Slaviversary 2: The Slut's Story

by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2013 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

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2: The Slut's Story

I was serving Mistress and 'Master' their dinner to celebrate his first 'slaviversary' (what a stupid name Mistress came up with just to make 'Master' happy). I detested calling him Master, especially since he was no more than her submissive. But Mistress insisted he was her husband and I was nothing to her but 'the slut'.

I thought back to the time only a year ago that I was a professional Domme (or as Mistress called it: a professional dominant whore, because sex was expected by my customers), with a lucrative side business of selling properly trained slaves into foreign markets. I reflect back on that time and think if I hadn't been so greedy I would still be a free woman today.


It had started routinely and innocently enough, an e-mail from a General Nombuku, African warlord extraordinaire, who had been referred to me by one of my Arab customers. The General had a special request; he wanted a small white man, trained as a sissy slave. I took a few weeks and gathered photos from men in the city that fit his request and sent them to him. He liked an exceptionally tiny man named Keith Urnst. We agreed on a price and delivery timeframe after payment, and I told him as soon as I had my money, I would take possession of the subject and train him as requested.

Reviewing my notes I saw I had found him shopping at a grocery just outside the business district. So I began my surveillance there. Within two weeks I had his routine set and could take him anytime. I just waited for the general's money.

When I received confirmation of the deposit into my Swiss account, I went in search of my victim. I staked out his home and work, but saw no sign of him. On the third day of my search I got anxious and took a risk by calling his work and asking for him. When I was transferred to his department manager he told me he was called out of state for a family emergency, and that he had just got an email from him within the last ten minutes saying his family emergency would last a few more weeks.

Weeks! Shit what was I going to do now?

Then I saw her. Dressed in a blue track suit, wearing a ball cap and sunglasses I could not be sure but she looked like one of my competitors, a Domme who called herself Mistress Crystal. I knew a little about her, she lived in the southern suburb with her dungeon in the basement of her ranch home. I knew she was a judgmental 'high road' Domme that looked down on Dommes like me who included sexual service to their clients. It could not be coincidence a pro was coming out of my quarry's apartment building. I quickly took a picture of her with my cell phone's camera.

I followed her home, so I knew where she lived, then returned to the city and started asking questions to the neighbors in the apartment building. None of them had seen Urnst in the last week or so, and only a few of them remembered seeing Crystal once or twice since then, but didn't know who she was or who she was there to see.

That night I went to Urnst's favorite watering hole, the Grand Street. A bar frequented by the business class for socializing and customer meetings.

"What can I get you miss?" The bartender asked when I approached.

"Info, I'm a P.I. looking for this man, Keith Urnst." I said showing him the photo I had taken a few weeks ago.

"Yeah I've seen him here before. Semi-regular here, lives nearby I think. Last I saw him was Wednesday or Thursday last week." He was not being honest with me.

"Have you seen this woman?" I show him the picture on my phone. "Her name is Crystal and she has been hanging around his place, but none of the other tenants know her."

The look of recognition was automatic, but he tried to cover it, "Nope never seen her, what is he sleeping around on his wife with her or something?"

"Sorry confidentiality and all. Thanks for your help."

He knew Crystal had Urnst; it was in his eyes when he saw her picture. I'll deal with him for trying to lie to me another time.

I set up in the morning down the block from her house. I saw her leave at a jogging pace. I watched her round the corner, the earbuds trailing down to the iPhone at her shapely waist told me she was off for a long jog/walk, giving me time to remove my product from her house.

The lock at the back door was child's play to pick and soon I was standing in her dungeon. A cursory check found Urnst chained to the ceiling in a featureless room. He was naked and kneeling, head bowed when I entered. His wrists linked by a chain, as were his ankles.

"Hello Mistress."

"I'm here to get you out."

He looked up in surprise. "Who are you?"

"Where are the keys to your collar?"

"I don't know where she keeps them." He looked frightened; he didn't know where to go, or what to do.

"They have to be here somewhere, have you ever seen them sitting anywhere?"

He moved as far back from me as his chain allowed. “Look lady, please just leave me. I don't want to go with you."

"Look this is a rescue. I'll hide you where she will never find you again."

"I don't want to be rescued!"

I decided a more forceful approach was needed; I crossed the room and gave him a slap to the face. "Look shithead, I have an African warlord that has a preference for little sissy white men. He had already paid for your ass and sissy training when that bitch Crystal poached you. He thinks I'm already training you for his use. Tell me where the keys are or say goodbye to your balls!" I drew the hunting knife that was stashed in my waistband at my back.

"Please God no! Keep that knife away from me."

I grabbed the chain to his wrist manacles and easily overpowered him stretching his arms over his head and pressed the knife against his scrotum under the stainless chastity tube "Tell me!" I pressed it home enough to break the delicate skin drawing blood.

"NOOOOO!" He screamed.

It took me a split second to notice that his scream was joined by one with a slightly higher voice. I turned just in time to see the black lacquered wood come down on me. I could just make out the pink trimmed running shoes as I passed out. When I finally managed to swim back to consciousness, I had taken Urnst's place, undressed, and chained. My skull ached worse than any migraine I ever had.

"Let...Owwww!!!" The collar was a shock collar! My utterance sent a new jolt through me, which caused me to squeal, and get shocked again. The cycle continued until I managed to keep myself quiet.

I explored my situation. The chain to the ceiling was measured out so I could not reach the door or any wall. I looked at the door and felt sick to my stomach; Hanging on the door was a key. Had that key been hanging there when I came in earlier? I couldn't remember seeing it. I'd bet my life it was the very key to the locks on my restraints. I was sure my restraints were the ones on Urnst. Then the key I needed to take him had been behind my head the whole time. He had to have known. Had he already come to depend on her? How long had she had him before I came looking for him?

I spent my time thinking how I would escape, knowing my only chance was when she had the key in her hands; otherwise I was stuck there even if I surprised her.

When the door swung open I fully expected her to come in projecting an aura of intimidation, and despite myself I was indeed intimidated. She strode in, ducking under the door jamb. Dressed head to toe in blood red leather, a crop and small whip dangling from her belt. I knew she was tall, but her boots added a good six or seven inches to her already impressive six foot height, making me feel so small.

In a calm even voice she ordered; "On your knees slut."

I stood my ground, I would not be a scared captive like I saw in Urnst when I entered, I stood my ground and silently stared at her knowing one syllable would be punished by the collar.

"Okay, the hard way then." She pressed a button on the belt around her waist.

When my senses had returned I was on the floor. I tried pulling my hands front but came to a jerking stop with a tug to all my limbs. In the brief moment that I was neutralized by the shock, she had rearranged my wrist chain so it was behind me and joined it to my ankle chain!

She raised me up effortlessly to a kneeling position. She proceeded to walk around me, despite expecting it; I was surprised by the first impact of the crop. She worked her way around me twice, masterfully using the crop on my defenseless body. She stooped down in front of me and held my jaw with her left hand, forcing me to stare at her.

"You have likely cost me my slave. He is catatonic in a cage now; I think I stopped the bleeding from where his balls were in time that he may live." She hit me with the crop in the side. "He was going to be my personal slave when he was fully trained. Now he is useless to me." She released my chin and slapped me in the face. "Now I need a replacement, and since you happened to be the cause of my loss, you will replace him. Sadly you cannot fill in all of his intended roles, since you are not properly equipped, but I will make do."

She walked around me again, the crop brushing over my skin.

"You have two minutes to plead with me why I should not take you as my own. Go!"

"You bitch, I am a fellow Domme, not some subby to claim! You stole my mark; I was just trying to take back what was mine!"

"A minute thirty."

"I will never be your slave; you will be forced to keep me locked up here for the rest of my life."

"However few days that may be." Her glare had me second guessing this 'logical' approach.

"Look let me go and forget about it, I will find a new subby for my customer and one for you."


"I'm... eeeowch!" She had switched back on the silence function of the collar

"Let's get a few things straight. First, you are not a Domme, you never have been. You are a professional dominant whore; a true Domme does not offer sex for money. Second, you're 'mark' has been MY private property for two weeks, and was coming along quite well. If you had wanted him, you should have got to him first. Lastly, you are scum of the Earth, selling people into slavery. While what I was doing to the boy was not much different, I was willing to care for him and treat him with the respect he deserves for his service, not treat him like cattle." She turned to walk from the room. "I'll be back to feed you later tonight. I have appointments now, some of which I already had to cancel to take care of your worthless ass."

With the door slammed closed in her wake, I knew I was up Shit's Creek. I had broken into her place just after 9 in the morning and I had no way of knowing how much time had passed. She was serious, frightingly so, and she was not the kind of woman to make mistakes. My best bet was to play along and hope she became complacent. Would I seek revenge afterwards? I gave that much thought that day and decided it was not in my best interest. I hadn't the time now if I did escape, as I would need to train a replacement for Urnst to send to the General, with apologies that his first choice had become unavailable due to events that occurred in the target's life prior to my receipt of payment. I could not go to the police to have her arrested, I was sure she likely had security footage showing me enter her home. After all I had evidently set off some silent alarm to draw her back to the home so quickly, no reason to assume it was not hooked up to a camera. Best I could hope for is escape, and wait for an opportunity down the road for revenge.

In the weeks to come Crystal had spent the better part of the 'mornings' (I was truly unsure of the time of day) training me, beating me, degrading me. I knew the tactics; I tried resisting them while acting the part. But I could feel myself giving in easier each day. I spent most of my time in the cell, and when I wasn't in the cell I was being trained in the dungeon proper, or spending my time having enema cramping on the wet room floor. The entire time my hands either secured behind my back or with a chain just long enough that I could only reach down to my waist. I had failed to see Urnst in any of the dungeon cages, and she never elaborated on what happened to him.

Then one day about a month into my confinement, by my guess, the bottom fell out of my world. Mistress Crystal entered my cell carrying a steel yoke. I tried to resist but she had overpowered me with ease and had my wrists and neck secured in the device, my hands now held 18 inches from my neck to either side. She then unshackled my feet and proceeded to tie my ankles to my thighs tightly so I could not flex my legs at all.

She stepped out into the dungeon for a minute and came in pushing a sybian on a low cart, the power and a control cords were longer than the standard model, modified or custom I assumed. She lifted me onto it as if I was weightless, my knees dangling a few inches from the floor once I had been mounted on the machine. She attached chains to the rings on the neck of the yoke down to the cart; the chain from the ceiling was still locked to my shock collar. Stepping just outside the door, she watched me as the slack of that chain retracted into the ceiling. The sybian started its torment a few moments later.

"There, comfy?" She said as she closed the door.

"Yes Mistressss!" The Sybian was doing its job, but was set relatively low. Just low enough to torment my underused clit, but not allow me an orgasm.

"Today Brandy, you are to fully become my slave. From now on you are only to be known as 'the slut'. You will only refer to yourself as the slut, or in third person pronouns like she and her. If you answer to your old name, say I, me, or my, etcetera you will be punished. Is that understood Brandy?"

"Yes Mist.... ahhh!" The shock hit me unexpectedly. Mistress had not reached for the collar control on her belt.

"Not a fast learner, are you Brandy?" I stayed silent. "Very good slut." She reached down to my damp crotch, and then placed her hand in front of my face. "Clean my fingers you dripping slut."

I leaned forward and tasted my own juices on her fingers. "Now to prepare you for service." She strolled out of the cell, the speed of the vibrations went up and then she returned with a cart. The cart evidently had some sort of battery power source hidden in its enclosure as a power receptacle was in the side. "First things first." She pushed an inflatable butterfly gag in my mouth, squeezing the bulb enough to stop my ability to communicate.

The reason for this became clear when she pulled out a pair of hair shears. I screamed as my long blond hair fell around me in a two to three inch lengths. Partway through she shouted: "Now!" The sybian stopped beneath me. I groaned out loud, I was so close to cumming. She resumed cutting until I saw her look up. "Begin again, just like I showed you. If she cums I will punish you." Someone was running the sybian outside the room. They must have been watching me on camera. I blushed in shame, me a Dominant woman being treated as a common submissive, and being tormented by another submissive. The sybian turned on and off a few times more as Mistress chopped away at my hair a little at a time. "Now to finish it off." She plugged in hair clippers into the cart's receptacle and shaved me down to the scalp. I cried as I felt the clippers against my skin, "There, maybe when you earn it I will allow you a bob cut." I sat there sobbing, struggling to breathe.

She put away the clipper and shears. "I don't have the time to personally continue your household training, so I am leaving you in the hands of another. You will respect him and treat his instructions as if they came directly from me. If you do not, he has full permission to punish you, and then I will punish you also when I am available. And heaven help you if you ever raise a hand against him. I think it's time you were formally introduced. Turn off the machine and come in here, and bring the TV cart."

The door opened and a naked Keith Urnst walked in! He was pushing a small television cart against the wall and then kneeled before Mistress, kissed her boots and looked up to her for approval. "Did little boy make Mistress proud?"

She smiled down at him. "Yes little boy you kept her right where I wanted her." Urnst was the one controlling the sybian!

"Slut, this is little boy, you will call him little boy sir, or sir. Little boy this is the slut, you may call her that or any derogatory term you like. Also little boy when talking to her without me around you may feel free to refer to yourself in the first person."

"Yes Mistress."

"Now little boy remove her gag and prepare her daily uniform like I instructed you to."

"Yes Mistress."

He quickly did as told and when he walked to the cart, Mistress stood before me, hands on hips, a smug look on her face. I couldn't wait until I got the situation reversed. "So do you understand your instructions slut?"

"You don't believe I am going to submIIITTT..." What the hell? She didn't move to activate the collar. Had she added some voice recognition thing that heard me use first person and automatically shock me?

"A tad slow little boy. Don't worry; I'm sure the slut will give you a lot of practice. You will improve." She looked at me again. "You will submit to him, you have no choice in the matter. He is my love slave, and head of my household staff. You are my household staff." She gave me a look that would melt steel. "He opted to stay on with me despite what you did to him while he was in my care. He is my most prized possession. If harm comes to him because of you, you will experience pain for the rest of your natural life." She looked to him again. "Set up the basics except for the wrist shackles. When I return we will add the final touches, and then the shackles later tonight."

"As you taught little boy, he will do." With that she left the room closing the door behind her.

Urnst untied my legs, and with a groan I stretched my legs. "Take a moment to get feeling back then stand when you are ready."

When I started to stand I noticed the neck chain shortened. Urnst moved the sybian out of the way.

"We can escape Keith, get me free and I'll help you get away." I saw him press a button on the band around his wrist and I was shocked by the collar.

"You don't understand, do you slut? I am here willingly, I could have ran after your attack, or left when Mistress offered me my freedom because of the attack. I want to be her slave. She has won my heart and loyalty. Keith Urnst may be my legal name, but I am now and forever her 'little boy'. And there is no 'me' or 'I' in your vocabulary anymore either. Now lift your feet."

I did as instructed and 'little boy' pulled a familiar pair of ballet style ankle boots out of the cart. Mistress had me wearing these quite often recently. They did not have the customary stiletto heel; instead the sole was solid like a wedge shoe, more stability, with the same discomfort. She said this would be my daily uniform, she was expecting me to wear ballet boots daily! Little boy laced them on securely, and then secured the straps around the ankles with Mistress's special custom padlocks. The boots were not coming off without the key or a bolt cutter.

Next came a white rubber under-bust corset, the kind with no busk and had laces up the back. "Mistress has several of these for you in different colors." He started tightening it down; I could feel the boning constricting my torso.

"Little boy sir, it's too tight!"

"Good slut, you finally addressed me properly. But the corset needs to be pulled another quarter inch yet, per Mistress's instructions; no gap bigger than the width of a dime or little boy will be punished. So suck it in or I will have to punish you until you do."

I did not take the threat lightly in my current position, so I sucked it in and held my breath as best I could. Soon I knew what it felt like to be a toothpaste tube being squeezed in the middle.

Finally he locked a ring gag in place between my lips and teeth. I tried to close my mouth, the rubber ring was rigid enough to keep my mouth open, but allowed me to close it maybe half an inch. "There!" He turned and looked toward the door, and knelt on one knee. "Mistress, little boy has the slut prepared for your inspection, he waits to see if he has met with your expectations."

A few minutes later Mistress returns walks past the prostrate Urnst and proceeds to spin me about for inspection. "Little boy, I am happy. You did a good job on the slut, and handled her well from what I saw. Now get ready for the next part." She turned to me. "Now you threatened to castrate little boy a few weeks ago, I think it only fitting he do the same essential thing to you."

"Nooooo!" I managed to yell. He had driven me to the very edge of the cliff several times while Mistress cut my hair, now she was going to have him cut out my clit!

Little boy came over not with a knife, but a stainless steel female chastity belt, not a cheap one either.

"Remember how I taught you to do it"

"Yes Ma'am"

He soon had it expertly applied, the belt and crotch shield locked together just below where my navel would be behind the corset.

"Now slut, you know how I prefer matched locks on my slaves?"

"Es Istress."

"Well your and little boy's chastity belts are an exception. The key please little boy." She took the offered key and walked to the cart. "Those locks are unique, and custom. They are different from any other lock in my arsenal or the world. They are pick proof, with titanium shackle and body, and the manufacturer destroyed the records of the tumbler arrangements and molds at my request." She pulled out a glass and set it in front of her. With an evil smile she dropped the key in the glass. It sizzled, bubbled and disappeared as the acid ate the metal. "Now there is only one key in the world that can remove your belt, I have it, and if you ever hurt me or little boy it will be destroyed also."

She came over with two different lengths of chain and a spreader bar with a snap hook at each end of the three. "Little boy when I tell you lower the winch."

"Yes Mistress."

She attached the spreader bar to my boot locks, and one end of the long chain to the bar. "Now little boy." Mistress pushed my torso down until it was parallel to the floor. The other snap hook was attached to the yoke. I felt a yank on my gag as my head was pulled back and attached to something.

"Little boy come here. Tell the slut when the last time I allowed you to cum was."

"Slut, Mistress allowed little boy to cum for her ten days ago."

"I'm sure you remember when I took your blood a few weeks ago, well the tests came back that you are disease free, so little boy is going bareback to deposit a load in your ass."

"Ine a nal ergen!"

"Wow I must say that that is a surprise! You probably will wish you weren't in a second."

At that she took the necklace from her neck and unlocked little boy's chastity tube with the key on it. With his cock free she teased him to attention. His prick was one of the largest I had seen, and definitely the largest I have seen on anybody his size. Indeed I was wishing I had a bit of anal experience.

He had gone behind me, his touch was unsure. "Mistress, little boy does not want to fuck the slut's ass. He wants to only make love to you when you want him."

"I am honored you want to be used by only me, but you will stick that cock, my cock, in her or anyone else I choose when I say or maybe you would like the keys to your chastity tube to be destroyed like the slut's key here." She smiled at him as I felt him lube my exposed hole. "Slow and steady, wait for the end little boy. You cum too early you'll wish you accepted her offer of escape."

"Yes ma'am, little boy will be slow."

Little boy began pressing into me. It was rather uncomfortable, but I took the same advice I had told so many of my clients; relax and it will be relatively painless. Maybe I should have let someone take my anal cherry before, so I would have known how poor that advice really was.

"Slut here is some news highlights since your training began here. They should be of extreme interest to you."

Soon the TV was showing news reports from the local networks. Happy homecomings of various people held prisoner in one far off land or another followed by the arrests of the people's captors. I quickly realized that these people were my victims and customers. Every one of my captures, 18 in all, had been freed by Interpol and/or the regional law enforcement to their buyer.

The last scene was a blaze at my very own home, the reporter giving my name and commenting on my being the local woman accused of selling abductees into slavery, and how I was now on the FBI's Most Wanted List. The police was sure it was arson that claimed my home, but they were unsure if I had done it myself, or if it was revenge of one of my victim's or former customers that now were disgraced and facing prosecution.

"Not yet little boy." He groaned in frustration. Mistress turned off the TV."I anonymously turned in your files of your slave selling operation, except little boy's, to the local FBI office. The good news, I transferred all your personal bank accounts before then, both the Swiss and domestic, to one of my untraceable Swiss accounts. I have made a large anonymous donation to the fund created to help with the victim's rehabilitation from there. The bad news..." There was worse news? " your former clients, including General Nombuku have put contracts out on you. So if you displease me or try to escape, I just let it be known in the underworld that you are alive and leaving town. Both the FBI and countless hit men will be chasing you."

I was trapped. When (If) I escaped from Crystal I would need to live off the grid and lay low. Plus have no funds to rely on to do it.

"You may cum little boy!" I felt his pent up release explode into me. He sighed and relaxed against me.

"For the record I had nothing to do with your home being burned to the ground. That was... an unexpected turn of events. I had expected that the FBI would seize it and sell it, with the proceeds being given to your victims. Maybe someone was afraid of more evidence being found, or some of your more personal clients afraid their recreation would become public. Now slut, do you appreciate the situation you are in and accept my protection in exchange for your domestic slavery?"

I couldn't believe what a mess this had become. I had no real choice; Life on the run, death, or slavery. "Es Istress, his sloch achechs."

She smiled at me. "Very good slut. Little boy will begin your training in the morning. Come little boy, lets clean up this mess and then you can prepare dinner."

Slowly they removed everything from the room so it was just me, crouched over in the yoke.

Urnst was ready to close the door. "Utt ahot ee?" I saw him reach for the wrist band and press the button and got hit by the shock.

"What was that slut, little boy did not hear you?"

"Ital oy ir, utt ahot ah sloch?"

"Mistress, little boy thinks the slut wants to know if she is being left like this?"

I heard Mistress Crystal's voice from the main dungeon. "Leave her be until you feed her later. Now come along."

He gave me an apologetic look and closed the door.

Later that night little boy let me down and replaced the yoke with the shackles linked to my collar. It was then that I learned I was going to be spoon feeding myself pureed food through the ring gag from now on. He sat on a chair in the doorway while I ate.

"Slut, for your sake and my own, do not fight me while I am in charge of you. If you do, Mistress has given me strict instructions to punish you. Then you will be punished by Mistress later, and I'll be forced to watch. I do not like to hurt people, and I do not enjoy watching it, it goes against my gentle nature. But I love and fear Mistress so I will do as she commands if you force my hand. A fair warning don't you agree?"

I nod "Es ir."

"Good slut, do our Mistress proud, little boy can be happy, and the slut can be at least pain free if not happy."

Little boy chained me to the wet room toilet while he laid out my sleeping mat and bucket (in case I needed to urinate during the night) He washed me up and returned me to the cell where I was allowed to sit on my mat as little boy unlocked and removed my gag and boots. He closed the door and I was in darkness when the light was turned out.

A daily pattern was developed. Little boy would dress me in my 'uniform' each morning and walk me through the wet room routine of enemas, toilet, teeth, and a basic cleaning. I played the dutiful servant to a tee during the day. Then at night Mistress Crystal or little boy would take me through the evening ritual and lock me to the chain in the cell. I learned that on Tuesdays and Saturdays Mistress would come and remove the chastity belt and corset to clean my body and shave me, often teasing me to the brink of orgasm before calling little boy to put me in a fresh corset and to reseal me into the belt.

One day Mistress had sent little boy to the market to pick up some odds and ends, I had completed my current task in the time he was gone. In the absence of little boy giving me fresh orders, I decided to sit at one of the kitchen table chairs. Just seconds before Mistress strode in to freshen her cup of coffee.

"What the hell are you doing?"

I immediately dropped from the chair and went to my knees "Istress, is sloch os jost hiting or a inite."

"You can sit on your own time, which is from when I send you to bed until we wake you. Otherwise you are standing to work or kneeling at our feet waiting for instructions."

She lifted me by my collar and bent me over the kitchen's island. She proceeded to beat my ass raw with a wooden cutting board she wielded like a paddle. When she finished she escorted me to my cell, where that evening I was given a proper paddling, no mercy or dinner. Needless to say I didn't sleep well that night.

My ass was still sore the next morning when little boy produced an addition to my uniform; a curved piece of metal with an anal plug on the concave side, and a two inch diameter by six inch long rod sticking out from the convex side. "You won't be able to sit with this installed. I hope you're happy, you asked for it!" A couple of clicks and my rear hole was filled and any attempt to sit would be thwarted by the rod.

Three days later I decided the risk of death may be worth it if it meant not being trapped in this situation. I waited for what I thought was the right moment. Mistress went out for one of her runs and little boy had gone to the bathroom, I decided now was the time to escape. I moved as fast as I could to the front door. I was reaching for the handle when I got hit with a shock from my collar which dropped me to the floor, and it wouldn't stop! I looked around for Mistress and little boy with their little button devices. Where were they hiding?

Little boy came running over and dragged me away from the door and the pain stopped.

"You dumb bitch! What do you think you were doing?"

As I recovered he pulled out a chain set from the coat closet. He attached my wrist and ankle cuffs to the chain so it was behind my back. My hands were pinned to my sides at mid torso by the new chain and the original chain running from my wrists to my collar, my legs were doubled back and attached to a single chain coming from the center of the new wrist chain. I was effectively hogtied.

I looked toward little boy as he approached me with a cane, tears in his eyes. "Now I must give you enough lashes to leave twenty welts per Mistress's instructions. Why did you do this?"

I remained silent.

He was on the roughly the twenty-fifth hit when Mistress came in.

"So the slut tried to run?"

Little boy sobbed. "Yes Mistress." I was the one taking the savage beating and he was the one crying.

"Kneel in front of her." He did as he was told. "How many strokes did you give the slut so far?"

"Little boy had delivered twenty-seven Mistress."

"I count fourteen welts, satisfactory for your first time." She stood straddling me. "Present yourself!" He leaned back and Mistress pulled her key from inside her shirt and removed his cock cage. "Stick it in the slut's mouth." Soon his limp cock had been pushed through my ring gag.

I felt her jogging pants drop over my head. "Eat me slave!"

I could hear and partially see little boy with his face in her crotch. His cock had swollen up in my mouth.

To his dismay she backed away from him. "Mistress did little boy do poorly in his worship?"

"No little boy you were perfect. Slut try to separate from little boy." I tried but could not do it. Nor could I tell her that. "Good than I got the sizing of your ring gag correct. It is just a bit smaller than little boy's girth. Now your ring gag is a cock ring for little boy."

Little boy looked confused, but I knew what it meant. His engorged penis would be trapped in my mouth until enough of the blood finally left it. "Slut you must keep little boy erect with your tongue but not let him cum until I say your punishment is done. Little boy if you get soft enough to be pulled free tell me. Is that understood?"

"Little boy understands the order Mistress, but he does not understand what is going on."

"Do not worry about that, I know, and I'm sure the slut has figured it out. You just sit back, watch, learn, and enjoy."

I heard the cane 'whoosh' through the air with the velocity that little boy was not capable of achieving. They rained down on me faster than I could count.

Little boy's cock got harder with every scream that reverberated down from my throat. Soon I was struggling to breathe as his cock started obscuring my airway. I indeed knew what Mistress was doing, she was teaching little boy two things: How to properly cane someone, and to associate my pain with his pleasure.

The bare portions of my back and arms felt like they were on fire when she stopped. The area protected by my corset was marginally better. "Now slut, make him cum and swallow it all!"

I changed the movement pattern and speed of my tongue and soon I was given my first taste of little boy's semen filling my mouth. I flexed my tongue and throat to swallow what I could.

"What happened here today my little slut slave is you got to feel the primary function of your collar. The exterior doors and windows are wired that if you get too close to them you will get a crippling shock, double the power of the average punishment shock. The only way you leave this house is with my permission." She turned to little boy. "When you can extricate yourself, clean up and make lunch for you and I. Leave the slut as she is until I come for her. I need to get ready for work now."

After about ten minutes little boy had managed to force himself free with a little grimace. I watched in amazement as he placed himself back in chastity. "All you had to do was follow the rules. If you run away, the police will come and arrest Mistress and take her away from little boy. You don't deserve my sympathy if you are going to do dumb things like that." He stormed into the kitchen.

In my pain and discomfort I hadn't even realized Mistress had returned until I felt myself being lifted. She hefted me with a grunt but carried me with ease. No wonder I was unsuccessful when I physically resisted her, she was a powerhouse that could likely out-muscle the average man.

I was unceremoniously dropped on the floor of my cell, knocking the air from my lungs. "We will be having a long talk later slut. Things are going to be changing here soon, and you will either be onboard, or underground." With a bang the door shut with me helpless to do anything.

As the day progressed Mistress looked in on me slowly adjusting my restraints each time without saying a word. For my part I stayed silent too. Eventually I found myself standing, spreader bars between my wrists and ankles, with long bars connecting vertically between each wrist to the ankle on the same side. The wrist spreader was attached to the ever-present overhead chain; I was hanging by my wrists with only my ballet booted feet able to touch the ground. I was blindfolded and still had my uniform ring gag in when I heard the door open.

"Dinnertime slut." It was little boy, I was actually relieved it was him. "Little boy hopes the slut likes Spaghetti-O's. Mistress said that is all you're getting tonight."

When he was done feeding me he gave me ten swats to each breast with a small flogger. "Good luck tonight slut; remember you brought this all on yourself. Your decision to kidnap people, trying to kidnap me, trying to attack me, trying to run away; If you had not decided to do any one of these you could be in a better situation right now. I'd try to get some sleep now; you will likely be in too much pain later."

I heard the door close and I was alone again. I decided to try to do as little boy advised.

I was awakened by the removal of my chastity belt, which was followed by my corset. "Anything to say for yourself before I begin?"

"Ease Istress ah sloch ss arwy see ried oo run!"

"You are not sorry enough yet, but you will be. If you were, you would have apologized to little boy when he fed you. Now it seems there are quite a few regions on you that are not red and welted. I am correcting that now."

I am sure I begged and pleaded for mercy, but they fell on deaf ears since none came that night. Every part of me from where my boots ended to my neck was beat by Mistress's arsenal of pain. Even my crotch was subject to the strikes from the canes, floggers, and cats. I was barely aware when the e-stim pads had been applied all over my body, or that my mouth, ass, and vagina were stuffed with phalluses. "Tomorrow I hope you will be a much better slave than you have been. For your own sake."

Again I heard the door close, followed by what felt like hours of white noise over the speakers. When Mistress's voice came booming through "YOU WILL OBEY!" followed by shocks to nearly my whole body. Then little boy's voice; "Obedience is pleasure." Suddenly the shocks stopped and the three devices filling me began stroking through me and vibrating. A pleasant tingle came from my clit and nipples also at this time. Just as suddenly they stopped "RESISTANCE WILL BE PUNISHED!" Mistress's voice exploded, once again joined by the return of the shocking. This began a litany of sound clips of Mistress and little boy saying varying phrases and the alternating of the pleasure and punishment meant to reinforce them.

"Slut are you still with little boy."

I opened my eyes to see little boy looking up at me, the concern was etched in his eyes. "Please forgive this slut little boy sir. She forced sir to punish her, and witness her get further punished for her deeds." The gag was out! That in itself was a surprise. I was talking normally, albeit my voice was a tad hoarse from screaming all night.

"I'm going to apply this salve on your welts, little boy is sorry if he causes the slut more pain."

Honestly it felt soothing, he was gentle and made sure to work it in where it needed to be, if I wasn't in so much pain it could almost be sensual, no wonder Mistress had been so upset that I tried taking him from her. It was then I noticed all the electrical leads had been removed, as had the plugs.

Little boy eventually lowered me to the floor and removed the spreader bars and ballet boots, and replaced my wrist and ankle chains. "Rest for today, we will resume your duties tomorrow. I will bring you lunch later. Now I must go and get Mistress ready for today she was very sore and tired after dealing with you last night and wanted to sleep in." I laid down on my mat and was almost instantly asleep.

I was reborn that day, truly as Mistress and Sir's slut slave. I was conditioned to fear Mistress's wrath, and crave little boy's gentle guidance. I had tried to be a model servant from that point on. I knew it was pointless to resist, I had nothing to return to, I had a price on my head, and my only sanctuary was here, as long as I was obedient.

I noticed Mistress and little boy being happier, and a slight more affectionate in my presence. A few months later Mistress had been leaving midday in what I had become accustomed to us her 'hunting clothes', skirt and suits that would blend in with her normal clientele. She had also spent a bit less time with customers, and dedicating it to research on her computer in her study, the only room that was also protected against my entry with the 'shock field'.

One morning little boy came in happy as can be carrying a bowl. I was getting breakfast, which only meant one thing: Mistress and little boy were going to be out most of the day and I would not be fed in the afternoon. I devoured the bowl of cinnamon oatmeal. "Sir what are you doing today?"

"It is a surprise slut, one of several for you today. Now let's get your daily toiletry done. Mistress will have both our hides if I am late."

I spent the rest of the day wondering what little boy had been so excited for. I enjoyed pacing in circles with my flat feet for a change. When little boy brought me dinner later he said Mistress would be prepping me for tonight's events.

When Mistress showed up she had an armful of black rubber and accessories. I was unlocked from all my adornment except the corset and chastity belt, and she had added my plug and rod plate. Even my shock collar was removed. She handed me a pair of goggles. "Put these on. Tonight you are going to be among people who may recognize you, these will help hide who you are, you can see out, but no one will clearly see in."

When I had them in place, Mistress slid a rubber hood with an integral penis gag over my head, lining the goggles up with their respective hole as well as the nostril holes with my nose. As she tightened it up, the gag was forced deeper into my mouth. Soon Mistress had me in a rubber catsuit with the rod sticking obscenely out of me. The sleeves ended in a mitten so my hands were completely useless.

She did some checking at my neck where the hood and catsuit overlapped, and then slid a posture collar on me with a click it was locked on, preventing anyone from reaching the hood laces or the suit's rear zipper, along with preventing me from looking anywhere but ahead.

Mistress looked at me through the goggles. "Good slut, you were without your collar and restraints and you didn't even try to run or resist."

I could have, if I had thought about it. I bet she was prepared for it if I had, but it had not even crossed my mind.

"One last thing girl, get down on your side, I'll help you." The final pieces of my ensemble were applied. A pair of traditional ballet boots with the thin heel was laced up my legs.

A sudden zap hit me at my neck. When Mistress stood me up she attached a leash to the front of my collar. "That was just so you realize you still can be punished, the electrodes pass through openings in your hood and catsuit neck. If you embarrass me tonight, I will let you on the streets like this and let it slip who you are." I don't know if she saw the fear in my eyes, but I could see in her eyes that she felt it in me.

I was led to the back door. I tried to resist as Mistress led me there. I knew nothing but pain waited me once I was within two feet of it. "Slut! Relax; do you think I would take you through the door if the invisible fence was on?"

She stared at me and I slowly shook my head the little I could. "Come on little boy is waiting for you, then I need to change. You will behave for him."

It was unspoken, but the 'Or else' in that sentence was clearly implied.

I was loaded in the back of little boy's car. I was required to lie on the seat facing the rear of the car because of the rod plate. Little boy buckled all three seat belts around me, pulling the slack out of the old fashioned middle belt. We drove for about twenty or thirty minutes until little boy's cell phone binged with a message.

When I was extracted from the car we were in front of the unmarked warehouse that was known locally in the BDSM circles as a bar named 'Knot Time'. Indeed a good number of people here would immediately recognize Brandy Stallton.

I touched little boy's arm to get his attention and shook my head, and made the 'knife cut to the throat' motion.

He leaned in close. "No one will recognize you. Hell I don't and I know who you are." He smiled at me. "You better hope no one is dressed just like you, we may not be able to tell who is who." He got serious. "Slut, trust in Mistress that she will not risk your life without cause. You have made her proud in recent weeks, which is why she has decided to bring you tonight for this special occasion."

I didn't resist as he led me in.

He checked his overcoat and shoes at the coat room. Under it he had been wearing a pure white leather body harness, with a groin pouch and thong rear. He led us to the front of the sitting area, near the dance floor and events stage. I thought back to the time I had had a slave or two on that stage, crops and whips flying.

We approached a reserved table and little boy directed me to kneel on the cushion.

"Hey runt! The old lady is ready to start."

I saw the legs of the speaker out of the side of my goggles as the person sat next to me.

"I would never call her that, mostly because I still want my skin attached. Do you have the box?"

"Here it is kid. This her?"

"Yup! Slut this is Marvin; one of Mistress's oldest and dearest friends. He will be holding your leash while Mistress and little boy are on stage. He has Mistress's remote so no funny business." I turned to him and was not surprised that I knew him, but by where I knew him from. He was the bartender from the Grand Street Bar! The very same one I questioned the night before I broke into Mistress’s home. "Pay attention to Mistress and you will get the surprises I promised you this morning. Be good!"

Little boy left the table and took a kneeling spot just off center-stage. The spotlight hit him and the DJ or juke box was stopped. Another spotlight came on near the hall to the private play rooms. There was Mistress, looking stunning in a black wedding gown with red trim, but rather than satin and lace it was leather. I had to admit she had a great body, well-proportioned for her Amazonian height. She strode to center-stage to a standing applause.

When it died down she addressed the assemblage; "Thank you everyone, some of you have met my new slave, little boy, in recent months. Today we have made it official; we tied the knot so to say!" Another round of applause. "This afternoon it was the legal ceremony, in front of a judge; tonight it is the more important ceremony, the collaring of my slave." Once more a round of applause roared from those around me.

Little boy pulled a hinged stainless steel loop from the box the bartender gave him. The kind designed to look like a solid piece of metal when closed.

"Mistress Christine, with this collar, little boy promises to love, cherish, and obey you, to worship you as his superior, to be placed in bondage to you, to be disciplined as you see fit, to take care of all your needs, to be humiliated by you if that is your pleasure, to love no other, to submit to no one else unless you so command, to truly be whatever it is you desire, to in fact be your slave in every sense of the word for the rest of his natural life."

He handed her the stainless steel loop, which she took and closed around his neck, using a hex key to lock the retaining screw in place.

"My beloved slave little boy, I accept the gift of your very life with great love and emotion. With this bracelet I promise to love, protect, and cherish you, place you in bondage to my body and needs, to provide discipline when you misbehave, to dominate you during every waking moment, to indeed enslave you for the rest of our natural lives."

She handed him the bracelet and he locked it on her left wrist using the same hex key she had used on his collar. She kissed his forehead, and attached a chain to his collar while he connected the other end to her bracelet. She took his hand to make him stand. I had seen many collaring ceremonies; the Mistress accepting one from the slave was a new one to me.

"I do have one more announcement tonight. Some of you may have noticed that little boy called me Mistress Christine instead of Crystal as you most know me as. That was not a mistake. With the 24/7 slave husband, and the recent addition of our permanent live in house slave over there..." She motioned to me. I wanted the floor to swallow me at that moment, and I could see in her eyes she knew it too. "...who is affectionately known as 'the slut', I will be retiring as a professional dominant, and dropping the Crystal name. As some of you know, I have already started referring my clients to other professionals. If anyone has interest in picking up a few of them, send me an email with your preferred specialties and, if I know you well enough to do so, I will be sure to provide my appropriate clients with your contact info. Thank you all."

With the dying down of the last round of applause and hooting a romantic song played. Mistress and sir began dancing. If I could have I would have laughed. Little boy was living up to his name, the side of his head resting in Mistress's cleavage.

Marvin leaned down to my ear. "To think, I was there when she first decided he would be hers. Never thought she would get married. But then again if not for me, you may have got away with him that day. I guess I was their lucky charm."

He had been the one to tip Mistress off that I had been looking for her and little boy. That had made me hate him at that moment; if it was not fear of Mistress's retribution I would have slapped him. In the short of things that day so long ago, I likely could have eventually got the keys and made a clean get away before Mistress returned, except for this man's interference.

The rest of the night little boy was on his knees next to me or walking behind Mistress. I had known the two other Dominants at the table with us, their slaves were on their knees next to them in outfits identical to mine, less the rod protruding from my ass, and the fact one was male. One was Master Richard, who operated a well-stocked sex toy shop that specialized in custom clothing made by his slave. I had little doubt the near identical outfits that we three slave wore were manufactured by the beautiful latex creature next to him. The other was Mistress Helena, an independently wealthy lifestyle Domme. Rumors were her entire staff was paid well to also be her on-call slaves. She was rarely seen with the same slave two weeks in a row.

Many of the dominants came to congratulate Mistress, spending a few minutes admiring her two well behaved slaves. One Dom had asked to take me to the stage for some fun, but thankfully Mistress rejected him and said no one would be punishing her slaves tonight except her.

That night Mistress put me in my cell. "Sorry slut, but you will have to stay like that until tomorrow. I have more important business to attend to. My husband, your Master, waits for me in my bed after all." She gave me a sly smile. I didn't like it, but was powerless to do anything about it. "Oh by the way you will start calling him Master, as my husband little boy deserves that respect from you." Then I was alone in the dark, forced to lay on my sides or front on the cold floor.


Though part of me still thinks it is wrong to call little boy Master (What good subby would call another submissive Master!) but ultimately I fear Mistress's punishment more than I value my own opinion.

Mistress brought me back to the present. "Slut this weekend I will see if your Uncle Marv wants to babysit you. Give little boy and me some alone time. What do you think?"

Great! A weekend with the perv bartender who likes to dress me up in sexy stereotype costumes. I would likely be cleaning his house dressed as a french maid. But at least it meant I was able to have a cock in my pussy later, even if I was playing a bound schoolgirl, cheerleader, or nurse. Sadly he has never managed to give me an orgasm, as he always finishes up too soon for me.

"Ith had es ott Istress ants, is slach ill ake Uncall Arv happy for er."

She smiled at me. She knew I really hated her friend; she had rigged his home so I was trapped in it just as I was here. He had sworn to Mistress to protect our secret of my identity, which he only confirmed for himself by my reaction to his statement at the collaring ceremony. I had been left with him while Mistress and Master were on their honeymoon to one of Helena's Hawaiian beach homes.

I may never forgive him for his part in my downfall, but on the other hand I also know it was much more my own fault. At least I am well cared for, Mistress is a fair person mostly. Definitely a fairer Mistress than I would have been in her shoes.

"Now go clean up the kitchen, I will take you down to your room shortly."

"Es Istress!"

Little boy entered the kitchen later and kissed my cheek above the gag strap. "Thank you slut, for making Mistress a wonderful dinner. Tomorrow I will help you catch up on your chores."

I know I blushed; he always gave me warm feelings when he praised me. "Ank ou Aster or roteking is slach rom Istress ath."

"I will always try my best to protect you when you are following my instructions, but Mistress's decision is always final. Now hurry up, I have more planned for our Mistress tonight."

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