The Stories of Bound Friends

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2014 - JessBaby - Used by permission

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Part 1: Andrea's Eventful Birthday

Andrea paused her lunch to read her phone's new text, causing a smile to cross her face. "We are officially off, have a great week sweetheart - Mom & Dad." She still wasn't sure if it was a total coincidence or that her parents were being kind, that of all the weeks for them to go away this was the one they chose. She had never been left alone for more than a day or two, and now on the week of her 18th birthday her parents would be out to sea on an 11 day long cruise. They mentioned something about this being the cheapest time of year, or that it was one of the few times they both could take off work, but in the back of her mind she wondered if this wasn't their form of a present. "Happy birthday, here's the house to yourself!"

She had certainly never given her parents reason to doubt her. She has been a solid B+ student at St. Anne's, a private all girls school, stayed out of trouble and had overall earned a solid 'good girl' image. She may not be on great personal terms with her parents, but she certainly felt she had earned their trust.

"Well they're officially gone," Andrea shared with her friends across the table.

"Sweet, we only have two more periods, Lea's already done, so should we just leave from here?" Asked Sophia.

"Good with me. Megan, that time work for you?" Andrea asked.

Megan nodded her head in agreement.

"I might be a little late, I got one thing to pick up. I'll call when I'm almost back." Lea added almost cryptically.

With that the four friends went back to their lunch and chatting. They had become nearly inseparable over the years, seemingly doing almost everything together. Andrea was the last of them to turn 18, and even though her big party was this Saturday her actual day was today and the four of them planned on celebrating just the four of them.

It was Thursday January 18th, the start of a four day weekend, and the teachers seemed just as eager as all the students to get out early and get on with their day. Andrea was let out ten minutes early but was still the last to arrive to where two of her friends were waiting for Lea.

Sophia was always the easiest to spot in a crowd. She was leaning up against the wall in her yoga pants and shirt, clearly just coming from practice. She was tall and slender with Mediterranean looking olive skin and black curly hair. Even without heels, which she rarely ever wore, she still towered over almost all the girls. She had been taking dance classes since she was little and it made her at times strike a pose when waiting like she was right now and not even realize it. Between her dancing and her place on the track team, she was always in amazing shape. The two things had kept her toned and given her incredible flexibility, but she sometimes wondered if it was some kind of dancer's curse that kept her chest and ass so flat.

Megan by contrast could easily be Andrea's sister, something that certainly isn't helped by going to a school with uniforms, though she had already changed out of hers. They were both wavy-haired brunettes, a bit on the short side, had deep blue eyes, and were just a little bit curvy. They didn't have Sophia's toned stomach, there was even the tiniest bit of flab, but both made up for it with their natural C cups and round ass to match. Their short curvy frames never had trouble getting attention when they were out, and that was good enough. The only thing that visually separated the two was their different hairstyles, Megan preferred long hair done up while Andrea preferred a shoulder length cut.

Lea on the other hand was much less noticeable. She wasn't unattractive by any means but that's perhaps the best that could be said. She was medium height, about half way between her friends. She was skinny but not toned or athletic like Sophia. had a decent pair of breasts but nothing as pronounced as Andrea or Megan. She was pale, had long straight jet black hair and wore black rimmed glasses for her near-sightedness that made her look like a bit of a nerd. Honestly she was quite a bit of a nerd, but that's not exactly a bad thing. None of them were exactly quite the "cool" kids at the school. Certainly no one was complaining last summer when she was the only one to land a summer job, working with computer systems or something. They definitely weren't complaining when that summer job helped her buy a car, it might have been really old but it was more than any of them had making her everyone's unofficial taxi.

The four of them had been friends for years. The each moved to town part way through the year and bonded at first over their shared "outsider" status in this small Pennsylvania town of Tullburg. They each made other friends in time, but none of them felt quite as close. They didn't always have as many things in common with each other as they did with some of their other friends, but it didn't matter. Turns out sometimes having everything in common was a little overrated when you have a common history.

Andrea waved to her two friends as she walked up while Megan was just hanging up her phone. "That was Lea, she's only a few minutes out," Megan explained.

"Any idea what she was picking up?" Andrea asked.

"Nope, assuming it's drinks or something for tonight," Megan responded.

It wasn't drinks.

A little over a year ago, a company combined some of the recent computer breakthroughs to put a new spin on an old game. It receives its fair share of mockery, but not from Lea, her friends or the almost million other regular players. It's essentially a high tech, computer controlled game of truth or dare called eDict.

eDict can be played a few different ways. There's the "trial" version, where you are given requests through the website, and it's up to you to be honest. There's the free version, which is a bit of a misnomer because while there's no monthly cost you need to buy what the company calls a TruBand to play. It's online as well, but unlike the trial version the TruBands can detect whether you are following orders and answering truthfully.

Finally there's the paid version which requires you to buy hardware and also pay a monthly fee. You first purchase an eDict Box, they come in different sizes, and they will be pre-packed with things that might be used during dare edicts. What it gets packed with is personalized based on criteria and user history, and they can be repackaged at any store or by mail if you don't mind waiting a bit. People can manually pick an inventory, but most just rely on probabilities since then it maintains a bit of uncertainty. Boxes are meant to be the only thing you need when playing.

Lea just purchased a box as a gift and she needed to pick it up from the city, which was a bit of a drive. She sprang for the deluxe model, and while it had wheels she still had trouble getting it in the back of her car. It was the size of a large trunk and Lea only had a small hatchback. She covered it with a blanket and a few odds and ends to keep it a surprise. As she picked up her waiting friends and drove to Andrea's now empty house, they didn't notice a thing.

"Make yourselves at home," Andrea snickered as her three friends started meandering back to the living room while Andrea went upstairs to change out of the maroon sweater and grey skirt that was her uniform.

After an hour or two of flipping through a whole lot of nothing good, Lea ducked back to get her gift. The box was heavy but once it was on the ground she could wheel it to where she needed it. Lucky for her there weren't any steps and she quickly had it moving down the hallway to her friends.

"Andrea, I've got a surprise for you," Lea announced as she walked into view just before the box she was dragging.

"Oh my god, is that what I think it is?" Sophia exclaimed

"Yes it is. Andrea, I know you play this as much as the rest of us, might as well play in style."

Andrea got up off the couch and started moving the coffee table towards the corner of the room. "Bring it here, this thing's massive."

"Do we need our bands? I could still run over and get mine," Sophia asked.

"Nope, this has enough bands for eight players, and they're a bit more serious than the fabric ones we normally play with." Lea started explaining

One of the technologies part of eDict are what the game makers call TruBands. It's all based off some breakthroughs law enforcement came up with years ago while trying to make an infallible lie detector, but no one saw that tech being used for a game like this. The bands equipped with a small camera, wifi to connect to a computer or a box and enough sensors it can pick up on just about anything no matter how subtle. You place a band around your neck like a collar, and from there it combines with voice reading software to tell when someone's not being truthful. It's so good it doesn't even need yes/no answers, it can tell if what you're saying is in any way not the fully truthful even if it's not an outright lie. It can even often, though admittedly not perfectly, tell someone's answer just by how they react to the question without them saying a word. Most people just use the standard rubber lined fabric bands you manually tighten with a velcro strap. But those people don't have deluxe boxes.

"This is the deluxe box, it has eight bands included and they're metal," Lea explained. "There's still the rubber lining, but instead of a velcro strap you feed one end into a box on the front and it clicks closed."

"Wait, so where do we get these bands?" Andrea asked as she examined the box.

Lea lifted up a flap revealing a screen. "We just sign in here to our regular accounts, start a session and a compartment will open with our bands. Andrea, it's your machine, you go first."

Andrea sat in front of the machine and proceeded to connect it to the home network and sign in to their online accounts. It the screen asked "add more players or continue" after each person had finished logging in. Once all four were signed in Andrea pressed continue.

"Welcome" the box said, chiming to life. As it spoke the TV turned back on, showing an enlarged version of the words being spoken. "I have detected a TV in the room, if you do not want me to use this say ‘no extra displays' or select the option from the touch screen. To start a new session, say ‘start new session' or select it from the touch screen."

"It talks! The free version never talked!" squealed Andrea in excitement.

"Yes I do, I can also accept voice commands for everything but adding new profiles," said the surprisingly human like voice. "You can always change these settings by saying ‘voice options' or by selecting it from the menu. I also am program to learn from experience to enhance the quality of the games, something my free counterpart also can not do."

"This is so cool, what do you say, start playing now?" Andrea said as she turned back to face her friends.

"It's your day, what do you want?" asked Megan.

A smile went across Andrea's face. "Start new session."

"Select players individually, or say ‘all players' to add everyone signed into the device." Andrea barely let it finish before spouting out, "all players."

"Set a session's maximum and minimum length" replied the machine. Andrea replied, "at least till 9, no later than 11." The screen read: Min 9pm, Max 11pm, say correct to confirm. She did.

"Would you like to manually set difficulty controls, or use a generalized difficulty setting?"

Andrea had to think about it. "Hmm, generalized difficulty is also not in the free version," she said quietly turning back to her friends. "Lea, did the store say much about this?"

"Just that the generalized difficulty setting will take your past responses into account and set levels for all the different categories based on that and what you've selected in the past"

"Generalized difficulty" Andrea replied.

"Set difficulty 1-10" the box replied

"Andrea, one more thing." Lea interrupted. "The store also mentioned that there's a new feature only for boxes where you can set difficulty to 11 and it will gradually try to push us past where we've been before. I'm up for that if you three are."

Megan and Sophia were quick to agree, and while Andrea still had her doubts she had to admit it sounded intriguing. "Difficulty 11."

"Difficulty 11 may push past previous personal limits, and edicts may not be backed out of. Each player must say ‘confirm' to begin." The box was using much more serious tone than it had previously used as it said this.

One at a time the box called each of the girl's names, followed by the girl responding "confirm." A drawer would open with a metal band. As soon as one girl removed it from the drawer it would close, the box would then wait for the band to go around the girl's neck and it would then call the next girl. Each band came from the same drawer, one of the girls would shut it empty and then another would open it to find another identical band dropped in there from some internal mechanics.

Sophia was the last one called and once she had put her band around her necks the box produced a loud "click" sound, like a click of a lock shutting. "All four players accept, bands will now lock." The box said in its much colder tone.

"Wait, locked?" Andrea said with surprise. She tried pulling her band but it was locked fastly around her neck.

The box continued. "Records show that while all of you meet the minimum playing hours and age requirements, none of you have played Difficulty 11 before. The rules are different here. I will take all that I know about each of you from your past play, and use your reactions to decide what orders to give. You will not choose your order type, I will. You do not get any free passes, you either do as you are told or take a punishment. You do not have any topic limits in this game, I can select any challenge from any topic I wish. I however will not give you a kind of order you do not enjoy more than once. But so long as you enjoy what is happening I will push you further than you have gone before and you will have no choice in the matter. Sometimes I will move from player to player like a normal eDict game, sometimes I will focus intently on a single player giving them task after task until I decide to move on. I will give you a moment to think about this."

The room went silent. Everyone was too shocked to look at each other. Andrea felt the metal around her neck, brushing it with her fingers as if that would make this make a little more sense. It was tight but not uncomfortable, besides the receiver box at the front it was a perfectly unbroken piece of brushed metal. 'There should have been some more warning,' she thought. This was all a little crazy, clearly whatever locked the collar was in the receiver box that now sat at the front of her neck, pulling did nothing. But as her fingers continued to lightly brush the metal she started to feel the kind of rush she used to get when she first found this game.

The booming voice returned after another minute. "This had been your final chance to back out. I am able to monitor how you feel and no one seems to be disturbed, under the terms of use this was your final consent."

'Not disturbed? How could that be?' Andrea thought. She certainly felt a little disturbed. 'The fact that the disturbance was a rush shouldn't factor in, should it?' She brought her head up and looked around, Megan and Sophia certainly looked disturbed.

"What do you mean not disturbed?" Megan blasted out as if reading Andrea's mind.

"I will clarify," said the cold voice of the game. "None of you exhibit signs of panic, extreme dread or an unpleasant fear. Difficulty 11 is meant to make you uncomfortable, but not in ways that is ultimately unpleasant. None of you exhibit signs of this unpleasantness, so I will continue."

After that was more silence, I guess no one could argue that it was a bit exhilarating.

"I will ask all four of you to answer yes or no, have you read the manual for Difficulty 11?" The game asked.

All four answered no. This was followed shortly by Lea screeching in mild pain and falling to the floor grabbing her band. After catching her breath Lea quickly but quietly corrected herself by saying yes.

"I ask the three of you who haven't, would you like a chance to do so now or would you prefer it be kept from you? This will be the only time I offer, but remember to not lie as your friend just did."

Andrea looked at her two friends unsure of what she actually wanted, knowing she really didn't want whatever happened to Lea. Eventually Sophia broke the silence "I don't need to know." This was followed quickly by Meagan saying the same. Andrea was still very torn, but thought that as crazy as it seemed she might deep down agree with her friends. The not knowing was a bit exciting and a part of why she first started playing the game a while ago. "I don't need to know either."

"Good, then all you need to know is that my word is law. Break the law and you will be punished."

A rush ran through Andrea as she heard this. It all made things seem so much more real, that there were actual penalties for doing things wrong beyond just "losing" the game.

"Andrea, it is your birthday so I shall start with you. When did you first let someone play with your breasts?"

Andrea was shocked, the game had never been sexual before! She looked around at her friend's glaring eyes. It was one thing to talk about this stuff with her friends (even if they rarely did) it was quite another to have it forced out of you my a machine. "Last year."

"Meagan, have you ever stolen something from a store?"

The machine continued grilling in no particular order and with no consistent topic. Nothing very scandalous came up and that might have been the problem. It seemed like the game was actively searching for something big to run with that it just wasn't finding.

"Lea, do you find girls sexually attractive?"

Lea blushed, this was not some big revelation to her friends, she had told them some time ago, but somehow having it forced out of her seemed different. She grabbed her collar and closed her eyes, seeming ready to brace for another shock. At the last second she opened her eyes, let go of her neck and said a plain and simple "yes."

Andrea was admittedly a little surprised that this had phased Lea. What surprised her even more was that when she answered "no" to the same question, she got a shock. Andrea fell to the side, clawing at her collar but the shock was over long before her fingers ever reached. 'The machine must be broken,' she thought. They had in their younger years played around, but Andrea had always seen it as harmless experimentation before they started really meeting boys.

The question went racing around Andrea's mind, she had stopped paying attention to what anyone else was doing around her. It's not that she was hung up on the morality of it all, her parents and the school might disagree but she really didn't see it as wrong. No, she had simply never stopped to think about it.

"Andrea" Lea said, snapping her fingers in front of her friend's face.

"Sorry, lost in thought. What did I miss?"

"Megan and Sophia doing the same thing you did," Lea replied, pointing at the two who were holding their hands to their throats in a similar fashion to how Andrea had just been.

"Lea you read the instructions, why didn't you warn me about shocks like this? "Andrea finally asked as she sat back up.

"I didn't want to scare you, and I thought it would be a small little zap I didn't know it would be this strong."

"And game.. box, whatever I should call you," Andrea started as she directed her attention at the screen in front of her.

"For Difficulty 11 games, my name is Adam for Autonomous Dictating Algorithm Manifestation."

"Isn't that nice, it has a name. Adam, how exactly were you judging our answers? Why did you shock all three of us?" Andrea finished with a little more hostility in her voice.

"It's simple. As you answered, your body didn't agree with your words. You answered wrong because you were not answering honestly, and so you were each punished."

"But I have a boyfriend!" screamed Sophia with some indignity.

"That does not mean the answer you gave was any more correct," replied Adam. "If it was, the subtle physical cues I am able to monitor would have responded differently. You each responded to the question in roughly equal ways but only your friend Lea answered honestly. Is this matter settled?"

Silence fell across the room. Andrea was still feeling uneasy, but the more the game was forcing her to think on the matter the less she felt her objections had a leg to stand on. She assumed a similar line of thought was going through her friend's minds.

"I will now continue, judging from your responses this is finally getting challenging and I intend to build on that."

Andrea wasn't sure she liked the direction this game was starting to take. But, not being able to do anything about it seemed to certainly make her feel at least a bit excited about it even if that did nothing to calm the butterflies.

"Andrea, get a chair from the dining room, bring it here and sit down on it." Simple enough, she did it quickly.

"Sophia, stand up." Again, the simple command was followed easily.

Then the game got down to business. "Sophia, when the music starts you will give Andrea the most provocative lap dance you can manage. You will have three minutes and by the end you must have stripped down to nothing but your panties. If you fail to arouse her you will be punished. Andrea, if she succeeds in arousing you, you will be punished instead. This will also be a harsher punishment than I have dealt before."

Andrea was beside herself, absolutely stunned. Was this really about to happen? She looked to Lea and Megan, they had firmly sat up and were watching intently. She looked over to Sophia who seemed to be psyching herself up, stretching and hopping. This was clearly going to happen; she simply hoped the machine was wrong and that she wouldn't be turned on so that Sophia would get the shock instead.

Music began pumping out the speakers on the TV and the box, some non-descript club-ish pop song that Andrea couldn't place. As Sophia walked slowly over to Andrea, she made it increasingly difficult for Andrea to stay distracted on the song. She straddled her friend, began grinding her hips and looking right into Andrea's eyes. Once she had stolen Andrea's focus she began by removing her top. With the height difference it meant her sports-bra covered boobs were almost exactly eye level, she made sure to move in closer to make them impossible to miss.

She stood up and turned around, bending to give Andrea a spectacular view of her ass. She bent completely over, contorting herself as she began to slide her yoga pants down her legs one at a time. Once she had stepped out of the second leg she spun on one foot to face Andrea again.

Sophia didn't know how much time was left, but she was sure she didn't want to be punished for going too slowly. As she sat back down, she removed her bra as quickly as she could. Her breasts were not big by any stretch, but as she slid up to get them close to her friend's face they seemed to do fine. It was mere seconds later that the music cut out and Sophia got up and went to retrieve her clothes. It was quite the performance, Lea almost had half a mind to start clapping.

"Sophia, good work," praised Adam. "You will not be punished. Andrea on the other hand has failed and will be punished."

Andrea didn't like hearing it, but she had to admit the computer wasn't wrong. Her friend certainly put on a performance. She didn't like to admit it because it meant she was about to be punished, but the game had been right from the start, apparently she did find girls at least a little attractive.

"As you can see Andrea, you were wrong to question me. Your punishment will be to live with the embarrassment for now, I was never planning to shock you but prove a point to you. I believe I also made that point to you Megan, you enjoyed watching that quite a lot just as Sophia certainly enjoyed doing it."

Andrea breathed a sigh of relief, she had been so worried about the shock that she couldn't even be upset that the game had tricked her. She looked around to see Sophia hurriedly getting dressed while Megan was simply looking away. Only Lea seemed at ease about all this.

"So how much did you actually know about this Lea?" Andrea asked. Her friends soon turned to join her stare.

"Well, I might have read that something like this could happen. Difficulty 11 is for experienced players so the game already knows things about you and it is supposed to be adults only, so it gets a lot more risqué. But it only goes that way if it's getting a response." Lea tried nervously explaining. "I didn't know for sure it would do that specifically, but it was very clear that the computer only does things it reads that people enjoy. So it wouldn't be doing this if you weren't enjoying it."

Sophia, now fully dressed, tuned to Lea with a look of anger in her eyes. "Did you see what it just made me do? Why didn't you warn us?"

Lea started getting defensive "The game asked you if you wanted to know all this, you said you didn't. It said it would push your limits, what did you think it meant?"

"I don't know, but… but something else," Sophia said in an understandable tiff.

"Sophia," Adam interrupted, "Did you not enjoy the edict I gave you to dance and strip?"

Sophia suddenly lost her fire, and in a more muted tone replied, "I guess."

"Than do not blame Lea. She is right, I gave you a chance to know more and you refused. I gave you a task that I predicted correctly you would enjoy. I have done everything I am supposed to do." Adam said in cold fit of logic. "As punishment for your outburst, you must now strip back down to just your panties before we continue the game, you have 30 seconds."

Sophia bit her teeth and thought of yelling, but instead simply discarded the clothing she had just reapplied. Defeated she sat back down with one hand covering her breasts as best they could.

"Andrea, describe what it was that so turned you on as you watched Lea dance." Andrea glared daggers back at the machine for such a demand but continued anyway.

"I guess it's cause Sophia is in great shape and is such a good dancer," Andrea said through her teeth. She winced as she felt very mild shock, followed by the computer saying, "And what else?"

"And I guess it's all in public in front of other people, that kind of makes it naughty." She said quietly, followed by another prompting from the computer for more. "And I guess it's cause she was being forced to do it, like she didn't have a choice," she added almost like it was a question.

"So to repeat that, you find you're turned on by it being public, and by it being forced is that about it?" Adam asked, to which Andrea simply shook her head yes.

"Now we are getting somewhere," replied Adam ominously. An awkward silence filled the room as each of the girls worried where that "somewhere" was exactly

* * * *

The awkwardness faded quickly though. It became clear that no one there could hide anything, so they all silently agreed to stop judging each other. No one had to say anything but it was all roughly understood. This only seemed to send signals to the game to go further.

Andrea, Megan and Lea were each ordered to dance and strip down to just their panties as Sophia had, with the loser being whoever turned their friends on the least. None of them were allowed to get dressed again after. Andrea lost and this time the punishment was real, and it hurt.

So now they sat, near naked and worried that it was barely six o'clock, they had only played for 2 hours and had as much as seven hours left. Of course some, like Andrea who was just recovering from the shock, were more worried and others not nearly as much.

"Is anyone getting hungry?" Lea asked breaking a silence. "Adam, what's the rules about ordering some food? Andrea's usually got a bare kitchen and none of us can cook very well. "

"That is permitted, the game can be amended accordingly."

"Great, Chinese sound good?" Lea asked, exuding more energy than the other three put together. "OK, I'll call for the usual stuff," she said as she bounced to her feet to get her phone. As she made the call the other three simply sat and waited for word either from Lea or Adam about what was happening next. "They're apparently busy so it will be close to 45 minutes." Lea said as she set her phone down and returned to her spot.

"So noted, I will continue until then," replied Adam. "Andrea, you didn't seem very confident or assertive as you stripped, do you perhaps feel you're usually shy or submissive?"

Andrea had to think, she hadn't ever considered herself submissive but she certainly realized she often acted it. "Yes, I suppose."

"Have you ever had sexual fantasies about submitting to someone else?"

Andrea couldn't help but smile, this game was good at picking up on things. It had been a fantasy of hers many times to be "taken" so to speak by someone. It was usually this jock or that, someone strong that held her down and simply had their way with her. "Yes, a few times."

The drawer opened with a large leather something with straps and buckles all over that Andrea didn't recognize. "Lea, do you know what this is?" Adam asked, to which Lea nodded her head that she did. "Put it on her, except for the lowermost strap. Andrea, stand up, put your hands behind your back and do as Lea says."

Andrea wasn't sure if it was her imagination or if the game was being extra commanding as it said the last line. Lea retrieved the leather armbinder and began feeding Andrea's arms into it. There were straps to tighten it, straps that cross the chest to keep it up, straps to put around the torso to pin the arms to the body. Each buckle seemed a little larger than it needed to be, making the whole thing looked very intimidating. The lowermost strap was at the bottom of the armbinder and was meant to go between the legs to attach to one of the torso straps, but as instructed Lea left that one hanging. Lea showed no mercy otherwise, and buckled every strap as tight as it would comfortably go. Andrea couldn't move her arms an inch, they were pinned close together and to her back forcing her breasts to stand out even more prominently than they otherwise would.

"What do you think of it Andrea?" Inquired Adam.

"It's tight." She responded through labored breath. "I don't know though it feels kind of strange." Andrea thrashed about a little, testing the limits of her restraint and finding them very limiting indeed. But through it all, she was finding it harder to catch her breath as her pulse began to run wild. She needed to sit down, her head was spinning and she was becoming flush. Lea helped her down as she started to lose her balance. She simply lay against the wall propped up by her legs outstretched at angles to keep her from tipping over.

"Well I can see that you like it," reported Adam, "I don't even need to take a reading. The way you're spreading your legs shows off just how wet your little white panties have become."

Andrea was mortified and closed her legs quickly. Her already red face became even redder, something she hadn't thought possible. Of course as always the stupid box wasn't wrong. She had just become so concentrated on the feeling of being restrained she hadn't stopped to notice just how dripping wet she had become. She couldn't deny the strong feelings she was having, something the embarrassment seemed to only compound.

"Are you embarrassed that this turns you on?" Adam asked.

"Yes, I... I am embarrassed."

"But it's a kind of embarrassment you like isn't it?"

Andrea turned her head to try to avoid the question but was reminded with a little shock. "Yes, I like it, I admit it."

"You hear that girls, she likes it," the computer said in an almost mocking tone. "Now open your legs back up so we can all see how much this embarrassment is getting you wet."

Andrea was wondering when enough was going to be enough for this damn machine. It seemed to know every right button to push. There was a part of her she didn't know she had that really liked it; just as another perhaps more rational part was screaming at her to stop liking it so that it can just all be over. The second part was putting up a fight, but it was losing. Once she realized she would never get out of this without help her second seemed to give up and calm down almost entirely, leaving only her newly realized submissive side remaining. It was saying do whatever you're told, so she opened her legs once again.

"Look at how obedient she is. You're just a little submissive that likes to do whatever you're told aren't you?" Once again it seemed the game was almost mocking her while still asking a question it expected an answer from.

"Yes, I like it." Andrea said as she closed her eyes and turned her head to the side. It was just all happening too quickly. She started to shake and tears began to well up in her eyes, she wasn't feeling bad just overwhelmed. Overstimulated at the very least, like having one too many coffees to stay up and study. She lay her side against the wall and pulled her legs to her chest trying her best to slow everything down.

The game took notice and backed off. "That's alright Andrea, I can move on to someone else for now."

With that a huge weight felt like it was lifted off her shoulders. She was in no better a position than she had been in moments ago but at least she could take a moment to process all this. She slid down along the wall to lay on the floor to allow her to gather herself as best she could.

* * * *

"Megan," Adam asked after only a brief pause, "as you were dancing I couldn't help but noticed how much you seemed to enjoy yourself, what did you find so appealing?"

Meagan was caught off guard, she was so caught up watching what was happening to Andrea she had almost forgot she was participating too. "I guess I just wanted to not lose," was her answer. That answer resulted in a painful shock.

"That is not it, did you enjoy showing yourself to your friends, or did you simply like showing yourself off period?"

"And those are my only two choices?" Megan asked playfully. She started to form another sentence but was cut short by another shock from the infernal collar.

"Sarcasm is not appreciated. I'll ask again, were you being turned on because of who you were stripping for or simply because you were stripping at all?" Adam was clearly programmed to have a rather serious streak when it wanted.

"The second one more than the first I guess, and it was just a chance to let loose" Megan said quietly.

"So is it fair to call you an exhibitionist? Do you get turned on when people watch you?"

Megan felt this was a trap. She saw what the game did when Andrea admitted she had a submissive desire, she could only imagine what it was about to make her do. Of course no one's been able to pull off a lie yet, and it wasn't exactly the truth to deny it fully. She sat up, swallowed her pride and answered "Yes that's fair."

"Take off your panties, I want you completely naked in front of your friends."

This gave her pause, somehow sitting there nearly naked and sitting there actually so seemed like a world apart. But she also knew the game wasn't just going to move on until she complied so she got on her knees. She grabbed her black panties by the side and began to lower them down revealing her unmanaged bush. Everyone's eyes were on her, even Andrea had scooted to one side to see what was going on. As they rolled around her legs, she sat back on her ass allowing her to take them all the way off. She felt very exposed and out of nervousness tried to cover herself with her hand.

"Lean against the far wall, spread your legs and stop trying to cover yourself. We all know you are enjoying this," Adam added with an almost smug tone.

Megan didn't argue, she simply rationalized that this was no different than showering after gym class. Everyone here has seen each other naked in there why should this be any different? Of course that line of thought wasn't exactly holding up for long, "it's different because they're doing nothing but looking," she thought to herself. She closed her eyes, removed her hands and spread her legs as instructed.

"How does it feel to spread your exposed body like this?"

As hesitant as she had been she had to admit this was actually stirring things up in her she didn't think it would. "It makes me feel dirty," she said softly, opening her eyes again but focusing on the screen rather than the eyes watching.

"Take a finger and feel how wet you are."

She had to do a double take as she read the words, but as she slid her left hand down it only confirmed what she already knew. It was very wet, and all the attention was mostly to blame. As her finger grazed her lips it was warm and slick to the touch. Megan instinctively bit her lip to stop herself from letting out any audible signs of just how good this felt.

"Since you seem to be enjoying yourself, start masturbating."

Megan didn't hesitate this time, even if she thought about it. All the excitement had left her in a particularly horny state. She saw her friends eyes staring at her as she worked. It was all so humiliating but she loved it. In very little time she was racing towards the edge of orgasm.

"Stop right there," Adam burst out in a loud voice. Megan let out a huff but eventually she did. "The delivery should be here soon," Adam reminded everyone. "Megan, you are going to answer the door as you are."

"I don't know," Megan said, "it's going to be a stranger at the door. That's a lot different from being naked in here with..."

"This isn't a choice, do not complain again or I will make you answer the door in what Andrea's wearing." The computer interrupted before Megan had a chance to finish her sentence.

Meagan looked over at her bound friend and foolishly let her mind wander. She was discovering she clearly liked being exposed, she just masturbated almost to climax in front of people. 'How much more exposed could I be,' she thought, 'then having my breasts forced out and being unable to cover myself'. She slid her arms back to her sides to think about what it must be like.

Andrea for her part was thinking similar things. She clearly like being dominated, and she couldn't help but find the way the game was dominating her friend to be very hot. It was forcing her to do humiliating things and she doesn't have a choice. She thought about being brought to the brink of orgasm publicly without any way to stop it.

"Interesting," said Adam breaking the stares, "You're both thinking about what the other one is going through aren't you Megan and Andrea."

In near unison they both let out a subdued, "Yes."

The drawer popped open again revealing another armbinder. "Lea, secure Megan the same as you did for Andrea. Sophia, remove Andrea's panties so that she can be naked like Megan." Lea and Sophia were both quick to respond. Andrea stood promptly allowing Sophia to easily remove her panties revealing that much like Megan she too had quite the bush.

Lea worked much faster this time, knowing exactly where each strap goes. Just as she was buckling the last oversized buckle, the doorbell rang.

"Take the money for the delivery and slide half under the torso straps of each of the two of them. You're both going to have to answer the door now."

Andrea was shaking again at the thought while Megan was still feeling around her bonds. Lea took the bills and slid them in as instructed. They heard the doorbell ring a second time and both slowly and nervously start walking towards the door.

"Sophia, Lea, get dressed quickly I have some things I need you to do." Adam said quietly the second the other two were out of earshot

Andrea and Megan turned the corner and slowly walked down the long narrow hallway to the door. It was a bit of a challenge, but eventually they were able to get the door unlocked. The front door was a round knob so there was no chance they could actually open the door in their state. Instead Megan simply yelled out, "it's open."

The door opened and the delivery boy absolutely froze. He was a skinny little kid in a company jacket that's at least a size and a half too big, probably not much older than they were. He didn't move he simply stared, holding the bag of take out hiding what was assuredly a forming erection.

"We have the money here," Megan finally said, shaking her hip slightly to call attention to the bills held by the leather strap.

He set the food down just inside the doorway and walked right up to Megan. His eyes were scanning every inch of her, as if his life depended on being able to later recite the details of what he was seeing. Eventually he grabbed the bills, first from Megan then from Andrea. Without saying a word or even counting the money he simply backed up and closed the door behind him. Lea and Sophia appeared almost instantly, now once again fully dressed. Sophia locked the door, picked up the food and headed for the kitchen.

Megan and Andrea were both flush and breathing heavy. "I can't believe we did that," remarked Andrea who was just a bit ahead of Megan in catching her breath.

"I know, that was so incredible, I mean imagine what that poor delivery guy must be thinking!" Megan added.

"I wouldn't feel too bad for him," interjected Lea, "That's probably going to be the highlight of his week. I was watching the whole thing from right behind in case he tried anything funny."

"That's nice of you I guess," Megan said as she began to lean against the hallway wall as her legs began uncontrollably shaking.

"Not nice, necessary," came a somewhat garbled voice from their collars. "I'm programed to make sure that there's always a safety net, doubly so when players are new to what they're doing."

"Adam?" asked a slightly confused Andrea.

"Yes, your collars have speakers I can utilize when I need to. So now I ask both you and Megan, did you enjoy that?"

Both girls eventually nodded their heads.

"Then I want you to repeat after me with whatever part of you think is true. I like being submissive. I like being humiliated. I like being exposed." Both girls ended up repeating every word after him as he continued. "I am turned on by what's happened so far to me tonight, and I want to try more."

Hearing themselves say all of that out loud was like a revelation. And the fact that Adam confirmed that everything they said was right by not shocking them, it was oddly freeing. They may have wanted to logically protest, but deep inside a part of them likes what's happened and wants to see where the night would continue to take them.

"Then before we break for food I've given Lea one additional task." With Adam's introduction, Lea pulled her hands from behind her back holding what looked like small leashes with a square metal piece where the clip should be. As Lea applied that metal end to the lower side of Megan's collar's control box it became apparent that leashes were exactly what they were. She did the same thing with Andrea's collar and then grabbed the looped end of both leashes with her right hand and gave them a tug. Andrea and Megan soon began following close behind as the leashes could not have been more than three feet of slack

"Do you girls like being led around like this?" Asked Adam through the collars. In two very meek voices they both answered "yes" with only a slight delay. "In that case, Lea give them a few laps up and down the hallway." Lea smirked and did just that.

By the third back and forth, the collars spoke up saying, "that's enough, dinner is served." Lea led them into the carpeted formal dining room rather than the usual living room coffee table or kitchen nook, which puzzled Andrea because even their parents rarely use that room. As they entered there were only two plates at the table, which made Megan for the first time think, 'how are we supposed to eat without our arms anyways?'

"Kneel" came a commanding voice through their collars. They both obeyed at the quickest speed they were able to without losing their balance. Lea knelt down too but much closer to the table. With Sophia's help they were able to lift the extremely heavy oak table off one of its legs. Before Andrea and Megan had figured out what was happening, Lea had placed the looped leash end around the table leg and set it back down. That was also when Sophia went to the kitchen and returned with what looked like two dog bowls and some placemats.

"You can't be serious!" Megan squealed yanking on her leash in protest. Sophia laid down the placemats and put a bowl on top of each. It was at least filled only with the delivery chinese and not anything else. "I thought I was getting a real break, how come you two get to sit at the table?" She continued to pout and tug this way or that against her bindings.

Andrea by comparison seemed entirely accepting of the situation. She was more concerned with trying to figure out the logistics she would need to do to get at the ground level food without faceplanting into it. She tried various kneeling positions but ultimately none of them let her face get low enough. The only way she saw was to roll onto her stomach. It wouldn't solve the faceplant issue but at least it would let her eat, and she hadn't realized until smelling the sesame chicken just how hungry she was. After a few more minutes of protest, Megan gave up and simply copied Andrea by rolling onto her stomach and chowing down.

* * * *

Throughout the rest of dinner they didn't hear from Adam, as far as they could tell everything paused. Everyone had a small second helping before deciding that they were just too full to eat any more. Lea and Sophia were sitting at the table, leaning back satisfied while they had a view of Megan and Andrea laying on the floor with bits of sauce all over their faces.

"So what do you two say, ready to get back to it?" Sophia asked as she bent over her chair to be more directly above her friends.

"Sure if one of you could wipe the sweet and sour off my face I'll be great." Megan replied back turning to her side to better face Sophia's gaze.

"Sounds like you're done with dinner," piped Adam, surprising everyone. "Though you need to do as she says and wipe down their faces, Sophia does one and Lea does the other."

"Does that mean we aren't getting out of these just yet?" Asked Andrea

"Not yet, and in case anyone was thinking of helping them those buckles clamp shut with an electromagnet."

"Wait, is that the reason why those buckles are so big?" Lea asked surprised

"That's one part, without my intervention you'd need 480 pounds of force to open each buckle. Only I can turn on or off the magnets that keep them closed."

"Well," Megan said, "it's not like I was getting out on my own anyway. And I doubt they would free me unless the game told them to am I right?" She never got a reply but she was pretty sure she was right. "What's the other part?"

"A fail-safe release, the buckles are made of a material that will melt if given a very specific electrical current. It's a safety measure to make sure you can get free in seconds if needed. As I said, I always have a safety backup for anything initiate."

Lea returned from the kitchen with two wet cloths. Once the two were cleaned up they lifted the table leg to free the leashes. Lea grabbed Andrea's, Sophia took Megan's and together they led them by the leash back to the living room.

"Sophia, I'll return back to you. Do you ever strip for your boyfriend the way you stripped for Andrea?"

"Um... yeah, sometimes," answered Sophia in an uncharacteristically unsure voice.

"Have you had sex with him?"

"A few times," she said

"How often do you have oral sex?"

"A bit more," she said before being shocked for her answer. "Ok a lot more," she said defensively. A tickle around her neck started to build as a warning. "Fine, I want to say maybe four to six times maybe more." The electric tickle grew stronger "um, that's per, um, per week." She seemed genuinely insecure as she said this, something she almost never was.

"What's wrong?" asked Lea. "Is he making you? Do you not want to?"

"No, no nothing like that, so uh what's the next question Adam?"

"I think you should answer your friends question, what's making you so uneasy?"

Sophia sat up bringing her legs to her chest and resting her head on the knee. "I just feel weird talking about it."

"Can't be any more awkward than the bondage twins over there, " Lea chuckled attempting to lighten the mood. Megan and Andrea didn't really like the joke name and didn't respond to it.

"Well I just feel weird cause I kind of.. like it. I mean I'd rather blow Scott than fuck him, and maybe he'll then even return the favor. I don't know, there's just something about getting down on my knees and taking him in my mouth that really gets me going. And all those moans of pleasure, eventually making him cum, it just makes me feel kind of powerful and special. I kind of get off by getting him off. And since he's a guy he basically can't get enough so I end up doing it a lot. Does that make me a slut?"

No one quite wanted to give an answer. "Who am I to judge?" each of them basically thought wording one way or another.

"So would you say your an oral expert then?" Asked Adam, perfectly breaking the awkward silence of no one answering.

"I'd like to think so, Scott certainly does," she said, giving away just a hint of a blush.

Adam continued his rapid fire questioning, "Can you deepthroat Scott's penis? Is it even very big?"

"Yes and maybe, I don't know what you'd call big," she said with just a hint of a nervous giggle. Nervously she watched as a telescopic bar raised from out of the corner of the box. Once it was fully up, probably just shy of about four feet, the main drawer also opened. "Is that what I think it is?" she asked.

"That depends on if you think it's a glidegel dildo with a magnetic base," Adam instructed. "I want you to take it and place it on the extended rod at whatever height you want. Then blow it like it was your boyfriend's cock."

Sophia picked up the rather lifelike dildo by the balls. It was much bigger than her boyfriends, probably a good 9 inches and about as thick at the back as a golf ball. The shaft itself was slick and glistened in the light. The glidegel that coated the surface left it permanently slippery and near-frictionless. 'No need to worry about getting it wet at least,' she thought trying to come up with some upside. She pressed the base of the dildo to height level and after half a second a "clink" seemed to indicate the game had switched on the magnet, holding it firm and ready.

Sophia first just stared at it for a little while, very conscious of the three pairs of eyes glued to her. With a slight zap to remind her, she set off. Quickly she was bobbing her head back and forth, generating a slurping sound on about every other upstroke. She slowed her pace to a crawl as she tried forcing her head deeper onto the shaft. She began alternating her attention between the quick bobs and trying to get that cock all the way down her throat, more often than not ending after emitting some mild gagging noise. She was acting with dedication and love for the job like it actually was her boyfriend and not some dildo. She was moaning, slurping and each time forcing her head just a little bit further down the shaft. She had even begun to rub herself through her panties like she would whenever she was blowing Scott; it was just reflex to her right now, something that always accompanied a blowjob.

Eventually she finally got it all the way down her throat till her chin was against the faux balls. She held herself there for several seconds as tears streamed down her cheeks. After a quick gag sound she pulled herself entirely off for the first time since she started and began to catch her breath between coughs.

"That will do for now," Adam said before Sophia had caught her breath enough to try again. "You seem to be quite wet and you began rubbing yourself, did that turn you on?"

Sophia wiped the drool from her face and simply shrugged her shoulders, "Maybe it did."

"But as you were sucking and getting turned on, were thinking about the job of sucking or were you imagining there was someone on the other end you were pleasuring?"

A sly grin splashed across Sophia's face. "The second one." With that she started to blush again, though she couldn't quite figure out why, on the scale of embarrassment it barely cracked the top ten of the night so far.

The drawer opened back up, Sophia scooted over to see what was there. She picked up both a pair of handcuffs and a short, maybe six inch piece of fabric with the metal plates on each end. "I want you to you to attach the metal plate to your neck like Andrea and Megan."

Sophia wasn't sure she understood the point, it was much too short to be led around with like her friends were. But she did as she was told, and it took just a firm a hold as the leashes had to her friends. She then looked at the handcuffs it had given her. They were heavy, much heavier than she thought they would be and they didn't have a chain connecting the two sides but a hinge. She began ratcheting each side back around again, creating a loud clicking noise as she opened them.

"Get back to where you were and put that dildo back in your mouth," Adam said after seemingly after giving Sophia enough time to inspect the cuffs more closely.

Scooting back on her knees, she arrived quickly back to her previous spot and took the head of the penis in her mouth. Suddenly it clicked and she realized exactly why this game had given her such a short leash.

"Place the other end of your tether to the pole," Adam said just as Sophia figured he would. She had to get closer for it to reach, by the time the metal made contact the dildo was too far into her mouth to spit out but also not all the way to the back of her throat. "Bring your hands behind your back and cuff them there."

Sophia placed the cuffs around one had before moving her hands behind her. As she clicked the cuffs closed around the second wrist a strange shiver went through her. She had never tried handcuffs before, and she never kept her hands out of giving a blowjob. One hand would usually play with his balls or grab his ass while the other was almost always between her own legs helping her enjoy the moment. She tried to slide her hands around but even with her flexible arms the hinged cuffs kept her from being able to touch herself.

"Megan, Andrea, what do you think of your friend's blowjob skills?"

"Better than mine," Megan chimed in. "Doubly so for me," added Andrea.

"I trust I'm reading correctly that the bindings are not becoming painful, is that right?" Adam asked, to which both girls nodded. "Are you still turned on, being tied and naked like you are?" Again only a nod followed.

"I'm going to kill two birds with one stone. You two want to get off, Sophia wants to get someone off, do you see where I am going?" Adam said, almost like he was bargaining. "Good, I can tell from everyone's reactions that you're open to this," he said, almost with the sound of relief.

When the drawer opened again, only Lea was able to move to take a look. She couldn't help but drop her jaw a little.

"Lea, take the vibrator closest to you and place it in Megan."

Megan instantly had strong and mixed feelings. On the one hand she felt like it was weird, that her friend sticking a vibrator in her was a line too far for a game. But she had to admit the box seemed to know what it was doing so far. And she had brought herself very close to orgasm in front of everyone once already, how much different was that? Besides, getting locked up right after being told to stop had left her pussy screaming for relief.

As Lea approached with a J-shaped vibrator she looked Megan directly in the eye as if to ask permission first. Megan figured "in for a penny..." and gave her friend an approving nod to go ahead. It was not particularly big but its little hook sat right on her clit, something that only added to Megan's anticipation.

"Apply the final strap from the armbinder to hold the vibrator in place."

Lea continued on following instructions since she wasn't getting any objections. As she pulled the strap tight Megan felt the pressure force the vibrator hard against her, not only was it not coming out but it wasn't going to move from her clit now no matter how much she struggled.

"Now repeat that with Andrea." Andrea had much less mixed feelings. She had been locked up now for some time and any part of her that might have objected had long ago taken a hike. She was stuck this way until the game decides to let her go, and thanks to the locking clasps there's nothing anyone can do about it. She felt oddly free and relaxed as she simply let her submissive side take over, who as a bonus was finding the whole situation quite the turn-on. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensation as the vibrator slid into her incredibly wet pussy.

"Take the leather straps and wrap one around each leg so that the thigh is tied to the ankle. First Andrea then Megan," Instructed Adam. Lea retrieved the four wide leather straps from the drawer which was now empty and retreating back into the box. She began binding Andrea's waiting legs into a frogtie.

This time Andrea not only closed her eyes but couldn't help but moan a pleasurable moan. After watching her friend so calmly accept them, Megan got up on her knees to accept the extra bindings. Lea darted back to Andrea as she saw Andrea, still with her eyes closed, begin to lose balance and fall. After laying her gently on her stomach, Lea decided to take the precaution and do the same to Megan.

"Andrea, do you prefer your eyes closed or is this just momentary?" Adam asked inquisitively. Andrea never answered, just smiled a wide, content and began to squirm around the carpet. The drawer opened yet again, this time revealing a single leather hood with padding around the ears. It laced in the back and had holes only at the nose and a zipper mouth that was currently zippered shut. "Lea, put this on Andrea."

Megan looked intently as Lea squeezed Andrea's head into the hood. She marvelled at how tight it fit and how fully it erased her friend's features, leaving no trace of her except a short tail of hair sticking out the back. The drawer opened yet again with another mask, "Lea, Megan seems to want one too," said Adam. Megan didn't protest at all as Lea brought the hood over to her. It was every bit as incapacitating as it looked, Megan's world was totally black and she felt the pressure pull the leather close as Lea finished lacing up the back. The padding around the ears had all but eliminated her hearing, leaving her (and Andrea) in a kind of dark isolation never felt by either one before.

All the while, Sophia could only watch from the corner of her eye, to get as close as she was to the column meant that she had to kneel with one leg on either side of the box's corner. She couldn't turn her body and she could barely turn her head so she didn't bother. She found it impossible to swallow and she was more concerned with the drool running down her face than the details of what exactly the game was adding to her friends' predicament.

Adam spoke quietly to make extra sure the hooded women couldn't hear. "Once you begin sucking, I will turn on the vibrators inside Andrea and Megan. The speed of will be a direct result of how fast you go. The clit vibrator will turn on at the speed of the rest of the vibrator, but only for five seconds after each deepthroat. After the five seconds, if you haven't deepthroated again the clit vibrator will turn off. They will not know why any of this is happening, but it will all be based on you. So if you do a very good job, your friends will feel it, they will moan in ecstasy. Make at least one of them cum and you will be rewarded, fail and you will be punished. Oh and if that cock ever comes fully out of your mouth, both you and they will be punished, do you understand?"

Sophia nodded her head, she actually rather liked the sound of this game she just wished she had a vibrator of her own to enjoy it along with her friends, or at least a free hand. Perhaps that would be the reward at the end. Lea also couldn't help but find the whole thing captivating, she sat back on the couch to get a view of all three of them at once. She had never strongly thought sexually about her friends, but this whole situation was certainly hot.

* * * *

As Adam said go, Sophia began to suck slowly and deliberately at first. She was bobbing her head from the neck getting used to not having her hands to steady her. All the while, she was hearing moans beginning to come from her friends. She tried listening for the vibrators to get some sense of their speed relative to hers, but between her slurping and her friends moaning she couldn't hear anything else.

Sophia may not have been able to tell, but it was on quite a low setting. Andrea didn't care. She was lost in her own imagination as the vibrator kicked on with no explanation. The slow burn was in her mind because of some fiendish villain that had taken her prisoner. Perhaps he was doing this to get her to break and spill her secrets, maybe he simply liked to torture women this way. She was tensing every muscle, trying desperately to maximize every vibration this faceless captor was giving her. She desperately needed the vibrations to either turn off or double in speed, because at this rate it would do nothing but leaver her panting, sweating and unsatisfied. She tried her best to grind her crotch along the floor, hoping for but failing to find any help. The leather strap prevented most of the sensation from reaching where she really wanted it to go.

Without warning, her silent pleas were answered as the clit vibrator sprang to life, however slow of a life it was. It was a start, but Andrea knew it would take a lot more of that to finish her off even in her excited state. Then, as quickly as it arrived it faded away. She gave out a defeated grunt, a plea to please turn it back on. She sat there, knowing that the small pleasure from grinding was not the effort to do it. She was at the mercy of her fictional captors, and she had no say in the matter, she simply hoped they would be kind enough to let her cum. She had forgotten for a second where she actually was, the hood it turns out was much more disorienting than she could have predicted.

Meagan was having a similarly fantastical experience. Only she was no prisoner, she wasn't in any dungeon or cell. She imagined herself, naked as she was, surrounded by onlookers. Some truly mean girls had tricked her. They stripped her, tied her and left her in the middle of campus. Eyes were everywhere, people wondered who was under the hood. If only they knew it was that overachiever Megan spread out before them, boy wouldn't that be rich! No one dared touch, but she felt them all around her. When the vibrator started its low hum she fantasized that the girls had left it in her and some stranger had picked up its wireless controller and turned it on. She began to writhe around in agony, no amount of pulling and grinding was getting her free or getting her off. And every twist, every turn simply exposed more of her to the crowd surrounding her.

When her clit vibrator started, Megan began to scream in delight and fight even more against her bonds. But as soon as it began it seemed to end, causing her to frown in secret behind the safety of the hood. She thought she might have accidentally shifted her weight and turned it off, at least that was more pleasant to think than the thought that someone was toying with her this badly. She worked feverishly, trying every position she could think of; legs together, legs apart, ass raised, she even tried turning to her side. In doing so she lost her balance and flipped onto her back giving an unobstructed view of her nakedness. In her mind now the boys were starting to take pictures with their cellphones, adding insult to her humiliation. If they ever found out who this was now she'd be ruined! For some reason that was all she could think about, some jock ripping off her mask and posting those pictures everywhere before she even had a chance to explain. She tried pushing with what remaining energy she had to flip back to her stomach, but she had over exhausted herself. She gave up, panting on her back with her legs spread wide resting on the floor.

Sophia saw that the machine was infact doing exactly what it said, and she could hear the results. When she was finally able to take the dildo all the way back was when she heard an increase scream of pleasure from both captives. Apparently a deepthroat only counts when she touches chin to balls, something she had a lot of trouble with as she nearly had a coughing fit afterwards. Five seconds later right on cue she heard moans of disappointment as the clit vibrator clearly turned off as planned. 'I may not be able to deepthroat often,' she thought to herself, 'but I can at least speed up.'

As she picked up the pace, the moans became louder, stronger. When she tried again at a deepthroat the room exploded in groans of pleasure. She began pumping her head quickly, drool flying in all directions. From the sounds of things she was clearly on the path to bringing her friends to climax.

In Megan's world, things had become quite frantic. She accepted her position on her back, exposing herself to the crowd of onlookers she imagined were all around her. Getting on her back seemed to coincide with the vibrator being turned up, she didn't want it to stop and so she imagined the vivid humiliation of keeping herself presented just so that she could get off quicker.

Andrea had moved beyond the sadistic torturer and now pictures simply a domineering man, one who tied her this way and one that was in control of everything down to when or even if she could cum. She lay still, enjoying every piece of her condition, the uselessness of her arms and her legs, her total isolation from the world around her, and every subtle increase in vibration that seemed to march her closer to the cliff.

Sophia knew she was getting close, she could hear it. She loved the part right before the finish, knowing you have the other person on the ropes. A few more sucks, a little more effort, and they will explode in a wave of delight. She began trying for a deepthroat every half dozen or so strokes. She didn't always make it, but she could hear the rising screams of Andrea and especially Megan. Whenever she missed her target she felt bad, knowing it would lead to the inevitable downgrade in pleasure, she could still hear the difference every time. But it's about whatever keeps the rhythm, because deepthroat or not if she slows down so does the pleasure.

"Oh god I'm so close, oh god," Megan screamed through her hood. She had moved from moans and grunts to intelligible pleas. "Oh don't stop, oh, oooh."

"Stop" the voice of the game interjected somewhat quietly. Sophia didn't quite process this and continued her blowjob unabated until a nasty shock from the collar got her attention. She stopped bobbing, but the tether did not detach and so the dildo stayed in her mouth.

Andrea was frustrated, but let out no more than a groan. She had hoped her dominant would have been kinder than to leave her unsatisfied like this. Megan was not taking it as well. She began once again thrashing in her bonds, cursing wildly that she was so close! "No, you can't do this to me! Please! I'll do anything!" and so on.

"Sophia," Adam said just loud enough to be heard over the screaming of Megan, "you clearly like working to give others pleasure, would that be fair?"

Sophia thought about it and nodded her head the best she could.

"Would you still want to give them pleasure if it meant doing so directly?" Adam asked as the tether demagnetized from both the pole and Sophia's collar and fell to the floor. At the same time the cuffs became loose, with just a light push the hinge swung open and Sophia was out of her cuffs as well

Finally able to swallow, she wiped her face and asked, "What do you mean?"

"I mean, both are close to orgasm, but I have deactivated their vibrators. If you want your friends to cum you will have to make them yourself. And my old condition stands; if one of them doesn't cum you will be punished."

Sophia was surprised. Both because she was amazed that the game would make such a request but also that she wasn't dismissing it out of hand. She had essentially been pleasuring them by proxy, and the thought of doing so directly was not repulsing her like she thought it might. She looked over at Megan, who was still on her back legs spread and exposed like a turkey pre-roast. Between a whining that almost sounded like crying, she continued her begging "please turn them back on, please I'll do whatever you want" and the like.

Sophia walked on her knees over to her friend with a mixed feeling of curiosity and anxiety. She worried that perhaps she wouldn't be up for this. That maybe she wouldn't be able to enjoy it like she did with blowjobs. Perhaps she wouldn't like it and then she'd be forced to take whatever punishment this seemingly pervy computer has in mind. But as she arrived at her squirming friend she tried to push those thought to the back of her mind.

She first unbuckled the wide leather strap that was blocking her friend's crotch. Almost immediately Megan reacted, freezing as she was seemingly trying to listen through the padded ears of the hood. As the strap fell to the floor, the vibrator began slowly sliding out now that it was no longer being held in place. Sophia grabbed the vibrator's base and set it aside, eliciting a disappointed groan from her friend.

Sophia lay down on her stomach and pulled herself closer to where she could almost feel the heat radiating off Megan's pussy. Gently, she placed her right hand on Megan's inner thigh. Slowly but surely she began sliding her hand down the short distance to her friend's quivering sex. Megan let out a loud low moan as Sophia's hand made contact with her lips.

Megan's mind was racing. She was pretty sure the game box wasn't the one with the hand, but she could see absolutely nothing about who had just started touching her. Daydreaming Megan pictured that it was simply one of the bolder men in the crowd, someone who bent down and was about to have his way with her in front of everyone. She chose to stick to her imagination, because she simply wasn't able to picture who it might be or what she must look like as it's happening.

As Sophia parted her friends lips, all her worry about being repulsed by it disappeared. She began to flick at the exposed clit, getting a wince after each one. Her fingers eventually began to travel down and began to probe inside with both fingers. Each stroke of the fingers was met by Megan with the rocking of her hips, making each thrust deeper as her grunts began to once again grow as she neared climax.

Her fingers however were soon removed as Sophia scooted the extra few inches needed to get her mouth involved. She set both hands on her friend's legs, keeping them pinned to the floor and insuring Megan's pussy remained open and accessible. Sophia knew just enough to know to keep her focus on the clit, sucking it, licking it and flicking it with her tongue.

Megan who had been on the brink of orgasm twice tonight took very little time to reach her much needed orgasm. She shook violently, pulling on her bonds and pushing back with her legs making very little progress on both as waves of pleasure rocked through her from seemingly every direction. Sophia saw the signs and eventually pulled herself off as her friend lay panting trying with some difficulty to catch her breath through her hood.

"Unzip Sophia's mask" Adam said without any pleasantness. Sophia nearly jumped to her feet to do so. As the mask opened up Megan's long breaths began to take in much more air and eventually began to normalize.

"Thank you," said a still winded Megan with her eyes still closed, though she had no idea to who.

* * * *

Sophia had surprised herself, she had never seen herself eating out anyone. She certainly never expected to get a perverse thrill out of it like she often did from blowjobs, though admittedly to a lesser degree.


Lea scooted up to the edge of the couch. "So what's next Adam?"

There was a pause. "Remove Andrea's hood and we can continue."

Lea got off the couch and walked over to Andrea. In very little time Andrea squinted to re adjust to the light as the hoods were removed.

"Welcome back ladies," Adam said just as the two began to open their eyes normally. "Did you two enjoy that?" Both nodded. "Are either of you becoming uncomfortable in your bindings?" Both shook their heads. "Lea, I believe it's your turn in the hotseat."

Lea at least knew better than her friends had known how far the game would go when it found a topic it felt had promise. But knowing a wave was coming doesn't help it miss the shore. Knowing what might be coming to her didn't keep the occasional wave of nervousness from enveloping her before receding. She shook off what worry she could and waited for the other shoe to drop.

"Is it fair to say that you seemed to enjoy watching what's been happening to your friends," asked Adam after first allowing an uncomfortable silence to build that let Lea's mind race.

"That's fair," Lea replied leaving almost no pause between question and answer.

"Is that more because you find them attractive or because you like what was happening to them?"

This one Lea took more time with. She was trying to tread carefully because she wasn't sure she wanted to end up tied up like her friends, while still not lying to the near perfect lie detector. "More of the latter."

"You also seemed to get a lot of enjoyment when you secured them or when you lead them around by the leash. Were you dreaming of being where they are or were you liking being the dominant?"

Lea breathed a slight sigh of relief, she suddenly felt a lot safer about not being tied up. She had fantasized about bondage and domination almost since puberty. She wasn't always the dominant in her fantasies, but she almost always was. If the game was simply flushing out hidden or new feelings, she felt safe wasn't going to join in the submission games. "It was because they were being tied and dominated, not because I wanted to be tied and dominated with them."

"Then you consider yourself a dominant? Are you also a sadist who enjoys dealing out pain?"

Lea began to let her guard down. "I'd say I'm 90% dominant but I'd consider myself a sadist too, though I'm probably more interested in inflicting humiliation than pain." She looked around for the first time since the questions started to see the wide-eyed stares of her friends, particularly the two that were helplessly bound.

"You were the only one that openly admitted they found women attractive, have you ever fantasized about dominating another woman?"

"Yes, many times," Lea answered, still confident but beginning to worry once again about where the game might be heading.

"Without having to say who, have you ever had those fantasies involving one of these three friends?"

And there it was, a line Lea suddenly felt not quite confident crossing. Sure she had fantasized about them on rare occasion, but she had fantasized about a lot of the women. She had fantasies including friends, or classmates, or random people she simply found attractive. But she really didn't want to say that cause she worried it might be misinterpreted.

Her friend's eyes had grown so wide they reached near cartoonish levels, intently watching what she's going to say next. She really didn't want to say, but an electrical tickle began making itself known to remind her she needed to answer and do so truthfully. "Well, yes in passing, but not just them, I think about a lot of people. I , uh... well it's not like I single someone out, it's just kind of general thoughts. When I fantasize about any woman it usually gets at least a little kinky. My mind just kind of, um just kind of picks people. It's not like a personal thing or a real thing it's just my head." Lea continued twisting herself in knots like that, trying to minimize the initial "yes" but only serving to make her feel things are more awkward than if she had given a short answer. "I uh, I guess that's all, I'll stop trying to dig this deeper."

"There's no reason to be worried," Adam chimed in after Lea finally cut herself off. "You may be misreading the reactions of your friends. Andrea, if you had to say what you're more concerned about, would it be that your friend has thoughts about you sexually in passing or that your friend is feeling bad and really nervous."

"The second," Andrea honestly answered. Megan and Sophia nodded their heads in agreement.

"And Megan, do you feel more violated by Lea, or concerned for Lea?" Again she answered the second while the other agreed. It went a long way to settling the storm in Lea's stomach.

"Outside of your fantasies, have you ever acted these desires out on someone?" Adam asked.

Lea had not, it was something she always meant to go after but never quite did. "Someone else? No," she said quietly and plainly, not wanting to go on a long winded trip again.

"Well," Adam continued, clearly trying to build to a point. "We know that Andrea likes being submissive right?" Andrea nodded. "So does Megan correct?" Megan nodded too. "Sophia, how did you feel being told what to do, did you enjoy it?" She shrugged her shoulders as she sheepishly answered yes. "And did you like being handcuffed?" She had to think a little longer but once again agreed. "It looks like you have three submissives right here who are as new to this as you."

"It's not just that simple though, is it? Would they even be ok with that? I mean the game doing stuff and me doing stuff's got to be different right?" Lea asked.

"They would free to leave if they weren't enjoying themselves, but that hasn't come up so far tonight. Otherwise they have agreed to anything I may order them to do in the course of the game."

Lea looked down at her friends on the floor, they didn't seem to be objecting. Sophia even helped Andrea to her knees and knelt beside her, leaving all three friends kneeling in a circle around Lea. This just all seemed too good.

"So is that your order Adam? What specifics do you want me to do?"

The drawer opened, filled to the brim with options. "I give you discretion, and will give orders only if I feel you need them. To start, Sophia, strip naked quickly." She did as she was told. By the time Lea had approached the drawer, Sophia was sliding her last piece of clothing down her leg leaving her completely naked.

The drawer was filled with leather cuffs and straps all with the same large buckles as everything else. There were also small chains of varying lengths with thick clasps at either end, presumably made of the same stuff the buckles were. Lea knew they packed these boxes full but she was still surprised at how much they could fit in there. As Lea looked through all that was there, Adam instructed Sophia to help Megan and Andrea to kneel around the front of the box. She did this and joined them in a semi-circle just a bit more than arms length away from the extended drawer.

"Sophia," Adam asked as Lea continued to empty the contents of the drawer neatly on its top. "Does the prospect of being tied excite you?" Sophia only nodded, saying nothing. "Lea, hand her the leather cuffs so that she can put them on herself."

This made it feel a lot more real for Sophia. She didn't know what exactly had been going on in her friends heads that led the game to have them explore this kind of thing. She figured that if it came time for her she would simply not have a choice, and bare through however long it lasts. As she caught the leather thrown to her it suddenly didn't feel so forced. She wrapped each cuff around her own bare wrist herself, tightening it as best she could. They were both quite plain, simple black leather with a single D-ring on each. It all felt so dirty to be doing to herself; but while the feelings were intense they were not altogether unpleasant.

Lea walked behind her with a fist full of leather and metal. First she attached cuffs just above each elbow. Then, taking her hands, she pulled Sophia's hands behind her palm to palm in a rather strict reverse prayer position. She sealed her friend's hands in place with a metal clasp between the D-rings. Next, she attached a short chain to either elbow cuff passing over the forearms, tightening the position while adding a second chain around the front making it impossible to get out. Satisfied, Lea returned back to the box to sit down.

It was a very strict tie, thankfully Sophia was flexible enough that it was not painful. But there was no escaping her helplessness, she may not have had an armbinder like the other two but her hands were just as pinned as theirs. She found puffing out her chest helped, but not as much as she might have wanted.

Lea marvelled at what was spread before her. Of everything she thought might happen tonight, only her wildest and craziest dreams could have invented what was actually before her.

"Sophia," Adam interrupted. "You were owed a reward and I will let you decide. Either you can be released from these bindings or you can cum. Choose whatever you would prefer."

Sophia wasn't hurting yet, but she wasn't sure it would stay that way. However, after the long night she realized she had more than a little pent up desire. She wasn't sure she could honestly turn down the opportunity because her bindings might begin to hurt down the road. "I'd like to cum."

With that drawer opened again, forcing Lea to move her leg out of the way. Inside was a pair of spandex looking panties with a large mound on the front. "Sophia, stand up so that your friend can put these on you," came Adam's booming voice. She stood and stepped into it with each leg as Lea held them out. After they were slid into place Sophia knelt back down where she was.

Looking over the straps she had, Lea selected two wide straps and knelt down in front of Sophia. She applied each between the thigh and shin, trapping her on her knees just as her friends were. Lea let out a grin and returned to fetch something else.

This time it wasn't straps, it was a short riding crop. As she held it she was overwhelmed with devilish glee. She had dreamed of doing this but just thought it wasn't going to happen for a while, till she was out on her own and in a relationship with the right person perhaps. Three pairs of eyes were looking intently at it, not quite with panic but apprehension and perhaps just a bit of fear. The kind of feeling you see when something terrifying is about to happen, but isn't happening yet.

Before Lea got a chance to so much as swipe it in the air, Sophia let out a yelp of surprise as her vibrating panties turned on. Lea outstretched her arm and lifted her friend's chin with the edge of the crop. Sophia's eyes looked desperate, perhaps pleading. The vibrator was quite loud and must have been working a number on her. Lea decided to give just a light slap to the side of her friend's face, which only seemed in increase the want in her eyes.

Lea began to slowly explore with her crop, each time getting a reaction as she slowly became more daring in the locations of her hits and more powerful with her swings. It was quite the rush each time Lea was able to get a little whimper or even an occasional "oww." She began wielding more confidently, slapping her friend's tits. With Sophia's bosom outstretched from the contorting tie, her minimal frame finally showed some prominence, and Lea was seemingly taking it as an invitation.

After a particularly hard slap, Sophia began to cum. She was jittering as the vibrations kept on their job as she rode what had turned out to be a rather pent up wave of desire. Lea pulled back and simply watched as Sophia's face turned red as she found it oddly hard to breath as her whole body locked up. Eventually she began to compensate with some of the loudest gasps for air any of them had ever seen her make. Mercifully as Sophia began to catch her breath, her friends could no longer hear the vibrator. It had shut down to give her a rest.

* * * *

Andrea didn't mean to, but her face began to pout. She felt a little jealous of Sophia. She had been tied the longest and yet she felt like the game had simply been ignoring her. She still liked the feel of struggle, but after hours her shoulders were starting to hurt. She couldn't imagine how tight the position Sophia was managing must be. To top it all off she had been teased for a long time and had not been allowed to cum like Sophia had just been able to. The vibrator was still inside her and with the strap still between her legs, each tug gave just another reminder of her state and her inability to do anything meaningful about it.

The pouty look did not go unnoticed. "Is there something wrong Andrea?" Asked an almost concerned sounding Adam. It was amazing to Andrea how adaptable the machine could make its voice to convey more than just the words.

Needing to be honest, she decided to not sugar coat a thing. "I'm just jealous, when's it going to be my turn?" With that the vibrator bounced back to life but on perhaps the lowest setting yet. Andrea grinded her hips forgetting for a second that doesn't change anything. She let out a grunt of annoyance, "this isn't what I meant."

All attention had now moved back to Andrea as Lea began to slowly slide the edge of the crop across Andrea's cheek. At its touch, Andrea began to breath heavy.


A clear hit was made, leaving a mark on her right cheek. She was astounded at the feeling. It was a very different kind of pain and while this might have been the vibrator playing tricks, but Andrea seemed to like it. The vibrator also seemed to speed up ever so slowly, at least it felt like it did though it was hard to tell.

Another slap this time made contact with her large right breast. It too seemed to be followed by a marginal increase in the vibrators power. In fact, each time Lea hit her the vibrator seemed to take that as a sign to speed up if ever so little. After a particularly hard hit to the nipple, Andrea simply moaned out "more."

This was perhaps as great a surprise to Andrea as it was to Lea. Lea took the invitation and ran with it. Hitting the thigh, the ass, the nipple, everywhere she could reach; leaving a red mark and speeding up the vibrator as she went. Andrea had not been far from climax before, and so it did not take very much time before Andrea came crashing over the edge, nearly falling to her side had Lea not caught her.

The difference was that unlike what it had done with Sophia, the game seemed to be showing Andrea no mercy. The vibrator didn't turn off, it didn't so much as slow down as she lay gasping for air on her back. She was sweaty, exhausted and way too sensitive. She knew trashing around would do nothing but make her still more tired and sweaty, but she did it anyway.

Lea decided her friend was simply too tempting of a target writhing around on the floor and began once again to use the riding crop on her friend. As she did Andrea noticed just the smallest hint of the vibrator slowing down. A second hit slowed it down more still.

"Hit me... faster" Andrea pleaded between labored breaths. Lea was all too happy to oblige. With Andrea on the floor and her legs at her side it exposed her inner thigh and made it her primary target. She was hearing gasps of pain, but even still heard the occasional plea to continue. Being so close she could hear the vibrator slowing down with each hit and with a devilish grin decided to stop and back away.

"No, please, keep going!" Andrea wasn't sure it was purely about the vibrator any more, but it certainly was the driving force of her plea. Without Lea the vibrator kept going slower than before but still powerful enough that another orgasm was building. "Please Lea, please I need this thing off! Please keep hitting me!"

Lea simply sat and watched. She felt this torture was even more entertaining than when she was slapping her sensitive areas. Andrea's legs began to shake uncontrollably as she came for a second time, leaving her more sensitive and even more desperate to turn this off.

"Oh God, please I beg you," Andrea pleaded as she keeled over to one side as if that would somehow make it better.

Lea decided this probably was enough she continued to slap, this time a little more softly but more quickly. She stopped once the buzzing between Andrea's legs could no longer be heard. She felt it was the right thing to do to someone who clearly was reaching her maximum. Andrea sat there like a fish out of water gasping for air, but thankful to have the torture stop.

* * * *

Lea returned to her spot sitting on the box. She looked at her friends and boy were they a sight. Megan's pussy was still wet and exposed, Sophia was strictly bound and Andrea was on her side just beginning to regain her breath. Lea looked down at the crop she was holding and suddenly she began to feel a little guilty. The game may have kept them like this, and they might not have been outraged enough that the game would stop, but she was beginning to feel like she was its partner in crime. She looked down despondently at the crop as she continued to run this thought in her head.

Adam decided to break her train of thought and chime in. "Lea, what is going through your head right now?"

And just like that her so-called partner in crime had turned on her. She tried to think of a wiggle word, something that wouldn't be called a lie but wouldn't bring up her incriminating thoughts. Nothing. After a minor zap to the neck she blurted out "I feel guilty." Suddenly she had her friends absolute attention again.

"Guilty about what?" Asked Adam.

She sighed and set down the cop. Looking up at her friends she could see them all looking back quite confused.

"You see, it's like this," Lea started after another considerable pause to collect her words. "I came across a post about Difficulty 11 a few weeks ago. I have been reading up on it and it got me really excited. The fact that the company purposefully doesn't advertise it, the fact that it's adult only so it can get more risqué, it all sounded amazing. I wasn't sure you guys would want to play it if I explained the whole long thing to you. So I played dumb, got you to agree to play it because I wanted to play it and it can't be played alone. So when I ordered the box, I filled out the parameters and maxed out the preference bar for "adult" and minimized everything else. I knew from reading online that doing that could make the AI go down some very kinky roads, and I really wanted to explore that kind of stuff. I didn't think it would go this far but I also knew that was a possibility. I knew the game would only do thing you enjoyed, but I also bet that if you knew what those things might be you'd say no."

There were nothing but stunned faces looking back at her. None of them said anything because none of them knew what to say. Lea continued.

"I'm sorry for tricking you. I was just so caught up in the fantasy that I couldn't bring myself to risk you saying no. I've always had very kinky fantasies in my head, I've even gotten some toys on my own. I've tried practicing on myself, but it's not the same to spank yourself or tie yourself up. I really need another person, but I've never had anyone to play with or even really anyone I can talk with. I should have just talked it out. When I heard that Difficulty 11 might turn eDict kinky I kind of lost my head. Now that it's all happened I feel bad for not doing the right thing and being honest from the beginning. I'm sorry."

After a bit more time of blank stares and awkward silence Adam chimed in. "It is now 9:37, the game's randomly selected end point. Lea please remove the bindings and place everything back into the open drawer."

Lea couldn't bring herself to look anyone in the face. She quietly went behind Sophia and began with her chains and clasps. Once they were free Sophia moved her hands in front of her and began taking off the cuffs herself. She didn't wait for Lea as she started unbuckling the straps binding her legs herself.

Lea held the control box at the front of her collar which signalled it to unlock, allowing her to remove it. After setting it in the drawer she said, "Maybe it's best I just go for now. I'll see you all Saturday anyways, unless you haven't gotten over this by then. Know that I am sorry." With that she silently left to her car.

Driving home, she continued her one woman pity party. She tried to think about something else, but she might as well have tried flying for all the success she was having. She plopped herself down at her computer and tried to distract herself that way.

Just past 11 she got a text from Andrea

"Did you really already have kinky stuff before tonight? That you used on yourself? Like what?"

"Yeah, I just like the idea even if I can't use them. Handcuffs, chain, rope, gags, collars, whips, clamps, outfits."

Lea had never really listed it all off before. "It was actually quite a lot," she thought. She shrugged her shoulders and figured that's what she gets from having a summer job that gave good pay while still living at home. Money just bleeds uncontrollably into hobbies, and this was certainly hers.

Minutes passed without a reply. She decided to simply add an "I'm sorry."

A few minutes later the phone buzzed with a reply. "We forgive you, just be honest. Like you said the game wouldn't have done it if we hated it."

Lea literally leaned back in her chair and breathed a sigh of relief. She was glad to be rid of the guilt, it was really killing what was otherwise a very awesome night for her. The cell phone buzzed again.

"Bring over your stuff, we want to see what it's like without any games."

Lea grinned, grabbed her stuff and tried to rush over to catch the last few minutes of her friend's birthday.

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