The Stories of Bound Friends 16: Megan and the Benefits of Trust

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2016 - JessBaby - Used by permission

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Part 16: Megan and the Benefits of Trust

January 10

It had been a long day by the time Megan returned to her dorm. She had been out all day, swinging between classes, the library and occasional rest for food. Andrea and Zainab sat up in Zainab’s bed as she opened the door. They were both under the covers, but were still visibly dressed at least, watching some show on TV.

“Hey there, how’s it going?” Andrea asked leaning back on her hands as she sat up.

“Oh.. fine. Just been a long day,” Megan said as she dropped her books and collapsed on her bed. “Is that.. is that the new season?” she asked pointing to the TV.

“Sorry,” Andrea said, quickly pausing the show. “We.. I.. Zee made me! She said she wanted to watch it now rather than wait for you, her fault!”

“Liar..” Zainab mumbled under her breath.

“No it’s fine. Would you.. would you mind starting over so I can see it too?” Megan asked.

“I got an idea, this is the perfect time for you to try the home cinema set I got you. Well, try it for watching something on at least. So how ‘bout it? We’ll watch something else, you catch up to the two episodes we’ve already watched, then we’ll watch the third one together again,” Zainab suggested.

“Yeah.. sure that could work..” Megan said as she lethargically slid over towards her end table to retrieve the headset. She strapped it on and lay down on the bed, navigating by touching the side of the visor with her fingers. Then, silently, she put her hand down by her side and smiled.

“You know technically I think it’s spilled over to the fourth episode by now,” Andrea whispered gently in Zainab’s ear.

“Yes, but only because somebody started distracting me,” Zainab replied, clutching Andrea’s collar .

“You know, she can’t hear you. Might as well finish what we started,” Andrea teased.

Zainab pinched the collar on one side, turning Andrea’s already active NESIC up two more settings. She then placed her thumb gently but quickly on the small black glass gem which read her fingerprint. A small red light emanated from it briefly, indicating that it had locked the settings as they were.

“Zee, I was kidding,” Andrea said with slightly worried eyes.

“Who’s kidding?” Zaineb replied with a smile.

Andrea groaned, running one hand back under the covers and cupping Zainab’s uncovered ass to pull her closer. The two fell back down onto the bed, interlocking their bare legs and returning to the embrace they had been in just as Megan had returned.

Zainab ran her hands down to begin to remove Andrea’s top. Andrea began breathing deeply through her mouth, nervously thinking through what if Megan looked over. As Zainab brought the shirt up to the lower reaches of Andrea’s bra she leaned in and kissed her. Andrea let out another groan, closing her eyes and sliding her hip ever so lightly, rubbing her crotch against Zainab’s leg. Zainab took it as a sign to continue, unclasping Andrea’s bra and beginning to slide it off with the shirt. She got it up to Andrea’s neck, as far as she could easily go without Andrea raising her arms a bit more.

“With her right there? Are you sure?” Andrea whispered timidly.

“With the headset on she can’t see, she can’t hear,” Zainab said as she finally began to make progress removing the last of Andrea’s clothes. She flipped Andrea over forcefully, laying her on her stomach and placing her hands behind her back. As Zainab got up from the bed she ripped the covers away, leaving Andrea bare and exposed. Andrea moved her hand to her head to clear the hair blocking her vision but then quickly moved her arm back behind her before Zainab could notice.

She saw Zainab grab an armbinder before returning. The soft leather slid up her arm easily, and left a hole in the bottom large enough for her two hands to fit through. The sheath stopped just above the elbow with another series of straps to fasten it around each shoulder. It did have laces, but as she often did, Zainab didn’t bother with them. With the shoulder straps it could never come off, and that was often all Zainab needed. Andrea was a little flexible, but if Zainab tightened the sheath as much as she might like to at times, getting her elbows to touch, it would need to come off pretty quick.

Zainab got up and straddled Andrea, her crotch resting just beside Andrea’s ass and fingers. She leaned forward and brushed Andrea’s cheek with one finger. “Besides, we both know you started it.”

“All I did was grab your ass under the covers,” Andrea teased in protestation.

“And look at where your little action has taken us. You should really think things through more before you do them, take some responsibility for your actions.”

Andrea squirmed slightly as she gave out a frustrated sigh. Her NESIC had been teasing her now for some time, and with her hands restrained and Zainab on top of her she was feeling quite tormented. She bit her lower lip, looking up at Zainab with pleading eyes. Zainab allowed herself to smirk as she leaned in and gave Andrea a light kiss.

Zainab then shot up quickly, grabbing Andrea by the hips and scooting her down. She looked over and saw Megan was still very much enthralled in her show. She moved herself around, situating herself in front of Andrea with her back against the wall. She still wore a plain red t-shirt, but was naked beyond that. She spread her legs and slid further down, bringing her pussy right up to Andrea’s face.

Andrea placed her lips around Zainab’s wet slit, licking up and down tenderly before eventually making her way to her clit. Zainab moaned and grabbed the back of Andrea’s head, running her hands through Andrea’s now nearly shoulder length hair that Andrea had continued to dye black. She bit her lip, trying not to make too much noise and tempt fate. But Andrea had gotten practiced at knowing how she liked it, and it wasn’t long before Zainab was breathing very heavy and approaching orgasm.

She began to arch her back, staring up at the ceiling. She grabbed Andrea with both hands, holding her close and tight. She gaped her mouth and began to cum, crossing her eyes in silent ecstasy. When she finally exhaled she let go of Andrea’s head and slid up slightly, pulling herself away from any more stimulation.

She caught her breath and looked down to see Andrea writhing around, trying to look up and plead for her turn. Zainab smiled and moved one leg over Andrea, allowing Zainab to slide down to lay next to her. She moved in and kissed Andrea deeply, flipping Andrea onto her side. Slowly, she moved her hand up Andrea’s wet inner thigh.

Zainab’s thumb rested at Andrea’s clit with the rest of her hand gently pressing against the rest of her pussy. “You want it slave? You wanna cum?” Zainab asked after finally pulling back from the kiss.

Andrea began to vigorously nod her head.

“Show me,” Zainab whispered. Right away she could feel Andrea quickly begin to move and gyrate her hips. Andrea’s pierced clit ran smoothly up and down Zainab’s outstretched thumb, The motions began to become more jerky, more choppy, but no less desperate. Andrea squinted quietly, pleading with her eyes that she be allowed to cum.

Zainab smoothly repositioned her hand, slipping three fingers inside Andrea. After no more than a few pumps, Andrea’s leg began to twitch and her muscles tightened up around Zainab’s fingers. She suppressed any loud sound, but still felt horse and out of breath by the end.

Zainab wiped her fingers off on Andrea’s leg before pulling herself in close again. She moved her arm under Andrea’s head, allowing Andrea to fall forward and rest herself against Zainab’s body. At the same time, she ran her other hand up and down Andrea’s side from shoulder to ass.

“Mmm Mistress?” Andrea asked quietly.

“Yes that was my way of giving you permission,” Zainab said, bending her head down to kiss the top of Andrea’s head.

“No, um.. could you turn my chip off now?”

Zainab chuckled “Oh right.. of course.”


January 23

Andrea looked up from her book as she heard the door open. Megan came in and then leaned herself against the door, closing her eyes and letting her head rest against the wood. Andrea marked her place before gingerly setting the book down and sitting up.

“No Zainab?” Megan asked finally.

“No, she said she just had to run to go get something. Should be back any second.. just thought I’d get some of my readings done. You.. you alright?” Andrea replied.

Megan put out her hand, it nervously quivered and fidgeted for a moment. She sat down on the bed leaning up against the wall and stashing her hands behind her. She opened her mouth briefly before once again closing it without saying a word.

Andrea got up and moved over to Megan’s bed and sat down next to her. She draped her arm around her, an arm Megan began to lean her head against. “I.. I’m just really raw right now..” Megan said as she began to tear up. “I’m sorry,” she said as she turned her body around, burying her head in Andrea’s shoulder and hugging Andrea tightly. “I had.. that woman Zee found.. I just had a session.”

“Something bad happen?” Andrea asked sympathetically.

“No.. not bad.. just so.. no it’s just a lot. Say it all out loud..” Megan sobbed, holding Andrea tightly. Andrea didn’t know what to say, so she said nothing. Megan seemed to her like she just needed a shoulder, not an earful. The two sat silently for some time before Megan began to recompose herself. She pulled back and gave Andrea a smile. “Thank you.”

By the time Zainab returned a little over an hour later, everything seemed to have gone back to normal. Megan was hard at work typing something, and Andrea had gone back to reading. Still, Zainab seemed to enter cautiously, closing the door quietly behind her before walking over to her bed and sitting down next to Andrea.

“So you took your sweet time,” Andrea said quietly as she set her book down.

“Sorry, everything good here?” Zainab asked, sitting up against the pillow-lined wall so she could still see Megan.

“Yeah.. She seemed nice I guess,” Megan replied as she rubbed her eyes and shut the lid on her computer. “I think things’ll.. I don’t know. Still kinda new I guess ya know?”


February 6

Andrea strained and pulled at the soft leather sleeve encasing her arms. Extra straps pinned it tightly to her torso. Her legs were bent into a frog tie, with straps forcing her to keep her legs wide. A partial hood blinded her while leaving her mouth free to take a large spider gag. Her drool dripped onto the bed uncontrollably as she helplessly lay there, feeling the warmth of Zainab’s legs on either side of her. She wore nothing else beside the collar she had yet to ever take off.

Zainab leaned forward, running her hands again along Andrea’s red ass, adding another line of scratch marks. Andrea shuddered and clenched her cheeks. Zainab slid her finger around, teasing Andrea’s already well teased cunt. Andrea’s NESIC, like Zainab’s had been on a medium hum now for nearly an hour as the two had played.

Zainab still wore her plain black v-neck, but had long ago abandoned anything below the waist. Her smooth leg rubbed itself along Andrea’s side and along Andrea’s exposed cheek. The prongs of the spider gag rubbed against her leg as it passed by, and she could feel the heavy warm breaths against her thigh.

Zainab began to scoot herself a little more forward when she heard a key enter the lock at the door. She very quickly grabbed the covers that she had pushed to the bottom of the bed and pulled them over herself and Andrea just as Megan was entering the door. Zainab grabbed her phone and sat up so her knees created a kind of tent under the covers to conceal Andrea. She suddenly remembered why she thought earlier she should probably set an alarm.

“Hey, how’s it goin?” Zainab asked, pretending she had just been reading something on her phone.

“Oh, you know, usual stuff I guess. Always feel.. worse-better I guess whenever I have a session with her. But the reading ain’t gonna do itself!” Megan said as she collapsed onto her bed.

The height of the desks meant that even sitting up it was a little hard to see over, but with Zainab bent forward to keep her legs where they are she could barely see over at all. Quietly, Zainab looked over, as she slowly went into her phone to try to turn their chips off. She managed to turn hers off, but when she tried to do the same for Andrea it ran into a problem. It set off an alarm sound, loudly warning her that the necklace overrides the phone so long as the settings are locked on the necklace. It required her thumb print at the black oval glass in the center of the necklace to unlock controls.

“What’s that?” Megan asked, still unseen as she lay flat in her bed.

“Oh.. it’s nothing.. just forgot to turn the ads off on the.. ad thing.. startup.” Zainab fumbled clumsily. She could hear ever so lightly the sound of Andrea chuckling at the whole situation from under the covers.

Zainab looked over and saw the ends of a book standing up on Megan’s chest as she read. Carefully, slowly, Zainab began moving one hand under the covers while holding up her phone with the other. She surfed through, looking really at nothing at all as her hand blindly began to search for the collar around Andrea’s neck. She followed along the bottom of Andrea’s cheek, reaching for the black button that would unlock controls and allow her to finally turn off Andrea’s NESIC.

“Ugh,” Megan grunted as she sat back up. Zainab quickly pulled her hand back up having not yet reached Andrea’s collar. “These words are all.. blurring together. I need a break before I can be of any good with this shit. Wanna go grab something sweet, maybe the cupcake place?”

“Oh.. maybe. Kinda not very hungry,” Zainab lied.

“Well, wanna maybe just come with me anyway? I don’t wanna go on my own,” Megan said as she reached for her phone.

“Hey.. how about.. how about you just sit back and relax, watch something on your headset? I’ll maybe be more up to joining you after about an episode or two of something,” Zainab suggested.

Megan set down the book and looked at Zainab skeptically. She stood up and sighed. “Hey Andrea.”

“Herho” came the gargled and muffled cry from under the blanket.

“Do you two need a little time to finish up?” Megan asked with a raised eyebrow.

“Ah Har” Andrea replied while Zainab closed her eyes in embarrassment.

“Zainab, if you need more time.. just tell me. I’d rather that than have you hide it using that headset thing. I heard you last week in a pause between episodes. I didn’t want to say anything cause I’m not good at conflict but.. comon! Not cool. I’m not just some potted plant. Could you just.. I don’t know have a little more.. I guess respect or something? Don’t try to just hide it like that like I’m an idiot or something.” Megan said as she leaned forward, putting her elbows on her desk.

“I know I asked this once before.. but is it cause I’m with one of your childhood friends? Does it make you uncomfortable to think of her in a sexual context?” Zainab asked, being careful not to sound deflective.

“No, it’s not about that. If that stuff bothered me I’d never be able to look at her again after last summer. No this is about me just trying to say it’s my room too and trying to ask if you could just..  I don’t know consider that I guess when planning this stuff?” Megan said defensively.

“Sahorhy, ihe wahas..” Andrea began to say before giving up trying to make intelligible words with the gag still in her mouth.

Zainab moved her right leg to Andrea’s left side so her legs were no longer on both sides of Andera. It allowed her to scoot down and move the blanket enough to reveal Andrea’s head. She quickly undid the gag and let it fall to the bed.

“As I was trying to say,” Andrea said turned her head over towards Megan. “Sorry, that was my fault. I made some joke about you not being able to hear anything, and then.. she got how she got and.. then the risk kind of made it.. well sorry. I should have tried to stop it.”

“Well maybe in the future just try to show a little restraint?” Megan said as she looked right at Zainab.

Zainab ripped the covers off Andrea, suddenly revealing to Megan the web of leather that held her in place. Andrea instinctively squirmed, but in honesty she didn’t feel particularly embarrassed. “See? Restraint!”

“Sorry, you know what I mean.. a little moderation.”

“Yeah, no for real though, I am sorry. I kind of don’t do moderation, and I sometimes forget that just about everyone else does.” Zainab said as she finally took the time to turn off Andrea’s NESIC, who sighed in relief and collapsed her head down onto the bed, covering one cheek in the accumulated drool. “But I did hear mention of cupcakes? I totally do cupcakes.”


February 14

“Ok, so.. I am.. off.” Zainab said as she dashed around the room, checking to see if she had forgotten anything. Feeling confident she grabbed her messenger bag and headed over to Megan.

“So you’re sure.. you’ve got everything, I don’t have to worry about you coming back and me walking in on you two doin’.. anything?” Megan asked.

“Yep, not going to be back till at minimum tomorrow morning I promise. The peace and quiet is yours,” Zainab said, raising her right hand like she was taking an oath.

“And don’t worry, I haven’t spilled anything to Andrea. She still thinks your thing is tomorrow,” Megan said, standing up briefly to give Zainab a hug goodbye.

“Seriously, thanks for that. But she kept tonight free?” Zainab asked.

Megan nodded her head, causing Zainab to give her one more hug before she quickly left, causing a sudden silence to sink across the room. Megan didn’t know what Zainab had planned, but she had no doubt Zainab knew what she was doing. In the meantime, she simply put her feet up on her bed and re-opened her textbook right where she had left off.


Andrea had just gotten back to her dorm room, barely had time to kick off her shoes and lay down before getting a message on her phone. She pulled it out of her pocket and her eyes went wide.

Zee: A white van with DC plate number D8R 2X1 will be parked out front of your building in 9 minutes with an unlocked door. In 10 minutes it will leave with or without you. If you are not showered and in that van you will spend the rest of the night receiving shocks from your collar. Clock starts as soon as this message is opened.

She bolted upright, removing her shirt as she stood. She wiggled out of her jeans, nearly tripping as she did trying to reach for her towel and shower basket. She stripped out of her front hook bra and bent over to remove her panties. As she grabbed the towel and turned around she noticed with a start that her roommate and her boyfriend had at some point opened the door and come in without her noticing. She gritted her teeth as her face turned a bright red.

“Sorry, in a rush,” she whimpered as she pushed past the two of them out to the hallway and towards the shower. She walked quickly in her sandals and towel, trying not to dwell on what just happened.

It was perhaps one of the fastest paced showers she had ever remembered taking. She wanted to be properly washed for whatever Zainab clearly had waiting for her, but feared how long she would be just as much. She barely dried herself off, and only towel dried her hair before rushing back to the room.

When she walked in the two were sitting on their bed and both stopped their conversation as soon as she opened the door. “Sorry, something very short notice came up, I didn’t see you come in I swear,” Andrea said preemptively, presuming the complaints she was sure were at least on their mind.

“Just.. yeah know.. space alright? The door has a lock you know,” her roommate said more with a tone of annoyance than anger. That was fine with Andrea, she could deal with annoyance, she wasn’t sure she had time to deal with anger right now.

“You’re right, this is 100% my fault. And trust me, I’m not going to forget this, I’ll try harder in the future,” Andrea said as she ducked behind a closet door to slide a new pair of black thong panties on with her towel still on. She pulled a t-shirt on without bothering with a bra, allowing her to drop the towel altogether without once again exposing herself. She pulled on a clean pair of jeans, squeezing in before buttoning only the top button. She grabbed her scarf, phone, keys and jacket. “Sorry to run, but I gotta go” she said as she slipped into a pair of cloth slip-on shoes. She finished buttoning her fly only in the elevator, throwing her scarf and jacket on in time for the doors to open at the ground floor.

She checked her phone and it said the message was received 9 minutes ago, but she wasn’t sure how exact that was. She saw a white van pull up and park only a moment or two later, she checked the plates and then tried for the passenger door. It was locked, so she tried the rear sliding door which opened easily. She shut the door before allowing herself to catch her breath and get her head to stop spinning. The van was divided, with the back compartment she was in being fully inaccessible from the front of the van. She saw out heavily tinted windows and a heavily tinted moonroof, but as she looked around she didn’t see anyone else. The floor had dark carpeting, with two passenger seats facing backwards and one bench seat at the back facing forward. She felt her phone vibrate in her hand just as the van pulled away, conspicuously without any other passenger.

Zee: Glad to see you made it, that makes your Mistress very happy that she will not have to spend Valentine’s Day with a slave who can’t follow orders.

Andrea smiled. She had been so rushed she had almost forgotten entirely what day it was. Zainab had said she was busy today, and that tomorrow would be Friday and she’d be much more available then. She moaned as she felt her NESIC turn on, Zainab knew just when to play her.

Zee: There should be two boxes and a bag in the van with you. Open the box with the red ribbon, it’s your first gift.

Andrea looked over and grabbed the box, untying the ribbon that was in a bow before opening it. Inside was a large brown teddy bear. It had its arms out in what looked like a hug and was made of soft but slightly scratchy material.

Zee: My assistant will take over for a while, see you soon. xoxo

“Assistant?” Andrea said looking at her phone in disbelief.

“Yes.. assistant.” came a slightly female robotic voice out of the teddy bear. Andrea was startled, initially dropped the bear and letting out a slight squeak. “You’ll regret that.”


“I’m so sorry,” Andrea said picking the bear back up. “You just frightened me is..”

“Quiet,” the bear interrupted. “I want you to speak only when ordered to. In fact, let’s start there. Open up the other box.”

Andrea reached over for a box with blue ribbon on it that was significantly heavier than the other one and made a faint sound of metal clattering as she brought it over to her. She opened it up and saw it contained an assortment of bondage implements. A few locks, metal cuffs, leather hood, nipple clamps, a metal butt plug and a plain sized white ballgag.

“Put the ballgag on now, and make it tight slut I don’t want to hear any more of your complaining.” the bear said with a surprising amount of insistence in its voice. And from a stuffed bear, each insult carried an extra sting of humiliation that Andrea couldn’t help but feel. She pulled the ball gag around her and then looked down at the bear. “Come on slut, you can make it tighter than that,” the bear said followed shortly by a brief but powerful shock from her collar. She didn’t realize the bear had control, and to play it safe she tightened it not one but two more notches, putting slight pressure on the sides of her lips even at the best of times.

“Very good, now put me in the far right chair and buckle me in, I want to be able to watch from there,” he said. Andrea scooted over to the chair, feeling a little ridiculous to be buckling in a toy but did so anyway.

“Now strip,” the bear commanded. Andrea looked out and she could see clear as day they were still on campus. the van seemed to just be slowly doing a loop. She couldn’t remember any more if she could see in at all, the windows seemed tinted but she wasn’t sure if that meant she was totally hidden or just mostly hidden. Her heart started to race at the thought of it. Which caused her to smile realizing that was entirely the point.

“No bra?” the bear asked as Andrea removed her shirt. She shook her head before looking around the van to figure out where best to put her clothes. “Put them all in the bag whore. You won’t be needing these for a while.” Andrea complied, folding the shirt crudely before placing it in the thick cloth bag that looked like it normally closed with a zipper. She unbuttoned her pants and put them away as well.

“Let me see this thong,” the bear ordered. The thong was actually new, it was meant to be a kind of “mutually enjoyable” gift for Zainab. It had an accompanying bra, but in the haste Andrea had forgotten to grab it. At the front it had a light pink bow but otherwise had a rather plain black floral lace pattern. “Yes, I think your Mistress will enjoy that very much,” the bear said with lust dripping from every word. “Show me what a slut you are, grind your new thong in my face”

Andrea felt the van slow down to a crawl, it was passing one of the places people waited for a shuttle, and the sidewalk was utterly filled with students. One she even recognized from one of her classes. She looked down at the bear and then slid forward, placing her crotch right in the stuffed toy’s face, looking out at the students. They didn’t seem to notice, but in Andrea’s mind she was thinking how much of a slut she was being right in front of all of them.

“Enough, you’re like a cat in heat. I could hear how wet you are without even having to feel it.” Andrea knelt before its chair and sheepishly nodded her head. “Put the cuffs on now slave.”

Andrea went over and grabbed the cuffs, closing them and screwing the locking pin in with an allen key that was in the box with them. The steel was cool and light, with a single D ring on each of the otherwise featureless cuffs

“Lock the bag closed,” the bear said as the van finally turned off of campus roads and onto the quiet residential streets beside it. Andrea felt a moment of hesitation, but only a moment as she obediently retrieved a small lock, zipped the bag closed and placed the lock through the hasp that connected the zipper latch to the bag, insuring it couldn’t be opened back up. The van pulled over in a quiet neighborhood for some unknown reason.

There were dense trees on the right side, all of course without their leaves. On the left were large houses with cars parked along both sides of the road sporadically. “Pick me up, pick the bag up, and step out of the van,” the bear instructed. Andrea’s heart began to race, she didn’t even have her shoes with her, and if the van pulled away the bear wouldn’t provide nearly enough cover to realistically be able to run back to campus without causing a very major scene. It became unthinkable when she tried to factor in the metal cuffs she wore.

“Do I need to ask my slave again?” Andrea took one more look around. She could see cars in driveways, but she couldn’t see people. And while there were no houses on the right, the trees and bushes were bare allowing a sometimes clear view across the canyon of some more houses in the distance. “Andrea.. it’s ok. I won’t let anything happen to you.”

She wasn’t sure why this final reassurance from the plush animal was the tipping point, but it was. She grabbed it and her bag and opened the door of the van, stepping out onto the cold ground. She shut the door, out of habit mostly, before ducking down for what little cover she could make for herself.

“Open the front passenger door and throw the bag in. Close it behind you,” the bear said in muffled words as Andrea held it tight to her chest. She opened the door, looked over to see the manual steering wheel. She could engage an override and take that van anywhere, she could take back the control and end this now. She was pretty sure with some effort she could bust the zipper open on the bag and get her clothes back. Then another thought occurred: Why?

She didn’t know how much was directly Zainab and how much is some kind of mechanical autopilot, but she trusted her. She threw the bag in the front, closed the door and simply stood tall facing the van. She held up the bear, and vaguely saw the lense of a camera in one eye. She smiled from behind her gag and decided the bear deserved to be held with a better view of her nakedness. She held it up like a cell phone camera, giving it a total and complete look of her helpless form.

“Alright showoff, back in the van,” the bear said, with an almost sarcastic inflection. She didn’t need to be told twice this time.


Megan stared herself down in her room’s mirror. It was getting on towards evening, and she still hadn’t talked herself into deciding one way or another. She’d been having the conversation in her head for a while now.

“You should go, if you don’t like it you can always leave.”

“No.. but you still have next week’s essay to deal with.”

“Oh there’s always the weekend for that. Besides it’ll be good to go out somewhere.”

“But wouldn’t it be better to pick a time when your friends could come with you? It’d probably be a lot less intimidating.”

“Yeah.. well they only have open invitation mixers every other month. And if I blow it off now what’s to stop me from blowing it off then too?”

“Well if you have to spend this much time talking yourself into going, shouldn’t that mean you should stay home?”

“Oh shut up, you’re not helping” Megan actually said out loud. “No. I’m going. That’s that. I am.”


Andrea put the bear back in its seat and sat down in the middle of the bench seat facing it. “Spread your legs” the bear instructed. Andrea smiled from behind her gag and obeyed, sensuously running her hands down the top of her legs, putting her crotch and the pink ribbon on her panties on full display. She stopped trying to hold back the drool, allowing two small streams of it to drip out of either side of her mouth down onto her breasts. She even arched her chest forward and pointed her feet up on her toes, trying to present the sexiest possible version of herself.

“I want you to tease yourself, bring yourself close to orgasm.” With that Andrea’s NESIC turned up to a higher setting, providing more than enough assistance as she gently slid a finger under her panties and began to rub her clit. She made sure to keep her legs spread and stared intently at the bear whenever her eyes were open.

“Damn girl, you are not making it easy to wait,” Zainab said to herself as she stared intently at the laptop showing a full screen feed from the bear. Her car was up ahead of the van but didn’t provide nearly the privacy that the van did. She had to pull her hand away from her crotch as it naturally began to drift down towards it. She heard Andrea begin to moan, flexing her chest even farther out as she jostled slightly. “Moan louder, like the slut you are,” Zainab typed, causing the bear to repeat it back to Andrea.

Andrea took on the assignment with gusto, moaning loudly through her gag. “That’s right. You like being treated like a worthless fuck slave don’t you?” The bear asked in a slightly louder voice to make up for the sound already bouncing around the van. Andrea nodded her head through her gag gave the best “yehsh Mihshtrish” she could muster.

“Mishtristh.. Mischtrish cahn hi prhese cuhm?” Andrea pleaded, hoping the bear had two way communication. She continued to rub her clit but she was getting very close. She gripped her knee hard with her free hand, trying hard to hold herself back.

“Stop what you’re doing you complete slut,” the bear said as the van pulled over on another quiet residential street. “I do not want you cumming yet, you haven’t earned the right.” Andrea pulled her wet fingers away and set them gently on her leg. Her NESIC still ran, but without a source of continued stimulation it would not get her there. “Wipe your fingers dry on your face and under your nose, I want my slave to constantly smell her pussy, reminding her that she’s nothing but a sex slave.”

Andrea shuddered at the humiliation. She began to rub her fingers along the top of her lip and the bottom of her nose. The smell was not so strong, but it was there and it was unmistakable. She nearly drifted her fingers back down to her crotch as she finished but opened her eyes back up and placed them instead back on her leg.

“Bend over and present your ass to me slave,” the bear said. Andrea slid down onto the carpeted van floor, turned around and presented her ass to the stuffed toy like a good little slut. “Using just the drool from your ball gag, lube up that buttplug and let me watch you shove it in.” Andrea took it from the box. It was metal and bulbous, about an inch and a half at its thickest before thinning out to no thicker than a pencil. With plenty of drool she lined it up, sliding it in with only a little bit of resistance. She was not a terrible fan of anal play in many respects, but simple plugs like this were the exception. She loved how naughty it made her feel and loved that extra sensation coming from her other hole.

“That’s enough display whore, get back up on the seat. Grab the box, place it in front of you. Then at either side of the bench seat, you should see a short chain. I want you to lock your legs to the two sides, keeping them nice and spread.” The bear said, as Andrea followed the various instructions. Next she was told to put on the nipple clamps, attaching a small weight to the chain that connected the clamps. With her piercings still in she had to bite down vertically, which always gave that extra bit of tug that she knew would hurt all the worse, but would only make her nipples extra sensitive the rest of the night.

“Look behind your seat, there should be a chain dangling from the middle. You will need to lock your wrists to it. But before you do that you must put on the seat belt and the hood, so make sure you know things well enough to lock your wrists to the chain behind the seat without the use of your eyes or the ability to move your torso.” The bear said in a quick succession of instructions. Andrea looked back and saw the chain hanging plainly enough. She got out the hood, it left two holes at her nostrils but would otherwise hide every aspect of her head and leave her totally blind. She tightened the waistline seat belt, pinning her to the bench before proceeding any further.

She moved her fingers up to her neck, feeling the necklace, the collar, that said she was Zainab’s. It gave her the courage to stop hesitating and put on the hood. She made sure the nostril holes lined up well before beginning to pull the laces tight, pressing the leather covering tightly around her face. She moved her fingers down to the two locks she’d left on the seat, taking one in each hand and moving her hands behind her. She quickly found the chain and worked the locks into place, locking her right hand with her left and her left hand with her right. The second click reverberated around the van, causing a slight moment of worry to try to take hold before she calmed herself and reassured herself that there was nothing any more she could do, she was only a helpless sex slave in the back of this stationary van.


Megan was a bundle of nerves, but she managed to strut confidently the final few blocks from the bus. As she rounded the final corner she could just barely hear the dim thump of bass from inside as a couple of guys with red glowlight necklaces opened the door to walk in. Megan couldn’t help but shiver as the cold draft hit, her black halter dress was not exactly ideal for February weather. She clutched her small purse and retrieved her ID and enough money for the cover.

“First time? Haven’t seen you round before,” the bouncer asked as he looked over her ID.

“Yeah.. first.. first time.”

“Well you picked a crazy night to start,” he said as he handed back her card and took her money.

“Why? Like crazy bad?” Megan asked, suddenly letting some of her doubts come to the surface.

“You seen people tied up before? You been tied up before?” he asked with a raised eyebrow. Megan nodded her head rather vigorously. “Then it won’t be that crazy for you. Just these holiday parties.. sometimes it brings out the real vanilla people and their little heads just about explode. You’ll probably do fine. So first are you alone or meeting someone? And second, where are you usually sub, dom, slave or switch?”

“Um.. alone. I.. and slave I guess,” Megan softly and trepidatiously replied.

“Alright, come forward here for a second,” he said as he pulled out a pink glow necklace. He cracked a section to turn it on and then fitted it around Megan’s neck. The two sides clicked together audibly, with more than enough slack to not be restricting but just short of enough to slip off over her head. “This is your re-entry and it’s color coded. Blue for sub, red for dom, pink for slave, yellow for switch. Any other color means they aren’t looking for anyone new, generally those people skip the more public mixers but there are a few in there.. Still with me?” the bouncer asked as Megan’s eyes seemed to gloss over.

“Oh.. yeah. Yeah sounds good, I’m excited,” Megan lied. Well, at least lied a little. She had spent the entire trip here psyching herself up. She’d been thinking how much fun it could be for the last few days since she set it as a target to try and do. But right now, walking through the first set of doors, excited was more than a bit of a lie.

Just beyond the second pair of doors was a bar, though there didn’t seem to be too many people at it. To the left were a series of couches, padded tables and seats. People sat around nursing their drinks and chatted. Some in various states of undress and some in various states of bondage. To the right was a small smattering of dungeon equipment. Most of them being used and many of them with curious onlookers.

Megan slowly began walking to the right, taking small deliberative steps. She was particularly transfixed by the woman that was most central who wore nothing at all. Her hands were tied with rope to a bar that hung from the ceiling. She was hovering off the ground with another bar forcing her to keep her legs spread. She was slowly spinning as well, showing off the many red marks she had obviously been accruing for some time. The few watching gave the man with her enough space to not get hit themselves as he whipped the girl.

The girl had a bar of some kind in her mouth, and as the whip cracked against her skin she screamed into it, but there was no strap holding it in. If she simply opened her jaw it would fall to the floor. The screams were not the sounds of someone being tortured though, they were closer to the kind of sound you might make when getting a particularly good massage to a particularly sore spot. A drop of pain allowing for a sea of pleasure. When the next blow struck, the whip wrapped around her torso causing her eyes to go wide and was followed by her jostling and coiling her feet.

“Would you like to try something like that?” a man wearing a red necklace asked as he walked up to Megan from behind her. He was no taller than she was and had a face of even stubble. “Do you like pain, slave?”

“It can be.. yes..” Megan replied, nervously brushing her hair behind her ear.

“Come with me then, I just saw a spot opened up,” the man said as he hooked his index finger around Megan’s collar and began to lead her towards the corner of the hall.

There was a simple padded bench there with a small shelf near it. It was a little darker over there than where the woman had been suspended, but Megan could make out some of the shelves contents. She saw a clear plastic yoke on the top and saw several coils of rope, each wrapped in an individual bag. There was a kind of laundry hamper on the bottom shelf that was filled with disorganized knots of rope.

The man led Megan around to one side of the bench while standing on the other himself. “Hair up,” he commanded as he reached for the yoke. Megan held her shoulder length hair up to give this man a clearer view of her neck so he could attach the collar. She heard it click shut before he reached over to grab her left hand. He didn’t ask this time, he simply placed her hand in the restraint and closed it, followed quickly by the other. Megan looked to her side and saw that two small pins popped up as the cuffs closed. It looked like all that would be needed to free her hands were to push them back down but they were still many inches beyond what any of her fingers could reach.

Holding her yoke, he spun her around so that she now faced away from him. She felt it as his hands went up to the ties holding her dress on. A knot in her stomach began to build as she realized she was helpless to stop this man, whose name she suddenly realized she didn’t even know, from completely undressing her in this public place. But as unsettling as it was it was still vaguely exciting. She couldn’t stop him, and so this was all out of her control. She was at his mercy.

As the double knot was undone, the dress fell forward easily, stripping Megan of any covering above her hips. His hands came from behind her, groping her breasts. It felt strange, Megan didn’t know if she loved him taking charge or hated his presumption. Maybe both would be more accurate. But for now she was his slave, and she didn’t want to back out so early.

His hands slid down her sides, pushing what remained of the vaguely stretchy dress material off. Megan had on a pair of black sheer bikini briefs that he seemed to leave intact. “Step out,” he instructed, causing Megan to swallow nervously and take one side step in her black three inch sandal heels. He picked up her dress and set it to the side where Megan had earlier set down her purse.

He walked around the bench, back into view, only to quickly spin Megan back around. She felt him wrapping rope around her left ankle before tying it off to one side of the bench. He did the same to the other, pulling her leg a little wider than Megan had expected to be, but in the end secure. Megan gave each leg a pull and knew instantly that she wasn’t going anywhere.

When he appeared in her sight again, it was once again cut short. He had another coil of rope in his hand and fastened it to the center of the yoke. With a tug, Megan was bent over, barely able to look up and folded securely over the padded bench. He fastened the rope to a ring in the floor and then got up and walked out of sight.

The next thing Megan felt was the sudden thud of a paddle. She yelped slightly, feeling at that moment very self-conscious for letting out such a girly noise. The next hit was much more expected, and without the shock of surprise it was a much more welcome sensation. There was a thuddy pain, but it always gave way to a short rush after each hit. As the assault continued, the pain began to get more acute. Sharper, more defined. She was sure her ass had become bright flaming red by this point.

She began to think about asking him to dial it back. As the pain increased, the pleasure did too, but she knew from experience there will be a cutoff point. A point when the pleasure can’t keep up, and that there is only the pain. She opened her mouth, just about to say something, when he seemed to stop on his own. Her ass cheeks were bright red and radiating heat as he ran his hands along them. The soothing touch caused Megan to moan. He moved his hand up, leaving only the tips of his fingers on her, and began running the ends of his fingers along her ass like a rake. He loved the way white lines would always form on a big pink ass. As his nails began to scratch Megan bit her lower lip, wanting to tell him to stop but also enjoying the sensation immensely.

“I have to say slave, your ass looks absolutely amazing bent over like this,” he said beside Megan. Megan tried to look over his way but couldn’t see him. She was surprised how much having her arms pinned as they were affected her ability to look around.

She then felt the sting of a flogger. He seemed to be more interested in her thighs with it, but whenever he would strike her ass she would scream a little, still subdued and to herself, but clearly loud enough to be heard. He began to hit at a drastically more rapid pace, wirling the device around in a circular motion rather than building up each hit with a separate swing. The stinging when he started to whip her pussy began to bring tears to her eyes. She began to struggle, pulling her knees together as little as she was able and moaning louder and louder to that it hurt.

“Slave, are you going to keep embarrassing me like this? You have an audience now after all.” he said, causing Megan to turn to her left to see at least three people she could see watching her. But from her limited vantage point she had no problem believing there were more.

“No sir,” Megan said, not really sure why she said it the moment the words left her lips. She was feeling the pain but she had just started. She didn’t want to back out already. And now she had people watching, she didn’t want to be embarrassed in front of them if she had any choice. And as long as she was on that bench, she felt she could honestly say she didn’t have a choice.

She felt a loud, powerful hit from the flogger again. She cried out in pain, it was significantly stronger than any of the previous hits. “I’m going to get to 10 of those, unless you can give me two in a row where you stay quiet ok slave?”

Megan nodded her head and gritted her teeth for the next blow. It hit hard on her other cheek, but she managed to suppress any instinct to scream. “Very good,” he said as he ran his hand along the cheek he just struck. But when he returned to the original cheek Megan couldn’t hold back again, crying out once more and watching a tear fall down to the ground below her. The next blow she received she tried holding her breath on an exhale, figuring correctly that she could control the scream a lot better if she had no air to scream with. When the next blow landed she did the same and felt a rush of excitement wash over her.

“Very good indeed slave,” he said as he knelt down in front of her to meet at eye level. he reached his hands out to press down on the two nubs that freed each of her hands, and finally pushing the one behind her head that removed the yoke from her neck altogether. “Alright slave, this was fun. Now it’s your job to clean all this up. If you want to do it again just find me..” he said as he patronizingly patted her on the head. Megan stood up and felt behind her with her hands. She felt welts forming and it was all incredibly sensitive to the touch. She decided she should have said something earlier, this was way more punishment than she preferred. She felt pretty sure she wouldn’t be trying to find him again tonight.


Andrea’s mind was racing. Why hadn’t they moved? Why was the van just sitting here? She didn’t know if it had been a very long 5 minutes or a very short 50, but however long it had been her NESIC had kept her teased and her hood kept her from seeing anything, it even seemed to diminish her hearing as cars drove by they sounded quieter than they had when she wasn’t wearing the hood.

“This it?” Andrea thought she heard from outside. It sounded like a male voice coming from someone approaching the van. “Yeah, these are the right plates. And we should be able to just open up the door..” she heard another male voice say from what seemed to be right outside the van. To her utter horror she then heard the door open, she even felt the cold breeze of an open door and felt the van ever so slightly rock as at least one person got inside. “Yep, got the bear, got the tied bitch, it's the right van for sure.” The van door than was slammed shut with the kind of speed that could only have been a person closing it.

Andrea breathed heavily through her nose, worried by this turn of events. Who were these men? How had they known about her? Zainab. She suddenly realized this must all be a setup. It didn’t make the situation seem safer, but it certainly started to abate the worst aspect of panic from otherwise taking over. She felt a gloved hand run along her breast, before another hand yanked at her nipple chain. She groaned through her gag and through her hood, and she was sure it could hardly have been heard.

She tried moving her head around, darting around to see if there was any help identifying them. The van once again began to drive, and Andrea knew that these two were just going to be passengers for the next little while. Another gloved hand began to feel around her panties, rubbing her lightly and giving her attention she had been desperately craving. “God, this slut’s cunt is so fucking wet,” one of them said to the other. She didn’t care if it made her a slut she began to lean into the hand, trying to extract every bit of movement possible.

Both hands soon pulled away and Andrea was left with the distinct feeling of multiple sets of eyeballs examining her every exposed piece of flesh. “So remind me again, what was that word she kept using?”

“Objectify,” the other man replied. “We’re supposed to objectify this worthless piece of pussy. Really just degrade this chained up chick, break her down. You know she’s supposed to have done this to herself?”

“Get out serious?” The other man replied with a bit of a chuckle. “Hey, hey cunt, you do all this to yourself?”

Andrea nodded her head. It was hard for her to tell where they were, but she assumed they must both be in the two single seats that face her. She knew “that girl” must be Zainab, so she was sure these men wouldn’t cross a line, but with so little information it still allowed her mind to run to wild crazy places. What if one of them decides to keep her after? Then she started to think about how Zainab knew these people. She pictured them as two burly construction worker types, they certainly had the accent. She thought for a moment maybe these were men Zainab seduced to do her bidding, a thought she didn’t like. She started pulling at her bindings starting to feel overwhelmed again.

“So d’you ever meet this chick? The one that told us ‘bout slutbag over here?” One of the men asked, causing Andrea to pause in her struggles to hear the answer.

“Nah, she just said we could feel up some girl if we met her right where she was.” Somehow that answer calmed her down. She hated when she felt jealous, and she knew that’s what it was, jealousy. Made her bondage never any fun. Which she laughed at herself for more than a few moments. Thinking she’d rather be two guys off the street than two people who were long time and current lovers with Zainab. Cause that makes a lot of sense.

One of the gloved hands returned to Andrea’s crotch, making slow casual circles around her clit. It was exactly the kind of attention she was craving. She had been denied an orgasm now for some time, and being tied up and on display was making her seriously horny. The thumb traveled back, discovering the base of Andrea’s butt plug and beginning to push on it.

Andrea began to moan more loudly as the two sensations combined with each other. She felt another hand come back and feel around her upper chest, wrapping sensuously around her neck and her collar. She felt another hand tug at her nipple clamps again, pulling tightly right as the hand at her crotch sped up.

“I think this filthy whore’s about to cum,” she heard one of the men say. Andrea felt the hand around her neck get ever so slightly tighter, not to the point of choking but certainly enough to make breathing a little more difficult. “Then I say let the slut cum.”

Andrea wasn’t sure if that was official permission, but it was good enough for her. She stopped fighting and allowed the building orgasm to completely overwhelm her. She felt light headed and floaty, pulling at her chains and restraints but all the while the hands not letting up. There was nowhere for her to run, she was at these men’s will and began to scream in exaltation as the world became about nothing but the pleasure she was feeling. Even as the hands retreated she lay there limp and numb to the world, wrapped up only in the slowly fading glow.


Megan untied herself from the frame and quickly put her dress back on. The skirt went to just an inch or two above her knee, covering any redness that she’d received. It had a little line of dirt along one side now after the man simply tossed it to the apparently not so clean floor. She brushed it off as best she could, but the stretchy black materiel didn’t brush off so easily. She put the ropes away in the basket before picking up her purse and heading to the bar.

“Excuse me, could I just get a bottle of water?” Megan asked, just barely getting the bartender’s attention.

“Make that two bottles of water would you?” a man in a red necklace said as he walked up to the bar beside Megan. He was a large man. Bald and imposing, overweight for certain but in a way that made it obvious that a lot of it was muscle.

“Hi, I’m Megan, and your name is?” Megan asked seeing it as an opening to engage.

“I’m sorry, what was that slave?” he asked, not even turning his head to look at her.

“Sorry.. just with walking right up.. I thought.. introduce myself and.. sorry did I do something wrong?” Megan said apologetically.

“I’d say so,” he said as he turned to her and slapped his hand down hard onto her ass. Megan jumped forward, putting her uncomfortably close to this man who leaned forward and closed almost all remaining distance between them. He ran his hand along her ass, feeling around and causing Megan to quiver at the intimidating touch of such sensitive flesh. “It feels like someone’s already been working your ass over today salve, so I wouldn’t think I’d have to tell you. But slaves don’t get to be equals, you are here to serve your betters. My name? I am Sir to you.”

“Yes sir,” Megan said. She felt herself turn white as her arms almost felt numb and lifeless at her sides.

“Here, why don’t I remind you,” he said as he grabbed her by the back of the neck and bent her down to the ground. Megan got onto her knees and eventually to all fours, putting up no resistance as she was pushed until her face rested on the cool but dirty floor. “Lick my shoes slave.” he said as he let go of her neck and moved his right foot forward.

Megan looked up and saw him staring daggers down at her. She looked over and saw to other people in red necklaces and one in blue all watching. She thought about getting up, telling this guy to fuck the hell off, but something stopped her. She felt humiliated, but it was at least a kind of erotic humiliation. A kind she could still get pleasure out of. Maybe. More than making a scene would at least. It made a little part of her put out her tongue and begin to lick this man’s black leather shoes. She had an audience expecting her to be a slave, and slaves are supposed to lick their master’s shoes.

After only a few licks he pulled his shoe away. Megan began to instantly feel cold water falling in a stream on the back of her neck and the back of her head. One of the nearby onlookers laughed as the man emptied half his bottle over her before dropping her full bottle to the floor beside her.

Only when he began to walk away did Megan start to get up. The dusty floor had become mud on her face, and her hair was now a mess. But she got up, the bartender was ready with some towels and she began to dry herself off. She leaned back against the bar top, trying to regain her composure.

“Hey, you ok?” a guy in a yellow necklace asked. He was scrawny, young and black. “Here, why don’t we.. um.. you wanna just sit down for a bit, catch your breath?” he asked with a rather shaky amount of confidence.

“Yeah.. just sit though right?” Megan asked.

“Oh yeah. Just sit that’s all. Name’s Ethan.”


What finally brought Andrea the rest of the way back to reality and down from her high was the jerk as she felt the van come to a stop again. It felt like it pulled over, not simply stopped at a stoplight.

“Well, it’s been really fun missy, but now it’s someone else’s turn I guess,” one of the guys said before the door swung open and a cool breeze began to hit. It felt like the two men left before someone else got in and shut the door behind them. The van began pulling away again, and this new passenger, if they actually existed, seemed content to sit in quiet. Andrea could swear there was someone else with her in the van, she felt eyes all over her. Andrea moved her head about, hoping to hear something, anything to prove she wasn’t imagining it.

After a good bit of driving the person finally spoke. “Hello slave. I hope you’ve been nice and comfortable.” came a woman’s voice. Andrea couldn’t place it but she was sure it wasn’t Zainab, and knew also that Zainab was not good enough at disguising her voice to hide if it were her speaking. “Are you ready for a change of position?”

Andrea nodded her head, she wasn’t sure how long it’d been, but her nipples were becoming very sensitive. Every time the car bumped or turned, the weight on the chain would move about sending new waves of pain through her. They were becoming gradually more sharp, more electric, she knew this meant that her nipples had nearly taken all they could endure from the nipple clamps

A pair of soft woman’s hands felt up her left leg, before getting up onto the bench straddling her leg. She felt whoever it was bending over the bench seat to do something back near the chain attached to the seat where her hands were. With a click, she felt the tension in her hands suddenly change, the woman had unlocked the chain from the seat while leaving the arms pinned to each other.

The woman turned forward and brought her hands up to Andrea’s left nipple. “I’m sure this is going to hurt,” she said right before removing the nipple clamp. As the blood rushed back in, Andrea bit down hard on her ballgag and pulled forward, bringing her hands out from behind the seat. Andrea felt the woman lift her back up before removing the right clamp without any further warning.

The woman pushed Andrea back against the seat before bringing her mouth around Andrea’s nipple. They were incredibly sensitive, and every lick, every flick, sent powerful streaks of lightning rumbling through her body. The woman  moved on to repeat this with her other nipple before finally stopping altogether.

“You’re quite the slut aren’t you, being teased like this by a stream of strangers. I bet you’re soaking wet aren’t you?” the woman asked. Andrea sheepishly nodded her head. She was enjoying all of this, and the fact that Zainab was probably watching through that doll was enough to keep her trusting that probably nothing terrible would happen. It was enough to kill the panic, but enough to allow for the thrill that it still might still go bad. She felt objectified and helpless like she hadn’t felt in a long time.

Andrea felt the woman unbuckle her from her seat belt after the car came to a stop. She grabbed Andrea and helped her forward onto her knees. It was awkward with Andrea’s legs still on short chains to the bench, but she took most of her weight as she shifted off of her feet. She knelt with her legs very spread and her hands still held behind her but was otherwise upright.

The woman began to unfasten the laces of the hood, loosening the bottom ones without loosening them all. She then pulled the hood partly off, just enough to get it past Andrea’s mouth. She unclipped Andrea’s ballgag to Andrea’s great relief. It had not been big, but with the combination of the hood it seemed larger than it was.

“Alright sex slave, time to get to work.” the woman said. Andrea looked around but the hood still blocked her ability to see. Her mouth was now uncovered, and she thought about asking a question or two, but as she felt smooth legs brushing up against her shoulders it was instantly clear what was about to happen. She worried, but every worry she had all came back to “but Zainab’s probably directing this.”

She was sure if she put up a fuss, the bear would hear it, the bear would let Zainab know, Zainab would put a stop to it. But.. at the same time.. they had talked that one time about something like this. Andrea couldn’t remember that conversation coming to a conclusive answer, but she remembered thinking that it sounded an awful lot like cheating. On the other hand.. it was indeed rather objectifying to be used like this, to get some stranger off. And she still felt sure that Zainab must be ok with this or she’d be trying to stop it..

Making up her mind, Andrea leaned her head back down, burying it in this woman’s pussy. She nibbled and flicked, using what she’d learnt from more than enough practice with Zainab. She had a passing thought, she realized this woman’s pussy tasted rather similar to Zainab’s but knew she had very few to compare it to. Her own might taste different because it was her own, and Lea.. she couldn’t for the life of her remember.

This woman though was acting differently. She was much quieter, Zainab usually would be yelling up a storm. This woman was barely moaning, they were satisfied moans but they were few and far between. Zainab would like to rest her hand on Andrea’s head or run it through her hair, this woman was barely touching her. “No, this must just be what pussy taste like,” she thought.

The woman backed away briefly, before beckoning Andrea forward with a yank on her collar. She was there to catch her as Andrea flopped forward, unable to gracefully follow the woman down to the floor of the van. As she landed, the scratchy carpet rubbed her sensitive nipples, making every movement a new tingle as her weight shifted. Once Andrea was situated, she felt legs at either side of her again, and when she dropped her head down she found the woman’s pussy wet and waiting.

When the woman finally did place a hand on Andrea’s head sometime later, it was only as she was finally climaxing. She held Andrea tight against her until the climax cascaded to a finish and she collapsed back onto the floor. They both lay there for some time loudly breathing but saying nothing.

The woman eventually got up and helped Andrea back to the seat. The van made a few tight turns like it was in a parking garage before coming to a stop.

“What I am handing you is the key to all your locks,” the woman said as she placed something in Andrea’s hands. “The bear is watching. I need you to count to 100 out loud before unlocking yourself. Then there will be a letter telling you what to do. This was fun slave, I hoped you enjoyed it too,” she finished before tapping Andrea lightly on the cheek.

“I did.. so does this mean we’re done?” Andrea asked. There was silence for a few seconds before the van door slid open. It stayed open for a little while longer than it had before but shut back again.

“One.. two.. three..”



“So Ethan.. you live around here?” Megan asked trying her best to make small talk as she slowly sipped her water.

“Just up in Brentwood. You like, go to school or something?” he asked.

“Yeah.. Georgetown. Never.. been out to a place like.. no that’s not true I guess. Still this hasn’t turned out to be the night I was expecting.” Megan said before staring off into the distance.

“Well what were you expecting?”

“I.. well when I woke up this morning I still thought I’d back out and never even show up so.. there’s that. I just..”

“You just what?” he asked leaning forward.

“What?” Megan asked.

“I said, ‘just what?’” Ethan repeated a little louder

“I.. I don’t know. In my head.. and some other times.. I like being tied up, I like being dominated. Here.. it’s different. I don’t know.. I can’t explain it.”

“I might know what it is.. too many people around? Maybe it’s just messing with your head,” he said as she looked around.

“That could be it.. hey I can barely hear you over the music.. mind like talking louder or something?” Megan asked.

“Wanna head upstairs? It’s quieter up there,” he asked, pointing to a wide staircase on the other side of the bar.

“Sure why not?” Megan said, following him up the stairs. It was quiet but it was also a bit darker. There were half height walls like office cubicles around, with long couches in the ones she could see. Ethan ducked into one and Megan followed, feeling a little trepidatious but not strongly enough to insist they go somewhere else.

“So you were saying how you like being dominated?” he said as he leaned in a little closer.

“Oh.. um.. hu.. yeah that’s what I was saying,” Megan said slightly nervously. She looked around the small area and saw a kind of shelf. It had the ropes individually bagged as well as a few other implements. She looked it over and then looked back at Ethan who then promptly looked over at the shelf. He got up off the couch and grabbed some bags of rope.

“Is this what you’re meaning?” he asked softly.

“Yeah.. I guess. I just.. never find the right person.. it’s just kinda hard.. and there’s so much.. not much free time and I just never meet anyone,” Megan said nervously, looking between the bags of rope Ethan grabbed and Ethan himself.

“How is it someone young and beautiful like you can’t find someone to dominate her? That ought to be a crime or something..”

Megan blushed, not knowing how else to respond. She was never very good at putting herself out there, and always felt a little intimidated by attention like this when she got it.

“Would you like me to..” he asked as he held up the rope. Megan looked up at him and down at the rope. “Come on, it’s what you want isn’t it?”

Megan nervously nodded her head, causing a quick smile to cross his face. He leaped around her to sit beside Megan’s rear. He gently pulled her hands together and began to wrap the rope around her wrists. He wrapped the ropes loosely, allowing for many rounds of cinching to follow later. With the last remaining rope, he split it and fed it around to the front of her, tying it off in a double knot in front of her stomach. As Megan moved her arms she saw the knot move too, always and forever out of her reach.

“Always wanted to try that,” he said as he pulled himself close to Megan. He wrapped an arm around her just above her breasts while his other hand played with the knot. Megan squirmed a little, testing to see if she could get out, only to find that there was no way to escape. He pulled her closer to where she felt what was very clearly and unmistakably his erection. “Mind if I go on?”

Megan non-committedly nodded her head. She started to breath heavily, feeling a redness across face and her chest. He began to wrap another coil of rope just above her elbows. It brought them closer together, but still far from touching. When he was done he cinched the length of it before running the rope around over one shoulder, behind her neck and back to the cinch before finally tying the rope off just behind the neck. Megan tried moving her arms now and found the combination made them so many times more useless than either tie would have alone. Before the elbow tie, she felt her best chance of pulling her wrists out was to bend her arms to their extremes as she pulled, but with the elbow tie there was no way to try to do that. And as she struggled she felt and watched the knot on her stomach move with her hands.

He gently helped her down to the couch before grabbing more rope. He began with her ankles, deciding not to remove her heels. He used them as he cinched, ensuring they stayed on and giving Megan an even stronger feeling of restraint. Megan looked over to see him grab more rope, which started to make her feel nervous. She thought he was just going to tie her wrists, but he was quickly making her totally and utterly helpless. But as she pulled and struggled, she tried to calm herself. This is why she had come here, she thought she’d meet someone, she thought maybe she’d be tied up. He was very evidently enjoying it, she might soon too.

He sat down and raised her knees onto his thighs. It kept her legs bent off the couch, allowing for him to wrap another rope around her legs just above her knees. It was not very tight, but Megan knew that these kinds of ties had a way of becoming very tight if her knees were bent. And considering the loose remaining bit of rope she saw at her knees, she was sure a hogtie was coming.

Ethan grabbed Megan by the waist and pulled her down the couch until she sat on his legs. She was nearly at eye level, as he sat there eyeing her. Her ran a hand up Megan’s leg, sliding under her skirt but staying at her leg. Megan swallowed nervously, knowing she was in no position to stop his hand from going anywhere at all. His other hand that was at her back, began traveling up and began to untie the knot of her dress which sat just below the knot holding her elbows. His eyes went wide with lust as her dress fell forward, revealing the twin barbell piercings of her now uncovered breasts.

He stood her up, keeping his hands on her for balance. Her feet were bound together and still in heels, making standing a little more tricky than it otherwise would be. He began pulling at her dress, rolling it under the rope around her waist. once it was on the ground he helped her back to the couch, at which point he at least folded it and put it on the shelf and off the floor.

“Someone really did a number on your ass,” he said as he guided a hand around her sore rear. “That done here?” Megan nodded her head, looking his way to judge what he was planning for her next. “Well don’t you worry, I ain’t gonna add to that.”

He grabbed the rope hanging from the end of her legs. Megan turned her head forward as she felt him bend her legs forward as she thought. He wrapped the rope around her elbow cinch, pulling tighter and tighter, adding pressure to Megan’s shoulders. It was not overly painful by the time he stopped and tied it off, but it was probably only another pull or two away from being so. As he let go of her legs, Megan felt it pull her body slightly straight. Her heels pressed against her ass, and her hands were now trapped between her legs. She could feel the knot on her stomach, and knew the knot for her legs was up at her elbows, there was nothing for her to reach for and no way to get out.

As she reveled in her helplessness she actually started to enjoy it. She closed her eyes, focusing on the rope as it pulled, and focusing on how little she could move. She ran her fingers along her ass, feeling the sore spots left there and giving her just a twinge of excitement as she did. She felt the coils around her ankles with the tips of her fingers. Knowing full well that nothing she was touching was coming off without this new person’s say so.

Her eyes opened wide as she felt him take a seat in front of her. His pants were off and his grey boxer briefs revealed not only his hard cock but several wet spots near his tip. She breathed heavily through her open mouth, looking up at him to see what he would do next. He slid over, rubbing his crotch along Megan’s face. As it pressed against her cheek, Megan felt it poke out of his boxers, ribbing its flesh against hers.

Her grabbed Megan by the hair, pulling her head up. Her mouth gaped as it did, she felt flushed and wired, her heart beating quickly and her brain flooding with chemicals. When he pushed her head back down, his cock slipped inside her mouth, pressing against the back of her throat quickly as he pushed her down onto it. It was not exceptionally big, perhaps a bit thicker but certainly not much different than any she’d encountered before. She had just never had a good gag reflex, and as it pressed a second time against the back of her throat she gagged, coughing as he pulled her head back.

“You ever tasted black dick before?” he asked, almost like it was a threat. “That’s right slave, choke on my big black dick.”

After another thrust, and another bout of coughing and sputtering, Megan pulled her head away, pulling the cock out of her mouth as she continued to recover.  “Nope.. no sorry.. that’s the line.. sorry.. please” Megan said, once again fighting to get out. “No get me out.. get this all off..” She said as she started pulling again at her restraints and holding her head to the side and away from his cock.

“Calm down you.. your ok.. do you just need a moment?” Ethan asked backing off but clearly not wanting to put a total halt to everything.

“I’m.. no I’m done. I’m not going to keep… Just get me out of this, I said I wanted out, get me out now.” Megan said, finally with enough confidence that Ethan began immediately to untie her. With her legs untied, they flopped down at the other edge of the couch, causing the ropes at her knees to become loose as well. He untied the rest of the ropes quickly, dumping them in the hamper as he went. “I’m sorry. Please.. this isn’t personal. I’m.. I don’t know. There.. I mean my fantasies this all works.. but maybe that’s why it’s just.. fantasy. I’m so sorry, this isn’t you this is me. I’m just not comfortable,” Megan continued

“Could I do something differently to make you comfortable?” Ethan asked.

“No.. no I think I’m just.. I’m not sure I’m looking for the kind of guy who just.. goes so quickly. I think I can’t just jump in with someone I don’t know and enjoy it.”

“Well, I hear you, and I’m not hurt or anything, but let me just say than that if that’s what you’re looking for, maybe you’ve come to the wrong place.” Ethan said as he dumped the rest of the rope in the hamper.

“Yeah, I think maybe I did.”


“Ninety nine, one hundred.”

Andrea had already lined up the key into the lock but had waited until she finished counting to turn it. With her hands free she finally removed her hood the rest of the way, seeing a dark multi-story parking garage all around her. It was non-descript and could have been literally anywhere. Right between the two seats in the front was the bag she had earlier put in the front compartment with an envelope on top. She tried her key and opened the lock on that bag giving her access to her old clothes. She then opened the envelope and read the note inside.:

Dear Andrea,

I hope my “assistants” didn’t wear you out too much. Inside is a key to room 1702. There you will find a new outfit and I’m sure just as importantly for you right now.. a bath, hopefully still warm. Rinse off, relax, get all this van and carpet and gunk and objectification off, and meet me upstairs in the restaurant. It’s under our room number, I’ll be waiting.

With all my love,

Zainab Tahrini,
Mistress and owner

Andrea couldn’t help but giggle. She might be over the top but it was so utterly needed to her right now. After all this she needed a bath. She quickly unlocked her cuffs, got dressed in her old clothes and grabbed the keycard from the envelope. As she went to leave she caught out of the corner of her eye the teddy bear. She smiled and didn’t have the heart to leave him down here. She nearly skipped her whole way to the elevators at the other side of the garage.


The evening had been spectacular. After the bath, which was if anything too hot, she found the clothes Zainab had gotten her, a matching pair of red strapless lace lingerie and a white strapless cocktail dress with matching white ankle strap heels. When she walked past the mirror she couldn’t believe the sophisticated looking woman staring back at her. It was night and day from the used and disheveled sex slave that had first walked into the room. The dinner was spectacular and included quite the view of the city from what turned out to be Northern Virginia.

It was so spectacular it caused Andrea to forget to bring up any of the dozens of questions she had about her trip there. It wasn’t until Zainab promised to “make herself more comfortable” when they were back in their room that Andrea broached the subject at all.

“So.. about my travel here..” Andrea delicately said as she began to unzip her dress.

“Oh.. yes.. I thought I’d get a big gift out of the way early.. surprise.” She shouted back from behind the bathroom door.

“That took a lot of planning I’d imagine.. and how.. how much do you.. Did you give the other people much leeway?” Andrea asked, thinking about the woman.

“No.. I kept them to a very strict script. I wouldn’t risk letting anything bad happening to you,” Zainab said somewhere between a tone of protective and patronizing. “And I forgot to ask, did you get me anything? I kind of wasn’t thinking about that when I rushed you out the door. And like I said it’s not like I have some grand expectation just because I have a problem with going overboard.”

“Well.. assuming you were watching through teddy, you saw half your present. I got a new bra and panties set.. they were going to be a special Valentine’s Day thing for tomorrow.. when we did have plans, but yeah.. nothing like..” Andrea explained before stopping in her tracks when she heard the bathroom door open. Out walked Zainab in an immaculate purple and black boned corset, making her narrow frame even narrower and making her ample chest seem even ampler. It held up black stockings with garters and was accompanied by a pair of black and purple trimmed peep toe heels. “How is that something more comfortable, that looks really painfully tight,” Andrea asked, shocked into not being able to say anything else.

“Shut up.. I had a problem.. I didn’t know what to get so I just tried to get everything hoping something would stick because I was worried.. oh shut up.. real relationships are hard!” Zainab said, crossing her arms in a kind of insecure pout.

“No.. it’s all wonderful. Seriously.. I’m lucky to have you.” Andrea said, who still had to bend down a little bit even without her heels to meet Zainab’s eye level.

“Well of course you are, everyone would be lucky to have me in their life.. I’m pretty amazing..” Zainab said, bouncing back with her more usual amount of humility.

“Oh come on now,” Andrea said, shoving her lightly in the shoulder.

“That’s ‘oh come on now;’ Mistress! You better watch yourself.” Zainab said as she shoved back, moving them both towards the bed.

“I don’t know.. I can always go look up that woman you found.. she seemed nice,” Andrea teased as she fell back onto the bed.

“Oh she did, did she?” Zainab said as she reached for her phone. She flicked around before turning the phone back to Andrea in the music player. It was an audio clip of the woman’s voice playing back with brief pauses. “There were no other women, no other men, I wasn’t about to share you with anyone. Nothing a few paid voice actors, a script, some gloves, and pulling your nipple clamps with my teeth couldn’t fake. I’m a lot more clever I think than you give me credit for, I really do think things through to make sure everything goes well,” Zainab said before leaping onto the bed beside Andrea, letting out a gasp of air. “Ok.. I have thought this through, and this corset may have been a mistake.”


February 20

“Hey how’s it going?” Andrea asked as she picked up her phone to see Megan was calling. “Just got out of class, wasn’t planning on coming down though, got a lot of work and I work better up here. What’s up?”

“Oh.. I’m just wanting to talk.. kind of.. I’m up at your dorm actually, your room free?” Megan asked.

“Yeah, sure I’ll just come get you,” she said as she grabbed her keys and headed down to meet her friend. “You’re not backing out of the big spring break trip right?” Andrea asked as they rode the elevator back up.

“No I can’t wait for that, midterms’ll be over by then, it’s the time between then and now that’s stressful.”

“So are you saying you can’t go with us in a few weeks to go see Sophia? I know it’s kind of in the worst possible timing but come on..” Andrea asked.

“No, no still down for that trip too. Been working ahead and stuff to have that time as free as I can. I’m not going to miss this, it’s tough not having phones to talk with her,” Megan explained as the two walked to Andrea’s empty room

“So what is it that brings you around then?” Andrea asked.

Megan paced for a moment before finally sitting down on Andrea’s bed. “Look.. you know I’ve.. since Christmas when you made me promise not to do any more self-bondage.. and I have stopped.. but I miss it.”

“Yeah but it’s just so dangerous, I don’t want to have to worry about..” Andrea interjected almost as a reflex before being cut off.

“Yes I know.. I know.. You don’t want anything to happen to me. I don’t want anything bad to happen to me either. And that is.. there really is no safe way to do it alone. I realize that all too well now. So, I went to this thing.. a, like a party. Washington Area Kinksters were throwing it back when Zainab had her big plans with you on Valentines. Well.. I couraged myself up.. shut up I know it’s not a word, I went. and.. and it was a disaster. Nothing worked and I realize I’m really bad at saying no. Like really bad. I mean you’ve seen how I can get overboard with things right? That’s in a way just me trying to say no to myself, it’s even worse when I’m saying no to someone else,” Megan rambled, to which Andrea simply nodded sympathetically.

“I kind of realized.. if I just meet someone for the purpose of.. all that kind of stuff, I’m not going to think clearly, I’m not going to be able to tell him no. And if it’s someone I don’t know then I could get in deep and get hurt or something. It could be so much more dangerous than doing it to myself. They wouldn’t have my best interests at heart and I won’t be able to be an advocate for my own best interests very well when I’m into that kind of submissive mindset.”

“So what are you saying?” Andrea asked when it finally seemed to be a pause to the ramble.

“I’m.. and this might sound weird or whatever.. and if it is let’s just pretend I didn’t ask.. but I was just talking it over with my.. my person… ok therapist.. I don’t know why that’s so hard for me to admit..anyways..” Megan said in a tizzy, trying but always missing the final part to her statement. “Andrea.. I’d like.. I mean I think.. no I’ll be definitive. I’d like to be your slave.”

Andrea sat there, waiting to see if there was more, unsure of how to respond, not wanting to say the wrong thing to what is very evidently a sensitive topic. “Well what do you mean by slave?”

“I don’t know.. I don’t know what all it would mean.” Megan said as she collapsed back onto Andrea’s bed. “I.. I just think.. I want.. at least some of the time.. I want to be like.. owned. Like someone takes control, tells me how it is, makes me helpless, punishes me for screwing up.. I.. I don’t mean I want us to start getting into like a super sexual relationship.. not like what you and Zainab have. But.. I feel like you’d know what lines to keep, and if I asked Zainab.. I mean I trust her, but.. not like you.. not down to my bone. I’d worry she’d be too quick to make things sexual.. and if that happened I might end up not saying no until it's gone past the point where things could still be salvaged. With you.. I just can’t see that being an issue with you.”

Andrea sat still, trying to take it all in. “I.. I thought you didn’t want to be involved with that kind of stuff with us around.. I mean.. earlier you were..”

“No.. that was just.. god damn.. UGHH!!” Megan said before slamming her face into her hands in frustration. “Just.. no. I mean.. that was.. That was.. like I just. Yeah this must seem like a lot of mixed.. yeah forget.. no not forget it. Ok. I guess the best way to put it is that when I was.. in civilian mode I guess, having my roommate try to hide having sex just a few feet away.. not cool. And the whole.. lesbian.. I mean no judgement or anything.. it’s just not my.. my preference I guess. But.. what I’m asking for it.. like.. I want a chance to kind of get out of civilian mode you know? I want.. I mean at least sometimes I do.. kind of comes and goes.. I guess.. but I want like a slave mode. Like a totally different mindset. And I want you not cause.. I want what you and Zainab have, but.. I mean as my therapist was kind of saying, the bedrock of BDSM is trust.”

Megan paused, collecting her thoughts. She pulled her head back up and it was noticeably redder. “I don’t.. I don’t have.. many friends. And I don’t want.. something romantic or anything.. but, at the same time.. I want this and I think I might just keep making bad or even dangerous decisions trying to look for what I want on my own. At least.. at least with where I am right now. I’m.. I know it might sound.. selfish even or.. I don’t know, my mind’s very good at coming up with faults and I know most of them probably aren’t anywhere near your mind right now.. but.. but they’re going to keep popping up if I don’t.. if I don’t get to a point where I just stop rambling and get an answer.. so I mean..” Megan said, bringing herself right to the verge of tears. There was a weariness in her eyes, as if looking around the room for anything she could use to jump back a few minutes and take this whole thing back.

“I.. can I think about it?” Andrea asked.

“Oh obviously,” Megan said shooting back upright. “No this is.. this is just something that’s been building in my head and.. and I just.. I trust you. I don’t.. I don’t have people I can say that to the same level around here.”

“I.. well I guess some of it would come down to the application, down to what I’d have to do but.. I could see that being a possibility.” Andrea said.

“Thank you,” Megan said as she leapt up and hugged Andrea. “I know this is not a conventional request..”

“And what the hell has been conventional about anything from the last year?”

“Point very well taken.”


February 21

“Hey you,” Zainab said as she met Andrea downstairs. “Come on up.”

“Actually could we go talk somewhere?” Andrea said, knowing Megan was in her room. She had yet to give her a proper response to what she asked yesterday, and didn’t want to see her until she was ready to give one. She’d been over it many times in her head and wanted an outside opinion.

“Yeah, sure, no problem,” Zainab said as she stepped outside to join her. “Lucky for you I’m still in my goin’ out clothes..” she said jokingly.

Andrea sat down at the first isolated bench she could find before telling Zainab about Megan’s proposal. Zainab listened patiently, sensing the seriousness and responding appropriately. And after a good ten plus minutes, laying out the brief version of most everything that been going through her head she simply sat silently waiting to hear a response.

“So.. I’m not allowed any more slave because it will make you jealous, but you're allowed to have one?” Zainab replied, in a misplaced attempt at humor.

“I know you’re joking.. but I mean.. is it cheating? I mean it’s not like.. sexual or anything. So I don’t think so.. but it’s just one of many.. ‘I don’t knows’ about this,” Andrea replied, bending over and leaning her hands on her legs.

“Come here,” Zainab said as she placed an arm around Andrea. Andrea sat up and leaned  against her shoulder, looking up at the sky. “I’m sorry, it’s my way. I deflect with humor even when I know I shouldn’t. But it sounds like Megan’s given this a lot of thought, sounds like you have too,” Zainab said reassuringly. “So what are you asking me for? Advice? Permission? Talk you out of or into it? I’ll do my best to offer whatever it is you think you need but I got to know what that is.”

“I.. I just.. we started out.. like that. My submitting to you. Now it’s gotten bigger, I don’t know if it’s right to start something with someone else you know?” Andrea said, as she adjusted her position to lay down across the bench and place her head in Zainab’s lap.

“Are you realistically worried that that could happen? Or is this a hypothetical, just in principle or whatever you wanna call it?”

“I guess principle. I mean she said she doesn’t want it turning sexual.. I guess that’s possible but I guess yeah principle is a good word for it. And like in principle wouldn’t it kind of not be fair to you?” Andrea asked.

“To me? No. I know you, I know her, I know the circumstances. Honestly it’s fine with me if you want to do this. You’re still all mine when it counts,” Zainab said, brushing some hair out of Andrea’s face.

“But that’s another thing, I’m yours.. doesn’t that kind of make her.. yours too? Also I mean that like I’m not at all a dom. It’s just.. not in me or something. How could I..”

“All the better honestly. She doesn’t want it getting sexual, you dominating her won’t run nearly the risk of doing that given.. how you are. And it also means you’ll know her limits better than almost anyone. I’ve always thought to be a good dom you need to know being a sub at least a little. And no, I’m not claiming everything that’s yours, just the things most important to me,” Zainab said as she stroked Andrea’s cheek.

“Does that mean you ever want to sub for me then Mistress?” Andrea teased with a smile.

“Didn’t you just answer your own question with the way you phrased it? Look if I didn’t know any better it sounds like you’re trying to talk yourself out of it,” Zainab said.

“No, I just.. With Sophia off on her own and Lea god knows where.. Megan’s the one longtime friend I have left, and I’m just really worried about messing it up. I want to make sure I’ve covered everything before I say I’ll try it.” Andrea said as she reached up and cupped Zainab’s hand that had been at her face.

“So you have made up your mind then?”

“Yeah.. I guess that’s what it means..” Andrea said as she sat up with the stark realization.

“Well ok then. Do you want to tell her alone or want me there?” Zainab said as she stood up.

“Always with me,” Andrea said, getting up and clinging to Zainab’s arm.

“And.. as for the subbing thing.. if you really want to maybe.. for a special occasion or something. Maybe. If I still feel up to it,” Zainab whispered.

“Oh you silver-tongued flatterer!”


Zainab followed behind as Andrea gathered composure and opened the door to their room. Megan looked up from her computer and sat up on the bed. She didn’t say anything but she nonetheless readied herself for the conversation she was sure was coming.

“So.. I’ve given it a lot of thought.. talked it over with Zee, and..” Andrea stammered nervously as she rested against Megan’s desk.

“Oh god.. no it’s fine you don’t have to.. really it’s a super weird thing to ask for anyways..” Megan preemptively interrupted.

“You’re right, it is super weird,” Andrea quickly replied. “But that’s kind of who we are. We are all three of us kind of super weird. I mean the first time we got drunk with this one you had her lock you into cuffs for the day! That’s pretty super weird. Our whole last summer? And now I’m going out with your college roommate who’s from some crazy wealthy family that goes back to like middle ages or something?”

“Hey.. not ALL the way back.. I mean, I guess it depends on your definition..” Zainab interrupted.

“I call that close enough.. but see? Super weird. That’s kind of our thing, and I’m willing to try to own it. So, with some ground rules.. I accept.” Andrea explained, alternatingly looking at Megan and Zainab.

Megan breathed a sigh of relief and sat further back on her bed, relaxing a bit. “Good, so what are the rules?”

“Rule one, and this is for you as much as her,” Andrea said as she turned to look at Zainab. “This is not going to be tied to Zainab. Megan answers to me, and what I do with her will be no business of yours, and shouldn’t change where we stand with each other. Grand-Mistress isn’t a thing, so don’t try to make it one.”

“Fine.. totally fair. I promise Megan will be all yours, your decisions and I won’t hold your decisions against you,” Zainab said, throwing her hands back to make sure she got her point across.

“Rule two, I need you to still tell me how things are going. I know you have trouble with that, but I need you to try, or I might end up doing more harm than good. Write it out if you have to, I know you said sometimes you type things easier than you speak them. Come to think of it, every day we meet I expect a written account from you within 24 hours of when I leave. That’ll be part of the rule, in case there is ever anything you can’t say in the moment is that understood?” Andrea asked, causing Megan to nod her head.

“And finally rule three, this is more what you had said to me.. this will be ongoing.. but it won’t get sexual in any way,” Andrea said.

“Well.. I mean that’s not quite what I was meaning. I just meant like.. I don’t want to like.. make out with you or swap oral or.. you know that kind of stuff. I mean to me, bondage alone is kind of sexual just on its face. And.. I mean I don’t mind being.. like.. naked I guess. Oh and.. I mean if you’re doing it from out of sight, maybe you could mess with my NESIC. You know.. when I’m like good or whatever,” Megan said as she increasingly shrunk into herself and blushed. “And like.. maybe if you wanted to like tie a butt plug or a dildo in there.. I kinda like that..”

“Ok.. New rule three then: No oral sex, no.. kissing or fingering or heavy caressing I guess? Certainly no strap ons, and if I use plugs or your NESIC or anything like that it’ll be with some.. I guess detachment. That sound better?” Andrea asked.

“Yes. Sounds good um.. Andrea? Mistress?” Megan said.

“Ok.. fourth rule. Mistress.. that’s got the wrong connotation for me. Zainab is a Mistress.. I’m.. I don’t know,” Andrea said looking at Zainab.

“Un.. Goddess.. Sir, Boss, Domina, Princess, Queen, Ega, Ma’am, any of those better?” Zainab said, shrugging her shoulders.

“What was that one after Queen?” Megan asked sitting forward.

“Oh it’s a Surdanese word.. I guess the closest translation would be ‘superior,’ like someone who outranks you professionally or socially or whatever the context.” Zainab explained.

“How about that one? My Ega?” Megan said with a slight bounce in the bed.

“Just Ega.. it’s already possessive.. sorry to nitpick,” Zainab interjected softly before Andrea had a chance to answer.

“Oh.. then how about it Ega? You can’t tell me you have bad connotations about a word you just learned.” Megan said with equal excitement and anticipation.

“Alright slave.. we’ll try it out this way. But if this ends up tanking our friendship I am allowed to sell you on the black market or something right? Or at least get in a few good smacks for good measure?” Andrea said, tentatively agreeing to the deal.

“We’ll just cross that bridge when we come to it I guess. So how do you have any ideas to start?” Megan said with a wide goofy smile. “I promise, I’ve finished all the work I need to do this week in case you said yes.. I just would love..”

“Be quiet slave,”  Andrea said, raising her voice slightly and trying to look stern.

Megan instantly hushed herself and sat still with her legs crossed. “Yes Ega,” she said softly as she looked straight ahead.

Without any more words, Andrea walked up to the foot of the bed beckoning Megan to come closer to her. As Megan approached on her knees, Andrea grabbed her by the back of the neck and guided her towards the cinderblock wall. She did not let go until Megan was touching the wall both with her knees and with her forehead. Andrea quickly grabbed a pair of Zainab’s handcuffs from her drawer and pulled both of Megan’s hands behind her back to cuff them.

Andrea leaned against the wall directly beside Megan, who did not turn her head but tried her best regardless to look over. Andrea held up a quarter she pulled out of her pocket, showing it to Megan before sliding it against the wall. As the coin slid directly under Megan’s nose, Andrea pushed her friend’s head a little closer to the wall until her nose held the coin up on its own.

“First lesson of being a good slave, patience. You are not in control when you’re a slave, and that’s how you want it. But that means, if I want you to sit there and hold that coin to the wall till I get back, you better do exactly that! And I better not hear any complaining when I get back. Good slaves are rewarded, bad slaves are punished,” Andrea said before waving Zainab over to come join her by the door. “And in case you’re wondering, ‘punishment’ isn’t always the kind of thing you’ll enjoy, I’m not going to encourage you to misbehave on the off chance you’re feeling masochistic today. Is that understood?”

“Yes, Ega,” Megan said though much more bated breath.

“Ok, well we’ll be back shortly,” Andrea said after she quickly grabbed Megan’s phone and turned on her NESIC to a low, teasing setting. Megan said nothing but began to curl her lips inward. After throwing the phone onto the bed near Megan, she grabbed Zainab by the arm and the two of them walked out to the hallway, closing the door behind them.

“Patience?” Zainab said with a raised eyebrow. “You.. you’re going to try to preach patience?”

“I never said I actually was a good slave, I just said a good slave should be patient,” Andrea said, putting a finger up in the air in her own defense. “Besides, look who I’m talking to! Compared to you I’m practically a well-disciplined monk.”

“Great.. Keep up that tone, see how far that gets you. And don’t monks usually take a vow of celibacy?” Zainab playfully snipped as she started following Andrea down the hall. “So do you have more than just coin tricks planned for today?”

“Well, a few ideas. Say, is your dad home by any chance?”


Megan breathed slowly through her mouth. Her hands sat frustratingly behind her, and she didn’t dare struggle to any real degree because she was too afraid of dropping the coin. She had spent a bit of time at first, thinking of a backup. Letting her mind race as to how she might be able to get the coin back up if she were to drop it. And the answer she came up with was basically “you can’t.” It was a very different kind of helplessness and she was loving it. She wished she could move her hands around. Her phone was right there, she could nearly see it. She could turn her chip up or off, it would only take a few seconds. She was even fairly sure she could find handcuff keys rather quickly, after all they just came out of Zainab’s desk drawer.

But she didn’t. Instead she focused on the sensations. The way the metal of the cuffs was starting to warm from being on her wrists. The way her forehead was becoming a little cool from being pressed against the wall. The way she occasionally heard footsteps out in the halls, wondering when one of them would be Andrea’s. And of course, when all other sensations ceased, there was the feelings radiating out from her crotch.. warming her body  and making time seem to crawl at an inhuman rate. But Ega had insisted, and it was so deliciously servile that her heart could barely contain itself.

When the door did open, it took all her concentration not to turn her head and look. She could catch Andrea and Zainab returning out of the corner of one eye but said nothing, only continuing to breath heavily. Andrea grabbed Megan’s phone but otherwise said nothing as the two disappeared from sight. She heard the two get into Zainab’s bed shortly before she felt her chip turned up substantially.

Megan leaned more of her weight against the wall as her hands stretched and strained, pulling outward at the restraints. She shook and repositioned herself, but without first moving her head there really was not many ways she could do that. She began to bite her lower lip as her nostrils flared with each deep breath, putting every bit of energy she had left into not losing the coin. But it was a losing battle. As another wave of passion hit her struggles pulled her just slightly away from the wall, just for a second, but long enough to let the quarter fall, dinging the metal frame of the bed as it did.

Megan now collapsed onto her side, writhing around in her bed, nearly beginning to grind her covers before once again regaining her composure. “I’m sorry Ega, I tried for as long as I could,” she said as she watched Andrea approach.

“Sometimes the cards are just stacked against you slave. Sometimes the game is designed to be lost,” Andrea said as she turned Megan’s chip down to its lowest possible setting. Megan stared up at the ceiling with a vague contented smile. “Of course, just because it was impossible to obey forever, doesn’t mean you won’t get punished for disobeying me.”

Andrea pounced onto Megan, flipping her onto her stomach. Megan put up token resistance as Andrea began to remove her shirt, but with her hands still in cuffs there was little she could have done even if she had wanted to. . Soon her t-shirt and unclasped bra were down her arms, held on almost entirely by the cuffs still around her wrists. Megan turned to try to look as she felt something else go around her wrists. It was cool metal as well, but it felt more like loosely fitting shackles than handcuffs. Once one seemed to be around each arm, Andrea unlocked the handcuffs and removed the shirt and bra the rest of the way.

Megan was pulled to her feet and made to stand there facing Zainab topless. Zainab handed Andrea a thick, heavy looking chain. Each link was at least two inches and thick, it looked more like it should be locking up a motorcycle than locking her up. Andrea fed the chain around Megan’s waist and it was every bit as heavy as she assumed it would be. She heard the click of a lock behind her as Andrea locked the chain belt around her waist and to her wrist shackle’s short chain. It was a little loose, but clearly cut for the job as Megan felt no loose links and there was no way it was sliding past her hips.

Zainab handed Andrea a second chain made of the same heavy material. Andrea placed one end on Megan’s collarbone, and then wrapped the remaining chain around her neck twice. The weight was noticeable but not painful, at least not yet. She watched Andrea pick up a very serious looking lock and feed it through all the wraps so that the chain was not only locked, but could not tighten around her neck. A remainder of chain hung down past her breasts nearly to her navel, making the chain put most of its weight on the back rather than front of her neck.

Andrea stood close behind Megan, out of sight as Megan continued to simply look forward at the wall in front of her. Andrea slipped her hands around Megan to begin to unbutton her jeans. Megan froze, but as the second button came off and Andrea began to tug what little clothes Megan had left off, she started to worry. “What.. what are you doing?” she asked nervously, starting to have her first moments of doubt.

“We’re getting you ready for your punishment slave, now do you want me to explain it first?” Andrea asked, walking around to Megan’s front. Some of her caustic domineering tone had gone, replaced with just a helping of genuine concern for if she was going too far too fast.

“No.. No, that’s fine Ega.” Megan said as she recovered and felt once again, simply helpless without the twinge of worry that had been starting to form. She stepped out of her jeans and panties once Andrea had finished pulling them down. She was guided back to the bed where Andrea put boots on each of her feet. They were not the most glamorous or sexy, barely a two inch heel and nothing particularly decorative about the black imitation leather.

Megan was pulled up to her feet by the chain leash and pulled her over to her closet. Andrea grabbed Megan’s tan trench coat, causing Megan’s eyes to go wide. “If you want to back out slave, now would be the time,” Andrea said as she began to drape the coat around Megan. Megan flattened out her arms as best she could and noticed they didn’t cause quite the bulge she was assuming they would. The coat was knee length, covering her delicate parts well enough. Her concern however was the big heavy chain around her neck. The collars popped, but even they couldn’t hide this alone.

That was when Andrea grabbed one of Megan’s thin scarves. It wasn’t very fancy, but it was thin enough that it could adequately cover the chains without looking cartoonishly bulky. Andrea tucked the empty sleeves into the pockets and looked her work over. “Alright, now we are just going outside to a car, are you going to be ok slave?” Megan gave off one more struggle, for her own sake. The iron that encased her was as unyielding as ever, and she soon gave up and nodded her head.

Andrea opened the door and gestured “After you..”


As Megan walked down the hallway to the elevator she was so focused on trying not to let her chains jangle she nearly ran into someone. It was disorienting to be so focused and worried that a slight misstep would bring attention. But as the boy turned and dodged her at the last minute she jumped back as well, hearing both a jingle from her waist chain and from her collar. She looked up, terrified that he would know instantly, but he didn’t seem to pay any real attention to her at all. As they made their way to the road a self-taxi was waiting, and with help Megan got up in the front seat.

They drove the short and familiar route to Zainab’s father’s residence just a few blocks from the embassy. And with Andrea and Zainab both sitting in the back and silent, Megan began to feel outright excited again. There was only a single coat, held together with five buttons, that was all she had on to cover her nakedness. And with none of the front windows tinted, all it would take is for one of the two behind her to undo those five buttons and she would be helpless to stop anyone from watching her on display. She pulled at her arms slightly and grunted, the chains were heavy and thick. They felt so serious, so permanent.

She needed to be helped out of the car when they got there. Zainab got out her key and invited them in, which she had done many times before. As soon as they were inside Zainab called out. When no one responded Andrea unbuttoned Megan’s coat and took it off along with the scarf. Megan was once again naked and plainly displaying the heavy chains that confined her. Her piercings brightly caught the light of the chandelier, in contrast to the dull chains which did not. Andrea grabbed hold of Megan’s leash and pulled her past the stairs they normally took to Zainab’s room. Instead the headed for the stairs leading down.

The basement was partially finished with the same buffed wood floors most of the house, but it had a storage room that wasn’t. It was muggy, dusty, with hard cement floors and no natural window. The walls were simple brick, not even painted like the rest of the basement’s walls. It had only a single hanging light bulb in the center of the room with the only switch, thanks to not so well thought out design, on the outside of the room. It was meant to hold boxes, extra nic nacs, but Zainab and her father traveled somewhat light, they had only moved to the city within the year when he got his new posting and had simply not had enough time to gather enough junk to need a room like that for storage.

Megan had never seen this room, Andrea had however been brought there once. When Andrea turned on the light and opened the door, the mild smell of mildew and humid dust was unmistakable. She pushed Megan forward who nearly fell on the big step down to the bare cement. There was a single round metal pole in the middle of the room meant to be support for the floors above. It was dull and covered with some kind of coating, not rust but not very pleasant to the touch either. Down at the base of the pole, there were four small metal braces, welded between the wide base and the narrow pole.

Andrea grabbed Megan’s chain and pulled her down to the floor near the base of the pole. She pulled out of her pocket a three digit combination lock, fitting one end around Megan’s chain and the other around one of the braces at the floor. Megan pulled at the chain and while the lock was not as heavy duty as the chains she wore it was still more than holding. She found she could not even kneel up fully before reaching the end of her line, so she simply lay back down, with Andrea’s help to not fall uncontrollably.

“Well slave, I’m putting the key to your locks right here,” Andrea said, finally breaking the silence. She placed a single key in the far corner of the room near the door, maybe 9 or 10 feet from the pole. “And I’ll even tell you what the combination is, it’s 000” she said before she turned off the lights and closed the door. Megan had not had time to look back at the lock before losing the light, not that making attempts on it would be easy, but without the light she might as well have been blind.

Megan convulsed as she felt her NESIC turn up to high again. She was alone again.. oh and so unbelievably helpless. The key was just in the corner, but it might as well have been in another country. Which given the number of embassies in the neighborhood, wouldn’t actually be all that far away. She knew the code that could free her but the numbers were painted on not embossed, and without light she might as well not actually know what the code is. And now she was being teased.. teased mercilessly as her side began to feel the dirt of the floor pressing against her skin. She listened to the sound of the chains clinking together as she struggled and it was like a symphony to her.

“I’ll leave you alone for now slave, but I’ll have your phone on speakerphone if you need to call for me I’ll be there. And I don’t see how you can with your hands back there, but if you want to cum you’re free to as many as you can manage before I get back..” Andrea yelled through the door.

Megan moaned as she pulled on her chains. Flipping to her stomach she felt a tug at her neck as well. As she pulled more at her wrists, she began to desperately to reach her pussy from where they were. There was no way, but the struggle and the scene, not to mention the stimulation from her NESIC, brought her very close. Close enough that she simply began to rub her ass with her hands.

She tried to slap her ass, it stung but with such limited movement it was very minimal indeed. “Mmm you’re such a horney fucking slut Megan.. you’re trying to slap your own ass just to get that last little bit to cum,” she thought to herself. She stretched out her right hand, which seemed to have just a little bit more leeway than her left. She felt the heavy chains dig in, but she could just barely reach the extreme lower edge of her pussy with her middle finger. She began to thrust against the floor in desperation.

As she maneuvered around, her thigh bumped into the pole. Megan smiled and tried to bend her leg forward. With some difficulty, particularly because she couldn’t see, she got one of her legs onto the other side of the pole. She was still on her stomach and began to drag herself through the dusty floor to bring herself up to her knees. Her pussy made contact with the pole, and after catching her breath she began to rub her hips. It was rough, and there was real friction and resistance. Fortunately, her pussy juices very quickly began to lubricate it, and she picked up speed. Her hands went wide as one final thrust rocketed her over the edge, causing her to lose her breath before roaring up moans of pleasure as she slowly came down from one high and began to chase another.

Andrea and Zainab listened from just outside, not actually going away just yet as they had threatened to do. “You sure she’s ok in there?” Andrea asked quietly.

“Relax, I made sure that coating can’t hurt her. She’ll wear herself horse before she hurts herself too bad. And does it sound like she’s enjoying it?” Zainab asked.

Andrea just looked over at the door. “Yeah.. I think this could work out well enough.”


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