The Student and the Soldier

by Paultt & Suzi

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© Copyright 2001/2019 - Paultt & Suzi - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; D/s; steel; chastity; insert; harness; collar; headcage; gag; nipple; outdoors; electro; game; hood; shock; vibe; pain; climax; cons; X

story continues from part eleven

Chapter 12

I could have made her wait but as she had taken the crop well I let her enter quickly. You couldn't really call it punishment as we both knew she hadn't done anything wrong to earn it. Suzi entered and I told her to turn and face the door. She did as asked and I placed a blindfold over her eyes. I wanted to put her into the main thing before she saw it.

I opened the box I wanted and pulled out a stainless steel belt. The weight of it showed the quality. The belt part had two hinges on each side; these had serrated ends like a handcuff and attached into a "buckle" at the back and the front. Suzi shuddered as the cold metal encircled her waist and the ratchets clicked.

A U-shaped piece with two metal dildos attached then went between her legs plugging her holes; the anal one took a bit of getting in even with lots of KY because there was no flex in the steel and the prongs were very filling. Suzi shucked and writhed about trying to get them comfy. A little groan escaped her mouth.

I ran my finger over one of the welts I'd given her. Then the ratchets on the ends of the U clicked into the buckles front and back. Suzi shuddered again. Next came the back brace, a dead straight flat bar up to neck height with a steel collar for her neck. As it was a full-sized one it acted as a posture collar as well. It ratcheted into the top of the back brace.

I held her hair out of the way and pushed her neck back into it, closing the front part of it then shut it and locked it in place.

On both sides of her neck were a pair of brackets, and I picked up the head part of this ensemble. Turning Suzi around to face me I placed the frame over her head.

This consisted of a frame over the top and a very fancy gag. Much like a gum shield it fit over her teeth. This was coupled to a steel gag that covered her lips. She struggled a bit as I opened her mouth and gently asked her to bite down on the resin. It formed to the shape of her gums. The bar clicked into the over frame and a spilt bar in an upside-down Y shape attached to the top of the gag went up each side of her nose and clicked into the top of the over frame.

I turned Suzi back to the wall. Two cuffs two inches wide were fastened in place above her elbows and two more around her wrists. These were clicked into place on the back brace and belt respectively, forcing her chest out and offering up her nipples.

I removed the clamps from earlier and turned Suzi to face the mirror. I looked at her reflection of shiny steel and crushed flesh. I bent down and helped Suzi into a pair of high heels she'd bought earlier that morning. She looked superb.

I bent and placed two more of the cuffs around her ankles marveling at the weight of the chain. I turned out the lights and placed a spotlight on Suzi.

The steel shone and glowed. The dark shadows added to the effect.

I unfastened the blindfold…

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

While Paul was placing cold steel in and around my body, I was mentally picturing what it looked like on me. I knew it was tight, so I expected to see my breasts pressed out the way Paul seemed to like them. I also knew that the dildos were huge and had no give in them. That worried me a little. I was afraid that they might stretch me out to where I wouldn't snap back; and then what would any man ever want with me? I pushed that negative thought aside. Paul wouldn't do anything to ruin me. I knew that in my heart.

I heard the lights click off. Then I felt the heat from a spotlight.

My heart beat fast as Paul removed the blindfold.

I slowly opened my eyes, not looking at the mirror, but just trying to adjust to the brightness. When my eyes were back in focus, I looked into the mirror.

Staring back at me were my eyes and my hair.

But I really couldn't recognize myself beyond that. The steel had me tightly in its grasp, and I bulged around it in places. And my breasts were up and out with my nipples aimed ahead and up – right towards Paul's face.

I couldn't move much at all. My arms were immobilized and so was my mouth. My crotch burned and ached from the weight of the dildos inside of me. I saw Paul's proud face looking at me in total happiness. And I wondered, 'What next? What is Paul's desire?'

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

It was then that I realized that I had a problem.

I wanted to check that the gag part was okay. Suzi seemed to be getting over her gag reflex problem a little bit, but I had asked Steve for this other type of gag for that reason. The problem was that she couldn't speak and couldn't nod her head.

"Suzi, if you are okay blink your eyes." She blinked lots of times. "Gag okay?" She blinked again.

I smiled at her and opened the door to the stairs. "Okay, now I have two things to attach and then we are going for a ride." Suzi's eyes widened at that. I applied jell to her nipples and fastened a pair of contacts to them. Then, after plugging wires into her dildos and attaching a large battery pack to her belt, I helped Suzi down the stairs.

I whistled for the dogs and helped her into the front seat of the car. She groaned and moved to try to settle into a more comfortable position.

Buckling the seat belt across her took a bit of work because of her arms being behind her back. Suzi was buggered in more than one sense of the word. She couldn't give the safe word and couldn't even click her fingers.

I threw a ruck and the dogs into the back while another ruck went into the back seat. I locked the house and we set off.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Sitting stiffly in the car I began to wonder where he was taking me.

I'd made my plea earlier about public displays of my kink, so I assumed that he would honour that one limit I'd expressed. I tried to relax into my bondage but this steel was nothing like the ropes I was used to.

The steel was a much harsher master, and I found that relaxing into it just didn't work. So I sat stiffly and diligently worked at breathing slowly through my nose so as to not cause myself to get embarrassed by gagging.

The dildos hurt when the car started moving. Again, it was the lack of "give" in the steel that caused this feeling. I couldn't see where we were going in the dark, but I felt the car moving onto a rougher road. As we bounced along, the steel cut deeply into my body, causing pain.

And then the dildos started to vibrate. Those vibrations took my attention away from my discomfort. Soon I was totally focused on the delightful sensations coming from those unyielding, vibrating dildos. Before long, I was close to having an orgasm.

Normally I would have asked for permission, but there was no way for me to get Paul's attention. He seemed to be totally focused on the road, oblivious to my blinking eyes that were begging to be allowed to cum. Then Paul hit a major pothole and the resulting shock wave put me over the edge. I climaxed with my entire body quaking inside its steel cage. The gag let no vocal sounds escape, so my noises were only heard inside my head.

After it passed, I was ashamed for not holding on until given permission to cum. A tear trickled out of the corner of my right eye.

Paul pulled up to a dark shape that was big enough to be a building.

He opened his door and glanced over at me. He saw the tear. "Are you in pain, Suzi?" My only pain was shame, so I didn't blink in response to his question.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The track was much rougher than I remembered, so I hoped it hadn't jolted Suzi too much. The barn was an old sheep safety station and was miles from civilization. The farm had visitors during the week such as the post van and things like that. I wanted to have some fun in the open air with Suzi so I brought her out here where nobody visited.

Helping Suzi out of the car took some time as she was plugged full and couldn't bend at the waist so only her hip joints were useful in moving her legs.

When she was standing I pointed in the direction of the barn and said, "Meet you there."

Picking up the two rucksacks and letting out the dogs I ran over to the side door and unlocked it. The chain between Suzi's ankles allowed half strides to be taken so I knew the only difficulty would be the heels. Still, it took her a while. Judging by Ben's head movements as he listened, Suzi went to the large doors at the front and then walked the long way around the back to the side door.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

As I walked around the building, evil thoughts crossed my mind: thoughts of Paul having to wear sky-high heels and trying to walk in this soft dirt. The absurdity of that mental picture kept me going. Wearing this metal cage, my posture was ramrod straight and I couldn't see anything to my side without turning my whole body. Finally I discovered the open door and shuffled inside.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Shuffling in, clanking a little, she looked a sight.

Her bonds so unforgiving, as her eyes actually shot defiant sparks as if to say anything you want me to do I can do it. The steel glinted in the light of the two hurricane lamps I'd hung from the brackets on the posts.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I blinked and looked around at the inside of the barn.

The wood looked very old and the metal fixtures were rusty. But there was clean straw on the floor so that made me think that it was still used frequently. I didn't see any animals in the stalls. There were rings on the walls that must have been used to tie up the animals. I gazed at two of them that were just the right distance apart to hold my arms stretched widely. I immediately imagined myself attached to them with my back to the wall and with Paul doing delicious things to my body. I shivered a little at the intensity of the thought.

Other areas of the barn were in deep shadow, almost menacing in their darkness. I could only wonder about what the shadows hid from my view. The barn exuded an aura of gothic menace, and I was "hooked" by it.

I'd always enjoyed reading Gothic romances, and this barn came right off the pages into my life.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi looked a little scared by the surroundings.

I loved the way she quickly realized that I'd noticed it and covered it up with a smile from her eyes. I stood in front of my slave. Bending down I kissed her eyes through the metal frame around her face and held her breasts in my hands.

"You have made me proud. I have a slave who accepts challenges, who loves what I do to her and who is willing to try anything. Now I want to make love to you, but first we must remove the frames from your body. They are going back on when we go home so don't think you've gotten away with anything. Now you will wait here while I do something."

I left Ben on guard and ran outside with Duke.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I was beginning to feel the old barn calling to me to explore its depths, so, tentatively; I began to carefully walk across the floor and to look into the shadows. It was hard to do much looking with my head held so stiffly, but I was able to see the rings on the walls and the old wood better.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

We returned shortly to find that Suzi had wandered around the barn looking at things and from the flush on her chest I thought her dirty mind had been making up fantasies again. I caught her doing this a lot, though I don't think she knew I knew.

"Right slave, I want to make love to you. But you are stopping me from doing this by the chains you have allowed yourself to become wrapped up in." I paused for dramatic effect. "It is therefore your duty to go and fetch the key from the paddock where it is on a post at hand height. Now to make things a little difficult you are going out there blindfolded and with no shoes on. This is because I am a caring master and don't want you to break an ankle. Now I must warn you that there are cow pats and thistles out there and I won't be able to see them as I guide you."

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Oh, darn!' my mind screamed, 'Cow patties are so disgusting and thistles will hurt my feet.' My mind flashed back to summers on Grandpa's farm and the icky feeling of fresh cow manure oozing up between my toes. Gross out!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Oh yes, I can see you wondering about how I'm going to guide you."

I looked at Suzi and saw her eyes blink.

"Well, the reason that you have those contacts on your nipples is so I can do this."

I held a box out in front of her wide eyes, and pushing the red button on the remote I gave her a shock to the left nipple. The shocks were only the same voltage as a cattle fence so although it hurts it's not that bad. (I know, having peed on one as a boy.) Suzi grunted and almost jumped into the air.

"So left is for left and right is for right." I checked to be sure that one was working too.

"Okay, now then, there is a bit of walking backwards for you to do so while the vibrator in your lovely front hole is working you walk forward. When the anal one vibrates you reverse. Okay so far?"

Suzi blinked a lot.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul was having fun playing with his new toys, and I was the main one – his own remote-controlled walking doll. This new game of his had me excited, and I could feel myself getting damp – again.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

"Okay here are your last few instructions.

When you are near the target and walking back to it, if I need you to side step a pace or two I will hold the nipple button down and make both your vibrators work." I checked that they were working by pushing the buttons. Suzi's eyes blinked to both inquiries.

Suzi's breathing quickened as I walked her to the back door of the barn. I showed her the paddock and told her that where the glow-stick was shining on the wall was her target zone.

"Ok slave, now you have to walk slowly and carefully up through the sheep wash and out the other side then you are on your way. While the vibrator in your pussy runs keep walking forward. If you appear confused I will shock you through your pussy vibrator just to wake you up. Are you up for this?" I looked at her and smiled. Kissing her eyes again I waited for my answer.

She blinked and looked me in the eyes. I took that as a "yes." I placed the canvas hood over the frame, removed her shoes and prepared her for her walk.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Paul turned me in a circle several times so that I lost all sense of where the keys were hanging.

That's when I realized that I had to totally put myself in Paul's care. I knew I had to follow his instructions if I was to ever find my way to the keys and freedom and lovemaking.

The vibrations started inside me so I started to move forward. Suddenly, a shock shook me through the vibrator. I realized that I was feeling vibrations from the back instead of the front. I couldn't remember what to do when that happened; was I supposed to back up or stop? I stopped and thought. Finally I remembered that front vibes meant forward and back vibes meant backwards. The back vibrator started again, and I began to back up, slowly and gingerly. Then I felt hands on my shoulders that turned me around again. The hands left my body and the front vibrator sprang to life.

Carefully, I walked out into the night. I could tell that I was out of the barn because of the different feel of the air on my skin.

A shock to my left nipple made me yelp and I quickly started moving to my left. Right at that moment, my right foot stepped down into that squishy mound that screamed "cow patty!' to my brain. I wanted to puke. A huge shudder ran through my body. The front vibrator sprang back to life, urging me onward. I couldn't move for a moment. I just had to get over that gross feeling shaking me to my core. Suddenly, all the shocks started hitting me in random order. I groaned and moaned as an orgasm suddenly took over my body. I stood and quaked until it ended.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi was very nearly there. She had just the tank to go and then back again. I directed her towards it, and taking short steps she moved down the ramp, across and out of the tank. I was proud of her. She did so well, never tripping.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Finally regaining control, I resumed my walk. The front vibration kept me moving cautiously along. Then I got zapped on my left nipple. I jumped. Then, remembering my instructions, I moved along slightly to the left. Another zap made me turn left even more. A third zap and I was getting ticked off. They hurt! My poor nipple was throbbing and that monster didn't even care! I stood stock still and breathed deeply to get my emotions back under control. All the while, the buzzing inside of me never let up. It's a good thing I couldn't speak or else Paul would have heard some very unladylike words pouring out of my mouth.

Once I got over my anger, I moved forward again.

I realized that I was on some kind of a board and that I was moving downward at an angle. I walked with great care down the incline. When I reached the bottom, my feet were on metal. It was cold. I continued moving forward, following the buzzing. By this time, the vibrators weren't giving me any sexual feelings at all. I guess I was too intent on just making it to the key to care about anything else. After moving about six feet on the cold metal, I was back on wood and this time it inclined upwards.

I didn't know what I'd been in, but I guessed it was something like a big half-tank on its side. The vibrations in my pussy were mild as I climbed the steep incline. Having my hands and arms back behind me and the brace holding me up made me very unsteady going up the incline. I was terrified that I was going to fall backwards back down into that metal hole. When my feet finally landed on level grass, I stopped and took a moment to get over my fear of falling.

My high-pitched, but muffled, squeal accompanied the blast from the shocker in my pussy.

I was getting really tired of these shocks. I'd been trussed up tightly in this cage for too many hours to want any more "teasing" from Paul. I wanted out! I'd had it! Tears of frustration and rage poured out of my eyes but were concealed by the hood. I was tired and cranky and my bottom ached like never before. I felt like I'd never be able to feel normal sexual responses down there again. Soon my whole body was shaking with the force of my cries. And yet, there was no stopping. I couldn't sit, or rest, or anything. I wanted to die!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Suzi was near the target zone. I positioned her for the keys and she got them first time. I guided her back with no mistakes. I wondered how she felt. She entered the barn and I pulled off the hood. Her face was a mess as I used the key she held firmly in her hand to release her from the head cage. Suzi was crying and for the first time I realized that I might have gone too far. I rushed to get her out of the steel prison I'd placed her in. She swayed and nearly passed out as I eased the dildos out of her distended holes.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

My whole body ached with pain. Even with the dildos removed, I felt terrible pressure inside as well as swollen outside. I couldn't stop crying. I just wanted to be allowed to go off and lick my wounds like a wounded dog. In fact, wounded dogs probably felt better than I did at that moment.

End of Chapter 12

continued in chapter thirteen

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