The Stories of Bound Friends 15: Sophia and the Barbarian Horde

by JessBaby

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© Copyright 2016 - JessBaby - Used by permission

Storycodes: M+/f+; scenario; village; acting; capture; bond; chain; strip; bdsm; whip; force; nipple; stocks; chain; susp; oral; sex; anal; climax; cons; X

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Part 15: Sophia and the Barbarian Horde

Sophia awoke from her afternoon rest to a surprise. She looked to her left and saw the wall of the dungeon was almost empty. It had never been that empty before. She sat up as much as her restraints would allow and began to look around. Aaron was talking with another girl before she ran off through the back staff entrance. He then saw Sophia sitting up and walked over to her.

“Well, Savina, I’m gathering up a group to try out something new. We got a last minute surge of requests for this test run, so I’m in a last minute rush to reassign some people down there. I’m going to try sending you. It’s in Expo Hall J. Don’t have time to clothe you here, so just stick to the corridors ok?” Aaron explained as he bent down and unfastened what he could of Sophia’s bindings. He called over for someone to bring the key to unlock the rest. “And Savina, I’m serious don’t screw this up. After our little chat a bit ago, you’ve got a lot to prove if you want me to stick my neck out to give you better assignments. This might be one of those.”

Sophia stood up and looked Aaron square in the eye. She said nothing but communicated everything as she firmly shook his hand and nodded her head. She was surprised when she felt them remove her collar, she now was totally naked aside from her piercings. She walked quickly, feeling a mix of anxiety and curiosity about what could possibly be going on. She stopped only to check on her position in the labyrinthine hallways. She felt a cold gust of air hit her as she opened the door to the expo hall. The large back door was slid up as people in forklifts moved inside what looked like sets.

“I take it you’re one of the girls?” a man with a headset asked. Sophia nodded her head before he quickly pointed her to the far corner. There were a few racks of clothing and some mirrors like a makeshift dressing room. A woman silently looked her over before pulling something off the rack. It was a faded yellow dress that rested on one shoulder and was very loose fitting. It fully covered both breasts without much cleavage but it would also give a wide gap of empty air if she bent forward, concealing almost nothing. It was also surprisingly long, reaching down nearly to her ankles. She twirled around and felt the whole loose dress puff out in all directions. It would certainly not be restrictive.

“We’re just waiting for one more girl and then we’ll brief all of you.. oh and here she is!” The woman said as she flagged down another woman. Sophia patiently waited as this new girl was given a dress similar to her own except in color. The two then silently walked to a makeshift meeting room inside what looked like a small hovel.

A tall man walked in wearing jeans and a light jacket overflowing with pockets. He looked around the room, put on a pair of rimless glasses and cleared her throat to begin talking. “Hello, now that we have everyone we need, I’m just going to go over what this all is and what we’re expecting from you. Welcome to the first ever runthrough of what we’re calling Exotic Reality. Now, this is a bit of a pilot project, and we need you all cooperating if it is going to have any chance of succeeding. Tomorrow afternoon, we’re going to have a bit of a scenario play out. As you can see, we’re pulling out all the stops like it’s a stage play. Sets, costumes, characters, all that. Except the guests will be participating on the stage instead of watching from some seats. We want this to be another reality for the guests, not just fancy dressing for the same kinds of things they can get anywhere. We want the guests coming in to feel like they’re entering another world and you are all a vital part of making them believe that this is another world and not just one of our convention halls. ” he said, ending with a bit of a chuckle that the room joined in on.

“Now, hopefully this isn’t going to be very complicated. You’ll just be using your performance names like you do every day. You are all playing the part of the wives of Roman soldiers, living in a small outpost town near the northern border. The soldiers will come back tomorrow morning, they’ve found out that a band of German Barbarians are planning a raid, and they’ll make sure to be there to defend each of you against the brutish invaders. There is no set script you have to say or do, you’re here because you can have the freedom to go in whatever direction the guests want to go in. Just.. as you do it, stay in character. That’s really the crux that keeps everything together. Get invested in really being this other person. If anyone goes beyond your contract start yelling the word ‘safeword’ and we’ll have staff around to come check, but he better really be going clearly out of bounds to break character. We’ll have staff intermixed with the guests and we’ll have the ol’ system passively monitoring, so we will be there quickly if it detects something bad’s happening or if you say the word ‘safeword.’ If it’s not an emergency but you need to talk, just say ‘helpword.’ Everyone with me still?” he asked, waiting only briefly.

“Good. Now my people should be done setting up in a few more hours, and then we’re going to get out of here. You are to start to live the part. Get into character, sleep in the beds we’re bringing in, and don’t worry about anything else. You’re just a bunch of Roman women, waiting around for their soldier husbands to get back before they get to be the big hero off in a battle. I want you all to live as that person. Any questions?” she asked, waiting a little longer this time. But when no one answered she just simply left without another word.

“So, looks like we’ve got a night off, imagine that.. this must really be important,” the woman Sophia walked in with whispered to her. “Hi.. I’m Alba.”

“Savina, wanna go watch them build our little town before finding a bed to claim?” Sophia said.

“Sure, lead on.”


Sophia woke suddenly as she heard a noise. She looked out the window to see the artificial stars and dim “moonlight” were still lighting the ceiling of the tall exhibition hall, just as when she went to sleep. Which didn’t feel like very long ago, there’s no way it could be morning yet. She tried to push it out of her head, probably someone tripping as they woke up to use the bathroom. She closed her eyes and lay back in bed.

Then she heard a loud crashing noise, too loud to just be an accident. She sat up and thought she saw movement in the distance, but with the faint light it was hard to tell. She got up out of bed, still wearing the dress she had been given the other night.

Then, it was faint, but she was sure she heard a scream. It sounded muffled but it was terrifying. She rushed back to the window to try to see where it came from. In the distance, several large figures were running. One of them branched off from the others and rushed into one of the homes, another scream came echoing out from the building that person had just entered.

Sophia’s heart began to race. This wasn’t how things were supposed to be going. She looked around to see if there was anything around to fight with. Nothing, the construction crew had not actually bothered furnishing this place with anything but a bed. So finding nothing to help her fight, all that was left was to flee.

She looked out the window and didn’t see any movement. The window was more accurately a lack of wall than anything glass or plastic, so quietly, carefully, she climbed up and out through it. Just as she landed on the other side, she heard her door slam open. She began to slowly slink away as she heard the faint sounds of chains and footsteps searching her home. The light coming from the ceiling left a large area of shade beside her building, she moved into it just as she saw another man clomping loudly down the pathway. He was dressed in brown furs, and carried in his hand a heavy looking collar and cuffs attached to each other along a long metal pole. He slowed down, seeming to listen for any commotion before suddenly running in another direction.

Screams continued to echo out occasionally, filling the air with a heavy fog of dread. Sophia stood up to run and took her chance to slip away silently when she heard the man in her home noisily moving her bed. In a small, nearly lightless stretch, she slowly crept, using every ounce of every sense she had to figure out where they were.

She peered around a corner and nearly screamed at the eyes staring back at her. The eyes looking at her though seemed just as scared and lost as her own, so she was able to hold her tongue when she slowly realized it was Alba. Alba seemed to have the same reaction and reached out to hug her. “Looks like the horde came early, I think we were lied to,” she whispered.

“Found the last two,” cried a deep voice loudly from behind Sophia. The two girls instantly panicked and ran in different directions. Sophia quickly found herself blocked in and attempted to double back before finding that way blocked as well. As two men approached her she saw only one of them had a metal yoke in hand and decided to try to run past the one who wasn’t carrying one.

“Oh no you don’t!” He said as he lunged at Sophia, grabbing her by the wrist and pulling her back. Sophia kicked him and pulled but it didn’t seem to do very much. “Oh you got a feisty one here,” he said as the other man walked forward getting the collar out.

“No, no let me go!” Sophia said as she jerked and tried to get away. As the man bent down to put the collar on her she tried to kick him, but he made sure to keep his distance while his friend held her tight. She looked over and saw Alba on the floor with a collar on and the bar held to the floor with another person’s foot. She was struggling to keep her wrists free and failing. In a final act of defiance, as the man slipped the bar behind Sophia’s head and closed the collar around her neck she spit at him, landing a lucky shot right on his cheek. The man holding her began laughing as the other man moved a hand up to feel his cheek. He then gave Sophia a hard backhanded slap, disorienting her slightly.

“She got you good, hope you like a fighter,” the man holding Sophia eventually said. He held Sophia in a tight hug while the other man tried to bend her arm up and into the waiting cuff.

“There’s fight and then there’s just being too stupid to know when to quit,” he said as she finally got Sophia’s right hand into place in the cuff. It clicked closed and as Sophia tried to remove her wrist she found that it was shut tight.

“Simon, I’ll trade ya if you really want. I got this blonde, great tits.” the man holding Sophia said.

“Not a chance Anton. Because the harder the squeeze..” he said as he redoubled his efforts to bend Sophia’s other arm up to reach the cuff. Sophia tried her best but she found she couldn’t stop him, something she eventually saw as her final hand got cuffed. “Ah.. yeah the sweeter the juice. Alright, let’s get her feet in shackles.”

As the man holding her moved down to her legs, Sophia started kicking again. They had to force her down to the ground, while one of them sat on her thighs in order for the two of them to hold her still. Even after hearing the second click she still tried to land a few blows, only to discover how limiting the nine inch hobble was.

Anton, who had been sitting on her legs flipped over and looked Sophia in the eyes. He was tall and large, it was hard to tell how much was muscle and how much was fat. He had short cut hair and stubble nearly as long as parts of his hair. “Since I helped you take her down, mind if I have first crack at her?” Anton called out to Simon.

“If I can have the same with your blond. Where’s yours?” Simon asked as he moved around and into better view. He was a little less stocky than Anton, clean shaven but with longer hair. He wore the same brown furs that all the men seemed to be wearing.

“She’s chained up to the coffle already, she didn’t put up nearly the fight of this one,”  Anton said with lust dripping from every word. He leaned forward, putting his weight on the metal bar pinning Sophia down to the ground. She could also now feel the unmistakable feeling of a very hard cock pressing against her belly.

“Fine, which collar’s yours?” Simon asked.

“Number 11, don’t worry, I won’t be long..” Anton said as he began pulling up Sophia’s dress. She tried to struggle but she had almost no leverage to stop him. Slowly she felt more and more of the ground against her skin until nearly her entire back leg was exposed. He smiled as he slid back, his bare legs touching hers. He reached his hand down and found her clit and began rubbing. Sophia tried closing her legs and jerking away but he only seemed to get more excited by the resistance.

He slid back a little more, maneuvering his cock into position as best he could. Sophia could feel the precum, smearing between her legs. She bent up to make access harder, causing him to grab the bars of her yoke. He knelt up and twisted the yoke around, forcing Sophia to spin and face down towards the ground. He pushed her back down and moved his hands to her hips. He could pull her up much easier than he could flatten her out, and so as much as Sophia fought it she eventually felt him slide his cock between her legs and deep into her pussy.

He began to thrust deeply, filling her fully. As much as Sophia tried to stay in character though, she did have to say it was at least a little enjoyable. She had put up her best fight and he still had her helpless and fucked. She felt the pace pick up and could feel him move a finger around to start rubbing her clit. Sophia started to groan, breathing more heavily. She tried not to analyze the why while in the moment, but this all felt so much better than how guests would normally use her. He soon started to grunt before she could feel him cum inside her. He pulled out and collapsed over to his side to catch his breath. Sophia lay there and did the same.


Sophia was lifted to her feet and a short chain attached to the front of her collar. Anton pulled Sophia forward with only two or so feet of slack. The hobble chain meant she had to take small but faster steps to keep up.

As they rounded a second building, Sophia saw a line of girls all secured like she was in a line with the chain from their collar attaching to the back of the collar in front of them. Suddenly Sophia felt there was reason to fight back. She tried to dig her feet in and nearly tripped forward from the effort. Anton turned to her and held her by the chin. He looked into her defiant eyes as if examining a great mystery. “Are you always going to be this defiant?” he asked in a tone that suggested he wished the answer to be yes.

“I will never surrender,” Sophia quietly pledged. The smile across his face grew and it somehow emboldened Sophia to go further. “You filthy barbarian, you can’t get away with this. Our husbands will come looking for us.”

“Well, we sent them on a wild goose chase once, I don’t think they’ll be finding our true camp any time soon,” he said before pulling on the chain again to make Sophia continue her march toward the coffle. She saw Alba being attached to the back and saw at least two of the women further up both being fucked where they stood. Sophia watched as a medium sized lock attached her to the back of Alba’s collar, trapping her in this line of women.

“So how was she?” Simon asked as she walked back towards Sophia.

“Put up a fight but nothing I couldn’t handle,” Anton said before he slapped Sophia on her ass.

“Oh that just sounds lovely..” Simon said as he walked around to stand behind Sophia. He pulled himself close and began to run his hands up and down her while Sophia was helpless to stop him. He ran a hand up to her head, holding her close for a whisper. “I’m going to enjoy owning you,” he said as his hand covered her mouth to hold her close.

Sophia opened her mouth, allowing a few of his fingers to fall in before biting down. She didn’t bite hard but still caught the first knuckle of his middle finger behind her teeth. Simon cried out in startled shock, which quite hurt Sophia’s ears given how close he was. “Fucking bitch, let go!” he cried as he tried to pull his finger out. He wrapped his free hand around her throat and began to squeeze, cutting off Sophia’s air. As she started to get light headed she began flailing around to try to loosen his grip but she had so little movement that he stayed put. She tried kicking him, but with such a short hobble she could not hit anywhere delicate and her bare feet was no match for his boots.

He finally let go of her neck, causing Sophia to uncontrollably gasp in a huge breath to feed her burning lungs. The gasp caused her to involuntarily open her mouth, vacuuming in as much air as possible but also allowing Simon to pull his finger free. She turned to her side as she continued to catch her breath and noticed that Anton was snickering.

“You hurt?” Anton asked Simon.

“A bit, doesn’t look too bad for the long term though I guess. Didn’t break the skin I think..”

“Serves you right, you basically gave her your finger, what did you expect she’d do?” Anton asked.

“I don’t know, I guess I just didn’t know how far they’d go. I know they’re supposed to resist but I thought once they were chained up they’d start treating me with a little more respect.” Simon replied.

“They are supposed to be married woman, who we’re supposed to be kidnapping after raiding their village to take them to our hideout in the woods. You thought she’d just roll over instantly? Of course she’d do everything she can to keep us brutes away, that’s kind of the whole point!” Anton said as he finally seemed to be acknowledging Sophia standing there.

“Still up for that trade? Your bitch at least seemed to know her place.” Simon said as he pointed back further up the line.

“Sure.. you can have her. I think I can handle you my pretty,” he said as he stroked the far side of Sophia’s cheek. Sophia tried to spin and bite him but didn’t have the maneuverability for that to have been any real possibility. “I can always get a gag for you, is that what you want?” He asked as he looked deep into her eyes.

Sophia stared defiantly back as she decided what to do. She weighed what she knew and what she expected. She smiled a coy smile, drawing him in a little closer before she spit in his face, landing right on his nose.

Anton smiled slightly before walking up to the front of the line of girls. He was talking with someone who seemed to be dressed in slightly different colored furs than everyone else. Most of the men wore something brown, this man wore something black with a metal studded belt. She could not hear what they were saying but he pointed Anton over to another person also in black rather than brown furs. He opened up a bag and the two searched through it until Anton grabbed something and began walking back over to Sophia. It seemed to be a wooden stick a little thicker than an AA battery and about six inches long with a small chain coming off each end.

“You wouldn’t dare…” Sophia fumed as he got closer. She bolted her mouth shut and stared daggers his way.

“Oh yes, we are going to have fun with you alright,” Anton said with a smile. He moved in and tried to force Sophia to open her jaw so he could slip the bit gag in. He pinched her nose hoping that would give him some opening. Sophia simply breathed through her teeth while opening a small bit at the side of her lips.

“God.. fine!” he said in frustration throwing the gag down to the ground. He stormed off again back to the bags, searching from something else. He came back with a whip and a small dagger. Sophia felt her heart race, looking at the light reflecting off the small steel blade wondering how far this man was going to go. He walked around behind her and grabbed her dress. She watched as he pulled out the knife to cut it, allowing the loose fitting dress to fall completely to the floor.

The next thing she felt was the sting of the small whip striking her now unprotected back. She gritted her teeth to endure the pain. As a second and a third blow landed she kept her composure, wanting to stubbornly not give him the satisfaction of knowing how much it hurt. By the fourth one she grunted and tried to move, though her range of movement was far too limited to actually escape. He came back into view, once again holding the gag. Sophia looked at him and shook her head.

More blows came, moving ever slightly down from her back to her ass. The sting was greater for sure but Sophia wasn’t sure it was on the whole that much worse. She continued to grunt, ineffectively dodge and grit her teeth. He offered her the gag one more time but she refused to open her mouth.

“Hey, can we get going yet? We can continue this when we get to the camp. They warned us that if we wait too long then reinforcements come and we’d be screwed,” a man in brown fur said as he leaned his elbow on Alba.

“Please Savina, just take the gag. It sounds like it really hurts,” Alba said as she turned her head slightly to try to look at Sophia.

“Well well, do you two know each other?” Anton asked. as he walked around to stand on Alba’s other side.

“You leave her alone, she isn’t part of this,” Sophia said, not sure if it was more attempt to blend to character or actual defiance that made her say so.

“Tell you what..” Anton asked as he held the blade up to the edge of Alba’s dress. “You take the gag and I leave your friend alone?”

Sophia huffed loudly through her nose as she looked at Anton. Without saying a word Sophia slowly opened her mouth causing Anton to smile. He disappeared behind her and soon she felt a wooden bar slid into place. It was pulled quite far back, putting a bit of strain on the sides of her lips and depressing her tongue. She heard a faint click as a latch was closed, linking the two pieces of chain together. She tried pushing it out, but found that the wooden invader was there to stay.


Sophia felt a pull on her leash as the coffle began to march. She tried pulling back to resist, but the dozen or so girls ahead of her were simply too forceful that she might as well have been pulled by a tractor. They walked through the city gates, something Sophia had earlier assumed was the farthest outskirt of where they had decorated. However the empty space beyond had a small scattering of fake fir trees and a background depicting many more. They marched with small, slow steps towards the far side of the hall where one of the sets of double doors were open.

It led out toward the general hallway, but it was blocked off, allowing only a narrow tunnel between it and the exhibition hall at the other side. As soon as they stepped into the other hall Sophia felt the cool sensation of artificial snow at her feet. It was far too warm to be actual snow, but still much cooler than body temperature. She was at last thankful to be at the back, it seemed all the women ahead of her had carved out a line in the snow so that it was at least not very deep.

The trees were much taller and more numerous here, it was clear this was meant to be very far away from the town they had just been taken from. The faint smell of smoke filled the air. As everyone approached the center, Sophia could see the faint yellow light of a campfire dancing off the snow covered trees around her. She could see maybe a dozen or so square tents in three quarters of a circle around the fire but still keeping their distance from it. Closer around the fire was a ring of fallen logs, flattened out to be made into benches. The large open area they approached had three tall poles but was otherwise open. The women came to a stop as the front most girl had her leash chain attached to the middle pole.

With the trip over, the guests in brown furs all walked over to one of the women. A man in black fur came by, starting with Sophia, and unlocked their collar from the woman in front of them. Anton spun Sophia around with a grin on his face. He bent down and grabbed her by the thighs. As he stood up, he lifted her up over his shoulder before he began to walk away.

“For someone so tall you weigh like.. nothing. You’re just a little twig aren’t ya?” he asked rhetorically as she slapped Sophia’s bare ass.

Sophia bit down on the wood bar still stuffed in her mouth. She watched as the drool all fell out behind her. It was a little disorienting as she bounced on his shoulder, watching the ground move like that while her hands were trapped as they were. She felt him duck slightly before she could see them entre one of the tents. She felt her legs set down on something soft, presumably whatever the bed was being made to look like. He flipped her down letting her head fall onto some kind of pillow.

He straddled her and leaned over. The tent was illuminated by artificial candles that flickered yellow light off his rugged unshaved face. “Now.. have you learned your lesson yet, or do you need that gag in for a little longer?” he asked as he brushed a few stray hairs out of her mouth. Sophia simply snorted, not wanting to give him any kind of response.

He cocked half a smile and got up. He ducked over to a bag at the other side of the tent, pulling out a pair of leather thigh cuffs and a pair of chains with clasps at either end. The cuffs were a brownish tan color. They were very rudimentary with no buckle, simply a series of slots for a metal D could protrude from. He worked each cuff around Sophia’s thigh just above the knee. Once they were both on, he fastened the chain to them and bent Sophia’s legs up so that they could reach the bar holding her arms. The chain was rather short and Sophia was very conscious of how much it exposed her ass and pussy.

He slid his hand around Sophia’s wet pussy. As he found her clit she couldn’t help but grunt. All this play had gotten her very worked up. He maneuvered himself back into place and slid his dick deep into Sophia. With her legs bent like they were he felt so massive. She flipped her head from side to side, trying her damndest not to show how much she was enjoying it, which only added to the feelings she was trying to hide.

He gripped her sides and began adding force to each thrust. Driving himself deep and hard, collapsing his body weight, which was easily more than double her own, down on her with every thrust. She could see the sweat forming on his brow as she began gasping through the gag She could sense herself getting close to cumming,

He puffed between thrusts, speeding up and prompting her to try to struggle again. As she pulled one more time on her wrists she felt herself shake and rocket over the edge of orgasm. The noises she managed with her gag in her mouth were positively animalistic and it, along with the constriction as she came, was enough to send Anton over the edge soon after, filling Sophia with his hot load. 

He recovered more slowly this time. Spending well over a minute simply laying on Sophia’s legs with his cock still inside her as it softened. When he eventually did get up Sophia tried to plead with her eyes to lose the annoying gag, but he seemed utterly distracted.

He got up and with both hands lifted Sophia down onto the ground at the center of the tent. He took the chain that had been free to dangle from her collar and wrapped it around the central support column of the tent, looping it back around and attaching it to itself with a clip. Sophia could see that she now had almost no room to move and with her knees still pulled up she had very little position to try. She could see the column was fastened directly to the ground, and so while it might seem flimsy she was sure that it was secured quite well.

“I’ll be back soon enough my little slave,” he said as he stumbled toward the opening of the door.

“Meh gherhg, whert aroubt meh gharg?” Sophia tried to ask.

“Oh.. consider it an extended lesson. I mean it should only make you more cooperative if I try to use your mouth later on wouldn’t you say?” he said as he turned back to look at her. “And I might be trading for some others to have a turn with you, so don’t be surprise if it’s not me coming back in ok?”

She tried her best to turn to see him leave but still barely saw him walk out. She instead just laid her head back and attempted to catch up on a little rest that these people had earlier cut short.


Sophia only got as far as closing her eyes and resting her head, but she knew that was as much rest as she would be getting with her legs still held in the unnatural way they were bound. But as she heard the tent open her eyes opened up to see a man in black furs coming to her with a bag beside him. He removed the leash from the support pole and sat Sophia up to remove her gag.

“Everything going well still? I assume you probably want some water?” he asked as he retrieved a metal flask from his bag.

“Ahh, yes to both I guess. You could have told us this is how things were going to go.. I assume you work for..”

“Sorry,” he interrupted as he slowly began pouring water into her mouth. “And yes, the black furs are staff making sure the guests have what they need and don’t get too carried away. We thought the ruse would get you all into the spirit more.”

“Well it did.. and thanks, my mouth was really dry from that damn gag,” Sophia said once the flow of water had stopped.

“But you understand, there’s resisting and then there’s hurting the guests. Do the first, the one really does seem to be enjoying it, and if that’s what you think your character would be doing than more power to ya, just don’t do the latter alright? You bit one but didn’t break the skin, don’t go too far down that road again ya hear?”

Sophia nodded her head as she watched the man unfasten her leg restraints. He led her out of the tent by her chain leash and she instantly saw everyone sitting around the fire almost all with one of the girls. Some sat back as heads bobbed up and down on their cocks, moaning and slurping as they did their best to satisfy them. Others were bent over, head pushed into the dirt as they were fucked from behind. One girl simply lay at their master’s feet with his legs resting on her back like a footstool. The attendant handed Sophia’s chain off to Anton who quickly yanked at the chain, tripping Sophia over his leg and letting her fall with a thud across his lap.

“Now you’ve been a very bad slave so far,” he said as he leaned one hand over her back to hold her still while the other began to explore her ass. “No response then eh?” he said after a considerable stint of silent groping.

Sophia felt his hand removed from her ass but soon heard the whirl of a cane before it landed square across her ass. The pain erupted in a line of lightning, radiating through every part of her. She grunted and began to struggle, but her limited movement, awkward position and his continuing to lean weight on her back all prevented any real progress. Another blow landed, if anything harder than the one before. Sophia gritted her teeth before asking, “What do you want from me?”

“Want? My slave asks what I want her to be like? I expect you to act like a slave!” He said, emphasizing each point with another whack of the cane. “Though..” he said before his hand returned to her ass. His fingers pressed against her delicate flesh before sliding between her legs and toying with her very wet pussy. Some of it had been from previous activity, but Sophia couldn’t deny that they renewed struggle in front of so many men wasn’t at least a little bit of a turn on. “That’s just what I thought, this little slave likes pain!” he screamed around the campfire, eliciting more than a few laughs from the other men.

“Hey, Mark, could I borrow yours for a second? I got a plan,” he said as he looked over at another man who was using his slave as a footstool. Sophia looked over as best as she could and saw the man approach pulling Alba behind him. Her eyes were wide but downcast as the two approached. Anton sat Sophia up and handed her over to Mark who traded her for Alba.

“You seem to like pain, but if what you did in line is any hint, you know this girl. So, how’d she react to a little pain?” Anton asked as he picked up the cane and slowly ran it up and down Alba’s ass. She looked scared, it may have been embellishment but it was real enough Sophia thought that some of the fear must have been genuine. “So, from now on, when you misbehave, instead of caning you I will cane her twice as hard and then still cane you afterwards. So what are you, a free woman or a slave?”

Sophia looked over at Alba and then back to Anton’s cane. “I can be your slave,” Sophia said  mostly through her teeth.

Anton cocked his hand back and brought the cane down on Alba hard. She squealed and hopped before obediently moving back into place. “Well ‘can be’ isn’t very committed, but it’ll do for now.” He set the cane down and looked behind him for one of the staff “Hey.. didn’t we got one of those triangle things, the kind of tripod metal stock thing?”

“I’ll get it right away,” he said before heading off.

Sophia felt Mark’s free hand began to caress her naked body. She huffed a little but there was nothing she could do to stop him, and was sure she wouldn’t like what would come of putting up too much of a fight over this. His hands were rough, dry and callused. As they ran around Sophia’s modest breasts they took great pleasure in playing with her nipple piercings. “Whoever put you in those studs didn’t appreciate just what you had here,” he whispered in her ear.

The staff member soon returned with a triangular metal contraption. Two sides were about three feet long with about a two foot width on the third side. At the corners touching the two foot base were one circular cuff on each corner. At the top corner there were two cuffs joined next to each other but each a little smaller.

Anton clipped Alba’s leash to a loop at the side of the seat she was on, allowing him to grab the device and walk over to Mark and Sophia with it. “Sit her down,” he said, causing Mark to push Sophia down onto the wood bench that looked to be essentially just a flattened log. “Now, don’t you kick me or it’s going to be a lot worse for you and for her you got me?” he said as he knelt down at Sophia’s feet. Sophia looked at the two men and eventually nodded her head.

“And bring us some better piercings, some of those u shaped ones eh?” Mark called out to the staff member who had begun to wander around again.

Anton unlocked the shackles at Sophia’s left leg, never letting go of the foot. He instantly moved the cuffs of the new triangle device into place. Soon the right ankle was freed as well, only to be spread two feet apart and clipped into the other opening. The cuffs were rigid metal and much taller than ankle cuffs usually were. It meant that not only could Sophia no longer move her legs independently, she could not even bend them at different angles. The whole device required her legs to stay at about 90 degrees with the rest of the frame.

Anton knelt down in front of her and began to unlock the metal yoke from around her wrists. Mark held on to one hand while Anton freed the other. With his other hand, Anton straightened Sophia’s legs, making the triangular frame stand up. Together the two men pulled Sophia forward and into the pair of tall metal wrist cuffs. Only when her hands had been secured did Anton let go to remove the collar part of the yoke.

“Up we go,” he said as he pushed Sophia forward. She fell forward onto her hands with her back bent over and her ass high above the rest of her. She stood like a tripod with her left leg, right leg and both arms together as the three parts keeping her up. She was now close enough to the fire to feel its warmth and hear the crackle as the wood burned.

“Impressive little setup you got there,” one of the men commented as they walked over. In fact it seemed everyone Sophia could see had taken at least half in interest in the newest spectacle placed where everyone could see her. Sophia felt their lustful leers scrutinize her.

“Excuse me..” said the staffer as he cut his way to the front and knelt down  in front of Sophia. He scooted under her and began to unscrew the ends of Sophia’s nipple piercings, replacing the plane ends with a swiveling U shaped piece. As he began to do the same to her clit piercing, one Sophia heard someone shout “best seat in the house or what?” The men began to laugh, making Sophia lightly blush.

After the staffer disappeared, Mark immediately knelt down and placed two fishing weights off of each nipple. The pull was noticeable but not intense. Sophia was sure it would get quite painful with time, but for now, and standing still, they were not so bad. “Satisfy us well and we might think about taking those off before we call it a night,” he said before batting at both sets of weights with his hands. As they swung they pulled more forcefully and sent out sparks of mild pain at the low point of each swing.

Sophia strained her neck up to look at him standing over her. There were at least two other men looking on beside him. She felt very self-conscious as it seemed everyone was waiting to see what she was about to do. She looked down at her wrists fanned out on the ground. She couldn’t bend them thanks to the length of the cuffs, and there was certainly no escaping them. She looked back up at Mark, sighed to herself and opened her mouth wide.

Sophia kept her mouth open as the crowd began to catcall and as Mark began to bring out his cock. “That’s right whore.” “Who’s a good little slut.” Swallow baby.” There were even mild cheers as Mark grabbed Sophia’s head and shoved his cock deep down her throat.

Sophia began to suck as passionately as she could. She worked her tongue around his semi-hard shaft, playing with the tip of his uncircumcised cock. She could taste the salty precum already dripping out as he became increasingly rigid, pushing at the back of her throat. He began to release her head and she made sure to continue a rhythmic pace on her own. Alternatingly slow with a lot of tongue and faster with a lot of sucking and slurping.

She pulled her head back to look behind her as she felt hands grab her hips. Anton looked back at her from behind, pushing his finger along her wet slit.

“Hey,” Mark said as he slapped her across the cheek with his cock, turning her head back to face him. “That’s right slave just keep on sucking.” he said right as Anton pushed his way in with two fingers.

Sophia went wide eyed as she fought to regain her concentration. Anton was not starting slow, he was going quickly right out of the gate. She began to gasp at the sensations and at the angle his fingers were taking. As she caught her breath she opened her mouth wide again and returned her attention to Mark’s cock, sliding herself back and forth along its shaft. And as she moved, so did the weights hanging from her tits, adding a delightful spice of pain that only amplified her arousal.

Mark placed his hands back on Sophia’s head, pushing his cock deeper in her as he grunted out an orgasm. he finally let go and stumbled away, almost out of breath. “Anton, you mind?” a voice asked as another man approached Sophia.

He must have nodded because the next thing Sophia saw was another cock dangling in front of her. She employed nearly the energy, but as the fast assault continued she simply found it hard to concentrate. She was getting very near orgasm. when she heard and felt Anton’s rhythm change. He slowed down, but began to add his thumb to the equation, teasing her clit in a circular motion and making the u-shaped piercing dangle back and forth. He sped up one final time before removing his fingers altogether. It allowed her to concentrate on the man in front of her but with the source of stimulation gone she simply felt frustrated and just wanted this man away from her as quickly as possible. And she was certainly having enough already with the damn weights hanging from her tits.

This particular guy, rather than ramming it down her throat when he finished, decided to pull out and cum all over her face. Sophia was now not only frustrated and in mild pain from the weights, but now she couldn’t open her left eye. But as she looked around she was surprised to see the people that had been around were dispersing. She looked to her side and saw Anton strutting around confidently and kneeling in front of her good eye.

“Here, let’s see how you like your own taste,” he said as he held up two fingers to Sophia’s mouth. Sophia looked at them with annoyance before looking back at him and slowly opening her mouth back up.

Anton began to stick his fingers deep into her mouth, sliding them around her tongue, going to the back of her throat and nearly making her gag. The pungent taste wasn’t pleasant. Anton stood back up, pulling his hand out of Sophia’s mouth to help tilt her head up. Sophia saw his hard cock dangling in front of her and nearly sighed in resignation as she waited for him with her mouth open.

Anton seemed content to mostly stand there, expecting Sophia to do what work she could bound as she was. She could barely move more than a few inches forward and back at the maximum, thankfully he did not seem to mind. Soon she had him groaning, throbbing in her mouth as she slurped and sucked his thick but not particularly long cock. She tasted it as he came in her mouth. He pulled away quickly, giving her the opportunity to spit what remained out beside her.

“Ah, here let me get that,” Anton said as he bent down and wiped away the cum that covered her eye. He then reached over and retrieved the weights off her breasts and let them fall to the ground. “You did good tonight, I’ll see ya in the morning,” he said, slapping her ass as he walked back toward his tent.

“Umm..” Sophia said, trying to get his attention. “I mean..” she said as she jostled in her metal confinement.

“Oh.. and after I took the weights off you complain? Keep going and I’ll put them back on,” he said without even turning around to look at her.

Sophia stayed quiet but looked around. It seems that everyone had gone back to their tents, with the exception of one girl who still wore the original yoke and was attached to one of the benches with a chain. Sophia tried to get comfortable, but bent over as she was that just wasn’t a possibility. The ground had been covered in a light covering of dirt but it looked much too firm to try to tip over to her side without possibly breaking something.

She heard footsteps behind her and looked to see one of the attendants coming around to her. He grabbed her side and gently guided her down to the ground, which still left one leg awkwardly standing two feet off the ground. “If anything starts to really hurt, like you think it might be causing damage, whistle alright? Otherwise try to be quiet and try to get some rest. The lights will start showing daylight in a few hours and the men will start getting up after that. Understand?” He said after feeding her a little water.

“Thank you,” Sophia whispered as she tried the lean her head down in the awkward position she was in and get some rest..


Sophia wasn’t sure what woke her, but the sudden burst of light was blinding. The ceiling now illuminated the room like it was daylight, and all the white of the artificial snow reflected those rays around the room.

Sophia looked around and saw men scurrying around, seemingly in a hurry to prepare for something. “Morning princess,” Anton said as he approached Sophia from behind where she couldn’t see. “I see you tipped over in the night. I hope you’re not hurt,” he said as he sat down on the log-bench beside her head.

“Please, master, let me out of this,” Sophia pleaded with a submissive sincere tone that seemed to take Anton by surprise.

“I must say, a night in the stocks has done wonders for your attitude there slave. But I don’t have long, we’re off soon to battle. Not all of us will be coming back.” Anton explained.

“Then please, let me out of these stocks before you go. If nothing else I could wish you luck before you go into battle.”

Anton thought about it before deciding to go get a new collar to replace the stocks. He returned and fastened it around Sophia’s neck before freeing Sophia’s other bindings. Sophia stretched out for the first time in hours before rubbing her wrists which felt like they might be slightly bruised. But she looked up and saw an impatient looking Anton and decided all that could wait. She stood up and extended her hands forward to brush the stubble across his face. She spun around and widened her legs, straddling his lap as she sat down. She bent backwards, giving him a spectacular view of her modest chest as she began to slide her hips up and down his leg. One hand bent back and began to hold his head as she ran her fingers through her hair. Her other hand grabbed on of his arms and pulled it up to her chest, forcing it to explore around. “Make it back alive, I’ll be waiting,” she seductively whispered.

Anton was breathing heavy when someone called out to him, telling him he didn’t have time for what it clearly seemed he was building to. He grunted and pushed Sophia off his lap, pulling her by the collar over to the pole at the far side of the camp where a few other girls were already chained. He locked her collar to one of the very long chains that was already locked to the pole before adding on a pair of shackles to her hands. He then tapped her lightly on the cheek and went running to get a sword and shield.

Sophia recognized them as the same kind of painted weapons she had used occasionally in the arena. They are made of a semi-porous foam exterior that only bleeds paint when they hit with a forceful impact. They otherwise leave no mark, and so are an excellent way to show only who has been slashed. And while there was a ridged interior to keep shape, the impact don’t even hurt very much. Great for playing at war, which it seemed was exactly what the guests were preparing for.

“To be continued slave,” Anton said as walked past Sophia and over to where the other men were already gathered. Sophia watched as the men marched single file out and through the other door before the double doors were sealed behind them. Sophia sat down and leaned against the pole, celebrating finally being able to move her extremities and being thankful for the continued rest after a fitful rest she had just had.


Sophia shot her head up as she heard sounds coming from the far side of the hall. She was joined by the two other woman chained to the post who also sat up to watch as men came stumbling in from the other hall. Many of them looked exhausted and there was also only about half as many as had left. Sophia no longer saw Simon or the second man from the other night to use her throat, but she certainly caught sight of Anton.

“We got’em. Sent them running off into the woods,” Anton said once he was finally close to Sophia. He threw his shield down, which was covered in paint markings.

“And where’s everyone else?” she asked.

“They didn’t make it. We lost quite a few of our men to your husbands out there.. and the dead can’t come back to camp. They swung for me too but they didn’t get me, I even took a few of them out myself!” Anton said in celebration, sword still in hand as he bent down to unfasten Sophia’s rather long chain leash from the pole. It had many feet of slack, so he wrapped it around one hand and began to lead her back to his tent. “Come on, we got some time before the feast and I could use a good fuck..”

Sophia followed behind. She tried a quick yank on the chain, but even though it was long he had the far better grip. They walked inside and he began pulling her closer. He set his sword down to pull out all the slack in Sophia’s leash. She pulled against it but she couldn’t stop him.

“Good, I was worried you’d lost your spark from spending the night locked up like that.” he said as he grabbed the back of her head. He walked her over and began pushing her down onto his bed, Sophia tried to resist but he was too strong, and her hands were still shackled. Once her face hit the bed she knew it was over.

Anton positioned himself behind her, still being careful to hold her down. He let her raise her hands up, but only so he could grab them by the chain to better keep her under control. Sophia’s lower body lay over the bed, with her chest lying flat on it. She was kneeling with her ass prominent and unprotected. She hadn’t thought to close her legs until she felt him kneeling behind her, setting himself between her legs and preventing her from closing.

He leaned over her, pressing his now undressed body against her. She felt his slightly hairy chest, pressing weight down onto her back. She could even hear him breathing, though she refused to try to look back his way. “Have you been thinking about this much today slave?” he asked quietly but closely. Sophia huffed out a defiant non-response.

“Well I’ve got to say.. I knew the rules, but I didn’t appreciate them until now. You get stabbed, you die. You die, and ride’s over. No appeals, no buying your way back in. It certainly makes the stakes a whole lot more.. real,” he said as his free hand drifted down between Sophia’s legs as the other continued to hold on to Sophia’s shackles. “And so every time some soldier came at me, I thought of your cunt. I thought about getting to fuck it one more time after you teased me this morning,” he taunted right into Sophia’s ear. She could feel his breath with every word. “So let’s get that cunt of mine nice and wet ok slave?” he asked rhetorically once his finger had found her clit. It began playing with her piercing, causing Sophia to grunt in spite of herself. Anton forced his head even closer, getting in the small opening between Sophia’s head and arm. He began to nibble on her earlobe, something that caused Sophia to stretch out involuntarily.

Sophia shuddered as she felt his hard cock probing around from behind. In one quick motion it plunged deep into her pussy. He remained hunched over as he slowly withdrew, getting about half way out before thrusting deeply and suddenly back in. His right hand continued to play with her clit, working in tandem with his cock to try to elicit a response. Some sign that she was enjoying this.

And as defiant as Sophia was trying to be she had to admit if she were honest that she was enjoying it. At least some. She had been given free reign and could resist in ways her usual assignments, and when you strip away the principle, strip away the context, he was pushing all the right kinds of buttons. She held back a moan but couldn’t help but close her eyes and enjoy the feeling. One person, exerting their will over the other, physically forcing the other to submit. She couldn’t help but begin to notice her breath quickening.

“That’s right my little slave cunt, I knew you were a right little slut under all those protests. Deny it all you want but you’re enjoying the fucking aren’t you?” Anton taunted as he began to increase the speed of his thrusting. He continued to toy with her clit while he seemed determined to try to poke his head in just the right way to look Sophia in the eye. She kept her face buried, breathing heavier and heavier into the thick blanket that lay on top the bed.

“Maybe I’m going about this wrong,” he whispered cryptically. Moments later he slowed down his thrusts while his right thumb and index fingers worked to grip Sophia’s clit firmly. As he resumed his regular pace his hand pulled down sharply, causing Sophia to jerk her head up and let out a high pitched yelp of a cry. His left hand moved down quickly from holding on to her wrists to slide under her neck, keeping her from lowering her head back down. “Look at me,” he said, causing Sophia to look further away.

He smiled an unseen smile before his fingers once again pinched and pulled hard. This time twisting as well, amplifying the painful sensations that were so well bleeding into the pleasurable ones. “What?” Sophia huffed as she turned her head to snarl at him.

“Oh yes.. you fight it but you can’t hide it from me. I can tell when someone is faking, I can tell when moans are fake..” he said as he moved his left hand up to cup the side of her head.

“Well.. well it’s good then that I’m not moaning..” Sophia said through gritted teeth.

“I know.. but I can tell when a woman is enjoying it.. and my little lady seems to be enjoying it,” he said as his right hand released her clit from its grip and began to rub it instead. Making fast circular motions as his cock continued to pump inside of her.

Sophia took advantage of having her hands free again and tried to make a sudden jolt to the right. She got as far as lifting herself up on one leg before Anton responded by essentially tackling her to the bed. He lost control of her head and reached back up to grab hold of her wrist shackles. Sophia now lay fully on the bed, trying badly to close her legs but finding him keeping them apart with his knees. “Get off of me! I’m not your little lady!” she protested, trying to shake him off but finding that with his guard up it was impossible to do.

“You’re right. You’re not a little lady any more. Now you’re my slave. For all you know, one of the men I killed today was your husband. Best case he lived long enough to flee. You’re mine now.” He said with a decidedly more commanding tone. “And just so you know..” he said, bringing his head right up to her ear. “I was going to try to make it pleasant for you, but I think now I’d rather just teach you a lesson.”

Sophia felt him moving his right hand down to guide his cock back in. She lifted her head in sudden realization as she felt him press not against her pussy but against her ass. “You wouldn’t dare!” she said staring daggers back at him.

“Oh, but I very much would dare.. slave.”

Sophia gritted her teeth as she felt his cock push back into her ass. It had at least been well lubricated but it didn’t change how much tighter everything felt. He was not an overly long man, but he was thick, thick enough to make it all very tight. He began to pump faster, not sparing any time for further foreplay or taunting. He began to hammer away like a man on a deadline. Sophia had certainly had worse, but she still did not overly enjoy anal sex. But as much as she tried to shake or push or resist, he had clearly learned his lesson and would not give her an opening again. The helplessness washed over her leading to a frustrated cry, right before Anton made one final thrust, depositing his load deep into Sophia’s ass.

Anton collapsed, out of breath on top of her. Sweat was dripping from him onto her. He grabbed a chain for Sophia’s collar tightly in one hand before rolling over onto his back in order to cool off.


Sophia quietly turned her head over to Anton. He was up against the wall, but had a firm hold of her leash. With so much of the chain obscured from view in the skirmish she couldn’t tell how much slack that gave her without moving enough to cause a jingle and get his attention. Either way, she was sure she couldn’t exactly run out of the camp. She turned her head back out towards the rest of the tent.

To call it a tent though was a small stretch. Sure the walls were fabric, but it had four strong posts with a central post in the middle. Together they had an angled truss roof, attaching all the posts back to the central one. She looked around some more and noticed his sword. She calculated the risk, and decided the opportunity was too good to pass by.

In one quick move she bolted to her feet and dived for the sword. She knew if she didn’t have the slack to reach she’d feel a sudden jolt back, but thankfully Anton only held the very end of her long leash. Anton sat up in bed and pulled back on the chain just moments after Sophia got the base of the sword in her hand. She swung it wildly around, being nowhere near Anton but clearly sending him the message. He stood up in the bed as the two squared off. Sophia now stood between him and the opening and he was well aware of that.

“You thought this out girl? I just have to call out and I’ll get half a dozen men in here to take you down,” He said in dead seriousness.

“But not before I take you and maybe a few of your friends down with me. You said it yourself, ‘you die and ride’s over,’” Sophia said, not knowing if any of that threat was true. For all she knew that only applied to battle, but he seemed to be taking it serious enough that she felt she must have a leg to stand on.

“You can come in now,” he said as he looked over at the entrance to the tent. It cause Sophia to look over, just enough of a distraction for him to throw his end of the leash over the solid wood truss support of the roof. Sophia looked back too late to pull her leash free, he had already grabbed the other end. He now had her leash wrapped over the frame of the roof, and he was walking to the very back edge of the tent, taking out all the slack he could.

Sophia tried lunging forward, but she was just a hair out of range. She tried swinging repeatedly, each time missing by nearly nothing. He held her chain in his hands above his head, not giving her enough slack to reach him. Sophia looked up to see what she might be able to do, giving him the opportunity to dash to the other side of the tent. Once he passed the central pillar, Sophia could no long follow. Sophia was held by the neck very much at the central pillar of the tent without the ability to pull up enough slack to go anywhere.

“You were close..” Anton said as he put one hand on his heart. “It’s beating a million miles a minute.. never a dull moment indeed.”

Sophia looked back around and saw nothing that could help. The tent was rather bare, and even taking her feet off the ground to push, she could not get Anton to release her chain. He slowly walked to one corner and found a small lock. To Sophia’s dismay he pulled her leash tight and locked it to one of the far posts. He shook his hand that had very visible marking from where the chain had started to dig in.

“Throw the sword down, out of reach.” Anton instructed as he began to regain his composure. He strolled side to side along the far edge of the tent safely out of reach.

“Never,” Sophia said as she put both hands on the sword and took a few futile swings, landing nowhere near him.

Anton opened a small chest at the far side of the tent, near the base of his bed. A smile crossed his face as he pulled out a long single tail whip.

“I will cut that if it lands on my sword,” Sophia threatened.

“Well then I shall simply ask for another,” he said as he whipped Sophia’s calves. She moved the sword down too late to make contact and then moved it back into the center, hoping to be more successful a second time. She watched the whip and bent down to block it only to have it strike her back and upper arm. She looked at the smug satisfied face on Anton as he circled her once more. She also couldn’t help but notice as his cock was once again becoming hard.

“You come near me with that thing and I’ll cut it off,” Sophia threatened as she pointed to his cock with her sword. He simply took the opportunity to strike her one more time in the legs with the whip.

“All the more reason why I need you to put that down,” he said, cracking the whip at the optimum crescendo. It aimed for her ass and Sophia moved her sword into place more quickly this time, anticipating another strike would come at the end of his taunt. A light bit of bright red paint now soaked a portion of the whip, causing Anton to frustratingly throw it on the ground.

“You will drop the sword,” Anton insisted, walking back around to where Sophia’s chain was.

Sophia lightly chuckled before reply “I will not.”

Anton pulled out a second lock and slipped it onto the chain. Sophia watched as he began to pull on the chain below the lock, pulling Sophia first onto the tips of her toes and then off her feet entirely. She tried to pull on the chain but had no leverage to do so. She looked back over in time to see him close the lock , shortening her chain to where she now hung by her collar just a few inches off the ground. “Get rid of the sword and I’ll give you something to stand on,” he said with a smug satisfied grin.

Sophia tried to grip the edges of the wooden post with her legs, that took some of the weight but it wouldn't be enough. She tried pulling herself up with one arm, but with her wrists chained with only a few inches of slack it was difficult to do while still gripping the sword. She looked around, seeing no solution, and so she took a last attempt, throwing the sword blade first at Anton, who was able to just barely get out of its way. She raised both her hands up to her leach and began to lift herself that way, taking the weight off of her neck. It was no long term solution, but it would do for now.


Just as Anton was moving the small wooden chest over for Sophia to stand on, Two men rushed into the tent in black furs, signs that they worked for the casino and weren't guests.

“You ok?” one of them asked Sophia. Sophia set her feet down on the box before turning to face them and nod her head.

“Sorry, you’re done here.” The other guard said to Anton. “You knew the rules.. no hanging from the neck. Anything else is fine but not the neck, we can’t be everywhere and that’s too dangerous.”

“No no no, don’t..” Sophia pleaded, suddenly realizing what it might look like if the man she was assigned to had to go home early. Aaron could not have been clearer that things needed to go smoothly if she wanted him to consider her for this kind of work in the future.

“What’s wrong?” The staff member closest to Sophia asked.

“No, please, he never hung me from my neck! I was holding on with my hands the whole time!” Sophia insisted. The two did not seem convinced. “No really right before all this, when he was on top of me he was whispering to me. He was whispering.. asking.. asking if he could try pretending to do this.. that I couldn’t actually be from my neck but that I could just pretend.. you know like hold on with my wrists.. Hanging from my wrists is fine right?”

The two staff members looked at each other. The seemed to be having a silent conversation about what to do with the contradictory information. On the one hand the computer automatically detected the possibility, but on the other hand it did throw up false positives on rare occasion. They hadn’t actually seen any video but they realized that what Sophia was saying might be close enough to trigger an alert.

“Please.. you don’t understand.. this really, really needs to go well. I.. this program.. thing.. I mean the whole future.. just.. I’m telling you that isn’t how things happened. We talked it through, I’d tell you if we didn’t I promise.” Sophia pleaded after a slight pause.

“Fine.. but no more.. and I know it might kill the mood, but warn us before you do something like that or we’ll just keep getting alerts ok?” one of the men finally said before both of them left.

Anton just silently walked over to the chain and unlocked it from the post. He grabbed the brown fur outfit he had been wearing and sat disheveled on the bed.

“So who told you?” he asked. “Who tipped you off and when?”

Sophia was confused. She pulled the slack from her line and sat down on the box opposite the bed. “I’m.. I’m sorry I don’t know what you’re talking about.”

“Ok, break character.. now this is important. Who told you and don’t keep playing dumb.” Anton said, looking back up at Sophia, seemingly without a lot of patience.

“I.. I honestly have no idea what you’re talking about.”

“That me.. me personally.. I’ve got something to do with the future of the program? Please don’t play dumb, what else could that possibly have meant. Who told you I’m a reviewer? It’s supposed to be a secret so that people like you don’t give me special treatment.”

Sophia just sat there dumbstruck, not sure what to say.

“It’s been a year and a half since the last time someone recognized me, They weren't quite as obvious as you just were.. but I was getting a special level of attention all of a sudden, and when I looked around I saw I wasn’t getting what everyone else was getting. There’s a reason I never publish my face and so I’ll ask you again. Who told you, because I’d like to know if I need to fire anyone.”

“Can I be honest?” Sophia asked after considerable silence to ponder her response.

“Please do.”

“I’ve.. I’ve been on the shit list here for a long time.. it’s a long story but I’ll just leave it at Felix Olsen doesn’t like me. When I got assigned to this it was all very last minute and because they needed someone badly. The guy who put me here’s kind of sticking his neck out by doing so. He told me, in no uncertain terms, I needed to shine here if he was to consider using me for something like this again. I worried I might get blamed.. I have no idea if I was going too far or what and I can’t think of a much worse failure than having someone kicked out partly because of me. I don’t care frankly if this whole casino burns to the ground at this point, so long as I get a comfy spot in the ashes. That’s the only future I was talking about. My future, the future that could only happen if you to leave a happy man.”

Anton looked over at her and slowly, slowly started to smile until he began to chuckle outright. “I’m sorry, I’m not laughing at you.. I.. I guess I’m the one that let it all slip this time. Maybe I ought to fire myself then huh?”

“I don’t care about all that.. I’m not gonna tell a soul. But.. if I have any leverage here..” Sophia said as a maniacal grin began to cross her face. “Just mention me.. I don’t know what you write.. but tell someone I’m indispensable. I took your breath away or something..”

“Not even all that much of a lie. From what I can tell you do seem to get the point of this a bit more than the others I’ve seen. The whole point is you’re supposed to be pretending to be someone else, you actually seem to live it” Anton said as he leaned back and breathed a sigh of relief. “You keep my secret, I’ll splash your name across the review. It’s what again, S something?”


“Well Savina, I’ll give you a moment or two to cool off. I’ll be taking the sword with me of course, and I’ll be back soon. Hopefully by then we can both just pretend this little thing never happened. Go right back to where we were a few minutes ago, think you can do that?” Anton asked as unlocked Sophia’s left wrist cuff before moving her arms behind her and locking them together behind the center column.

“Sounds doable to me. I’ll pretend I don’t know anything, but does that mean it’s going back to fighting back and all that?” Savina said as she sat back against the pole and tried to relax.

“Well if that’s how you’d be acting anyways then yes do that.. I still want to try to give a fair review and so just.. try to ignore any impulses you might have about me because of who I am” he said as he headed for the flap to the tent. “You do your part well, and I’ll make sure they’ll know you did your part well.”


Of all the pains Sophia’s had to put up with, one of the most underrated in her opinion was boredom. It didn’t come up too often, they were usually packing her schedule so full she would take naps or simply welcome the quiet. But it had been several hours since Sophia had been left  where she was and she was far too rested to do anything but be bored. Simply being bound had lost all novelty for her long ago. Even from the beginning it had not so much been the bindings themselves as much as the struggle and domination and submission she enjoyed. But he had not left a key for her feet to try to reach, and the pole seemed secured to some kind of base below where she sat. She was not getting herself out and there was almost nothing to look at.

She could occasionally hear chatter outside, but the leather like walls did a surprisingly good job of concealing the noise. She had been telling herself.. any moment he’ll come back in and something will pick back up. And every time noise seemed to be getting closer she sat up in anticipation. But her patience was running thin. She was hungry, she was thirsty, and above all she needed to pee. Badly. After one more voice passed by the tent she huffed in frustration before deciding she needed out. “Helpword,” she said, just loud enough she was sure the passive monitoring could hear her.

A few minutes later, she saw the tent flap open and a man in black fur enter. “Something wrong?” he asked, barely stepping foot inside the tent.

“It’s been hours.. I really need to pee.. and I’m getting really hungry and thirsty.. Is the guy not still out there? Did you send him packing after all?” she asked.

“No he’s still out there, distracted by the feast and all that. I’ll get you some water,” he said has he came forward and reached for a waterskin on his belt.

“Um.. bathroom first?” Sophia said with a pleading smile.

“Of course, I wasn’t thinking,” he said before moving behind her and unfastening her from the pole. “Now I hope you don’t mind, I think it’d be best if I still keep your arms behind you. I presume he was punishing you or something right?”

“Um.. yeah.. kind of” Sophia said as she got to her feet and stood patiently as he locked the shackle back on her other arm, this time free of the pole. Sophia followed him as he led her by the shoulder out the tent and back to the far edge of camp. It crossed her mind at that moment how strange his tone had been, seeming like asking permission rather than telling her how it was supposed to be. She couldn’t help but wonder what would have happened had she said no.

The two reached what looked like a small outhouse, though strangely it didn’t smell. As they reached it he stopped her short and unlocked her left cuff again. “I thought you said it was best if I stay locked?” Sophia asked a little puzzled.

“Well, I could, but I think we’d probably both rather just let you go in there and clean up yourself.  Now it’s not really with keeping with the period.. but breaking the illusion for a bit to bring a flush toilet we figured was better than leaving a horrible stink for a while. Do what you need, should be enough toilet paper, then I’ll put you back in the cuffs to bring you back,” he said as he opened the door for her.

It looked not at all modern inside. Except from a brown plastic seat nearly everything visible was wood or dull metal. Sophia relieved herself before looking around for a handle to flush with. It was wood and disguised beside small dull metal sink that she took advantage of before finally returning back to the guard. She willingly put her arms behind her and heard the click as he reattached her cuffs to her.

“And.. If I needed these off?” Sophia couldn’t help but ask as they walked back toward the tent.

“Oh, sorry are they hurting?” the man said as he stopped them both. He turned around and held Sophia’s cuffed hands out behind her.

“No,” Sophia said, pulling her cuffed hands away. “No.. I was just.. I guess surprised.. you seem so well.. civil about it. I mean cuffs were never really.. like, optional. I was just being caught off guard I guess.”

“Well where’ve you been working?” he asked as they began to walk again.

“I.. well let’s see. Arena, dungeon, got rented out a few times.. Oh and the uh.. dungeon over at the.. that um castle place.” Sophia said.

“So those are the only places you worked?” He asked, sounding somewhat surprised. “I don’t know about the private stuff.. but everything else.. that’s what we call the stick jobs. It’s what we shuffle people into when they don’t do well. You know, carrot.. stick? Unless you’re a penal contract.. maybe. Some of them get stuck with stick jobs for a while if they don’t want to accept where they are or what not. But I was told we didn’t have any of them here, so what the hell’d you do to get stuck with that for so long?”

“Not really allowed to say actually,” Sophia said as the two of them finally rounded the corner of the tent. Just before ducking back inside Sophia got a good look around at the camp. At one side several large tables were set up with all the men sitting around with half-finished plates of food everywhere. Many of the other women were in and around the men, some of them pleasuring them, while others simply chained and on the ground.

One of the men caught sight of the two of them and waved at them to come over. He did not say anything though and the man with Sophia quickly worked to lock her back around the pole as he had found her. He gave her a quick drink from his water before darting back to see what the guest had been waving about.

“Food?” Sophia asked.

“Sorry, soon,” he said already halfway out.


Sophia had barely had time to sit down before she heard the sounds of several people approaching the tent. In walked Anton, the attendant who had just been there, as well as the man who had flagged him down.

“And you say you just forgot her?” the unknown man said to Anton. He was a little shorter than Anton or the attendant, but he had an attitude of assertion that made up for it. “We said we were bringing out everyone and you got this one tucked away in your tent for later?”

“I swear, I just forgot she was back here. Let’s just bring her out now how ‘bout it?” Anton explained. He walked around behind Sophia, helping her to her feet before unlocking one of her cuffs. It was followed just as swiftly however by him pulling her hands in front of her and locking them back together. “And Mike, careful she’s more than a little feisty,” Anton said as he shoved Sophia forward.

“Wait, is this one the reason you asked if the women could use swords?” Mike asked Anton, taking hold of Sophia’s wrist shackle chain.  ‘Did you, did you try taking his sword? Did you actually get it and he just disarmed you?” he asked, this time looking at Sophia.

“Why don’t you give me one and I’ll show you..” Sophia said with a smirk.

“Funny, funny indeed.” he said as they walked out into the now darkening hall. It was still light out, but it was also clear that the sun was supposed to be setting. The fire still crackled away and most of the men sat and watched as Sophia was lead over toward them. Sophia could smell the foods of dinner, roasted meats along with what looked like various kinds of bread and potatoes. Her stomach rumbled with renewed hunger, loud enough to be heard by the small group she was walking with.

“Well, sounds like you’re hungry.. so, let’s hear it. We got all these other girls here to earn their scraps, what’ya got?” Mike said as he pushed Sophia down onto the dirt covered floor. She looked up, seeing food on the table but noticing that no one seemed to be eating anymore, it seemed everyone had already finished.

“Well, what did you have in mind?” Sophia asked.

“Whatever you think’ll impress us girl,” said one of the older men sitting at the other table. “Those three over there gave us head while we ate, that one over there took three men at once,” he said as he pointed out some of the woman that were lying about.

Sophia looked back at where he had been pointing, seeing Alba cuffed and collared, with an empty metal plate in front of her. She looked back over at the men when something caught her eye. She saw the door at the far corner of the room slowly and silently open. It seemed that no one noticed, as all attention was on her, but she thought even in the darkening room that she saw men in legionary clothing ducking in and hiding behind a large collection of fake rocks near the door. She stood up, keeping everyone’s attention as they tried to figure out what she was doing. “No, You’ll give me food now, I will not be your trained monkey.”

“Certainly not, trained monkeys generally have more sense than to yell at their owners,” one of the men cracked jovially.

“Savina,” Alba said quietly as she crawled closer. “Savina be reasonable.”

“No, no these men take us as slaves and you talk of reasonable?” Sophia fumed back at Alba. “Perhaps you may be more well suited.. but I’m not” Sophia said before grabbing her friend by the chain connecting wrist cuffs. She pulled her quickly, Alba rushed along on her knees to keep up but still found herself being dragged for some of it. She pushed Alba over the edge of the log, laying her parallel on top of it. She spotted a clip part way up the log and clipped Alba’s wrist cuffs to it. “If you like these brutes so much then I say you have earned this,” she said, sitting down across Alba’s back, facing her ass which hung over the end of the log.

Sophia looked back up at the table and all the men still seemed to be facing her direction, some paying attention to other things as well but none of them turning their backs. She raised her two hands and brought them both down hard on Alba, causing a squeal from the woman who wasn’t expecting it. “Is this perhaps what you wanted of me, bent over and helpless while some or all of you do as they wish to me?” she asked before landing another hard pair of blows.

“I thought we were friends?” Alba asked, loud enough that its audience was clearly still the men at their tables.

“I was friends with a free woman, I’m not friends to a slave,” Sophia said, picking up the pace of her double handed onslaught.

“You’re no free woman either you know..” Anton added with a chuckle and a flicker of his eyebrows.

Sophia looked up and snarled. She scratched her (albeit short) nails across Alba’s red ass, leaving four distinct white marks across her ass and causing her to renew her struggle. “I may not be free right now, but do I look like a slave to you?” Sophia asked with a smirk. “Look,” Sophia said as she ran two fingers between Alba’s legs, finding her fairly wet, though wet from what was certainly up for debate. “Look how this slave likes it, How she enjoys being used, enjoys being just a thing. Let them hear how much you like this.”

“I..” Alba started sheepishly, pausing long enough for Sophia to give her yet another hard slap. “Ok.. fine I.. I do enjoy it. I do like being their slave..”

“Good, I’m glad you can admit what you are.” Sophia said as she got up and wiped her hand on her leg. She began walking toward the table with a stern serious look on her face. “Now, is that enough for some food or do I need to break every last girl in here before you will give me something to eat?”


“It’s a raid,” shouted one of the staff in black fur just before Sophia reached the table. In an instant everyone jumped up from their seats and ran out in various directions to retrieve their weapons. Sophia just stood there, looking around as Roman Legionaries rushed into the camp from either side. She found herself nearly knocked to her face as someone pushed past her from behind, landing down on her hands and knees.

She sat up and looked around as the guests and staff fought using shields and foam lined swords, even watched as some of them were hit, leaving a bright red streak. The staff who were hit simply lay down but more than a few of the guests threw their weapons down in a huff first, feeling the sting of defeat. Sophia couldn’t help but smile as she watched one of the men who had mocked her earlier fight and lose right beside her. He threw down his sword before finally sitting down in the dirt with a large red streak across his neck.

Sophia looked at the sword that had dropped right in front of her. She looked at her chains and back at the guest who sat beside it. As the legionary passed by her, he bent down to whisper in her ear. “Feel free to grab the sword if that’s what you’re thinking.”

Sophia smiled and picked up the weapon. She stood and looked around, seeing very few people around anymore. It seemed this was the climactic event, she wasn’t sure if anyone would survive, but knew she wanted to be a part of trying for it anyway. She looked around and rushed over towards the front, hoping to join in a fight, only to watch the guest get killed right before her arrival.

The Roman had barely had time to turn before Anton ran by, nearly out of nowhere and stabbed him in the side as he ran by. The swords were designed to retract when pushed directly into a hard object tip first, looking very much to the observer like it was piercing and was simply being plunged into a body.

Anton’s back was to Sophia as he became entangled in another battle. Sophia ran up behind him and plunged her sword into his upper back, right behind what would have been his lungs. Anton turned around and was startled to see Sophia standing there. “Nothing personal,” Sophia couldn’t help but say with the wide stupid smirk of someone who just realized they had the chance to deliver an action movie one liner.

“Very good girl. You got your vengeance in the end didn’t you?” Anton said as he let his sword and shield drop to his sides.

“Looks like it.. but it was fair at least.”

“That it was..” he said as he began to sit down.

“That’s the last of them. Everyone can get up now” someone called out in the far distance. Anton grunted, having just that second gotten down.

“Here, let me help,” Sophia said as she dropped the sword and extended her hand. He grabbed hold and pulled himself up.

“I think I probably got a key to that around me here somewhere,” Anton said as he reached for a bag on his belt. He pulled out a small key, it seemed to be the same basic key that everything was using. Less to keep things from being stolen, more to make sure they can’t be removed by the wearer. Sophia rubbed her wrists and draped the shackles over the sword as she picked it back up.

“And you remember our deal?” Sophia asked as the two walked back towards the front of the camp where people seemed to be gathering.

“Of course, and like I said, it’s not a lie to talk you up. You were a whole lot of trouble, but it was never boring.”

“Thank you. And it was good to meet you.” Sophia said as the two parted ways. There were people ushering the women over to one side and she simply handed over her shackles and sword and followed.

The man who had given the introductions earlier came into sight, standing on something in order to be seen by everyone as he looked out over the crowed. “Alright ladies, we’re just going to take a bit of time here to let the men clear out and we’ll just be checking in with each of you how it went ok? So when we call you come to whoever it is calling you, in the mean time eat up if you haven’t and good work everyone!” he said causing a small smattering of applause by those around. But Sophia didn’t clap. She had already rushed over to finally get her hands some of that food.


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