The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2019 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; arousal; bond; rope; anal; prepare; barn; collar; strip; ringgag; tease; nipple; bdsm; flogger; whip; toys; insert; climax; cons; X

story continues from part seventeen

Chapter 18

For once, I woke up before Paul. We were cuddled up spoon-style. His arms were wrapped around me and his hands were holding onto my breasts. I wiggled my bummy back against him and felt the little soldier coming to attention. That gave me an idea.

"Atten…HUT!" I yelled.

"What the bloody hell?" a bewildered Paul woke with a start.

"Your little soldier was standing at attention, and I just thought…well, you know," I trailed off, embarrassed at my forwardness.

Paul's fingers started playing with my nipples as he pinched, rubbed, twisted, and pulled them to attention. Moaning, I enjoyed his attention.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I decided that in the future on a workday my slave will be in a position of not being able to bug me. Here at this point as Suzi rubbed her arse cheeks up and down the end of my erection I wondered if I was going to marry a nymphomaniac.

Still, being a man, I decided that I should take advantage of this situation. Pulling off the covers I reached under the bed and pulled out some rope.

"Place your hand alongside your ankles on the inside please." I tied her wrists to her ankles and then flipped her over so she was face down with her bum in the air; more cord secured her arms to her knee joints. This presented her bottom for what I had in mind. I looked across at the clock. Not much time left, so I got on with it. Pulling the top off the KY jelly I slipped the nozzle into the star-shaped orifice that was so beautifully exposed. And then I squeezed a large splodge deep into her anus. She shuddered and I saw her bite the pillow. Coating more onto my erection I placed its head at her twitching hole. I pushed gently and as Suzi moved back I slide deep into her almost half-way. Pulling smoothly back until just the head remained inside, I surged forward and ended up with my balls hitting her lower lips. Suzi's breath rushed out of her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul's sudden move to take me anally was so fast that I never had time to fret and worry about the possibility of pain. He filled me with joy instead of fear! At the moment when I felt him fully inside of me, I let out my breath fast. I'd been freed! I was now free of fear and pain, and I loved it!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As we pumped together Suzi said "You're the man, Paul. Actually, you're my man!"

It made me orgasm on the spot and I shot deep inside her as she groaned from the force of my ejaculations.

I took the dogs for their morning run before showering and coming down to a cooked breakfast. Having breakfast cooked for me was something special as I didn't normally bother due to time restraints.

"What would you like to do today, babes?" I asked as I checked my appearance in the mirror.

"Maybe the dogs and I can just bum around the farm or something," she replied.

I kissed Suzi good bye and patting the dogs, climbed into the car.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

With the dogs at my heels, I raced around the house and gathered up all of the toys I could find. The ropes were piled onto the kitchen table. Then I added the toy bag. More items followed as I found them tucked away in different places in the house. I even gathered up the still-sealed boxes from the "steel place" even though they were really heavy for me to carry. The only thing I left behind was the hated steel harness from the disastrous night that almost ruined our love.

Once I was sure that I had everything, I loaded up the car. Driving over to the nearby barn, I unloaded the items inside.

Whistling for the dogs, we hopped into the car and went to town. There, I bought eyebolts and other hardware items that intrigued me.

We hurried back to the barn. The boys and I went inside. They sat and watched as I placed eyebolts into the floor and walls. I wondered what they thought of me as I stretched my arms and legs wide and marked the spots where I thought the eyebolts should be placed. But, I grinned when I realized that as Paul's dogs, they were probably used to crazy human behavior.

I took all the toys and placed them on a table I made from bales of hay covered with a tarp. I placed new oil in the oil lanterns, made sure the shades were clean, called the dogs to leave with me, and carefully closed the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The day hadn't been a lot of fun for me so coming home to Suzi was something I looked forward to all day long.

I stopped off at Tescos and bought her a large bunch of flowers. I wondered how our marriage would work. And I wondered if she wanted to go back to college. I also wondered about the logistical problems of a wedding in the USA and how the hell we could get everybody over there.

I loved living in the dales, as the seasons are so different. The hills on this summer's evening were a dark green as I turned up the track for home. I saw that the car had been out and wondered where she went.

The smell of food greeted me as I opened the door calling, "Suzi, where are you?"

The table was laid and there was a note on the dresser.

"Sit, have a drink and relax. I'll be with you shortly. Love, Suzi."

Pulling the top off a bottle of Stella, I switched on the video that I made last night and watched Suzi's struggle not to orgasm. She was so horny tied to the chair like that.

I hear a woof and turn the tape off. Suzi and the dogs arrived in a bedlam of noise; the dogs barking and her loud shout of "Hi, Lover!" as she threw herself onto my lap, kissing me hard and proclaiming "We're going to have fun tonight!"

I kissed her back and cuddled her up. Ben climbed onto the sofa and Duke slid between the back of my legs and the sofa's base. I felt happier than I'd felt in a long time.

"So, how was your day?" I asked as Suzi lifted her tee-shirt up so I could warm up her boobs with my hands.

She kissed me and looking deep into my eyes whispered, "Do you have any idea just how happy you make me, Paul?"

"Well, let me up and I'll get clean so you can enjoy me without the smell of sweat," I answered. As she stood up, I swatted her on the rear and ran upstairs.

I showered quickly while Suzi dished up the tea. The meal was a nice change as I usually cooked; and to have it ready for my arrival was a treat. Also it seemed that Suzi was getting to know that I liked a glass of red wine in the evening and had poured me one.

"So how was your day?" I asked, tucking into the hamburgers, French fries and salad Suzi had prepared.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Well, the boys and I were pretty busy today. We even went into town and did some shopping today," I grinned at him while munching on my burger.

"What exactly did you do?" he inquired.

"Oh, you know; a little bit of picking things up, putting things together, you know."

Paul smiled indulgently at me. "Are you intentionally being obtuse, girl?"

"The boys and I will show you what we did after supper. Okay?"

He munched on a fry and smiled, "If that's the way you want it… and if you're willing to accept the consequences of your actions, then so be it."

I giggled and nodded.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I slowly ate my tea and wondered about what she'd planned; and what she may have done. But to be truthful, I didn't have a clue. We washed up and I pushed the paper away.

"Okay my little slave, show your master what you want to show me." Throwing her the Volvo keys we headed out to the yard.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"We don't need to drive, Paul, it's in walking distance," I said with a smile. Placing the keys on the table, I grabbed his hand and led him to the nearby barn.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the walk across the fields we held hands just like any normal couple. Who would think that we both harbored a desire to suffer and make suffer? What made this quite unassuming girl, who to look at you'd think butter wouldn't melt in her mouth, be so submissive as to go out and plan for her own discomfort? She amazed me in lots of ways.

The dogs were racing ahead and we looked across at the sunset and the moon's pale outline as it rose. "I love living here," I thought as Suzi stood and looked across the valley. She snuggled in. "What are you thinking?" I asked. She pulled on my hand and urged me towards the barn.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"I hope you like what I've done," I whispered in the dark. "I made things the way I like them; but if you want to change anything, it's your prerogative; after all, you're the Master."

I asked Paul to stay outside while I prepared the barn. He grudgingly agreed. I scurried inside, closing the door behind me. Then I began to light the lights so that an eerie glow added to the dungeon feeling.

Slipping back outside, I knelt in front of Paul and said, "Master, your dungeon awaits your inspection."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I pulled open the side door to the barn and then had to wait while the "boss" disappeared inside and I heard sounds.

She came out and dropped to her knees. I bent down and pulled her up and decided to explore before beginning the games we both seemed to like. I was also very curious to see what she'd prepared for her own torture.

I loved the atmosphere. The lamps gave off shadows and gave the place an evil glow. Suzi watched me as if looking for approval as I explored the barn looking for the changes she'd made. All over the barn she'd placed eyebolts and lashing rings. I looked at their placement trying to judge just how her mind had been working. I looked at one set and shuddered.

Laid out in the middle of all this was a sheet covering a pile of bales. On this Suzi had placed all our rope, chain, and tools of her suffering. I moved over to it and noticed the steel items I had bought. Looking at her I held out my hand. She walked to me with her head down submissively. Pulling her to me I lifted her up and kissed her hard. Her mouth opened and I used my tongue to pillage her mouth as she wrapped both arms around my neck and encircled me with her legs. We stayed like that for a while and all of a sudden we both felt the need. Suzi dropped off and waited for my orders on her knees.

I moved over to the laid out things and picked up a steel collar. Its weight and thickness was going to be a constant reminder of the bond we shared. I used the key on my key ring to take off the one I'd placed on her at the dance so long ago. She shuddered as the cold steel encircled her neck. The way her eyes lit up as I moved her over to the wall and used a large padlock that had appeared in our collection to lock her to the ring in the wall.

I stood in front of her and noticed her body trembling slightly. Her face was a mixture of fear, lust, and maybe a little of come on do your worst. I reached out and grabbed her blouse and ripped it open to expose her lovely breasts. Her nipples were already hard.

"Put your hands on your head, slave. Lock your fingers together and don't drop your hands until I tell you to."

She watched as I moved to the altar of her devices and returned with a new item. I marveled at her ability to create her own pain as I held out a pair of alligator clips and slowly closed them onto her rock hard nipples. Her eyes widened but apart from a little squeak the safety word was not uttered. I watched her ribs as she struggled to contain her breathing.

The short skirt she had on offered no resistance as I rolled it up to her waist and marveled at her stocking-covered legs. The ankle boots she had on added to her height a little. Sliding my penknife under her panties I cut them from her body and watched her eyes as I inserted my finger deep into her pussy. The lust dripped out of her, so holding it to her mouth, I looked her in the eyes and placed it against her lips.

"Clean it slave."

She did so as if performing a blowjob on me. I pulled away from her, nearly shooting my load into my combats then.

Picking up a blindfold, a ring gag and some rope I moved back to her. "You may drop your hands now." I held the ring gag to her lips and she opened her mouth without a murmur. I buckled it behind her mouth.

The blindfold went on next.

Then tying each wrist and ankle, I pulled them outwards to leave her in a star shape by tying them off to the rings she so thoughtfully positioned in the wooden walls.

I stood back. Oh, the picture was so erotic. Her clothes were awry, her naked pussy's smooth paleness glowed in the lamplight. I decided this had to be filmed. I moved to her and whispered, "Darling. I forgot something. I will just go get it." I kissed her swollen nipples and patted her on the pussy. Whistling for Duke, I told Ben to stay and guard. As I closed the door I heard a slight whimper, "Is it Suzi or Ben?" I wondered as I walked off back across the fields

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Although my position should have been painful, I was cranking out endorphins in my excited state. I was thrilled and scared and excited all at once!

I could hear Ben over near the door. He was pacing as he stood guard to protect me. I smiled inside my ring gag when I realized that Ben was fond of me. Then I remembered the morning when I'd hurt myself in my irrational fear of this dog. I laughed out loud (through the ring gag) as I realized just how absurd my earlier fears had been.

I wondered what Paul could possibly need from the house as I'd brought all the good toys to the barn. Oh well, I finally realized that I would have to be patient and wait. Sooner or later, I'd know. I heard human footsteps approaching. Then I felt the air move as Ben's tail was wagging furiously. Paul had returned.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I took my time setting up the video camera. The last few days made me want to keep these memories forever, which as an army officer was quite risky. The battery had been on charge all day so I knew that we would be okay for a while.

Taking the light crop I wandered over to the slightly shivery Suzi. Removing the clips and waiting through her struggles as the blood flow returned I decided on my course of action. She started to groan and flex against her bonds. I chose the spot. Whap! I stung her across the top of her thigh, close to the groove. I quietly moved to the other side and repeated it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When the crop snapped across my thigh, I jumped. But Paul was using the leather flap on the end of the crop, so I knew that these stings would leave no lasting impressions.

Each flick of the crop made me yearn for another. The build-up of heat was incredible. I heard somebody moaning in ecstasy, and then I realized that it was me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Picking up the flogger, I hit her across both thighs. She shrieked and strained against the rope.

I continued up to her belly and ribs. Not hitting that hard, but enough to let her know it was real. It still was a bit off-putting to give someone you love this harsh treatment, but I knew that it was what she needed and wanted.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The flogger's first thudding attack brought out more pleasure-filled groans from deep inside my throat. Paul was using it in such a wonderful manner. It wasn't harsh, but it was totally sexual in feeling. I could feel my love juices starting to run down my inner thighs as he continued to flog me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Next was the finale. I bent in front of her and inserted a pair of love balls and used gaffer tape to hold her dripping pussy lips together. Her body's flush let me know how she felt as I watched a large drop of drool hit the valley between her breasts. Its trail glistened like a snail's, on its way south.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I felt my drool running out of my mouth and hitting my chest. My face flamed with embarrassment. Gawd, how I hate to drool! I must look like a baby with no self-control!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Gently I next used the light whip to make her breasts bounce and glow. Gaining in confidence I started to be able to catch her very tips with the misses adding to her feeling that I knew what I was doing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul started using the small whip on my breasts. I could feel them getting hotter and hotter. And every so often, he rewarded me with a direct flick of the whip on my nipples. My noises were getting louder and louder as his talented whip-wielding brought me close to orgasm. Then came one flick that hit both nips at once and I orgasmed hard.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi's orgasm caught me by surprise as I managed to hit both rock hard nipples at the same time.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was mortified! I'd cum again without my Master's permission. As my orgasm ended, I let my muscles collapse in defeat. I hung there, wishing I could just drop through the floor. Paul was not going to like what I'd just done. Where was my control?

I started to cry. I felt so unworthy. Another failure. Damn! Paul removed my blindfold and gag as my sobs rocked my body.

"What's wrong, Suzi? Did I hurt you?" He looked truly stricken at the thought.

"N-n-n-no. I failed you a-a-again," I sobbed.

"What do you mean? I thought you were doing well," murmured Paul as he moved in and kissed my cheek.

"Oh Master, I came without permission! And now you're going to have to punish me for losing my self control again. Please?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Wishing that I had not removed her gag so I wouldn't have to punish her I looked around at what she'd shown me earlier. 'Oh shit,' I thought as I tried to remember how I'd seen it done on the different websites.

I took her down from the wall and placed a pair of cuffs on her wrists and sent her out for a pee. While she was gone, I looked at the positions of the rings and decided my plan of action.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finding a place in the woods to pee, I squatted, pulled off the tape, and took care of business. After drying off, I stood and looked out over the dark landscape. I couldn't stop feeling like a total failure as a slave. I was supposed to wait for orgasms. I wasn't supposed to get beyond the point of no return. Would I never learn to control myself? Paul must rue the day when he met someone so out of control. How could he love me after another blatant failure?

End of Chapter 18

continued in chapter nineteen

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