socks, boots and a lot of rope as she dashed across the snow-filled fields to the barn. Breasts bouncing, a red glow to her skin from being embarrassed or cold; I didn't care. Her hair flowing behind her as she tried to get to the barn's warmth and cover before the car that had turned up our lane end drew into sight. No doubt she was cursing me for sending her off on that run but she had been bad and she knew it. I had roped her arms tightly behind her at elbow and wrist. A waist rope and a crotch rope dug deep into her soft flesh and its friction must have added to her experience.

A kick dragged me from my memories, and opening one eye I saw a flask of coffee being held out in front of me. I poured some from it and passed it over to CSM and closed my eyes again.

Oh, the joy of her as I wandered in and climbed the stairs above the cows that were being kept inside for the winter. Their warmth kept the hayloft as warm as toast and gave a new meaning to 'central heating'. Suzi's gagged grin as I walked into the loft let me know that she enjoyed the exercise as much as I did.

And then came the long slow love making on the soft hay. Suzi moved her body and actually took charge by climbing on top and using her bound hands to guide me into her anus. Her screams were musical as I used one hand on her clit and the other to play with the rock hard tips of her breasts. Then came the long cramping orgasm as we both arrived at the same time.

I had to cool down as I didn't need wet boxers at 24000 feet. I walked around the cargo hold that had been our home for the last four hours; funny how it seemed shorter. I checked on my troops and hoped none noticed my bulge.

It had been a long time to be away from our home. I wondered how the wedding plans were going. Suzi had decided that the wedding would be in Richmond Cathedral, and after showing her mother the photos she had taken she got her to convince her lot to come to England. She had gone home to the US for a while. And her emails had come thick and fast; I loved her way of making fun of most things.

The loadmaster held up two fingers and I hoped she meant two hours to go… I would have hated to think she was being rude. I settled back against my pack and wondered what Suzi was thinking.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"He's coming home!" sang my heart as I prepared the house for Paul's return. Although I'd cleaned the place earlier in the week, I was again nervously dusting and fussing, awaiting the arrival of my lover, my friend, my one and only. Three months apart had been hell. Without Paul, my life had taken a downward spiral. There was nobody to place me in inescapable bondage. Without Paul, there was nobody to kiss my tears away. Without Paul, my only sexual release was from my friend the vibrator. And that battery-powered toy couldn't even begin to compare to my flesh and blood man!

Paul had given me explicit instructions, too. I wasn’t allowed to play with self-bondage unless he ordered it. And so, in an effort to get some of the pleasure that I was being denied, I resorted to buying an electrical vibrator. It kept me going longer, but it still didn’t have the excitement of bondage.

Six weeks into our time apart, Paul sent me a letter. In it, he detailed a bondage game he wanted me to play. I was allowed to play it only once, and afterwards, I had to write him a detailed letter about my experience. Since you readers are a nosy group, I’ll share the bondage parts of my report letter with you:

I gathered all the ropes you asked me to use, Paul. And I also got new batteries for my vibrating toys. And, even though I was loath to use them, I had scissors on the bed, just in case I had to cut myself free. But you know that I feel that cutting a rope is almost blasphemous! So they were definitely only there for a major emergency.

I tied a rope to each of the bottom corners of the footboard of the bed. And then I tied another, slightly longer, rope to the center of the footboard. Next, I prepared myself by slipping the silver bullet inside and placing the pink butterfly over my clit. I tied a rope tightly around my waist (slipping the two controls underneath it), and then ran a crotch rope to hold everything tightly into place. I didn’t turn on the vibrators, yet.

Then I bent over and hand spanked each of my butt cheeks 30 times, 10 at a time per side until I was heated up and glowing. I sat facing the headboard, with my hot bummy pressing on the footboard while I tied my ankles to the outer ropes. This kept my legs way apart.

I placed the adjustable clamps on my nipples, making them snug enough to hurt, but not so tight that they would cause damage over a long period of being worn. I turned the two vibrators onto a medium speed. I taped my mouth shut. I tied my wrists together palm-to-palm with a figure-eight wrapping of the rope, and then slipped the blindfold over my eyes. I grabbed the loose center rope and held on tightly as I dropped forward onto the mattress. When my clamped nips hit the mattress, pain shot through my chest and right to my clit. Once I regained control, I got myself into the position you asked for: my butt was up in the air and my upper chest was on the mattress, I wrapped the rope around my wrist ropes, cinching them and pulling my arms way back towards my feet. This position was strenuous, but exciting.

Being me, I imagined that the throbbing in my pussy was you standing behind me and licking me over and over. That mental image combined with the strong vibrations that were throbbing in unison, and soon I was riding the wave of a giant, long-lasting orgasm. Every time I started to slow down, I imagined you here with me, and I started up harder than before! Gee, Paul, how I miss you!

I had one orgasm after another. At first, I thought I’d count the orgasms, but after a while, they all combined together into a blur. My body was thrumming and humming like it hadn’t done since you left. My throat was raw from making those noises you like to tease me about. I felt like a rung-out washcloth.

I fell asleep. How I fell asleep with those vibrators going and my nipples throbbing from my weight pressing onto the clamps is unexplainable. When I finally awoke, I could see light coming in around the edges of the blindfold. It was morning! I’d spent the night in bondage!

Now, don’t get your shorts all in a twist, Paul, it really didn’t cause me any harm. Once I got myself oriented, I used my back muscles like a cat to arch up in the opposite way from how I’d been positioned all night. Once I did that, I was able to move towards the footboard just enough to give me a touch of slack on the rope cinching my wrist bonds. I managed to pick out the knots and free myself. Once I got my hands free, I was able to remove the blindfold and tape. Well, actually, the tape was really loose from all the screaming I’d done… humidity, you know! I shut off the weak vibrators, removed the crotch rope, and relaxed a bit. Then I removed the nipple clamps. Man, oh man! The blood rushing into them set me back on fire! I held onto my nips and pressed them into my chest to try to stop the pain. Once they settled down to a dull roar, I untied my ankles. Once free, I rushed to the bathroom.

I put on your robe, rushed downstairs, and let the dogs out. Those good boys were sitting cross-legged, waiting for me. Once they were outdoors, I went back upstairs and took a long, hot bath.

When Paul first left for Bosnia, I took the dogs to his sister and then went home to the States. I went back to my college, officially withdrew, cleaned out my apartment, and then went to see my parents. They were not happy, but they realized that I could resume my college studies at a later date. Then I showed Mom the pictures of Richmond Cathedral, and she got all excited about the prospect of my wedding being held in such a beautiful place. With things settled at home, I returned to England, my new home.

I collected the dogs and we returned to the house and grounds that reminded me of Paul at every turn. Emails kept us in touch, but I missed his touch. I yearned for the day when he'd return to me. Finally, after months of feeling suspended in time, Paul told me he was on his way home. My lethargy lifted and I began rushing to prepare for his homecoming.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We landed at the local fighter base. The Tornadoes where thundering down the runway as I lead my company down the rear ramp into the cold and grey December morning. The great thing about being at RAF Leeming was that it was close to our home base.

The families normally gathered to meet the troops. It was be my first time to have a lover meet me and I wondered at the response I would get. Shouldering my pack and hanging my SA80 across my chest I looked over to the CSM and we set the lads and lasses off in a steady march to the hangers where the reception party was waiting.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Waiting for Paul to arrive was agonizing. I stood, shifting my weight from foot to foot in the chilly hanger. The crowd all around me also was filled with anticipation. A few women were chatting in hushed tones, but most of the people, including the children, stood in silence.

Then I heard a voice, "Here they come!"

As the troops marched into the hanger, there was a surge moving through the crowd. Children's voices yelled "Daddy!" as they rushed to men and were picked up and hugged. I stood and watched it in awe.

In the crush of people, I was unable to see Paul. I had no idea whether he'd be leading the group or following behind them. Military etiquette was a mystery to me. And then I saw him! Paul's handsome face was searching the room. I rushed over to him and we hugged and kissed each other hard! Pulling my head back a little bit, I looked into his mischievous eyes and was grateful that the man I loved was still inside this warrior.

Paul kissed me again and then drew me over against his side. Only then did I realize that we had become the center of attention. The troops and their families all seemed to be staring at us. Paul cleared his throat and loudly stated, "This is my bride-to-be, Suzi. She's an American, but I love her and hope you all will accept her as one of us!"

Applause and cheers confirmed that I would soon be a part of a really big family. Many well-wishers stopped and spoke to us.

As the group started to break up, Paul pulled me into a corner and kissed me thoroughly. Then he whispered, "Babes, I hate to tell you this, but I'm still not free to go home yet. I have to turn in my weapon and complete some paperwork before we leave. Would you mind waiting with my CSM's wife while we finish up.? I promise to hurry."

In response, I pulled Paul's hand into my coat pocket where he felt the handcuffs waiting. He grinned and rushed off to do his work. After all, he now had an extra reason to hurry.

Betty and I sat and waited for our men. She was pregnant, about five months along, and was feeling the cold. She explained some of the rules and regulations for the wives. She also told me that as the Major's wife, I'd become a surrogate mother to 64 men and women between the ages of 18 and 45. That thought made me pause.

Betty explained that I was lucky to not be living on the base as then I'd never have time to myself. She said that she and her husband were moving off the base before their baby was born. We chatted and even laughed a little while we waited. And then we saw our men approaching us again. They looked a lot lighter, both mentally and physically, without their big old guns. More hugs, and then we parted.

Paul and I walked to his car. As he seated me in the passenger seat, he slipped the cuffs out of my pocket. Once we were off the base, Paul snapped my wrists into the cuffs, behind the seat. I grinned like a silly goose – it felt so good to be back in Paul's control.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The things that happen at these welcome home parties normally leave me feeling lonely. To have the greeting that I got from my little one was a joy. She flew into my arms.

"Missed me then," I teased her.

She nodded and kissed me hard. I tilted her head back and looked into those changeable eyes. They were green almost as if she was having an orgasm.

We noticed that we were center stage. And so I introduced her; being the "Boss" made people very curious about me. Suzi seemed to be very happy, which was good because I was ecstatic to be home.

I left her with Tom's wife while I handed my rifle and ammo over to the QM. Both Tom and I agreed to pack up and get away from the base when the regiment we were attached to flew in. About 20 minutes later, jobs would be piled on us if we were present. So we both saw our lot onto the coach and ran across to the reception area. Collecting the girls we both threw our kit in our respective cars and waved bye.

I kissed Suzi hard and clicked the handcuffs she'd brought with her around her wrists. "Well, slave of my world, how has it been?" I asked as I drove away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh, Master, I've missed you so much! You have no idea how lonely the farm is when you're not there."

I saw Paul's mouth turn up into a smile, "Before you came into my life, the farm was also a lonely, quiet place for me. I used to enjoy the solitude that I found there. But now, dear girl, I prefer the noises you make when we're playing and loving."

I sat watching Paul's face, instead of the scenery, as he drove the car swiftly towards our destination.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We drove up into the hills. God, how I love Yorkshire in the snow! I listened to Suzi's descriptions of her trip home and how the last couple of months' events had made her more aware of the dangers we all face. The world outside ours is such a cruel place and I do sometimes feel guilty about hurting this trusting wonderful submissive girl by my side.

Suzi rested her head on my arm as I drove with care on the packed snow. Gritters don't bother much up here as normal people had land rovers and four wheel drive cars. Slow traffic held us up and all I wanted to do was have a long hot bath and a soak.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul was rather "ripe" and the heater in the car wafted the pungent aroma straight into my nostrils.

"Uhhhh…when we get home, could I give you a bath, Paul?" I questioned him. I was hoping that he wouldn't take offense at my carefully chosen words.

I almost thought that I heard a sign of relief from him before he responded, "Yes, that would make me very happy."

So I planned my "attack" while making chit chat with him as he drove.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We chatted as we get nearer to our home. Suzi was getting excited as the farm track came into view. Soon as we arrived and I got Suzi de-cuffed, the dogs were upon us. I was home...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sat Paul down at the kitchen table and quickly fixed him a plate of Christmas cookies I'd made and a nice cup of tea. While he snacked and relaxed, I slipped upstairs and prepared things for my man.

When I re-entered the kitchen, Paul was sharing cookies with the dogs. But he stopped when he saw me. I'd piled my hair up on top of my head. And all I was wearing were leather wrist and ankle cuffs. In my hand, I carried my matching leather collar. Kneeling before Paul, I presented the collar to him. He slipped it around my neck and clicked it closed.

Taking Paul's hand, I led him upstairs. Inside the bathroom, I kneeled and untied his combat boots and carefully pulled them off his feet. Next, I removed his heavy socks. I stayed on my knees and reached up and unbuckled his belt. His pants and underwear were soon on the floor. Paul's hands moved me to a standing position. With great care, I unbuttoned his shirt and eased it off his shoulders and down his arms. Lastly, I removed his undershirt by pulling it up and over his head. I kissed him thoroughly, running my fingers through his hair. Oh, how I'd missed times like these!

The tub was full of steamy water. On the ledge around the tub I'd placed several padlocks – just in case Paul wanted to use them for anything. Scented candles filled the air with their sweet fragrance.

Paul slipped into the hot water.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To say I was pleased by the welcome home would have been an understatement. "She loves me…", sang my heart, "of all the women I have known this is the one that means the most."

The curve of her neck and the contrast of her brown hair and collar upon her white skin were so sexy that I believed that all women should bathe like this.

Her acceptance of my stinking state was a relief.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul's body looked a little "worse for the wear" as we like to say. The lack of proper bathing facilities had left some dirt embedded in his pores. I realized that he really needed me to give his back a good scrubbing. Gathering up a loofah, I loaded it with soap and attacked my man's back. I didn't scrub hard enough to cause pain, but it was hard enough to dislodge three months-worth of accumulated grunge. Every so often I heard Paul exhaling in a blissful manner. I had a feeling that he was enjoying getting really and truly clean.

I scrubbed Paul's shoulders and arms; then I scrubbed his chest. I worked hard on his feet and toes, then worked my way up his muscular legs. As the water began to cool, I unstopped the tub to let out some cool water and then turned on the hot tap. Soon, only Paul's "special" areas were left to be cleaned.

"Uhhhh, Paul, I think I need to work on your backside a little. Could you possibly get into a position so I could do that?"

A wicked grin was my only answer. Then, quickly, Paul picked up a padlock and snapped it so that my wrists were now connected closely together.

"That's to keep you honest, Suzi!" he chuckled.

With that, he got onto his hands and knees and wiggled his bottom at me. It was also covered with pimples and blackheads. Soaping up the loofah, I prepared for battle.

With each movement of the loofah, Paul's buttocks moved and swung in an enticing manner. He was teasing me and I had to use both hands together to clean him… I couldn't use one to please him and one to clean him. That frustrated me at first. While trying to decide how to entice him, Paul suddenly flopped back into the water. He lay in the tub with only his hard flagpole breaking the surface of the water.

Soaping up a soft cloth, I began to wash his most tender parts. My hands and the cloth moved over him slowly and with purpose. Each movement was designed to both cleanse and entice. I heard Paul's breathing deepen and speed up.

And then Paul caught me by surprise.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The feeling of air on skin is always a blissful feeling. You can actually feel it if you pay attention.

The minx had this natural ability to be so dammed sexy. Her movements, the way her breasts bobbed and dangled in front of my eyes, was so enticing that as soon as I was clean my plan swung into action. Standing up quickly I laid her down on the soft rug mat at the side of the bath and sank my head between her thighs.

"Slave you must not come until I do," I muttered out of the side of my mouth as I lashed her clit with my tongue.

Looking up through the valley of her breasts I saw her looking down on me. A devilish thought appealed to me. "Play with your nipples."

‘This must be making it harder for my little one to obey,' I thought as I slipped two fingers deep into her pussy. Suzi's eyes were wide as her breath uttered the sounds that I had come to love.

"Ten with the crop if you fail." She went all glazed.

"Er, slave you have stopped your breast play." She looked at me, lost in her own world.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Playing with my breasts with my hands so tightly together was difficult. And playing with my breasts while Paul was doing those awesome things with his tongue was even more difficult.

Suddenly, without warning, my body betrayed me. A shuddering orgasm overtook me before I could stop it. Once it started, I just rode it out to its conclusion while thinking ‘The hell with the consequences!'

When I finally regained my senses, I saw Paul's face leering at me.

End of Chapter 20

continued in chapter twenty-one

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