by Loraspa6

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© Copyright 2013 - Loraspa6 - Used by permission

Storycodes: F/m; F/f; D/s; kidnap; captive; cell; chain; collar; shock; cond; bdsm; enema; enslave; oral; climax; cons/reluct; X

Author's Note:
This is a series of three stories (The last subdivided into two parts), telling the events of the past year from the view of each one of the three main characters. There will be repeating of several key events from the perspectives of at least one of the other main characters.

Happy reading my friends ~ Loras Pa6


It was days like today that made me regret retiring as a professional dominatrix and returning to the world of business finance. Nothing went the way it was supposed to. I was definitely glad to be home so I could be comforted by my servants. I entered the house from the garage and my anger doubled at what I saw; only one of my two slaves were at the door waiting for me. My loyal slave kissed my shoes as I entered. "Welcome home Mistress."

"Thank you little boy. Where the hell is the slut? After my day I will beat her senseless for not greeting me at the door!"

"Mistress please, if you are to punish anyone for the slut not being here it should be little boy."

"She does not deserve your protection." I hissed.

He cringed at my tone but was steadfast in his conviction, which was surprising in its own right. "The slut is not here because little boy directed her to keep cooking Mistress, the slut is preparing a special meal in honor of today. It is little boy's fault the slut is not here and he should be the one punished."

I went to the living room, my slave boy followed me on his knees, he was probably too scared of my mood to assume he could walk behind me like normal. His stainless steel collar, a bracelet, and chastity tube are the only things he is wearing on his hairless body. He remained kneeling as I sat in my chair. My curiosity was piqued. "What is special about today little boy?"

He looked up at me with a hurt expression. "The slut said you would not remember today, little boy did not believe her." He hung his head. "Mistress, today is the anniversary of the day you kidnapped little boy and made him your slave. So little boy planned a special meal of some of your favorite foods to thank you for taking me, even if little boy did not understand at the time what happiness you would give him."

"Ohh that's so sweet little boy! The slut was correct, with all my slave clients, I had never considered to even remember the dates of their enslavement." I smiled at him, which brightened his mood. That joy was so different from the day I first saw him.


I was at a higher end bar in town, scouting for perspective clients. It was one of my preferred hunting grounds for personal reasons. I had a knack of finding wealthy or successful men and women with submissive tendencies, which made my competition jealous. I truly was strictly a straight woman, but a client was a client, and since I had a strict no intercourse rule, I was just tying, torturing, or teasing my clients, so in my mind that did not go against my sexual preferences to dominate a woman.

A diminutive and nervous man approached the bar and ordered a drink. When he left I signaled the bartender over.

"What's that guy's story Marv?"

"He's not your kinda guy Chris. Mediocre job, no money, and a runt at that."

I mused he was indeed tiny, especially compared to me. If he was lucky, he was 5'-5" and petite, kind of cute but not handsome. I myself was 6'-1 1/2" tall without heels (which was a rare occurrence). I was very fit 33 year old, with a strict exercise regimen, and black belts in karate and tae-kwon-do. "Tell me more Marv; I'm not thinking about him as a client." I said as I twirled my auburn hair and thought about how weak he looked.

"Shit, you're on that live-in slave kick again aren't ya?" I gave him a glare. "Okay! He lives in the building around the corner, that's the only reason he comes here, definitely doesn't fit in or socialize with our regular business class set. He is some sort of commercial artist. Straight as far as I can tell, but too shy to even try to shoot for any of the women that come here. Not that he stood a chance. Comes in gets a few beers and/or mixed drinks and leaves." A customer at the far end of the bar called for a drink. "Look Chris, I like you and all but I won't get involved in your plans to seduce the poor sap into submission."

As he walked away to serve the other man he never saw the evil grin or heard my response. "I'm not going to seduce him at all."

A week later the little man was surprised when he got dragged into an alley by a shadowy figure. He was subdued by one good hit to his stomach; he never even got a chance to fight back. I quickly injected the tranquilizer in him as he struggled to breathe again. I carried him back to my car with ease.

In my 'dungeon' I set him up in the isolation cell. His new home was a 10 foot square room that was heavily soundproofed from the rest of my dungeon, with only the heavy door to mark any of the walls. This was going to be his home for the time being. Securing him away from my paying clients, making it so he could not communicate with them was paramount. I could watch him through closed circuit cameras, and talk to him through a speaker mounted high in the ceiling.

Hanging in the middle of the room was a chain and special collar. I locked the collar around the little man's neck and emptied his pockets. I left him on the floor to wake in his own time closing the door behind me. In my den I inspected his belonging; apartment and car keys, wallet, and cell phone. I took the battery out of the phone removing the chance of it being tracked. Opening his wallet I found his license, revealing his name: Keith Urnst. 'Time to do some research.' I thought as I started my computer.

I heard him yelling for release when I got out of the shower. I looked at him on the TV and thought of how I was going to break his spirit. The thought made me smile that evil grin my customers fear the most. I went to my work closet to choose the outfit that would instill in him the right mixture of lust and fear. I watched him for a few minutes from the security screen next to the door of the cell. I turned on the speakers and pressed the microphone button. "Take off all your clothes now."

He looked around for the source of the voice, in the featureless room, with the volume set so high, my voice must have echoed around him.

"Hello? Please let me go, I'll give you whatever you want."

"I want you to take off your clothes."

"Listen lady, I don't have much, but what I do....AHHHHHHH!" The shock from his collar dropped him to his knees. Right where I like my men.

"Strip or I double the voltage." He hastily unbuttoned his shirt and took off his pants. "All of it boy, then toss it all in front of the door."

He did as instructed, but was still trying to talk his way out. "What did I do to you lady?"

I opened the door and stooped to take his clothes. I turned to toss them into the hall when I heard the chain snap taunt, followed by a grunt.

"Sorry boy, but it is too short for you to reach the walls. Not that you stand a chance against me even if you had the element of surprise."

He surveyed me, starting at my black 5 inch heeled knee boots, black leather skirt, topped with a matching tight-laced corset with my natural C-size breast resting in cups that barely covered my nipples, black satin elbow length gloves, all topped with a very concealing mask that only shown my lips in their pitch black lipstick, and bright brown eyes. The look of utter disbelief and fear was in his eyes when he finally stretched his neck up to meet my gaze.

I for my part was surveying him at the same time. His cock was very pleased with my appearance, and I was pleased with its size. For such a small man, he had a very pleasantly sized pole. I knew I would need to get him on a workout to fill him out, just enough for aesthetics and added stamina, but not enough that he had a chance to overpower me.

Maintaining eye contact I started his instructions. "You will call me Mistress at all times, you are now my slave, you are no longer Keith, you are..." I rubbed my chin for effect, "Hmmm, 'little boy' seems fitting. You are always to address yourself as little boy, or this slave, or in other third person pronouns, if you say 'I' or 'me' you will be punished. You raise a hand against me, you will be punished. You hesitate when I give you an order, you will be punished. Do you sense a theme little boy?" I paused as he stared dumbfounded at me. I press the remote on my belt and he gets a shock from the collar. "I ask a question and you don't answer, you will be punished."

"Are you insane?"

I smile at him as I push and hold the button for a few seconds as he jerks in pain. "Do you sense a theme little boy?"

He looked down "I resist you, I get punished."

He jerks as he receives another shock. "I'm sorry what did you say? My ears must have been having an issue." I rub a finger over the mask where my ears are.

"Little boy will be punished if he resists Mistress."

"That's what I thought you said little boy. I am your life now. You will learn to serve me, both in domestic duties and to my sexual desires. You please me, you will be rewarded. It is in your best interest to keep me pleased. Do you understand?"

"I... uhhh... little boy understands Mistress."

I smile at him, he hugs himself in fear. "Tonight enjoy your last night in relative freedom, tomorrow before breakfast you will be fitted for your slave shackles and chastity device. So if I were you, I'd take the chance to masturbate tonight, because you have no idea when the next chance to get off will be. If you do jerk off, you will eat your own mess. If I see a drop of your goo on the floor you will be beat mercilessly. Is that understood?"

He replied quickly when he saw my hand moving to the remote. "Yes Mistress!"

"Good boy, you will thank me someday for being so strict with you." I walked out and closed the door behind me.

I tossed his clothes in the storeroom located under the stairs before I went upstairs, where I returned to my bedroom to watch the show.

He tried pulling the chain from the ceiling several times. I stripped down to just my boots and began using a vibrator while he was lying out on the floor. I could tell he was deep in thought. Probably mulling over how helpless his situation is. I smiled to myself when he became hard; my talent had not failed me. The boy was indeed aroused by the helplessness of the situation. I watched as he began stroking himself, I was literally in awe at how large his cock was becoming. I had really intended to only use his tongue for my own purposes, but the more I looked at him, the hornier I got for that cock. I zoomed in so it was almost life-size.

"It would be a crime to let such a beautiful cock go to waste." I said out loud.

I was working my clit and pussy hard as I watched my new slave work his cock just as hard. All of a sudden he moaned and said: "Mistress, please allow little boy to eat your glorious pussy."

I literally had an orgasm at that; the thought of him already fantasizing of me had pushed me over the edge. As I drifted down from my cloud I watched as he finished off squirting all over his belly and chest. He took a bit of cum on his finger and tasted it. He made a face of disgust, but continued to feed himself the seed of his own loins.

"Good boy." I said to the TV as I turned it off.

The next morning my new slave was waiting on his knees when I opened the door. I was wearing my jogging suit and the same hood I first wore the night before

"Good morning little boy, how did you sleep?"

"Good morning Mistress, I did not owww... little boy did not sleep well, his floor is hard."

"Well you'll get used to it, or too tired to care. One or the other." I gave a 'who cares' shrug. "Maybe with good behavior you'll eventually earn a mattress. Now it is time to be fitted with your accessories." I stepped out and returned with the stainless steel cuffs and chains I had set out in the main dungeon the night before. "Give me your hands." He stared at the chains in my hands so I reached in my pocket to activate his collar again. He quickly shot his hands up and out to me. "Tsk tsk not off to a good start little boy, two shocks already."

I quickly closed the cuffs on his wrists and secured them with the special key. "Now on your ass and give me your feet."

"Yes Mistress"

Soon his feet were secured just like his hands. "One more thing, this will take a few minutes."

I went to my storeroom and dug through the one cabinet to find the chastity tube two sizes bigger than I had originally expected to use. 'Now I will have to buy another this size to replace it' I thought to myself.

When I returned to little boy's cell I gave him a stern look. "On your feet, one false move or sign of resistance, not only will you not be able to sit for a week, but you won't be able to stand either, am I clear? Matter of fact, hands and chain behind your neck now. "

"Yes Mistress." He gathered up his wrist chain and did as instructed.

That's when I looked down to see his little soldier standing at attention. "Someone is enjoying this treatment!" He looked down in shame. "You got 30 seconds to lose the boner, or I will take care of it!"

When he couldn't comply I went and filled a large plastic cup with ice and water and dipped his cock in until it had shrunk enough, I fitted the ball trap cock tube on him locking it with the same key that worked the mechanism of the cuffs, which I then slipped into a holder on the door. He could see the key to free himself but not reach it. "There now for your breakfast."

I brought in a paper plate with an egg and English muffin sandwich. "Here you go, I'm going to the gym, when you're done I want you to exercise, hmm maybe 4 sets of 10 pushups and sit-ups, then run in place for about 20 minutes. I will be recording and you will be severely punished if you fail to do it until I come back."

I was walking to the door when he called out; "Mistress does little boy get anything to drink?"

I turned to him and smiled sweetly. "You already have it little boy." I point to the cup that I had soaked his cock in. The color drained from his face. "Oh if you need to pee later, I would use that same cup, if you mess my floor you will be licking it clean. See you at lunch."

I was on cloud nine during my workout. When I was done I made a stop by the soon to be former home of Keith Urnst, I made my way through the building my ball cap and oversized dark sunglasses hiding my identity from passerby and security cameras. I sorted through his apartment finding all his important documents and stashed them in my purse. I browsed his computer to find out he had indeed had a lot of Femdom picture and story sites bookmarked. I sent an email to his boss, as Keith, explaining that his aunt had fallen gravely ill and that he was going to be with his family, and that he would be in touch as soon as he was able, closing with an apology that he had not been able to inform them until he landed. With his work thinking he had flown halfway across the country they would not look for him, giving me more time to train him.

Back at home I prepared a salad for him, and got dressed in a rubber full body catsuit to keep myself clean for my slave's pre-meal requirements, and to keep my identity hidden from him yet.

I open his cell to find him on his knees waiting for me. "Mistress may little boy use a bathroom please?"

"You have your cup."

"Mistress he used the cup to pee, but he needs to sh... poop and did not want to mess in the room."

I smiled at him. He had yet to look higher than my feet. "Good boy, that was what I was going to have you do anyway. I'm going to release your collar from the chain. Try something funny and you will regret it for the few minutes you have left to live."

"Little boy will be on his best behavior Mistress, he promises you."

I take the key from the door and remove the padlock. But keep hold of the ring it had been attached to. "Come." I lead him into the dungeon's 'Wet room' a combination of bathroom, shower, and water torture chamber. He moved toward the toilet but I held him in place. "On your back."

He looked at the toilet with regret as he lowered himself to the cold tiles. I applied a lock from a floor ring to his wrist chain. Using the wall controls I lowered a spreader bar from a winch in the ceiling. The spreader bar was two inches shorter than the chain length and I attached it with snap hooks to the ankle cuffs.

"Now little boy, I know you've read enough Femdom stories to guess what I'm doing here, haven't you?"

He blushed, and a frightened look crossed his face. "An enema Mistress?"

"Oh yes, see I knew you were a smart slave. Have you ever had one before?" I ask as I raise his feet up.

"No Mistress."

"Oh you are in for a treat then." by now everything below his shoulders was in the air, creating a curve through his torso with his legs in a perfect vertical line. He wiggles trying to get free as I hang the bag of warm soapy water from the spreader bar.

I slap his ass, "Stay still or I will use the collar on you." He groans as I push the inflatable enema nozzle home and squeeze its air bulb. I sit on his chest while he slowly fills. I can feel his eyes on my ass as I watch the bag get thinner.

I'm hot and it's not because of my catsuit. I stand and turn, pulling open the zipper covering the source of my heat. "Time to play a game little boy; I will let you expel the enema if you make me cum with just your mouth." I lower myself onto him and he tentatively licks my pussy, then he began trying in full earnest. Trying, but failing. I raised myself off of him and he stretched his neck to try to keep working and earn his relief.

"Is this the first time you've ate pussy? You are completely useless at it!"

He looked like he was about to cry. "I've licked and kissed pussies before but I have not really had the opportunity to learn properly Mistress. Plus my stomach is cramping."

I slapped him. "That's for forgetting how to speak properly! Now I will teach you the proper way to worship your Mistress. I would say it is in your interest to learn well."

"Thank you Mistr..." I cut him off by burying his face in my crotch. I instructed him on the best way to perform cunnilingus, and guided his head (using a handful of hair) to the parts that pleased me most.

After I finally had my orgasm I got up and with the best look of disgust I could manage I told him; "That was finally adequate slave. We will repeat this daily until you get it right." In truth once past the initial learning stage he was surprisingly skilled. I deflated the plug and lowered him to the floor. "Let it out whenever you wish, but don't take too long, you have two more enemas to go today."

"Mistress, right here on the floor?"

"Yes, you have not earned the privilege of the toilet. When we are done you will hose down the equipment and the room. Only after this wet room is hosed clean to my approval, we'll get you a shower and you will eat."

As he suffered through two more enemas, I explained to him more of my rules for him, such as maintaining a hairless body from below the eyes, the enema routine, and exercising regularly.

When he was finally done eating, I informed him he would be in his cell most of the afternoon and evening. "I have slaves coming and they do not need to hear your whining. You best be quiet, one sound and you will regret ever being born."

I swear I saw a glimmer of jealousy in his eyes when he asked; "Little boy is not Mistress's only slave? Mistress has other slaves?"

"Have, no. Unlike you little boy, my other slaves pay me to treat them like I do you, and then I send them home to masturbate themselves, if I have not locked them into a device like yours before sending them home." I give him an affectionate rub after I lock his collar back to the overhead chain. "You should feel special; I give you my services all day in exchange for your attention to my needs once you are fully trained. You be a good boy."

I looked in on him between my appointments via the cameras. In the late afternoon I donned my mask and took in a bucket, and told him if he needed to piss or release anymore of his earlier enema to do it in there. He thanked me as I closed the door.

That evening I was tired, I made frozen dinners in the microwave. When I brought little boy's to him he had been sitting calmly in the room. I handed him his dinner tray with the plastic fork and knife.

"Thank you Mistress. How was your day?"

I saw a slight smile cross his face when he had glanced up. "It was fine little boy, what did you do with your afternoon?" It was a stupid question, but I would oblige a polite conversation with him if it helped him to bond with me.

"Little boy reflected on his training this morning, trying to ensure he remembers what Mistress wants when he worships her properly. He hopes Mistress will give him a chance to practice tonight."

"Really? I'm impressed I may just allow that."

"Mistress, little boy thinks you are a beautiful woman, and you look even more beautiful close up than you do from across the room of the Grand Street Bar."

That took me by complete surprise! Was he fishing for clues or had he actually recognized me? Did my height give me away? "Slave, what makes you think you know me from a bar?"

He looked at me with an 'are-you-an-idiot' face that made me want to slap him. "Little boy suspected he knew Mistress from there because he recognized your figure, so tall and fit. But when you came in without your mask it was obvious even to him."

Fuck me! I reached for my face and felt my leather glove touch my bare cheek. "Shit!" How could I forget my mask? Now I could never let him go if I decided to not keep him. I definitely didn't want him to see this as a weakness in me, but with my automatic response to his revelation, it would be obvious to him now that I fucked up.

"You better make sure you please me now, that mask protecting my identity was the only thing that would have allowed you to return to your old life. Now if you fail to live up to my expectations, it will be a shallow grave in the mountains for you."

I looked at him, his head hanging low, arms crossed below his chest. I think he was more scared now than he was before. He saw me staring at him. "This slave understands Mistress; please allow him to begin pleasing you by practicing eating his Mistress's pussy."

Before my desire was strong enough, now I had cooled remarkably. "Tomorrow, during your enema. Rest tonight." I walked out and closed the door behind me.

After some soul searching I decided there was no use turning back now. Despite my threat, I could not kill him. I may enjoy delivering punishment, but I am not that cold-blooded. I needed to make him fear and respect me, and I felt he was well on his way to that already.

The next week I followed the same general routine, introducing him a little more to the life of a slave. He had learned to take a strapon, the feel of the various whips, crops, and paddles, and most importantly; how to properly worship my body. By the beginning of the second week I was beginning to believe he was truly enjoying himself, but I also felt he was acting the part in hopes I would make another mistake, allowing him to escape.

I had cautiously returned to his apartment a few times to maintain the illusion of being out of town to his work, along with slipping out most of his personal affects that I deemed worthy of keeping. Near the end of the second week I had been a few minutes into a run when my music got interrupted by an incoming call. This was a small miracle because so few people even had my mobile number. I pressed the control on the headset to answer it. "Hello?"

"Chris, hey it's Marv. I know you said to only call you here if it was reeeaaaallly important, but I thought you needed to know this."

I stopped where I was. "What's up?" My first thought it was a problem at the bar, which I have a small stake in with Marv and our other two partners.

"Some woman was at the bar last night at closing, was asking about that runt you were checking out a few weeks ago."


"No, definitely not, said she was a private investigator, but her technique was all wrong. Asked when the last time I had seen him. I lied and said I thought he had been in last week. Then she showed me a picture of you in a baseball cap and shades, asked if I had seen you before. She used your work name Crystal and said that she had seen you coming out of the other man's building but none of the residents knew you."

"If she used my professional name, she must know me from the BDSM community. Thanks, but I need to call you back later."

I had a sinking feeling and returned home as fast as I could run. In the little time since I left a cargo van had been parked behind my house near the back door that my clients use to enter the basement/dungeon. I quietly slipped in and grabbed the heaviest paddle I had to use as a club.

"...are the keys to your collar?" A woman's voice, one I think I recognize from the local BDSM scene.

"I don't know where she keeps them." Why was he lying, he knows the key is on the inside of the door so he can see but not reach them. Unless...

"They have to be here somewhere, have you ever seen them sitting anywhere?"

"Look lady, please just leave me. I don't want to go with you."

"Look this is a rescue. I'll hide you where she will never find you again."

"I don't want to be rescued!" I heard the slap from the other room.

"Look shithead, I have an African warlord that has a preference for little sissy white men. He had already paid for your ass and sissy training when that bitch Crystal poached you. He thinks I'm already training you for his use. Tell me where the keys are or say goodbye to your balls!"

"Please God no! Keep that knife away from me."

"Tell me!"

"NOOOOO!" It was a blood curdling scream that wretched at my heart, and pushed me into thoughtless action.

Before I knew it the blond woman who I knew as Mistress Brandy was unconscious in front of little boy, the bloody knife left a trail where it skidded across the floor when I hit her.

"Mistress, I'm cut! She tried cutting off my balls!"

I grabbed the key to his restraints and removed the cuffs and collar. "Go to the wet room, use a towel and put pressure on the cut now!"

I placed little boy's collar and cuffs on his attacker. I picked up the knife and paddle and slammed the door shut behind me. Dropping the weapons on the floor.

I was ruined! By now my captive had likely ran for his life and the police would be coming for me soon. I started making a checklist in my head of what I needed to have when I ran. I headed for the stairs.

"Mistress are you OK?"

I took a step back and looked in the wet room, little boy was sitting there on the toilet holding a bloody towel over his groin. "Let me look at that cut sweetie." Fortunately it was not very deep it had just bled a bit. I wrapped it in gauze from the first aid kit I keep in case a scene gets rough.

I was subdued by the events, my body coming down from the adrenaline rush. "Keith, why didn't you run when you had the chance?"

"I... umm little boy does not want to leave Mistress. He has dreamed of being a dominant woman's plaything all his life. He loves Mistress for giving him the chance to be hers. Little boy needs a Mistress to desire his adoration."

The whole thing finally caught up to me, all my emotions hit a boiling point and I lost control and collapsed into him, crying like a baby.

When I pulled myself together I looked at him to see a deep concern in his hazel eyes. "Mistress, relax it was a traumatic experience for us both. Little boy saw the fear in your eyes for his safety; he knows you care for him deeply. He is yours forever."

He was not only still here, but the event had solidified his devotion to me. If he had any resistance left before, it was gone now. I could see the devotion in his eyes. It invigorated me, fueled my convictions that he was my one true submissive. Brandy had inadvertently broken him for me, denying me that pleasure. I vowed to myself I would break her in his place.

"Go upstairs, find my bedroom. Rest and wait for me there, I have some unfinished business down here."

"Yes Mistress!" His eyes shown relief and joy, I could tell he had been afraid I had lost my nerve.

I watched him make his way to the door that lead up to the house and then went to the medical cabinet and retrieved the medic shears.

She was still unconscious when I entered. I used the shears to cut her clothes off, tossing the scraps toward the door. I fished in my pocket for the collar remote and slid the switch to the silencer setting. Now as soon as she made a noise any louder than a moan she would be shocked. I gathered the scraps and closed the cell door. Using a scrap of her clothes I picked up her knife from where I had discarded it a bit ago. I slid it into its sheath. With little boy's blood on it, and surely her fingerprints, it could be valuable leverage later. That was something to be stored in my safe until it may be needed.

When I returned to the first floor, little boy was nowhere to be found. Shit, had he ran away? I looked in my bedroom one last time, and heard a soft snoring. I went around the king size bed to see him asleep on the floor.

I nudged him "Little boy?" He opened his eyes and smiled up at me. "I had almost thought you ran away after all. Why are you on the floor?"

"Little boy did not want to make Mistress mad by assuming she was allowing him in her bed."

I couldn't help to be amused. I easily lifted him up with an arm under his neck and knees, and placed him in my bed. I failed him; he was under my protection, willingly or not. "Keith, if you want to leave I will let you go back to your old life. I allowed your life to be at risk, you have no reason to trust me, nor do I deserve that trust."

"Mistress, little boy trusts you with his whole being. He has since you walked into his cell that first night. He felt a connection to you immediately. Please accept little boy's service. He may have been taken by force, but his heart was yours the moment you spoke to him. That has not wavered in me, err him. Do not let the interloper's actions separate us. You have saved little boy from her twice, Mistress is little boy's heroine."

His response surprised and elated me. "Twice?"

He became somber. "Mistress beat her to little boy, if you had not little boy would be in that woman's dungeon instead, and just today you saved him from her."

I gave him a reassuring smile. "Hmm, so I have. Very well little boy, but now that you are here of your own free will, you will have more responsibilities, and more privileges, like being able to go grocery shopping for me. It seems your cell has itself a new occupant, so you will be sleeping with me." I had two more bedrooms, but it just seemed right to me to share my bed with him. "Unless I am with you, the dungeon is off limits for now. My normal clients need discretion. And I have her down there; I don't want you near her yet."

"What are you going to do with her Mistress? Who is she?"

"She is a whore who imagines herself a dominatrix. But evidently she has also taken to selling unsuspecting people as slaves." Ideas of what I was going to do filled my imagination. "As far as what I am going to do with her, she is going to pay for her trespass. She will be trained to be a servant herself. I will have a part for you in her training later, after you are healed and she has been brought down a few notches" I turned the close circuit feed on my bedroom flat screen television "Let me know when she wakes up. I need to go disappoint a few slaves and postpone their appointments."

I went to the study and made the calls to reschedule my first four appointments of today and returned to the room. She should wake soon and I wanted to be ready.

"Keep an eye on her for now. I'm going to get dressed for work."

I had selected a nice red leather bodysuit to match my anger, and I had sat down to put on my skyscraper platform boots when little boy came in all beside himself

"Mistress Crystal, she got up but I think she's having convulsions now!"

"Easy little boy, relax, she is being shocked. She started talking; I turned on the silence function of the collar, something you never got the pleasure of becoming acquainted with. Every time she verbalizes she gets a shock. When she stops making noise she will be fine." I pointed down at my feet. "Help me with my boots."

I never saw him move faster. He looked from the boot, up to me, to the boot again, and back to me with a 'Why do you bother with these?' look.

I laughed as he laced them up for me. He smiled from ear to ear at me as when I did. "Intimidation, it is needed when the subject is so strong willed. Where did you hear my name was Crystal? I did not tell you that."

"The woman said that was your name Mistress. Little boy is sorry if he has overstepped his place."

So she had I forgot all about that. If he was going to be here willingly, it was time he knew my real name. "To you little boy, It is Mistress Christine if you feel you must add the personal, but only when it is between the two of us. Crystal is my pro-domme name, and you will use it when we are among others of like mind here at home, or at any other scene. When I eventually take you out in general public it will be Christine, and you will talk normally at those times. I will still expect your total obedience regardless."

"Little boy understands Mistress."

Time for me to show off for my captive audience. "Now do I look, scary enough?"

"To little boy; yes you are, but he thinks darker make-up and some punishment tools on your belt will add to the intimidation of the slut who attacked little boy."

"My thoughts exactly slave. 'The slut'? I like that! That may be her new slave name. See if you can come up with more possible names for her."

I lifted his face so he could see my eyes. "I want you to watch on the TV to see how viscous I can be. You should feel fortunate that I have had an attraction to you the moment I saw you, and that has made me be gentle with you."

"Yes Mistress, Thank you Mistress." He looked like he was a little scared by that proclamation, which was my intent of course. I don't want him to get complacent because he thinks I like him too much to punish him.

I put on a good show for him, shocking, cropping, and tormenting her. But in the verbal abuse I laid on her, a spark of guilt hit me. I had already essentially done the same to little boy as she was going to do. It shook me that I had become her.

Little boy leapt from the bed, down to a kneeling position and kissed my feet. I was greatly disturbed, both by her reaction to my exaggeration of little boy's situation and by my epiphany.

"The audacity of that bitch! The uncaring whore deserves this." I dragged him to his feet and pulled him into a hug. His head pushed up on my boobs. "When I told her you were catatonic and she had cut your balls off, her only concern was her customer and self, not what she had done to another person. She could care less for your state because of her actions." I kissed the top of his head.

"Mistress, are you alright?" The concern was etched in his face again.

"Yes little boy, I just, well I have compassion for my slaves. I try to give them what they need and strive to never exceed what they are able to take, and while I may threaten it, I assuredly would never do something that could do permanent harm. Her callousness just has me wound up too tight. I most definitely would never hold a knife to a struggling person."

I decided I had to admit to him my realization. "Keith something I said down there really hit home to me too. I am really no better than her. I wanted to keep you for myself despite what you had desired, she wanted to sell you. I was greedy to the flesh, for her it was the money. You ended up a victim regardless. You're decision to stay does not take away from that. I was close to becoming someone like her, and that scares me."

He pushed off of me and I loosened my hold on him. "Mistress, why did you choose me to take as your slave?"

I thought back to that night at the bar. "As soon as I saw you I knew you wanted... no, needed a dominant woman, as much as I needed a submissive man. I felt an inverted kinship. I could tell you were too introverted to admit it to anyone but yourself, and I hoped by forcing you into the situation, you would come to adore serving me."

"Mistress, don't you see the difference then? Your instinct told you I needed you to save me from my own self. You took me to help me, and yourself, in hopes we were each other's 'one'. I sure as hell would have never tried to approach you, you are so far out of my league, but whenever I saw you at the GSB, I was always drawn to your... aura of control. You always seemed to be in charge of all around you."

"But that is no excuse."

He smiled at me, a bright loving smile. "Mistress, I am thankful you took me. I forgive you as long as you keep me as your own and you promise to not do it to anyone other than that bitch downstairs. Now please stop this self-flagellation. You are infinitely better than her. Please, for little boy's sake."

"You're right, and for that I will not punish you for not talking as a proper slave of my home." I was now sure I had found more than a submissive, I found a little man with a nice big cock, and an even bigger heart. "Thank you, your acceptance of me, despite all that has happened to you, is the only thing that makes this worthwhile." I pushed him to the door. "Now go make yourself useful and make my lunch."


It was hard to believe it was a year ago that I had taken my first of two real slaves. Now little boy was legally my husband of three months. He took my name and officially became Keith Cavanaugh. This also meant it had been two months since I last had an appointment as a pro-domme. I had decided long ago if I was going to become a wife, I would leave the profession behind because I would have my own husband as a full time slave.

The night of our wedding we also had a collaring ceremony at the local BDSM club. I sealed a stainless steel collar ring to his neck with a hex key. Although I initially rejected the idea, he persisted that I should have a match to his collar. He locked the matching bracelet ring with the same key. I took some ribbing from the other dominants for that. But when I explained that to little boy and I it was a symbol of my promise to care for him and keep him safe, and since he risked his very life to stay my slave it was a small but meaningful gesture to his trust on my part. They shut up, and a few of them have since done similarly with their spouse slaves.

I was idly spinning that same bracelet around my wrist when I heard: "Istress inner ss omost ready."

I glance over my shoulder to see the slut, her stainless steel chastity belt sealing her whore cunt closed, and also preventing the removal of the hot pink rubber corset. She was wearing the very same wrist chains and collar I placed on her the day she attacked little boy. Unlike little boy she was shaved bald, hair was not a privilege she had earned. The collar now had two punishment controllers, the other in little boy's bracelet so he can keep her in line while I'm at work. She had long since discovered that it also activated shocks if she tried to pass through an exterior door or stand in front of a window too long. (Who would have thought invisible pet fence technologies were so versatile?) The rubber ring gag in her mouth barely had enough give for her to form words. "Slut, lay a setting for your master at the dining table with me, instead of at my feet. Little boy will be treated tonight, it is his first umm..." What do you call a slave's anniversary anyway? " It is his first slaviverasary after all." It was corny but I liked it.

"Es aam"

She carefully turns on her en pointe wedged boots and walks back to the dining room. A six inch rod extended from the removable rear shield of the chastity belt so she could not sit down and take pressure off her feet. Kneeling or lying was her only respite from this. The memories of her training from the bottom feeder Brandy Stallton to become our slave started coming to me, at least until little boy spoke and stole my attention again. Oh well, maybe another time to reminisce about that!

"Thank you Mistress, but little boy did not intend that."

I took his hand in mine, a sign of affection I rarely gave him when the slut was present. "Just a gesture of thanks for giving me the pleasure of being your Mistress. And for taking my bad day and making it a happy one with your love and adoration."

After our meal I had taken the slut through her nightly cleaning and secured her in the cell, removing her boots and rear shield, before leaving her chained in the center of the room. She ate her dinner, pureed leftovers from my dinner, as she sat lotus style on her bed mat. Back upstairs little boy and I settled into watching the television, his head resting against my right breast. He looked up at me with a big smile "Little boy has a gift for you Mistress."

"Oh really, you are full of surprises tonight. Well go ahead and get it." I lift my arm so he can get up, and he went to the entertainment center, returning with a box swathed in a unique bondage themed wrapping paper that could have only come from my favorite 'alternative lifestyle' store. He knelt down and placed the box in my lap.

"Someone has been doing some unapproved shopping, hasn't he?" I gave him a big smile so he knew I was not mad.

"Perhaps Mistress will use her gift to punish little boy for that?"

I laughed; "You're too eager!" I opened the box and pulled out a mass of rubber. It looked like a pair of rubber shorts with a monstrous penis sheath, easily four foot long and two foot in diameter.

"Little boy had it made custom for Mistress. He goes in the bag, headfirst in the hogtie position, then Mistress seals him in so his face is in the crotch of the shorts, and she gets into the shorts, and little boy is forced to eat Mistress as long as she decides!"

The shorts were a bit small, I knew the material would stretch to fit me, but they'd be practically airtight. "What about breathing? You will suffocate."

"There are reinforced air holes all around the face-crotch seam, all little boy must do is pull his head back and he can get enough air to breath. We tested it with Master Richard filling in for you Mistress." He looked up at me with concern. "But he wore spandex legging so little boy would not betray you Mistress."

"So Rebecca made this for you? It is impressive; I must commend Rich once again on his slave's good work. You will definitely find yourself in it tonight. "

Little boy looked at me sheepishly. "Master Richard wishes to talk to you about it anyway. He likes the design." Little boy struggled with a decision for a minute. "Little boy is not supposed to tell Mistress, but Master Richard wants to help little boy patent it and he sell them through his shop and online store. He said he would cut Mistress in for 10% of the profit if allowed to use little boy's concept."

"Hmmm." Maybe a good idea. I gave little boy a sinister grin that both excited and scared him in equal parts. "Let's try it now slave. I want to know if it is worth the time and effort."

Little boy smiled as I dragged him to our bedroom.

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