The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2019 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

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story continues from part fifteen

Chapter 16

We took our leave of my friends and piled back into the car. I looked at Suzi and we both broke out laughing as I asked, "Was you rogering last night, Suzi?"

"I was rogering the man I love! And I'm proud of it!" she exclaimed. She then blushed a beet-root red and I kissed her nose. It was going to take a little while for her to get used to the military way of life.

Driving off Suzi massaged my groin area saying, "I can't wait to get home and play with your little soldier."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My words encouraged Paul to put the pedal to the metal. We raced across the countryside at break-neck speed.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Picking the dogs up from the pub I noticed people saying hello to Suzi and she seemed to be a lot happier now. The farm looked moody under the leaden sky of a rainstorm coming over the hill.

"Oh dear we can't go out so is there anything you would like to do my dear?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Would you be willing, just this once, to do something outrageous?" I asked.

Paul raised an eyebrow questioningly. "What do you have in mind, Suzi?"

"Well, would you place yourself totally at my mercy? I want to tie you to the bed, blindfold you, and play with you. What do you say?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Oh god, how I hate being tied up. But as I'd tied Suzi backwards forwards and all bloody ways what could I say?

"Err, yes but nothing up my bum."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul's response was precious. All of a sudden I could see that he had a vulnerable spot, and my wicked little mind was churning with ways to give him a wild time.

"Lie on your back in the middle of the bed and close your eyes. Oh, and you need to let me move your arms and legs around a little without fighting me."

Paul slowly slid onto the bed, centered himself, reclined, and closed his eyes. I climbed aboard, straddling his waist. Then I slipped a blindfold over his closed eyes. I could feel him heaving beneath me as the blindfold closed off his opportunity for peeking. Taking his right hand, I looped soft cotton cord around his wrist; then I pulled both hands together and looped the left wrist. Cinching them in the middle, I pulled his arms up over his head and tied them off on the headboard. His rugged face was framed by his strong arms. While tying him, I made sure that my breasts touched his cheeks. Once, I felt his tongue snake out and take a lick. That's when I knew that he was feeling safe with me.

I climbed off the bed and Paul complained with a sigh. "Hold on soldier, this won't take long." I tied each ankle and stretched them to the sides, tying them to the legs of the bed.

Hunting around, I found something that I hoped would get my man excited. Earlier, I'd found a feather duster in Paul's bedroom that had probably been left behind by the housekeeper. I opened the drawer where I'd hidden it and began flicking it lightly across Paul's right instep. He jerked a little before a booming laugh erupted from deep within him. I continued to use the feather duster up and down his body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi was a little tease. Now being not in control freaked me as a flashback to a time in Bosnia raced through my mind. Then a breast slid over my face and I relaxed. That definitely didn't happen in Bosnia.

The duster tickled and I had to laugh. But to be truthful I was still not at ease.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Being a very oral person, I wanted to taste my man's body. I wanted to map his different tastes in my brain so that I'd always recognize him by taste alone. So I started by licking his cheeks. As I licked, he kept moving his head, trying to catch my tongue with his mouth. I finally relented and kissed him leisurely. Our tongues danced in each other's mouths. Breaking off the kiss, I licked his ears and the area directly behind them. That made him shudder. I moved down to his neck where I licked around his Adam's apple before settling in on his pulse point. Before long, I was gently sucking him there.

"Don't leave a mark, please, I go back on duty tomorrow," he whispered.

His voice brought me back to reality and I moved on to his shoulders and upper arms. When I licked under his arms, the taste was pungent, but pleasing. Something had caused a scar in his right pit. I wasn't an expert, but it looked like maybe it was from a bullet. He wiggled around on the bed as I gave his pits a good licking. Maybe my breasts rubbing on his chest had something to do with it also…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I felt that traitor down below stand to attention thinking, 'Ah hah!'

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul's chest was quite smooth without much chest hair at all. That let my tongue slide along his skin easily. However, a long scar that started on his upper left shoulder and slashed down to his left hip stood out in stark relief against his tan. Noticing that it barely missed his nipple and naval made me gasp with worry at what might have been. I didn't want either of those erogenous areas to be unfeeling. Especially today!

I licked Paul's long scar, loving it with my tongue. I wanted him to feel deeply inside himself that I accepted him – all of him, and that nothing about him put me off in the least. I noticed his body shivering as I licked his scar. Also, his little soldier was coming to attention.

I suckled at Paul's left nipple and then moved to the right; leaving a wet path in between. After following the path back and forth several times, I began to hear some noises coming from Paul's mouth.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That dirty girl had me groaning in frustration. I wanted to grab her and nail her to the bed, but being tied down, I could only moan out my frustration. I wanted her to take pity on me and let me loose, but I wasn't willing to beg.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Down the center of Paul's chest to his belly button went I. I licked circles around and around it before finally plunging my tongue inside. Paul shook and quaked as my tongue plundered him.

The scent of his musk drew me lower and into the heavy forest of his pubic hair. My nose led the way as my tongue licked and tasted his musky flavor. I was in heaven! I licked through the forest until I reached his balls. I licked them and then sucked one into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it; then I did the same with the other one. While diving deeply between his legs, I let myself drop over his mouth. Soon his tongue was lapping at my clit. In return for his attention, I moved deeper and started licking his sweet spot between his balls and anus. Paul was jerking so hard in his bonds that I thought he was going to buck me off. Giving him a respite, I started licking in the crevices where his legs met his groin. His taste here was the saltiest yet, with a heady musk mixed in.

Paul was giving as well as he was getting, and I was getting really excited. So, reaching down, I untied his ankles before turning around and lying over his body while untying his hands and removing his blindfold.

Before I knew what hit me, Paul reared up and flipped me onto my back while he straddled me. There was fire in his eyes as his mouth descended on mine. His kiss was like a challenge; it was as if he was daring me to fuss about him resuming his role as the master of all. I wasn't in any mood to argue as my teasing of him had me at a fever pitch and I needed relief, too. So I kissed him back just as strongly as he was kissing me, hoping that he understood my unspoken message.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was rock hard and needed to assert my leadership. It had been fun but I have always been a leader and never a follower. Placing my knees at each side of her chest and pushing her breasts together I squirted KY into the space between them and thrust my dick deep along the cleavage. Suzi got the hint and bending her neck opened her mouth to receive the bulbous head as it appeared between her bulging breasts. She seemed to groove on the position and I felt her hand creep between her thighs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I'd never before had sex like this! Paul's hands were clutching my breasts together and his organ was sliding up and down between them, giving me a chance to lick the head on each thrust. But I needed a little more stimulation, so my one hand slipped between us and massaged my clit. Pretty soon, we were both at a fever pitch.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To be honest I felt like a stag in rutting season. We were both sweating and Suzi was groaning her approaching arrival and she seemed like she was being very rough with herself as if to check that she was all working again. Her body was shaking under me and her face had a ruddy glow. Her breathing came in long gasps and her whole body shook as she came. The feeling of power and her orgasm drove me over the top and I shot all my built up spend over her open mouth, hair and nose.

"Oh my god, Paul!" said a sweating Suzi as I climbed off her and gave her a tight hug.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul and I just lay there, holding onto each other as if afraid that the other one would disappear if we let go. He released his grip long enough to pull the covers over our rapidly-cooling bodies. A sigh, a kiss, and we drifted off to sleep.

When I awoke, Paul was staring at me. He smiled. The only word to describe that smile was "bliss." We'd both found it in each other. I felt content to stay in his arms all day, but it was not to be.

"Come on, love, we have things to do," he whispered. Then he bent his head to kiss me. While we kissed, I reached down and took hold of his manhood. He started to rise to the occasion again. "Suzi!" he ordered, "we can't play the day away!" With that, he climbed out of the bed, grabbed my hand, and dragged me along with him into the bathroom.

We showered together. I asked Paul if I could shave him, but when he handed me a straight razor, I chickened out. He laughed, stropped the blade to a keen sharpness, and then demonstrated the technique for me. I watched him, fascinated. Now for a true confession: anything he did would have fascinated me, even if it had been mundane like clipping his toenails. I was head-over-heels in love with this man.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi seemed happy as I let the dogs out and started the evening meal.

"Penny for your thoughts," I asked as tapping the egg with a knife I dropped it into the bowl.

She smiled, "I was just admiring the way you cracked that egg. You are so talented in so many areas. No wonder I love you so much."

Whisking the eggs, milk, cheese and ham into an omelette I chopped spring onions and dropped them into the mix. Thinking about the way Suzi said the things she just said brought back the happiness that I had with Sophia and the difference in our relationship. Suzi loved me. And as I always got the feeling that Sophia was just passing through it was so different. Plus I never wanted to do the things to her that I dream about doing to my beloved one who sat on the worktop totally nude.

I was not used to being this loved. It gave me a strange feeling of happiness. As a boss of 64 people with the responsibility of their welfare and safety and the possibility of having to tell loved ones how they died, you don't tend to get this close. Nevertheless, it was a feeling I could get used to I thought.

I moved to the top of the aga and lifted the top off the hotplate. Suzi's nose sniffed at the smells coming from the frying pan and she climbed down and set the table. The phone rang and Suzi answered it. Her eyes rolled as she mouthed "MOM" to me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"But Mom! No, I don't want to do that. I don't know, I'll have to ask him. No! Not there, it's too tacky. M-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-m-m-m-m-m! Supper's ready, I gotta go. Yeah, I'll tell him. Bye."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Looking at her rolling her eyes and pulling faces as she talked on the phone I stifled a laugh and wondered what she would do all day tomorrow. I would be at work all day and until the weekend. I started my evil mind to work on bondage-filled days to prevent her from getting bored.

Suzi put down the phone and said, "Mom's in some weird wedding-craziness phase. She's gonna drive us both crazy before long. I'm sorry, but she wants you to come to the States to get married. And she wants you to do it in full uniform. And she's already wanting to pick out a gown for me. I told her no way to that. And she wants the full reception, country-club style. This could be a disaster."

We ate and I put the TV on and went to get a duvet for us to wrap up in. Suzi disappeared under the covers and I lost all interest in the news.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After whining at Paul about Mom's craziness, I felt that I owed him some pleasure. He was going to need to be strong to make it though a wedding with Estelle doing the planning – we both were.

So I slipped under the duvet and pleasured my man orally. He started to object, but as soon as my lips touched him, he leaned back and enjoyed the experience.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I thought about gagging the minx, but I resisted the urge. So once again I lost vital body fluid to a warm soft mouth.

"Do you know how many calories are in sperm?" I asked as she emerged with a wicked grin from under the covers.

"Would knowing the number stop me?" she responded. "Somehow, I don't think so."

I laughed at her cheek and putting on my master's voice ordered her, "Slave, go to our room and bring the things you think I would like to place upon your body. Get it right and I will place no more. Get it wrong and I will ball tie you and hang you out of the barn window all night."

Suzi bowed and disappeared upstairs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I started by opening our bag of toys and looking at everything inside. I dug around, choosing one thing, rejecting another, then changing my mind, again. Finally, I decided that maybe the best way was to just take items to bind me from head to toe.

For my head and neck, I chose a roll of duct tape, and a leather hood with built-in blindfold and collar. For my arms and torso, I chose both sets of metal cuffs (one for my wrists and the other for my elbows), a set of adjustable nipple clamps and a lot of colorful dressage ropes. For my lower body, I chose the cotton plaited braids to be used as a crotch rope. For my legs, I gathered up the leather ankle cuffs with the 12" hobble chain between them. Looking at everything I'd chosen, I made a quick inventory and decided that it was probably what Paul wanted. I started out of the door with the items, but at the last moment, I turned back and added a smallish butt plug, a remote control vibrating dildo, and the KY Jelly. Feeling satisfied with my choices, I took them downstairs to my master.

Entering the room, I knelt before Paul and presented my choices to him on my outstretched arms.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I have read that submission is ten parts having things done to you, twenty parts mental gymnastics, and the rest are sensations; so as she brought the things and presented them to me I asked her to lay them out on the table.

"Ok, slave, here is what I want you to do. I want you to pick up the things you have brought and place them on your body while I sit here and watch. Give me a good show and you will be rewarded, a bad one and, well, we will hide all your toys and no bondage for a week."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

He'd just threatened me with the absolute worst punishment I could ever imagine! So, I set my mind on one goal: to place myself into bondage in the sexiest way possible. But the leather hood made me pause for a moment. If I put it on first, I couldn't see to do the rest, and if I waited to put it on last, my hands wouldn't reach. Somehow, I'd have to don it late in the game, but before my hands were bound. My mind searched quickly for a plan of action. Then I looked over and saw Paul looking at me expectantly. I knew I'd have to wing it.

I placed each item on the table in the order that seemed right for applying them to my body. Smiling sexily at Paul, I picked up the dressage rope. Sliding it sensuously around my torso, I fashioned a rope bra that was tight enough to make my breasts start to turn a reddish color. Then I placed the clamps on my turgid nipples, tightening them to a very firm grip. Taking a shaky breath, I picked up the butt plug. It was the jelly-type, but even so, fear caused sweat to drip down my brow. I lubricated it, smiled at my master, and, as sexily as a totally freaked-out girl could manage, I inserted it. I heaved a sigh of relief when it seated itself. Looking over at Paul, I wondered if he was angry at my obvious fear.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She seemed scared which actually caused me a bit of concern. "Slave, if this is too much for you stop. If we need a break from bondage, fine, don't worry about it. Remember your safe word. I won't be mad at you. It's as much for your fun as mine. If you don't want it, don't do it." I smiled at her to let her know I was sincere. "Plus, fear in a slave is not a bad thing."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Reassured, I inserted the dildo and then used the cotton plaited braids to fashion a tight crotch rope to hold everything in place. Once it was tied, I handed the remote control to my master.

I turned my back to Paul and bent over from the waist to attach the leather ankle cuffs and hobble chain. Swinging my hips provocatively, I turned back around and retrieved the duct tape. Tearing off a strip of tape, I used it to seal my lips closed. Then I picked up the hood. I pulled my hair up and back as I slid the hood over my face. Smoothing it towards the back, I pulled my hair out of the way as I zipped it closed. Before placing the blindfold part over my eyes, I got the handcuffs off the table. I snapped one pair around my right elbow and the other pair around my right wrist. Closing the blindfold, I found myself encased in darkness. With great difficulty, I reached behind myself and managed to click the elbow cuff onto my left elbow. The left handcuff was slightly easier to close. As a final tribute to Paul's mastership, I knelt carefully before him.

Darkness and silence surrounded me. The dildo didn't vibrate, Paul didn't touch me, he didn't speak. Nothing but darkness and silence. In that dark place, I began to worry and fret that maybe I'd done something to displease him. A tear trickled out of my eye, hidden by my hood. I stayed as still as possible, waiting and worrying.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

To sit and watch her as she willingly bound her body tightly and painfully was the sweetest thing. The girl I was going to marry trusted me to be fair with her body. I got up and moved around her and watched her quiver. Blowing gently on her trapped nipple I watched her jump. Moving behind her I blew on to the edge of the crease where her rope dug into her stomach. No response! Maybe the tightness dulled her feelings.

Grabbing her shoulders I moved her over to the table and bent her over it looping some spare rope she had brought down to lash her to the top by her collar and waist.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Paul started playing with me, I was reassured that I'd passed his test. I'd bound myself with enough items to allow more bondage in the coming weeks. Inside my tight, dark hood, I smiled.

Suddenly the dildo sprang to life as Paul started spanking my bummy with his hand. It wasn't a sharp, punishment-style spanking; rather it was slow and sensuous. And after every few spanks, he rubbed my cheeks. And then his hand dipped lower with the rubs. Soon it was pressing the crotch rope against me and making me squirm. Before long, I was breathing hard and ready to cum. But I held on and didn't orgasm as my master hadn't given me permission.

The minutes slowly ticked by as I suffered the glorious suffering of needing to orgasm but having to hold it. I was rocking in my bonds and noises were even escaping the tape and the hood.

End of Chapter 16

continued in chapter seventeen

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