The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2019 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; naked; bond; rope; crotchrope; blindfold; hood; kiss; tease; arousal; mast; oral; toys; insert; collar; chain; denial; climax; cons; X

story continues from part sixteen

Chapter 17

I was glad that the table was the old wooden one from the old days as the clamps on Suzi's nipples where scratching the top. Her body was writhing with pleasure as she neared the top of her plateau. I could see it in her little hip thrusts as she pushed back against the crotch rope, and it aroused me. I loved the way she sounded; her animal grunts and groans. They were so base and wild that I decided to prolong the sweet agony and let go of the crotch rope; stopping the dildo at the same time. The hood moved as she listened to my retreating foot steps.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Where did he go?' screamed my mind. I needed more stimulation, and here I was, alone and not even with the buzzing of the dildo to keep me company. I couldn't figure out where he'd gone or what he was doing. And I sure couldn't guess what his plans were. So I waited in sweet agony for his return.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Coming back with the video camera I set it up on the tripod facing her wide spread legs. Starting it rolling and reaching into the cutlery drawer I picked up the flat metal fish slicer and started the dildo again. A woof from the door and I realized that I had forgotten the dogs and so I opened it and the two wet hounds dashed in. Ben licked the back of Suzi's leg as if to say "Hi" and shook water all over her exposed rear end.

I laughed and whispered in Suzi's ear "I have to dry them off. Don't you dare come and you can have a multiple when I am finished."

The hood nodded.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I held on…and on…and on. It seemed like an eternity because I'd been so totally on the edge just moments ago. But I knew that I couldn't and wouldn't have an orgasm without permission. I wanted to prove to Paul that I could be tough. He'd seen me falter earlier this evening, and I wanted him to remember my strength instead of my weakness.

To make thing worse, the water Ben had shaken onto my bummy was dripping and running down the backs of my legs. It was making me squirm uncomfortably. But, in spite of everything, I held on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I left the kitchen and went into the hallway and toweled the boys down ruffling them up and generally making them feel loved. I was amazed that they had not become jealous of Suzi as before I had spent most of my spare time with them.

I wondered if Suzi had already come and if she realized that I would know if she had or not.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While waiting for Paul to turn his attention back to me, I eased my muscles in their bondage as a way to relax just a little. It honestly didn't help much. I was so keyed up that I feared that only one light touch from Paul would send me flying into orbit.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As soon as I finished drying off the dogs it was feeding time and I didn't think Suzi would mind, so I did just that, I fed them. So I was gone longer than I thought I would be. 'Would she still be there?' part of me laughed. Yep, she was.

"So, slave, did you come while I was gone?"

She shook her head.

"Would you like to come?"

The hood nodded vigorously

Picking up the remote, I turned it up a notch and placing my thumb under the crotch rope, pulled. I then slashed the fish slicer down onto her left cheek quite hard. It bounced seductively and the spaces cut in the flat metal formed ridges on her skin. Suzi let out a long groan and thrust out her bum so it got more of that treatment until she orgasmed with a long cry.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Whatever he was using on my bum left me with the strangest, but most wonderful, feelings. It was something new, and I liked it. After being denied my climax for so long, I really exploded when he finally gave me one. As I tried to calm down afterwards, I wondered what else Paul had planned for us that night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Letting her up I removed the nipple clamps and watched the show. Her breasts bounced very sexily as they tried to ease into the blood re-entry when her swollen buds expanded to their usual shape.

I left the rest of her bondage on as it pleased me. Her arms and hands seemed to be okay. Looking at her welts-covered bum, it looked weird as they were not bruised; just the opposite, as they were white rather than red or purple. As I ran my fingers over them she snuggled back onto my hands.

"Love you," I whispered in her ear.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul's soft declaration of love sent my spirits flying even higher than they were from the endorphins streaming through my body. My breasts had screamed out as the blood rushed in, but now they were thrumming with sexual heat.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Come and watch TV," I said, leading her into the sitting room. And turning the telly on I sat Suzi beside me and placing my arms around her shoulders played with her breasts. The remotes were side by side and as I changed channels I altered the speeds. Her chest started to rise and fall as I played with her out-pushed orbs. 'I do like the things that rope does to a breast,' I thought as I gently flicked a swollen nipple.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sitting like this with Paul felt right and good. But, I wished that I could speak and remind him that watching TV usually was done without a blindfold. On the other hand, not being able to see did heighten the sensations he was sending through my rapidly reheating body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I moved the camera into the sitting room and ordered Suzi to her knees. She seemed to be lost in her own world now as she obeyed without a thought.

"Okay, slave, I want you to kneel and using you mind and your own body's movement bring yourself to a climax."

She nodded and began.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On my knees, I began rocking back and forth to get friction going between the crotch rope and my clit. Before too many movements, I could feel the familiar pulsing beginning deeply within my body. Then I changed the motion to circling my hips. The pressure grew stronger. Soon I was arcing my hips from side to side. As the tension built, I was ready to cum.

With a growl from deep inside my throat, my orgasm sprang to life. My knees buckled and I went down onto my tummy as the orgasms ripped through my body, one after another. I kept moving and they kept coming. It was exhilarating! But after a while, I became tired, and the intensity lessened and lessened until they stopped.

I was face-down on the floor, exhausted. I wanted to rise, but didn't have the energy. Moaning softly, I waited for Paul to help me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The show Suzi put on was one of the most erotic displays I'd ever seen. The hip movements, the thrusting of her bound breasts and the really sexy sounds coming from behind the hood made the picture complete. Watching from behind the viewfinder was a little frustrating but hey, that's a price I had to pay.

Her orgasm shook her and her breasts crushed by the ropes bulged as she hit the deck and started to hump the floor. 'Lucky floor,' I thought as I filmed her last little shudders. Picking her up I laid her on the settee and tied her ankles together then linking them to her waistband hog-tied her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I felt Paul tying me tighter, but I didn't care. I was so exhausted and happy that I'd have accepted anything from him. Once I was in the hog-tie, Paul's hands gently encouraged me to rock back and forth. As I rocked, the crotch rope and the humming vibrator worked their magic and soon I was having another orgasm.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Going upstairs I prepared the bed for a very tired little slave. Untying her ankles I threw her over my shoulder and carried her upstairs.

'I love this girl,' I thought as I stripped the soaked ropes from her pussy and eased the pair of intruders out of her holes. Removal of the hood showed a sweat-soaked, wild-eyed Suzi who watched as I removed the rope from her breasts and kissed the indentations they left. Guiding her to the toilet I watched her pee and wiped her off.

She was very sleepy even though it is just past 9 PM. Walking her back to our bed she watched me pull out a steel shackle and fasten it around her neck. Then I sat her on the bed and coupled a chain to the neck shackle. I removed her handcuffs said, "Sleep, and I will come and get you for some supper. I'll let you take the tape off your own mouth." Kissing her on the forehead I went back downstairs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I carefully picked at the edge of the duct tape and then peeled it off my face and mouth. I'd sweated so much that it was loosened up quite a bit. Rubbing my indented wrists, I fell into a deep sleep.

I awoke and realized that I was still alone in the bed. Looking at the chain, I felt that I had enough length to get into the bathroom. I carefully stood up and walked into the bathroom, clanking softly as I walked.

Looking in the mirror, I noticed that my hair was a total mess. I grabbed my hairbrush and slowly and carefully removed the tangles, starting at the bottom of the strands. When everything was smooth again, I used a scrunchie and pulled my hair back at the nape of my neck. Then I washed my face and neck before completing a quick three-point wash-up. Feeling cleaner, I returned to the bedroom and sat down on the edge of the bed. I heard the stairs creak, and soon Paul entered the room.

"All refreshed?" he asked.

"Yes. And I'm starving!"

Paul laughed, unhooked the other end of the chain from the foot of the bed, gathered up the chain, and led me downstairs.

"Here you go, slavey," he chuckled as he sat me in a chair and connected the chain to something behind the stove. He pulled my hands behind the back of the chair and tied them into place with a rope. Then he spread my legs and tied each calf up underneath the seat. The final touch was a rope around my waist that held me tightly to the chair.

Paul brought a hearty stew to the table. He tasted a large forkful and smacked his lips while telling me that I was lucky to be in the presence of a great cook. After several more dramatic forkfuls, he looked over at me and slyly asked, "Is my slavey hungry?"

"Yes, Master. I am hungry. May I have some stew?"

Paul picked up a carrot with his fork and fed it to me. He was right, he was a great cook!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I loved that feeling of, well not power but reliance, that feeding a slave gave me. Deliberately I held the lump of beef on the end of my fork, just out of reach. Suzi smiled at the game we played and gave me a pleading look; it worked and I popped it into her open mouth. Feeding her a good-sized meal, I started to drip gravy all over her nipples and exposed skin. It was hot but not as hot as the wax you see poured onto Japanese bondage models. Her breath came in pants as I licked the sauce off my betrothed. Suzi groaned as I inserted a finger between the chair seat and her pussy. Wiggling her clit around soon provided the desert to her meal as she orgasmed hard.

Leaving her tied to the chair I went and fetched my briefcase and sat down in the chair beside her. I began to do the yards of paperwork I should have done earlier but forgot. She had that effect on me.

Suzi sat and watched me as I pulled out my laptop and typed away. I kept looking over to her and smiling as she tried to look sexy as if to encourage me to break off my work and do something about the situation. I loved the sight of the tight rope around her tummy and the way she shook her breasts at me.

"May I have an orgasm soon?" she asked and I considered her request.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul kept working away, totally ignoring me. Then a hand was suddenly in my crotch and he was tweaking and teasing my clit. Soon, I was flying high and ready to explode. I was ready for it. But was I allowed to climax?

"Master, may I cum?" I pleaded.

"No. Not yet," he murmured.

I sighed in frustration and wished that he'd at least return his hand to his laptop. But my wish was in vain. Soon his thumb was teasing me and his one finger was plunging in and out. Then two fingers. Then three. I was more than ready.

"Please, Paul, may I cum now?"

"No!" he laughed.

I gritted my teeth and hung on.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh the bliss of the tease. It is the main weapon of my armory. Suzi's body strained against the rope as I continued to manipulate her quivering body. The way her nipples pushed out cried for attention. So I ignored them; not wishing for my slave to suffer the humiliation of an orgasmic failure. Instead, I continued my work; typing with my right hand and playing with Suzi with my left. The benefits of being ambidextrous are two fold. I looked at the clock realized that it was getting late and I wanted to come myself. So, untying Suzi and leading her upstairs I locked her neck chain to the ring on the bedroom wall and went downstairs and let the dogs out for a pee.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I couldn't believe it when Paul locked me upstairs and left. My body was screaming for release. Since I couldn't do anything about it, I walked into the bathroom and used the toilet. Because my hands were still tied behind me, I stood and pulled some paper off the roll; wadded it up and put it on the edge of the toilet seat, and sat on it. That was the best I could do. I returned to the bedroom, perched on the edge of the bed, and waited. And if you think I was calm and patient, you don't really know me. I was churning with need and barely enduring the wait.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi's arms were still tied behind her and I wondered how she wiped herself as I knew she'd have taken a pee herself. I vowed not to use the towel on the bath, in case she'd straddled the bath. After washing my little friend I lay on the bed. Suzi sighed and said, "Are we going to continue, or are you planning on going to sleep?"

I gave her a masterly smile and said, "Slave, your master has had a hard day. But as I'm a caring master you can use my body to bring about your sexual satisfaction. Just don't wake me." I nearly gave the game away by giggling at the silliness of what I'd said. I sounded like one of the crap bondage films you can get at the video store.

Suzi hid a smirk and uttered these words, "There is no way on this earth that you could sleep through this!"

I burst out laughing and pulled her on top of me crushing her bound arms as I hugged her to me. She kissed me with those fast hard pecks as her whole body shook with laughter.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I kissed Paul's eyelids, his cheeks, his ears, his neck, and finally his mouth. His laughter bounced my body up and down on his chest. When I finally reached his lips, I stopped his laughter as my tongue plunged deeply into the recesses of his mouth.

Once he stopped laughing, I slid my body lower on his and bent over and began sucking his right nipple. He sucked in a huge breath, and then I was suddenly on my back with him looming over me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Quickly the urge to pump her filled me and I rolled over pinning her to the bed. Her wet folds enveloped me as with one push I sank deep into her and her legs locked over the back of my legs. Locking her body between my wrists I started to really pump her as Suzi's vocal groans of encouragement helped us both spur onto a point of no return.

Feeling her spasms arrive I plunged to full depth and spent deep inside her.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul and I climbed the pinnacle together and then jumped off at the same time. His heat filled me as I shook in a massive orgasm. My vocal sounds bounced off the walls as I came and came again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Helping her off her arms I cuddled her as she recovered and slowly peeled the ropes out of the red creases that even have the weave of the rope embossed as a reminder of their tightness.

Soon we both went to the bathroom for a shower. One again the minx tried to revive the now sore part of my body and it took the threat of sleeping in the barn to make her desist.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I just wanted to wash Paul's nether regions. Honest! It wasn't like I was trying to make him cum again! I just wanted him to be nice and clean for bed. But he seemed to think that I was out of bounds; so, not wanting to sleep in the hay, I let go of his equipment.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We cuddled under the duvet and Suzi's collar rattled as I smoothed my fingers through the long locks of her hair.

End of Chapter 17

continued in chapter eighteen

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