Slaviversary 4: Little Boy's Random Memories Pt 2

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2013 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

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4: Little Boy's Random Memories Pt 2

I was trying to catch my breath as I lay, still hogtied, on Mistress's leather clad lap. I was bare from my chest to my knees. Helena had pulled the waists of my sweatpants and shirt in opposite directions so she could tickle me more efficiently, and Mistress had seen no reason to alter that.

"So what do we owe the honor of a visit from you Helena?"

"I was thinking Chris, maybe when you get married to this little one, maybe you should consider a collaring ceremony too."

"That's a great idea! Why didn't I think of it?"

"Because you're a lovesick little girl and I'm the rational lady." Helena teased with an infectious smile.

"Mistress, please excuse little boy, but what is a collaring ceremony?"

She rubbed my head. "It is like a wedding ceremony for doms and subs. You would vow to be my loyal slave, offer me the collar, and I would put it around your neck. Symbolizing you belong to me willingly. Would doing that at Knot Time interest you little boy?"

"Are those delayed tears from being tickled by me, or tears of joy?"

"Joy Ma'am. Yes Mistress, little boy will be honored to let Mistress collar him publicly, anywhere!"

Mistress sighed. "I just wish I could make the slut watch it in person."

"Why would you want that whore Brandy there?"

"A reward her for being such a good slave since her conditioning session, and to rub it in that little boy and I are happy together. But someone will easily recognize her."

"Mistress! Little boy has an idea! Please untie him and he will do a few quick sketches of the idea for you and Mistress Helena to look at."

"Do you honestly think that ploy will work child?"

"If it isn't a good idea, I'll let you take him home for the night."

"Oooh goody! I'll finally get a chance at him."

I was released and given twenty minutes in the study to prepare.

I was ready with the basic concept in ten minutes, and used an additional eight to clean up the final presentation.

Mistress had quickly turned off the TV when I opened the study door. I knew what they were watching, the recording of the slut's beating and conditioning the night she tried to run. I could hear my own voice and Mistress's repeating mantras of submission while I worked. I had never known what Mistress had intended when she had me record those little saying back then until I heard that video.

I set my easel up and placed the sketches in order on it.

"Mistress may little boy make his presentation in normal speak?"

"Yes, that's fine little boy."

"Thank you. First we will start off with tinted swim goggles to hide slut's eyes." I flip the first blank page over showing a head with the aforementioned article, the kind like the professional swim teams wear. "If we must, we can get normal goggles and use spray-on window tint." I reveal the next sketches. "These will be covered by a mask, with appropriate openings for the goggles, and breathing. Oh and a gag inside to keep her quiet. Next a full bodysuit, the arms ending in thumbless mittens."

Helena interrupted me. "These are excellent drawings, he has talent."

"Yes I've sold several of his drawings to the BDSM publishers for their magazines, and he has done some commissioned art to accompany some of their stories." Helena seemed truly impressed.

I continued: "My thought is she will wear her normal corset, belt and rear shield, so the bodysuit should accommodate her measurements in them and allow for the rod to extend out." I flipped over to the last sketch; I took extra care to make the finale super detailed, almost photo quality. "Finishing it off with a posture collar, leash and ballet boots. Little boy thinks the posture collar should include the typical shock control as the slut's daily collar has."

"I do believe my little boy is staying where he belongs tonight." Mistress beamed with pride at me, her diabolical little slave.

"I don't know. Won't this be a little conspicuous, even for Knot Time? Sure we get an occasional dolly fetishist, or all over catsuit, but this is beyond them even."

"Hmm, perhaps, but not if all the other slaves at our table wore the same basic outfit, a fetish bridal party so to say. Any of your slaves capable of walking in ballet heels?"

"God yes, most. But I think Martin would be my best choice, I would want to be accompanied by a male that night, and he is the best on ballet heels of the males."

"Don't think I know him. Rebecca would literally jump at the chance to make and wear this outfit. Of course as far as I'm concerned Martin and Rebecca's outfits do not require the shock, or anti-sit rod features. But I think otherwise they should be the same."

"Yes, Rebecca already has Martin's measurements, what about that whore's?"

"I'm not sure if she has ever used them for any custom outfits, and Richard doesn't know who she is. I don't think I want to take the risk of them knowing who she really is either."

"I think we have a measurement form online, let me check real quick." Helena looked on her smartphone. "Yes I just emailed it to you."

"Fine, thank you dear." Mistress looked at me. "Tonight you take her measurements."

"I'm going to the shop next. I'll discuss it with Richard about our idea and call you tonight."

"OK my last session ends at 8:30 tonight." Mistress looked at the clock. "And my next one begins in ten minutes. Little boy see Mistress Helena out and I'll send the slut up in a few minutes." Mistress turned to Helena and pointed an accusatory finger at her. "She better find him just how he is now or you may find yourself spread eagle in your own dungeon the next time I'm over."

They did the cheek kiss thing and Mistress went downstairs.

"Your Mistress is the only person alive who could make that threat and not pay for it. And likely the only one who could follow through on it. It's tempting to do anyway, but I do need to get going. It was fun playing with you little boy. Next time I'll make sure to wear something easily removable or that can be opened."

She gave me a big grin and kissed my forehead.

"Your Mistress has good reason to be proud of you."

"Thank you Mistress Helena, coming from you, that means a lot to little boy."

With that she was gone.

I put my easel away in Mistress's office (the one room in the house protected by the invisible fencing). The slut nearly tackled me as I came out and wrapped her arms around me.

"Is sloch ss orry ir! He as eared or itta oy, nn idn't nah ot o hoo. Ent or Istress as ir haid."

"Nothing to be sorry for slut, you did just as you were supposed to. I'm proud of you, you were a good girl." She blushed and hugged me tighter. "Now we have to make up the time we lost in our duties"

"Eth ir."

That night I used a rope and a normal toolbox tape measure (Mistress did not have a cloth measuring tape) to get all the measurements on the sheets our Mistress had printed out.

"Little boy sir, what are you measuring this slut for?" It always seemed weird to me to hear her 'ungagged voice'.

"I'm not sure. Mistress just gave me these and told me to fill them in."

An evil thought crossed my mind. "Do you remember that drawing I was working on the other week? The cuckold in a plastic encasement. He was unable to move a muscle, and had to watch through it as his wife was fucking another man. I showed that to Mistress yesterday, and she said that was an idea to free up the cell! Maybe that is what this is for." She gave me a horrified look "Ok I just need to mark on here the location of the rod, I wonder why Mistress marked that on here. Then I will remove the shield and take you to use the bathroom. The rest of the night is yours after that."

Mistress was leaning against her study's door frame when I emerged from the dungeon. "That was purely evil ad-libbing. Truly a stroke of genius my love." She smiled at me. "That will have her on edge for a week or better. Come in, I want you to look at collars."

"Little boy gets to choose his collar?"

"You get to provide input. The final decision is mine of course." The smile she gave me melted my soul. "Any ideas?"

"Something metal, and permanent."

"Well how about semi-permanent? Check these out." Mistress brought up a site on her laptop, the collars looked like a steel loop on the neck. "One point is a hinge; the other uses a security screw that requires a special hex tool to remove. A tool I will lock away in the safe with your spare chastity belt key. So you cannot remove the collar."

Mistress pointed the laptop at me and I explored the site. "This would be perfect for little boy. Would you wear one too Mistress?" It was solid, secure and would not be seen as nothing more than unusual jewelry by the unaware person.

"No. Dominants don't wear collars like that. You will be the only one collared."

"Oh! Little boy never meant that, he meant one of the matching bracelet?"

"No, that's final." And her body language told me I had upset her. So I just stayed quiet and looked down. "Why are you so keen on collaring me, do you want to become the dominant? It's not going to happen. I should string you up by your feet for even suggesting it." She backhanded me and I toppled over in a heap. It was the first time she had struck me in months.

"Please Mistress, little boy meant no disrespect. He just thought you should..."

"Get out of my sight."

I scrambled from the room. I had no idea where to go. I feared I would be punished again if I crossed her path in her mood. I decided going to the laundry room was the safest place I could go to stay out of her way.

I was curled up and staying hidden in the corner when Mistress ordered me to present myself. I crawled to her and kneeled in front of where she stood. I was utterly afraid to look up at her. A fact she rectified by grabbing my hair and forcing me to look up.

"So do you still want to collar me bitch?"

"Little boy never meant to imply he owned you Mistress. He just thought of it like a wedding ring, and felt he should have something to give his Mistress when she gave him his collar. Something to symbolize our relationship, our dedication to one another."

Her stare softened. "You honestly thought that didn't you boy?" I felt the grip on my hair loosen. "The answer is still no, but you are forgiven. Do you forgive me my temper?"

"There is nothing to forgive Mistress, little boy was wrong to continue the conversation once you said no."

She smiled at me. "Tomorrow morning you are going to Richard's shop. He likes your idea and understands that the slut had 'a very public identity' that I have agreed to hide her from, but he still has no idea who she is. Take your sketches, and the measurements you took. Also Rebecca will be measuring you for her records. I have ordered our collaring day outfits from them. I will give you directions, cell phone, and your chastity key before you leave. Do not abuse that privilege, and do not let Rebecca make you cum. Once she has your measurements, let yourself soften and lock yourself back up. They will not be open yet, you will need to go to the back door of the shop and knock. Is that all understood?"

"Yes Mistress. What should little boy say if they ask about the slut's real name?"

"Hmm good question. I know! Tell them you don't know her name but you understand from me she was a B list TV star."

"Little boy will say that if asked Mistress." I leaned into her legs; she had changed into jeans earlier so I was denied the feel of the black stockings she had worn under the white leather dress for work.

"I'm feeling particularly energetic tonight my slave, let's play."

She led me down to the dungeon where she buckled leather cuffs on my wrists and ankles and leaned me over her paddling bench. She attached each cuff to a leg of the bench with a chain. She disappeared for a moment. I could barely see her between my legs as she went down the hall formed by the walls of the slut's cell and the wet room. When she came back she walked to the wall where she had her various tools of pain hanging. "I want to hear you scream and beg for mercy." I could not see what she had got but I felt the pain of the 'pimple maker', a flat paddle that had many holes drilled through it. A hard enough strike from it resulted in the skin conforming to it. The holes would allow pimples of skin to avoid trauma, leaving little specs of white against a field of red skin.

Mistress beat my ass relentlessly. At that point I doubted her earlier declared forgiveness, and was sure I was being punished for the collar issue. I hung over the bench crying, barely only acknowledging she had stopped.

I felt her lining my ass with lube and knew what was about to happen. The strapon pushed into me slowly, I begged her to stop, that I was too sore for it. But soon her hips were pressing painfully into me. It was painful, but it also felt so good to submit to her. I could feel my cock try to harden in its metal tube. I was beyond pain when she stopped. I was in what Mistress called sub-space. My mind stopped distinguishing pain and pleasure, melting them into one. Mistress released me from the bench and carried me to the table and set me down.

She straddled me, sitting on my chest. "Pleasure me." Succinct and to the point as she slid forward. I started without another word; she would shift her body so that I would serve either of her lower holes with my tongue. She turned so she was sitting on me facing my feet and began playing with my balls until she finally allowed herself an explosive orgasm. An orgasm that left her collapsed on top of me. My tongue felt like it was puffy and useless.

Mistress rolled off me and set her feet on the floor. Without a word she stood and walked back the hall. I rolled over on my side to get off my sore ass.

Mistress was glowing when she returned. "I hope the slut enjoyed the audio show. Thank you my love I needed that, all of that. It was not a punishment and I'm sorry if it was too much at once."

"Mistress little boy is yours to use as you see fit whenever you like. He will strive to take all you desire to force upon him with all his being."

"Let me take care of your strawberry ass." She walked off to the medical cabinet and I stretched my head around to look at my posterior. It did resemble a bright red strawberry, with its white external seeds. She lovingly rubbed in the salve into the tender flesh. "There that should be fine by morning. I just hope there is enough redness for you to show Rebecca tomorrow."

"Show her?"

"Well do you expect her to measure you with your clothes on? A bit counter-productive to make skin tight clothes isn't it." She gave me a big smile.

I laughed "Yes indeed Mistress, it would be."

Mistress had me wrapped in her arm as we lay in bed watching the 11 o'clock news. I was glad to be on my side, as my ass was still a bit sore.

Suddenly she squeezed me. "Why did you want to collar me?"

"Mistress, little boy does not want to collar you at all. He just wanted something for you as a symbol of his love and dedication, just as his collar will be a symbol to him of your ownership of his body and soul. Especially now with you trying to find 'normal' employment, when you work you will be away from him so much in a day, it would be something to help you remember he will be here waiting to serve you when you get home." I kissed her neck passionately. "He could never dare to try to imply he has any control over you."

She took my left hand in her right, and held it to her stomach, just under the mounds of her breasts. "Keith sweetie, I would be honored to wear a bracelet from you if that is what it is meant to represent. I'm sorry I flew off the handle earlier, it is just so many men try..."

"Mistress please, there is no need to apologize to little boy or to explain to him, he is but your slave."

"I beg to differ, you are more than a slave, you are my lover. Not to mention you are still learning this lifestyle. You have sacrificed much to be my slave, your career, your freedom, including risking your very life to stay in my possession. I should have never doubted your intentions, if I had at least calmly questioned them I may not have lashed out."

"Mistress's privilege, little boy love's you no less. Besides you did more damage for fun later than you did in anger earlier." I started kissing her neck some more and did not stop. I slid my free hand down her body and began stroking my fingers through her neatly trimmed pubic hair.

She moaned. "You are trying to distract me from this conversation. You bad slave." Her tone did not match her words so I continued, allowing my fingers to work down between her legs and over her pussy. "Do you want to get out of your tube?" Her breath was short.

"No Mistress, little boy just wants to give Mistress pleasure."

"Good because I wasn't going to let you out anyway. Now start sucking on my nipples and pushing your hand into that pussy, and don't stop until I say."

The next morning I was woken by Mistress pushing my face into her crotch. "Get me nice and wet."

I was in no position to argue, not that I wanted to. Eventually she rolled us over and sat on my face. She rode my face and tongue until she exploded all over me. Then she moved down my body and slid her pussy all over my steel encased cock. She reached under herself and pushed me inside of her pussy, tube and all. She took my wrists in one hand, holding them above my head, and my chin in the other. "You will not wash up until after you come home. I want Richard and Rebecca to smell me on you."

"Yes Mistress." I got the distinct impression that Mistress had just marked her territory.

"I forgot to tell you that I have an interview this afternoon. If you are not home by the time I need to leave, I will lock the slut up in her cell."

"Okay Mistress. Little boy will go and do his enemas and get the slut ready for her day."

"Just take care of yourself; I'll take care of her after you're on your way."

I was getting dressed just finishing in the wet room when Mistress walked in. "Everything you need is on my desk. Your keys, directions, cell phone, wallet with some cash, and the paperwork are all there. And don't forget your drawings. Behave and do me proud." She removed her necklace with the key to my tube on it, slipping it over my head and tucking it in my shirt. "You may only handle the chain, do not touch the key itself with your hands."

"Of course Mistress."


Mistress had rolled us onto our side; finally the weight was removed from my arms and shins. Her left leg was resting on me; the foot was pressed into my groin.

"Mmmm. Little boy, lick your Mistress."

I was not sure if she was awake, or talking in her sleep like she sometimes does. (I've known the safe combination for months because of this, but I've never been brave enough to try it in case she was trying to test my loyalty.) I began to gently lick again and my Mistress just hums a little now and then.


"Hello uh... I'm sorry little boy, but I've never been told your real name?"

"Hello Rebecca. Little boy is my real name."

She laughed as she showed me in "No silly, that is just what your Mistress calls you."

"To me that is my real name, it has been since Mistress rechristened me with it when she took me as her slave."

"Well I'm not going to call you that if I see you on the street."

"Oh you want my birth name then, it is Keith. But please I prefer little boy with Mistress's friends when not in public."

"Fair enough, let me get Master Richard. Then I'll enter the slut's measurements in the database while you talk to him."

We sat at a cutting table as Richard looked over my sketches. "Helena's description did not do these justice. I've seen similar concepts, but they revolved around gasmasks or welding goggles that hamper the wearer. Rebecca can do these easily. Are the boots to be integrated or separate?"

"I was thinking separate. It would make them a little more versatile to wear more conventional shoes at other times."

Rebecca lifted the final presentation sketch as she approached. "I agree Master, separate will be simpler too. This is a beautiful drawing!" When she looked at the bottom corner her eyes got huge. "Wait, you're LB CAV? I've been seeing your work the last couple of months in the magazine's we sell!"

I could tell I was blushing. "Yes that is me."

Richard laughed. "LB CAV is short for Little Boy Cavanaugh. Makes sense and it was right in front of you the whole time Becks."

"What's the big deal?"

"Becks has been drooling over your work since it started showing up, she's even started a scrap book. Wanting to make herself some of the outfits."

All this attention was making me uncomfortable. "Umm Mistress said Rebecca was also going to measure little boy while he is here."

"Oh so cute! When he gets uncomfortable he starts talking in the third person."

"He's right though, you have more work to do. I'll leave you to it."

He left the room closing the door behind him.

"Okay, get naked!"

"Excuse me?"

"Surely Mistress Christine told you I needed you to remove your clothes."

"Well yes, but little boy just didn't think you would need it so soon, or be so excited about it."

"Come on I've even seen your Mistress naked." She seemed to drift away in her own thoughts for a moment.

I took off my clothes so I was down to just my chastity tube and the necklace. Rebecca walked around me. I felt so vulnerable, exposed and defenseless.

"Oooh were you a bad little boy, or was your Mistress just marking her territory?"

"Supposedly she was marking her territory."

She got right up in my face. "In more ways than one I think." She licked my cheek. "I've wanted to taste your Mistess's juices since I first met her. Maybe someday she will not reject my offer of temporary servitude." She gave me a smile. "Ok let's get you done and on your way."

She had been quick and professional about the measurements. At least until she got to the most private dimensions. She started with my rectal location and angle of entry, and then continued around front.

"I need three sets of numbers here, one with your tube on, one limp, and one fully erect."

She did the tube dimensions first off. "She marked you here also; I can smell her on you. Okay gimme the key."

I pulled the chain over my head and handed it to her. She had quickly removed my tube and started getting the info she needed.

"Men! Can't keep that thing soft to save their lives. Now I need to wait for it to go down."

With fabrics for and parts of fetish clothing all around me it would be hard not to have arousing thoughts, so I closed my eyes and tried to think of non-sexual things as she worked around me.

"Is that as small as it gets?"

I looked down "Yes, that looks about right."

She smiled and quickly finished her measurements. "Okay now for the fun one." With a slurp she sucked my member into her mouth. "When does this thing stop growing? I can't fit anymore of you in my mouth!" She proceeded to start giving me a handjob. Her hand felt dainty compared to Mistress's hands.

She quickly took down the length and girth of my erection. "Okay now time to drain this big boy so he can be put away." Before I could stop her she took the end of my cock in her mouth and stroked me with her hand.

I was mere seconds away from blowing my load when Mistress's instructions from last night came into my head. I grabbed the girl's head. "Rebecca you must stop, Mistress has forbid little boy cumming for you."

"Damn you were close too. I thought if I blitzed you I could make you squirt before you could resist."

I looked around. "Where are my clothes?"

"Richard took them, let me get him." I hadn't even noticed he had come in.

While she was gone I managed to get my tube relocked on my cock. When they returned Master Richard was carrying a handful of different clothes. He laid them out on the table. Pantyhose, a very short skirt, a corset with build in breast forms and a blouse with a ruffled waist. Rebecca was behind him with a pair of pointed toe heels, blonde wig, a backpack, and some sort of lower face mask/gag thing.

"Here are the clothes you are to wear home."

"Sir you must be kidding. I'm not wearing that!"

"Your Mistress's orders, you don't want to have her angry with you do you?"

"Well if it is what Mistress wants..." I hung my head.

"Rebecca dress him, I'll call the cab. You'll love Larry, he's very kink friendly, and he provides door to door service."

"Let's start with the hose. Sorry about this, I can tell you are uncomfortable, but I have my instructions."

"I'm only accepting it for Mistress. Come on let’s get it over with."

Soon I was dressed. The corset was very tight, and made me feel top heavy. The skirt had a built in panty that prevented removal of the pantyhose beneath it, and sewn into the waist were rings that were padlocked to matching ones in the blouse hidden inside the ruffles. The facemask conformed to my face; it had a sports mouthguard around a ball inside to be forced into my mouth, and had a realistic set of big red lips on the outside. I was sure I also heard clicks when that was applied, and when the straps on the shoes closed. I was sure that the box like clasp was also a lock. The backpack was actually a disguised armbinder keeping my hands out of the way when Rebecca applied some makeup to my eyes. Richard came back with a small purse.

"Here you go. Your phone and ID are in here." He put it over my head and across my chest. "Larry is here and I gave him your house keys and address." He gave me a push to the front of the store. "I left a note to your Mistress in your purse too sweetie. Now go and be a good girl."

Larry had been very professional, and knowing I was relatively helpless he opened the car door at the beginning and end of the trip for me, he walked me to the house door and unlocked it. "I'll set your keys here on the credenza ma'am. I hope your man enjoys the effort you went through for him. Don't worry, Rich paid your fair already, and I'll lock the door on my way out. Have a good day!"

I was still getting accustomed to the heels, they were thankfully short. Two, maybe three inches at most.

I went to the study and saw a note to me from Mistress, saying she had left and the slut was chained up in her cell. It continued that I should feed her and myself then release her to do the housework. Well that's not happening in my current situation. I sat in the chair feeling sorry for myself. Why did Mistress leave instructions for me to be dressed like this when she knew she was not likely to be home when I got back?

A few hours later I was scared to death when my purse exploded into Elton John's 'The Bitch is Back' It was the ringtone Mistress had assigned to her own cell number. When it stopped the home phone rang until the answering machine picked up.

"Hey baby, I guess you are with our pet or in the basement. I'm going to be longer than I thought. Ends up a couple of the girls I used to work with are at this company. I'm going to do some shopping then go to dinner and drinks with them. Feed yourself and our pet at dinner time. Love you!"

Shit! What is Mistress trying to do to me? I began to wonder if Richard took some liberties with Mistress's instructions. She would not leave me like this all day. Maybe she was toying with me, and she was just a few streets away.

I waited as the afternoon crawled into evening. Mistress never arrived. So I moved about the house simply because I was tired of sitting. The shoes had become a little better to walk in, I was just glad that they had not put high heel stilettos on me.

It was dark when I heard the garage door opening. I had been unable to turn on any lights, so I stood there in the dark hall. My cell phone rang again. Mistress had of course noticed my old Subaru was still missing when she pulled in and tried to call me.

Mistress came through the door with her back toward me. "Where the hell are you? You better get your ass home in the next five minutes or you will never want to come back!"

I mumbled through the gag.

She turned to me. Before I knew it my feet were dangling below me while my neck was pinned between the wall and Mistress's palm. "Who are you, what are you doing in my home?"

I tried to talk again but was unsuccessful in communicating. Mistress flipped the light switch and looked me over. When she locked her eyes on mine I saw the anger change to shock.

She lowered me to my feet. "Little boy? Did the slut do this to you?"

I shook my head no, twisted my body and looked at the purse hanging there. She opened the purse and looked in she opened the folded piece of paper. She looked at me in anger. "How could you?" She pushed me aside as she stormed past. I had barely kept my footing with the force she had exerted on me.

What had the note said? Why was Mistress upset with me? I heard her on the phone in the study.

"No I just didn't decide to free him! I just got home and found him this way! How could you let him talk you into that? You know I can't stand sissification! I want those keys now! He's going to regret the decision to want to live as a girl!"

Was she talking about me? I heard the phone slam down and I wanted to hide, but she was already in the door. She grabbed me by the neck and marched me to the dungeon and locked a collar around my neck, chaining it to the base of the paddling bench so my ass was high in the air. My wig fell to the floor and my skirt was pulled up to my waist. Soon I heard the unmistakable whistle of the cane. After far too many swipes for my taste, she disappeared up the stairs.

When she returned a while later she was not alone.

"Rebecca you stay here with this little faggot, I need to feed my other slave."

I felt a small hand on my ass. "Oh little boy I can see the cane stripes through the pantyhose. Has she been punishing you?"

I nodded my head.

"I'm so sorry, it was never meant to go this far."

"Get away from him, unless you want to get hit too."

"Mistress Crystal, please don't. He doesn't deserve it." I felt Rebecca's ass press into mine

"Who do you think you are slave? After I decide to marry him, he goes and decides he wants to live as a girl. Why doesn't he deserve it in your almighty opinion?"

"It's all a lie Christine! Richard was playing a joke on you two! Keith didn't ask to be dressed like this! He refused to dress this way until Richard told him it was your instructions to send him home this way. He's only dressed this way because he was told it was what you wanted. He didn't ask Richard to arrange a sex change or anything else in the note! I wasn't supposed to tell you, I was supposed to let you two work it out. But I can't let him be punished for something he is innocent of. You are too strong a woman; if you lash out in the rage I see in you, you will seriously hurt him." She started crying. "I told him it was a bad idea... You wouldn't react well to it... It would go so badly..."


"Chris, please believe me. I didn't want to be a part of it. Master made me."

"There, there girl." I felt Mistress's hand press against my hip. "Thank you Rebecca for stopping me, and disobeying your Master for little boy's sake. Help me free him up from this get up."

Rebecca stayed with us that night. Mistress even allowed her to share the bed with us. As a reward for her actions on my behalf; Mistress, with my encouragement, even allowed Rebecca to eat her pussy several times as I worshipped all points north of the belt.

The next morning the three of us set in motion a little revenge lesson plan.

Mistress and I were waiting for the phone to ring. When it did Mistress answered it on speaker.


"Chris what did you do to Rebecca last night?"

"Nothing! Why?"

"She got to the shop this morning crying and locked herself into her workshop and is refusing to come out. She just keeps saying it is all my fault."

"All I did with her was have her help me punish the little tranny wanna-be until his back and ass bled. She consoled me in bed later. And this morning she was here when I kicked that ungrateful whelp onto the street. I'll pay you for that outfit I locked him back in it before sending him on his way."

"Where is he?"

"I don't know where he is. When he refused to leave, I called the cops, as they came down the street he ran away."

"Christine we need to find him now!"

"Why? He wants to live as a woman, and I don't want a girl for a lover."

"Didn't he try to tell you it was all a misunderstanding?"

"No, why would he? Your note explained it all to me, so I never even ungagged him."

"Oh God Christine. It was a practical joke. I tricked him into that get-up for Christ's sake."

"So you're saying I beat my fiancé to a pulp and kicked him out on the street looking like a slutty schoolgirl, because of a bad joke?"

"Fuck! I'm sorry, I thought you'd eventually demand an explanation from him and he'd tell you it was my doing."

"What have you made me do? He’ll never trust me again. I've kicked out the first man I truly loved because of your ill-conceived joke!"

"I'll get Becks and we'll find him. He wouldn't have got far."

Mistress smiled at me when he hung up. "He's ready to shit a gold brick."

Mistress had me hide in the legwell of her desk when they got here.

"We looked all over the neighborhood, brought his car and even called out to him thinking he'd come out if he knew it was us."

Mistress sat in her chair and slid in with a leg on either side of me. I began kissing her inner thighs as they brainstormed where I could be.

"What about our shop? After all he probably thinks his car is still there." Rebecca offered.

"Across town, gagged, no hands, and no money. He'd never make it." Richard shot her down. "No he wouldn't even try that. Too much of a risk."

"I want to feel him between my legs again." I could imagine the sadness on her face by her tone. "How could you do this?"

"Christine I'm so sorry. I won't rest until I find him. This is all my fault!"

Mistress pressed my face deep between her thighs. My cue to dive in and slowly bring her for an orgasm. "I can almost feel him between my legs now" She moaned, and kept pulling me in tight.

"Christine if you want him back so bad, now is not the time to masturbate. Is there any friends or family he would go to?"

"No he really... didn't have any... one to speak of... Ohhhhh god that feels so goood."

"Christine get a hold of yourself!"

"Bad choice of words Rich." Rebecca laughed.

Mistress took her hands away from my head. I heard them hit the desk above me. Kill shot time! I darted my tongue deep into Mistress, and rubbed her clit and ass with my hands. She exploded.

"What the hell!" Suddenly Mistress was pulled away from me. I looked up to see Richard staring at me as I licked my Mistress's nectar from my lips. "He's been here the whole time! You lied to me," He turned toward the other side of the desk, "and you had a part in this!"

"Yes Master, turnabout is fair play."

"How could you? To me no less!"

"Don't blame her Rich; this is a preview of what would have happened if she had not come clean to me. I was in the process of beating him senseless, and would have kicked him out on the street. The thought of the man I love wanting to go through gender reassignment surgery broke my heart; it was more than I could take. Hell hath no fury worse than a woman scorned. I was going to make him regret living." She grabbed his shirt. "You should consider the consequences before pulling such an evil joke. It was bad enough you sent him home restrained without making sure I would be home to free him, I should take you downstairs for that alone! Maybe a whole week as my guest for the other stunt."

"Look there's no need for that. I'm sorry Chris, I never meant any harm." A smirk came to his face. "Well maybe a little physical harm. But I never expected you to go all out on him."

"Master I think you owe someone else an apology, don't you?"

Richard turned to me. "Lit... Keith, I'm sorry I set you up for the beating, and for dressing you up like a girl. But you have to admit you looked good."

Mistress let his shirt go and signaled me up to her lap. "He's not the only one you owe an apology to." He looked at Mistress confused. "Seems to me you put someone in the middle of all this, sending her to follow through on your sick joke. She was torn between her love and dedication to her Master, and preventing an injustice befalling an innocent friend."

"You want me to... Ah what the hell, I've ate enough crow already, what's a little more. Becks I'm sorry I put you in that dilema. In hindsight you made the right choice."

Mistress looked him dead in the eye. "You ever pull something like this again on me; you will be the one getting gender reassignment surgery. Truce?"

"Yeah, truce. Next time I won't be as nasty." He leapt away laughing as Mistress swung at him and missed.

She was laughing too. "Shithead! Get out of here."


Finally the week of our wedding was upon us. On Monday I went back to Richard's shop to try on my outfit and pick up the slut's. Mistress had been here in the morning to try on her outfit. While our official nuptials was going to be in front of judge, Mistress felt the collaring ceremony would be our true marriage so I was not allowed to see the fetish equivalent of her wedding gown for superstition's sake.

I was more than a little surprised to find out my outfit was a skimpy white set of leather straps. When Rebecca got me in it I found it was essentially a thong with suspenders and a belt wrapped around me at the navel, and one around my chest. Wherever the various straps met there was a ring, the upper set on the front perfectly encircling my nipples.

"All those measurements for this? Ninety percent of the dimensions you took don't apply to this." I smiled at her. "You just wanted to feel me up didn't you?"

"No silly, I needed them for other, probable future work. Now give me a turn I need to check this out."

"Another perfect garment! You and Christine are going to be beautiful together this Friday! I just wish I could have had 'the slut' here to try on her suit."

"Mistress said she does not want to have herself recognized."

"Who is she?"

"I guess she had been on TV or something, some B List actress. I don't recognize her."

She gave me a skeptical look. "Yeah I bet."

"I have something for you, a thank you gift."

I grabbed the sketchbook I had brought with me and handed her one of the loose illustrations.

It was a color depiction of an angel encased in a white rubber catsuit and wings, protecting a young girl whose ass was exposed and striped, signed 'For Rebecca -LB CAV' inside a heart. "This is for me? My own personal LB CAV drawing! It is so beautiful! The angel looks familiar, did you have inspiration for her from somebody."

"You might say it was inspired by a real person and event." I wasn't sure if I should be amused or annoyed that she didn't recognize her own face and body in my artwork.

Just then Richard walked in. "Okay little boy what did you want to talk to me about? Wow Becks, that looks just like you!"

Finally! It was just that she had not recognizing herself, not my skill as an illustrator. Rebecca blushed as she made the connection.

"Is that what you wanted to show me? You want me to have Rebecca make herself this outfit?"

"No what I wanted to ask you about is this." I pulled out the other loose sketches. "I want to have this made for Mistress to give her on our anniversary."

"Anniversary? You're not even married yet!" Rebecca laughed at me.

"The anniversary of the day Mistress took me as her slave, not our marriage. It is only three months away."

We sat and the three of us fleshed out a working plan.

Richard had a gleam in his eye. "If this works the way you hope, this could be a big seller with dominants for forced oral servitude. Are you expecting your Mistress pay for this?"

"No Mistress has given me some of the money I have earned as LB CAV to use for art supplies and minor personal spending. Technically I will be breaking a rule by purchasing something over twenty dollars without her permission, but I think she will forgive it when she finds out I spent it on her."

"She won't hear it from us! Right Richard?"

"Not a peep."

The morning of the wedding I was especially energetic and happy. I've heard of wedding day cold feet, but not this man. Mistress and I ate breakfast; it was usually the only meal we ate together at the table. When the slut was upstairs I always ate at Mistress's feet.

"Are you ready for today my slave?"

"Yes Mistress, Little boy wants to be legally yours as much as he is mentally and physically! Are you ready Mistress? You are not have second thoughts are you?"

"Never, I knew you were my man the second I laid eyes on you, I just had to make sure you knew it too." She gave me a loving smile. "We have a lot to do today. I am going to Knot Time to help Helena with the arrangements there. I will meet you at the courthouse at 11. Feed the slut, get her enemas done, clean her up, and let her know she will be on her own until dinner."

I made the slut a nice warm bowl of cinnamon oatmeal. She eyed me with curiosity as she ate it. Breakfast was something she only got when Mistress was working or away and I had other things to do outside the home.

"Sir what are you doing today?"

"It is a surprise slut, one of several for you today. Now let's get you daily toiletry done. Mistress will have both our hides if I am late."

I gave her two enemas even though it was her day for three. I climbed in the shower with her to clean up. Which is not uncommon for us, and then I dried us off. I re-secured her to the chain in her cell and left her with a big grin on my face.

I had arrived at the courthouse before Mistress and had met Richard and Rebecca (who were there to be our witnesses) in the parking lot. I texted her we would head in and wait for her. Instead I went to the clerk’s office and got an application for marital name change. When she arrived I had already finished the paperwork and signed it. I handed it to her. I could see her holding back a tear as she read it.

"Keith, are you sure you want to do this?"

"Yes, aside from the personal reason, it makes more logistical sense." She gave me a slightly confused look. "I own a car, have a driver's license, and a credit card, unless you cancelled that. You have the house, two cars, license, and a few credit cards. Which of us will have less of a hassle to change? And I'm already using your name professionally, well sort of." I leant into her. "Not to mention it would be wrong for the owner to change her name to match her property."

She kissed me and whispered in my ear. "You are the most thoughtful slave. I love you"

Once the simple services were done the judge reviewed my request for name change and approved it when I gave him the logistical reasons I had earlier provided Mistress. The four of us then went to a nice restaurant for lunch. A place I would never have gone to on my own for sure.

It was late afternoon until we got home. "Go check on the slut, I'll make a quick dinner and you can feed her before we get ready to leave."

I was waiting at the basement door when Mistress emerged with the slut. It was the first time Brandy Stallton had been outside our Mistress's home in about nine months. The irony of the correlation between human gestation and her re-entering the world as a slave was not lost on me. Mistress guided her into the car, and I secured her with the seatbelts facing the rear of the car.

"Was she a good girl?" I asked.

"No resistance or attempt to flee. At least not until I took her toward the door. She tried to stop me from taking her to it." Mistress gave me a smile.

"You are evil Mistress! You could have told her instead of scaring the shit out of her." I kissed her neck.

"Where'd be the fun in that? I'll text you when we're ready. I'll give Marv the collar." She kissed my forehead and went through the house to the garage.

I had been driving for about 45 minutes when I got the message from Mistress. I had been circling the industrial park for 15 minutes already. I pulled into the lot and got the slut unpacked from the back seat. When she got her footing she looked around and when she saw where we were she started shaking her head. She gestured to herself then made the throat slash hand motion.

"No one will recognize you. Hell I don't and I know who you are." Once again a way to wind her up later came to mind. "You better hope no one is dressed just like you, we may not be able to tell who is who." When she sees Rebecca and Helena's attendant she'll likely faint. I immediately felt guilty and decided I would give her some calming words. "Slut, trust in Mistress that she will not risk your life without cause. You have made her proud in recent weeks, which is why she has decided to bring you tonight for this special occasion."

She made a questioning sound, but I left it unanswered as I led her in.

Leaving my coat and shoes at the coat room, I crossed the room in only my body harness. I led her to the reserved table and directed her to kneel on the cushion. I looked around and saw Helena with her latex enshrouded slave near the bar, with Richard not far away with the identically clad Rebecca. He was talking to a man, showing off Rebecca's outfit. He motioned toward me. The man looked in my direction and I realized he was really a masculine woman, when she looked toward Rebecca and then nodded at me I knew Richard had given me the credit for the design. Marvin approached me from the privacy rooms where I knew Mistress had been preparing.

"Hey runt! The old lady is ready to start." He shook my hand and sat next to the slut. Taking her leash from me.

"I would never call her that, mostly because I still want my skin attached. Do you have the box?"

"Here it is kid. This her?"

"Yup! Slut this is Marvin; one of Mistress's oldest and dearest friends. He will be holding your leash while Mistress and little boy are on stage. He has Mistress's remote so no funny business." She looked up toward him and visibly stiffened. "Pay attention to Mistress and you will get the surprises I promised you this morning. Be good!"

Mistress had previously showed me the center-stage mark and I knelt just an arm's length away from it. On cue the house lights lowered, the music was stopped, and a spotlight hit me. In the harsh light I could not see the darkened areas around me. I set the boxed collar next to my knee and popped the top off.

When the other spotlight hit my Mistress my heart skipped a beat. There she was a goddess in a black leather gown. It looked like a traditional wedding gown, except for the material. It had red trim at Mistress's neck/cleavage, waist, and wrists, with additional red band at the end of each of the four ruffled skirt layers. I could tell from here she also wore a tightly laced corset under (or possibly built into) the dress to slim her already finely toned waist a few more inches.

As she closed in on me I mouthed 'You're beautiful'. Her eyes shown all the more brightly at that.

Finally she stood directly over me and all I could hear were the applause of the crowd.

She turned to our nearly invisible audience. "Thank you everyone, some of you have met my new slave, little boy, in recent months. Today we have made it official, we tied the knot so to say!" Again the crowd expressed its approval. "This afternoon it was the legal ceremony, in front of a judge; tonight it is the more important ceremony, the collaring of my slave."

As the fanfare died once again Mistress turned to me. I held up the ring of metal, plain stainless steel to another person, but to us a symbol of my love of the woman before me. "Mistress Christine, with this collar, little boy promises to love, cherish, and obey you, to worship you as his superior, to be placed in bondage to you, to be disciplined as you see fit, to take care of all your needs, to be humiliated by you if that is your pleasure, to love no other, to submit to no one else unless you so command, to truly be whatever it is you desire, to in fact be your slave in every sense of the word for the rest of his natural life."

Earlier today I had been so afraid I would mess up my vows, but when I felt her this close to me I knew I would not fail, because I would not embarrass her.

"My beloved slave little boy, I accept the gift of your very life with great love and emotion." She locked it in and dropped the key in my hand. She then held out the smaller version of my collar to me. "With this bracelet I promise to love, protect, and cherish you, place you in bondage to my body and needs, to provide discipline when you misbehave, to dominate you during every waking moment, to indeed enslave you for the rest of our natural lives."

I took it from her and locked it on her left wrist and gave her back the key. She kissed my forehead and pulled the light chain from a pocket hidden beneath her first skirt ruffle. I grabbed the loose end and we attached them to each other’s steel loop with carabineer clips. She took my hand and pulled me to my feet to stand next to her.

"I do have one more announcement tonight. Some of you may have noticed that little boy called me Mistress Christine instead of Crystal as you most know me as. That was not a mistake. With the 24/7 slave husband, and the recent addition of our permanent live in house slave over there, who is affectionately known as 'the slut'," She pointed at the slut, who body language told me she wanted to disappear. "I will be retiring as a professional dominant, and dropping the Crystal name. As some of you know, I have already started referring my clients to other professionals. If anyone has interest in picking up a few of them, send me an email with your preferred specialties and, if I know you well enough to do so, I will be sure to provide my appropriate clients with your contact info. Thank you all."

All of a sudden the music came back on and it was the very first song we danced to at the Grand Street. It was when we started dancing to the song that I realized Mistress must have been wearing flats or very low heels, because my face was just above the scooped neck of her gown. I kissed the exposed skin with love.

The rest of the evening was relatively uneventful for us, there was some punishments on stage, a few of which where announced that they were in honor of our big day. At one point the slut had took my hand in her own fingerless hand and squeezed it then picked it up and made an act of 'kissing' my hand. I smiled at her and quietly said thank you. I had managed to catch a glimpse of Rebecca's eyes looking at me with delight through her goggles.

It was nearly 3 in the morning when we got home. In the garage I got the slut out of my car and I hugged her. "Little boy is proud of you slut, you were a perfectly behaved slave."

She nodded her head the little she was able to and laid her hands on her heart. That I took as a 'thank you'.

Mistress took her leash from me. "I should have had you park out back. I'll take her to her cell; I don't feel safe letting you handle her on the stairs in case she loses her balance. Wait in bed for me."

"Yes Mistress."

When Mistress came in I was down to my harness. "That was quick Mistress."

"She'll wait until later. I need you now." She unbuckled the harness, tossing it aside without a second thought. "Now remove my dress."

I found the zipper in the back and pulled it down. I slid it down her body revealing the white silk and lace under bust corset with its attached garters holding up the black stockings. I was not surprised to find her without underwear. I laid the gown over Mistress's vanity chair. She lay back in bed and pulled me in bed on top of her. "Make love to me."

"Yes Mistress."

"No I want my husband to make love to me, have your way with your wife. I am yours to take Keith."

I was surprised "Anything I want?"


I pushed her hands to the corners of the bed and extracted the chains and cuffs from under the bed. I clumsily attached them to her, and then repeated it with the ankles. "Keith what are you doing?"

"Don't worry my Love; you will not regret allowing me this. Well not much I think." I began worshipping her body. Kissing and licking her exposed skin. Dwelling over her breasts for an extended time before working from her stocking clad feet up to her precisely trimmed pussy. I admired my own work at shaving my goddess's alter as she looked down at me. Her face was flush when I let my face plow into her pussy. I worked her until I knew she was on the verge of exploding, and then stopped.

She moaned and thrust herself up at me. I resumed my worshipping of her upper body, then lower body again. She thrashed about as I ran my finger over her clit. "You bastard! Quit teasing me!"

"It seems to me my wife told me I could do what I want to her, and I want to worship her until she is ready to explode. Besides it seems my Mistress forgot to release her cock for my wife to use." I showed her my cock, still secured in its tube.

"The key is in the pocket on the right side of my gown."

I found the pocket in the ruffle and extracted the key on its normal necklace. "Is it okay that I remove my cage?"

"Yes, God yes! I need you baby!"

She was almost where I wanted her. I kissed her deeply, our tongues fought to be on top. I broke off the kiss, shifting to her neck; I brought my hands to her tits and kneaded them.

"Please... please... little boy, I need you baby!"

I continued to tease her and she continued to beg.

"Why are you being so cruel? I love you, please make me cum!"

"I love you too Christine." I ran my fingers over her clit some more as I got between her legs. I pressed the tip of my dick into her pussy.

"Oh yes honey that is what I need!"

I slowly pressed home for the first time into her as my new wife. She moaned and writhed under me. I held back as long as I could, but after three weeks of being trapped in my tube I couldn't hold on long. But I lasted long enough to give Christine two orgasms, one of which she had as I was just inserting myself into her.

While she recovered I released her limbs. With that done I took her left nipple in my mouth and waited.

I felt my wife's hand on my ass, and she pushed through my legs and stroked my balls.

"That was amazing; I have never experienced anything like that!" She grabbed my balls and twisted lightly. "And if you ever do that again you'll lose these." She released my jewels and kissed me. "Unless you can repeat that finale."


Mistress's feet were rubbing my sides. "I do think I like this present. Keeping my favorite toy where he belongs, right in my pussy!" I felt her hand on my head. "Is my little boy ready to be let out?"

I nod my head. "Yes Mistress." After hours of simmering in my own sweat and Mistress's pussy juices I needed fresh air.

"Maybe you can give me another orgasm before I let you out?"

I was torn; I wanted out, but I would not, could not, deny Mistress's request. I started licking right away. I was hit by a blast of cool air when Mistress squeezed out of the shorts. Fear ran down my spine with the chill. Had I done poorly?

Mistress saw the distress on my face as she looked in the shorts. "We can continue once I have got you out of the bag little boy, I had been teasing you. I think 45 minutes in there is long enough."

"Only 45 minutes! It felt like two or three hours to little boy."

When Mistress pulled me out of the bag, I stretched my legs and shoulders with a groan. Mistress rubbed me down. "Did it really feel like hours in there?"

"Little boy thought so. He was sure you fell asleep in post-orgasmic bliss, and you would not wake until morning. He was uncomfortable but content to being between your legs."

"I think the design needs a few more zippers, one at the waist, and one down the top of the bag, to make getting in and out easier. Please tell Richard that when you tell him he has my blessing to produce these."

"Noted Mistress. May little boy shower?"

"No. We will take a nice long bath together."

That sounded so good; usually I ended up seated between Mistress's legs in the master bath’s oversized tub, her breasts on my shoulders framing my head as she rested our hands in my groin. "That is even better, thank you Mistress."

She kissed me, held me close. "This was the best year of my life. Thank you for completing me my love."

I looked up in her teary eyes. "Thank you for forcing me into it Mistress; I would be a lonely incomplete man without you."

"Come on baby, let's get cleaned up." She took my hand and led me into the bathroom.

I am a lucky man; this Amazonian goddess is my wife and owner. I truly am grateful for the events of this night one year ago, the night I became my true self; Christine Cavanaugh's little slave boy!

The End

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