The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2018 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

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Chapter 1

It was a chilly, dull type of day. After getting off a plane from the UK and catching a train to the central station in Amsterdam, I decided to walk to my hotel. It was another case conference on how we would ever bring the Serbian war criminals to justice. God, I wasn't looking forward to the same old people arguing the same old things again.

My hotel was to the right of the station but as I had plenty of time I thought a little stroll in the red light district would help ease me into the different culture of this superbly free-feeling city. It was mid-morning so the masses were not about and it gave me a chance to enjoy the different scenes that were on display. I also wanted to get a John Savage novel as in the UK things like that are not commonly sold.

Ambling down Warmoesstraat into the centre I came to an abrupt stop. Looking into the window of a well-known leather bondage equipment store was a very beautiful woman of about 21 years of age. Her hair hid a little of her face but it didn't stop me from seeing her mesmerised look at an item I could not see yet.

Now as this shop caters mainly to the male gay type of client I decided that she must have been imagining her boyfriend in some of the items in the window. Taking several steps up behind this vision of loveliness, I glanced at the item that had riveted her to the spot. My heart did a back flip, I'd been wrong, thank god.

Hanging in the window from a dummy that stopped at the breastbone area was a leather and steel harness. It started at the top with a posture-type collar. This was attached to the main harness via two straps front and back to two rings where the subject's breasts would be. Two screw-threaded adapters could tighten these. More straps ran to a wide belt and on to thigh straps. What confirmed it to me as an item for a woman were the two rubber cocks that stood upright from the crotch strap.

Now I am adequate in the penile dimension area but the front one was very large and the back one was quite big as well. These items seemed to hold the woman's attention.

What to say was my next problem. Being a shy person, a hit and run type of mission was called for. A couple of steps and I was alongside her.

"God, that would look great on you!" I said and caught her look of shock, embarrassment and humour as I started off in the direction of the red light area proper.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'What?' I was shocked out of my private reverie by a male voice. Did he say something to me about looking good in that outfit? I'd been lost in daydreams of the fun I could have in such an outfit – if I had somebody to play with…

I was on summer break from college, leisurely travelling in Europe, alone. My parents had objected loud and long, but I'd saved up the money, so here I was. I'd come to Amsterdam out of curiosity. My friends whispered that it was the kinkiest place on earth, and that if I came here, I'd be shocked. However, my secret love of all things bondage drew me here like a magnet. I was unsure how to get my dreams fulfilled. How could I possibly trust a man enough to let him bind me tightly? Or maybe he would give me the sexual flogging that I so desired. But… where was this man? How could I possibly find him?

Glancing back at the harness, I imagined myself tightly fitted into those straps. I could feel the tightness around my waist and neck. I could imagine the crotch rope splitting my bummy in half, forcing the rubber dildos deep inside my body. And the breast rings, oh my! My nipples hardened into pebbles at the thought!

'But you're too chicken to go to any of the S&M clubs, Suzi, so you're never going to feel those things for real,' I berated myself mentally.

Giving one last look at the display, I turned and trudged back to my hotel on the other side of the train station.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As I walked I thought of that small cute female with the nice face and her long hair whipping around, wishing she'd looked at me. So I only dreamed of what could have been. She was small enough that suspension wouldn't put too much strain on her body.

Not since Sophia, my former girlfriend, introduced me to bondage had I met anyone who liked the feel of rope and chain. It dawned on me she could have been the perfect partner. Well, that is if I had read her right she could be a lesbian dom

I about turned and rapidly walked back trying to find her. I caught sight of her glancing in one of the windows where the prostitutes sit. Moving a little faster I caught up to her as she walked into the McDonald's that's near the canal tour boat's embarkation point.

'Shit!' I think, 'What the fuck do I say? Hi babes, can we go back and buy that harness for later?' Or, 'So you're into bondage, are you?'

Think Paul, think.

Ah ha! I stand behind her in the queue. Be British, that is a good plan.

"Errr, sorry if I was rude earlier," I stuttered, "But you seemed so taken with the display that an image flashed across my mind." I lost track of what I said as it dances in front of me again.

She is so appealing that I think you could melt in those brown eyes. Her face is unreadable. “Oh shit! She will storm off,' I think as she looks at me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh my god! He really did see what I was looking at! What should I do? I mean, he's a stranger, right? And Mom always taught me not to talk to strangers. But he is ruggedly handsome. And I did come to Amsterdam for adventure.

"Uhhhhh, I don't know how to answer your questions," I responded as calmly as my frantically-beating heart would allow. I wondered if he could hear it pounding away inside of me.

He then spoke about the harness I'd been admiring. He asked me if I'd ever worn one like it before. I responded that I'd never had the chance for the expensive side of bondage, and that scarves and ropes were my 'make-do' toys. I blushed bright red as I made that admission to him.

He smiled, showing off his gorgeous white teeth. I melted inside.

He was so handsome, so rugged, and so masterful. That last word described him perfectly. In the blink of an eye, I was mentally flying off into fantasy land; a land where he was in control and I was merely his slave, bent to his will. I blushed even deeper.

He slowly grinned at me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She was beautiful. No doubt about it. She was flustered but not ashamed of being caught.

I laughed.

She smiled and looked at me through her eyelashes as the blush spread under the vee neck of her tee shirt.

I bought both of us dinner and we eased into a corner booth.

"Well, we will have to rectify that absence in your life. I would love to see you wearing that too. Come to my hotel at five PM tonight. I will buy it and I do expect you to turn up. Now is the time to say no, or else come and you will enjoy a nice evening of the fun you seem to desire. Stay away and hell we both might never find someone like us again."

I handed her my business card and jotted the hotel address on the back. Then I took her hand and kissed it as I gazed into that enchanting face and smiled. "Until later then," quickly I left, a stunned woman behind me.

I admit now that I didn't think she would show. Still I found myself in the shop where this all began buying the harness and a lot of other stuff; wondering if I was making an idiot of myself by spending a lot of my hard earned cash on what might only be a dream.

The wait in my room was the longest 40 minutes of my life. A loud knock sounded at the door. Convinced it was the police I reached for the handle.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My knock echoed in the hallway as my knees shook in excitement. Did he really buy that harness? Was he really going to play with me tonight? My mind swirled with questions.

I'd experimented with self-bondage for years, but had never been lucky enough to find a male friend who was willing to share my passion. Because of my long-held desire for bondage with a man, and my nagging doubts about playing with a handsome stranger, my whole body shook as the door handle turned.

He stood there dressed in black jeans, a black tee shirt and bare feet. Since I adore bare feet, I smiled. Once I looked at his face, I could see a mixture of emotions sliding across him: happiness, relief, and uncertainty. I realized that he and I were feeling the same things.

He let me into the room. Immediately my eyes flew to the bed where the leather harness was waiting. My breath caught in my throat. I looked at him again, then lowered my eyes and asked, "How do we begin, Sir?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I motioned to the chair by the window. She was shaking a little so I smiled to put her at ease.

"Well, I am Paul. And your name is?" It had dawned on me that I didn't even know her name. I was about to tie up and dominate a girl I had met only seven hours before. Was this scary or what?

She must have had balls of steel. Oh shit! What if she has balls for real? I looked at the jeans she was wearing; phew, no bulges.

She looked up timidly and whispered "Suzi."

"I presume you know a few things about bondage."

She nodded.

"I want you to give me your safe word and a tune you can hum if we get as far as gags."

She seemed to be a little happier as she smiled and said, "Butterfly!" and then hummed "Bye, Bye, Bye."

I smiled back at her, "Right. Anytime I scare you do either of them and I will stop. But only for those two things, understand?"

She nodded and smiled while looking straight at me then lowered her head in submission.

'Okay let us begin,' I think, quite nervous because I didn't have a dom-sub thing with Sophia. It was mainly bondage with sex that we both enjoyed. And as she'd said, "There's no point in putting ropes on if they fall off." I knew the technical side but doming was going to be hard.

Moving over to my briefcase I reached in and removed two pairs of the hinged handcuffs that law enforcement agencies use now for better control of their prisoners. I passed them to her and watched the wonder in her eyes as she played with them.

"Suzi, I want you to move over to the window. Then I expect you to strip off in an erotic style leaving just your panties on." I looked at her and asked, "Are you prepared to do this for me?"

Slowly as if her legs wouldn't work she stood and moved over to the window. The light framed her body as she unzipped the ski jacket she was wearing. She moved over to the bed and dropped it there. Head held low she unbuttoned her shirt slowly while getting into a beat that was slowly sensuous and came from within.

Suzi threw back her long hair and spread her legs then flipped the hair over her head, bent at the waist and used it to cover her breasts as she removed her bra. 'I do believe she's enjoying herself,' I thought as she turned around and looked over her shoulder. A quick turn left an impression of nice boobs and hard nipples on the screen of my subconscious as she faced the window. Shucking down her jeans to her knees, Suzi bent to touch her toes and smiled up at me from between her legs.

I felt an extension to my already restricted penis trapped in my jeans. The thought that she was totally horny flew through my mind. Now I would defy any professional stripper to show me a way to take trainers off sexually. Suzi couldn't manage it either as she fell over against the bed in a fit of giggles.

I tried not to laugh and turned it into a scowl when she glanced at me as she pulled the jeans off her legs. She stopped giggling and assumed the position of a slave: kneeling with legs spread wide, arms behind her back, head down with chest thrust out at me. Standing, I walked around her. She was superb: nice breasts, peach of a bottom and hips I could work with.

"Stand and face the window!" I ordered, my voice the commanding voice I use at work. A little shudder ran along her body. Moving behind her I took her elbows and inserted them into the cuffs and clicked the ratchets shut. Quickly I did the same with her wrists. She gave off little shudders with each click. Her breasts were forced out by her position and I moved both my hands to cup them and offer them to the windows. Gently I pinched them and rolled the rock hard tips between finger and thumb. I had to hold her as her legs lost their will to support her. She panted and groaned a little. I let go and stood back. She staggered back, caught herself and dropped to the position of submission at my feet.

Stepping to her front I placed my hand under her chin and gently lifted her to her feet. I tilted her head back to look at me and asked, "Are you having fun?" She nodded and I turned her around and walked her towards the walk-in wardrobe. As we walked past the bed I saw her eyes swivel towards the harness laid upon it. I swatted her bottom.

"Later," I said and we stopped under the rail.

Reaching up I pulled a dressing gown cord scavenged from one of the hotel's fine robes and tied it to her wrist cuffs pulling it over the rail and using it to lift the cuffs and her wrists up behind her until she was bent over at the waist. Putting my thumbs into the sides of her panties I pulled down hard.

Suzi gave a little gasp. I just managed to stop myself from doing the same. First because as they slid down, a long clear string of juice stretched from them. And second as the girl in American Pie said, "I think in America you call this shaven!" Wow, my first hairless mon's. Oh god! I nearly did what the young lad does twice.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I glanced up at his gasp, smiled timidly, and asked, "Don't English girls know about waxing?" Smiling secretly, I couldn't help but enjoy his surprise. I'd discovered the joy in keeping myself hair-free a year earlier, and so spent some time every Saturday waxing off everything below my neck.

To tell the truth, though, it did allow my arousal to be too obvious at times! I flushed slightly when I saw the long, clear string of juice stretched between me and my panties.

I relaxed into the bondage as best I could while wondering if he was going to use this position for some fun with my bummy. I love being spanked, so I wiggled my rear a bit in hopes that he'd get the idea. I didn't want to ask… that would have been too forward.

As his hands started travelling over my out-thrust cheeks, I began panting. Would he or wouldn't he?

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The hussy was thrusting her arse at me and wiggling it about. This girl was so bloody hot; she needed a spanking to cool her down.

I kicked her legs further apart and ran a finger along her slit. 'Soaked, it's soaked!' but still there's no point wasting the lubrication properties. Suzi yelped as I quite harshly shoved it into her anus and probed about a bit. She looked back at me in surprise. Still she was here for the ride so I continued to plunge it into her deep recesses.

She sighed and spread her legs wider thus putting more strain on her shoulders and wrists. No safe words yet so I pulled my finger out. And then I began spanking her with the dirty hand while my clean hands thumb and forefinger started on her clit. I was rubbing it one minute then flicking at it the next. I smiled as she started to give off little squeals of pleasure. Her legs were hopping about. Her cheeks were glowing red as I lowered my aim and started to hit the underside of her bum upwards so they bounced with each stroke.

Suzi seemed to be in bit of a state when just as she reached the point of no return I stopped and walked away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

So close! He almost let me orgasm!

When his finger invaded my rectum, I jerked in surprise. I never imagined that a complete stranger would have any interest in my virgin rear door. But, as always, the cuffs and the bindings made me helpless, so I just rode the feelings to ecstasy. If I hadn't been bound, I probably would have refused that sort of play. I guess that's another reason I like bondage!

Where'd he go?

Why did he walk away from me?

Is he going to come back?

Please, please come back!

You just got me all heated up, and now I'm cooling off faster than an apple pie sitting on the windowsill.

I glanced around and finally spotted him sitting on the edge of the bed, staring at me. I refused to beg him to come back, but I kept looking at him and sending out 'come here' messages mentally.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The look I got wasn't very submissive. I sat watching her glower at me as I made a couple of phone calls. Halfway into one she started to moan and groan. I gave her a look and she shut up.

I like this girl as she's a submissive with spirit.

Opening the bag I bought earlier, I removed three items and moved to sit under her face. "Okay, now you have to make a decision for me," I told her while looking up into her eyes. I could have sworn they where brown before, but now they were much greener. "Suzi I want you to be silent. If you cannot, you will have to choose the method of your gagging, so pick."

I held out a ball gag with a soft red huge rubber ball, a ring gag and a full-face harness gag with a choice of pump up or rubber bit.

She nodded at the full-face harness with the rubber bit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was grateful that he'd allowed me to choose the gag. I was physically unable to use the other gags, and too embarrassed to tell him the truth about my gag reflex. Submissive's were always supposed to be able to take any gag, and to my shame, I couldn't.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I buckled the full-face harness with bit gag tightly behind her head and began spanking her again. This time it seemed to be a bit harsher as if the delay made her cheeks more sensitive.

The smell of sex filled the room as Suzi actually started to moan and groan all be it very muffled. So again I stopped. And put the kettle on. I moved with my cup of tea and sat on the floor looking up at a slightly red-faced little slave. Her eyes gave her away. They were glowing with a passion that seemed to be eating away the moral and sensible sides of her personality.

"Would you like to come Suzi?" She nodded her head wildly. "How much do you want to come?"

She muttered something like ssssssoooooooommucccchhhhhhha. I smiled and sipped my tea.

"Quite nice tea, you know," I told her as I waved the cup under her nose.

I was pleased that her position didn't let her kick at me for I think she would have. Smiling at her I walked behind her and stepped out of my jeans. As I don't wear underclothes the member for Askridge in the Dales stood at attention and ready for battle.

Suzi looked a sight from the rear; hairless pussy and anus winking at me. Breasts and hair pointing to the floor. And a bright red bottom giving directions to the target zone.

I rolled a knobby condom onto myself and positioned the head at her portals. Glancing at the skin colour of her arms I decide to press on and in as she was turning a darker shade than was good for her.

Suzi was looking back between her legs as I pushed into her. She gave a little grunt and pushed back until she felt her cheeks touch my hips. The muscles of her pussy took up the rhythm as we started to pump together.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Finally!' I thought. 'Take me up to the clouds, Paul. Let me fly, please.' Although my thoughts were begging him to let me cum, I knew that I would be allowed that pleasure only when it pleased him. After all, he was totally in charge.

My arms went back and forth and up higher as Paul slammed in and out of me. I rocked with him, ignoring the pain in my arms in favour of the glorious feelings emanating from my lower regions.

His balls slapped against my clit over and over, bringing me to the precipice. I was ready to fly over the edge… just a little bit more…

End of Chapter 1

continued in chapter two

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