The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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story continues from part ten

Chapter 11

I got up early and dressed quickly as I needed to get to the market for shopping and things before our guests departed. So, leaving the keys on the pillow, I got the dogs and went shopping.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Suzi? Are you awake, dear?" My Dad's voice right outside the door jolted me awake.

"Uh, yeah, Dad, I'll be up in a minute."

Hearing his footsteps retreating down the hall, I quickly searched around the bed, looking for my means of escape. Finally I saw the keys on Paul's pillow. I wiggled around enough to grasp them and free myself.

When I entered the bathroom, I noticed that the butt plug had been removed sometime in the night. I mentally thanked Paul for his thoughtfulness.

After a fast shower, I went downstairs. Mom had breakfast ready. I sat with my parents and we ate together. Dad told me that he knew about my little speech to Mom the night before. He wished me love and luck. He told me that he'd like having Paul in the family – if it ever came to that. I washed the dishes and we talked on and on. Finally, my parents each kissed me good-bye, climbed into the rental car, and drove off.

Now it was up to Paul and me to decide about whether or not we had a relationship, and if we did, what form it would take. I waited breathlessly for Paul to return home.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Turning into the drive I saw the rental car coming towards me. I pulled over and waited for it to reach me. To be truthful I expected Suzi to be in the back. Her mother seemed to have a strong power over her. Walt got out and we met in the middle of the track. He stuck out his hand and said, "Well, we are going. I like you Paul, and I trust you to look after my Suzi. Her lack of self-assuredness makes us worry about her. To me it seems that you might be the one to straighten her out. I've seen that she has grown in confidence since we last saw her."

I interrupted, "That's what going away by yourself does, Mr. Smith. I have nothing to do with that. I see it all the time with the young lads and lasses that join our regiment."

He smiled at me. "Yes, but she stood up to Estelle last night; and if I were you I'd be honored by that fact."

"Don't worry. I will take care of her for you. Visit again and stay longer next time. So back to Manchester for the plane now, is it?"

"Yes. I, I mean we, must be going."

I shook his hand and waved at Suzi's Mom. She half smiled.

As I pulled up at the house Suzi walked out to greet me. I could see that she was worried. So I handed her the shopping and whistled for the dogs. Suzi had breakfast already prepared, but she was very quiet. I asked her, "How did it go?"

"You mean with Mom and Dad? They just decided to let me make my own mistakes for a change, I guess. I think I upset them with my need for independence."

Suzi seemed surer of herself this morning. So we sat and she watched me eat the food she'd prepared for me. She just sipped her tea and looked pensive.

"What's up Suzi? Do you wish you'd gone with them?"

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

How could I tell Paul that I wanted to belong to him? That's what I wanted. That's what I dreamed about ever since I met him. But if I told him that, and he rejected me, could I stand it?

"No, Paul. I didn't want to go back home. I like it here." Oh god, did I say too much? Did he know how badly I wanted him?

"Were you hoping that I'd go back to the States? I mean, if you want me to go, I will. Just tell me." There...that should keep me safe from the pain of rejection...

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

This insecurity of hers was beginning to annoy me.

"Suzi, stop it! I want you here. I have plans for us! If you want to go then pack your bags. If you really want to stay you are welcome. I love you and I want you, but I am dammed if I will go through this shit every time you lose confidence in yourself."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Do you mean it? Are you sure you want me here with you?" My heart had taken a tentative leap. I wanted him to want me so badly.

Paul smiled. Then he said something simple but profound, "If I say it, I mean it, no matter what."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I stood up and moved to her, kissed her. Then I pushed her upstairs to our room.

She stood watching as I pulled out her rucksack and for one minute I think she believed that I was packing her off. Rummaging through the bag I found what I was looking for and tossed it to her. She caught the bikini and looked shocked as I ordered her to put it on.

"Put a skirt and a blouse on and meet me in ten minutes downstairs, and bring a jacket."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Obediently, I shrugged out of my clothes. Before dressing as ordered, I slipped into the bathroom and relieved myself. Then on went the bikini. I covered it with my broomstick skirt and peasant blouse. Grabbing my jacket, I rushed downstairs to Paul. As I descended the stairs, I wondered what we were going to do. And then I decided that whatever it was, it was going to be great because I would be with him. Even so, I worried a bit about what we'd be doing.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi entered the kitchen looking worried. I smiled at her and passed her the pair of heels she'd used last night. I was on leave now but I had forgotten to tell her that with all the fun of her parents being here. She was obviously curious but didn't ask as we sped through the dales in a different direction to any she had seen. Suzi enjoyed the views as I hurtled the car towards Manchester.

It was Monday so we got held up on the M65 past Burnley. I had made this appointment on Friday so we were expected. Suzi wasn't saying much at all. We arrived at an industrial estate at Bredbury, on the East Side of Manchester. Suzi was looking around, not afraid but curious. A tall bearded man met us at the door and we shook hands. Suzi looked at him. He was tall and well built; very powerful, even I was impressed.

Suzi looked very unsure but I gave her the look and she dropped her head.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I had no idea why we were here or who this handsome stranger was. And it worried me a little. Was Paul going to force me to endure another round of humiliation in front of strangers? I just couldn't even guess. So, I decided that the best I could do was to stop thinking so hard and to just accept whatever this day was becoming.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We passed through reception area into the workshop.

I caught Suzi looking in surprise at the girl behind the desk. Suzi whispered, "She has a steel collar on." I patted her bum and heard the girl locking the front door behind us. She followed us in.

The tall man said, "Hi! I'm Steve. I believe you must be Suzi?"

Suzi nodded and I moved over to the bench leaving her standing by a desk. Now she looked scared. "Suzi, take your blouse and skirt off. That's an order." For a moment I nearly had a mutiny on my hands, but again the look stopped her.

"Hello. I am Clare," the woman said as she moved to shake a now-trembling hand. I could tell that Suzi didn't like this one bit.

"What's happening? Why are you all looking at me like that?" Suzi muttered. Her whole body was quaking.

"I'll be doing the measuring today," Clare said, and passed Suzi a cup of tea.

Suzi gave it back without a word.

I ignored Suzi's "get me out of here" look and continued to look at a catalogue of photos, mainly of Clare, wearing interesting things. I chose the items I wanted and the team got to work,

Steve wrote down the measurements that Clare took of a slightly more relaxed Suzi. She seemed a bit put out by the crotch and breast bit though, since it involved distances from nipple to nipple and clit to bum hole and other measurements just as personal.

"There now, we're finished," said Clare.

Suzi stood still. At first I thought she was just being stubborn, but then Steve called out, "Suzi, get dressed."

Suzi hurried back into her clothes and I shook Steve's hand and said, "I'll see you about 4 PM then."

Suzi waited until we got into the car and then cried. "Paul, I don't have any desire for public humiliation, haven't you figured that out yet?"

I passed her a hanky {don't say I'm not sensitive} and followed the signs for the Trafford Centre. Suzi dried up her tears and settled in to watch the Trafford Centre grow bigger as we approached. To me the size of the place is huge, but Suzi told me, as we walked hand in hand into the depths of it, malls in America are bigger. I told Suzi I would like to buy her some clothes as a treat for being a good slave. She really didn't have much with her and summer was here. She loved the Ann Summer's underwear shop and bought quite a lot of things. She said she felt guilty spending my money but as I explained, I didn't spend much normally; just mess bills and food for the dogs.

She kept her purchases hidden from my eyes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shopping with Paul was so much better than those incredibly intimate measurements they did to me back in that shop. I mean, who needs to know the distance from my vagina to my anus, or from nipple to nipple? Sometimes I just didn't understand what Paul was doing and why.

At least he allowed me some privacy when choosing some pretty underwear. And since I chose each piece with an eye to what would please him, I was glad that sometime in the future I'd have the chance to surprise him.

As our shopping continued, my hurt feelings about the embarrassing measurement session faded away.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We had a very nice lunch and spent the afternoon doing normal things. Bags of shopping were stacked in the back of the Volvo and then we headed back to Bredbury. Suzi looked a little shocked as Steve and I loaded the car up with heavy boxes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It became obvious that whatever Paul got from Steve was to remain a mystery to me.

All the boxes were taped securely shut, and none of them had any identifying marks on them. I realized that I was going to have to wait to find out about their contents. Only Paul would decide where and when to let me in on the secret.

I thought back to the measurements, and let my imagination run wild about all the interesting gizmos that might be in those mysterious boxes. I know I had a silly smile on my face, but those thoughts had me going.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

When we arrived back in the Dales we stopped at the Dog and Duck for an evening meal. I wanted to have fun when we got home and didn't want to waste time cooking.

Carol greeted Suzi like a long lost sister. I liked Carol; we once had a thing going when I was but a teenager.

Suzi seemed to relax even more. Carol dragged Suzi into the kitchen to gossip, I think. Bob, the landlord, laughed, "My daughter is such a chatterbox."

We chatted and I had to fend off the worst of the questions. The meal arrived and we ate while chatting to the people I grew up with and a couple of old farm hands that worked for Dad.

Suzi seemed more at ease now. By introducing her to my friends I was making a "she is here to stay" statement. Every time I mentioned permanency, Suzi's smile broadened.

It was a lot later than I thought when we finally left. Suzi snuggled into my arm and said, "Carol offered me a job serving behind the bar for the summer."

I smiled. Crafty cow! She knew an American behind the bar would bring in the customers. I remembered an Australian girl two years ago; tall, long legs, ahhhh.

We arrived at the house and let the dogs out of the barn where they stay when I am out. Suzi took them for a walk and tried to whistle them in. The dogs ignored her whistles and continued romping in the fields.

I carried all of the boxes and bags into the house. Suzi bounced in with dogs behind her. "Hah, told you I could do it!" she bragged.

Smiling, I told her to go prepare herself for a long night's fun.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I went up to the bathroom and rummaged around in the closets. After a bit of looking, I found an enema bag. Wanting to be totally clean and ready for whatever Paul had in mind, I gave myself a warm sudsy enema followed by a clear water rinse. Once that was done, I took a bath in scented water. I lingered in the tub, enjoying the simple pleasure of getting myself clean for my man.

Once I stepped out of the tub, I towelled off and scented my body with light cologne. I tied my hair up out of the way, donned a robe, and wandered over to Paul's bedroom. The door was tightly closed, so I gently knocked and awaited Paul's instructions with bowed head.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I heard Suzi's knock and smiled. Why was she knocking on the bedroom door? I decided that another glass of wine was in order. Suzi knocked again and I decided to wait and see what would happen.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul didn't respond to my knocks and I wondered if that meant he was still a bit pissed off about my insecurities. I couldn't help it sometimes; I just let my brain get going and it talked my heart into feeling negative instead of happy. I decided that the next time my brain started to think like that I was going to tell it to shut up and let my heart lead me.

Still, there was no answer to my timid knocks. So this time I knocked louder and sank to my knees before the door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally taking pity I opened the door. I walked by her and down the stairs. I said, "Oh slave, down here." She stomped downstairs, but was composed by the time she reached the bottom.

She entered the room looking radiant. There really was no other way to describe it; she was radiant. Her hair gleamed, as did her eyes, and she had a slight blush to her cheeks. If this was what belonging to someone does, I must confess to feeling jealous at that moment.

Dropping her robe and dropping to her knees, she hit me with a speech.

"Master, I'm sorry for being so insecure with you. These last two days have been very trying for me. Please understand that I love you and want to obey you, but sometimes I get so afraid about what others would think if they knew about me. Please don't get angry with me for not being perfect. I know that I'm about as far from being a good slave as anyone can be. But, if you are willing to work with me, I'm more than willing to work my butt off to be the kind of slave you want."

I smiled and felt so proud of her; a girl who stood up to her parents and chose me. A girl who'd just offered her body for whatever I decided to do with it. She was a girl who had the ability to make a master out of me.

"Go stand by the aga; face the wall, hands on head." She did so with that curtsy again.

I smiled and moved up behind her "Stand still." I ran my hands over her body from her shoulders to her waist; around her bum and back up her front. Cupping her breasts I pushed one to her mouth and ordered, "Kiss it, Suzi." She did, so I let go and they bounced back into shape.

Her breathing was picking up. "Spread your legs and touch your toes." Again, compliance.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was feeling something happening between us. It was hard to put it into words, but there was a connection of some type. It was as if he knew what I needed him to do and I was already prepared to do it as the words left his mouth. The feeling stunned me.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I let her stand like that for a while. I walked around her. Her breasts hung down towards the ground. Her nipples were taut. I stood at her rear and ordered, "Touch yourself."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I pressed my lips apart with the fingers of my left hand and used my right ring finger to trace circles around my clit. As I felt that bud starting to engorge and grow, I began running my fingers around the bud and then sliding them back one lip and forward on the other. My breathing became fast and ragged as my fingers picked up speed. Soon I was using my left hand to pinch and pull my lips as my right hand diddled around. Then one finger began to dive into that tight, hot spot. Moving faster and harder, I held on and waited for more instructions. I really needed to cum, but Paul hadn't said anything about that.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I watched the slow sensuous display of her fingers touching, teasing stroking; and then the faster, more insistent motions. I was aware of her subbie feelings building deep down inside of her. She stopped at the point where she was about to come.

"Please, Master, may I cum?" I denied her the pleasure.

"Stand up and turn towards me," I ordered. She obeyed. Her eyes widened at the different items laid out on the table. They were not what she expected.

"Move to the table." She slowly did so.

"Pick up the clamps." Suzi picked up a set of adjustable clamps and held them in her hands.

"Place them both on as tight as you can stand." I watched her wince as she complied.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The nipple clamps were new and so there was no give in them at all. I turned the screws out so that the clamps would bite almost at their hardest level.

The only reason I didn't go full-tilt was that I wanted to leave some room for Paul to tighten them later if he so desired.

They hurt so badly when I eased the jaws down onto my nipples. I held my breath after I applied each one for fear of making an unpleasant sound. Making Paul proud of me was my main concern this night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Now pick up your handcuffs and kneel over the foot stool and cuff your hands to the rail at the front." She did as asked, wincing as her nipples were crushed into the soft cloth cover. Her bottom was presented for what I wished to try.

Kneeling in front of her I looked into her eyes. "Suzi I love you. I would like to use the riding crop on you. I need you to teach me how hard to hit with it as I don't wish to hurt you too much."

I paused to look into her eyes. She was scared but, well, I cannot put a word to it.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I realized that we had just entered the danger zone. Paul had never before used such a thing on me so he had no idea how hard to strike me. And he was expecting me to tell him! Oh, man! This was going to be an interesting, novel night.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I picked up the crop and stood behind her to one side. "Ready?" I was trembling myself; god, this was scary.

"Ready, Master," came her shaky voice.

I took aim, again quietly shitting bricks, and looked at her trembling buttocks. I slashed down onto the top of the mounds.

"How was that?" I smiled to myself about how absurd it was for the person who was suffering having to tell the whipper how hard to hit.

Suzi said it was a bit soft, so I hit her harder the next time. This time she complained that I'd hit her too hard. The third one seemed to be just right. I loved the way her buttock cheeks danced and then clenched. She was a picture.

Two more followed on the unmarked areas of her posterior.

I unlocked the cuffs and picked her up and gently carried her up to the bedroom. Laying her face down, I used a painkilling cream on her welts. I felt guilty, but also I had a strange feeling of admiration for this slight brave girl. Although she was crying now, she kept her screams in while the pain was delivered.

I helped her to kneel and kissed her hard telling her how proud of her I was and how if she gave me ten minutes to prepare, and then came into the other bedroom, I would show her some of the new toys we had.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I stayed on my tummy on the bed, willing my tears to stop. I'd been hurt worse than this before, so my tears were really more an expression of relief than of pain. I thought back to the absurdity of telling Paul to hit me harder and started to giggle.

After ten minutes were up, I climbed off the bed and hurried down the hall to the other bedroom. The door was closed. Once again, I knelt on the floor and knocked on the door.

End of Chapter 11

continued in chapter twelve

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