Smoking Issues 2

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; M/f; bond; bdsm; cuffs; gag; smoking; armbinder; susp; anal; sex; cons; X

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Part 2

He lay there tautly spread-eagled on her queen-sized bed in the tight cuffs, ball-gagged and blindfolded while she cooked eggs and sausage in the kitchen. The effects of the forced cigarette smoking she’d inflicted on him were manifold: his respiratory system was extremely irritated, he was coughing and felt very polluted and was seriously buzzed, being a non-smoker!

“This crazy little minx!” he thinks. “I’ve fallen into her trap! How many other guys has she done this to??” He pulls at the fur-lined handcuffs trapping his wrists to the posts and the tight padded leather cuffs at his ankles. She has pulled the attached ropes very tightly to the bottom posts! He can find hardly any purchase to move or bend his stretched limbs.
His shoulders feel the strain.

The tightly-strapped huge ball-gag stretches his jaw and lips very widely and the tight padded leather blindfold allows no light at all. The aromas of eggs and sausage get to him and he realizes he is hungry. A long time passes and he relaxes as best he can. He coughs. All-in-all, it’s been a fantastic evening, despite the forcible smoke inhaling! He was even turned-on in masochistic fashion when she blew the initial smoke through the ball-gag hole.

He’s had her in bed bondage, got laid, got her off multiple times, he’s been put in strict   bondage and got off again! Not bad at all! And they’ve just met! His throat, lungs and sinuses feel the detrimental smoking effects but he doesn’t really mind this nicotine high right now! “Oh, what she’s done to me!” he thinks. “What’s next?? When will she release me? I’ve got some plans for her!”

He languishes in his bondage and his cock starts to get hard again. Being in bondage has always been a big turn-on for him. Now that he’s feeling better and is relaxed and high, he’s feeling excited again! He waits for her, his cock getting erect.

Finally, she comes in. “Hey, Kev- Oh my, you’re hard again! I guess you’re not that mad at me, judging by that!”


“You really do love being tied up, don’t you? This could be a match made in heaven… or hell! Ha-ha! I have scrambled eggs and sausage for you! I came to feed you while you’re tied up! I figured you’d enjoy that! I’ll get your gag and blindfold off!”

She unstraps the tight, huge “smoking” ball-gag and pops it out of his mouth. She removes the blindfold. He moves his sore, stretched jaw around and breathes in relief. All he can taste is smoke. He looks at her, getting his jaw working. “Now I know you’re mad I made you inhale smoke, Kevin. We had a good time though! You got off again and so did I! You’re passing your test very well so far! You’re enjoying your bondage, I can tell!” She slaps at his hard cock. “I bet you feel pretty buzzed!”

“Yeah, Kira, I’m pretty buzzed alright! You fucked me up, but you fucked me good! I feel so polluted!” He coughs.

“I know. Let’s get some food in you!”

He’s not surprised she’s not apologizing. She did what she wanted and he simply had to deal with it and accept it! So she was testing him. He was sure going to put her to the test! She feeds him alternating bites of scrambled eggs and breakfast sausage. He enjoys it immensely. She gives him sips of orange juice through a straw. Her demeanor now is tender and affectionate. He admires her pretty face and her nice breasts and pierced nipples.

He eats it all as she finishes silently feeding him, smiling tenderly at him. He takes his last sips of juice, feeling much better. “Thank-you, Kira! That was very  good!”

“You’re welcome, Kevin.” She lies down on her side to snuggle against his bound form, putting her leg over his tied-down leg and her head on his chest. “I like your hairy chest and beard. I like you” she says, running her fingers through his chest hairs, occasionally scratching at his nipples, watching them perk up. His cock perks up again. He pulls at his tight cuffs.

“I like you too, Kira.” Except for the smoking! he thinks.

She moves up to suck on his neck, scratching at his nipple. She sucks hard and long, leaving a small hickey. “Now you’re marked, how do you like that?”

He gives a short, closed-mouth chuckle. “OK. Kira, please don’t make me smoke again. I really hate it. I feel so damn polluted and violated. I can tolerate second-hand smoke, but I am not a smoker!”

“OK, Kevin.” She grabs his cock and sucks and nibbles on his nipple, getting him more aroused. She grips his hard cock hard, jerking it roughly up and down. She works his nipple good and keeps up a steady hard, fast jerking motion, aiming to jerk him off. He strains at his bonds and breathes hard. She’s just incredible! he thinks.

“Aahh, yeah, Kira! That’s real nice! Aahh!”

The sensations build as she keeps it up with alacrity, sensing his moment nearing. He can’t believe he’s going to get off again! This night beats all! Suddenly he spurts on his belly, exclaiming his ecstasy and coughing.

She watches as he squirts, smiling. She’s very pleased with herself. “Does that make up for the smoking, ‘dear’?”

“Yeah, uh-huh. Thanks.” he pants and wheezes. Right now he’s in nirvana.

She observes his blissed-out look. “Comfortable enough, ‘dear’?”

“Yeah, I guess so-“

“You mentioned you love being in bondage” she says, tickling at his ribs as she wipes him off.

He squirms. “Yeah, but I don’t know-“

“It does turn me on to have you tied up, Kevin!” she says, cutting him off. “Some men are weird about it, but you’re OK!” She tickles him some more, eliciting tickle-laughs. “I could keep you tied-up all night! Like this, or maybe some other strict and stringent way! What do you say?” Before he can answer, she tickles him hard, her nails digging into his ribs. “I like your laugh!” Her entrancing blue eyes sparkle.

He feels a little too vulnerable stretched out like this. Her tickling is driving him crazy! All night??  It was only about 11:30 now. “I don’t know, Kira. It’s been an amazing night! We could take a break, then it could be your turn to be tied up!”

“Hmm, I don’t know. I’ll have a smoke and think about it.” He sighs. More damn smoke. “First I’m going to re-gag you. You’ve had enough say for now!”

“That’s not necessary, Kira. Let’s take turns-”

“I said that’s enough out of you! Open wide! I’ll decide!”

“But-” She jams the enormous smoke-permeated ball-gag against his mouth and forces it in as he moans. Her eyes are fierce now. She straps it very tightly behind his head. “Oh, my aching jaw!” he thinks as the big rubber ball again locks his jaw wide-open and stretches his lips.

She lights a cigarette sitting on the side of the bed, draws hard on it and deliberately blows smoke at him. He breathes it in, despising it and coughing. He tugs on the unyielding tight cuffs. “So what to do?” She takes another drag. “I feel like keeping you tied up. You’d like to tie me up. Hmm…” He eyes her nervously. “I’m the one in control now! I like it! You’re caught in my bondage web now! You like to be tied up!” He moans as she sits there smoking, occasionally blowing some his way, smirking at him.

It seems his fate is sealed. He wonders if she’s some kind of psycho control-freak. “I’m going to the kitchen to eat, ‘dear’. Don’t move! Ha-ha!”  She extinguishes the cigarette in the ashtray and sticks the filter into the ball-gag for the hell of it, plugging the hole so he can now breathe only through his nose. He’s happy it’s not still burning!

She shuts off the light and goes into the kitchen. He lies there frustrated and nervous. Yes, he is like a fly caught in this vixen-spider’s bondage web! Again he tugs fruitlessly at his widely-spread, cuffed wrists and ankles. He sighs and carefully swallows saliva. “Here’s a hell of a fantasy!” he thinks. “Both for me and for her!” He supposes he really is enjoying this again. His shoulder ache is practically gone and his jaw is again becoming accustomed to the huge ball stretching it. She did strap it in very tightly! His cock becomes semi-hard. He doesn’t want her to see it hard again when she returns, lest she should take it as a sign that he wanted more! He really wants to tie her up good!

He has plans for her, but will she let him turn the tables? How devious and sadistic is this woman?? Time passes as he ruminates and looks back on this incredible evening. He had no plans for tomorrow, Saturday. What plans does she have for him?? Now a lot of time has passed and all he can hear is faint TV sounds. He looks at the glowing bedside display clock. “She’s been gone for over an hour now! She’s really fucking with me now!” he thinks. “She’s out there watching TV! Or has she fallen asleep?” His feet and hands are starting to feel cold. He moves and clenches them. He pulls at the tight cuffs and moans loudly. He feels the totality of his bondage predicament and his cock gets hard in spite of himself.

He watches the minutes slowly tick by. Saliva trickles down his throat. Suddenly the overhead light flicks on, blinding him. “Sorry, Kevin, I fell asleep watching TV! I’m sure you’ve been enjoying yourself, though!” She grabs his hard cock and shakes it. He curses at it for giving him away. She smiles at him mischievously and goes to the bottom of the bed. She starts tickling his foot as he jerks and starts laughing and hollering uncontrollably, trying to pull his foot away.

“So, I’ve been thinking, Kevin” she says as she moves over to his other foot and resumes driving him nuts, scratching at his sole with her sharp nails. “We can take turns, it’s only fair!” She goes back to his other foot and tickles away as he jerks and screams. “I’ll let you out so you can bind me up however you like.” She goes back to his other foot to resume the tickle-torture. He laughs, hollers and screams. “Then we’ll see about later! We’re going to keep taking turns! Understand?”

He makes an affirmative sound between nasal hollers. She stops and unties the taut ropes to his ankle cuffs and unbuckles them as he breathes happily in relief. She unlocks the handcuffs and at last he’s free. He sighs and rubs his marked wrists. He unbuckles the jaw-distending ball-gag and works it out of his mouth. He takes a little time for recovery as she goes to get another smoke. He spanks her on the ass and smiles, going to take a piss and rinse off the ball-gag. He’s had a lot of time to contemplate what to do to her and finally has the opportunity!

He goes back into the bedroom and opens the bondage chest, smiling at her as she smokes. He’s going to truss her up good! He’s sick of all the cigarette smoke tonight, but has special smoking plans for her! She had been tough on him and is apprehensive about what he may do in retribution. She looks over and sees he has pulled out her tight black leather armbinder and a posture collar, smiling at her. She smiles back meekly.  

“First, your smoking ball-gag! Here, put it on and stick that cigarette in it!” She takes it and begins working it between her teeth as he watches excitedly. It jacks her jaw open to the max and stretches her nice full red lips out very widely and thinly, firmly sealing her mouth. “That ball-gag is certainly not for wimps! What a jaw-stretcher! It looks great on you!” She starts to buckle it but he stops her. “First, I’ll put on your posture collar! Just hold it there!” She sighs as he positions the shaped, molded 3” padded leather collar around her neck, squeezing it tightly to buckle the two back straps as snugly as possible. He grabs the wide ball-gag straps and buckles it on tightly over the posture collar.

“Put that cigarette in it now!” She sticks it in the gag’s hole securely and draws on it as it glows red. The smoke streams out of her nostrils with a little wheeze. She cannot move her head at all and it is tilted back due to the huge gag stuffing her mouth. “I never thought smoking was very sexy until now!” She lets out a stifled, smoky chuckle as smoke gets in her eyes.

“Now let’s see how tight we can get this armbinder, my smoky one!”  He’s really enjoying this! she thinks. She puts her arms behind her back and he snugs it up her arms. It has straps that go under her armpits and over her shoulders, to a back “Y” strap to pull up and notch the armbinder into. He adjusts the straps tightly and ratchets up the back buckle-strap to pull the armbinder up fully, seating her hands snugly into the tight pouch. It is of very high quality, seemingly made just for her.

He begins tightening the lacing, done in the familiar inside-outside “X” lacing pattern, like her corset. As he makes his way up tugging hard at the lacing, her arms are drawn closer and closer together. She breathes faster in excitement and breathes in more smoke as he progresses, squeezing her forearms, then her elbows tightly together. He is very happy to see her flexibility and her ability to take it laced fully closed! It is super-tight!  She moans as she feels the shoulder and arm strain.

He relentlessly tugs and laces the two sides tightly together up over her elbows, to the top grommets mid-way up her biceps. She moans and groans and smokes. He ties it off tightly. It is drawn fully-closed, crushing her arms together. He is impressed! What an amazing fit! He fastens the attached straps tightly around her wrists and elbows. He grabs her crushed, trapped arms, moving them up and down.

“Wow, Kira, that is really fucking tight! Nice armbinder! You’d never get out of that!” She moans in agreement. He didn’t cut her any slack! She is breathing hard and excitedly, drawing in more smoke. “It ain’t right unless it’s tight!” he says.

He beholds her and gets more erect. Her beautiful boobs are thrust out nicely with her arms leather-welded behind her. Her pierced, hard, protruding nipples are irresistible. He pinches and twists them, driving her nuts and making her wet. What a sexy bondage slut she is! he thinks. Smoke comes out of her nostrils as she coughs a little bit.

He had noticed the strategically-placed screw-hooks in the ceiling to take advantage of. He gets a long length of rope from the chest and loops it through the metal ring at the end of the armbinder. He lifts it up and gives her a few spanks. She squeals, loving it. He pushes the bondage chest away from the footboard and guides her to the bottom of the bed, facing the headboard. He bends her over and spanks her a little more as she yelps and wiggles her nice ass. He gets up on the bed and threads the armbinder ring rope through the ceiling hook above the footboard and jumps down.

He pulls down on it as her leather-bound arms raise up, forcing her to remain bent-forward. The smoke comes up into her face. She moans as her sheathed arms go up and up, above her head. When they are raised at a 45 degree angle, he loops the rope ends back through the ring of the armbinder, tying it off. Now her ass is his! She grunts at the shoulder strain and discomfort. He can’t resist giving her ass a few more spanks, getting her hot and bothered.

He goes to the kitchen and brings back a large bowl of water, placing it under her smoky head on the bed. “Here’s your ‘ashtray’, dear!” He then straps on the leather ankle cuffs with the ropes attached and pulls one leg out toward the bottom of the corner post, tying it off, then the other. She moans, groans and breathes hard, coughing a bit as smoke gets into her nose. Her legs are now spread about 3 feet apart. The separation of her legs has caused her bound arms to be raised a few degrees more up behind her. She is stuck in a strict strappado. The strain on her limbs and body is exquisite. She moves her ass back and forth and tugs at her bonds.

She’s never smoked in this position or predicament before! The smoke keeps drifting up into her nose and eyes with her head facing down. She can’t turn her head away from it with the tight posture collar and ball-gag strapped over it holding her head immobile. She wants to feel more of a nicotine high, so she inhales a hit through the ball-gag. Smoke pours out of her nose and more goes up it, making her cough in irritation.  Her lips are tightly sealed around the big ball-gag. Her eyes water. He watches her intently.

“Enjoying your smoke, ‘dear’??” he asks, mocking her mocking of him earlier.

“Mm-hmm!” She doesn’t want to appear weak to him. She can take it! He scratches at her nipples. She squeals and draws on the cigarette through the ball-gag. A little drool escapes the corner of her mouth at the tight wide strap. Smoke spews out of her nostrils.

He smiles and goes to get more rope. He ties her spread thighs tightly to the slatted footboard, going around each about a dozen times. He gets another length of rope and ties it to the steel ring at the front of the posture collar. She moans as he pulls it tightly to the bottom bed-rail, making her bend over more and putting more strain on her shoulders. He ties it off and she is totally immobilized!

The cigarette smoke drifts up and envelops her head. Her eyes water and she coughs. Now it is she wondering what she has got herself into! He has her in an incredibly strict and strenuous bind! “Oh shit!” she thinks. “He must be really mad at me! I can’t fucking move and this smoke keeps coming up in my face! He’s getting me back, alright!” Ashes drop into the water. Her hands tingle and feel prickly.

He goes into the nightstand drawer and pulls out a long wide, and a long narrow, flexible vibrator he had seen there earlier. He puts them in front of her smoky face as her eyes widen and she moans in excitement. He coats them with warming lube and turns the power on all the way up. He squats down behind her, admiring the view from her curvy ass up to her suspended crushed-together arms and hands in the armbinder.  

He slowly inserts the narrow vibrator in her ass as she squeals and tries to move. Bound as securely and stringently as she is, her wiggle-room is non-existent! He slowly pushes   the buzzing invader fully in as she makes high-pitched noises. Then he jams the fat one into her pussy. She gasps and breathes in more smoke, coughing.

He starts screwing her in both orifices with the powerful vibrators as she mews and snorts. He increases the pace. This stimulation along with the strain on her shoulders and trapped arms fuels her masochistic sex-citement. She moans and drools and smokes and coughs. He cups his hand on her crotch, holding the anal vibrator all the way in with his palm as he rapidly pushes the other one in and out with his fingers. He reaches around and squeezes her breast hard, pinching her pierced nipple.   

She is practically screaming now as she tries to move her head, losing it. She sucks hard on the huge gag, getting a big hit of smoke. Her mouth, throat, nose and lungs are full of smoke. She coughs and vocalizes loudly, straining at her tight bonds. Her eyes water as she drools from the corners of her stretched-out mouth. She comes and shakes and shudders, screaming through her nose. He keeps it up hard with the vibrator screwing and nipple pinching, forcing more orgasms out of her. She coughs, hollers and shudders more, climaxing out of control! The burned-down cigarette remains stuck fast in the ball-gag, smoking her up good. He keeps it up for a while longer, loving it, driving her crazy! He gets all excited and hard again, but is happy for now just to torture-pleasure her.

He finally ceases his vibratory and pinching assault, letting the high-powered units fall out of her. She moans and coughs, all shaky. “There ya go, ‘Smokey’! You’re all smoked up and orgasmed out in tough bondage! Looks like you’re about finished with that cigarette!” He removes it from the tight gag hole and drops it into the water. She sighs and moans and coughs in relief. “I’m sure you’re ready for another, Ms. Chain Smoker!”

She blows smoke through the hole and coughs out an “uh-uh!”

“Well, maybe you could use a little break, but just a short one, my smoke fiend!” She moans and drools and whines. “I’m gonna get a drink in the kitchen. Got beer?”

“Uh-huh” she replies tiredly. He goes to get a beer. She endures the strict, tough bondage motionlessly, worn out. Her arms and shoulders tingle and ache in the super-tight suspended armbinder. She coughs to clear her lungs out. “Man, am I fucked!” she thinks. “I can hardly move a muscle!! He’s got me good!!” Saliva seeps out uncontrollably from her ball-stretched lips into the bowl of water. Her pussy still tingles from his thorough vibrator fucking and her rear passage is a bit sore. She moans, tied fast to the footboard with legs widely spread, thinking how well he’s gotten her back! She wheezes and coughs and snorts out, her sinuses irritated.

He silently watches her from the doorway, swigging his beer, admiring her sexy bound form, her dripping pussy and hanging titties. What an absolutely incredible night!! He walks up behind her and slaps her ass, startling her. He gets her pack of cigarettes and pulls one out as she watches him wide-eyed. She growls and shakes her rigidly-held head minisculely.

“Come on, Kira! You love to smoke! You’re a total addict! You never seem to get enough of it!” She moans and glares at him. He is undaunted. “Now just accept your ‘medicine’!” He jams the cigarette into the hole in the gag, smiling as if he’s doing her a favor as she moans unappreciatively, drooling more from her stretched lower lip. He gets her lighter and flicks it, bringing it near the tip of the cigarette as she protests and coughs, looking at him pleadingly. He hesitates.

“Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t light it!”

“Mmpphh! Mmm-MMMHH!”

“What?? I don’t understand!”

She makes more loud, incoherent noises, drooling.

“You’re not being very coherent, Kira!” He’s delighting in this sadistic teasing! “But you seem to be conveying an aversion to smoking a cigarette!” He makes a look of mock shock. “So unlike you! OK, enough of this playing around! Look, you’re drooling for this smoke!”

He lights it with a flourish and stares at her intently. She moans dejectedly as the smoke drifts up into her facing-down face. “Now enjoy your smoke, ‘dear’! Take a good hit of that wonderful smoke!” She reluctantly sucks on the ball, drawing in the smoke and inhaling it. He smiles as she expels it from her nose, wheezing. “There! You should be feeling better now! Get that wonderful smoke and nicotine into your system!” She squints at him through the smoke and draws on it again. She stifles a cough as she exhales it, and some from the tip goes up her nostrils. Her eyes get all watery. She simply cannot avoid the smoke. She jerks her shoulders side-to-side.

He playfully swats at her hanging titties, causing more moaning. Taking in the totality of her bound, smoking form, he strokes his cock and goes behind her, preparing for entry. He pokes at her anus and decides to insert there after a quick application of the warming lube on his hard cock and between her cheeks to run down. She squeals in surprise as he gets the tip in with short thrusting motions, slowly going in deeper. “Aren’t you glad I got your ass warmed up and lubricated, Kira?” She moans unenthusiastically. He gets about half-way in with quick, short thrusts. “Oooh, that feels good! So nice and tight!” He slowly thrusts his way in deeper as she moans and squeals and coughs and breathes out hard.

He pours more lube down her ass-crack to trickle down and ease things along. She moans and tugs at her suspended leather-sheathed, semi-numbed arms. The smoke shrouds her head and she keeps her eyes shut. Ashes drop into the water. He sets down the lubricating oil and grabs her immobilized hips, thrusting deeper. Then he alternates hands, one gripping her and the other spanking her tight ass as he thrusts. He gets into a steady, full-thrusting rhythm as her ass cheeks turn red. He’s administering smoking-aversion therapy, for all the good it will do!  

He moans, grunts and sighs in delight. It is so tight and stimulating, he thinks he may cum again, to his surprise. Her ass being fucked and spanked relentlessly while forcibly smoking in hard bondage revs up her masochistic sexual energy. She moans, squeals and squirms and tugs and smokes as he screws and spanks away. It hurts and stings so good! Now she is hot and excited! She inhales more smoke through the ball-gag, filling her respiratory system and coughing. She doesn’t care now, she’s into the whole scene! She’s high as hell!  

All the sensations overwhelm her and she has a shattering orgasm. She screams and hollers and shakes. This was unexpected! His punishment has turned into something else! He cums in her soon after her overwhelming climax, making loud sounds of ecstasy. He relaxes his tight grip on her hips and relaxes, letting his cock slowly slide out of her. She moans loudly and breathes hard, coughing and drooling, her stringent position unchanged. She doesn’t really care about the smoke or the harsh bondage right now! This has turned out OK for her! The powerful orgasm has shaken her to the core and she feels high as hell!

He removes the smoldering cigarette from the ball-gag and drops it into the bowl of water. She expels smoke out of her nostrils and the ball hole. She coughs and giggles in happiness and relief. She feels giddy. Her red ass cheeks sting wonderfully, her asshole feels sore in a good way! “OK Kira! Do you think you’ve had your smoke ‘quota’ for the night?”

She coughs out an “uh-huh!”

“Alright, then!” He unties the taut rope to her posture collar from the bottom of the bed. Then he unties the rope anchoring the armbinder up to the ceiling hook and slowly lowers her crushingly-bound half-numb arms down, eliciting sounds of relief and pain. She slowly gets upright, moaning loudly. Circulation and feeling slowly begins to return as her arms and hands sting and tingle. It feels like a thousand needles are pricking her under the severe armbinder! She moves her sore shoulders back and forth to help get her arms working and the feeling back in the super-tight laced and belted leather sheath, making loud noises. Her elbows are really squeezed tightly together! He leaves her legs tied to the footboard.

He gets paper towels to wipe them both off and wipe the messy floor under her. “How’d you like a beer, ‘dear’?”

“Uh-huh!” she exclaims enthusiastically.

He goes to get a bottle and twists off the cap. He sets it down and unstraps the tight ball-gag, then the tight posture collar. He removes the collar and works the huge ball out of her stretched mouth, trailing saliva. “Aahhh!” she says as she starts to get her mouth and sore jaw working. She coughs. He wipes her mouth and chin and cleavage.

“Hey, Kevin, you can be a real bastard! I’d say we’re a good match, ‘cuz I can be a real bitch!”

He chuckles. “Yeah, true.”

“Now gimme a drink of beer!”

He puts it up to her mouth as she thirstily chugs it, dribbling some down her front. She finally gives him the “enough” signal and he takes it away.

She burps loudly. She moves her sheathed arms around as more prickly, stinging feeling returns to her arms and hands. She coughs. “More, please!”

He tilts the bottle up in her mouth and she chugs away. A sexy, helpless bound babe chugging beer and dripping his sperm fluid out of her asshole! What could be better?? She signals for him to stop and dribbles some as he takes it away. She chuckles as it runs down between her breasts and she burps again. She and her arms are feeling much better.

“OK, I’ll finish it now!”

He tilts it up and she guzzles it all down, dribbling on herself a little more. What a woman! he thinks. “Thanks, Kevin!”

“You’re welcome!” He wipes the beer off of her, enjoying her breasts. “I’ll untie your legs, ‘dear’! How’s your arms and hands?”

“Much better! I do love this armbinder! I think I’ll keep it on for awhile! I don’t think I’ve ever had it laced this tight! Good job!”

“Thanks, Kira.” He gets her legs untied and uncuffed and she turns around and gives him a quick tongue-kiss.

“Gotta go pee-pee!” She goes to the bathroom and squats on the toilet. She pees and also poops a little, to her surprise! “Can’t wipe myself, Kevin!” He comes in and she tells him he needs to wipe more than just her front. Oh well, he thinks, he’s had his dick way up in there already! He dutifully wipes her off and decides to wash her off thoroughly with a warm washcloth, then himself. She is impressed with his thoroughness.

He scoops her up in his strong arms and carries her back to the bedroom, her bound arms hanging out. He deposits her on the bed on her side and puts a pillow under her head. He lies down beside her, propping his head on his hand, smiling at her. She looks very happy. Her boobies are thrust out nicely at him with her arms smushed together behind her in the awesome armbinder.

“Kira, this has been the most amazing, incredible night!”

“Yes, it has, Kevin! I think you’re quite a guy!”

“I think you’re quite a gal!” She looks incredibly sexy and beautiful to him. He finds himself stroking his hardening cock.

“There ya go again!” she says, looking at his cock. She coughs, yawns and burps. They laugh, admiring each other.

“Well, Mr. Dick is very happy, and I’m tired! Are you gonna try to sleep with that armbinder on?”

“Yeah, I think maybe I can. My arms and shoulders feel much better now. I slept with it on once before. I’m really wiped out, thanks to you! Turn out the light.”

He turns off the bedside light and kisses her in the dark. He puts his arm around her and hugs her around her tightly-sheathed arms. The goodnight kiss escalates into something more as she moans and their tongues rub together. He is turned on by her lip and tongue piercings. She breathes hot into his mouth and makes sexy noises. He rubs his chest against her heaving breasts and pierced nipples and squeezes her tighter around her bound arms. His hard cock rubs against her thighs and she sighs.

She lifts her leg and he enters her, slowly, rhythmically thrusting. They sigh and moan as the pace and crescendo builds. He can’t believe they’re having sex again, and neither can she! This is like a dream! He squeezes her clamped arms tightly as she tries to move them and she licks and sucks at his neck. She moans in high-pitch and thrusts urgently against him. The added dimension of having her arms trapped in the armbinder with him squeezing them tightly aids in getting her off quickly. She climaxes and shudders, sighing and moaning lustily.

He doesn’t know if he has anything left to ejaculate, but her excitement is contagious! He feels the trigger pulling and he shoots into her with fast, hard, jerking motions. Now they’re both really spent! They sigh and breathe heavily and lie there in his arms for a long time, feeling euphoric and exhausted and incredulous of this evening.

He finally lets go of her and reaches at bedside for the paper towels to wipe off with. They lie there relaxing in the darkness, he on his back. She relishes the feeling of the tight armbinder trapping her arms and hands so inescapably. She coughs and clears her throat.

“Kevin, I’d like a cigarette.”

“What??!” He snaps to his side, facing her. “You’ve gotta be kidding!!”

“Ha-ha-ha! Yes, I am! Goodnight, dear!”

He smiles. “Goodnight, dear.”





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