Slaviversary 3: Little Boy's Random Memories Pt 1

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2013 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

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3: Little Boy's Random Memories Pt 1

I was trapped in a device of my own making... literally.

Mistress had taken me to our king size bed and immediately stuffed me into the sack of her present. She kissed me through the opening and then slid herself into the shorts. I was immediately in heaven and began to try to send my wife and Mistress there too. I had succeeded, she finally tapped me on the head and told me to stop and I felt her flop back onto the bed. I had given her five squirting orgasms (something she claims she never experienced until she had me). Unfortunately that caused her to slip into what I like to call her 'Cunnilingus Comas' where she is so exhausted she literally passes out with me between her legs. Normally I am able to slip out and cuddle with her, sucking her nipples until she comes around.

Tonight I was trapped in the bag-shorts I designed for her. My face pressed into her wet pussy. My upper body was covered in her love juices and I could do nothing but sit here and think.

A year ago today Christine Cavanaugh made me her slave. I doubt even she knows how quickly it happened.


I remember walking down my street, being dragged into the alley and with almost no fight what-so-ever I was doubled over trying to breathe. Then I felt the prick in my upturned ass and the feeling of weightlessness. I awoke in a stark room with the only thing marring the solid gray walls was a door. There was a collar on my neck and a chain ran from it to the ceiling. Naturally I began screaming and threatening whoever was watching me. An hour later a woman's voice echoed around me to undress.

"Hello? Please let me go, I'll give you whatever you want."

"I want you to take off your clothes." The voice echoed.

"Listen lady, I don't have much, but what I do.... AHHHHHHH!" I fell in pain. I felt like I was being electrocuted by the collar.

I was barely conscious of the repeated command, as I started undressing and throwing my clothes near the door as instructed. I tried to garner more information on my situation, but was ignored.

When the door opened I was looking at a gorgeous leather clad giantess. She was so many of my fantasies in the flesh. She picked up my clothes and turned to toss them out the door. I ran for her, I had to get the keys. When the chain brought me up short, I struggled to stay on my feet.

"Sorry boy, but it is too short for you to reach the walls. Not that you stand a chance against me even if you had the element of surprise."

But that wasn't possible! The dimensions of the room combined with the length of the chain needed for me to lie on the floor, I should have almost two foot of length extra at the door. But indeed the chain came up too short.

I looked at her closely, peering beyond her intriguing clothes to her build and stature, there was something familiar about her, and I just couldn't place it. Meanwhile she was looking at me with this predatory look in those captivating brown eyes, like I was her next meal. I realized I was getting hard when she locked her gaze down there.

"You will call me Mistress at all times, you are now my slave, you are no longer Keith, you are hmmm, 'little boy' seems fitting. You are always..."

The rest of her sentence barely registered. I suddenly had a shift in my whole sense of self. My rechristening as 'little boy' unlocked feeling and thoughts in me I had only marginally acknowledged before. I thought about those transcendentalist who say about how everything in creation has a unique and secret name that God had given them, and how If someone learned and invoked that name it gave them power over the person/item. In my heart I knew this Amazonian goddess had just done this with me.

I was brought out of my thoughts by another shock, "I asked a question and you don't answer, you will be punished."

"Are you insane?"

Another shock. "Do you sense a theme little boy?"

The look of pleasure told me what I needed to do, in my mind I was already her loyal slave, but she needed the challenge, "I resist you, I get punished."

Another shock. "I'm sorry what did you say? My ears must have been having an issue."

"Little boy will be punished if he resists Mistress."

"That's what I thought you said little boy. I am your life now. You will learn to serve me, both in domestic duties and to my sexual desires. You please me, you will be rewarded. It is in your best interest to keep me pleased. Do you understand?"

"I... uhhh... little boy understands Mistress." I pretended to cower in fear, when in truth I wanted to swear to serve her forever.

"Tonight enjoy your last night in relative freedom, tomorrow before breakfast you will be fitted for your slave shackles and chastity device. So if I were you, I'd take the chance to masturbate tonight, because you have no idea when the next chance to get off will be. If you do jerk off, you will eat your own mess. If I see a drop of your goo on the floor you will be beaten mercilessly. Is that understood?"

"Yes Mistress!"

"Good boy, you will thank me someday for being so strict with you." When the door clanged I knew I was alone again and finally looked up.

I waited a few minutes, and then explored the puzzle of the chain. When I stood the chain shortened to only have a few inches of slack, when I lowered myself to the floor, it followed me. I moved toward the door and tried to keep the chain on an arced path, but I met with resistance. It didn't make sense unless there was something controlling the slack. The chain puzzle was partially solved, but of no real help until fully solved.

I decided to lie down. I began thinking of the woman who now claimed me and I was becoming excited. I have always been attracted to strong willed women, and had dreamed of being dominated sexually by them. I already knew I was not going to willingly leave her. The second I heard her call me little boy I was linked to her in my mind. I would do anything for her. But I read enough Femdom stories to know immediate submission would disappoint her. I needed to play along provide enough fight to keep her interested and giving her a sense of accomplishment.

Without thinking I had begun masturbating, I almost made myself stop, but then remembered Mistress's parting words.

As I was on the edge, imagining Mistress standing over me, I saw not the mask she wore earlier but a beautiful woman with shoulder length auburn hair staring down.

As I was eating my own sperm per Mistress's order, I remembered where I had seen the face my mind superimposed on my new Mistress's mask; a semi regular at the Grand Street Bar that was also an imposingly tall woman. I saw more than a few of the business men recognize her and almost go to her, but resist in fear. True genuine fear, like they knew she would destroy them.

The following day Mistress shackled me and locked my cock away as promised. She was dressed to exercise, but wearing the mask so I could not confirm my suspicion. I was pleased she was claiming me, putting me in these expensive restraints. It showed me she valued me.

When she was gone I ate the breakfast sandwich she gave me and experimented more with the chain, but still could not decipher the control mechanism. After I had exercised as instructed, I finally got the courage to drink the water Mistress left me, the very same cup of ice water she used to kill my hard-on before stuffing my penis into its stainless steel tube.

Later Mistress fulfilled another of my fantasies, in giving me a forced enema while also forcing me to eat her out. I started out clumsy, truly due to my inexperience. I admitted my shame to her that I had not had much chance to learn the proper way to eat pussy, she firmly taught me how to do it. Once all three enemas were completed I was given a hose to wash the floor down, and she had ushered me into the shower enclosure to clean myself off.

When I was eating my salad that she provided for lunch, she told me I was required to be quiet in my cell today while she tended to her other slaves. I was immediately jealous, and hurt. Maybe I was not special to her. She explained how she was a professional dominatrix, but I was her one true slave.

During my time alone I reviewed the last day, what I knew, what I had discovered in myself, and what I had learned from Mistress about cunnilingus.

When she brought me dinner, a simple microwave meal, I made small talk to keep her bonding with me. As I looked up I saw she had decided the mask was no longer needed. I was glad to see I was right, she was indeed the woman from GSB. Finally I couldn't resist anymore and had to tell her how beautiful I thought she was.

"Mistress, little boy thinks you are a beautiful woman, and you look even more beautiful close up than you do from across the room of the Grand Street Bar."

She looked shocked. "Slave, what makes you think you know me from a bar?"

I bit my tongue when 'Do you think I'm that dumb?' flew from my brain to my mouth. Instead I recovered with; "Little boy suspected he knew Mistress from there because he recognized your figure, so tall and fit. But when you came in without your mask it was obvious even to him."

She reached for her face in a panic. "Shit!" was her only verbal reaction to the turmoil I saw on her face. I realized she had not decided to reveal herself, she had just slipped up. She would go on the offensive to mount her defense to this error.

"You better make sure you please me now, that mask protecting my identity was the only thing that would have allowed you to return to your old life. Now if you fail to live up to my expectations, it will be a shallow grave in the mountains for you."

I thought it was an empty threat, but the seriousness of her tone and face made me doubt if I had misjudged my whole situation. I begged her to let me eat her pussy to show my willingness to submit. But she coolly dismissed the chance and left.


Mistress twisted over in her sleep, dragging me with her. I shifted my position to keep the air holes open so I could breathe. Why do I always strive to be so precise? I figured out how I would be most immobile in this and had it made, then I go and eat Mistress into unconsciousness while I'm trapped in it. But if I am to be trapped anywhere I am happy it is engulfed in Mistress's scent, and in her bed. I trusted her she would come back to herself before I was in too much danger.


Mistress had left for a run, telling me I should do my running in circles while she was gone. I had not even started when the door started opening. Shit! Had I lost myself in thought? She was going to cane me for this I had no doubt.

I got into a proper kneeling position before the door opened fully.

"Hello Mistress."

"I'm here to get you out."

I looked shocked at the beautiful blond with sparkling blue eyes who stood in the door. "Who are you?"

"Where are the keys to your collar?"

Who was she? Something about her felt wrong. She sounded worried, but the look in her eyes was saying 'Now I have you.' I did all I could not to look at the key on the door. "I don't know where she keeps them."

"They have to be here somewhere, have you ever seen them sitting anywhere?"

I moved back as far as the chain allowed me. I knew it would do me no good but it was something anyway. “Look lady, please just leave me. I don't want to go with you."

"Look this is a rescue. I'll hide you where she will never find you again."

"I don't want to be rescued!"

Anger burned in her eyes as she crossed the room and gave me a slap to the face. "Look shithead, I have an African warlord that has a preference for little sissy white men. He had already paid for your ass and sissy training when that bitch Crystal poached you. He thinks I'm already training you for his use. Tell me where the keys are or say goodbye to your balls!"

I may be small and submissive, but I am no sissy! I raised my hands up to defend myself when she drew a hunting knife on me. I might have been able to hold her off hand to hand, but this was another matter

"Please God no! Keep that knife away from me."

She grabbed the chain between my wrists and quickly had my arms useless over my head. I felt the cold edge of the knife pressing into me. "Tell me!"

I wasn't sure if I had just pissed myself or I was cut, but I felt wetness inside my thighs.

I screamed, and as my scream died, a higher pitched one had started. Mistress was back. I saw the fear in her eyes, fear for my safety. I watched as the paddle connected with the base of the skull of my attacker, causing her to fall unconscious. I saw the red tinge on the blade of the knife as it skittered across the floor.

"Mistress, I'm cut! She tried cutting off my balls!"

She quickly removed the cuffs and collar from me. "Go to the wet room, use a towel and put pressure on the cut now!"

I ran from the room, straight to the wet room closet. I saw the blood drippings on the floor when I sat on the toilet, pressing the towel over the cut. I was still all attached, allaying the worst of my fears.

Mistress walked past in a daze, so I called out to her.

She stepped back to the wet room, a look of mild shock on her face. Soon she had treated my cut and we were both sure it was not life threatening.

She was on her knees in front of me. For the first time since she had taken me her confidence was gone, not wavered like when she made the mistake with the mask, just gone. "Keith, why didn't you run when you had the chance?"

I needed to restore her faith in herself. I didn't want to come this far with a real Mistress and lose her. "I... umm little boy does not want to leave Mistress. He has dreamed of being a dominant woman's plaything all his life. He loves Mistress for giving him the chance to be hers. Little boy needs a Mistress to desire his adoration."

The tears began rolling, her face was a mess of emotions; fear, happiness, anger, relief. She fell into me and I wrapped my arms around her. She needed to be a plain woman and feel the comfort of a man's arms as she rode the emotional roller coaster.

I was still afraid the whole event had weakened her resolve. She finally looked at me. She did not know what to do or say. I knew what had to be said, it rose from my heart, avoiding any cranial input. "Mistress, relax, it was a traumatic experience for us both. Little boy saw the fear in your eyes for his safety; he knows you care for him deeply. He is yours forever."

I felt the strength and conviction rise in her, it felt like she had literally drawn it from everything around her, myself included. I swear she even seemed taller when she stood. "Go upstairs, find my bedroom. Rest and wait for me there, I have some unfinished business down here."

The way she said it, I knew she was back; my Mistress had come through the emotional turmoil. "Yes Mistress!" I made my way to the upstairs for the first time.

I knew the house was large by the size of the dungeon. I was amazed at how big and normal the residence part looked, no sign of any BDSM lifestyle was apparent. I found the largest bedroom and laid out on the floor. It was so much more comfortable then the hard cement floor I was accustomed to in the recent weeks.

"Little boy?" I opened my eyes to see Mistress looking down at me. "I had almost thought you ran away after all. Why are you on the floor?"

"Little boy did not want to make Mistress mad by assuming she was allowing him in her bed."

She smiled sweetly at me, picked me up like a rag doll and lowered me to the bed. She looked at me with a deep regret and sighed. "Keith, if you want to leave I will let you go back to your old life. I allowed your life to be at risk, you have no reason to trust me nor do I deserve that trust."

"Mistress, little boy trusts you with his whole being. He has since you walked into his cell that first night. He felt a connection to you immediately. Please except little boy's service. He may have been taken by force, but his heart was yours the moment you spoke to him. That has not wavered in me, err him. Do not let the interloper's actions separate us." A thought crossed my mind. "You have saved little boy from her twice, Mistress is little boy's heroine."


"Mistress beat her to little boy, if she had not little boy would be in that woman's dungeon instead, and just today you saved him from her."

"Hmm, so I have. Very well little boy, but now that you are here of your own free will, you will have more responsibilities, and more privileges, like being able to go grocery shopping for me. It seems your cell has itself a new occupant, so you will be sleeping with me. Unless I am with you, the dungeon is off limits for now. My normal clients need discretion. And I have her down there; I don't want you near her yet."

"What are you going to do with her Mistress? Who is she?"

"She is a whore who imagines herself a dominatrix. But evidently she has also taken to selling unsuspecting people as slaves." She gave me an evil grin. "As far as what I am going to do with her, she is going to pay for her trespass. She will be trained to be a servant herself. I will have a part for you in her training later, after you are healed and she has been brought down a few notches" She grabbed the TV remote and turned on the big flatscreen on the wall, the cell filled the screen. My attacker was now undressed and in my chains. "Let me know when she wakes up. I need to go disappoint a few slaves and postpone their appointments."

When she came back from making her calls I informed her that our guest was starting to move, but had yet to show signs of being awake.

"Keep an eye on her for now; I'm going to get dressed for work."

The woman finally stood up rubbing her neck, and looking around. She turned to the door and began to yell, collapsed to the floor, and shaking uncontrollably. I ran for the door that Mistress had disappeared through

"Mistress Crystal, she got up but I think she's having convulsions now!"

She was sitting on a small bench dressed in a bright red leather bodysuit, readying a pair of matching boots. "Easy little boy, relax, she is being shocked. She started talking; I turned on the silence function of the collar, something you never got the pleasure of becoming acquainted with. Every time she verbalizes she gets a shock. When she stops making noise she will be fine." She pointed to her feet. "Help me with my boots."

I was on my knees in an instant. I looked at the boots with amazement; they had a three inch platform, with at least a seven inch heel. I looked from the boot, to her, to the boot, and back to her. Why she would bother with platforms was astonishing.

She laughed as I slid them on her feet. It sounded like an angel singing to my soul alone. "Intimidation, it is needed when the subject is so strong willed. Where did you hear my name was Crystal? I did not tell you that."

"The woman said that was your name Mistress. Little boy is sorry if he has overstepped his place."

"To you little boy, It is Mistress Christine if you feel you must add the personal, but only when it is between the two of us. Crystal is my pro-domme name, and you will use it when we are among others of like mind here at home, or at any other scene. When I eventually take you out in general public it will be Christine, and you will talk normally at those times. I will still expect your total obedience regardless."

"Little boy understands Mistress."

She stood and did a turn for me. "Now do I look, scary enough?"

"To little boy; yes you are, but he thinks darker make-up and some punishment tools on your belt will add to the intimidation of the slut who attacked little boy."

"My thoughts exactly slave. 'The slut'? I like that! That may be her new slave name. See if you can come up with more possible names for her." She took my chin and made me look up at her. "I want you to watch on the TV to see how vicious I can be. You should feel fortunate that I have had an attraction to you the moment I saw you, and that has made me be gentle with you."

"Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress." If she was being gentle with me, I'm afraid of what I am about to witness.

While it had been harsh, I'd seen more brutal online. Still I was glad I had not earned that treatment yet.

When Mistress returned I got off the bed and knelt in front of her. She looked upset as she entered so when she got to me I kissed the toes of her boots. "The audacity of that bitch! The uncaring whore deserves this." She grabbed me under the armpits and dragged me into an embrace. With the boots' height my face was pressed into the bottom of her breasts. "When I told her you were catatonic and she had cut your balls off, her only concern was her customer and self, not what she had done to another person. She could care less for your state because of her actions." She leaned over and kissed my forehead.

"Mistress, are you alright?"

"Yes little boy, I just, well I have compassion for my slaves. I try to give them what they need and strive to never exceed what they are able to take, and while I may threaten it, I assuredly would never do something that could do permanent harm. Her callousness just has me wound up too tight. I most definitely would never hold a knife to a struggling person."

She looked at me. "Keith something I said down there really hit home to me too. I am really no better than her. I wanted to keep you for myself despite what you had desired, she wanted to sell you. I was greedy to the flesh, for her it was the money. You ended up a victim regardless. You're decision to stay does not take away from that." She squeezed me so tight I thought I was going to pop. "I was close to becoming someone like her, and that scares me."

With some effort I pulled myself back so I could look up past her breasts. "Mistress, why did you choose me to take as your slave?"

"As soon as I saw you I knew you wanted... no, needed a dominant woman, as much as I needed a submissive man. I felt an inverted kinship. I could tell you were too introverted to admit it to anyone but yourself, and I hoped by forcing you into the situation, you would come to adore serving me."

"Mistress, don't you see the difference then? Your instinct told you I needed you to save me from my own self. You took me to help me, and yourself, in hopes we were each other's 'one'. I sure as hell would have never tried to approach you, you are so far out of my league, but whenever I saw you at the GSB, I was always drawn to your... aura of control. You always seemed to be in charge of all around you."

"But that is no excuse."

"Mistress, I am thankful you took me. I forgive you as long as you keep me as your own and you promise to not do it to anyone other than that bitch downstairs. Now please stop this self-flagellation. You are infinitely better than her. For little boy's sake." I gave her my best smile.

"You're right, and for that I will not punish you for not talking as a proper slave of my home." She gave me a wink and another squeeze. "Thank you, your acceptance of me, despite all that has happened to you, is the only thing that makes this worthwhile." She let me go, spun me around, and pushed me away. "Now go make yourself useful and make my lunch."


The next day we took the rental van that Brandy had brought and left it in front of her house. We loaded boxes into the back seat and trunk of Mistress's car. When she had gone through them Mistress informed me I would have been Brandy's nineteenth victim.

"Mistress what are we going to do about this? We are not going to just sit on this are we? Those people need to be helped."

"No we are not going to let those people suffer for much longer, but I need a few days more before we can turn this over to the authorities. I'm going back tonight."

I remember Mistress having me watch the news networks, recording all I could on the people our information rescued. On the day I saw about the fire at Brandy's house, I was waiting at the stairs when Mistress came up from her daily humiliation/torture session with our guest.

"Mistress you must see this!"

"Can't it wait?" she groused as I dragged her to the living room. I played the recording. "Are you sure that is her..." Just then the reporter started explaining it was the house of the suspected slaver wanted by the FBI. "Wow, we have to add that into the final tape little boy. Good job."

I remembered the look on the slut's face when I walked into her cell for the first time, just after Mistress had shaved her bald. Shock, shame, and hatred. The fear she had when she found out I could punish her through her collar was priceless, and after what she did to me she had reason to fear. Then when Mistress left and I began dressing her in her daily uniform she tried to convince me to release her and run away with her. I gave her a piece of my mind, barely resisting the urge to slap her.

Her pleading look as I locked the chastity belt in place brought a thrill to me. When Mistress dropped the key for the lock in the beaker of acid, I thought she was going to faint. I had been surprised by that also, not to mention I had not known Mistress had even changed my own lock. I surmised she did it last night after using me for her pleasure.

When Mistress was arranging her for the final performance I used the controls for the chain length to set it so she could not lower her head. Mistress had eventually told me the secret to the control was a radio transmitter in the lock that attached the chain to the collar. The receiver was in the ceiling directly above and it adjusted the winch according to where the transmitter was in relationship to it.

Her shame was multiplied when Mistress had me ass-fuck her as she was watching our version of the old movie news reels. That was a new experience for me, one I had never anticipated having, and enjoyed doing. I wasn't sure if she was more upset by the fact Mistress had undone her life's work, that she took her money, that her home was gone, or that she was a wanted person (by the law and criminals alike).

That evening as I prepared the slut for bed, I began laying the groundwork for Mistress's good cop/bad cop training plan. I was of course going to be the good cop, trying to make life bearable for my new charge, while Mistress was going to make her life as miserable as she could.

All in all everything went smoothly until the day the slut sealed her fate. I had just gone to the bathroom off the kitchen (Peeing sitting down due to the chastity tube was something I was still getting accustomed to.), when the control for the sluts collar beeped. My instructions if that ever happened were clear.

I found her jerking in agony by the front door. I dragged her far enough back from the field projected by the wires embedded in the wall around the door that the collar stopped shocking her.

I went to the coat closet and came back with the hogtie chain and cane. She was secured that her hands were pinned to her sides. Her normal wrist chain was already linked to the front of the collar, the new chain held her wrists tight across the back and held down by the chain to her feet. She was face down with her elbows high behind her when I began caning her. Mistress had told me if this needed to happen that I was supposed to force myself to cry so it would seem that I was distressed by the actions I needed to take in punishing the slut.

When Mistress returned she closed the door quickly upon seeing the sight. She soon had me stuffing my cock in the slut’s mouth through her ring gag, while she herself pushed her own pussy in my face. All too soon she was gone. I feared I had made a horrible mistake. She ensured me I had been perfect and had the slut try to pull away from me. She failed because her gag was smaller than my hard on.

Mistress proceeded to cane her mercilessly. I had never had such a blowjob. I knew it had been humiliating for the slut, not to mention painful. Mistress explained to her about the invisible fences keeping her confined to the home. Something I had learned about just before we started the slut on her domestic duties.

When I was finally able to force myself free of her gag, I glared at her in disgust as I replaced my cock cage. I was genuinely mad at her for trying to run. "All you had to do was follow the rules. If you run away, the police will come and arrest Mistress and take her away from little boy. You don't deserve my sympathy if you are going to do dumb things like that."

She looked guiltily up at me, but said nothing as I turned and left her on the living room floor.

That night as I was making dinner Mistress set out a can of Spaghettio's "That is all she gets tonight. After you feed her come upstairs and clean up from our dinner and relax. Watch TV or whatever, just stay off the closed circuit for her cell. You do not need to see what I am going to do tonight."

"Mistress, what are you going to do?"

"Never you mind! I do not want or need your input on how to punish my slave!"

"Little boy is sorry Mistress, he didn't..."

"I know you are just being your gentle, forgiving self. But I can't do that with her, it is too big a risk. Just tonight I need to put her in her place before she gets too brave. I do want you to lay a bit of a guilt trip on her after she eats. Maybe take a few liberties with a small flogger, to let her know she has let you down."

"Yes Mistress, little boy will do that for you."

I had to feed the slut myself because Mistress had her trussed up in a standing spread-eagle. She was blindfolded, so she was completely unaware when I took my first swing with the small flogger to her defenseless breasts. I taunted her that she was the victim of her own decisions and left her alone.

Mistress had been setting up a machine with a series of wires that looked like medical leads when I crossed through the main dungeon area. I set my tray down near the steps and went to her and knelt, kissing her feet. "Mistress would you like anything from little boy? He is willing to help."

"Stand and kiss me."

I wasn't about to argue, especially with the mood she was in.

"Thank you my faithful slave, but tonight I must do something that you should never see. Just be ready to comfort me when I come up. I will be sore, I may be emotional. I have never gone as far as I intend to go tonight with a person."

"Little boy understand Mistress, please don't lose yourself. The slut is not worth that."

"I know, now get moving."

I was about to climb the steps when I decided she needed to hear one more thing; "Little boy loves you Mistress."

Leaving the lower door into the dungeon open, I climbed the steps, and I swore I heard her say "I love you too." as the door closed.

It was just before midnight when Mistress finally came to her bedroom. I had been reading a book, trying to stay awake and resist the urge to turn on the cell cam. Her t-shirt and shorts were soaked with sweat. She looked completely wiped, physically and emotionally, as she peeled off her clothes. I raced from the bed to help her, collecting her clothes and carrying them to the hamper. Mistress just walked straight across the room to the bathroom. I followed her in.

"Mistress are you okay?"

She gave me a sad smile. "Yes dear, I need a shower is all. When I'm done I need a good massage. Get out the muscle relaxer cream and wait for me."

"Yes Mistress."

She placed her hand on my shoulder as I went to walk away. "No more Mistress tonight. Christine needs Keith more than I need to dominate. Okay dear?"

I tried to look sympathetic. "Yes my love."

After what sounded like a pleasurable massage, which focused on Mistress's back, arms, and shoulders, we cuddled under the blankets.

After a very passionate kiss Christine held my face so I was forced to stare her in the eyes. "Keith baby, when did you stop pretending to submit to me?"

"I never stopped because I never started."

"Do you really think I couldn't tell you were hiding something from me?"

"I never said that, I said I never pretended to submit. I will admit I pretended to resist."

She held my gaze. I allowed my eyes to hide nothing from her stare. "You are serious! You purposely disobeyed me as an act. Why?"

"I was afraid if I didn't put up at least some struggle, you would lose interest in me. You wanted to play cat and mouse with me so I gave it to you." I reached up and took her hand. "After I saw your look when you charged in to my rescue, I knew the act would not be needed after that."

"Thank you, you are my wonderful man. Please do not think any less of me when you see the slut."

"How could I think any less of a Goddess?"

She gave me a weak smile. "My first appointment is at 11, wake me at ten and have a light breakfast and coffee with you. Sometime before then but after 8 you may go tend to the slut. Remove all the leads and devices, treat her with the welt salve from the medical cabinet, and then let her down. Add her normal wrist and ankle cuffs, and let her rest for the day."

"Okay. I think you need some sleep now." I wrapped my arm around her and she rested her head on my shoulder.

"Yes sir!" She said with a smile and a kiss to my chest.

I woke a little after 7:30, but did not leave bed until nearly 8. I had to slip from between Mistress's legs to leave the bed; she had wrapped them around me in her sleep.

I found a CD player plugged into the the audio panel of the cell's control board. I had not been prepared for the sight I beheld in the cell. The slut was hanging limply in the frame of spreader bars as she had yesterday when I fed her, medical leads ran from nearly every part of her and back to some device. She was still blindfolded, she had a gag in and a leather belt set around her waist and through her crotch. Additional wires went from the belts and gag to the device also. The woman's skin was an angry red, with lines of raised welts everywhere from the neck down to where her boots started at her shins. The floor was littered with various whips and canes, some of the canes were snapped in pieces.

I cleaned up all the weapons and remains of the broken ones first. The only sign of life from the slut was the rise and fall of her chest as she breathed. I gathered up and removed the wires from her body, and when I laid them over the device I saw it was not a monitor as I thought, but a control. "Sweet mother of God!" I looked at the slut and began to realize just how much she had angered Mistress, and I was thankful I was in her good graces.

When I had the room clear except for her chains, I tried to wake her. I was about to go get Mistress out of fear when slut looked up at me. A weak smile came to her face when she saw me. "Please forgive this slut little boy sir. She forced sir to punish her, and witness her get further punished for her deeds."

I was shocked she seemed genuinely sincere. I watched her as she flexed her jaw. "I'm going to apply this salve on your welts, little boy is sorry if he causes the slut more pain."

She oohed and awwed, and flinched a few times but she seemed to appreciate the effort I put in on her behalf. She curled up on her sleeping mat when I was done. I swore she even looked content. From that day on she seemed to be a new, better slave. She always did what I asked with a smile in her eye, and moved even faster when Mistress spoke.


Mistress rolled again, I felt myself come to a stop uncomfortably on my legs and arms, my belly in the air. Man, she was in an unusually long sex stupor tonight. I should be proud I guess, but at the moment I'd rather be having my wife in my arms (or as more typical for us, me in her arms).


One evening Mistress had left herself a clear schedule, when I returned from settling the slut in for the night Mistress called me to the living room and pulled me down in her lap. "Little boy I have something to tell you. I have found a man I want to marry."

I was shocked! Jealous and hurt. "Mistress what of little boy and slut?"

"Well slut has no choice in the matter; you may still serve as my slave."

"Little boy is yours, you know that Mistress. But what will your husband think of little boy? Will he be jealous, or want to use little boy for sex too?"

"Is that a problem?"

"Little boy does not like men Mistress, but he will suffer it if it means he can stay with Mistress and she is happy."

She gave me a smile so sweet I thought I would have melted in normal circumstances. But right then the woman I love had told me she is going to marry.

"I think you even know the man I want to marry..."

I know him! Who was she going to marry, my old boss or one of the coworkers? That would be humiliating, being a slave to a former colleague.

"...His name is Keith Urnst."

"Mistress... that... is my name!"

"So can you live with Keith Urnst being my husband, and little boy as my slave?"

I stared at her, my mind reeling and trying unsuccessfully to process my thoughts. I couldn't get any words to form in my mind or mouth.

She raised an eyebrow at me "I should take that as a 'no' then!"

Fear of blowing my chance jump-started my brain. "Little boy would be proud to be Mistress's husband, he is... just shocked you think so much of him."

"Keith you are my world. You have earned my respect and love by being what I need in life. You rise to be my strength when I am weak, you are my conscious when troubled, my faith when I am low. Without you I am a hair's breadth from being someone like Brandy Stallton was. I need you more than you can understand."

I leaned into her resting my chin on her ample bosom. "Thank you Mistress Christine, I will always try to be what you need of me."

"There will be changes here. First off I am retiring from being a dominatrix, and returning to the finance industry. Eventually it will be you and the slut as my only slaves." She hugged me. "I will not make as much, but I have quite a bit of a nest egg on my own, plus the money I siphoned from the slut's accounts. Evenings will be with you instead of my clients. In theory I don't need to work for several years. But I would rather have an income and hold onto that for a rainy day."

"Mistress, little boy is so happy, he wants to tell the world!"

"I appreciate that, but keep it quiet. I do not want other Doms poaching my clients. I'd prefer to personally match them up with Doms of similar tastes. And don't tell the slut."

"Little boy will stay quiet until Mistress says otherwise."

She patted my cheek. "Tonight we will celebrate; you will meet some of my friends. I have laid out clothes for you on the bed in the bedroom next to mine, or should I say our bedroom. Go; be waiting for me at the door in twenty minutes."

When Mistress parked her Mercedes we were in a reserved spot behind the Grand Street.

"Mistress, why do you have a reserved spot at the GSB?"

She laughed. "I am an owner, only 10% but enough to warrant a spot. That was why I preferred it here to hunt for clients. Many of the regulars are client slaves. You know how to behave in here right?"

"Yes Crystal, I am but a normal man, on the arm of a goddess."

She smiled at me "You figured that out quick enough. Flattery may get you out of that cock cage tonight, and a few martinis will help."

We strolled in, I the little man in a pair of khakis and button down shirt, holding hands with the glamorous woman who stood nearly a head taller than the crowd. Mistress Christine went with a conservative skirt, with a not so conservative side slit, a low cut blouse that showed a fair amount of cleavage, and just three-inch heels, which put her nipples at my eye level.

We were halfway to the bar when I heard some man mumbling about who the loser was with Crystal. I saw her gaze as she looked over my head at the man. I knew the look: 'You will pay for that!' I looked and the man's face was white as a ghost. I knew then that he was a client slave that had just earned himself an extra punishment on his next visit.

The bartender came out to greet us. "So the runt has been with you all this time after all?"

Mistress took the bartender into a one armed hug. "Yes Marv, thanks to you. Your call allowed me to prevent that woman from kidnapping him that day."

"I saw she was wanted now. Was that your doing?"

"Letting the authorities know, yes, the rest no."

"The usual? And for the runt?"

"Yes, just one beer for him then he will be having soda."

We sat at a table and Mistress held my hand still. We drew a fair amount of attention. "Crystal, so many men are looking at me with jealousy. I'm not sure I could show my face here again without you."

She leaned across the table and kissed me. "Not that you are likely to be out drinking without me, but I think any man here that is jealous enough to threaten you about being with me, will know better now."

"So Marv knew you had your sights on me?"

"Yes and no. He knew I was eyeing you up, but he had no idea I was going to do what I did. He only suspected I had you when our roomy came looking for you."

A slow song started. "Crystal will you give me the honor of a dance." She gave me an impressed look and led me to the floor.

We danced to several songs even after the slow song and Mistress was having a good time pushing me around the floor. When we left we had only managed to down two drinks each. But Mistress had somewhere else she wanted to go so we left saying goodbye to Marv on our way out. She drove us to the warehouse district. We stopped at a busy establishment amongst the 'closed for the day' businesses.

"Take off your shirt and pants; I want to show off my property."

I got the distinct impression we were about to enter into the BDSM bar Mistress left to visit some nights. I was quickly down to the spandex bodysuit that had been set out for me at home. Mistress attached a collar and leash to me. "So no other Domme can lure you away." She explained with a smile.

Once we were in a man in a full latex butler suit approached us. "Mistress Crystal, my Mistress has held a place for you at her table."

We were led to a table occupied by a man our age and an older woman, likely in her late forties or early fifties, still strikingly beautiful, with gray hair. The table had four chair and four cushions on the floor. The man stood as Mistress sat. I waited standing beside Mistress as the butler knelt next to the older woman.

The three dominants exchanged pleasantries for a bit. The older woman, Mistress Helena, stood and approached me. "So this is the slave you’re so proud of Crystal? He's a bit scrawny. I'll tell you what, my assistant has decided to apprentice to me, and she could use a small fry to cut her teeth on. I'll trade you one of the young studs from my stable for this one. One of them is even taller than you."

"That's very generous, but I'm quite fond of little boy. He is very important to me." Mistress motioned me to kneel and I did. I made sure to stay very close to her.

The conversations carried on around the butler and I, he stayed as silent as I was being. When a beautiful creature in the tightest fitting leather outfit I'd ever seen came and knelt between Master Richard and myself. I couldn't help but admire her.

He smiled at me. "Little boy, Do you like my slave? You seem to be staring at her."

I felt Mistress's eyes burrowing through the top of my head. "Master Richard sir, indeed she is nearly as beautiful as my Mistress, but it was the cut of her clothing that caught my attention. It is almost as if each piece was sized and shaped just for her."

"Indeed Rebecca is a perfectionist, and an excellent fetish seamstress. This is her own work, as is your bodysuit. So nice and tight and perfectly fitted is it not? And that was sized just from a picture."

"Yes it is sir. Thank you Slave Rebecca for your fine work." The young lady blushed and giggled at my praise. Mistress's hand rubbed my hair; she must have been pleased with how I handled myself.

A ruckus by the stage had caught all our attention. A Master was dragging a male slave over. The slave was resisting but was soon attached to a whipping post and receiving a true beating.

Mistress Helena began hovering around me again. "Crys...."

"No Helena, he is mine. I don't care what you have to offer."

She was taken aback by Mistress's snap, as had several of the people nearby. "Well if he is such a good slave, how about he competes in a race with Butler Gerald? Your slave wins, you get $50,000. Gerald wins, I get this little boy."

I turned to look at Mistress to beg her not to, I was no physical match to Gerald; his stride was nearly as long as I was tall. I saw the determination in Mistress's face, the determination to win, not resist. "It's on! Richard will you officiate?"

I nearly cried as I gripped her leg.

"Of course my dear ladies." He turned to the bar and yelled; "Get out the chairs!"

Soon a pair of gynecologist chairs were on the stage, and a crowd had gathered.

Richard addressed the crowd. "For those unfamiliar with 'The Slave Races' here is how it works; The Mistresses will be restrained to the chairs, gagged and blindfolded. Their slaves will also be blindfolded, and have their hands cuffed behind their back. The slaves will proceed to eat out the Mistress they are placed in front of, when both Mistresses have had an orgasm, the slaves will switch and we will start over again. The Mistress whose slave makes both Mistresses orgasm in the least time wins. And to make this one more interesting, Crystal and Helena have wagered little boy, Crystal's new slave that she has been bragging about, versus a pretty sum of Helena's money."

"Pocket change!" Helena quipped and the crowd laughed.

Gerald and I were let into a side hall and we were properly restrained and they explained to us what was expected of us in the competition. When we were returned I was pushed to my knees, presumably in front of one of the women.

"Ready... Set... GO!"

I dove forward and found myself too low, planting my nose in a pussy and my tongue in the anus. I proceeded to rim whoever it was for good measure and then moved upward to the pussy. I immediately began as Mistress had taught me and I soon tasted juices unfamiliar to me. I was sure I had Helena! I altered my tongue's patterns feeling for slight changes as I explored. I had managed to identify three hot spots that the woman reacted to most strongly and attacked them and the clit at random intervals. I was sure I had her ready to burst. I dove my tongue in deep, and ground my nose over the clit. She tightened, shook and collapsed.

"Slave B, mark 7 minutes, 18 Seconds, Slave A still working."

Finally they announced Gerald’s success and just over 10 minutes. If I was correct I would easily win! Mistress has trained me well in how to please her. I was made to move in front of my next target, and the women were given a few minutes to recover.

"Round 2! Ready... Set... GO!"

I aimed a little higher this time and found the still wet pussy on my first try. But again the pussy tasted different than I expected. I aimed for Mistress's hot buttons and got a reaction out of only one of them. This was not my Mistress either! I was duped! I proceeded to explore and soon repeated my performance on the earlier woman who I had a growing suspicion was not Helena. When I was sure I had the woman ready I went in for the kill shot and was rewarded with a squirting orgasm.

"Slave B, mark 4 minutes, 45 seconds. Impressive, we may have a new champion. Slave A may stop since he has no chance of winning!"

When my blindfold was removed, I immediately looked around and I saw Mistress smiling at me around a cleave gag, to the side of the woman I had been servicing, who was also looking at me in admiration.

Richard cleared his throat; "It is official people Slave B, AKA little boy, has broken the record for the Male Slave Cunnilingus Race by 8 seconds. Congratulations to Mistress Crystal!"

Back at the table the Dominants had a good laugh at our surprise with the last minute swap of Mistress for two volunteered slaves. Supposedly since I was a slave that serviced my Mistress almost daily and Gerald was one of many who had not had the same one on one time with his Mistress, it was decided the swap would be in the interest of fair play.

"I knew I was going to win," Mistress boasted, "there was no way my new fiancé was going to risk losing his dream Domme for an old hag like you."

"Old hag! You only hope you can look this good at 58." Helena’s turned her head to continue talking to Richard, about indignities of youth when her jaw dropped mid-sentence. She looked at Mistress, then to me and back to Mistress. In a hushed tone she said, "Christine did you just say fiancé? My Goodness, you risked the man you want to marry?"

"I had to show you one of the reasons he's worth keeping, but then you had to whine that Gerald has not had real quality time with you. I know you saw the size of his crotch, and that's locked up, when it's loose it fills me up and then some. Besides how could I pass up that kind of money on a sure thing?"

I was blushing, even more so when I noticed Richard and Rebecca were both openly eyeing my groin.

After some serious adjustments to the seat I was driving home, since Mistress had been drinking it was the safe thing to do. "Mistress may little boy ask a question?"

"Only if I can ask one too."

"Does Mistress Helena know your real name? He swears he heard her call you Christine."

"Yes, six years ago I was Helena's financial consultant; she introduced me to the dominant lifestyle. She actually tried to enslave me to her, but soon gave up when she recognized the Domme in me and took me under her wing as a dominant-in-training. She has more money than the country, so when she said 50K was pocket change; she was not joking. Richard is an old friend also, introduced through Helena. They are silent business partners to a degree; she is an investor in his sex shop business." She placed her hand on my knee. "My turn. When they removed the blindfold from you, you immediately looked for me, you knew I was not one of the girls you serviced, didn't you?"

"After he tasted the first one, little boy assumed you would be the second. When he tasted the second, he knew it was not you either and that he had been tricked. Was Gerald completely surprised?"

"Oh yes, but he was also very scared since he had failed his Mistress. I doubt Helena waited long after they got in her limo before starting his punishment. She hates loosing face in public. Even if it is to a woman she considers an adoptive daughter. You made me proud little boy, both on stage and off. Just be wary of both Richard and Helena. I love them both dearly, but they have a tendency to feel obliged to use a defenseless slave."

"Master Richard likes men?"

"Let's just say he and Helena are equal opportunity, but he does prefer slaves of the female persuasion."

Over the following weeks I met several other Doms that were friends of Mistress and their submissives (not all were slaves). One Friday night she even had the man who had made the snide comment at the GSB accompany us to Knot Time. He was masked before we left home, and locked in a pillory on stage at the Knot Time, where I delivered the first ten minutes of his all night ass beating with a soft cat o' nine tails.


One day the doorbell rang. I looked to the slut and she nodded her head that she understood. We had done this drill enough times when there were deliveries. She immediately went to the basement door; opening the residence side door she walked in and waited in the stairwell between it and the heavy soundproof dungeon door at the bottom for me to give an all clear. Meanwhile I slipped into a sweat suit that I kept near the door to be decent when answering it.

When I opened the door I was shocked to find Helena standing there. I was unsure what I should say or do since I knew her true nature. A quick evaluation showed she was alone and there was no neighbors within earshot.

"Please come in Mistress Helena, little boy's Mistress is occupied for another twenty minutes." I turned and went to lead her into the house. "Would you care for something to... What?"

My hands were cuffed behind my back, and I was pushed to the floor. I struggled as my legs where restrained and pulled into a strict hogtie. I looked down the hallway to see slut's face, eyes huge, through the crack of the door. She could not see my attacker, nor could Helena see her. I locked eyes with her, trying to convey my fear and yelled one word. "Mistress!"

"She can't hear you, I know that door at the bottom is too heavy and the whole basement is soundproofed."

I saw the slut nod and the door close as I tried to make enough noise to drown out the sound of the latch closing. I resisted Mistress Helena as much as possible, but I was already restrained too well, keeping, my mouth ungagged by refusing to open for the ball gag she produced. She made to pinch my nose, but I was prepared, and had taken a deep breath and continued breathing through clenched teeth.

"Helena I hope this is a social call, and not what it looks like."

Helena looked at me accusingly. "You said she was busy for twenty minutes yet!" She smiled up at my Mistress. "Just playing with the boy toy while I waited my dear."

"I came upstairs when I felt a disturbance of another woman with hands on my man." Mistress picked me up and lifted me over the back of the couch and setting me on the cushions. "Well tease him as he is, no gags; use his tongue if you want. I'll be up when I sent this client on his way at the end of his session."

Mistress vanished down the hall.

"Ohhh what a bad day for me to have worn a rubber bodysuit without a zippered crotch under my dress." She gave me an evil smile "Is the little boy ticklish? Wait! Don't answer, I like surprises."

I laid there defenseless against the oncoming assault by the elder Domme.

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