The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2019 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; barn; punish; bond; rope; plank; collar; gag; torment; pain; tease; denial; harness; toys; insert; public; emb; car; sex; climax; cons; X

story continues from part eighteen

Chapter 19

A very sheepish Suzi entered and waited for her punishment. Taking lots of rope I tied her hands up behind her back right up by her shoulder blades and made her a harness locking her arms to her body. I was impressed as I asked her to shake and only her super breasts had any spare movement.

I put more tape on her crotch for protection, as the top of the partition she was about to straddle was quite rough. Splinters in her pussy would not help, I thought. As I helped her across the top plank she looked at me as if to offer me encouragement. I wondered if she'd decided to help me become the perfect master. Settling her on the plank I looked into her eyes as I tied a rope from the upright in front of her to the ring on her collar. Another rope went to the ring in the wall behind her. This held her upright. Next, roping each ankle, I pulled it out to a ring she seemed to have set just for this task. I pulled until her legs were outstretched and bow tight.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The pressure exerted on my pussy was pretty intense. But this was punishment, and I needed it. So I bravely smiled at Paul.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Holding her head up I kissed her lips. She smiled. "Slave I wish to gag you!"

She nodded and replied, "Yes, Master."

I held a piece of gaffer tape to her lips and sealed them shut.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was totally grateful for the tape gag as it would prevent me from drooling again. As I sat there, my pussy lips started to hurt from the pressure of my weight resting on them. So I shifted my weight a little bit. The balls inside me shifted too. I had to bear down to stop myself from reacting to the intense sensations I was feeling.

I managed to lift up the front part of my pussy, letting my weight rest more on my anus. But that began throbbing as well. So I tried to shift to the side. All this moving was making the balls (and me) churn with excitement. So I had to settle down. But staying still hurt too badly so I continued my dance with the pain.

Tears gathered in the corners of my eyes, they were tears of pain, but also tears of cleansing. I was cleansing myself of my weakness. I made a determined vow to myself that I would never again have an orgasm without Paul's permission.

As the tears poured down my cheeks, the pain in my pussy became unbearable. Soon I was screaming through the tape in my agony.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Standing in front of her I looked into those tear-stained eyes.

"Have you suffered enough yet?" I asked, while playing with her erect nipples. She nodded solemnly as I started to undo the ropes that held her legs so wide apart. After lifting her off the partition and helping her to stand I wondered what lay behind this urge to obey and not to fail in being the perfect slave.

Moving Suzi was easy with her being so petite. I just threw her over my shoulder and carried her up the stairs to the hayloft.

Laying her on the soft hay and gently easing the tape away from her skin I watched a flood of juices pouring out. Dipping my fingers into her I pulled out the balls while watching her for any signs of pain.

But I thought she was so numb that she had no idea what was happening. Holding her tightly as the sensations rushed back into her pussy I sang softly to her as she placed her breasts against my hands. Massaging the lovely bundles of flesh I watched the mists of an orgasm growing in her eyes.

I slipped out of my combats and lay beneath her as she gingerly sat down on my erection. Her hips were sinuously weaving as she tried to see if her puss was still working. It was from my point of view as her heat enfolded me. I reached up and gripped both breasts using my thumbs to rub the hard tips.

Suzi began to lift herself up until the head of my member was just touching her outer lips and then she slammed down. 'This girl is amazing,' I thought as she continued like this until she gripped me with her internal muscles and bending forward lay along me and climaxed.

Easing the tape from her mouth I kissed her hard. And taking the rope still tied to her ankles I tied each ankle to its thigh.

Suzi's position was not too comfy as her arms were holding her upright a little and I had her laid on her back on top of a bale. This presented her wide open legs just at the right height and bending my head slightly I pressed my tongue along her dripping grove and give her a long slow lick.

For the next ten minutes I attacked her clit with vigor as she let out a long series of growls and shrieks.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My lower lips were throbbing both from the pain of my punishment and the excitement caused by Paul's rough tongue. Loud noises erupted from my throat as I neared another orgasm.

But this time, I managed to check myself. "Master, may I cum?"

Paul's face poked up as he grinned and answered, "No, slave, you must wait until I order you to cum."

Then he immediately resumed licking me while I just barely held on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To prolong the torture I blew cold air on my victim's clit. Her growls grew in fervour as I pushed my thumb into her anus and really started to lap at her. The bouncing of her hips and the clasping of her legs to my ears told me perhaps she wanted to come.

I looked at her and asked, "If I let you come will you love me forever?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

What was wrong with Paul? Didn't he know that my love for him wasn't dependent on my having an orgasm? But, in deference to my throbbing body, I responded, "Of course I will, Paul."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"And will you let me spray your face and hair with my come?"

"Yes, Master, I'm yours to do with as you wish."

"And will you let me shag you in the arse?"

"Yes, Master, please do whatever you want."

"And will you go to the pub later tightly wrapped in rope?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Anything, Master." Uh-oh! What did I just say? I couldn't remember what he'd asked because I was so close to the edge and just dying to go flying over it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh, okay then, you may come, my slave." Then I gave her clit a hard suck flicking it with my tongue at the same time. And yes, you guessed it; I should have gagged her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After a loud, crashing orgasm, I slumped in Paul's arms. He held me for a while and then he helped me to stand up. He took some rope and tied my elbows together behind me. Then he tied my wrists with my palms together. He fashioned a ten-inch hobble around my ankles. Picking me up, he carried me back down to the main floor of the barn. Placing me back on my feet, he tied a rope around my waist and attached a lead to it. Grabbing the end of the lead, he tugged and I stumbled after him for a bit until I learned to walk in the hobble.

It was a moonlit night, and the walk home was beautiful. I loved the darkness of the night and the brightness of the moon and stars. Paul kept the pace steady but didn't press me to walk faster than comfortable. Soon we arrived back home.

Paul untied me and ordered me to go and bathe. Following his orders, I was soon clean again. Paul stood behind me and helped me dry my long hair so that it formed a smooth curtain around me. Then he ordered me to go to the den.

I rushed downstairs in obedience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was pleased to see that Suzi had left the harness we had begun this mad affair with on its hanger in the wardrobe. Its leather shone with loving affection in the glow from the table lamp.

I placed fresh batteries in the pair of rubber prongs and carried it and a loose fleece skirt and a nice soft jumper I had bought her last week. Its texture was like a teddy bear.

The sound of the shower stopped and I knew that it took her a hell of a long time to dry her hair. So I jogged over to the barn and hid all the items we'd left up there. The dogs were off chasing rabbits again so I enjoyed the run back to the house.

Suzi was waiting when I got back, her hair still wet. I knew that look she gave me when I walked into the bathroom. Kissing her I took a large soft towel and gave her hair a long gentle dry. At times she seemed to need a lot of TLC almost as if she was constantly battling with a desire to obey, and the need to be loved as any other girl or woman. These conflicts worried me that one-day we might go too far again. Still, I loved the way she almost purred as I rubbed her neck.

"Darling, it's time for you to experience a lock-in." Seeing her quizzical look I explained that while the pub should close at 11 PM, people in the know stay behind. "It's quite a good night."

I went downstairs and put out a pair of handcuffs as well. Suzi's eyes lighted up and I started to think 'she's finally getting this.'

"There are your clothes. Hope you like them."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

A long, ankle-length skirt and a soft, big fleecy shirt were placed before me. If nothing else, I was going to be well-covered this night.

Then Paul pulled out the leather harness, and I understood that he hadn't forgotten my promise made in the heat of passion. Damn! Why couldn't that man ever forget promises made when my brain wasn't working?

Soon Paul was trussing me up tightly in the leather harness. As before, each tug on the leather, each tightening of a buckle, sent my senses soaring into that special place where nothing else mattered. Paul carefully placed lube on the dildos and gently pressed them up into my body before tightening the crotch strap so that it split my bum cheeks harshly. I was panting by this time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So I helped buckle my beloved one into her undergarment for the night. And I watched her gently pull the jumper over her swollen breasts. I'd given her a pair of panties and a pad to wear as the pub gets warm. Cuffing her wrists behind her, I helped her into the car and fastened her seat belt for her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As the cuffs clicked onto my wrists, I started to panic. "Paul, please don't make me wear these cuffs where people can see me," I wailed, "I couldn't stand it…"

Paul smiled a sad smile and replied, "Suzi, don't you trust me yet?"

I hung my head in shame, "I'm sorry. I let my fears get the best of me."

This time, Paul gave me a genuine smile and a quick hug before snapping my seatbelt into place.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We arrived at the pub and I uncuffed her. Holding her hand I took her around to the back door of the pub.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We slipped inside. I was relieved to see that there were no young guys there. I can't explain it, but I feared young guys seeing me like this – it was as if I thought that they could see my harness through the clothes and that they would see what was going on. But the pub was populated by a group of old men. I audibly heaved a sigh of relief.

Paul introduced me to Ned, Joe, and Ken. He said that they farmed his land. They began talking, and I had no idea what they were saying. Their deep Yorkshire accents didn't even sound like English, at first. Paul had to tell me what they'd said. But then I began to understand with Paul's patient help.

I was listening with every fibre of my being as Ned started telling a ghost story. I was so intent on his story that I didn't see Paul's sly grin until too late.

"Yeooowww!" I screeched as the dildos came to life inside me. Then I turned deep scarlet as I realized that I'd drawn everybody's attention to myself.

Ned stopped his story and asked if I was all right. I stammered that I was fine, and asked his forgiveness for interrupting his story. Shooting a glare at Paul, I settled in to listen to the continuation of Ned's story. But this time, I kept alert to the possibility of Paul giving me another surprise.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh to be in the position I was in. I controlled the dark-haired beauty before me. Choosing my moment I waited for a scary bit in the story old Ned was telling and let her have the lot.

Both vibrators on full, Mr. Worf.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My wait wasn't long. Soon the vibrators sprang back to life. But this time I was prepared. No yelps.

However, the vibrators were having a major effect on me. Soon I was fighting off the need to have an orgasm. I was trying to listen to Ned, trying to ignore the throbbing in my body, trying to ignore Paul's silly grin. I honed in on Ned's words, pushing down the feelings flooding through my body. Then I caught a whiff of my arousal. I hoped that the odors of beer and ale were covering up my scent.

I gave a "help me" look to Paul. His grin just grew wider and the vibrations increased in intensity.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ah, the way her bottom danced on the seat. Her little hip movements as Ned built his story to its scary end were worth the price of admission.

"ERE, my beauty, I shalt wait till thee hast been to the loo and then I will carry on my story." Ned said to a wide-eyed Suzi.

She looked at me lost in either orgasm or understanding.

"Do you need the toilet?" I translated. She nodded quickly. I smiled and she dashed off down the passageway to the ladies room. I grinned at the lads and said, "Lager goes right through her."

She returned and sent me a scowl and a wink.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My escape to the restroom was just that – an escape. Paul was making me squirm in my seat and the old farts were thinking that I had a weak bladder! Somehow, someday, Paul was going to get his. I grinned at my thoughts and realized that they were far from submissive. Nevertheless, I wasn't feeling submissive at the moment. I was feeling feisty! 'Look out, Paulie baby!' I thought to myself as I returned to the storytellers.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Ned loved an audience so he smiled at her and continued.

Suzi seemed to like these old reprobates who'd taught me all my poaching skills. I learned so much from them when I was young: how to stalk and shoot game; and how to survive the cold and wet of the moors. It was with these people, who are to be truthful a dying breed, that I felt at home.

I glanced at Suzi again and could almost see the wheels turning in her brain. I knew then that I was in for some rip-roaring fun when we got home.

Soon, too soon, it was time to go home. I threw the car keys at my love and patting her bottom said in a broad accent "Take me home wench, and don't spare the horses."

Suzi gave me a mock bow and to applause she smiled and said, "Your wish is my command, oh fearful holder of the controls."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The looks on the faces of Paul's old friends were priceless. They were confused by my words and left wondering what that was all about.

Gingerly climbing into the driver's seat, I slammed the door, and turned the key. Paul dashed around the car and slid into the passenger seat right before I put the car into gear and sped off away from home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi seemed to be getting the hang of this driving in country lanes on the wrong side bit, I thought as we screamed through two gate-posts.

"In a rush dear?" I asked with a slightly drunken grin. She smiled with intent and I wondered how I was so lucky to meet this perfect partner of mine.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As I pulled the car into a spot on the side of the road near some woods, Paul looked over at me quizzically.

"What are you doing, babes? Why have we stopped here? Are you lost? Home is in the opposite direction, you know."

I smiled, reached over and kissed him mightily on the mouth. Feeling totally reckless, I encircled his lips with mine and became the aggressor. It felt weird not to have my lips inside his. Suddenly, I was laughing at the strangeness of it all.

Paul was also chuckling as we continued trying to kiss in this odd manner. Then he pushed his face back before moving forward again to claim my lips with his. Having his lips encircling mine felt right, and our kisses deepened.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I got the feeling that Suzi needed to be either on top or to just fuck. So being slightly befuddled by the Black Sheep I had drunk that night I ran my hands over her bulging breasts, thumbing her nipples.

She gave a deep growl and I reached over and tightened her breast rings another notch. Suzi lifted her hips and asked me to unfasten her crotch strap.

I did so and as she eased the pair of dildos out of herself I lowered my seat back.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Never let it be said that I didn't recognize an invitation when I saw one! As Paul reclined his seat and leaned back, I slid from beneath the steering wheel and climbed over to where I was straddling his lap. These were tight quarters, but I was determined to succeed.

I reached down and slid open Paul's zipper with agonizing slowness. I could feel him pulsing beneath my hands as I ever-so-slowly released him from the tight confines of his pants. All the while, I grinned at my man and occasionally bent low and kissed his face.

Suddenly, Paul sprang free. I reached out and gave him a caress and a gentle squeeze. Paul moaned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh dear! How I hoped she wasn't going to give me too much stimulus as I felt like I was about to let the side down. Her urgency was making me boil.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Now straddling Paul, I slowly began to lower myself onto his hardened length.

A strangled groan from the man beneath me let me know that he was enjoying my efforts. So, to give him even more pleasure, I moved even slower as I descended upon his strong, pulsing manhood. He groaned even louder as I pulled back up so that only the very tip of his seeking head was still inside me.

I continued tantalizing him.

He continued making strange, strangling sounds in his throat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was glorious as her soaking wet hot sheaf slid down oh so slowly. The cold air in the car made each inch so much more noticeable. There was a wicked gleam in her eye.

No, we couldn't have that because if she took much longer she was going to be very disappointed. Also, as a master one should take charge. Placing both hands on her balls of flesh that were her breasts I pulled on them. That didn't work. Bugger! That's the thing with a woman who could take a lot of pain and enjoy it. She grinned at me with a very knowing grin.

Arh hah! I flexed my fingers and waiting until she relaxed a little tickled her ribs hard.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My screams of laughter began dancing off the interior of the car. I collapsed fully onto his turgid cock, totally unable to maintain control of any kind as his fingers drove me to distraction. Tears poured from my eyes and dripped off my chin from the force of my laughter.

As Paul slowed his assault, I struggled to speak. "No fair, Paul."

He looked sternly at me and reminded me that fairness wasn't part of a Master/slave relationship. Then he swatted my rear and told me that it was time for me to get moving. My leg muscles flexed as I began riding him hard. Then his hands grasped my buttocks and took control of my movements. Paul was again totally in charge.

I smiled at him, leaned forward, caught his lips for a kiss, and then whispered my adoration into his ear.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The fun part about tickling Suzi was the way she danced on my cock. The hip grinds were beyond belief so as you guessed it didn't take long for my arrival. With a long sigh I let go all the cares of this world deep into her.

Placing my thumb along her clit I watched Suzi shimmying up and down on my semi erection that still hadn't dropped out.

"God, I love you," I groaned into her ear as she let herself go like a dancer at a rock gig and started to bounce up and down.

She started making those noises in her throat and I knew that she was cumming hard. I held onto her hips and continued to move her up and down over my cock as her body spasmed repeatedly. Then she collapsed onto my chest while she recovered her breath.

Suzi mopped herself dry with some tissues and slid back into the driver's seat.

I laughed at her as she walked up to the house as the dildos were hanging and bouncing around under her bum. The dogs greeted us with their usual happiness and Suzi came back down from her shower to find a hot chocolate and a cookie waiting.

Sitting on the window seat in the kitchen I looked at her and held out my hand. She sat with her back against my chest and we looked out over the moonlit valley.

"Happy?" I asked playing with her hair.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh, yes, I'm very happy and content," I replied as I sipped my cocoa and munched my cookie.

Paul sighed happily and rubbed my shoulders as I continued to enjoy my snack. Just sitting here so close to him was making me happy.

When I finished my snack, Paul and I stood. He put my mug in the sink. He turned and kissed me deeply. Then he scooped me up and carried me up to the bed. We spent the night wrapped in each other's arms.

End of Chapter 19

continued in chapter twenty

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