Smoking Issues

by Mumman

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© Copyright 2010 - Mumman - Used by permission

Storycodes: M/f; F/m; bond; bdsm; cuffs; corset; gag; smoking; nipple; sex; cons; X

He saw her sitting at the bar and he was quite smitten. She was a petite raven-haired beauty with deep blue eyes, heavily mascaraed and darkly-shaded. She had tattoos and piercings and wore a very tight-laced black leather over-bust, shoulder-strap corset that deliciously squeezed her ample-looking breasts and forced her to sit very straight on the barstool. She was a sexy, wild-looking thing! She was drinking a draft beer and smoking a cigarette, as smoking was allowed in this bar. He was a non-smoker, but was transfixed.

He hurried over to her, hoping she was alone. Another guy had her in his sights and was headed her way. He nimbly cut in front of him and grabbed the stool next to her. Their eyes met and lit up. She also liked what she saw. He was tall, dark, slim and handsome, with a well-trimmed brown beard, his deep brown eyes boring into hers. The initial physical, boozy attraction was sealed.

“Nice corset!” he said as he lustily appraised her, discovering her nice, tight blue jeans with tightly-cinched wide leather belt at her narrow waist over the corset.

“Thanks!” she said. “It keeps me from drinking too much!” Her crushed cleavage heaved, her breathing obviously restricted by the super-tight garment.

“I guess it cuts down on your smoke-inhaling too, it’s so tight!”

“Yeah, that too” she said, smirking, as she took a drag and blew the smoke out of the far corner of her luscious red lips. Her visible ear was pierced multiple times, going up the back ridge, her shoulder-length black hair tucked behind it. Her dark bangs draped down sassily past her eyebrows, nearly into her gorgeous eyes. She had a corner eyebrow piercing, a small ring through the side of her nose, and a tight lip-ring piercing in the middle of her lower lip. He noticed her tongue piercing and guessed she had more hidden piercings below. He was aroused.

“What are you drinking?” he asked.

“Bud Light”, as she took a gulp.

“Me too!” The bartender drifted over and he ordered two.

“How’s a girl like you sitting here single tonight?” he asked.

“Long story. How’s a guy like you doing the same?” she asked, noticing his ringless left third finger.

“Another long story. Compatibility issues and shit.”

“Yeah, here, too.”, she said as she snuffed out the cigarette and pulled out another, putting it between her full lips and looking at him expectantly. Was he a fellow smoker? She was disappointed when he grabbed her lighter and lit it. “Thanks.”

She took as deep a drag as the crushing corset would allow and exhaled noisily as he took a drink of beer. “You don’t smoke?”

“No, never have.”

Here was a big potential compatibility issue, they both thought, willing to overlook it for now. Smoking issues had recently contributed to break-ups for both of them. She raised her studded eyebrow and took a drink of beer, looking at him askance.

“What’s your name?” he asked.

She sucked on the cigarette. “Smokey” she smirked, and blew some smoke in his face.

He leaned back a bit, amused. “Nice to meet ya, ‘Smokey’. I’m ‘Zeus’.”

They chuckled and shook hands as she turned to face him more, liking his physique, his black shirt, jeans and engineer-style square-toed boots. He absolutely loved her boots, 6” high spiky-heeled black leather platforms. Her jeans are super-sexy tight. She’s dressed to kill! They lustily appraised each other. He noticed the counterpart to the little angel tattoo near her right shoulder: a little devil on the left. A vicious-looking serpent snakes around her right arm.

“I’m Kira.”

“I’m Kevin. Cheers.”

They clink beer glasses and drink. He thinks she’s a sexy little fetish minx who could be a lot of fun, and a lot of trouble! He needed to find out. She thinks he’s sexy and has potential. They get to know each other more as she chain-smokes. She ordered a couple whiskey shots for them. She does drink slowly, the tight full corset giving her stomach and innards the big squeeze.

He loves watching her saunter in the high heels to the women’s room and what the awesome corset does for her. Even with her 6” heeled boots, she’s much shorter than him. She’s about 5’-3 or 4”, he guesses. He’s quite infatuated and aroused by her, despite the smoking. A big vampire bat tattoo with spread wings adorns her shoulder blade area. Oh, yes, she’s a dangerous type! he thinks.

They talk and he brings up the subject of bondage, discovering they have quite a lot in common! Now they’re both really horny! They finish their drinks and she invites him over to her place, just 2 blocks away. They are a bit tipsy so they leave his car there and walk to her apartment. She is a bit unsteady in the high boots, so they put their arms around each other. They get very aroused. He catches a whiff of her perfume obscured by the smoke scent. At least she doesn’t smoke on the way home!

Into her little bungalow they go and she eagerly leads him right into the bedroom! She has a nice 4 post bed with vertical slats on the head and foot-boards. Very suitable for bondage! The top 2 posts are adorned by pairs of fur-lined handcuffs and leather strap cuffs are attached to the bottom posts with ropes. The fun is about to begin! She throws her cigarettes on the night-stand.

“Welcome to my bondage lair, Mr. Tall, Dark and Handsome! What’ll be your pleasure?” she asks seductively.

“You, Ms. Short, Dark and Sexy!”

“How’d ya like to cuff and fuck me, big boy?” she says as she unties the corset lacing and undoes the shoulder straps.

“Oh, yes!”

She undoes the tight belt and jeans. “Help me loosen this corset! My boobs have been smushed for hours!”

He really wants to see her boobs! He quickly loosens the back lacing. She breathes in relief and unfastens the front catches. She drops it to the floor and squeezes her breasts as if to plump them up. They look perfect to him, nice medium-sized round orbs, especially with her silver bar nipple piercings!  She’s marked and indented from the super-tight corset. He watches lustfully as she begins undressing.

She unzips and removes her sexy knee-high boots and scooches the tight jeans down, along with her black thong underwear. She has a star tattoo above her well-trimmed mons. She has a clit piercing ring with a little silver ball in the middle that rests right on her clitoris. She has not disappointed him about the assumptions of hidden piercings! He gawks as she fingers herself, smiling at him. They get naked simultaneously and embrace and kiss passionately. His cock gets harder and she grabs it, leading him over to the nightstand.

“Condoms right here, big boy!” She grabs one and rolls it down over his hard dick, snapping it at the bottom of his shaft. “Now lock me down and stretch me out!” She jumps eagerly onto the bed and locks her left wrist tightly in the furry cuff attached to the bedpost, laying down spread-eagled.

This is like a fantasy dream to him! What fantastic luck tonight! He snaps the other cuff closed on her right wrist as she breathes heavily, lustfully. She stretches her leg out, anxious for him to tightly strap on the padded leather cuff. He securely fastens it on and pulls the attached rope tautly, tying it to the post. He is amazed they’ve just met and she’s letting him do this! What a wild, uninhibited woman! He attaches the other ankle cuff tightly and pulls the rope down to the post, tying it off at maximum tensioning.

Her small, slim frame is now tautly spread-eagled to the max on the queen-sized bed. She can’t move! “Wow, Kevin, that’s a hell of a stretch you’ve got me in! Nice job! Now fuck me!”

He jumps on the bed and sucks her pierced nipple hard as he pinches the other. He’s never been with a pierced woman like this! It really turns him on. She is very turned on, moaning sexily and lustfully. “Yeah, suck it! Pinch it, pull it! Yeah!” She strains in her tight cuffs, not able to bend her arms or legs. Her hands clench, her feet move and her pelvis moves up and down. “Oh, fuck me!”

He gets his very hard cock in position and rams it into her wet vagina. She is all worked up! “Yeah, big boy, get it! Fuck me hard!”

“Yeah, baby, yeah!” he hollers as he gets into a steady rhythm, thrusting harder.

“Yeah, harder!” she screams.

He obliges, spurred by her lustful exhortations. He slams hard into her, grunting animalisticly. The bed is rocking and squeaking.

“Yeah, big boy! That’s it! Aahhh, yeah!” she screams. Her stretched shoulder and hip joints ache deliciously. She loves it super-tight.

“Yeah, girl, yeah, girl!” He is inspired and is ferociously fucking her, letting himself go. They are driven by pure animal lust as he slams her to the hilt. They lock eyes in wild  passion as they both grimace in carnal lust, their ultimate reward nearing. Her masochistic bondage-sex libido is in over-drive, out of control. She wails and screams in abandon, not caring how much noise she makes or who may hear her as she orgasms hard and another one builds.

He is likewise sex-lust crazed. This wild thing has him going wild! He keeps it up unabated as she wails and screams more. “Uh-huh, uh-huh!” he repeats. “You like that, huh?! Yeah, baby, yeah, baby!” He feels the sperm gates triggering as she makes loud incoherent noises, coming multiple times. His dam breaks loose as he thrusts with all his might and hollers out. His huge, hot load explodes into the condom in a soul-wrenching, cataclysmic orgasm. He goes semi-rigid as he thrusts the last few times and finishes spasmodically ejaculating.

He is spent every which way! He lays on top of her tautly-stretched, panting body gasping and drooling as she moans and breathes hard. They can feel each others pounding heart-beats. Recovery takes awhile. He sucks on her sweaty neck, feeling euphoric. She tries to squirm.

“Wow, Kevin, that was great!!” She is glowing. “Just what I needed!!”

“Me too, Kira!” He rolls onto his side, taking in her sexy, tautly stretched form. “I’ll let you loose now.”

“No, not yet! I’m OK! I’d like a smoke, though! Get me a cigarette please.”


Yeah, please. Put it in my mouth and light it.”

He sighs. “OK.”

He gets the pack and lighter at bedside and sticks one in her mouth. She gets a firm lip-grip and turns her head. He lights it as she draws on it and inhales.

“Aahh! Thank-you!” She keeps her head flat on the bed to keep the cigarette sticking up, looking at the ceiling as she deeply inhales. He watches her fascinatedly. Seeing her smoking while helplessly tightly spread-eagled gets him aroused. Her pursed lips smile as she winks at him while she enjoys her smoke. Ashes fall on her chin. She doesn’t care.

She smokes fast and hard, feeling high. He watches for any live ashes that may fall off. She looks positively euphoric. He gets some devious ideas about smoking and bondage. He’d like to replace that cigarette with a ball-gag.

He quickly goes to the bathroom to remove the full condom, wipe off and piss. He trusts she won’t set the bed on fire. He returns and dabs a tissue at her wet pussy, arousing her. He lifts up the clit-piercing ring resting on her sensitive bud and squeezes it. She makes a high-pitched, happy sound. What a first date this is!!

He squeezes and slowly rubs it between finger and thumb as she moans appreciatively, drawing hard on the cigarette. “After-play time, dear!” he says, feeling funny about calling her dear already. He fingers juices out of her wet vagina to rub on her clit, making her yelp and move her pelvis.

“Done with that cigarette yet?”

“No. Continue please!”

He increases the squeezing, rubbing pressure on her clit as she moans and gyrates her pelvis with what limited motion she can manage. She puffs away and moans. “Don’t lose that cigarette!” he says as he rubs her faster. Her breathing and moaning increase proportionate to his ministrations. She is about to climax.       

She orgasms, making wonderful high-pitched noises, squeezing her lips on the cigarette. He keeps it up a bit more, utilizing more juices from her leaking pussy. She orgasms again, yelping. Now he is excited and to his surprise, his cock is getting hard again. She is moaning and squealing and puffing away. Another climax ensues. He keeps it up until she has smoked it right down to the filter and it goes out. She is wrung out.

She looks dazed and is panting as he takes it from her mouth. She smiles lustily and happily at him. “Wow, Kevin, I’ve never enjoyed a smoke more! Thank-you!”

“You’re welcome, Kira! My pleasure! What’s in this chest at the bottom of the bed?”

“Open it and find out!”

He discovers ropes and all sorts of bondage paraphernalia, a veritable bondage treasure-chest! He rummages through the plethora of gear, various gags, hoods straps, bandages, a wonderful armbinder--.

“Kevin, I have to piss. Time for a little break! The cuff key is in the nightstand drawer here, ‘Dear’!”

He chuckles at her sarcastic reciprocation of the term. “Yes, ‘Dear’!”

She smiles as he unlocks her wrists, showing reddish cuff marks despite the furry sheaths on them. She rubs them as he undoes her ankle cuffs. She slowly gets moving and slides off the bed, feeling a bit sore and drunk. She gives him a quick kiss. He admires her sexy little body and ass as she pads to the bathroom. She has an interesting curvy abstract design tattooed above her ass. “What a wonderful freaky woman!” he thinks. “What a night!!”

She comes back and smirks at him slyly. She motions toward the bed. “Lie down, Kevin! It’s your turn! The cuffs await!”

He hesitates, but just can’t resist her. She’s not asking, she’s ordering him! He lies down on his back and spreads out his arms. She tightly handcuffs his left wrist to the corner post, then sexily crawls across him to lock his right wrist in. She smiles at him, then buckles on the ankle cuff very tightly. “Scooch down, you need a good stretch!”

His heart is palpitating like crazy as she pulls hard on the rope looped through the cuff ring, tying it securely to the post. Then she tautly secures his left ankle down to the other. “Tight enough for ya, ‘dear’?”

“Yes, ‘dear’.” He is stretched about to his limits!

“Now I’ve got you! I can do whatever I want to you!” She grins mischievously, making him nervous, but excited. What a night indeed!!

“You pleasured me very well! I’ll have to return the favor!” He breathes hard and heavy. She goes to get a hot washcloth for him. She thoroughly, roughly washes his cock and balls, arousing him. He gets very excited.

“You have a nice cock, Kevin!”

“Thank-you, Kira.”

“Before we get started, I’m going to gag and blindfold you, whether you like it or not!”

His heart pounds. He does like it, actually! He loves being in bondage. She retrieves a large red rubber ball-gag with a wide black leather strap, and a thick padded leather blindfold from the chest.

“Some men don’t like this, but real men can take it!” she says as she sits on the side of the bed.

“It’s OK” he says.

“Of course it’s OK! It’s OK because I’m in control and you’re not!”

Now she’s making him rather nervous! He hopes she’s not a psycho! She kneels on the bed beside him, smiling as she brings the large gag to his mouth. He notices a narrow breathing hole bored through it. He opens his mouth wide as she forces it in between his teeth, working the big ball into his mouth, seating it tightly. It is huge! He moans as his jaw is stretched wide open. His lips are stretched out, making a tight seal around the ball. She buckles it behind his head, tightly! She is not fooling around! He gets more nervous and excited.

“I knew you’d like my biggest ball-gag, Kevin! It looks good on you! Now to put you in the dark!” She places the thick blindfold on, sliding the wide, tight elastic band over and behind his head. He can see no light at all. Now he’s breathing very hard! He pulls on the handcuffs. He is well and truly trapped and at her mercy!

She grabs his nipples, pinching them hard. He yelps. She pulls and twists them, causing wonderful pain/ pleasure. She keeps it up for awhile, watching his cock become erect.

“You like this, huh, don’t you Kevin?”

“Uh-huh” he says breathlessly, breathing through the ball-gag hole and his nose.

She stops and gets off the bed. She returns to pinch his nipple and clamp on a tight clothespin! He hollers in pain and surprise. She clamps his other nipple. His cock gets throbbingly hard.

“You like that too, I see!”

He strains at his tight bonds. He thinks he likes it, but he doesn’t really know her! What the hell was next??

He hears the flick of her lighter and her smoke drifts over to him. She grabs his head to hold it still and suddenly her mouth is sealed over his ball-gag and she exhales into it! Smoke invades his throat and lungs and he flips out, coughing reflexively to expel it! She lets go as he loudly vocalizes in protest, coughing and straining at the tight, unyielding cuffs, shaking his head back and forth.

“Just a little second-hand smoke, Kevin! You’ve been breathing it all night!”  She takes a drag and blows it at his face. He shakes his head, which the tightly-strapped-on wide ball-gag strap restricts. He coughs up the offending smoke and vocalizes unintelligibly.

“Never smoked, huh? Well, now you’re trapped in my world! As I said, I can do whatever I want to you now!” She grabs his hard cock and jerks it up and down. “You may protest, but your cock speaks otherwise!” She slides her hand down and envelops the head with her mouth, sucking hard as she jerks it up and down vigorously.

Now she has him re-focused! She sucks and jerks his rigid member roughly. He feels an ejaculation coming on and moans in excitement. Abruptly, she stops! He vocalizes his frustration, but she is soon upon him, straddling her legs wide to slide down on his cock. He changes his tune quickly!

She plops down on him and gyrates. “Oops, forgot the condom, but that’s OK! Here, Kevin, hold this!” Suddenly the breathing hole in his gag is plugged. She’s stuck the cigarette in it! Before he was fully aware of what she was doing, he tried to breathe through his mouth and inhaled a big hit of smoke! It assaulted his lungs and he reflexively tried to cough it out. As he did so, he inhaled more! Oh shit!! He was panicky.

He had only once taken a drag on a cigarette as a teenager, dared to by a girl he was infatuated with. He hated it and never did it again! As he struggled to breathe through his nose only, choking on the horrible smoke, she began bouncing up and down on his rigid cock. She flicked at the clothespins clamping his nipples. “You’d better keep your head still, Kevin! Don’t knock the lit ash off! Breathe through your nose!”

He tried to calm down and not panic. He felt the acrid smoke in his throat, lungs and nose. He couldn’t believe she was forcing him to smoke! He coughed and sputtered as she rode him harder. His head spun. What a crazy mix of sensations!

“You see that hole is the perfect size for a cigarette! It’s stuck in there good! How do you like my smoking ball-gag?”

He moans, coughs and grunts. More smoke is inhaled through his nose. Some seeps in through the filter jammed in the big ball filling his mouth. He can’t escape it! Unaccustomed as he is to the direct effects of smoking, he feels a sudden jolting high as the nicotine gets into his system. He expels his breath hard through his nostrils and breathes more shallowly between coughs. “I can’t believe this bitch!” he thinks. “Now I know she’s the dangerous type!” He strains at his tight bonds.

She continues riding him hard and he can’t ignore how good it feels! The mix of sensations is overwhelming him. She nears climax, occasionally swatting at his nipple clothespins. She enjoys having him under her control, giving him something unpleasant while pleasuring him! He’s trapped in her bondage lair and is therefore subject to whatever cruel, unusual and pleasurable treatments she cares to administer!

Now she works to get him off while he smokes! She orgasms and grinds on him.  Now he’s dealing with the invasive, noxious cigarette smoke a little better, feeling very high and nearing orgasm.

“You gonna cum, Kevin, you gonna cum? Come on, come on!”

He moans urgently between coughs. She grinds harder on him, nearing another climax. Now he is getting close. He strains to move and breathes harder, inadvertently breathing in more smoke! Then he squirts into her as he coughs and chokes. He feels high as a kite! He stiffens, hollering out. Then she comes, pressing down on her clit piercing ring, making happy sounds. She realizes he has finally got off and relaxes.

“There ya go, Kevin! See how smoking and sex can go together? I’ll bet you’re pretty high!” He moans, snorts and coughs. Smoke spews out of his nostrils. His head is really spinning! “Done with your smoke, ‘dear’?”

*Cough!* “Mm-hmm!” *Cough!*

She finally removes the cigarette from his ball-gag, still sitting on him, his spent cock shrinking in her wet pussy. She smokes the rest of it as he recovers. She snatches the clothespins from his nipples, causing a yelp at the pain. He feels nauseous and light-headed. His throat and lungs burn. His nasal cavity is very irritated. His eyes water under the tight blindfold.  For the hell of it, she pinches his tits, eliciting the appropriate response.

She slithers off of him and grabs the nearby cloth, wiping her sex off, then his. She admires his stretched-out, muscular, hairy body. He moans, feeling like the bed is spinning. He feels thoroughly polluted and smoke-violated. What to do now? She sits next to him and affectionately scratches his ribs.

“Well, now you’re a smoker! How’d ya like another cigarette?” He vocalizes ‘no’ emphatically. “Ha-ha! I was just kidding! Just rest and recover for awhile. You told me you like to be in bondage, so I’ll leave you there for awhile! I’m hungry! I’m gonna go fix something. Be back in a while, ‘Dear’!”

He moans exasperatedly as she goes to the kitchen. He’ll get her back! He thinks of devious smoking-related tortures to inflict on her. He coughs. She leaves him there for a long time, making food preparation noises in the kitchen. He relaxes more in his smoke and nicotine-induced haze, incredulous of the events of this evening. What an unbelievable first date!!





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