Smoking Issues 3

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; bond; bdsm; cuffs; gag; smoking; armbinder; nipple; tease; sex; mast; cons; X

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Part 3

The exhausted pair slept very well for about 3 hours until he had to get up to pee. She awakened and followed right behind to take a piss, her arms still bound super-tightly behind in the stringent leather armbinder. They smiled at each other as he dabbed at her crotch. He coughed, his lungs and throat still irritated from the forced smoking earlier.

“How’s your arms and shoulders doing, Kira? Have you slept OK?”

“They’re doin’ OK and yeah, I’ve slept well, surprisingly. I still think I can leave it on all night. I like how tight it feels. Remember, Kevin, we’re gonna take turns in bondage, as you agreed, so in the morning, be ready!” she said, smirking slyly.

“What should I be ready for?” he asked, back in the bedroom admiring her thrust-out boobs, piercings, tattoos and sexy-slim shape.

“For the toughest bondage of your life, boy!” Her beautiful blue eyes twinkle. He loves the black mascara that has run down her cheeks from her last bound smoky, eye-watering session. “I just let you bind me up as you saw fit, and it was really tough, so I’m gonna tie you up good, however I like!” She plops down on the bed and lies down on her side on the pillow facing him, appearing armless.

He leaves the light on to look at her, feeling aroused again. He lies down on his side, head propped on his hand, the other fingering his cock. “You’re a dangerous girl, Kira. What if I just leave that armbinder on you?” he says, smirking at her.

“Oh, you’ll take it off in the morning, Kevin! Or there’ll be consequences you won’t like!”

“Ha-ha. OK, girl. This is going to be quite a weekend!”

“Yes it is, boy, one you’ll never forget! Never-mind about that hard cock now! We need some sleep. Turn out the light.”

He turns off the bedside lamp and moves over to her, putting his right arm under her pillow. He licks her nose and puts his other arm around her, pressing his chest into hers hard against her pierced nipples.

”What are you doing, Kevin?” she asks tersely.

“Being close to you.”

She writhes and strains her crushingly-bound arms as he holds her tighter around them, rubbing against her. He licks her reluctant lips. “Now you’ve gotta be kidding, Kevin! Haven’t we fucked enough tonight??”

“I don’t know, Mr. Dick doesn’t seem to think so!” He nuzzles and licks her.

“Oh man, you’re really somethin’! My pussy’s worn out! I’m tired! Just relax and try to sleep!”

He presses his cock between her thighs. “Sorry, Kira, but my other head’s in control now!” He licks and sucks at her neck. She sighs in exasperation, but is beginning to feel aroused.  She relaxes and moans.

“OK, Kevin, but this’ll cost you!”

“Cost me what, Kira?” He slides his hard cock up toward her sweet spot, undaunted.

“More bondage time tomorrow!”

“Oh, well” he says, poking at her opening, getting further excited at the prospect of being in prolonged tight bondage. He knows he may regret it later, but right now he’s just one-track-minded. She lifts her thigh and relaxes more, beginning to heat up. He slowly pushes into her, sliding his body up, grabbing her leather-bound arms tightly. She sighs as he gets into a rhythm and moans happily.


He awakes in the morning to the brightening day. She has rolled over onto her other side. He admires her trapped arms in the black tightly-laced and strapped binder, amazed she could sleep like that all night with her arms and hands pulled so tightly together. “That’ll leave marks” he thinks. He gets up to piss and crap. He comes back and she is stirring. He helps her sit up on the side of the bed. They smile a “good morning” to each other.

“I need a cigarette, please.”

“OK.” He goes to get one and her lighter. She clamps it between her nice full lips and she lifts her head, eager for that first nico-hit to start the day. He flicks the lighter but teasingly keeps it just out of reach as she leans forward.

“Don’t fuck with me now, or you’ll be sorry, Kevin” she growls. Knowing she means it, he lights it as she draws and inhales hard, casting out a billowing smoke cloud. “Aahh, gotta piss now!” The smoke follows her down the short hallway to the bathroom as he admires her from the rear.

“Another day of smoke pollution” he thinks. He coughs a little, his lungs and throat still feeling yesterday’s traumatic bound smoking ordeal’s effects. He had gotten her back, now it’s her turn. He is nervous and excited. She calls for him and he goes to wipe her, relieved she’s only pissed. She smiles a pursed-lips cigarette smile and she heads back to the bedroom.

“Alright, Kevin, I’ve had this wicked armbinder on for nearly 7 hours now! Undo it while I finish my smoke, please.” He undoes the tight straps around her elbows and wrists, then the straps around her shoulders and at her back. He unties the tight laces at the top of the binder mid-way up her squeezed biceps. He works his way down, pulling the super-taut lacing loose as she sighs and aaahs in relief, her elbows, arms and hands finally released from being in contact together for all those hours. He shrugs the super-strict sheath down off her arms as she moans and lets them hang limply for a long time, shaking them occasionally, getting her tingly hands working. Her shoulders are sore. She has red strap-marks around her shoulders and indentations up along her arms.

She rubs her sore hands and wrists together and finally takes the cigarette out of her mouth. “Wow, that was a hell of a long time with that on that tight! Whoo!”

“Yeah, that was amazing, Kira! Very impressive! Let’s get some breakfast! Whadaya got?”

“Eggs, cereal, toast, juice, coffee, beer. Look at my face! Gotta shower. Wanna join me?”


She stubs out her cigarette and playfully blows smoke in his face. He coughs and gives her ass a spank going into the bathroom.

They get into the hot shower and sensuously rub together, soaping up each other. He gets hard, pressing against her slippery ass-crack. “No sex now, Kevin! I’ve got plans for that later, you horny bastard!” She grabs and shakes his cock. “Let’s just get clean and eat!”

“Yes, dear.”

They finish up and eat breakfast in the nude, admiring each other. She lights a cigarette to have with her coffee while he sips his across the kitchen table. He thinks she’s gorgeous even without her make-up on. She looks at him piercingly. “So, my dear, enjoy your last freedom to move, ‘cuz you’re about to be bound-up so tightly, you won’t be able to!”

He takes a sip. “Uh-huh. Just promise no more forced smoking!”

“I promise. Just a little second-hand smoke, dear!” She takes a drag and blows some at him with an evil smirk. He blows it back at her. She sips more coffee, her penetrating big, entrancing blue eyes staring at him under her long black bangs over her tilted mug like a hungry cat eyeing her prey. He is rightfully nervous.

They finish and she sexily motions him toward the bedroom. “Here we go!” he thinks trepidatiously. She goes into the bondage chest and pulls out a shiny, thick black latex rubber inflatable full-coverage tight hood, smiling. It is two-layered and has an inflation bladder at the back top and one below the long, narrow breathing tube for pumping up the wide internal mouth gag. It has no eye or nose openings. He gets more nervous.

“Here, honey, put this on!” she says cheerfully. “It’s my favorite hood! First, put these earplugs in. Try not to pull your hairs too much!” He takes the expandable earplugs and rolls them between his forefinger and thumb, inserting them deeply into his ear canals. They expand and he is about ¾ deaf. He takes the hood hesitantly. He has a similar one and knows what an intense, hot experience it is, but this one has a longer, narrower breathing tube and the large inflatable gag. Super-intense! It also means single-airway, restricted breathing. No avoiding of any smoke.

She looks at him expectantly as he just holds it, staring at it. He looks at her and gives a big sigh. Reluctantly, his heart pounding, he puts it up to his head and begins working it down over his head. It is tight and pulls his hair uncomfortably. As he gets it down to his eyes, he glimpses her smiling triumphantly at him. He pulls it down and all is pitch-black. The inflatable rubber gag pops into his mouth behind the hard rubber bite-piece and he snugs it down all the way onto his neck. He breathes fast, hot, constricted breaths through the long, narrow mouth-tube, slowly getting acclimated to it.

“OK, dear, before I inflate it, buckle on this tall posture collar! Make it tight!”

He can barely hear her. She puts the 4” tall, rigid leather and plastic collar in his clammy hands and he encloses it snugly around his rubber-encased neck, reaching around the back to tightly buckle the 3 straps. “Nice and tightly!” she reminds him. He obeys, breathing hard. “Very good! Hands behind your back!”  He does so slowly as she snaps a handcuff tightly around one wrist, then the other. He moans. “That’s just for now, in case you start to freak-out when I pump up your hood and gag! I’m gonna pump it up all the way, too, my dear!” He feels a moment of panic as she begins pumping up the thick rubber gag-bladder as it slowly fills his mouth, pressing his tongue down and expanding between his molars. He pulls at the cuffs as it keeps expanding, totally cramming his oral cavity.

“How’s that, dear?” He moans and groans, to her satisfaction. Then she squeezes the rear inflation bulb repeatedly, filling the double-layered hood as it begins to squeeze his entire head. The pressurized thick latex rubber expands relentlessly inward and outward, pressing tightly everywhere on his head and smushing his nose down. She keeps pumping until his head is like a hard, shiny black balloon as he helplessly groans and rattles the cuffs behind his back, fighting back the panicky feeling. The long narrow rubber tube restricts his airflow. The pressure is incredible! He feels that he can’t even move his eyeballs. She flicks her finger against the fully-inflated hood, making a weird pinging sound in his occluded ears. The inflated hood renders him practically deaf.

“There, Kevin! All blown-up! Feels nice, huh?” she hollers. He makes disagreeable sounds, but his cock is getting hard. She grabs it and licks it slowly, like a lollipop. “Yes, you like that! Your cock likes it! I’ve had a couple guys really freak out in that hood, the wusses! But you’re not a wuss, are you, Kevin?” He indicates not, but is breathing very hard. “You’re gonna prove it today! Now to get you properly bound up!”

She drags over a low-backed sturdy padded stool. “Have a seat!” She pulls him by his cuffs backwards, lifting his arms as he sits, putting them behind the small back-rest. He sighs nervously. She gets a wide leather belt and fastens it around his waist and the stool-back. She closes his legs together, smushing his balls, scooching them up with his hard cock. She gets another long, wide belt to secure very tightly around his extreme upper thighs, and the stool as he moans. She squeezes his breathing tube for the hell of it, which he does not appreciate. She smiles and straps his thighs together near his knees, then at mid-thigh.

“OK, Kevin! I’m gonna tie your arms now! Rather than apply the ropes right on your skin, which would hurt after awhile and leave red marks, I’m going to put stockings and long tube-socks on your arms for protection and also to make your hands useless! To ensure your cooperation, I’ll handcuff your other arm to the back support bar while I put them on. I know you’re a bondage freak, so I expect your full cooperation anyway!” He breathes vocally in agreement. She unlocks one cuff from his wrist and quickly locks the   other to the metal back support. She slides a couple stockings up his arm, then 4 long black tight tube socks as he breathes rapidly. She brings his sheathed arm behind him and cuffs it to the other support with another pair of handcuffs before freeing the other. She puts the stockings and socks on the other arm. His fingers are now indeed useless.

She pulls out her coils of rope from the chest and frees his wrist. She quickly loops the rope ends through the middle loop around his wrists and pulls it through, getting it semi-tight as she wraps the double-strand of rope around and around, going up his wrists a ways, then cinches it tightly in-between them with a few turns, knotting it off. He moans in excitement as his severe bondage session progresses as she loops another rope above his elbows in similar fashion, coiling it up around his lower-biceps, pulling on it to see how closely she can reasonably bind his elbows together. He moans louder as she cinches it in-between with multiple turns, forcing his arms closer together. She ties it off, his elbows about 2” apart as he feels the strain. “That seems about right, Kevin! Can you say, ‘Fucked’? ’Cuz that’s what you are! For a real long time! You’re all mine, your body belongs to me now, not to you! And I’m not nearly done!”

He groans and moves his shoulders back and forth, his squeezed cock very hard now between his swollen balls. “Yeah, you like it, my bondage pet!” She grabs and sucks on his turgid cock, some pre-cum seeping out as he sighs pleasurably. As his bondage progresses, the severe blow-up hood becomes less fearsome and more an acceptable component of the whole experience. She pops his cock out of her mouth and gets more rope. She loops it around his bound wrists and the bottom rung of the stool, pulling it so he has to lean back more as she ties it off, arching his back. She gets a big coil of rope and ties it around his abdomen and forearms against the stool back multiple times, cinching it tightly between his arms and the back support, trapping them against it.

“Oh, yes, I am indeed fucked! More and more as time goes by!” he thinks. He feels a hard pinching and pulling at his stretched nipples as she grabs them roughly from behind. He squeals as she twists and pulls on them. Then she applies tight clothespins, making him yelp. He hears her muffled cackle as she coils more rope tightly around his chest and upper-arms, above and below his clamped nipples and ties it off. She flicks at his clothespins as he grunts and gets another large coil of rope, criss-crossing it many times around his pulled-back shoulders across his chest, going over and under at his sides and crossing at the back over his upper arms, occasionally going around his rigid posture-collar also, anchoring it down. His chest and abdomen are squeezed by the yards and yards of rope, restricting his breathing more. His shoulders and arms ache and he is sweating. His torso, arms, head and neck are completely immobilized now and he feels a breathing anxiety episode coming on in his pressurized blackness, which he fights to quell.

“Alright! How do you like that? Pretty freakin’ tight! You’re what, Kevin?”


“What are you?? Let me hear it, you’re----?”

He realizes what she means. “Uuhhh!” he says tonguelessly.

“That’s right, you’re fucked! Like I was last night! You were pretty tough and brutal, so now I’m returning the favor! Not done yet, Kevin! Time for a smoke break!”

He moans worriedly. He can’t smell the smoke at all, but he soon feels some coming into his throat and lungs. He coughs, feeling very anxious. She keeps giving him new things to focus on in this super-stringent bondage progression. Now it is his breathing again. Suddenly a big, noxious hit of smoke invades his lungs and he hollers and chokes. He gets panicky and strains at his bonds and kicks his feet out, coughing and spewing smoke back out of the tube.

“Whoa, Kevin, you almost kicked me! I’ll take care of that! Be still! It’s just second-hand smoke! Remember you told me you could deal with that?!” She puts the cigarette in her mouth and roughly loops rope around his ankles, progressing up as he coughs and wheezes. She cinches it in between and loops it around the back metal rung and back to   his feet resting on the front circular rung, tying it off tightly. Her smoke drifts up and he coughs, sputters and moans, fighting panic. She gets more rope and ties his ankles to both front stool legs, then between and around his feet, even between his toes tightly. She winds more very tightly up around his calves to his knees, and around his belted thighs, his lap and the stool, even at his scrunched balls at his semi-hard cock, continuing with another length around his lower abdomen and the back of the stool and his wrists, the cigarette still in her mouth, the horrible smoke snaking into his breathing tube. He strains, hollers, coughs, chokes and sweats, feeling short of breath and like he could pass out.   

She is not sympathetic. “There! Calm down! Don’t be a wimp!” She takes a drag and “considerately” blows it away from him out of the corner of her mouth. He strains to breathe and to move, moaning and groaning and coughing. “You’re OK, Kevin! Relax!” Her words give him encouragement and he slowly gets his breaths under control, occasionally coughing and wheezing. “That’s a good boy!” she says, like talking to a dog. “You’re gonna be stuck there a good, long time, so get used to it! Remember earlier when you wouldn’t leave me alone and you incurred more bondage time? I told you this would be the toughest bondage of your life! I’m gonna get on the computer for awhile, so I’ll be right here! I may put you on my web-cam and cell-phone to show a friend or two!” He moans and wheezes and strains. 

She gets online and checks e-mails and other stuff. He can’t hear or see anything and he gets manifest discomforts, especially in his shoulders and numbing, tingling arms and hands. He marvels at the complete effectiveness of the incredibly tight, sweat-inducing pressurized hood and the pumped-up rubber bladder-gag filling his mouth and trapping his tongue, rendering any coherent articulation impossible. As time passes, he gets more used to the restricted tube breathing and the rope pressure on his chest and abdomen, though he feels he cannot take a full breath. His clamped nipples burn. He tries to move his tightly braced and roped neck. He progressively tries to move any part of his body, to no real avail. He’s sure his semi-numbed arms have never been tied so closely together with so much rope and indeed he has never been tied up so tightly or thoroughly! She is incredible! he thinks. His sensory-deprivation is so complete, he cannot smell or taste, except for the rubber. He can only tell that she’s smoking by the unpleasant feeling of it in his throat and lungs. She’s not doing him any favor by staying in the room on the computer chain-smoking! He coughs. Time passes uncomfortably and sweatily, but his cock gets hard. Well, he is a bondage freak, and he’s certainly getting his fill! But for how long??

He hears her talking but can’t make out what she’s saying. He wonders if she has put him on her web-cam and is having a bragging, animated chat with a friend about him. He hears her laugh. After awhile she gets up and snatches the clothespins off his nipples, causing him to holler in pain. She grabs his cock and yanks on it, squeezing it hard and jerking it up and down as it hardens. He moans. “So you see, Angela, he’s completely at my mercy, and the beautiful thing is, he loves it! He has a great cock, but hard to tell now, it’s sorta smushed!... Sure, come on over and check out my new boy-toy!”

He vocalizes in surprise and displeasure. “Too bad if you don’t like it, Kevin! Nothing you can do about it!” She blows some smoke at his breathing tube from close range and he has the expected reaction, coughing, choking and moaning. He strains at the tight, inescapable ropes binding him so incredibly stringently, accomplishing nothing. “Angela and I share many things! We even bind each other up and get each other off sometimes! Now that’s a real good friend! She’s the one who got my corset so wickedly tight last night! She’s real cool! She’s a Dominatrix of sorts!”

He moans and coughs, trying to clear his lungs. “I really do like you, Kevin! You’re sexy and fun! You should be honored that I’m having her come over! I’ve never done that before with a new guy! I’ve been bragging to her about you!” She flicks at his blow-up hood. He feels like a prize catch on display. He wonders how many guys she’s lured into her bondage lair, but he guesses he should feel honored. He wonders about this “Dominatrix” Angela. He wonders what devious things these two may do to him. He strains and coughs as she gets dressed. “She’s a smoker too, Kevin! How do you like that?” He moans and coughs through the long tube. “And she’s pretty hot! Too bad you won’t get to see what she looks like! Ha-ha!”

She leaves the bedroom and he uselessly struggles against the severe bondage. His hands are pretty numb and he sighs and grunts. He is losing track of time and feels all the more anxious about her friend’s arrival. He breathes short, constricted breaths, having difficulty relaxing as time passes. Aches and pains and numbness become manifest but he maintains his bound composure as best he can. Finally she is back, accompanied by her friend, heralded by cigarette smoke. His heart races and he coughs.

“Angela, this is Kevin!” she says loudly.

“Nice to meet you, Kevin! Kira has told me a lot about you!”

He makes a sound of acknowledgement. “Since I can’t shake your hand, I’ll shake your cock!” She grabs it and pumps it up and down as he vocalizes in surprise and embarrassment and tries to squirm, breathing hard.

“What a pair!!” he thinks. He’s very curious to see what she looks like in his blind state. He feels the acrid smoke in his throat and lungs and coughs.

“Let’s play with him, Kira!”

“Sure, go behind him and play with his nipples while I play with his cock!”

“I like those white ropes on those black socks! You’ve really got him bound up good! Great job!”

He can’t believe this is happening as Angela goes behind him, reaching around to scratch at his sensitive nipples with her sharp nails as Kira grabs his cock roughly, getting it hard and putting a ribbed condom on it. He hollers and squeals and strains as the pleasurable sensations go through him like electricity. This is some kind of a fantasy alright! They vigorously keep it up as his excitement level increases. He feels more cigarette smoke enter his lungs. He coughs, hollers and wheezes as Kira keeps jerking his latex-sheathed turgid member with alacrity while her friend alternates between roughly scratching and pinching his reddened nipples. He breathes hard and gets short of breath, but his arousal level increases.

“We’re gonna keep it up, Kevin, until you cum!” Kira hollers. He hollers back incoherently. The combination of all this stimulation in super-strict bondage with a strange, unseen woman and the breathing restriction combined with the smoke, starts to drive him crazy as pre-cum dribbles out of his hard cock. With his legs clamped so tightly together and his balls scrunched up and the tight ropes at his scrotum and cock, her rough ministrations cause him some pain with the pleasure. They keep it up and up as the minutes go by. He feels like he could pass out, sweating heavily, coughing and straining mightily at the hundreds of feet of rope restraining his body so incredibly tightly. Nothing gives at all.

“Come on, Kevin!” Kira hollers.

“Yeah, cum on, Kevin!” Angela breathes loudly at the side of his hood, pinching his tits. They smirk at each other, Kira appreciating the double-entendre.

Between their exhortations and their and his exertions, he feels his sperm gate finally ready to open and he moans louder. The two stimulators/ tormentors grin at each other, knowing his release is near. He gushes out multiple white, hot spurts into the condom, screaming out in relief and the ecstasy of release. He spasms stiffly as he ejaculates and Angela gives his nipples a last hard squeeze. Kira squeezes the last semen out of his sore cock with a few more pumps and they smile at each other for a job well-done. He moans and coughs through the long tube, trying to catch his breath.

“There you go!” Kira says as she removes the condom and wipes him off. “You’re fun to play with, Kevin! We’re gonna have some coffee and a smoke now while you recover. Just relax for awhile, sweetie!” She tweaks his sore nipple and they leave the room, Angela giggling. He moans and complains and strains. He is incredulous that she’s just had her friend participate in the jerk-off session. That was certainly a new experience! What the hell can be next with this woman? How long can she keep him tied-up like this?? How much extra bondage time is she going to give him because he insisted on screwing her this morning?  His spent cock shrivels as he contemplates his sensory-deprived complete helplessness. He is so hot in the wicked rubber pressurized hood and the ropes are so damn tight! The ropes around his ankles and between his toes are quite uncomfortable. His roped-up arms are half-numb, but some feeling is returning to his sheathed hands.

“This bitch knows her ropes alright!” he thinks. He can just barely wiggle and squirm the slightest bit. The severe posture collar locks his black shiny latex balloon head completely immovably, aided by the tight ropes anchoring the collar’s base. “She’s about cinched my elbows together! Damn! My aching shoulders!” He wheezes and coughs. “How much smoke have I breathed in?? Too much!! Just incredible!! This is the toughest, tightest bondage ever, just like she promised!!” He moans, but he really does love it. For now. 

Time passes as he does his best to relax in the severe bondage. Finally they are back. “Hey, Kevin! Angela thinks you’re pretty cool! Too bad we couldn’t have a proper introduction! Too bad you earned those penalty credits for keeping me awake this morning! Here’s what we’re doing! We’re going to the store for some stuff while you stay here tied-up!” He issues a loud complaint. She grabs his cock. “Too bad for you, dear! It’s penalty time for you, Mr. Horny! But I know you’ll be OK, the bondage freak that you are! Be good and quiet! See you later!”

“’Bye! Nice to meet you, Kevin!” says Angela. “Too bad we didn’t get to see each other!  Maybe later! Ciao!”

He protests loudly, but he soon faintly hears the front door slamming and he fights panic in his bound, deaf blackness. He breathes hard as his heart races, incredulous he has been left alone. This is a dream and a nightmare for him. He’s fantasized before about being left alone in severe bondage, but this is scary to be left in this state with the highly-pressurized, occluding blow-up hood on. He hollers, hoping she was kidding, but all is quiet. He is trapped and totally helpless. He begins hyperventilating, wheezing and coughing. His heart is pounding so hard and fast that he worries about having a heart-attack.

“Gotta calm down!! Calm down!!” he repeats to himself over and over. The wickedly-tight ropes hold him fast and totally immobilized. More feeling returns to his hands, giving him some solace. His throat feels dry. His tongue is smushed under the full, thick   gag-bladder, which completely fills his mouth, even between his teeth, pushing against his cheeks while the rubber hood’s inner lining presses in against his cheeks and entire head. His pulse pounds in his plugged ears. Slowly his panic abates as survival instincts kick in. He groans and coughs. “Damn, she’s unbelievable! I can’t believe this!” he thinks as he again strains and struggles to no avail at all. “I’m stuck and I’m fucked! Gotta just accept it and get my breathing right!” He settles down in bound, blind, deaf resignation.

Time passes slowly. He again marvels at how incredibly tightly, strictly and stringently she has tied him up. She’s some kind of rope expert! He sweats and moans and groans and coughs. He waits anxiously for her return. He languishes in the severe bondage for an extended period, getting worried about his circulation, and eventually feels an anxiety attack coming on. He struggles uselessly, breathing hard, restricted breaths, hollering out. He re-asserts control, berating himself for almost losing his mental control again. He wonders how many guys could take this for this long. He begins to imagine that she’s been gone for maybe a couple hours. He sighs in disbelief. The tight ropes dig uncomfortably into his skin. He feels the pain and strain in his shoulders and arms. His cock gets hard again.

She sits there watching him silently, occasionally glancing at the clock. She had been back for over an hour, quietly sneaking in undetected by her deaf captive. He’s now been held fast by her ropes, belts, hood and collar for about 3 ½ hours since she tied the last knot. She has him on the web-cam with Angela looking in. She’s been quietly typing back-and-forth with her mainly about him, his predicament and her plans for later.

“So, Angie, I think I’ll finally have a smoke in here.” she types. “Then he’ll realize I’m back!”

“Hee-hee! Good way to let him know! Great mind-fuck you’re playing on him!”

She lights a cigarette and quietly gets up, blowing the smoke at him.

He imagines he is breathing cigarette smoke, but thinks his mind is playing tricks on him. His sense of smell is nullified. Then the unmistakable noxious smoke hits his lungs in high concentration as she blows it right into his breathing tube. He coughs and chokes and hollers. He is so relieved that she is back, he is actually happy to be breathing her smoke now! He coughs and hollers excitedly, incoherently, straining at his ropes.

“Hi, Kevin! Glad to be breathing my smoke again??” He hollers and tries to stiffly nod. She pinches his nipples. “Well, don’t get too excited! You’ve still got a couple more hours to go there yet!” She blows more smoke at him as he coughs and moans loudly. She looks at the web-cam and winks. Her friend loves it. “You have a lot of penalty time to serve!” Putting the cigarette between her full red lips, she squeezes his tits and deeply clamps on the tight clothespins while exhaling more smoke at him. He coughs and hollers and has a tantrum.

“Too bad, boy!’ She grabs his cock very firmly. “Your little head here got you into this bind for the long-term! You just had to fuck me again this morning and keep me awake! You have to pay the penalty!”

He hollers, coughs and moans, making what tiny wiggling motions he can. 

“Now you have to be quiet, Kevin! Take it like a man! You’re stuck and that’s that! You love to be tied up! Every time I hear a noise out of you, you’re gonna get another dose of smoke!” He makes a growl of protest, which is promptly met by smoke being blown into the breathing tube. He coughs and hollers, which prompts her to take another drag and exhale at his tube. He chokes and coughs, trying to catch his breath, smoke issuing from the tube. “I mean it, Kevin!! You be quiet or I’m gonna keep it up!” He coughs and gasps for air, stifling his vocal chords. She watches him for a while, ready to feed him more smoke if he vocalizes again. He thinks about what a psycho control freak she is as he continues to cough and wheeze.

She pats him on his hard inflated hood. “OK, now be a good boy! Keep quiet, unless you want more smoke! Serve your sentence like a good bondage boy!” He coughs, pants and wheezes in exasperation, but refrains from vocalizing. “I’m gonna take some pictures of you now, so try to be still! Ha-ha!” She clicks pictures from all around him as he suffers in relative smoky, wheezy silence. Her friend on the computer is thoroughly enjoying this show. His throat and lungs feel raw and he can feel smoke irritating his occluded nasal cavity. His closed, pressurized eyes water. He again thinks how fucked he is and how crazy this woman is!

“Alright, I’m tired! I’m gonna take a nap on the couch! You better not wake me up!” He sighs and coughs. She finishes the cigarette as she finishes up with Angela on the computer before logging off. “Oh, I got your car earlier! It’s here in the driveway! And I forgot to tell you, dear, I have to work tonight at the club serving drinks, so I really need my sleep! Angela’s gonna lace me up real tight in my leather push-up corset, so she’ll be back over. I’ll be dressed to kill in my tight leather mini-skirt, black mesh stockings and high-heeled boots! I make great tips there! In the meantime, you’ll be here on the bed all wrapped and taped-up nice and tight and cozy like a mummy!” He makes a loud exclamation before he realizes his mistake.

“There you go again! You must be taking a liking to my smoke!” He moans as she lights a cigarette. “And that’ll get you more!” She inhales and blows it right at his breathing tube. He tries to breathe shallowly, but it doesn’t matter. He coughs and chokes on it as she takes a couple more drags and exhales directly into the tube as he inhales, causing a severe respiratory reaction. He gasps and coughs and struggles to breathe, having a fit as smoke pours back out of the narrow tube. He shakes in his stool in distress and frustration, nearing panic. “Anything else to say?! Want more?!” He keeps quiet as he coughs and shakes. “Alright! Now I need my beauty rest, bondage boy! Behave now, dear!” She flicks at his clothespin-clamped nipples and pats his cock. She stubs out the cigarette and leaves, slamming the bedroom door.

He coughs and gasps in distress, feeling a little nauseous and high. “Boy, am I caught in this smoky spider woman’s web!!” he thinks. He strains fruitlessly at the tight web of ropes. “And she wants to cocoon me tonight!! A hell of an unforgettable weekend, alright!!  Wait ‘til I get my hands and these ropes on her!!” He sets his bondage vengeance plot in motion as he stews, coughs and wheezes. Maybe he’ll get to actually see the “hot” Angela. Maybe she’s coming over to help do him up, along with Kira’s corset. He feels the totality of his harsh bondage and thinks about being tightly mummified tonight, possibly at the hands of two beautiful, sexy women, a wonderful fantasy. Will they leave his cock out? He wonders if Angela might stick around after Kira leaves if she’s in a sharing mood as his dick gets hard. 





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