The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part fourteen

Chapter 15

When we arrived back at the hotel the couple we'd shared the taxi with wished us a good night. We went up the stairs to our room.

"You looked like a princess coming down those stairs," I whispered to her.

She smiled. "I felt like a princess, too. It was magical."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As he closed and locked the door, Paul whispered to me that maybe I should go put on something comfortable.

'Comfortable, my foot,' I thought, "what he really wants is something sexy!' I grabbed my bag and headed into the bathroom, securely closing the door behind me. After all, if he wanted "the look" he was going to have to wait for it.

After undressing, I slowly removed my makeup and did a quick three-point wash up. I removed the Band Aids from my nipples and smiled as they sprang forth in anticipation of the night to come. Slipping on a sheer white baby-doll set, I glanced in the mirror and was pleased with the effect. The sheer bikini panties did nothing to hide my pouting lower lips. And my nipples showed clearly through the top. I giggled as I thought how much Paul was going to like this outfit. A pair of high heeled caribou mules adorned my feet.

Once I was pleased with my appearance, I reached into the depths of the bag and drew out Paul's handcuffs. I'd hidden them in my bag before leaving his house, and so far, he hadn't discovered them. But that was about to change.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I stripped off and sat on the bed awaiting my princess' arrival.

Her entrance was superb: first a foot in a high heeled shoe; then the leg kicking high; and soon a breast covered by a top so sheer that I could see right through it. Suzi's almost-covered waist slid into view around the door frame. I sat and wondered when an arm would show. She was leaning back into the bathroom and as she straightened up I noticed an elastic bandage covering her entire lower face from her chin to her nose, gagging her. Her arms were behind her and I heard the clink of cuffs.

She sauntered up to the bed slowly. Again I wondered about the difference between her and any woman I'd ever known. Feelings of lust and master-hood welled up inside me; and the temptation to rip the flimsy panties off her body was overwhelming.

Slowly she knelt down and kissed my feet using her nose. 'Brave girl,' I thought.

From this position of subservience she looked up at me and I ran my fingers through her soft silky hair. I bent and kissed her eyelids and held the covered breasts softly in my hand as I thumbed her nipples making her groan.

"Stand, my slave," I told her and she stood in front of where I was sitting. Her breasts were in front of my eyes. I eased the neckline under the fold of her breasts, the material holding them up and out a bit. I slid my hands behind her thighs and pulled towards me until her nipples touched my cheeks. Gently I moved my head from one to the other sucking and nibbling at the pebble-hard nubs.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul's lips and teeth were driving me mad with need. I felt my body starting to move and gyrate before him. I tried to stop and stand still, but I was powerless to resist the strong urges that were flooding my body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi's hips started a dance. She seemed to be pulling against her restraints. Her breathing increased as I pulled her panties down over her hips exposing her smooth creamy pussy and thighs. I ran a finger down her parted lips. It came away wet. Holding it under her nose, I asked, "Does this arouse you, my slave?"

"Yes," she moaned through her gag. Suzi was breathing heavily and barely able to even speak that one word.

I pulled her over to the edge of the bed and helping her onto her cuffed wrists, pushed her back with her legs bent over the side. Easing them apart I looked at her pussy as I panted in anticipation of the coming events.

I licked the whole length of the offered up crack. A long groan escaped the covered mouth of my soon-to-be-wife's face. I sucked hard on her exposed clit and waited for results. Her breathing was in short pants as I pulled at it with my lips.

"SLAVE!" I said loudly, "Don't you come until I tell you!"

She lifted her head as if to say 'you've got to be kidding.'

I pulled on it again and slowly continued my licks. The way her hips were dancing gave me a clue to her state as I inserted a finger to check that she wouldn't be hurt. She gripped it with her muscles and opened her legs wider and grunted as if to give me permission for what was about to happen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When Paul slipped his finger inside of me, I knew that he was testing me to see if I was well and truly healed. So I gripped that digit hard to let him know that I was back. Too bad he couldn't see his face when I did that to him; the smile of relief that washed over his rugged features was worth a million dollars to me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I eased my rock-hard penis up to her crack. Suzi tried to move onto it but I didn't want to hurt her. So, picking up the tube of KY jelly, I coated the whole length. Placing the tube above her crack I squeezed a large blob into her hot entrance. Suzi shuddered.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

That KY jelly was cold! It immediately sent shivers through my body. Fortunately, I was so hot that soon the jelly's temperature matched mine. Paul's attentiveness and carefulness made my love for him grow even deeper.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Lifting myself up onto the bed I looked at my love and she said yes with her eyes. Slowly pushing in a little and pulling out I began to sink deeper into her quivering depths. Suzi was lifting her hips as I touched her nude pubis with my hairs. Lifting her legs up to take some of the weight off her wrists she began to move a little as if to test for pain and I winced at the thought that I could have hurt these warm depths.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul was making love to me as if I was made of crystal that could break at any moment. It was very endearing, but also a bit frustrating.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

She groaned loud as I squeezed a held-up breast. I sucked the nipple deep into my mouth. I flicked it with the tip of my tongue as I pulled out and slowly, then gently eased the full length of me out and back in.

She nodded and I started a slow sensuous pumping motion. Her eyes searched my face, looking for what I don't know. It was like we were new-found lovers, not the pair of perverts we really were.

Suzi's eyes begged me to let her come. I shook my head. "Together babes, together," I whispered to her as she ground her hips against my pelvis as we pumped at each other. Her unusual moans and groans filled my ears as I pinched her nipples and pulled her breasts outward. Feeling the pull of an orgasm coming deep from my balls I looked at her and said, "You may orgasm in ten strokes slave!"

I felt her come on the ninth but forgave her as I pushed deep and pumped my whole life force deep into her clenching pussy. Suzi wrapped her legs around me as I crushed her into the bed, gasping for breath.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

After all our trials, I'd never have bet that this moment would have arrived for us. We had just made love and it was good. No, it was better than good. Actually, it was better than better. Well, you get the drift.

Most men tend to fall asleep after an orgasm as strong as the one we'd just shared. But not Paul. Soon I felt him scooting down on the bed. Then his tongue and lips and teeth began teasing me again. Another orgasm sprang to life inside of me. I began making all kinds of noises behind my gag as his mouth took me to new and unexpected heights.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The noise of her enjoyment as I licked the length of her lips was actually quite funny. She growled and groaned as I played her like a violin and enjoyed the sighs and moans of another climax buildup.

I pulled her legs up like she was in stirrups and ordered her to "Stay like that" as I walked to the mini bar and returned back with a couple of items. Suzi was panting. I thought maybe she came while my back was turned. She was struggling to maintain her wide-spread position.

I bent down and ran an apple all over her skin. She shivered as its cold skin passed over her parted lips. I placed it finally in the hollow of her belly button.

"Something for you to concentrate on, my slave. If you breathe too deep or start to writhe about and it rolls onto the bed it's ten hard spanks to each buttock. If by chance you make it land on the floor it doubles."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The promise of spanks for losing the apple was tempting, but I decided to try really hard to keep it in place for Paul. He still didn't seem to realize that using the threat of a spanking was never going to encourage me to follow orders. However, for now, I held my tummy still in an effort to maintain the apple on my navel.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I started to use my tongue again and watched her struggle to control her breathing in her orgasm. She was doing so well until I placed an ice cube against her extended clit. She shrieked and the apple rolled up the concave part of her belly towards her breasts. Suzi realized what was happening, and using a deep breath as well as her stomach muscles, rolled it back.

I laughed out and said, "Well done slavey; lets see how good you are at this." I pushed the ice cube hard against the entrance to her bottom. A little jump and a slight movement of the apple ensued. Now I love a challenge and started to lick her clit with my tongue on one side while running a fresh cube up and down her hot lips. Then changing over, I held the cube against her bud and licked the melted water off the insides of her juicy wet inner self. Her moans were reaching epic proportions now as I pushed a couple of fingers into her for her to grip on. Moving up the bed I took her left nipple in my mouth and sucked really hard. Suzi's pussy clenched and as I pushed down hard on her clit I watched my victim's stomach start to pick up the rhythm of my thumb. Watching the apple I waited for her climax.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul was driving me crazy with this little game. My body was shuddering with the effort to keep the apple on my stomach instead of letting it fall onto the bed. I'd realized that he was trying to see just how much I could take before losing control. So, to please him, I maintained a lot of control for a little while.

He kept upping the ante, and soon I knew that he was just waiting for me to lose. For a moment, I thought about fighting on, but then I remembered the promised spanking. I was torn between two desires.

Once his thumb and lips started working in unison, the familiar pulsing began deeply inside my body. I knew then that it was time to let go.

A massive orgasm shook my body. It started in my clit, moved deeply into my vagina, and then shot sparks all over my body. I thrashed in abandon, not caring that the apple didn't just fall to the bed. That apple hit the bed and bounced off with the pounding on the mattress and landed on the floor where it rolled until it hit the wall.

Suddenly the bandage was pulled down off my face and Paul's lips were crushing mine. His tongue plundered my mouth as his body molded itself to mine. I felt his hardness demanding entrance, and I gratefully opened myself to him. He entered me in a rush. Then he stopped and held both of us still. A long lingering kiss completed our connection.

He rose up over me, grinned a lopsided smile, and began the age-old dance of passion.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This time we both seemed to want it harder so as I slowly built my speed up Suzi wrapped her legs behind my back used them to dictate the speed and deepness of my thrusts. Soon I had to place my hand over her mouth to give the people in the room next door a chance to sleep.

With a little grunt I came deep inside of her as she franticly rubbed her clit against me to finish herself off.

It was a while before I was able to pull out of her and send her to the toilet. On her return I checked her hands and seeing that they were not too bad left the cuffs on and tied her ankles together with a cord from a robe.

Pulling the covers over us I snuggled into her warm body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I awoke with a loud sneeze. Something was tickling me under my nose. As I finally took stock of my surroundings, I realized that Paul was flicking the ends of my long hair over my face and under my nose. I giggled and reached out to stop him; but realized that I was still in the handcuffs and the ankle tie.

"Paul, I have to get up and use the bathroom now," I whined.

"Sorry, babes, but there's something you need to do before I can release you."

"What? Do you need a blow job?"

"I'd enjoy that, but that's not what you need to do."

I scrunched up my brow in concentration. I honestly couldn't remember anything that I had to do right this minute. Paul finally took pity on me and pulled the phone onto the bed.

"You have to call your Mum and tell her the news."

"Okay, let me loose and I will."

"No way, babes; you're calling her just the way you are right now."

"But she might hear the cuffs. What'll I do if she hears the cuffs and asks about the sound?" I asked in a panicked voice.

"I guess you'll just have to keep them quiet, babes," he grinned at me.

I gave in and told him the numbers and Paul punched them into the pad. He held the phone to my mouth and ear.

"Hi, Mom, it's me, Suzi. I have some great news."

Mom guessed the news before I could tell her. She then demanded that I put Paul on. "Yes, Mom, here he is."

Mom seemed to be talking and talking to Paul. His responses were mainly 'Yes, Ma'am' and 'No, Ma'am.' Then he wished her a good day and hung up the phone.

"Well?" I questioned him.

Afterwards, he untied me and sent me to the bathroom.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Well, I have been interrogated by some of our best on E&E missions, but this woman takes some beating.

1. Where will the marriage take place?

2. How many guests from my side?

3. Who, what, where, when, how?

4. Were my intentions honorable?

5. Did I consider the age gap a problem?

6. Blah, blah, etc.

And to be truthful I hadn't thought about these things. Being single for the last few years, as is the army way, led to non-deep thoughts about these items of womanly interest. Still my naked wife-to-be had wandered through the door and handed me the toilet roll saying, "I can't use this like this."

Oops, forgot the cuffs and Suzi seemed to be unaware of them too until this job needed doing. I wiped her off much to her embarrassment. And then I pulled her over my knee on the bed. Her cheeks seemed to know what was coming and gripped tightly together. A hard spank taught them to relax.

This was what we both wanted as she squirmed under the non-stop rhythm of the blows.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul's spanks were driving my libido wild! He got them going at the rate that perfectly matched my "throbbing" rate immediately prior to orgasms. I needed an orgasm badly, so I shifted my body a little bit so that his knobby knee was pressing hard against my pubic bone. The resulting shocks from each spank sent vibrations right into my clit. I was quickly approaching my climax.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was shocked to find my knee being used as a sex aid. Her hips were grinding her pubis onto my kneecap and her groans were becoming loud again. So I passed her the pillow and told to bite on it. Suzi actually got more spanks than she had earned just to finish her off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I screamed into the pillow as my orgasm hit. Then, when I finally began to slow down, my buttocks started to hurt and tears popped into my eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked as she looked up through her tears.

"Awesome! Just awesome!" were the only words she spoke.

I walked into the shower after tying her ankles to the bed headboard. A peaceful shower and I started to pack to go home. Picking up the bags I woke a slumbering Suzi and passed her the key. "Meet you downstairs in thirty minutes, babes. I have to pay the bill and meet some friends, so come and have breakfast."

I left Suzi looking cute but disheveled as I walked out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As I showered, I realized that my tummy was rumbling. The tiny bit of food I'd managed to eat at the dinner wasn't enough to hold me over through last night's energetic play with Paul. So I rushed through my morning ritual and threw my clothes into my bag before heading downstairs for breakfast with my fiancee.

'My fiancee': those two words sent a thrill through my body.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I watched the looks of amazement on everybody's faces as a ravenous Suzi ripped through several plates of bacon and eggs, fried bread and hash browns.

"Mon Du. Paul, what did you two do last night?" Catherine asked, as another slice of toast disappeared into the gaping maw of my lover.

"Not much; slept a little."

A major from the Army Air Corps looked at his wife and laughed. "Well, whoever was next door to us last night was rogering all bloody night. Wasn't you, was it Paul?"

Suzi nearly had a choking fit, "Excuse me, I swallowed something down the wrong pipe," she said, as Catherine slapped her back.

I smiled and replied, "No doubt about it."

When she realized that her words had only made things worse, Suzi jumped up and ran into the ladies room. When she didn't return, I had to ask Catherine to go and see if she was ill.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I sat in the stall and stalled. Everybody at the table had to know that it was Paul and me who'd kept the other couple awake last night. What must they think of me? I was mortified!

Catherine entered the ladies room and coaxed me out of the stall. Taking me into the outer lounge, she sat me down in a chair. Then she explained life with military men and their wives.

"My dear, you must know that these men face death frequently. Because of that, they have a wonderful zest for life – both their own life and their comrades' lives. And they love knowing that one of their own has found love. You will be teased, yes, but it is with love. Don't feel ashamed. Everyone has wanted Paul to find a woman of his own to love. And they show their approval by their jests."

We talked for a good quarter hour before I finally understood the 'family' I'd be joining when Paul and I wed. And hearing that I was already being accepted into that family made my heart sing with gladness.

End of Chapter 15

continued in chapter sixteen

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